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The Welcome Center / Re: Greetings
« on: Today at 01:41:35 pm »
Hello there, Anagnos! :wave How nice to see another new member of our Great Valley!

I'm also very active on the fanfiction side of things. I'm a big Ducky/Petrie fan, but Ruby is a good character, too. :smile

LBT Fanfiction / Re: Secret Love v2
« on: Today at 01:28:18 pm »

Final Stand

Petrie’s friends and all their family members were being held down. The grownups were all pinned to the ground by Sharptooth feet, while his friends were being held by their throats in the grasp of the remaining Fast Biters. His family and babysitter were being squeezed helplessly by one of the Sailbacks. Everyone was staring either at him or the two murderous orchestrators of the attack. Nobody else seemed to be coming to their rescue, and he assumed they were being held off by probably even more Sharpteeth. The entire valley might have been filled with predators.

Then, … Petrie noticed something seemed off. As he gazed at his friends, he noticed that one of them … was missing …

“D-Ducky!?” he gasped, “Where Ducky!?”

The only reply he got was a hiss from the male Sailback. He was standing just a few feet away from him with a terrifying, … evil … smile on his face. The Flyer looked away and felt the tears of hopelessness and despair welling up in his eyes. This was just the worst thing that could ever have happened to him. Here he was, at the center of attention for all the wrong reasons. He was marked for death as if wanted for murder, and nearly everyone he knew was being held hostage before his very eyes so that they could all watch him die a humiliating death at the hands of two Sailbacks who wished to avenge their son whom he killed … just to save someone who loved him and was trying to protect him when he suddenly decided to try and protect her for once. Now he realized just how much of a mistake that really was. This was the worst way for him to go out, and with most of the valley still against him and Ducky for their forbidden love, he felt that in his mind, he was getting just what he deserved. He had ruined all their lives, and he was about to pay for what he had done.

The male Sailback began growling at the little Flyer, and Petrie soon heard a translation from a very weakened Chomper …

“Did you actually think you were going to get away with the murder of our son?”

The Fast Biter holding Chomper stepped closer to the center of the circle to ensure they could hear his translations better.

Petrie gulped once he heard the translation, and a single tear escaped from his eye as he saw just how much trouble he was really in now.

Suddenly, the male Sailback seemed to … laugh, … and he bent down to get a closer look at the Flyer he loathed with a passion. He growled and roared at him with an evil smile.

“Ah, yes! I so remember you, little runt! I never forgot the day you deprived me of a meal of a Glider … with help from your annoying friends of yours,” he hissed, and Chomper translated for Petrie to hear.

The entire group of hostages gasped, with Mama Flyer gasping the loudest of all. This just had to be yet another adventure the Gang had never told their families about, and it took Mama Flyer no time to guess just when it happened …

“Well, no matter. The reality is that you will be ripped to shreds in front of all our dearly beloved ones in just a few moments,” hissed the Sailback with Chomper translating as he went along, “We swore upon finding our son’s body in Black Rock that we would kill the one who murdered him, … and we are going to keep our word.”

“No!” Mama Flyer screamed once Chomper finished his translation, and the female Sailback snapped at her to gesture her to “Shut up!”

Taking several deep breaths, Petrie looked up at his new mortal enemy and finally spoke …

“Me no know it your son, … and me do it to protect me Mommy!”

Chomper translated his words into Sharptooth for the Sailbacks to hear, and their response was hissing ferociously at the little Flyer as if they were insulted.

“You insolent, little murderer!” roared the female Sailback, “You kill someone without knowing he had a family!?”

“Oh, wait just a minute!” the male spoke up, “I can recall doing the same to another Flyer probably seven cold times ago. Now that I realize, you look so much like that beak face, only much smaller. I remember, his blood was so delicious!”

The Flyers in the female’s hands gasped loudly once Chomper translated, but Petrie gasped the loudest of all. He could remember his night terrors being infested with Sailbacks claiming to have murdered his father when he was just a baby. Now, that, too, was becoming real. It just couldn’t be. Could this heartless Sharptooth just so happen to be the one who killed the father he never got to know, a family figure he never got to have?

“Y-y-you … KILL ME DADDY!?” Petrie screamed as his body shook with rage. His tiny fingers clenched into fists as Chomper translated for the Sailbacks.

“So, we’re both guilty of slaughtering each other’s family! So, what!? Who cares if we’re even!?” snorted the male Sailback.

“You murderer!” cried Petrie, causing the other leafeaters to gasp in shock from discovering perhaps a very dark secret that Petrie had never known throughout his young life, “You take me Daddy away from me! Maybe me happy me kill your son! Consider that revenge, blood breath!”

Immediately after hearing Chomper’s translation, the Sailbacks promptly snapped at Petrie, but he squirmed out of the way just in time.

“NO!” wailed Mama Flyer, “PETRIE!”

“HOW DARE YOU INSULT OUR SON!” screamed the Sailbacks.

“HOW DARE YOU INSULT ME DADDY!” Petrie fired back after hearing Chomper’s translation, and he tried to find a way to escape, but saw that every direction was blocked, and he knew that if he tried to fly, the Sailbacks could easily snap at him. Worse still, still no dinosaurs came to their aid; no grownups or children. What was taking the rest of the valley so long to arrive?

“We don’t have all day to snort at you, so we are going to make this very simple!” growled the female Sailback.

“What you want with me!?” asked Petrie, breathing frantically.

“What a stupid question, you, stupid boy!” snorted the male Sailback, “You know the obvious answer to that question, don’t you!?”

Petrie didn’t reply to the translated insult as if he wasn’t fazed by it, but the tears were still coming down, knowing the end was coming soon.

“Give yourself up to us now, and we will let your friends go,” said the male Sailback with Chomper translating for Petrie, “Either that, or you will watch all your friends and their families … die!”

Petrie stood where he was, completely unmoving. His mind was spiraling with unhappy thoughts that made him feel very uncomfortable to be standing in front of all those who were closest to him. He just couldn’t give himself up to a couple of Sailbacks who wanted to eat him, but he didn’t want to let his friends or their families die a horrible death just like the one his night terrors had foretold to him.

“Don’t do it, Petrie!” shouted Littlefoot, and the Fast Biter holding him hissed at him to be quiet.

“P-Pe-Petrie!?” stammered Cera, “D-Don’t do it! H-help us!”

“Be brave!” choked Ruby as she struggled to breathe within another Fast Biter’s tight hold on her throat.

Petrie glanced at his friends and felt something he had rarely felt before. Their encouragement gave him some strange feeling of … bravery, … as if it was egging him to stand up to those who wanted him dead … and, for once, protect those who still cared for him.

Then, he glanced up at the top of the nearby rock formation and noticed a large rock appearing to be wiggling ever so slightly. He held back a gasp as he noticed a certain someone trying to move that rock, and he immediately shifted his gaze to the Sailbacks to keep their attention on him.

“Fine!” he yelled at the Sailbacks, “But before you kill me, me have one last thing to say to me friends!”

“Petrie! Don’t!” his mother yelled, but the female Sailback once again shut her up with a snap of her jaw, while Chomper hesitantly translated Petrie’s words.

“Hmph!” snorted the male Sailback, “Not that it’ll do any good, but what do you have to say?”

Once Chomper translated the Sailback’s growls, Petrie glanced at everyone else present. He looked at Littlefoot, Chomper and Ruby, then he glanced at Cera and Tricia. He cast brief glances at Topps and Tria, and he noticed Topps’ expression didn’t seem to be one of loathing and fury, but it looked as though he was terrified of something. The Flyer looked at Littlefoot’s grandparents, and at Ducky’s family, and finally his own family still being squeezed in the hands of the female Sailback.

He knew he had everyone’s attention, and he gulped and began to speak …

“Me sorry, everyone … Me sorry, Great Valley … Me sorry to all me friends … Me sorry, Mommy … Me put you all in danger just because me try to save me Mommy. Me know everyone in valley hate me now, but now me know me no can run away from me troubles anymore. Me in love with a Swimmer, but me happy and me no care what others think.”

He briefly glared at Topps before he continued …

“Me ruin lives of everyone in Great Valley, but me not going to spend me life bringing myself down. Me no care if you hate me! You still me people, and me stay here until everything put right!”

“P-Petrie! Don’t!” his mother stammered in shock.

“Me fight until me no can fight anymore! Great Valley still me home in me heart, and nothing can take that away from Petrie!”

“Petrie, what are you doing!?” gasped Grandma Longneck.

Petrie winked at her and gestured up towards the rock formation. The Longneck’s eyes took notice of a large rock making tiny wiggling movements near the top of the mountainous rock, and she stayed silent to keep the Sharpteeth’s attention away from it. She realized just what Petrie was planning.

Silence came and went, and the Sailbacks snickered at Petrie.

“Well, … are you finished with your stupid little speech!?” the female snorted.

Once Chomper translated, Petrie glared at the Sailbacks and put a determined look on his face …

“Go ahead! Kill me! Put end to me just like you do to me Daddy!”

“NAAAOOO!” his mother and all the children, except Donnie, screamed in horror.

The Sailbacks inched closer to Petrie and crouched down, and they opened their jaws as they came within inches of scooping up the Flyer. Their repulsive breaths blew around him, but he just stood there, glaring and unmoving as if he didn’t care he was about to die …

Timing his judgment precisely, Petrie suddenly jumped off the ground and flapped his wings to lift himself …



A huge rock came crashing to the ground right where the Sailbacks were standing. A gigantic splash blasted water in all directions. Everyone screamed and closed their eyes as they all got sprayed with water. The Sharpteeth pinning the grownups down were all knocked over. Petrie watched and then gasped as he glanced down at the Sailbacks …

The rock had landed right on top of the female Sailback. The sail on her back had been crushed, and blood was pouring from her smashed belly. Her body seemed to have been practically cut in half from the impact. Not a single muscle in her body moved an inch. Her jaw was wide open with blood pouring out. It was so gruesome that Petrie had to look away to stop himself from vomiting, and it was then he saw that his family was free and were struggling their way out of the river, coughing after nearly drowning for a moment. His mother looked quite beaten, and his four siblings were all bruised.

But where was Wingfoot?

“HEY!” shouted a voice from atop the rock formation, … the very spot where the rock had fallen from, “LEAVE MY FUNNY FLYER ALONE!”

“Ducky!?” gasped Petrie.

At that moment, Threehorn roars and Swimmer calls drowned out the area, and Petrie saw dozens more Longnecks, Threehorns, Swimmers, Flyers and many more stampeding into the area. Hyp and his father, Mutt and Nod were among those in the large group that had so suddenly appeared, much to Petrie’s surprise. He was especially shocked to find Sparkle also within the group, getting right to work with dispatching a few Sharpteeth with her horns. Just who could have possibly convinced her to come out of her beloved Pink Forest and fight? Petrie could only assume it must have been Ducky.

Swooper was making aerial attacks with Guido on his back. Mr. Clubtail was swinging his tail back and forth to deliver violent wounds to any who came near him. The bigger Sharpteeth all began to panic, and most of the Fast Biters released the children before cowering into the trees with fear.

Petrie brought himself back down to see if he could get a glimpse of Wingfoot anywhere within the immense chaos, but before he could have enough time to look, he was suddenly grabbed by something …

“AHH!” he screamed in fright … before he realized it was Ducky, hanging onto a swinging vine with her other hand.

“I gotcha!” the Swimmer shouted, and they swung directly towards two Fast Biters whom were still holding Cera and Tricia. The Threehorns were still trying to squeeze their way out, but the Fast Biters kept their firm grip and tried to bite into their heads.

Ducky brought her feet out in front of her just as they approached them, and she kicked the head of the Fast Biter holding Cera, while Petrie slashed his wing at the one holding Tricia. The Fast Biters roared in pain and released the Threehorns, letting them fall into the shallow portion of the river.

Neither the Swimmer nor the Flyer noticed … that Topps had watched the whole thing as he tried to get back up on his feet. He was gasping with surprise as he witnessed those two kids he had wanted to throw out … save his children …

… save his children. The only children he had …

“D-Did they just …,” he murmured in disbelief.

Ducky let go of the vine and landed on her feet with Petrie in one of her arms. She released him just as she began to look back, … only to find the surviving Sailback charging right at them, growling with unimaginable fury.

Petrie gasped but had no time to think before Ducky suddenly grabbed him and placed him on her back. She grabbed his hands and brought them in front of her chest, and she turned around and started running as fast as she could.

“DUCKY!” yelled Mama Swimmer in horror.

“PETRIE! NO!” Mama Flyer cried out, but neither Ducky nor Petrie responded to their calls and disappeared within seconds with the Sailback pursing them.

Ducky ran right into the neighboring forest after escaping the massacre, her feet aching with each step, her breaths becoming more pronounced. Sweat poured down her face as she kept her eyes fixed on the path ahead. She didn’t even think for one moment about looking back, so Petrie did it for her. The Flyer had his arms wrapped around the Swimmer’s chest, with her holding his hands tightly with her own, his wings tightly shielding her from just under the armpits down. He looked back from time to time to see if the Sailback was still hot on their tails.

“Keep running, Ducky!” he would say to his Sweet Swimmer each time, “Faster, Ducky! Faster!”

Ducky did as her Funny Flyer told, trying desperately to keep up her pace, but there just seemed to be no escaping from the vengeful Sailback. He was hissing and roaring with such loathing anger towards the two kids. First, they had deprived him of a Glider meal, then he had murdered his son, and now she had murdered his mate. It was all because of these two children that he had absolutely no family left, and now he wanted nothing more than to really take matters into his own hands. He didn’t care if he died trying to kill them. This was about revenge; revenge against these two kids whom had destroyed everything he had ever known in his life. In his eyes, these children had to pay so that he could truly be taken seriously. He hated them both with a passion, and he wanted them dead by his own hands. He wished to give them a torturous, painful death.

Petrie looked back again and felt chills running down his back. All he could see was the Sailback. No one else seemed to have been trying to follow them. They were all alone; no sign of Littlefoot, or Cera, or Spike, or Ruby, … or even their parents. They had to fend for themselves. They had to deal with this hideous Sailback who desperately wanted to “teach them a lesson” … alone. It was a fact that made them shiver inside.

Ducky made her way out of the forest and back out onto open grassland. The Sailback was still right behind them, trying to snatch her by the tail, but kept missing as Ducky would leap from the left to the right and back to the left again each time he brought his jaw to the ground. Petrie clung tightly to his girlfriend as she carried him. They didn’t know where they would end up. They just knew they had to lure that monster out of the valley somehow. Neither knew what to do other than run.

They soon realized they were heading straight towards Littlefoot’s nest. They looked to their left and saw the entrance to their secret hideout, but they knew they couldn’t take a chance trying to hide in there, so Ducky kept running straight ahead, right past Littlefoot’s nest, and didn’t stop. The Sailback kept chasing them. The beast seemed to be fast, but Ducky was just as fast, especially for someone her age. Petrie knew she was not one to be underestimated when it came to speed, and he was very impressed by it. He nearly smiled at her but quickly remembered they were in the middle of a perilous situation, and instead kept encouraging his Sweet Swimmer to just run.

“You do it, me Sweet Swimmer,” he spoke with his beak resting on her forehead, “You great runner for Swimmer! Go, Ducky!”

Ducky smiled and chuckled at her Funny Flyer’s encouragement, and she kept her legs going. She tried her best not to slow down. If she slowed even the slightest, it would surely be a fatal mistake.

Suddenly, the path they were on seemed to come to a dead end with no rocks or trees. It could only have been a cliff or a pit. As they came closer to the end, they noticed another forest on the other side. They looked to their left and right and saw just rocks on either side. The Sailback was still trying to bite at them from right behind.

They would have to jump …

Ducky wouldn’t be able to make the jump on her own. If she dared to try, they would certainly fall to their deaths. It seemed as though the end was very near …

“Jump! Me carry you over!” shouted Petrie.

Shutting her eyes once she reached the ledge, Ducky took the most painful jump of her whole life. Petrie instantly squirmed his arms out of her grasp and grasped her back with his toes. He frantically flapped his wings to maintain as much height as possible. He kept his eyes down as he stared down at the pit and continuously flapped until he saw their shadows appearing on the ground just past it. The moment he stopped flapping, Ducky opened her eyes and grabbed the Flyer’s arms again, wrapping them around her chest once more. Petrie closed his eyes and brought his chin against her forehead, and his legs wrapped around her waist as he once again sat comfortably on her back. The Swimmer shut her eyes as the movement of her arms forced her to do a few midair somersaults with the Flyer clinging tightly to her back. They kept their eyes closed until Ducky felt her feet touching ground again. She bent her knees to keep the landing as steady as she could, and she started running again. This prompted Petrie to open his eyes, his vision blurry as the somersaults left him dizzy for just one brief moment.

They heard a crash right behind them and knew the Sailback must have easily leaped across the pit and was still hot on their tails. They could not stop now.

They ran into the forest just ahead, and they found it was nowhere near as big as the previous one they had ran through. Ducky’s feet began to tire, but she didn’t stop. She would not stop until that Sharptooth was off their backs.

The kids found themselves approaching what looked like a downhill slope, but once they got to the edge, they gasped in horror and screamed …

There was no slope …

It was a cliffside …

Ducky’s feet screeched against the ground as she tried to stop herself. Petrie brought his feet down to help her slow down. They shut their eyes tight and felt their hearts skipping beats. Ducky felt her tail scratching against the ground as their feet just didn’t seem to slow them down enough. They screamed until they finally felt themselves stop moving, and they opened their eyes and dared themselves to look down …

Ducky’s feet had come within just an inch from the edge of the cliff. The drop looked as though it was hundreds of feet. The sheer size of it nearly made them vomit. Ducky looked to the right, while Petrie looked to the left. They were surrounded on both sides by wall-like rocks. They were right on the west border of the Great Valley. The Mysterious Beyond was just one fatal jump away. The Sailback blocked the only possible method of escape, hissing at them with pure hatred.

“W-we trapped!” stuttered Petrie in horror.

“Oh, no, no, no!” panicked Ducky.

“We dead, Ducky! We dead!” cried Petrie in despair.

“Do not cry, Petrie,” sniffled Ducky, feeling just as terrified as her boyfriend was, “We will … find … some way.”

But even she couldn’t think of anything to make her Funny Flyer feel better. They both knew they were doomed. This was it. It was all over. Their love for each other really would get them killed after all. From that fateful windy day, it was only a matter of time before their death sentence came to haunt them in their possibly final moments in this world together.

“I love you, Petrie, … my Funny Flyer,” sobbed Ducky.

“Me love you, too, Ducky, … me Sweet Swimmer,” whimpered Petrie, “Never let go of me.”

“Never,” replied Ducky, shaking her head, “We will go to the Great Beyond together. You will see your father again. I will see Judy and Nitha again. Yes, … yes, … yes.”

They nuzzled their faces together as they watched the Sailback advance on them, slowing down with each stop he took.

“You killed my son! You killed my mate! You took away my future! You destroyed my life!” the Sailback growled, although Ducky and Petrie didn’t have a clue what he was trying to say.

“Where Chomper when you need him?” quivered Petrie.

“I do not know,” replied Ducky.

“And now … YOU WILL PAY!” the Sailback finished with a hateful hiss, gritting his teeth widely at the two children whom had destroyed his family … and his life.

Petrie suddenly saw some strange white flash, … and he found himself in that cave in Black Rock … staring at the Sailback’s son, … and he watched his own view of himself leaping towards a rock just as the smaller Sailback charged at him …

His mind suddenly flashed again, and he snapped back to reality, shaking his head after experiencing such a strange flashback.

“Ducky, … me have idea,” he whispered to Ducky.

“What is it, Petrie?” she asked.

Petrie gulped and very quickly explained his idea.

“Wait until Sharptooth about to charge and jump to the side just before he reach us.”

“W-what?” gasped Ducky.

“That how me kill his son, so me sure it work here! Trust me!” panted Petrie.

Ducky stared at him as if he was out of his mind. He stared back with a look that told her he was pleading for her to trust him with his idea.

“Trust me,” Petrie repeated, “Please, Ducky. It only way.”

“If you insist,” said Ducky uneasily, and their fixed their eyes on the Sailback once more.

The Sharptooth was slowly beginning to prepare for his surprise attack. They knew he was oblivious to the fact they were standing right next to a cliffside that would surely mean death to anyone who ended up falling off. He brushed his right foot against the ground several times and soon started running right at them.

“Wait for it,” Petrie murmured right above Ducky’s head, and she stayed still as he said it repeatedly at such a quick pace, “Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it.”

“Uh, Petrie?” shuddered Ducky as the Sailback got closer and was about to bend its neck down.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait,” Petrie kept muttering quickly.

“Petrie!” panicked Ducky.

The Sailback opened its mouth. Its teeth were less than a hundred inches away from hitting the ground.

“NOW!” yelled Petrie.

Right on the cue, Ducky kept her hands grasping Petrie’s hands, and she made a sudden leap to the right just milliseconds before the Sailback’s mouth crashed against the ground. Ducky shut her eyes and listened to the crash, and she knew the Sharptooth had missed her …

She felt Petrie’s hands … suddenly slipping away …


Ducky turned around and saw her worst nightmare coming true …

The Sailback’s teeth had caught him by the bottom ends of his wings. The Sharptooth was sliding right towards the cliff. The Flyer was screaming in terror and crying in pain as he shut his eyes, knowing it was all over. Ducky’s jump was just milliseconds too late. She had managed to save herself, but Petrie was about to go down with the one whom had hunted him.



Not even two full seconds after Ducky realized Petrie was doomed, the Sailback lost his footing and hit the edge of the cliffside. He roared in horror without opening his teeth so that Petrie couldn’t escape, and Ducky could only watch as the Sharptooth’s head tilted downward, followed by the rest of its body.



Petrie and the Sailback’s helpless cries were soon reduced to echoes, and before long, it became silent …


Ducky felt a small tremor as she heard what she knew could only have been the Sailback hitting the ground hundreds of feet below. The Swimmer turned cold as she feared the worst. She slowly came to the edge of the cliff and looked down …

The Sailback lay dead on the ground, appearing to be so tiny after falling such a great distance, …

… but Petrie was gone.

“PETRIE!” Ducky screamed, but she got no reply, “PETRIE!”

Still silence.

Ducky knew the worst had happened. Her special Funny Flyer was gone. After many lucky escapes with Sharpteeth, Smoking Mountains, Sinking Sand and so much more, his luck had finally run out. Her best friend, the one she loved with all her heart and soul … was dead. Poor Petrie had suffered the fate he had so narrowly avoided in those last moments before finding the Great Valley; killed by the very Sharptooth whom had killed his father.

“Petrie!” the Swimmer wailed as she collapsed to her knees and buried her face with her hands, “My love! My Funny Flyer! My friend! My best friend! No!”

She couldn’t bear the awful reality. Her love was taken away from her far too soon. Her special Gang had lost a great friend. The Great Valley had lost a brave, young Flyer. She had once again failed to keep him safe, and she had paid the worst price for it. She would never be able to forgive herself for letting her Funny Flyer down in the worst way possible.

“Poor Petrie!” wept Ducky in despair, “Poor, poor Petrie!”

“No! It can’t be!” said another voice.

Ducky didn’t even need to look back to find out who’s voice that was.

“My baby!” wailed Mama Flyer.

The Swimmer looked back to find her parents, Grandma and Grandpa Longneck, Topps, Tria and a sobbing Mama Flyer. Judging from what she had said, it seemed to occur to Ducky that they had probably witnessed the terrible tragedy that had just taken place.

“Oh, Petrie!” wailed Ducky, “I am so sorry! I failed-ed you! I could not save you! Oh, I am so sorry, Petrie!”

Behind her, Mama Flyer had collapsed and began weeping into Mama Swimmer’s chest. The Swimmer cringed and began hugging her friend to comfort the Flyer whom had just lost her special son, but it seemed to do no good. Tria and the Longnecks sniffled as they realized the scope of the tragedy. A friend had been taken away, and their own children would never feel the same again …

Suddenly …

Ducky began listening for any sound beyond the cliffside, and she could swear he could hear … panting. The voice seemed to sound so much someone she knew so well …

“Wait a minute,” she gasped, and she brought her head down and cautiously looked down the cliff …

All of a sudden, any feeling of guilt, despair or sadness was replaced with joy, relief and happiness.

There was Petrie, trying to climb his way back up the cliff at a very slow pace, panting as if he was completely worn out.

“PETRIE!” Ducky screamed in delight.

The grownups all gathered behind Ducky and looked down, and they saw just what she had.

“MY BABY!” Mama Flyer screeched as she was overcome with joy.

“HE IS ALIVE! YES, YES, YES!” cheered Ducky.

Everyone waited anxiously as Petrie made his way back up, taking deep breaths and slowing down even more. With each second that went by, Ducky only grew more anxiously. She hoped he would be able to make it to the top before tiredness overcame him and sent him plummeting right back down.

After climbing up several more rocks, with each climb seemingly taking so much effort, the little Flyer finally emerged and crawled his way to safety.

“Petrie!” cried Ducky, and she immediately lifted her Funny Flyer up and hugged him tightly, “You are safe! Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!”

She began swinging herself left and right, rocking Petrie side-to-side as she hugged him. The Flyer became dizzy from her rocking, and he began breathing heavily.

“Oh, Petrie! I thought-ed you were gone! Oh, my Funny Flyer! I am so sorry! I am, I am!” Ducky wept as the tears kept pouring down her cheeks.

“It … okay, … me Sweet Swimmer,” choked Petrie, “You think you can … let me go. Me no can … breathe.”

Ducky loosened her hug and sat down with her precious boyfriend on her lap. The Flyer’s vision became blurry, he started convulsing, and he began to turn pale. It immediately became apparent that something was terribly wrong. The Swimmer looked down at his wings, and she gasped as she noticed … blood.

She looked and saw a blood trail leading right to the cliffside, and she realized immediately …

“He is bleeding!” she shouted.

“He’s bleeding out!” panted Papa Swimmer, “Quick! Somebody get some herbs and tree stars! Quickly! Before he passes out!”

Ducky stood up and carried Petrie back into the small forest with the grownups following closely. Grandpa Longneck and Mama Swimmer pulled off some tree stars while Topps and Tria grabbed some herbs.

“Set him down, Ducky,” instructed Mama Flyer.

Ducky sat down, holding Petrie on her lap again, and the grownups set the herbs and tree stars down in front of them before gathering around them. The Swimmer looked anxiously as her Funny Flyer’s eyes became a little wonky, and his beak opened a little, still trying to grab air through convulsions as saliva spilled out. He was right on the verge of losing consciousness, or worse, … possibly bleeding to death.

“Hold him tight, Ducky,” said Grandpa Longneck, and Mama Flyer grabbed the herbs and began covering the bloody wounds on Petrie’s wounds. She rubbed them thoroughly and covered the spots where the bleeding had originated. They waited for a few anxious moments, and soon the bleeding stopped.

Mama Swimmer then grabbed some of the tree stars and wrapped them over his entire right wing, while her mate did the same to his left wing. The tree stars wrapped over his shoulders and covered both his wings completely.

Petrie was still gasping as if he was panicking. He was tremoring as if he was having a seizure, and he still appeared frighteningly pale.

“I think he’s lost too much blood,” said Grandma Longneck solemnly.

“Nothing will take my son away from me as long as I’m around!” said Mama Flyer determinedly, and she spotted a nearby Blood Sucker crawling on the ground and snatched it with her hand.

“Ms. Flyer, what are you doing?” asked Tria.

“Doing the only thing that will keep my son alive!” answered Mama Flyer, and she pressed the Blood Sucker against her own arm and flinched a little as she allowed it to suck out her own blood.

“You can’t be serious!” gasped Topps in disbelief.

Mama Flyer kept flinching as she endured the agony until the Blood Sucker was filled with some of her blood. Her cerulean blue body paled a little, but she didn’t care as long as there was some way to give blood to her precious baby, even if it meant giving up some of her own.

She brought the Blood Sucker to Petrie’s left arm, waited until it latched on and squeezed it until all the blood had entered his body. As soon as she pulled the Blood Sucker off and threw it away, Petrie regained most of his color, his breaths became more stable, and he began murmuring slurry sounds with his beak.

“Petrie, … are you alright?” his mother asked gently.

Petrie’s vision became a little clearer, and he felt his numbness subside. He looked down and wiggled his toes for a moment, and he saw he was sitting on his precious girlfriend’s lap. Her arms were wrapped warmly around him. He saw all the elders looking at him, including his mother, who suddenly looked just a little paler than usual.

“M-Ma-Mommy?” he stuttered, “W-what happen to you?”

“You were losing blood, Petrie, so I gave up some of my own blood with a Blood Sucker and squeezed it into you,” his mother explained.

Petrie was stunned. He couldn’t believe his mother had gone that far to help him.

“It was the only way, dear. Otherwise, you would have bled to death,” his mother spoke softly, “Don’t worry about me, Petrie. I’ll be fine.”

Petrie noticed herbs and tree stars bandaging both his wings. He sighed as he came to the harsh realization that he may not be able to fly again for quite a while.

“When me get to fly again?” he asked sadly.

“Probably in a few days,” his mother answered.

“Your wings had quite some deep bites in them,” said Tria, “If I was a Flyer and had wings wounded like that, I wouldn’t even try to fly for a couple of days.”

Petrie sighed sadly and sunk his head in defeat.

“That … was the bravest thing I ever saw you kids do back there,” said Grandpa Longneck impressively.

“You s-saw us?” gasped Petrie.

“We arrived just in time to … see you, well, … fall,” said Grandma Longneck hesitantly.

“Ms. Flyer, … I am so sorry,” said Papa Swimmer.

“About what?” said Mama Flyer awkwardly.

“Is it true?” asked Mama Swimmer, “That Sailback … murdered your mate?”

Petrie tensed and quivered upon hearing that. He sniffled as he thought of the father he never got to have, … taken away from him by a heinous monster when he was just a newborn.

“To me, that doesn’t matter anymore,” said Mama Flyer, “That son-of-a-tar pit is dead, … and we have my own son and his special friend to thank.”

Ducky and Petrie blushed in embarrassment. Even such praise like that seemed just a little overwhelming.

“You know what that means, Petrie?” asked Grandma Longneck.

“What?” replied a dumbfounded Petrie.

“You’ve avenged your father, little one,” answered Grandpa Longneck.

Petrie’s eyes widened as the realization hit him. He and his girlfriend had brought an end to the very Sharptooth whom had taken his father away from him. That horrible monster whom had destroyed a part of his family so long ago had finally gotten what he deserved throughout Petrie’s young life. In his eyes, he believed that his father was finally at peace now that his killer was dead.

He looked up at the sky and could swear he thought he could see his long-lost Daddy in the Great Beyond, smiling down at him right now, feeling so proud of him for bringing peace to his soul.

“Me think me Daddy smiling now,” said Petrie thoughtfully as he kept staring at the sky, imagining his father smiling and winking at him, “He … at peace now.”

The little Flyer sniffled and let a few tears fall as he smiled at the sky puffies and closed his eyes thoughtfully.

“Me love you, Daddy,” said Petrie in a soft voice.

“What happened-ed to the other Sharpteeth?” asked Ducky.

“The rest of the valley killed most of the remaining Sharpteeth after you ran off,” explained Grandpa Longneck, “Once only a few were left, they turned around and ran back through the Secret Caverns. They won’t be coming back.”

“All the Fast Biters were killed,” added Grandma Longneck, “All the threats to the valley have gone, so now all we have to do is close the opening left by those Sailbacks.”

“And close the opening at the Secret Caverns,” put in Topps, “We don’t want any more of those Sharpteeth ever coming back.”

“W-what will happen to … Chomper and Ruby?” asked Ducky nervously.

“Littlefoot will continue to look after Chomper until he makes a full recovery, after which he and Ruby should hopefully get to move back into the Secret Caverns, which we hope to make safer than ever before,” said Grandpa Longneck.

“And … our friends?” muttered Petrie.

“All your friends are safe,” grinned Tria, “Everyone’s safe and sound again.”

Suddenly, Petrie remembered …

“Wait!” he shouted, “What about Wingfoot!? Me no find him after rock fall on Sailbacks.”

The grownups sighed and sunk their heads. This confirmed the kids’ worst fears …

“No!” Ducky and Petrie gasped.

“I’m afraid Wingfoot didn’t make it,” said Mama Swimmer sadly.

“No way!” Ducky gasped, and she paled as she realized something awful, “I killed-ed him!? Oh, no, no, no! I am so sorry!”

“Now, now, Ducky, we don’t blame you for what happened to my old friend,” assured Mama Flyer, “What you did saved the rest of us from becoming food.”

“But I killed-ed him!” panted Ducky, “I killed-ed your friend! I killed-ed the one who always helped-ed look after Petrie and his brothers and sisters! What have I done!?”

“Ducky!” the grownups all shouted at the same time, giving the two kids a brief fright.

“You two need to stop blaming yourselves for everything that has happened in the last few days,” said Grandpa Longneck in a stern voice, “You may think you have done absolutely terrible things, such as putting our whole valley in danger, or accidentally killing one of our friends, but you are not bad children.”

“But, … we in love,” said Petrie, blushing profusely as he realized what he had said.

“We are still terrible children for that,” sobbed Ducky, and she and Petrie glared at Topps, “And now, … this Threehorn … wants to get rid of us forever!”

“Me think we should just … go!” lamented Petrie, “Goodbye forever!”

“Goodbye, friends! Goodbye, families! Goodbye, Great Valley!” cried Ducky.

Mama and Papa Swimmer and Mama Flyer all cast glares at Topps. The rigid Threehorn simply stared at the two children as if he couldn’t make up his mind on what to say to them. He just maintained his blank stare and left everyone feeling uneasy and that time was standing still, … just waiting for him to speak.

“Go ahead!” said Ducky and Petrie in unison, their eyes fixed on the Threehorn whom had desired in ridding the valley of them for their forbidden love, a ‘heinous crime’, “Throw us out!”

The grownups tensed and stayed still. No one knew what to say next. If Ducky and Petrie had done their part and were willing to go ahead and face their eternal punishment, then there seemed to be no point in stopping them leaving.

“You, … y-you … saved my children,” muttered Topps.

Everyone stared at him as if he had just bashed everyone on the head. A Threehorn who hated those children … praising them?

“W-w-what?” gasped Ducky and Petrie.

“You saved my children,” repeated Topps.

“But … h-how you know?” stammered Petrie.

“I saw you,” answered Topps, and his expression seemed to soften just the slightest, “I was trying to get back up after that rock came down, and I watched you swinging on that vine and taking out those Fast Biters who tried to cut our kids’ throats.”

“We wanted to thank you for that,” said Tria, “We are very grateful to you for ensuring our kids’ survival.”

Ducky and Petrie just stared wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the Threehorns. It always felt so unreal to be praised as heroes by a dinosaur kind who thought little of others.

“Especially you, Ducky, for all the other children,” added Grandpa Longneck, “How did you manage, anyway?”

“W-well, … I swam in the river and ran around the valley. I called-ed as many dinosaurs as I could to help, … then when I came back and saw Petrie in trouble with the Sailbacks, I climbed-ed up the rocks and found-ed this big rock. I looked-ed down and saw that if I pushed-ed it down, it would land right on top of the Sharpteeth, … so I pushed-ed it with all my might, and … I think you know what happened-ed after that. Yes, yes, yes,” told Ducky.

“So, it was you who brought all those dinosaurs into the fight to help us at the last minute?” gasped Papa Swimmer, “Our brave little daughter.”

“Yes,” said Ducky sheepishly.

“Listen, kids, you must understand that we do not see you as bad children,” said Grandpa Longneck kindly, “You are probably still thinking right now that you are terrible kids just because you fell in love with each other and broke a very strict rule in the valley, but today you have proven yourselves as little heroes. You may still want to blame yourselves for putting our home in danger and leaving some of our fellow residents dead, but you refused to let yourselves down when it really mattered. You saved us and our children, you defeated a couple of Sailbacks, and one of you avenged someone you lost so long ago. You put yourselves at great risk just to save our valley and reverse the damage you caused, you almost died in your triumph, and thanks to you, everyone is safe again. You may be in love with each other, but the bottom line is that you are brave, little heroes. We are very grateful for your bravery and heroism and are very proud of both of you.”

Ducky and Petrie sniffled as they listened to the praise they were receiving. They weren’t sure they deserved such high praise, but they knew deep down that they really had done something so brave that it was worth listening to such kind, heartwarming words.

In the back of their minds, though, they were still terrified of that banishment sentence. They were sure it was still coming, and they may still have to spend the rest of their lives in the Mysterious Beyond just because they had fallen in love with each other. They quivered and trembled in fear. Ducky continued to hug Petrie tightly on her lap. They nuzzled each other’s cheeks and stared at their parents and the other elders with shining wet eyes.

“You … still going to banish us? We save our friends, … but you still going to throw us into exile just like you do to me uncle Pterano?” sniffled Petrie.

Topps once again found himself at the center of attention. Everyone was anticipating he would pass out that permanent banishment sentence just because Ducky and Petrie had special feelings for one another, … just because their hearts beat for one another, … just because they had passion for each other, … just because … they loved each other.

Everyone watched as the rigid, controlling Threehorn seemed to tense a little, and he looked as though he was trying to fight something off …

Could his mind really be where everyone thought it was in? Was this really the end of Ducky and Petrie’s time in the Great Valley? Was this the moment that would seal their fates?

“I … I can’t say it,” said Topps suddenly, closing his eyes tight as if he was trying to hold back tears. He was gritting his teeth as if he wanted to stay angry, but something was off about him.

“What, Topps?” said Tria, “What is it?”

“I just can’t say it!” said Topps again after a brief silence, “I … I don’t have the heart to say it! Th-they saved our children. They saved our home. They went through so much just to save the Great Valley. What am I doing!?”

Ducky and Petrie were deeply shocked by the Threehorn’s sudden change of emotion. His mind seemed to be in so many places, and he couldn’t decide where it should be.

“Topps, … do you mean to say …” Tria gasped.

“I can’t do it,” Topps muttered once again, “They don’t deserve this. I can’t thank them enough for saving our children, and I don’t think I will ever be able to express my gratitude enough.”

“Mr. Threehorn?” said Grandpa Longneck, “Are you sure you have your mind made up?”

Everyone waited for a few tense moments as Topps stayed silent. They anxiously stayed silent as they awaited his answer.

“Ducky and Petrie, … your hearts may be in a strange place we’ve never allowed before, … but I know truly that they’re in the right place when you mean nothing but good to come to all of us,” said Topps slowly.

The two kids gasped in utter disbelief and astonishment. They couldn’t think of any way to reply before Topps spoke again.

“I would say that your courage, heroism and devotion not just for each other, but for all of us and everyone in our valley, … is worth great reward,” he spoke rather hesitantly, “I am voiding your banishment.”

“What!?” Ducky and Petrie shouted with loud gasps.

“I will allow you both to stay here in the Great Valley,” Topps finally said, “In my eyes, you have greatly redeemed yourselves after showing how noble you really are to us, and how brave you really are for children.”

“You can’t mean it,” murmured a nearly breathless Papa Swimmer.

“We … get to s-stay?” stuttered Ducky.

“This still get to be our home?” gasped Petrie.

For the first time in as long as they could remember, the two loving children saw a genuine grin cross its way on Topps’ face. He appeared to be true to his word. Tria and the Longnecks smiled and winked at them, and their parents were tearfully smiling with joy at the great news.

“Yes,” nodded Topps, “This may be the path your hearts chose, but I’ve come to realize just how loyal you really are to us.”

“I suppose that means something else should be in order as well,” informed Grandpa Longneck, “I think we should propose that love between those of different kinds should be greatly encouraged only if such dinosaurs are willing to take that path. I know no one who does other than these two young children, but perhaps it’s worth a start to see if such a rare occasion like this may ever happen again.”

“As long as Cera doesn’t get into any such thing, I suppose I’d be fine with it,” sighed Topps.

“You never know, Topps,” countered Tria, “Their Time of Great Growing is only a few cold times away, and with the many friends she has, anything is possible.”

“You don’t say,” Topps flatly replied.

“Let’s at least say that we are pleased to say that Ducky and Petrie are welcome to stay here with us,” smiled Grandma Longneck.

Unable to contain their newfound excitement any longer, Ducky and Petrie stood up and joyfully hugged each other.

“YES, YES, YES!” cheered Ducky.

“YIPPEE!” whistled Petrie.

“Oh, Petrie! I cannot believe it!” shouted Ducky.

“Me no believe it, either, Ducky!” cried Petrie happily.

“C’mhere, my Funny Flyer!” giggled Ducky, and she tightly pinned the Flyer’s bandaged wings down and pulled his beak into her mouth. In no time, Petrie felt her warm saliva splashing all over his beak and coating his face so delicately. He smiled and moaned in pleasure, and Ducky smiled and moaned happily in return, continuing to kiss and pamper her Funny Flyer as if he was her baby brother.

Topps simply looked away, unable to endure watching such an “awkward” scene, but the others all smiled and sniffled as they watched the redeemed couple. It was such a cute sight that they couldn’t take their eyes off.

“Aww, look at those two,” said Tria softly.

“Uh, … y-yeah,” stammered Topps, feeling embarrassed by it all, “They’re … quite … sweet. I’ll just leave it at that. Anyways, I … think we’d better head back.”

The Threehorn made to leave while Ducky and Petrie smooched for another few seconds until they broke off and began gasping for air. Eventually, they hesitantly broke off their hug and were instantly grabbed by their mothers. Mama Flyer wrapped Petrie tightly in her wings, while Mama Swimmer held Ducky in her arms, and the little Swimmer received nuzzles from both her parents.

“Oh, Petrie!” cried Mama Flyer, “I’m so proud of you! You have been so brave, my special little baby!”

“Mama!” said Petrie, blushing in deep embarrassment.

“You’ve made us so proud, little Ducky!” Mama Swimmer sobbed joyfully.

“We’re so joyful for your bravery,” sniffled Papa Swimmer.

“And we’re so happy you and Petrie will always have a home with us!” added Mama Swimmer.

“Me, too!” replied Ducky.

Ducky and Petrie were overwhelmed with countless ‘I love you’s from their mothers, and the Longnecks turned to leave, along with Tria, and Papa Swimmer soon followed after exchanging an ‘I love you’ with his daughter. Then, it was just Ducky, Petrie and their loving mothers by their side.

Just as the four saw that they were alone, the two kids immediately squirmed out of their mothers’ hugs, and Ducky enveloped Petrie in a tight hug while lifting one foot up. She used her other foot to treat him into another one of those bouncy hugs he loved so much. This felt like the perfect way to start celebrating after hearing the wonderful news. They would not be banished after all. They had earned their right to stay in the valley after braving two vicious Sailbacks and saving their friends, families and everyone else who called the Great Valley their home. This was redemption, and now was their moment to let their praise and reward sink in. It was the proudest moment of their lives, and they would be sure to remember it until the day they left for the Great Beyond.

“Me love you so much, me Sweet Swimmer Ducky! Yep, yep, yep!” Petrie cheered with a bright smile.

Ducky laughed and brightly smiled back with a reply that was just as cheerful, “I love you so much, too, my Funny Flyer Petrie! Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!”

Their mothers laughed at their adorable moment and nuzzled them once Ducky had stopped bouncing on her foot.

“Just like we told you two special ones,” chuckled Mama Swimmer, “As long as you never give up, there is always hope for something good to happen.”

“And you’ve certainly proven that,” added Mama Flyer, “We’re both so proud and happy for you.”

“Our sweet, loving, little babies,” sniffled Mama Swimmer.

“Mamas!” Ducky and Petrie cried with their cheeks deep red in embarrassment.

“You were both so brave back there,” said Mama Flyer, “I can’t believe we actually got to see you take on someone so terrifying. I was absolutely frightened for a moment when I thought you were gone, my little Petrie.”

“But you’ve shown us that you are growing up so fast, it’s making me feel old,” commented Mama Swimmer.

The kids chuckled sheepishly.

“We both love you very much,” said Mama Flyer, and she and Mama Swimmer once again nuzzled their children.

“We love you, too, Mamas! Yep, yep, yep!” Ducky and Petrie replied in unison, and they all laughed.

“Well, children, I think it’s time we went back home,” said Mama Swimmer.

“Hmm, I think there is a very good way to celebrate being allowed-ed to stay!” giggled Ducky.

“What that?” asked Petrie, holding back a chuckle as if he knew what was coming.

Ducky turned her back and grabbed Petrie’s hands from behind, and she pulled him right back onto her back and kept his hands pinned behind his back with her own arms behind both their backs. Petrie smiled brightly and giggled in excitement. He knew what was coming next.

“Let’s have a kiddy hop all the way home!” cheered Ducky.

With the Flyer securely on her back, Ducky brought her two feet together and began hopping on both feet at the same time much like a Hopper. Petrie laughed and happily began sucking cutely on Ducky’s head crest like a baby hatchling. The Swimmer giggled in pleasure from the warmth on her head, and she soon found a favorable, bouncy rhythm to her hopping.

“Oh, you two kids!” Mama Swimmer chuckled with the slightest hints of sarcasm, although at heart she found the whole thing to be so adorable despite being babyish.

“I just thought of an idea,” said Mama Flyer, “Would you two like to spend the rest of the day in your special little spot?”

“I think that’s a good idea, kids. You can even spend the night there if you want. After all, you’ve earned it with your heroic triumph,” agreed Mama Swimmer.

Ducky and Petrie were delighted to hear that. They beamed while the Swimmer tried to maintain her bouncy rhythm with her feet, and she spoke rhythmically to make sure her jumps didn’t lose their balance.

“That would be wonderful! Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome, kids,” replied Mama Flyer, laughing after hearing Ducky’s rhythmic answer, “I’ll stop by to see how you’re doing before the Bright Circle goes down, okay?”

“Okay,” Petrie answered before he went right back to sucking on Ducky’s head crest.

The two mothers watched as Ducky hopped away with a soothed Petrie relaxing on her back, and they wiped the last few tears from their eyes.

“Well, I guess I’d better go back and help the others close the opening,” said Mama Swimmer.

“I’ll go into the Secret Caverns and help them close that entrance off,” replied Mama Flyer, and the two continued their slow journey back to where that fateful battle had commenced.

Ducky bounced her way across the valley with such happy excitement building in her chest. Petrie was just as excited as he rode happily on her back and behaved as if he was her baby brother. After everything that had happened that morning, the one and only thing they knew they needed was a whole day all to themselves in the one place they knew they could call their second home at heart. This felt so much like being rewarded with more than what they deserved, but they knew they deserved it all. They had proven themselves to be brave heroes to everyone in the valley, and now they could enjoy their reward: a special day in their special hideout with lots of love, kissing, playing their secret love games, childish dancing, and perhaps wearing those tree stars and their red shiny stones they really missed seeing. They could let the valley overwhelm them with praise and hero worshipping tomorrow. Right now, they just needed their quiet day alone to enjoy some privacy and pamper each other with so much love.

They saw Littlefoot’s nest ahead. They knew they were so close to finding that narrow tunnel that would lead them to their new favorite place in the whole valley. In just a few minutes, they would have all the privacy they could ask for.

Then, they looked ahead and saw their dear friends gathered at the Longneck’s nest …

Littlefoot, Cera, Spike and Ruby were all gathered around Chomper. The Sharptooth was once again whimpering, and Ducky and Petrie could see they were again putting new herbs and tree stars to rebandage his injuries. They felt sad for him and wished there was something they could do for the young boy.

Petrie immediately stopped sucking on Ducky’s head crest and tried his best to behave like his normal self again. He didn’t want to reveal his babyish side to anyone other than his Sweet Swimmer or their mothers.

“Hey, guys,” the Flyer called as Ducky bounced right up to their friends and came to a stop.

“Ducky! Petrie! Are you two alright!?” Chomper panted as he tried in vain to endure his agonizing pain.

“I am okay, but Petrie is hurted-ed. He is, he is,” answered Ducky.

“Me get bitten by Sharptooth and almost fall off cliff, but me climb back up to top,” said Petrie, “Me wings hurt very bad. Me no can fly for few days.”

“Again?” muttered Cera, looking at them in disbelief, obviously thinking of one other time when Petrie nearly went down with … that Sharptooth.

“Y-yeah,” shivered Petrie.

“We heard about what happened at that cliff,” said Littlefoot, “I can’t believe you … actually got rid of him.”

“Dad was actually speechless when they came to check on us,” said Cera, “Whoever thought that a little Swimmer and a little Flyer would be so brave and save the day?”

Ducky and Petrie chuckled sheepishly.

“Are you okay, Chomper?” asked Ducky.

“Oh, it feels like it’s never gonna go away!” complained Chomper just before Littlefoot rubbed on his neck cut with a few herbs, “OOOWWWW!”

“Calm down! It’ll sting but it’ll be over soon,” assured Littlefoot.

“Geez! Stop being such a baby for crying out loud!” said Cera.

Ducky and Petrie cringed, and the Swimmer backed away one step.

“Technically, he still is,” Petrie whispered in Ducky’s ear, and she nearly chuckled but managed to hold it in.

“So, … Grandpa Longneck told us what happened after you got rid of that Sailback,” said Ruby, “Is it true you’re going to stay?”

With beaming smiles, Ducky and Petrie nodded, “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Cera dad say we allowed to stay because we brave heroes!” beamed Petrie.

“Oh, I’m so glad!” said a relieved Littlefoot.

“A Swimmer and a Flyer no more than seven cold times old defeat a pair of Sailback Sharpteeth? That must have really impressed my dad,” commented Cera.

“Mm, hmm,” nodded Spike in agreement.

Littlefoot brought his neck down and nuzzled his Swimmer and Flyer friends, and Ruby hugged the pair.

“That must have been so frightening,” said Ruby thoughtfully.

“Ooh, it very scary,” shuddered Petrie, “We so glad it over, though.”

“And now we can all be happy knowing that we will always be together! Yep, yep, yep!” cheered Ducky.

Everyone smiled and let out a brief group cheer.

“So, what are you two up to?” asked Cera.

“We are going to go relax by the Thundering Falls,” Ducky lied, and Petrie nodded along with her.

“Okay,” replied Littlefoot, “Just so you know, I think you are the bravest Swimmer and Flyer around.”

Ducky and Petrie blushed from the compliment and nearly quivered.

“Gee, uh, tha-thanks, Littlefoot,” said Petrie sheepishly.

“Y-yeah,” gulped Ducky.

“Have a good time, guys,” said Ruby.

“You, too, and Chomper, we hope you feel better soon!” called Ducky as she began to walk away, still keeping her arms behind her back to hold Petrie.

“Thank you,” Chomper muttered in a low voice.

Ducky inched closer to the entrance to the tunnel leading to their hideout. Petrie looked back to make sure none of their friends were looking. They knew they couldn’t crawl their way in if Spike saw them. He would surely eat his way through.

As soon as Ducky was right in front of the hole, Petrie took a very quick glance back and saw that everyone had their eyes on Chomper.

“Now,” he whispered in Ducky’s ear, and the Swimmer immediately tiptoed her way in, making sure not to brush against the leaves covering their path. She took frantic tiptoe steps until they had gotten past all three of the leaves bordering the entrance. They knew that at this point there was no chance of them being seen, and Ducky returned to bouncing with her feet together while Petrie sucked on her head crest for some more babyish flavor of love. They whispered some giggling baby talk in rhythm to Ducky’s bounces along the whole length of the tunnel of branches and tree stars, and once they rounded the right-hand bend, they closed their eyes like they would always do before entering, as if they wanted to imagine themselves waking up to a surprise.

Ducky brushed past the only leaf covering this end of the tunnel, and they knew they were in their special forest cave now. She felt her feet land delicately on the rock steps with each bounce she took, and after one last hop, her feet landed on moist grass, prompting them to open their eyes.

Everything was just as it was when they were last in here. Their red shiny stone neckwear, sleeping stars, pink tree stars and special flower were all right where they left them. The large tree star was still covering over that pile of sticks that had slept on a few nights before. The tiny lake glistened beautifully, and the smell of the pink tree stars filled their sniffers. It was all just perfect.

“Ready to celebrate, my Funny Flyer?” asked Ducky as she allowed Petrie to slide down her tail.

“Me more than ready for sweet day with you, me Sweet Swimmer!” he beamed.

The two lovers immediately grabbed their small collection of “things to wear whenever they slept here,” and they wasted no time putting everything on the same way they had done before, starting with their sleeping stars, then their pink tree stars, their red shiny stone neckwear, and finally the pink tree stars for the top of their heads. They didn’t care if the Bright Circle hadn’t even reached its highest point in the sky yet. They loved the idea of wearing their sleeping stars over their crotches for a sense of excitement, and as they knew they would get to spend the rest of that day and night in their special hideout, they thought they mind as well spend it with all their “love stuff” on. In their minds, they could even see if anymore narrow tunnels or undiscovered places were in this part of the forest.

“Maybe we can explore more of this forest later,” suggested Ducky, “We have the whole day to ourselves, and we have a whole cave and some forest to ourselves.”

“That make me happy,” nodded Petrie, “Me no like for us to be seen in these sleeping stars. That be very embarrassing.”

“It would, it would, but just imagine us exploring tiny places like a couple of hatchlings,” said Ducky thoughtfully.

Petrie laughed at the thought, and Ducky sat down on the wet grass and motioned for him to sit on his lap. The Flyer obliged and sat down, spreading his leg out and facing her, and she wrapped her arms around his back and pulled him closer to that their faces were touching each other.

“Petrie, … I wanted-ed to ask you this question, … but I did not know how,” said Ducky nervously, her expression alone telling Petrie that this was going to be a very important question and that he needed to listen closely, “I know that you are a Flyer and I am a Swimmer, … but I hope that will not make you scared-ed of what I want to ask.”

“What is it, Ducky?” asked Petrie a little uneasily.

“I know we are way too young and way too little right now, but I want you to know that I really love you with all my heart and soul, and I was wondering … when … we reach our Time of Great Growing, … would you like to, … um, … this is going to sound way too soon, … but … I wanted-ed to ask you if … you … would like to be my mate when we grow up.”

Petrie gasped in surprise and stared into Ducky’s pleading eyes. This certainly sounded very forward for him. Surely, no one would ever ask that question at the age they were at. They were only seven cold times old, and that was considered way too young for them to even find mates, even of their own kind. Ducky had grown to love Petrie so much that she didn’t feel she would ever find someone as cute, caring or funny as him. The Swimmer had made up her mind so early in her life, and the Flyer didn’t know how he could reply, but he knew she meant well and wished for them to be together forever. The idea of them being mates later in life was certainly quite nerve-racking, but if Ducky truly loved him, Petrie knew she was just the one for him.

“You really love me that much, don’t you?” said Petrie thoughtfully.

“I do, I do, Petrie,” nodded Ducky, “Are you comfortable if we grow up together … and stay together forever?”

Petrie smiled at Ducky and gazed at her beautiful face. He watched as her eyes fluttered and he let out a few breaths of excitement as he looked at her eyelashes. He gestured for her to smile, and she did just that. The Flyer was instantly aroused by it, and he stared at the end of her mouth and let out some unusual chuckles as saliva leaked from his brightly-smiling beak. Ducky could tell he was getting that strange feeling of excitement again, and she giggled and kissed his face all over to keep him calm and happy. She knew she had done her part well, and this had earned her a very happy answer …

“Me love you so much, Ducky. Yep, yep, yep,” spoke Petrie in some cute, babyish voice, “Your face make me so excited when you smile, and you so beautiful me feel so happy when you hug and kiss me. Me no can ever get enough of your warm presence, and you care so much for me as if you me sister. Me will always try to keep you safe like you try to do for me, and me wish we keep doing this forever.”

Ducky chuckled happily at his cute words.

“Yes,” said Petrie, and Ducky let out a small gasp of surprise, “Yes, Ducky. Me would love to be your mate once we grow up. We be couple of baby lovebirds until our Time of Great Growing, and then we stay together … forever and ever.”

“Really?” gasped Ducky.

“Yes, yes, yes!” answered Petrie with the brightest smile he could put on his beak.

“Oh, Petrie!”

“Aww, Ducky!”

With that, the two hugged each other as tightly as they could, with Ducky being sure not to put too much strain on Petrie’s wing injuries, and they kissed each other’s cheeks and made cute noises with their mouths. This just had to be the happiest moment of their childhoods. They had set their future in stone. They didn’t care how young they still were. They knew deep down that their hearts belonged to each other and would always belong to each other. Their destinies were set to join into one happy love life, a Swimmer and a Flyer together as one for the rest of their time in this world. They would stay together, live together, grow up together, and go to the Great Beyond together. Their hearts had become one. The last nine days had felt like quite an emotional adventure, not to some unexplored place, but more like an adventure at heart. They could say now that love was an adventure in of itself.

The two stopped kissing and stared at each other, smiling while still hugging each other like a couple of snuggling hatchlings.

Suddenly, Petrie began to sing very softly …

“When me still a baby,

me no know where to go.

Me Mommy all me have to talk to,

but even she no know.

Then one day everything change,

and me life never be the same.

Me suddenly have friends,

but none like Swimmer with very cute name.”

“Aww, Petrie,” sniffled Ducky, feeling touched by that last part.

Petrie nodded, and Ducky began to sing herself …

“When I was just a little girl,

I just had one friend.

She taught me so much and I was happy,

but then life took a bend.

I never thought I would be happy again,

until that one day came,

when I met you, a cute little Flyer,

with such a cute funny name.”

“Oh, me Sweet Swimmer,” blushed Petrie.

“And that is just part of why you are my Funny Flyer, Petrie. Yep, yep, yep,” said Ducky, “I will always miss Judy, but you have helped-ed me heal from those days long gone.”

“Me will always miss me Daddy, too, but you help make me life feel more complete,” replied Ducky.

“And think about it, Petrie. Your uncle Pterano will be back in three more cold times, and then you will really have everything you could want,” said Ducky.

“Gee, you right. Me almost forget about that,” gasped Petrie, remembering his uncle’s promise to be that father figure he never got to have.

“I got-ed many new friends after I lost Judy, but best of all, I have you, a Flyer who cares so much about me that I could never want to love anyone else but you,” smiled Ducky.

“And once me uncle come back, me will finally have father figure, and me still have loving Mommy and such special friends, but none more special than you,” beamed Petrie.

The two sniffled and grinned at each other, and they stood up and held hands.

“Me love you, Ducky.”

“I love you, too, Petrie.”

“Together?” said Petrie.

“Together!” beamed Ducky.

With bright smiles, the two hugged each other, each pinning one of the other’s arms behind their backs, and they began to rhythmically take baby steps, and take big bounces with Petrie’s feet standing on Ducky’s. It seemed that they had come up with yet another new dance; a hugging dance.

Happy with their rhythm, they started singing in unison …

“We are more than just best friends.

We’re not just bold and brave.

Not just flying in the deep blue sky,

or swimming in the biggest wave.

We can show the world that we are special,

in more ways than one.”

“We are different but one at heart,”
sang Ducky.

“Love happy adventure that never done,” added Petrie, and their voices joined in unison again …

“Hello, Mommy, Daddy and Peaceful Valley!

Hello, Bright Circle with your harmony!

We will show the world we shall be forever family!”

The two briefly kissed and laughed before they repeated their final line.

“We will show the world we shall be forever family!”

With their lovely song finished, they rested their chins on each other’s shoulders and took nice, slow rhythmic steps to settle down as if they were going to blend the ending of their song into a nap. However, they weren’t quite tired just yet. Even after such a painful morning, they still wanted to spend as much time as they could playing and engaging in childish love activity before they settled down to sleep that night.

“Ready for new adventure, Ducky?” asked Petrie.

“A new adventure?” giggled Ducky.

“Now that we know we be mates when we grow up, our love for each other become new adventure itself,” said Petrie.
Ducky smiled at Petrie’s wise words and kissed his beak again.

“And now we shall start the next part of our lifelong adventure! Yep, yep, yep!” she beamed.

Petrie was so excited by that he shouted, “Yippee!” and they shared some lovable laughs as the Swimmer turned the Flyer around and hugged him around the chest, pinning both of his arms down.

Suddenly, they heard something knocking on one of the trees bordering their cave, and they found Mama Flyer peeking her head out from just below the ceiling of branches and tree stars.

“Mama?” said Petrie awkwardly.

“Sorry if I surprised you, kids, but I just wanted to stop by and bring you something,” said Mama Flyer with a wink before she climbed her way down the tree and squeezed her way through the tiny gap between that and another tree, appearing to be hiding something behind her back.

“What is it, Ms. Flyer?” asked Ducky.

“Something I think will help you get lots of sleep tonight,” smiled Mama Flyer, trying to hold back a laugh as she saw all the tree stars they were wearing, and she brought her hands out from behind her back. Petrie gasped in delight once he saw what she had in hand …

“Me snuggling stick!” cheered Petrie in such huge delight, and his mother placed his favorite stick into his beak.

“Now you have two snuggly friends to sleep with tonight, Petrie!” commented Ducky, earning a muffled chuckle from the Flyer.

Ducky carefully took the stick from Petrie’s mouth and tucked it against his chest with his red shiny stone neckwear. She positioned it at an angle so that he could rub against it with his cheek.

“Oh, thanks, Mommy!” smiled Petrie.

“You’re welcome, my little baby. Anything just for you,” Mama Flyer replied with a wink and a smile, and as Petrie blushed in embarrassment he received a warm, pleasant kiss on the cheek from his mother, “That was a very cute song, by the way. I stopped to listen, and I heard the whole last part.”

“Aww,” blushed Ducky and Petrie.

“You two really mean that much to each other, don’t you?” said Mama Flyer with a knowing grin.

“Yep, yep, yep,” the two children answered softly.

“I just want you to know that no matter what you decide about your futures, … I will stand by you and be there for you, because I love you very much, … both of you, in fact,” said Mama Flyer.

“Really?” gasped Ducky in surprise.

“Really, really,” answered Mama Flyer, “I’ve seen how you’ve been such a wonderful, caring friend to my son, and if you ever decide that you want to stay together forever, I will be happy.”

Ducky and Petrie smiled at this. They knew it was time to spread the exciting news.

“Actually, … Petrie and I have decided-ed that … we want to be together forever,” chuckled Ducky with Petrie nodding along with her.

“Is it true?” Mama Flyer gasped in surprise.

“Yes, yes, yep, yep, yep!” the children replied, nodding their heads excitedly as Ducky bounced them up and down with her feet.

“Aww! I’m so glad!” beamed Mama Flyer, “Come over here and give a hug to Mommy!”

“With pleasure!” beamed the two kids, and Ducky walked right up to him, still keeping Petrie in a tight snuggle, and his mother enveloped them both in her wings for a hug that seemed to last forever. She kissed her son on the cheek before doing the same to Ducky as if she was her own.

“I’m very proud of both of you,” she said warmly, “You have shown everyone that you are willing to never give up and always be there for one another. I think you are the two most special children I’ve ever known, and once you’ve passed your Time of Great Growing, we will be one very happy family.”

“Me agree,” chuckled Petrie in agreement.

Soon, Mama Flyer freed the duo from her wings and held their shoulders.

“Are you two all set and ready to explore your new future home like you said you wanted to?” she asked, letting out a small chuckle.

“Yep, yep, yep!” giggled Ducky and Petrie.

“Alright, kids!” smiled Mama Flyer, “I’m going to go and spread the happy news to your mother, Ducky, and I’ll be back just before the Bright Circle goes down to check on you before you go to sleep, alright?”

“Okay,” the kids replied.

“See you later, children,” said Mama Flyer as she turned to leave.

“Bye, Mrs. Swimmer!” waved Ducky.

“Bye, Mommy!” grinned Petrie.

Mama Flyer waved back and squeezed her way out, leaving the two very happy kids alone once again. They felt their hearts leaping with excitement as they anticipated a very happy, … rousing … day ahead of them.

“Since I am just a teeny-weeny bit bigger than you, I can be the big baby, and you can be my little baby!” giggled Ducky.

“Me like that!” answered Petrie in a bubbly voice.

With that, Ducky grabbed both of Petrie’s hands, and they both got into a crawling position. They began singing in baby talk as they crawled their way up the rock steps and into the branchy tunnel with rhythmic crawling and singing like a couple of hatchling explorers, hoping to find so much more in the forest they were ready to call their second home. Ducky occasionally sucked on Petrie’s head crest to add to their babyish flavor, while he rubbed his cheek against his snuggling stick, and he enjoyed it immensely.

It was that very day that Ducky and Petrie’s lives would change forever for the better; a day that defined their childhoods perhaps even more than all the adventures they had been on with Littlefoot and their friends. They had each other, they had a home in the valley, they had friends to play with, and they had families who would always look after them, but now, though, they had so much more than that. They had a future together, they had a future home in a forest they would so happily explore and eventually mark as their very own, and they had what was sure to be the happiest lives ahead of them. An adventure of love, friendship, determination and bravery had rewarded them with a happy future and a life of love that would continue to blossom even after they traveled to the Great Beyond to forever be together in the happiest places they could imagine.

Well, I'm very happy to say that despite all the horror that unfolded in the Great Valley, Ducky and Petrie are set for a very happy ending. Their heroism has earned them such a great reward, and they will spend the rest of their days living happily together in the Great Valley, forever in love. Just when it seemed that everything was about to fall apart, our two little heroes turned the tables on their own terms and became the brave children that everyone in the Great Valley will be talking about for many cold times to come. The Sailbacks are dead, Papa Flyer has been avenged seven years to the day he was murdered in cold blood, and the valley is once again a safe haven for all who survived the battle.

And to clarify, yes, the Sailback villain in this story is, in fact, the same Sharptooth we all saw in LBT XII, and I wanted to come up with some sort of backstory. Also, I had been contemplating for some time having Petrie come face-to-face with the Sharptooth whom I believe is responsible for his father's death (in my theory, at least), and the Sailback from The Great Day of the Flyers felt to me like the perfect one to fill in that role.

Whew! I can't believe I'm almost done with this! I have just the epilogue now to write, and it'll all come to an end, and I was only beginning to enjoy the journey all over again! I'm going to go ahead and start work on that, and have it up by Wednesday, and then I can finally relax and shift my priorities to something else. These two months have been difficult, but it's been fun.

See you soon with what will be a very happy ending for our two little heroes! :smile

LBT Fanfiction / Re: Secret Love v2
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For the Valley

“They’re here!”

No one moved. No one made a sound. They were petrified with terror. The children shivered in fright. Their valley was under attack. Their very safety was in jeopardy. Their home was in mortal danger.

“Everyone, … take your kids back to your nests immediately!” called Grandpa Longneck, “I’m going to call our strongest dinosaurs to arms!”

The Swimmer children frantically jumped out of the river and ran back to their nest with their parents. Petrie’s siblings all took to the skies and flew away. Mama Flyer waited frantically for Petrie to join her, but he was shivering with fright and clinging tightly to Ducky as if she was the only thing that could keep him safe. Grandpa Longneck quickly turned and left with Littlefoot right behind him.

Petrie, however, wrapped his wings tightly around Ducky’s back and buried his face in her chest. He refused to loosen his grip on her, and he began sobbing in fear. He wanted her to snuggle him tightly and protect him like a newborn hatchling.

“Petrie! Get over here now!” his mother called, but he didn’t move, “Petrie!”

“NO!” wept Petrie, “Me no leave Ducky behind!”

“Petrie, … I … think you should be with your mommy,” said Ducky hesitantly.

“No! Me no let go of you, Ducky! Stay with me! Protect me! No leave me!” begged Petrie.

“Petrie, as much as I hate to say it, … they’re after you, and the longer you stay here, you may possibly put my daughter in danger. I’m gonna have to ask you to let go, little one,” said Mama Swimmer regretfully.

“Please, no!” cried Petrie, “Me no can let go!”

Suddenly, he felt something pulling on his feet, and Ducky opened her arms out. Soon, he no longer felt his hands being in contact with the Swimmer, and he buried his face into what he soon realized was his mother’s chest.

“I’m sorry, dear, but we have to go,” his mother said, “You can’t stay here.”

Petrie just cried hopelessly as his mother placed him on her back and immediately took off. He looked back at Ducky and didn’t stop looking until he was too far away to see her. He slumped his head against his mother’s neck and wailed miserably until she landed on the ledge in front of their cave.

“Kids, our valley is under attack,” Mama Flyer spoke to her other children, “Nobody is to leave this cave. You hear me? Absolutely nobody!”

She lifted Petrie off her back and set him down on his feet, and she motioned for him to step inside. He reluctantly obliged and refused to look at his siblings as he walked all the way to the back and grabbed his snuggling stick, clutching it tightly in his wings.

He looked back and suddenly noticed another Flyer in their presence. He was relieved to find it was Wingfoot.

“Guard the kids, Wingfoot,” instructed Mama Flyer, “I don’t want a single one of them stepping foot outside.”

“Don’t worry,” nodded Wingfoot, “I’ll be sure to keep them safe until you get back.”

Petrie gasped at those last two words. ‘Get back’ echoed in his head for a moment as he realized just what was about to happen.

“Wait!” he shouted, “Where you going, Mama!?”

Mama Flyer simply sighed, but that was enough for Petrie to get his answer.

“NO!” the little Flyer screamed, and he ran up to his mother and wrapped his arms around her leg, “Please no go, Mommy! Please no leave Petrie!”

“I’ll be back soon, dear. I promise,” said Mama Flyer before she let out a sigh of dread as she contemplated the possibility that she may not be back to see her children again.

“Me no let you fight Sharpteeth!” cried Petrie, “Please stay! Please no die! Protect me! Stay with me!”

“As an elder, it’s my duty to help protect the valley, and that includes holding back Sharpteeth who dare to attack our territory,” informed Mama Flyer, “I just want you to know that … I love you, my little Petrie.”

Petrie brought his soaked face up just as his mother lifted him up for what he thought just might be their last hug … ever.

“Me love you, too, Mommy,” he sobbed as he rubbed her face with his own, and she planted one last kiss on his head before setting him down.

“Now, Petrie, please be a good boy for me,” said Mama Flyer, “You promise?”

Petrie quivered and gulped before replying, “Me promise, Mommy.”

With those last words, Mama Flyer patted Petrie on the head and turned away. Petrie watched as his mother lifted herself off the ledge and flew away. Soon, Wingfoot forced him back inside, and he ran to the back of the cave again and wept loudly with his snuggling stick in his wings. He didn’t know if he may ever see his beloved mother again …

Ducky was sitting anxiously next to Spike, shivering with worry. After Petrie had been taken away, she was left to worry if he would be okay. The other children were huddled in the nest. Her parents were talking frantically with two other grownup Swimmers, but she could barely make out what they were saying. It was all so overwhelming for her that she buried her face into Spike’s neck to try and hide any tears that might come down.

“Don’t worry. We’ll be sure to keep them safe,” she heard one of the strangers say.

“We hope to be back in one piece,” sighed Mama Swimmer.

“Don’t take any unnecessary risks,” advised the other stranger, “Let the Threehorns and the Clubtails fight it out at the front. Just hold back any of those beasts that by random chance happen to sneak their way through.”

Ducky gasped as she overheard those sentences. Could she really have heard what she thought she heard? Could her parents really be about to risk their lives yet again and fight against those invaders?

She opened her eyes and looked at her parents still conversing with the Swimmers they had called upon to protect the kids in their absence, and she noticed the doubtful looks on their faces. She knew exactly what they were up to: … they were going to fight.

She remembered hearing how the Sailbacks planned to bring allies into the valley, and if that were true, there could possibly be a large pack out there. There could be tens or hundreds of Sharpteeth in those caverns right now, waiting to make their move. Surely, her parents wouldn’t stand a chance against a dozen Sharpteeth or even Fast Biters. Even if they had fought Sharpteeth before, not everyone would be lucky every time.

“Are … are you … l-leaving?” stuttered Ducky.

“We’re going to try and keep them back, dear,” her mother answered, “Until we get back, we don’t want a single one of you leaving the nest. You are all to stay right where you are. You understand?”

“But, Mommy! The Sharpteeth said-ed they would bring more with them! There could be Fast Biters!” cried Ducky in horror.

“We’ve dealt with those little runts before,” replied Papa Swimmer, “If you ask me, if we’ve done it before, we can do it again.”

“B-but, …” Ducky stammered, unable to bear the thought of possibly losing her parents who loved her so dearly.

“We promise, Ducky. We’ll be back soon,” assured Mama Swimmer, and she gave her daughter one last kiss on her little head crest, “We love you, dear.”

“I … love you, too, … Mommy and Daddy,” sniffled Ducky in despair, thinking these could be the last words she may ever share with her beloved parents.

“Be a good girl, little Ducky,” said Papa Swimmer gently, “And you, too, Spike.”

Spike quivered and moaned with obvious worry for those whom had so gladly taken him in when there was no one else willing to do so. He wondered if they would ever come out of this alive … or die trying to protect them and their beloved home they cherished so much.

“Let’s go, dear,” Mama Swimmer told her mate.

“For the valley,” he replied with a nod.

Ducky watched with hopeless tears as her parents finally turned their backs on them and began to leave. She squirmed out of Spike’s grasp and tried to follow them, but the two adult strangers quickly held her back by grabbing her by the tail. She screamed and tried to squirm her way to freedom, but to no avail.

“Sorry, little one. Your parents said no one is to leave. It’s for your own safety,” the female informed.

Ducky was set down next to Spike, and she once again crawled into his grasp and buried her face into him, crying with despair at the thought of possibly never getting to see her doting folks again …

Three Clubtails stared off towards the Mysterious Beyond, lining the entrance to the Secret Caverns. In front of them, the two Sailbacks were hissing at them as if they were demanding them to step aside, but strangely, the Sharpteeth stayed put where they were, as if they were waiting for something else to happen. The Clubtails stood their ground.

Every once in a while, the Sailbacks would look back, but only for a moment before shifting their attention back to the Clubtails barring their way in. It certainly seemed as though they were expecting something else to suddenly happen.

“I don’t know about you, but they must be waiting for their supposed allies to arrive,” pondered one of the Clubtails.

“Well, Chomper did say they would bring backup with them,” said another.

“Let’s just hope they don’t pop out of nowhere,” said the third.

“The elders have arrived,” came a fourth voice behind them.

One of the Clubtails looked back to find a fourth one in their presence, but he only looked for one second before fixing his eyes on the Sailbacks again to assure that neither of them would make any sudden moves. Taking their attention away for just one moment could be a fatal mistake.

“They’re still just standing there,” he said, “They must be waiting for something. Make sure there’s no one climbing over those walls.”

“I checked just now and found nothing suspicious. We have Clubtails and Threehorns guarding every cavern,” the new arrival replied, “Surely, no one’s stupid enough to make such a move like that when everywhere is infested with guards.”

“Tell the elders everyone’s ready in the event they make a sudden attack,” said one of the guarding Clubtails.

“Right away,” he replied, and he was about to walk back inside …

“Don’t move!” a Clubtail suddenly yelled.

“What is it?”

“I saw something!” the Clubtail replied, “Behind the Sailbacks! I see a single Fast Biter!”

“Anything else!?”

“Well, … I’m trying to get a good look! I can’t see past those big legs!”

The ground began to shake a little. Their eyes caught what looked like a stampede miles away. Countless dinosaurs were marching through the trench, and just about all of them looked as though they were the same body shape as Sharpteeth.

The middle-guarding Clubtail turned back towards the one standing behind them.

“Go! Tell the others we have a stampede!” he instructed, and the fourth Clubtail wasted no time turning back and walking frantically, deep into the caverns.

The Secret Caverns were filled with dinosaurs who were deemed as capable enough to fight up to a dozen Sharpteeth. Threehorns, Clubtails and Spikethumbs filled the middle cavern where all other caves met. Grandpa and Grandma Longneck, Topps, Tria, Mama and Papa Swimmer, and Mama Flyer had all arrived, and Topps was instructing on where each dinosaur would stand ground and guard any possible entrance to the valley.

“The Threehorns and the Clubtails will take the front and hold the Sailbacks off! The Spikethumbs and Longnecks will hold the middle ground in the event that anyone manages to break through! The Swimmers will take the back and protect the entrance to the valley! Flyers will observe from above and attack anyone who breaks in!”

Suddenly, Topps was interrupted by another voice …

“Everyone in position now!” yelled a Clubtail suddenly bursting into the cave.

“WHAT!?” roared Topps, “I am giving the orders-“


This silenced Topps at once, and the surrounding dinosaurs struggled their way to their guarding positions.

“We have dozens, maybe even a hundred Sharpteeth marching through the trenches!” informed the Clubtail.

“I guess that means Chomper was right about the allies,” hissed Papa Swimmer.

“No time for talk now!” retorted Grandpa Longneck, “Everyone into position, and wait for the signal from the Clubtails! They’ll warn us if a single Sharptooth manages to get past them!”

Without another word spoken, the dinosaurs all got into their positions in and surrounding the caverns. The Clubtails continued to guard the front line, Threehorns and Spikethumbs grouped together in the center of the caverns, and Tria, the Longnecks, Swimmers and Flyers stood outside on the valley’s side of the cave maze. There were tens of dinosaurs in every group. No one was willing to leave any margin for any intruder to break through the powerful barricade.

The Clubtails stood firm as the Sailbacks remained frozen in place. The stampede behind them slowly began to grow bigger in their eyes. There was no way of counting just how many Sharpteeth they had gathered to “help them on their mission.”

“Oh, Bright Circle!” gasped one of the Clubtails, “We’ve got maybe twenty Fast Biters in this pack!”

The other two glanced and saw just what he had seen …

Around twenty to thirty Fast Biters and twenty other Sharpteeth joined in behind the leading Sailbacks and gritted their teeth at those blocking their way in. The Clubtails got themselves ready to make a charge in the event that a single one dared to strike at them.

The Sailbacks bent their necks down and began growling at the new arrivals, even as more continued to march their way in until the Clubtails began to realize they just might have become outnumbered.

“Now, remember: keep them distracted for as long as possible!” the male Sailback roared to their allies, “Don’t let any of them see us barge our way through this wall, and don’t you dare let anyone protect that Flyer or harm that bastard! The rest of those leafeaters are yours, but the Flyer is mine!”

The Clubtails watched as the Fast Biters nodded their heads, and they stood their ground as they anticipated their move.

“Nobody … make any … sudden … moves!” one of the Clubtails growled at the Fast Biters, but the menaces only roared back at them and slowly stepped closer, taking one step every few seconds until they were close enough to make their move.

Suddenly, nine Fast Biters all charged at the same time. The Clubtails stepped outside and began swinging their tails at their attackers. One Fast Biter managed to climb up one of the Clubtails and bite its neck, but before it could do anymore damage, another Clubtail swung its tail and threw the enemy off his partner, sending it crashing to the ground and killing it instantly. The second Clubtail had no time to register the next thought before another Fast Biter suddenly bit into his head.

“AAACK!” he screamed in agony, and he saw nothing but blood filling his vision.

The first Clubtail rammed its head against the Fast Biter and shoved it against a wall, but this was only enough to knock the vicious dinosaur down for only a few seconds before it got back up. The second Clubtail almost immediately collapsed as its head bled profusely, and his whole body slumped to the ground.

With one of the guards out of the way, four Fast Biters managed to sneak their way into the caverns unnoticed by the remaining two guarding Clubtails, and the smell of fresh flesh hung in the air. They growled in anticipation of a huge meal awaiting their hungry stomachs.

The Threehorns and Spikethumbs stood in front of every cave entrance, completely still and waiting for their signal to begin their charge at any intruders. They heard vicious growls coming from the exit leading to the Mysterious Beyond, but they couldn’t make out just how many Sharpteeth might have been out there right now.

“Wait for the signal,” Topps spoke in a quiet voice so as not to gain any unwanted attention from their coming attackers.

“AMBUSH!” screamed a voice echoing from the cave the Clubtails had been guarding.

Topps tensed at this and saw the shadows of Fast Biters begin to fill up that very cave. He got himself in a charging position and gritted his teeth ferociously. He waited until the first Sharptooth came into view, and within the instant the sight of the enemy met his eyes …


The Threehorns made their charge at the Fast Biters in the front of the pack, their horns all facing their attackers. The Spikethumbs stayed put behind them and waited for any of them to make their way through. The Threehorns filled four Fast Biters with horn shots to their bellies, killing all of them right there, but five more joined from behind and leaped onto their sides. Topps smashed his left side against a wall, crushing his attacker to death, and he swung his tail at another whom was trying to bite into the back of another Threehorn. The Fast Biter was flung into another wall but quickly got back up and bit into the leg of that same Threehorn. He stomped his foot up and down to shake his attacker off, before he eventually swung his foot at a wall and crushed its belly.

The Fast Biters were unfazed even the slightest. They leaped over the Threehorns in that one very brief moment they were preoccupied, and they ran towards the Spikethumbs. Their enemies fought right back by swinging their tails and stabbing as many of them as they could with their spiked thumbs just as the bigger Sharpteeth began to make their entrance. They weren’t quite as big as Red Claw or the Sailbacks leading their pack, but they were making quite a running charge.

“Damn!” hissed Topps, “We’re outnumbered!”

“Keep the bigger ones back! Let the Fast Biters deal with those behind us!” said the wounded Threehorn next to him, still standing but panting quite heavily.

Topps had no time to reply before a Sharptooth brought its head down toward them. He stepped back and brought his two frill horns toward his attack. His aim was true, and the horns penetrated the Sharptooth’s upper jaw. The attacker screamed in agony just as Topps pulled himself back, but suddenly he felt a Fast Biter sinking his teeth into his left rear leg.


He swung his leg against a wall and smashed the Fast Biter’s head in. He watched as it made no further movements, and he instantaneously shifted his attention back to the Sharpteeth trying to penetrate their barrier that was keeping them away from the Spikethumbs.

“TRY US! WE DARE YOU!” roared Topps.

The Sharpteeth roared back at them and brought their jaws down. Topps stabbed the jaw of one of them, while his ally was bitten in the neck with a loud, “CRUNCH!”

“AGH!” he wailed, “GET OFF ME!”

Topps attempted another horn shot, but the Sharptooth was quicker and swung its head to smash the unfortunate Threehorn’s head in and snap its neck by bending his own neck side to side at a very quick pace.


At that instant, the Threehorn’s cries stopped, and the Sharptooth brought its head back up. The Threehorn’s head crashed to the ground, his eyes closed, his body not even twitching.

“MURDERER!” growled Topps, and he swung his tail at the Sharptooth and flung it against a wall, but it didn’t even manage to knock it down, and it tried to bite at his tail. Topps swung his tail out of its range right in the nick of time to dodge the attack and swung again to try once more to knock it down.

Instead of waiting to see if his attacker would be knocked down, he ran for it and aimed towards a Fast Biter trying to take down a Spikethumb. He brought his nose horn down and dug it into the Fast Biter’s tail. He swung his head and threw it into another wall, but once again it did little harm.

Suddenly, he heard dozens of growls, and he looked back and saw a nightmare …

A huge pack of Fast Biters were all charging their way in at top speed. The Threehorns guarding the cavern were immediately overwhelmed by the large number of enemies. Their swung their tails and made more horn shots, but they were soon bitten in various places by numerous Fast Biters, and within the minute, the Threehorns all bled out while the Fast Biters began eating their corpses.

“Damnit!” said Topps, “How many could those Sailbacks possibly need!?”

He watched only for just a few seconds, and even that was enough time for him to notice that no Clubtails were appearing from behind the Fast Biters. He immediately assumed the worst must have happened.

“We’ve lost our front line of defense!” he shouted, “There’s no Clubtails! Keep as many of those monsters back as you can! Don’t let any of them get through!”

Being the last Threehorn standing amongst ten Spikethumbs in the middle line of defense, Topps fought hard alongside his remaining allies to eliminate as many Sharpteeth and Fast Biters as possible. They swung their tails and stabbed with their horns and spikes, but it did little to compromise the Sharpteeth’s efforts to break through. With each enemy they killed, they only seemed to grow in numbers.

“This is not working!” yelled a Spikethumb, “We’re gonna have to pull back!”

“Nobody pulls back unless I say so!” retorted Topps, “We can’t let any of them through!”

The Threehorn kept stabbing his enemies with his horns and stomping on them with his feet, but then they all began to lunge at the Spikethumbs. It seemed as though they could see he was too much of a formidable foe to face, so they shifted to a backup plan: finishing off his allies.

The Spikethumbs swung their arms to inflict vicious wounds on their attackers with their spiked thumbs, but the Fast Biters kept climbing back on and biting into their flesh.

“Damnit! We’re losing this thing!” thought Topps as he began to realize just how badly the odds were suddenly being stacked against them. Their chances of victory were shrinking by the minute, and any moment now, the enemies could find their way through. The only thing that brought any relief to him was that there were plenty of Longnecks, Swimmers, Flyers and one more Threehorn ready to stand guard against anyone who broke through …

… her mate …

“Tria,” he gasped, and in that one tiny moment of lapse in his concentration, he was suddenly bashed in the head by a Sharptooth’s head. He fell onto his side and felt pain shooting through his body, but he ignored the pain and got himself back up, only to see twenty Fast Biters all sprinting their way into the cave that led directly into the valley.

Wasting no time, Topps stabbed the Sharptooth whom had knocked him over with his horns and ran after the Fast Biters whom were about to penetrate the rear line of defense, … the only thing that stood between them and the valley itself. He cursed at himself for allowing his momentary lapse of concentration to give the Fast Biters enough time to break through. He was determined, however, that he would not let that be his fatal mistake …

At the valley-side entrance to the Secret Caverns, the other elders were still waiting anxiously. The Longnecks and Swimmers were simply waiting to start battling any Sharpteeth who could possibly have broken their way through those caverns. Mama Flyer and several other Flyers occasionally lifted into the sky for any signs of danger from above, but there was no sign of any Sharpteeth anywhere. Mr. Thicknose had just arrived, bringing several Hollow Horns with him to provide more backup.

They occasionally heard the reverberations of roars coming from inside, but none of them sounded like they were anywhere near their location. Grandpa Longneck tensed whenever this happened, but each time it only proved to be a false alert.

Soon, the echoes of the Fast Biter growls began to get a little louder, … and louder, … and louder …

“I think … they’re coming,” gasped Grandma Longneck.

“Everyone into position!” her mate instructed.

The Flyers all took off into the sky, while the dinosaurs on the ground got into a position from which they could easily charge at any enemy.

The roars stopped, and they starred intently into the caves. They tensed but remained as collected as possible as they stared at what they saw …

A group of Fast Biters were standing just inside the cave, slowing inching closer with each tiny step they took, readying themselves for a surprise attack.

“Nobody … move,” whispered Grandpa Longneck, and not a single dinosaur on his side moved an inch. They all stood still, waiting for when the enemies would strike … and for their moment to strike right back.

There was a long, eerie silence. The two groups glared at each other, no one moving, everyone frozen in place. Time seemed to stand still for that moment as they anticipated each other’s attacks.

Suddenly, a Fast Biter in front of the pack roared loudly, and the entire pack roared along and charged at the leafeaters. The valley dinosaurs countered immediately with tail whips to knock them down, and foot stomps to crush anyone whom had been knocked over. The Flyers charged from above and struck vicious blows at the carnivores. Within the first moment after the attack began, four Fast Biters were dead, but one lunged at a Hollow Horn and bit into his head, knocking him over, before another bit into his underbelly multiple times while he was down. That Fast Biter was just as quickly whipped away by Tria’s tail, but the Hollow Horn wouldn’t get back up.

“ACK!” Mr. Thicknose screamed as a Fast Biter jumped onto his back and bit into his neck frill. He swung his head to throw the Fast Biter off, and the enemy went flying into a wall of rocks, one of which landed on its head and crushed it.

Suddenly, Topps charged out of the caverns and ran straight towards a Fast Biter whom was getting ready to attack Tria. He stabbed him with his nose horn and tossed it into a nearby tree and watched until he was sure the Fast Biter was dead.

“Topps?” gasped Tria.

“No time for talk now, Tria,” panted Topps, “We’ve lost all the Clubtails, and the Spikethumbs are being compromised. We need to keep all of these Fast Biters back!”

“How many of these damn Fast Biters could there possibly be!?” complained Papa Swimmer, swinging his tail at another Fast Biter and knocking it down.

“I don’t care how many there are!” replied Topps, “Let’s just finish these bastards off and-“


Everyone froze for a moment as the loud crash echoed from a nearby wall of large rocks. The Fast Biters were quick to get back to attacking as if they knew what as coming, but the leafeaters were soon back to-


The whole ground shook violently. All the land-bound dinosaurs were struggling to maintain their footing. A series of sudden warning screeches came from the Flyers above. Rocks began tumbling down. A nearby tree fell over. It was as if a Flying Rock had just struck the valley.

The leafeaters and Fast Biters all tumbled to the ground as the ground continued to shake for just a few more precious seconds. Some of the Fast Biters were crushed to death by heavy leafeaters landing on top of them. Topps then noticed just what was happening …

A large piece of border wall had smashed against the ground. There was a large gap where the large rock was supposed to be. Standing in that gap … were the two Sailbacks.

Once the brief Earth Shake stopped, the surviving leafeaters and Fast Biters got back up, and the valley dwellers came to realize just what horror awaited their situation …

“YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!” ranted Topps.

“So, this was all a distraction to allow them to break through!?” shouted a Hollow Horn, “Those damn Sharpteeth and their cunning ways!”

The Fast Biters began to lunge at the leafeaters once more, but they were quick to dispatch them with counterattacks of their own. At the moment, however, the slightly-bigger Sharpteeth began charging out of the caverns to make their move. The leafeaters were baffled by this sudden development. It could only have meant that the Spikethumbs had finally been overwhelmed and were finished off, or they might have been crushed to death by rocks in the caves during the earth shake.

While the leafeaters on the ground were stuck dealing with the threat from inside the caverns, the Flyers eyed the Sailbacks breaking through the wall and making their entry into the valley’s grounds. Mama Flyer, in particular, had her heart racing with fear. She knew these were the very Sharpteeth whom had come to hunt her son down, and she would do anything to keep them away from her precious, little boy.

With an ear-piercing screech, Mama Flyer led her group of four other Flyers on a charge at the Sailbacks. The two carnivores, however, were unfazed and swung their tails at their adversaries. Two of the Flyers were knocked to the ground and promptly stomped on by the Sailbacks’ feet for good measure, killing them on the spot. The remaining three Flyers retreated back to the sky to prepare for another aerial strike, only to find the Sailbacks running past the blood-soaked battlefield and right into the heart of the valley.

“NO!” Mama Flyer screamed in horror, and she let out a loud screech for everyone to hear.

The leafeaters on the ground heard her call of distress, and they turned to see the Sailbacks charging right into their territory.

“NO!” gasped Grandma Longneck.

“The children!” roared Topps.

“After them! Now!” ordered Grandpa Longneck, but the Sharpteeth and Fast Biters blocked their way and growled at them, obviously intending to stop them reaching their true targets.

“Out of our way, you filthy fiends!” yelled Topps, charging at one Fast Biter and stabbing it with his nose horn, only for another to lunge onto his back. Before it could bite, though, it was tossed aside by Mama Swimmer’s tail. At that same moment, several more Fast Biters had crawled underneath and ambushed one of the Swimmers in the group. The others were preoccupied by their other enemies, and the Swimmer’s flesh was quickly consumed by his attackers. Despite his cries for help, no one was able to come to his aid, and the Fast Biters were quick to make a meal out of his flesh and blood.

Mama Swimmer looked up to see if any Flyers would come to their aid, but they had all vanished. She saw them all chasing after the Sailbacks, screeching loudly to warn any other nearby dinosaurs to come to their aid. Any hope of an aerial attack on their own attackers was gone right then and there.

“The Flyers are gone!” she warned her allies, “They’re pursuing the Sailbacks!”

“Everyone keep the Sharpteeth at bay!” ordered Topps, “Make a path for me, and I’ll go after those bastards!”

“Topps!” gasped Tria, “You can’t be serious!”

“Just help me, Tria! We can’t let those Sailbacks harm our children!” her mate shot back.

“I’m not letting you do this alone, Topps!” retorted Tria before slamming another Fast Biter down with her tail, “I’m with you for better or worse!”

“I can’t let them harm you, Tria!” argued Topps.

“I don’t care what you think! You are not doing this alone! You need me, and I’m going, no matter what you say!” shouted Tria.

A Sharptooth nearly lunged at them but was quickly tossed aside by a tail whip from one of the Longnecks. Topps just stared at his mate in disbelief. Was she really willing to allow herself to get into danger just for his sake? For the children’s sake? For the valley’s sake?

“We’re doing this together, Topps,” finished Tria sternly, “We’re going to take down those Sailbacks, and we’re going to protect our children, even if we have to die trying … for our family’s sake!”

She looked up momentarily and gasped. Topps looked back and saw a Sharptooth running right towards him with its mouth wide open. Instincts immediately took over the Threehorn, and he turned around and stabbed the Sharptooth square in the chest with his frill horns, and he swung his head to the right to toss his dead adversary to the ground before making a run for it. Tria ran right behind him as they made their escape from the group of Fast Biters and Sharpteeth still holding their allies back. They eyed the Sailbacks as they set off in hot pursuit of the murderous monsters.

Mama Flyer was watching their path with her heart pounding with terror. With each step, they seemed to be getting closer and closer to her home as if they knew exactly where her family lived. Only one thing could bring them closer, … and that … was Petrie’s scent. If they had managed to track him all the way here from Black Rock, surely, they were tracking it again right now. She was panting frantically as she tried to speed up her flight. Her children were no longer safe. Her precious Petrie was no longer safe. She had to somehow get home before the Sailbacks beat her to it.

She abandoned her group of Flyers and diverted her flight over a large rock formation, seeing it as the quickest shortcut she could find. She soared over a large forest and soon found herself back in the familiar neighborhood her family called home. She looked back, and the Sailbacks were nowhere to be seen. With a sigh of relief, she aimed for her cave.

She screeched just before she came down onto the ledge, and she rushed over to where Wingfoot was standing with her children.

“What is it?” he asked, alarmed by her sudden appearance, and the baffled children gathered beside them.

Mama Flyer panted as she grabbed Wingfoot by the shoulders and hyperventilated.

“Mommy? W-what’s wrong?” asked Pearlwing.

“Everyone, … we … all need to leave,” Mama Flyer spoke in between gasps.

“What!?” her five children all yelled in disbelief.

“But me no want to leave!” cried Petrie, still holding his precious snuggling stick in his wings.

“I’m afraid it’s not safe here anymore, kids,” said Mama Flyer regretfully, “The Sailbacks have broken in, and they’re on their way here right now.”

“But, … can’t we just hide in the back?” said Donnie while his siblings just gasped in horror.

“That won’t be of any use if those Sailbacks have long jaws!” his mother retorted.

“But Mommy!” whined one of the girls.

“No buts, children! We all need to leave now!” shouted Mama Flyer.

No sooner did she say that when they all heard roars echoing from not so far away from their rock.

“Everyone outside and fly! Fly as far away as you-“


The Flyers looked outside and saw a pair of Sharptooth jaws suddenly blocking their only way out. The jaw opened and closed several times, revealing its absolutely terrifying teeth.

Petrie ran all the way to the back and clutched his snuggling stick tightly. His worst night terrors were coming true. Here he was with his entire family trapped in their home by a pair of sharp teeth, the same ones he had envisioned in his sleep stories. His heart was pounding rapidly. He was watching his foretold future unfolding before his very eyes. He anticipated that any moment now, his mother, siblings and babysitter would become the next victims of those Sailbacks who wanted his blood. The poor kid closed his eyes and buried his face in his wings, rubbing his cheek against his snuggling stick …


That sudden voice brought with it a new burst of light shining its way in.

Petrie opened his eyes. He noticed that the entrance was suddenly unblocked. The Sailbacks had seemingly vanished, but they certainly weren’t gone enough.

Mama Flyer cautiously stepped outside, and she found Topps and Tria charging towards the Sailbacks with fury in their eyes.

“LEAVE THOSE FLYERS ALONE!” screamed Topps as he rammed directly into the male Sailback while Tria rammed into his female accomplice.

Both Sailbacks crashed to the ground, but were back on their feet in seconds, swinging their tails in an effort to fend off their enemies.

Mama Flyer let out a silent sigh of relief, then she gazed towards the path the Threehorns had came from, and she saw the Longnecks, Swimmers and Hollow Horns rejoining the skirmish. Only three Longnecks, two Swimmers and four Hollow Horns were all that were left. Grandma and Grandpa Longneck, and Mama and Papa Swimmer were all among the survivors now racing to their rescue. Mama Flyer wondered just how they were able to fend off those Fast Biters and other Sharpteeth rather quickly. Perhaps other dinosaurs had joined the battle and allowed for this group to follow the Sailbacks’ trail, and there were probably still Sharpteeth out there … besides the Sailbacks.

“GET BACK!” hollered Grandpa Longneck to the Sailbacks.

The Sailbacks clamped their jaws at the leafeaters, but Grandpa Longneck counteracted with a swing of the tail. They swung their tails right back, and they collided with his tail to stop his attack.

“What!?” the Longneck gasped, “No way!”

“They can’t be that skilled!” said Tria.

More roars suddenly echoed behind them. Topps looked back to find the Sharpteeth and Fast Biters emerging from the forest they had charged through.

“Damnit, no!” he gasped.

“We’re surrounded!” panted Mama Swimmer.

The group of elders and their surviving allies all swung their tails at the new arrivals, but only a few were knocked down while some of them tried to lunge at them. Others ran past the skirmish and sprinted down the river.

“NO!” the two Swimmers screamed, “Our children!”

Without thinking twice, the Swimmers sprinted away in pursuit of the Fast Biters whom were swiftly approaching their family nest …

Ducky was still sobbing in Spike’s hold. Ever since she watched her parents disappear to fight those Sharpteeth, she longed to see them return safely much like how they had always done for her. She cried and cried while Spike nuzzled her to provide the faintest warmth for his sister.

“Oh, Spike,” sobbed Ducky, “I miss Mommy and Daddy. I do, I do.”

“Settle down, little one,” she heard one of their babysitters speak softly to her, “Your folks will be home before you know it. They’re very capable fighters.”

“But what it they-“



Everyone was petrified by the sound of that roar, but once the children recognized their father’s voice, they were relieved yet horrified at the same time. With the relief of their parents’ survival came the morbid reality that their nest was about to come under attack.

“Kids!” called the male Swimmer looking after them, “Get behind me!”

The older kids, including Ducky, did as they were told and took cover behind his foot, while the babies in the nest stayed put, unable to understand what was happening.

“W-What is happening?” stammered Ducky.

“Sssh!” the adult Swimmer replied, and she didn’t make another sound.

The growls became louder, and Ducky peeked out from behind the Swimmer’s leg to find several Fast Biters arriving at their nest. Some of them kept running down the river, but the other seven spotted them and licked their lips as if expecting a meal. The children gasped and stayed hidden behind their protector, fearing the worst could happen at any minute.

“HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!” came Mama Swimmer’s furious voice.

Ducky instantly peeked back out and saw her parents running towards the Fast Biters, fury etched on their faces as they made their charge at those who dared to attack their family.

The Fast Biters turned around to face the Swimmer parents, but they barely had time to react before the Swimmers brought their heads down and rammed into them with blunt force. The carnivores were sent flying across the river and crashing into several trees.

“No one will lie one finger on our children!” Papa Swimmer hissed at the defeated group of Fast Biters.

“Mommy! Daddy!” Ducky screamed as she ran out from behind their protectors and right in front of her parents.

“Ducky!” Mama Swimmer panted as she picked up her daughter and hugged her tightly, “Thank goodness you’re alright!”

“Mommy, what is happening!?” cried Ducky.

“Just stay close to me, dear,” her mother replied, refusing to let go of her precious daughter, “Everything will be alright.”


It sounded much like a child’s scream, and suddenly there came another, and then it began to sound as though more than one child was screaming at the same time.

“Oh, no!” gasped Papa Swimmer, “Don’t tell me the other children are in danger!”

“NO!” Ducky suddenly screamed as she stared at the river.

Her parents looked in that same direction and gasped in horror …

Littlefoot was running down the river, carrying a still-seriously wounded Chomper on his back. Right behind them, Ruby was swinging a tree branch at a pursuing Fast Biter.


The Swimmers could only watch in disbelief and despair. Everything was taking turns for the worst so quickly. The Fast Biters seemed to be everywhere in the valley. No one was safe. The valley was no longer a safe place for anyone. Everywhere was turning into a massacre. Their very way of life was seemingly coming to an end.

“KIDS! GET BEHIND ME!” Papa Swimmer hollered at the kids running down the river.

Littlefoot (with an incapacitated Chomper) and Ruby jumped out of the river and got behind the Swimmers’ legs, and Papa Swimmer made his own charge at the Fast Biters trying to eat his daughter’s dear friends.

“DON’T MOVE!” he yelled.

The Fast Biters were not fazed and tried to lunge at him, but he swung his tail and knocked them into the river. One of them managed to get back up, but one of the babysitting Swimmers came behind him and stomped hard on his head to finish him off.

“Is everyone okay?” asked Mama Swimmer.

“We are okay. Okay we are,” answered Ruby.

“We’re fine,” panted Littlefoot.

“Alright, kids. Let’s get out of-“


“Damnit! Just how many bloody Sharpteeth are there!?” ranted Papa Swimmer.

As he said that, more Sharpteeth came charging down the river, followed by the Sailbacks, and finally Grandma and Grandpa Longneck, Topps, Tria and Mr. Thicknose. The Flyers, however, were nowhere to be seen …

… but then, why were the Sailbacks in the group if the Flyers had perhaps managed to make their escape?



The Swimmers turned around and saw Cera, with Tricia on her back, … running for their lives from yet another couple of Fast Biters. The number of enemies was becoming so overwhelming, and now the Swimmers were realizing just how doomed they really were …



The Threehorns’ voices echoed across the area as they yelled for their children.

“Daddy!” panted Cera, “Help!”

Topps didn’t need to be told twice. He sprinted into action, running right past his daughters and delivering a blunt force ram into the three Fast Biters.

Just as he did though, several Sharpteeth suddenly jumped out from the trees behind the Swimmer nest.

“KIDS!” Mama and Papa Swimmer yelled.

The baby Swimmers were screaming helplessly as if they were pleading for their lives. Spike got up and scooped them out of the nest and swung his tail to get them onto his back, and he ran from the nest just as a Sharptooth clamped at him, missing by inches.

“SPIKE!” screamed Ducky, closing her eyes and not bearing to watch her brother possibly meet his untimely death, but then she heard him panting, and she opened her eyes to find him right by his parents’ side with all the babies intact.

“Oh, Spike!” cried Mama Swimmer with a sigh of relief.

She had no time to praise him, however, as the roars of the Sharpteeth overwhelmed them from all directions. The Swimmers frantically looked around and saw that there was no place to run. The entire group was surrounded in all directions by Sharpteeth and Fast Biters. What was beginning to feel more and more odd was that the Sailbacks were among them, even though there was no sign of the Flyer family …


That was Mama Flyer’s voice, and within the moment they heard her children all pleading to be let go, including Petrie. The Swimmers’ hearts sank …

All of a sudden, Grandma and Grandpa Longneck were both knocked down by two Sharpteeth. Another used its tail to grab Spike and the baby Swimmers. Topps and Tria were slammed by the tails of two Sharpteeth and pinned to the ground by their clawed feet. The two other adult Swimmers were overwhelmed by Fast Biters, and a Sharptooth emerged from behind and stomped hard on the male with a loud, “CRUNCH!” Simply the sound of it told everyone it meant instant death.

“NO!” Mama Swimmer screamed before she felt herself being whammed by another Sharptooth’s tail, causing her to drop Ducky. The little Swimmer screamed as she fell to the ground, and she jumped into the river just before a Fast Biter could grab her. Her mother and father were both pinned down by the feet of two more Sharpteeth while she made her escape by swimming down the deeper end of the river, avoiding being squashed by the Sharpteeth’s feet.

Cera tried to run up to her parents, but a Fast Biter suddenly slammed into her and knocked her over, while another grabbed Tricia. Both Threehorns were held by their throats as if they were threatening to cut them open. Littlefoot, Chomper and Ruby were each grabbed by Fast Biters as well and held by their throats in the same fashion.

Once Mr. Thicknose was knocked down and pinned, the Sailbacks stepped into the center of what was now a circle of hostages. The leafeaters all struggled to escape their enemies’ grasps until they noticed that the male Sailback was holding Petrie in his hand, and the female was holding his mother and Wingfoot in one hand, and all his siblings in the other. The male threw Petrie onto a rock in the middle of the river. He landed on his back so hard that pain shot through his entire body.

“OWW!” he wailed.

“Petrie!” many of the children gasped as they tried helplessly to wiggle their way to freedom.

The little Flyer slowly sat up and looked around, only to be met with a nightmare …

And so I end my first-ever LBT-battle chapter with perhaps the most suspenseful cliffhanger in any of my stories! :P

Despite everyone's efforts, it seems as though the Great Valley is finished. All our heroes and those closest to them have become hostages, and Petrie is at the center of attention, possibly to meet a humiliating end in front of everyone. Have the Sailbacks won? Is the Great Valley doomed? Where could Ducky have possibly run off to? Will there be any brave heroics, or is it really all over? Can the valley fight back and triumph, or will it all come to an end?

All that I will say is that as we delve into the next chapter, somebody, good or bad, is about to make their final stand.

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Calm Before the Skirmish

Ducky woke up with a startle, and she panted for a few seconds before she looked around and saw that she was next to Spike. She had endured yet another horrific night terror about herself coming face-to-face with a Sharptooth in the Mysterious Beyond and Petrie trying to protect her but getting himself killed in the process. She felt tears threatening to fall from her eyes, so she quietly stepped out of her nest and tiptoed towards the familiar small rock, so she could be alone and bawl her eyes out. She didn’t want to share her suffering with her parents or siblings, especially Spike.

Once Ducky was on the rock and was beginning to cry, she peeked and saw that the river was beginning to glisten as the Bright Circle rose into the sky. It tore her heart to pieces thinking that this could be the last time she would ever see this river. She was sure that the Great Valley would throw her and Petrie out for their love for each other. They would become exiles all because one grim Threehorn believed their relationship to be a crime.

“Why is it wrong for Petrie and I to be in love?” she thought to herself, “Why does everyone hate us being in a relationship? This does not make any sense at all. No, no, no.”

Knowing that running away was the worst possible option as she knew it would leave her family heartbroken, Ducky stayed put on the rock and continued to cry silently until she would hear the sounds of her family waking up.

The Bright Circle soon became high enough for its light to penetrate into the Flyer family’s nest, but Petrie barely took any notice, even after he could faintly hear some of his siblings yawning. He had woken up long before anyone else had, and he knew that it was only a matter of time before that painful meeting would begin, and yet he dreaded it. He did not want to face the entire population of the Great Valley and let himself or his Swimmer girlfriend be humiliated by having their relationship be revealed for everyone to hear. He could picture many of the residents making nasty remarks about him and Ducky, and Mr. Threehorn carrying out the permanent banishment sentence. It only fueled his urge to run away and not deal with it.

Letting out a sniffle, he slipped out of his mother’s wings and walked across the cave before anyone could notice him. He sat down on the ledge and began bawling his eyes out.

He didn’t get to have privacy for long, though …

“Hey, where’s Petrie?” he heard Pearlwing say.

There then came a gasp from Mama Flyer, and she frantically yelled out, “Petrie! Where are you!? Oh, please don’t tell me he took off to avoid the meeting, especially with those Sharpteeth at large! Oh, my little Petrie!”

Sighing with dread and disappointment, Petrie opened one of his wings and waved it up and down to signal to his family that he was right outside. Within seconds, he heard someone come rushing towards him.

“Oh, Petrie!” Mama Flyer gasped with relief, “Thank goodness! For a moment, I was worried that you had taken off!”

Then, she noticed that her son was crying and sobbing softly, and she immediately switched to comfort mode by sitting next to him and rubbing his back.

“Petrie, … are you okay?” she asked gently.

“No,” sobbed Petrie, refusing to look up at his worried mother.

“Aww, my little one. I know how you feel, sweetheart,” sympathized Mama Flyer.

“No one else do, though,” Petrie responded solemnly.

“I’m sure a lot of dinosaurs will care because of the fact that you and Ducky are just children,” said Mama Flyer.

“What if they no do care?” lamented Petrie, “Especially after they find out it my fault Sharpteeth trying to break into Great Valley.”

Mama Flyer sighed sadly and gently lifted her poor son onto her lap, sitting on her knee, while she soothingly hugged him with one wing while rubbing his feet with the other.

“Petrie, … could you please look at me?” she kindly asked him.

Petrie sighed and hesitated for a moment, but he eventually gave in and looked up at his mother’s eyes. She responded by lowering her head and nuzzling his beak with her own. It was only then that she noticed that his eyes looked bright red. She knew only one thing that could cause that: lack of sleep.

“Petrie, … how much sleep did you get last night?” she asked.

With a quivering beak as he began to think about his nightmare again, Petrie reluctantly responded, “Hardly any.”

“Aw, my little Petrie. I know that today will be hard for you, but you still should have gotten at least some sleep,” said Mama Flyer worryingly, “It would have done you a lot of good.”

“Me have terrible sleep story last night … again,” sniffled Petrie, “Mr. Threehorn throw me and Ducky into Mysterious Beyond, and then we get chased by those Sailback Sharpteeth. Sharptooth grab Ducky and me try to save her, but then other Sharptooth grab me and we both get eaten!”

Mama Flyer was speechless after hearing about her son’s horrific night terror, and she could only watch as Petrie began bawling his eyes out again and buried his head into her chest. These nightmares were becoming so frequent that any chance of him getting some proper sleep was next to nothing.

“What if sleep story come true!?” cried Petrie, “What if me and Ducky get banished and fed to Sailback Sharpteeth!? What if me never see you again!?”

Mama Flyer felt a few tears building in her eyes as she choked back a few sobs. She felt so sad for her son, and it seemed as if nothing could comfort him.

“Maybe me should just run away now and no face Mr. Threehorn!” cried Petrie, and he jumped off his mother’s lap and began flapping his wings.

His feet had just about lifted off the ledge when his mother pulled him back onto her lap and held him tightly to stop him from escaping.

“Petrie! Please don’t run away!” she begged him, “Running away from your troubles is one of the worst things you can do when you’re very sad, … and when there’s Sharpteeth out there looking for you.”

“Me no want to do this meeting!” Petrie wept as he tried to pull himself out of his mother’s wings, but to no avail, “Me want to take Ducky and go somewhere else where we be accepted!”

“Petrie, please listen to me!” Mama Flyer shouted to get his full attention.

Petrie froze and looked at his mother as her shouting startled him.

“Now, Petrie, I know you don’t want to face this meeting, but you have to be brave and hope that everything will go our way. Just because you had a bad sleep story about banishment and Sharpteeth, doesn’t mean it will come true. Your mind is just trying to tell you that you don’t belong in this valley anymore. I said this before, and I’ll say it again: you do belong in the Great Valley, Petrie, and you always will, because you are my special boy, and I will never let you go. You have many great friends, and they all want you and Ducky to stay. I love you so much, Petrie, and I will always love you, because you are my brave, wonderful child, and I will not be able to move on without my special son.”

Petrie maintained eye contact with his mother as he listened to every word she said. He could feel his heart melting as his mother’s love for him warmed his chest and triggered more tears to build up in his eyes. After hearing how much she loved him as a son, Petrie knew that he rightfully belonged in the Great Valley, with his family and friends, and that he would never want to leave her mother’s side just as much as she never wanted to leave Ducky’s side. He was so special to his mother, and he would not let his relationship with Ducky get them tossed out of their beloved home. He would face this meeting … for the sake of his family, and for his girlfriend.

“Ma-Mama?” the little Flyer murmured as tears began to stream from his eyes once more, which made him wonder just how many he still had left.

“Yes, Petrie?” Mama Flyer replied gently.

“Tha-thank you,” sobbed Petrie, “Me … me love you so much.”

“I love you so much, too, Petrie,” said Mama Flyer with a faint grin, “You’re my special little boy.”

“Me no will run away, Mama,” added Petrie, “Me will do this meeting, … for you, … me family, … me friends, … and for Ducky.”

“Aww, Petrie. That’s my boy,” said Mama Flyer in a loving voice, “That’s my brave, little Petrie. Come here.”

Petrie obliged and wrapped his arms around his mother’s neck while the two nuzzled each other’s beaks.

“I’m so proud of you, Petrie,” whispered Mama Flyer, “I’m sure everything will be fine.”

“Me hope,” replied Petrie.

“There, there, Petrie. Just relax and settle down. It’ll be okay, son,” Mama Flyer said soothingly.

The two Flyers sat on the ledge and hugged each other while Petrie managed to compose himself. Although he still dreaded the meeting that was just a few hours away, he knew he and Ducky would have to face it, even though the chances of them staying in the valley was probably minimal, at the very least.

“I really wish I didn’t have to say this, … but the meeting will not be today.”

The Flyers looked down and saw Grandpa Longneck standing just a few feet away. They jolted a little from his surprise appearance.

“Yes, I heard most of that, at the very least,” he said, “I see you’re trying your best to be brave, Petrie, and I’m proud of you, … but we have decided to delay the meeting until further notice.”

“What!?” gasped Petrie in shock, “But, … w-why?”

“For the sake of the valley’s safety,” sighed Grandpa Longneck.

“W-what happened last night after I returned home?” asked Mama Flyer worryingly.

“Chomper was able to stall the Sailbacks in the Secret Caverns until Mr. Threehorn and I held them off with some help from a couple of Clubtails. That little Sharptooth was quite brave last night.”

Petrie chuckled a little. He was proud of Chomper for being quite brave for still being a baby.

“However, he was seriously wounded by the time we arrived, and he fainted moments later. Ruby and I brought him to our home to rest for the night while we treated his injuries. He should eventually make a full recovery, but he and Ruby will be staying at my nest with Littlefoot for now, … as the Secret Caverns are obviously not safe for the moment,” continued Grandpa Longneck.

“He … okay?” gasped Petrie as his mother gave him a sweet bubble for breakfast.

“Don’t worry, Petrie. He’ll be fine,” replied Grandpa Longneck warmly with a wink, “The bad news is that as the Sailbacks made to leave, they vowed they would return … with allies, I’m afraid. Chomper translated for us, and he made out that they were not going to let us go that easily. We, … we may have a fight in our hands … today.”

“T-to-to-today!?” stuttered Petrie, nearly choking on his breakfast.

“Chomper said they’d be back when the Bright Circle came up. We have some Clubtails and a Swimmer guarding the caverns until then. Everyone will be taking high security measures today, and I suggest you do, too,” suggested Grandpa Longneck.

Petrie gulped and looked away. He knew it would happen sooner or later, but he didn’t think it would happen … today. Maybe even any minute now, those Sailbacks could be trying to break their way in, … looking for him.

“Why me?” he lamented to himself, “All because me try to save me Mommy.”

“Petrie, I told you you’re not to blame for all this. We’ll get rid of those Sharpteeth, and we’ll think about that meeting once it’s over, … okay?” his mother spoke to him.

“Please do not blame yourself for this mess, Petrie,” said Grandpa Longneck, “We’ll all do everything we can to set things right and ensure our safety. Until then, I think you should rest.”

“Mama, … can … me … go and see Ducky, … just for few minutes, … please?” sniffled Petrie.

Mama Flyer sighed and rubbed her son’s back with a gentle smile.

“Okay, dear,” she answered.

“I’ll escort you there, Petrie. I wouldn’t let any children wander off alone while everyone’s safety is at risk,” said Grandpa Longneck.

“Okay,” sighed Petrie.

“Don’t be too long, dear. I want to make sure you’re safe and sound,” said Mama Flyer.

“Okay, Mom,” Petrie sighed in annoyance.

“Come along now, little one,” chuckled Grandpa Longneck, and he winked at Mama Flyer before turning away. Petrie lifted himself into the sky and slowly followed him towards the one and only nest that brought him more happiness than his own.

Ducky had spent quite a while sobbing silently on the rock she was sitting on. She had buried her face with her hands and was staring down at the rock while tears spilled from her eyes. She could not imagine that this could be the last morning she spent with her family, and she felt terrible for herself and for Petrie. She did not wish this upon her Flyer boyfriend or herself, and she could not bear to face the upcoming meeting. Her nightmare about Petrie being killed by a Sharptooth continued to burn in her mind as well, and it made her sure that they would not be in the Great Valley much longer.

A moment later, she heard her mother and father waking up and yawning, but she refused to move. She did not want to show her drenched face to them.

Those hopes were to be dashed, however …

“Ducky?” Mama Swimmer’s voice spoke gently as she cautiously approached her daughter, “Are you okay?”

Ducky still refused to move a muscle, with the exception of her quivering bill, and her mother sat down right in front of her and gently tapped on her shoulder.

“Ducky?” she whispered, “Are you alright, dear?”

“No,” Ducky whimpered softly.

“Aw, my Ducky dear, … I know you’re upset, and I feel just as terrible as you do, and I’m sure Petrie and his mother are trying to cope with it, too,” sympathized Mama Swimmer.

“I had-ed a terrible sleep story last night,” sniffled Ducky.

“Aw, my poor little girl,” said Mama Swimmer sadly, rubbing Ducky’s back.

“I was in the Mysterious Beyond with Petrie, and a Sharptooth chased-ed after us and caught-ed me. Petrie tried to save me, but after the Sharptooth let-ed me go, it ate-ed poor Petrie!” cried Ducky.

“Oh, my!” gasped Mama Swimmer in shock as she found it hard to picture such a dreadful vision in her head, “That must have been so scary.”

“What if it comes true?” lamented Ducky, “They say that what happens in bad sleep stories may come true. What if me and Petrie do get banished-ed!?”

Mama Swimmer let out a deep sigh. This had, in fact, become quite true in Petrie’s case. He had been having night terrors about Sailback Sharpteeth, and those very Sailbacks were now possibly planning an attack on their Great Valley.

“Ducky, … I think you may be right,” she sighed with dread as she mentally prepared herself to explain the events of last night. Ducky had been asleep the whole night, and therefore she had no knowledge of what had transpired.

“W-what?” the little Swimmer gasped.

“About that, … I have some news,” her mother said, quivering a little, “Let me start with this: our valley came under attack last night.”

“What!?” gasped Ducky in horror, clasping her mouth with her hands.

“Two Sailback Sharpteeth tried to break into the valley through the Secret Caverns, but Chomper held them off while Ruby came out to warn us. Grandpa Longneck and Mr. Threehorn chased them back into the Mysterious Beyond, and we should be safe … for now, at least.”

“And … w-what does that have to do with … sleep stories coming true?” asked Ducky dumbfoundedly.

“I’m getting to that right now, dear,” her mother replied, “So, if you remember, after Petrie came back from Black Rock, he started having night terrors about Sailback Sharpteeth.”

“Yes, I remember. I do, I do,” nodded Ducky nervously.

“Well, … it turns out that those two Sailbacks are the same ones from his sleep stories,” sighed Mama Swimmer, looking away for a moment.

“What!?” yelled Ducky.

“It turns out that while Petrie and his mother were trapped in Black Rock, … they were pursued by an adolescent Sailback, and Petrie killed it by drawing it into a trap. The Sailbacks who tried to trespass last night … were its parents, … and … they want revenge,” finished Mama Swimmer.

“No way!” gasped Ducky, “My Funny Flyer is being hunted-ed!? Oh, no, no, NO! PLEASE, NOT PETRIE! PLEASE, NO!”

Poor Ducky burst into tears and nearly fell off the rock she was sitting on, but her mother caught her in her arms and hugged her tightly. This just couldn’t be true. Her sweet, loving boyfriend being hunted? This was too much for her to take.

“Sssh. There, there, Ducky. Mommy’s here, dear,” Mama Swimmer soothed her daughter, “We’ll make sure those Sharpteeth don’t set one foot into this valley. We’ll keep Petrie safe, Ducky. We promise.”

“Please do!” pleaded Ducky, “I cannot let Petrie get taken away by Sharpteeth!”

“Ssssh! Settle down, Ducky. Calm down. Take a deep breath,” her mother said.

Ducky did as she was told and took several deep breaths until she was calm enough to stop crying. Her mother set her back down on the rock as she began hiccupping with the leftover tears still trickling down her face.

“It’s okay, Ducky,” her mother whispered softly.

“Calm down, little one,” came her father’s voice as he joined them and placed a tree star next to her, “Here’s some breakfast. It will help you focus on that … meeting.”

With a sad sniffle and a hiccup, Ducky took the tree star and took one small bite out of it. She didn’t seem to be in the mood for breakfast, but she knew she had to eat.

She looked down at her feet and sighed as she thought of how her and Petrie’s love for each other had so suddenly turned everything upside down. First, they were on the brink of banishment, but now everyone was in danger. It was all happening so quickly, and she couldn’t comprehend why everything was suddenly falling apart this fast.

A long silence seemed to go by, accompanied only by Ducky’s hiccups and sniffles, … but then she suddenly felt something tap gently on her left shoulder four times.

The Swimmer perked up and looked to her left, and she nearly jumped as she saw … standing right next to her, … just so happening to be Petrie. He was looking uneasily at her. His eyes were sparkling wet, and his beak was quivering, either from sadness or from fright. It was just the one she wanted to see right now.

“Oh, Petrie!” Ducky cried quite suddenly to Petrie, and she stood up and pulled him closer before hugging her Funny Flyer tightly.

Petrie didn’t hesitate to return the gesture to his Sweet Swimmer. They cried and exchanged tears, never loosening their grip on each other. The only thing they had wanted right now … was a loving hug together.

“Oh, Petrie!” cried Ducky.

“Oh, Ducky!” replied Petrie in a very saddening voice.

“Please, Petrie! It cannot be true!” panted Ducky, “Tell me it is not true! Those Sailback Sharpteeth cannot be after you! Huh, huh!?”

Petrie quivered and looked at Ducky, then he gazed at her parents, and finally over towards her staring siblings and Spike, before turning his eyes back to the Swimmer he loved.

Bursting into tears again, he regretfully answered …

“Yes!” he wept, “Sharpteeth want me! Me kill their son in Black Rock, and now they want to kill me!”

“My goodness!” Papa Swimmer said uneasily, “I cannot believe this! No one could have imagined that any of our sleep stories could come true, let alone believe such things!”

“Are you okay, Petrie?” Mama Swimmer kindly asked.

“Me no feel okay at all,” cried Petrie in a voice that made Ducky’s heart sink, “Cera once say to Littlefoot no one safe with him around while we travel to Great Valley and run from Sharptooth. Well, … now no one safe with me around! It all my fault Great Valley in danger, and me no know what to do now that meeting not happening today.”

“What!?” Ducky parents gasped.

“I’m sorry to say you heard him right,” came Grandpa Longneck’s unmistakable voice, “We’ve decided to call off the meeting until further notice as an interest to the safety of all dinosaurs here.”

“What happened last night with Chomper at the Secret Caverns?” asked Papa Swimmer, “Is he alright?”

“He held them back until Mr. Threehorn and I gathered a couple of Clubtails and chased them off,” said Grandpa Longneck, “However, when they started growling at us, Chomper translated them as saying they would return once the Bright Circle came back up … with allies.”

“No!” gasped Mama Swimmer.

“I’m afraid we’re still in danger, and because of this, we’re putting off the meeting until we have definitively dealt with those Sharpteeth,” sighed Grandpa Longneck solemnly, “Until then, the Secret Caverns are out of bounds.”

“Then, … what about Chomper and Ruby?” asked Ducky, gulping with worry for their Sharptooth and Fast Runner, unable to imagine them not having anywhere to stay.

“They’re staying with Littlefoot at my nest until the matter has been settled,” replied Grandpa Longneck, “I’m sorry to say Chomper was severely wounded by those Sailbacks. He passed out from blood loss right after the Sailbacks disappeared. Ruby and I treated his wounds, and he should hopefully make a full recovery. He just regained consciousness this morning, but he can’t get around on his own. He lost quite a lot of blood.”

“Oh, no, no, no!” wailed Ducky as Petrie sniffled alongside her, “Poor Chomper!”

“He’ll be fine, though, … won’t he?” asked Mama Swimmer.

“I’m sure he’ll be just fine,” nodded Grandpa Longneck, “His recovery will probably take a couple of days, but once he’s back on his feet, he should be just fine. His wounds will probably take more than a Night Circle cycle to heal, though. He’s in for quite a rough time.”

Ducky and Petrie stared worryingly at each other. The tone of the Longneck’s voice made it sound as though, … Chomper’s recovery could take much longer than he said it would. It could even be possible that they’d never get to see him on his feet again.

“Um, … could we go see him, please?” Ducky asked her parents.

“Me think it be last time we ever get to see him,” gulped Petrie.

“Oh, kids,” chuckled Grandpa Longneck, “I assure you it won’t be the last time. We’ll work a way around this problem and be sure to keep you here with us.”

“We will allow you to go, kids,” Mama Swimmer nodded, “Don’t be long, though. If those Sailbacks are on the way, I want you back here as soon as possible. We want to make sure you’re safe.”

“Okay,” Ducky and Petrie nodded together.

“And stay close to Mr. Longneck. We can’t afford to have either of you wandering off with Sharpteeth on the loose,” warned Papa Swimmer.

“Okay, Daddy,” muttered Ducky.

“Let’s go, children. Stay next to me,” said Grandpa Longneck as he turned to leave.

“Coming,” called Petrie as he and Ducky broke off their hug and began following the elderly Longneck through the valley. The Swimmer family watched worryingly as their forms grew smaller and smaller.

Suddenly, the Swimmer parents heard a moan which they knew could only have come from Spike. Mama Swimmer looked down and saw the little Spiketail frowning at her with apparent concern for his beloved foster sister.

“Don’t worry, Spike,” she assured him, “Ducky will be back soon.”

Spike let out some more groans, and Papa Swimmer soon realized just what he was trying to say.

“I’m sorry, Spike, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to wander off with them. We have Sharpteeth on the loose, and we can’t take any risks … I’m sorry,” said Papa Swimmer sympathetically.

Spike sunk his head and lied down on the ground, watching as Ducky and Petrie disappeared into the forest. He really wanted to follow them and perhaps see Chomper, but with the valley suddenly seeming so unsafe, what were the chances he’d be able to have fun with his friends again?


“Hold still!”


“We know it hurts, but you have to keep still! It’ll be over soon! We promise!”


The little Sharptooth wailed loudly as pain shot through his entire body. He longed for it to be over. He just couldn’t hold himself still as the Longneck and Fast Runner tried to bandage his wounds … again.

This had essentially been Chomper’s entire morning after that unbearable torture in the claws of those Sailbacks demanding information from him. He simply wanted to be brave just once and protect those he cared for, and this was his reward: a whole Night Circle cycle of unbearable agony. He just couldn’t endure it. He just wanted it to be over, but he knew deep down it would not be over anytime soon.

Both his legs had deep cuts in them that had to be filled in with herbs and bandaged with leaves to stop the profuse bleeding. His neck had also been cut deep, but not nearly as deep as the cuts in his legs. His tail had been smashed after being thrown into so many cave walls by those Sailbacks’ tails. A dark purple bruise was covering his entire tail and back, and he had to have huge leaves covering over his body to help the bruises heal.

Most painful of all, though, his bottom jaw had taken quite a beating. His entire mouth ached every time he tried to speak, a few teeth were bent or loose, and his bottom gums occasionally bled. As a result, he, to his dismay, had to keep a few healing plants in his mouth. They tasted horrible. It was so bad he often tried to pull his tongue back, but it was just no use. He would have to endure his worst nightmare until his mouth fully healed.

All of this was just unbearable for poor Chomper. Now he wondered why he couldn’t have died that night in the cave rather than go through all of this. Someone as young as him just didn’t deserve to go through this. It was just too much.

“Sssh. It’s okay, Chomper,” whispered Littlefoot, “We’ll all done.”

“You can stop crying now,” assured Ruby, “Crying you can stop doing.”

“Please no more of that!” wept Chomper.

“I’m sorry, but you know we will have to do it again eventually so that you won’t get infected,” informed Ruby.

Chomper just wailed at this unbearable news. Littlefoot and Ruby nuzzled him in an effort to calm their Sharptooth friend down.

“You know, if you had just allowed me to stay with you in the caverns rather than face them yourself, this would probably never have happened,” said Ruby a little sternly.

“I did it to protect the valley, okay!?” countered Chomper.

“But look what became of it! Now you’re hurt! Hurt you are!” Ruby scolded him, “I’m supposed to be the one looking after you, not be the one who needs to be looked after!”

“I’m sorry, Ruby!” cried Chomper.

“I’m sure you are now! You won’t be able to walk for maybe a couple of days!” said Ruby.

“Ruby?” said Littlefoot uneasily, but she took no notice.

“I’m supposed to protect you, Chomper! When I gave my word that I would keep you safe, I swore to keep my word! Don’t you ever ask me to abandon you again!? You hear me!? DON’T … EVER … DO … THAT … AGAIN!”

Littlefoot stepped back as he watched Ruby’s tantrum, feeling quite frightened by it, and he backed away next to a tree and lied down so that he wouldn’t inadvertently become the next victim of her wrath.

“I’m so sorry, Ruby!” Chomper cried loudly, “I’m really so sorry! I never meant to let you abandon me! I only wanted you to warn everyone and come back to me! I never wanted to give you the notion that I would fight those Sharpteeth alone! I know how much I mean to you, and I would never ask of such a thing from you! I’m sorry, Ruby! I’m sorry!”

Ruby didn’t say another word, but she stood where she was, panting and trying to maintain her furious look. She wanted to give him a piece of her mind for making such a foolish move.

Then, her heart suddenly softened a little as she listened to his tearful apologies and begging for forgiveness. She knew at heart that he never meant for her to just leave him like that. He probably could never have anticipated that those Sharpteeth were going to bash his skull in for refusing to divulge anything to them. He only true intent was to ensure the safety of those he knew deeply cared for him; his friends, the elders who somewhat made him feel like family, the dinosaurs he knew he had to protect, those he knew could trust him. He may not have wanted to be a hero, but he just wanted to show that this was where he truly belonged, where all dinosaurs of good intent rightfully belonged.

“I’m … so sorry,” whimpered Chomper as he shut his eyes and let more tears flow down his bruised face, not the tears of a Sharptooth, but the tears of a friend.

Suddenly, he felt Ruby’s hands holding his cheeks. He gulped as he expected her to yell right in his face. He felt ready to wail again …

Then …

“I’m sorry, too. Sorry I am.”

The little Sharptooth slowly opened his eyes and saw a frown on the Fast Runner’s face. It wasn’t an angry one, but it looked rather sympathetic. He was greatly surprised by this sudden change of gesture.

“I know you didn’t mean for me to leave you all alone like that,” whispered Ruby, “You were just trying to be brave and be a friend to all of us, and … I’m … proud of you. Just … in the future, … don’t ask me to leave you alone again. I need to know you’re safe. I can’t abandon you. I will never abandon you. I, … I …”

“Y-you what?” murmured Chomper.

Ruby suddenly wrapped her arms around his bandaged neck and rubbed her cheek against his. Tears began to stream from her eyes as she tried her best not to break down crying. Chomper was greatly shocked by this gesture, but he couldn’t resist and eventually hugged her back with his tiny arms. They sniffled and shared their tears as they sat there and hugged, unmoving for quite some time.

Littlefoot had watched everything, and he nearly let a tear fall from his eye as he took in the heartfelt scene. It nearly made him sink just watching those two hug and cry like a big sister-little brother couple.

“Is he okay, Littlefoot?” another voice suddenly whispered next to him.

The Longneck gasped and looked to his right to find Ducky and Petrie standing next to him, staring at their Sharptooth friend with worrying eyes. He then heard big footsteps approaching, and he found his grandfather arriving.

“He’s … quite beaten. I’ll tell you that,” Littlefoot whispered to Ducky and Petrie.

“Me still feel terrible it my fault this happen to him,” whimpered Petrie, feeling so guilty for being the cause of Chomper’s unbearable pain.

“It’s not your fault, Petrie,” replied Littlefoot, “Some Sharpteeth just don’t understand.”

“Poor Chomper,” sniffled Ducky, “I hope he gets better-er soon. Yes, yes, yes.”

They continued to watch Chomper and Ruby embracing each other. Neither of them seemed to have taken any notice of Ducky and Petrie’s sudden arrival. They sat there and hugged, rubbing their faces and letting the tears fall.

“Chomper, … I really don’t know what to say, … b-but, … but,” stuttered Ruby.

“But what, Ruby?” asked Chomper.

Suddenly, the Fast Runner pulled Chomper’s face closer and quite literally planted a huge kiss right on his mouth. The Sharptooth’s eyes went wide in great surprise. He tried to gasp, but he couldn’t. Ruby closed her eyes and began to kiss him a little more passionately. The Sharptooth just couldn’t react at all. This felt so sudden, and he didn’t know what to make of it.

Littlefoot, Ducky and Petrie all gasped and froze with wide eyes and their mouths wide open. Grandpa Longneck looked quite as startled as the children, but even he couldn’t make a sound. Could this be happening? Ruby kissing Chomper? Could she have suddenly developed new feelings for him for his bravery or from how much she deeply cared for him? No one knew what to make of this sudden development brewing right before their eyes. This was just unimaginable to think that another forbidden relationship could be blossoming.

Soon, Ruby broke off and smiled at Chomper with caring eyes. The Sharptooth started breathing heavily from shock. He was completely taken aback by the sudden kiss. He couldn’t believe she had just done something he thought she would never do.

“Ruby, … w-why did you do that?” panted Chomper.

“Because, … I … I love you,” whispered Ruby.

Chomper froze. His eyes were wide. His broken jaw was wide open. His best friend, his dearest friend, his protector, his caretaker, his big sister-figure … had fallen in love with him?

“Love you, I do,” said Ruby, “I care so much about you, … and I can’t imagine living without you. You’ve been just like a little brother to me, and only recently I’ve begun to think of you as, … well, … I don’t know how to put it, … but I love you, Chomper. I really love you with my heart. With all my heart, I love you, Chomper.”

Chomper’s mouth quivered as he listened to those words. The other kids present just stood silent and didn’t dare interrupt the touchy moment.

Eventually, the Sharptooth gathered the courage to speak.

“I … don’t know what to say, Ruby,” he sniffled, “I knew you cared very much about me, … but I didn’t think you’d actually fall in love with me. This is such a surprise. If you really care so much about me that you actually have the heart to love me, … then, … oh, Ruby! I love you, too!”

Before the Fast Runner could reply, the Sharptooth abruptly planted a kiss on her cheek with his banged-up mouth, and he soon broke off and gave her a toothy smile that could have looked a lot better if it weren’t for his mouth injuries.

“Oh, Chomper,” chuckled Ruby, “I think you should rest for now.”

“But, Ruby?” whined Chomper.

“No buts, my silly one,” said Ruby, crossing her arms sternly, “You are going to rest, and I’ll be right here to watch you the whole time. I promise.”

That was all Chomper needed to hear, and he slowly rested his head against a pile of sticks while Ruby covered most of his broken body with a large tree star. The Sharptooth yawned and closed his eyes, and only then did the Fast Runner look and notice three more dinosaurs in their presence.

“Oh, … hello, my friends. My friends, hello,” she whispered so as not to wake her dear friend up.

“Me … no believe … what me … see,” murmured Petrie.

Ruby gulped as she came to realize that her friends had watched the whole thing. She knew she was making a potentially fatal mistake confessing her love to the Sharptooth she cared so much about, but on the other side, she knew these friends could definitely keep it a secret. The last thing she wanted was for her and Chomper to suddenly face the same punishment that Ducky and Petrie were set to face soon.

“I’m sorry, … but … I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t keep it in anymore,” she said as she gazed back at Chomper, “The truth is … I’ve had feelings for him for a while, … but I wasn’t brave enough to say it.”

“Well, you may have finally gathered the courage to confess, but you must be careful, Ruby,” informed Grandpa Longneck, “We already have two children in big trouble for the same reason. The last thing we need is for it to start spreading around the place and encourage other children to do the same thing. I don’t know what everyone would make of that.”

“I know,” sniffled Ruby, sinking her heart, “But I really love him.”

“And we’re happy you do, but it’ll be hard to keep track of two forbidden relationships with Mr. Threehorn already worked up over one of them,” said Grandpa Longneck.

“Oh, please no remind Petrie!” whimpered Petrie, and Ducky promptly hugged him to provide comfort.

“I don’t get it,” said Littlefoot, “Why are these relationships suddenly spreading and no one is telling me about them?”

“That’s difficult to explain, Littlefoot,” his grandfather replied, “Now then, you three should come with me and have a drink from the river. Chomper is well tended.”

“What about Ruby?” asked Ducky.

“I’m going to stay with Chomper,” the Fast Runner answered, “You three go on ahead. I’ll find some crawlers when Grandpa Longneck comes back.”

“Well, okay,” replied an unsettled Petrie.

“Come along now, children,” Grandpa Longneck instructed as he led Littlefoot, Ducky and Petrie away. Ruby watched them leave until they were out of her sight, and she promptly returned to Chomper’s side and sat next to him. She passionately rubbed him with her hands to make sure he knew she was right beside him. The Sharptooth seemed to smile a little as if he could sense his presence, and she smiled back and kissed his cheek like a mother would kiss her precious child.

Grandpa Longneck led the three kids down the river and back into the open neighborhood where Ducky and Petrie’s families resided. For the little Swimmer and Flyer, it still didn’t feel like home to them with the valley turning against them for their love for each other. They felt as if they were going to be living in dread for quite a while. Now that the meeting had been cancelled until further notice, they didn’t know how long they’d have to live knowing that banishment was still inevitable.

Petrie still couldn’t help but blame himself for everything that had happened: the Sailbacks threatening the valley, Chomper nearly bleeding to death, the valley dinosaurs, adults and possibly children, fearing for their lives, and having to endure humiliation because of his own actions leading to that dreadful meeting being delayed. In the back of his mind, he still believed everything was his fault. He was still considering running away, but the only thing that held him back was not wanting to leave his family or Ducky behind. He knew the next few days would be dreadful, but he had to be there for those who still cared for him until he and his loved one would inevitably get thrown into the Mysterious Beyond for all of eternity.

Ducky occasionally looked up at Petrie flying slowly above her and noticed the sad, guilty look on his face. She could tell he felt guilty for Chomper’s near-death experience and the threat that was posing to the entire valley. No matter how many times she tried to assure him, he still blamed himself for everything. She was determined to make sure Petrie would not live with this guilt for the rest of his life.

Once the group arrived at Ducky’s nest, the Swimmer was immediately tackled by Spike. The Spiketail began nuzzling his foster sister with moans of dread. Their friends knew he was dreading the day when her and Petrie’s exile would surely come. He knew it was coming, but he didn’t want to lose the one and only dinosaur who understood him so well.

“Get off, Spike!” panted Ducky, “You are squeezing me! You are, you are!”

“Spike?” called Mama Swimmer, “Let her up.”

Spike reluctantly backed away from Ducky and allowed her to get back up. Petrie landed beside her and hugged her tightly, wanting warmth and comfort from his Sweet Swimmer. Ducky obliged and squeezed her Funny Flyer tightly to ensure he was very warm and comfortable.

“It is okay, Petrie,” she whispered to him, “I will never leave your side, my Funny Flyer. We will hold on and go through this together, you and me. We will, we will. I will make sure you are safe, and if we do get banished-ed, I will make sure you always have someone to hug with. Yes, yes, yes.”

“Thank you, Ducky,” sniffled Petrie, “Me never leave your side, either.”

“I love you.”

“Me love you, too.”

Mama Swimmer sat down next to them and got a closer look.

Their faces were drenched from a previous stream of tears. Their eyes were bright red, and their cheeks were soaked.
“Aw, there, there, you two,” Mama Swimmer spoke kindly as she lifted the two loving kids onto her lap for a hug, “We will not let Mr. Threehorn banish you from this beloved valley. This is your home, children, and it always will be.”

“What if Mr. Threehorn still does banish us?” said Ducky, brushing a single tear away.

“Then I think Ms. Flyer and I will go with you so that you two aren’t left alone without mothers to be there for you,” said Mama Swimmer with a soft smile.

“But what about Spike, or Daddy, or my brothers and sisters, and Petrie’s brothers and sisters?” gasped Ducky.

“We would never leave any child or parent behind, Ducky. Family is most important to us, and you are too precious for me to let go,” explained Mama Swimmer, “You will never stop belonging to me, Ducky, no matter what happens today or tomorrow, and as long as Petrie is by your side, you will always have someone to be with. We will never let you two be left alone for the rest of your lives.”

Ducky and Petrie managed faint grins after hearing that. To them, there was the slightest bit of comfort that could come if they were banished, but they still wanted to stay in the valley and have a happy home.

“Would you two like a drink?” offered Grandpa Longneck as he lowered his head to take a drink, “You look like you could sure use some water.”

“Okay, Grandpa Longneck,” the two lovers spoke together, and Mama Swimmer let them back down on the grass and allowed them to walk over to the riverbank.

The two sat down and dipped their feet in to allow the chilly sensations to soothe and calm them, and they lowered their heads and began sipping with their mouths while holding hands. They didn’t feel much better, but a drink of water helped them refresh some of their thoughts. The water felt pleasant, but it did little to soothe their heads.

Soon, they brought their heads back up and looked at each other with distraught faces. Each knew the other’s pain, and they both knew they would stick together until the whole matter was over, for the good or the bad.

“Are you feeling okay now, Petrie?” asked Ducky, wrapping an arm around his boyfriend’s back.

“Me no know,” sighed Petrie sadly as he stared down at their reflections in the river.

“I feel just as bad as you do, but we will hold on together until the end,” assured Ducky, and she planted a delicate kiss on Petrie’s cheek.

The kiss brought a very faint smile to his beak. Even in the darkest of times, her warm presence always seemed to make the moment just a little happier, especially when she began kissing him so passionately.

“We will be okay, Petrie,” whispered Ducky, pulling Petrie onto her lap and hugging him tightly like a little brother, “We will always hold on together. Yes, yes, yes.”

Petrie quivered and smiled a little, and a single tear escaped his eye. Ducky’s choice of words seemed to bring some much-wanted sense of happiness at a time when there seemed to be no happiness anywhere.

“Me feel so happy to be with you,” said Petrie, “Me wish you hug me forever.”

“Me, too, Petrie. Me, too,” replied Ducky, rubbing her cheek against his and kissing him whilst she hugged him tightly around the chest with one hand and used her other hand to play with his toes a little. Petrie chuckled for the first time in what seemed like a long time. Ducky really knew how to put such a cute smile on the Flyer’s face, and she was proud of herself for it.

“I love you, Petrie. Yep, yep, yep,” smiled Ducky.

“Me love you, too, Ducky. Yep, yep, yep,” replied Petrie in between tiny giggles as the Swimmer kept tickling his feet softly.

Grandpa Longneck chuckled at the couple. He was astounded that they were able to find a way to share their love and have a smile during such a dark and dreadful time.

“Well, well, well, look what we have here,” came another sudden voice.

Petrie’s face immediately flushed. He knew that unwelcome voice just about anywhere …

The two lovers gazed towards the other side of the river, and there was Petrie’s family. Mama Flyer stood next to her four other children, all of whom had their eyes locked on the loving couple. Petrie flushed in humiliation as he realized that Donnie was the one whom had spoken.

“If it isn’t the lovey-doveys of the Great Valley,” teased the older sister, Donnie laughing alongside her, “Just the perfect thing to drive them away from us forever!”

“Shut up, Donnie!” yelled Petrie as Ducky held him in her lap and tried to keep him calm.

“That’s enough teasing your brother, children!” scolded Mama Flyer, “Let’s start drinking from the river, and after that you’re going right back home! No arguments!”

“Oh, really!? And watch those two go at it like lovebirds!?” retorted Donnie, “I can’t even look at them with their disgusting kissy-mouths!”

Before Petrie could fire back from across the river, Ducky suddenly placed him back on his feet and walked her way across, clenching her fists as if she was getting ready to punch one of those unkind Flyers.

“Ducky? What are you doing?” gasped Grandpa Longneck.

“Ducky! Don’t!” her mother called in shock.

Ducky ignored everyone’s calls and eyed the Flyers with rage in her eyes. She was tired of often listening to them berate their little brother, the one she loved. She didn’t care what anyone else would do, but she was determined that they would not pick on her Funny Flyer anymore …

“Be quiet! All of you!” she hissed.

“Oh, look who’s talking now! Is Petrie too much of a scaredy-egg to speak for himself or does his lovey-dovey trying to protect him like some little nest-wetting crybaby!?” Donnie and his sister laughed.

“SHUT UP!” screamed Ducky so loudly that the Flyers all jumped and fell on their backs. Pearlwing looked absolutely frightened, but Donnie didn’t seem fazed in the slightest by the Swimmer’s fury, “I will not let you keep picking on Petrie! He is your brother, and you do not even treat him like one! No, no, no! He is a lot smarter-er and braver-er than you say he is, and you still have no heart for him! Why do you not care about someone who is family to you!? Huh, huh!? You do not seem like family to him at all! No, no, no!”

Petrie was stunned by this. He couldn’t believe his girlfriend was actually standing up to those heartless siblings whom had tormented him all his life. He was amazed she had the guts to actually try to put them in her place as if something had suddenly snapped in her. Littlefoot, Grandpa Longneck and the others were all equally stunned into silence.

“Yes, Petrie may still wet the nest sometimes, but that is because we have experienced-ed such scary things in real life! You would have no idea how it feels until you actually see it for yourself!” continued Ducky, “Petrie loves me because I care for him, and I love Petrie because he cares for me! Families and friends stick together, and you should be doing that, too!”

“Yeah!” shouted one of her sisters standing beside Petrie, “You should make him more welcome at home!”

“Yes, we know Ducky and Petrie are in love, but we welcomed it, and you should, too!” said a brother, “Why don’t you!?”

“You are no family to Petrie, and as long as I am around, I will not let you anywhere near him again until you finally decide to treat him like a brother!” finished Ducky.

“B-but, … I … I care,” Pearlwing suddenly murmured.

“Shut up, girl!” hissed Donnie.

“Don’t tell me to shut up, Donnie! I care about Petrie, and you will not make me change my opinion again!” retorted Pearlwing.

“I will tell you what I think, and you will-“

“SILENCE!” screeched Mama Flyer, and her children were instantly jolted into silence, “No one is going to control anyone else’s opinions among my family!”

“Says who!?” shouted Donnie sarcastically.

“Donnie, back to the nest! NOW!” yelled Mama Flyer, pointing to the sky.

“But, M-mommy!?”


Shrieking with fear, Donnie took flight and flew away as fast as his wings as he could.

“I knew he was always the worst,” hissed an unimpressed Mama Flyer, and she shifted her attention back to her other children, “Now, Pearlwing, is it true that you truly care about your brother’s situation?”

“I … I do,” said Pearlwing nervously, “I just, … I always cared for Petrie just a little, … but Donnie wouldn’t let me say anything.”

“Well, I’m happy that at least one of my children care,” sighed Mama Flyer, “And what about you two?”

The two other Flyers simply stayed silent, and their mother couldn’t decide if she should take that as a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’.

“Petrie?” said Pearlwing.

“What?” replied Petrie in a lazy voice as Ducky came back to his side and began to cuddle him again.

“I just wanted to say that … I … I’m sorry,” said Pearlwing nervously.

“Really?” snorted Petrie.

“I really am!” begged Pearlwing, “I always … sorta … liked you, … but I never had the heart to say it in front of the others.”

Petrie watched as his sister flew across the river and landed right in front of him and Ducky. He felt very tense just from the idea of any one of his siblings suddenly being nice to him. It hadn’t happened once since the Day of the Flyers, and even that was so long ago.

“I didn’t know how to feel about you and Ducky being together, but now … I’m happy, even if everyone else isn’t,” said Pearlwing, “I’m scared for you, Petrie. I don’t want you to be banished or eaten by those Sharpteeth. I really want to see you happy like you were on that Day of the Flyers. I was so happy for you that day, and I want to share some more of that with you while we’re still living together. I’m so sorry for everything I’ve done to you.”

Petrie just stared awkwardly at his sister, not believing what she had just said. For the first time for as long as he could remember, she sounded like such a sincere sister. He could never have pictured any of his siblings showing any compassion for him, but now something that could only be a sleep story was suddenly coming true, a sibling who actually cared for him. It was so surreal to him.

“Do you have the heart to accept my apology, Petrie?” asked Pearlwing with hoping, pleading eyes staring directly into her brother’s.

Petrie could finally see the truth behind those pleading eyes. He could see for the first time, sincerity in her heart that had truly changed for the better, something he thought would never come true.

Slowly, Petrie slid off Ducky’s lap and approached his sister. He then brought his hand out and allowed her to take it. As they began shaking, faint smiles formed on their beaks, the first genuine smiles he had ever shared with any of his siblings.

“Me forgive you, Pearlwing,” grinned Petrie.

Her grin turning into a happy smile, Pearlwing abruptly wrapped her wings around her brother and embraced him. Petrie was greatly shocked by this, and for a moment he didn’t do anything, but eventually he wrapped his own wings around her back.

Ducky sniffled happily as she watched the scene, but no one was happier than Mama Flyer. Watching her youngest son finally get the compassion he deserved from at least one of his siblings felt like the happiest moment in her family’s recent memory. She tearfully smiled as Petrie and Pearlwing embraced each other, the first signs of her broken family finally beginning to mend, the first stage of healing from one of the many things that had so nearly destroyed her family.

After several minutes, Petrie and Pearlwing broke off and looked at each other, just staring with nervous chuckles and smiles. The younger Flyer felt happier than he had been for a long time, his family finally beginning to mend after such devastating tragedies and many seasons of pain and suffering by the hands of those who were meant to provide him comfort during the darkest times.

Pearlwing then briefly glanced at Ducky, and the Swimmer softened and winked at her. The Flyer grinned in return and lifted herself into the air to rejoin her family on the other side of the river.

“I’m so proud of you, Pearlwing,” her mother spoke tearfully, “I’m so happy you care about your little brother and all the troubles he’s been through in recent times.”

“Thanks, Mama,” replied Pearlwing, deeply touched by her mother’s kind words.

“As a reward for making amends with Petrie, I’m going to lift your grounding,” said her mother proudly.

“Really!?” gasped Pearlwing in excitement, “Yippee!”

“You’re free to do what you’d like, but in the meantime, I’d like you to help me while your little brother is stuck in this agonizing situation.”

“I promise, Mama,” nodded Pearlwing.

“I’m greatly worried for little Petrie, and I want you to help me give him the warmth and comfort he needs until the other elders and I can mend our situation.”

“Okay, Mom,” said Pearlwing.

The other two Flyers groaned as if they were jealous of Pearlwing’s newfound freedom, but neither she or their mother paid any attention.

“I am so happy for you, Petrie,” Ducky whispered in her Funny Flyer’s ear.

“Me no think it happen if it not for you, though,” Petrie whispered in return, “Me think you teach them quite a lesson.”

“I will not let any of your brothers and sisters be mean to you as long as I am standing next to you, my Funny Flyer,” assured Ducky, “I promise. I do, I do.”

“Kids, … that was … quite amazing,” Papa Swimmer chuckled, “You really taught them a valuable lesson.”

The other young Swimmers chuckled sheepishly and jumped into the river to give Ducky and Petrie some space for them to hug and kiss. There seemed to be no point in trying to find a hiding place now that everyone knew of their secret, but they were still dreading the possibility that it would lead to their permanent exile … and possibly even permanent separation from their families.

“Would you two like to come play in the river?” offered Littlefoot.

“Me think we like to sit here and keep each other company,” answered Petrie.

“Suit yourself!” teased one of Ducky’s brothers, “You’re gonna miss quite a lot of-“

Suddenly, … they heard it …

The sound that many of them were dreading but knew was inevitable …

Grandpa Longneck immediately brought his head back up and stared off into the distance intently.

“What’s that?” asked one of the Swimmer children.

“Everyone quiet!” demanded Grandpa Longneck, and he listened again for that sound …

… that of a Swimmer’s distress call echoing from miles away.

The Longneck gasped and nearly froze in place. He quickly stepped out of the river and kept staring at the direction the sound was coming from.

“Oh, no!” he stammered.

“What is it, Grandpa!?” panted Littlefoot anxiously.

“What’s going on?” said Pearlwing.

“They’re here!”

And just like that, a battle is about to ensue; one that may determine the fate of the Great Valley and all who live there. In my opinion, I honestly thought that this story deserved a little more than just some trial that would determine Ducky and Petrie's fates, and I thought that if anything could make a Land Before Time story more fascinating, it would have to be an epic battle between Leafeaters and Sharpteeth. So, the next chapter or two will probably contain lots of action, ... and lots of bloodshed. Who will survive? Who will fall in battle?

Oh, and I probably should have mentioned this a few chapters ago, but I finally decided to give names to some of Petrie's siblings. :smile Something I should have done a long time ago. :slap I was sick of leaving them nameless like the movies always did, so I knew I'd eventually have to name them. Donnie comes primarily from the last syllable in "Pteranodon," while Pearlwing I thought was a good name for a female Flyer. :D

And to those of you on whom had constantly been demanding Chomper x Ruby or Littlefoot x Cera love, your wish is granted! Chomper and Ruby have fallen for each other in quite an odd way, so now we've got two illegal relationships in our hands! :smile Maybe it's only a matter of time before the third one blooms, but I haven't yet decided if I'm going to make that move.

I'll be back on Saturday, hopefully, with what will be the start of an all-out battle for the Great Valley, which will be a new thing for me in my fanfics. I have next to no experience writing battle or war scenes, so I'm essentially challenging myself here. Wish me luck!

Hey there! I'm also relatively new. I joined about a year ago and I'm active primarily in fanfiction, but it's nice to meet you. :)

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Fantasy to Reality

The cold night air blew gently around them. Their feet grew tired. It seemed to become a challenge just to take a single step. Their breaths became more pronounced. The stench they had been following never left their sniffers as they followed its trail all the way to a small pond. Three days of endless travelling had become a nightmare for them, but they ignored all the pain and were determined to find that little beast whom had murdered the one they had tried so hard to raise, the only child they ever had, one who never got to finish his Time of Great Growing and learn how to fend for himself and hunt on his own.

He saw nothing but rocks ahead, with very few trees and a large pond. It looked like a near-bare mountain. There was no sign of life anywhere. It seemed their journey was going to meet a sudden end with there being no choice but to turn back.

“Damnit! A dead end!” he growled to himself in frustration.

“Wait!” his mate suddenly called, “I sense … there is something just beyond that large rock over there!”

He gazed to the direction she was looking towards, and there appeared to be a large mountaintop with a gaping hole being covered by a huge rock. It seemed as though she had been able to just make out the edges of the hole, and a new scent began to hang in the air. Maybe, just maybe, this was the place to go.

“It’s blocked,” the male hissed.

“Well, let’s not just stand here like a couple of lousy sleepers!” his mate retorted, “Let’s move that damn rock out of the way and take a peek inside!”

Without another growl, the two Sailbacks approached the rock and rubbed their jaws against it to feel how heavy it would be. Simply pressing their mouths against it hard enough confirmed to them that this would not be an option. The rock didn’t even budge an inch.

“We’re going to have to kick it out of the way,” the female groaned, shaking her head, “My feet are in no state to do that right now, though.”

“Then, get out of the damn way and allow me to do it!” her mate fired back.

The female glared at her mate and slowly stepped aside. She was beginning to grow tired of his unusually cold temper over the last few days, even if she had been showing quite some coldness herself. It was obvious that the untimely death of their only son had been driving them into a state of mental decline as long as they continued to search for the one who murdered him. It could just be a matter of days before they slipped into insanity with the knowledge that their small family had been ripped apart by some stupid child.

“Stand back!” the male called, and he lifted his right foot and charged it towards the boulder …


Chomper and Ruby woke up with a startle. They gasped and sat up, looking around frantically for what could have caused that noise. Tiny pieces of rock rained from the ceiling of the cave.

“What was that!?” panted Chomper.

“I … I don’t know,” replied Ruby, and the two held each other closely as the Sharptooth gulped with absolute fear.

“I just hope it’s not-“


“AAH!” they screamed as the noise came again, and more small rocks landed next to them.

“Maybe it’s Mr. Threehorn going on a rampage,” assumed Chomper.

“Or maybe it’s an Earth Shake. An Earth Shake it might be,” said Ruby.

“That couldn’t be an Earth Shake,” replied Chomper, “Earth Shakes don’t happen twice that fast!”


The two jumped in fright. Chomper held onto Ruby tightly for the faintest bits of comfort. This moment felt so frightening he thought he wouldn’t live the next few moments.



The cave suddenly shook violently, and the ceiling partially collapsed on top of them.

They knew where the sound had come from, and they knew that a crash like that could only mean one possibility …

“Oh, no!” gasped Chomper, “A Sharptooth!”

“Calm down!” said Ruby, “We don’t want to get its atten-“


The kids covered their ears and shut their eyes. They waited until the echoes subsided before opening their ears and eyes again, and they began looking for a place to hide.

Suddenly, loud footsteps began to shake the caverns. A stone tooth broke off the ceiling and crashed to the ground next to them, smashing to pieces on impact. Now, it was obvious that a Sharptooth had indeed managed to penetrate the caverns. They would not be safe in here anymore. They had to find someplace to hide and fast.

“We better hide,” whispered Chomper, but when he waited for a response, Ruby was staring off into space with a look of pure horror. The Sharptooth looked back and came face-to-face with a horrifying nightmare …

Two adult Sailback Sharpteeth were suddenly standing right in front of them, hissing fiercely. Their teeth were shaking with terror. Their growls shook the cave only a little, but enough to almost knock the two kids off their feet.

Chomper and Ruby stood completely still, not daring to move. They could only look at those Sailbacks’ terrorizing jaws and angry eyes. They took deep breaths to stay as calm as they could.

Slowly, Chomper stepped in front of Ruby and shielded her with her tiny arms. This was enough to earn a hissing growl from one of the Sailbacks, which he quickly registered as, “Step aside, you little runt!”

Panting a little, Chomper drew in a deep breath and replied, “No! I won’t let you touch her!”

“Ch-Chomper, what are you doing?” whispered Ruby, but the young Sharptooth shushed him with a hiss and fixed his eyes on the intruders.

“Pah! Idiot boy! We’re not here to eat that little pink friend of yours!” the female Sailback roared at him.

“Then, get lost!” growled Chomper, “You don’t belong here!”

“We would if you were smart enough to help us with one little thing,” replied the male Sailback.

“What do you want!?” yelled Chomper.

“If you’re willing enough to understand our situation, then I’m sure you’d be willing to help us,” growled the female Sailback.

“Our son was murdered in cold blood,” the male began, “We sent him out to go for a hunt, and he wandered off to Black Rock. We waited all evening, but he never returned, and we had to go out and find him. We went to Black Rock and bashed our way in, but only to find our son impaled with stone teeth!”

Chomper winced at the gruesome description. He so nearly retched, but he managed to hold it in.

“Then, we picked up the scent of a Flyer, but it wasn’t just any Flyer. It was a child!” screamed the male.

“Some heartless child Flyer lured our only child into a death trap!” the female continued, “I don’t care if that Flyer was trying to escape, but he killed our son! He destroyed our family, and we are not resting until our only son is avenged! We’ve spent three days tracking our scent all the way here, and now that I think about it, would you happen to know any little, beastly Flyers around here!?”

Chomper let out a gasp of horror, not from the description of these Sailbacks’ situation, but of the possibility that the Flyer they had described just might have been one he knew.

He remembered watching Petrie being blown to Black Rock by those terrible wind gusts, and once he heard ‘three days’ and realized it had been three days since the windy incident, … he suddenly realized …

“NO!” he gasped in shock.

“What is it?” whispered Ruby.

“Ruby, … g-go … into the valley … and … warn the grownups,” panted Chomper.

“Chomper, what’s wrong?” asked a clueless Ruby.

Before he could answer her, the Sailbacks growled at them, obviously demanding an answer to that question.

“One moment!” he roared back, trying to act impatient, but the Sailbacks seemed to be unfazed by his acting.

“You’re hiding something from us, aren’t you!?” roared the female.

Wasting no time, Chomper turned to Ruby and held her by the shoulders. The Fast Runner was surprised by this gesture, but what came next nearly stopped her heart …

“It’s Petrie! They’re after Petrie!”

Ruby was frozen in place. A huge gasp escaped her mouth. She hyperventilated as this new knowledge of the imminent danger they were in shocked her so much she nearly fainted on the spot.

“You clearly know who this Flyer is, don’t you!?” growled the male Sailback, “Tell us now, or I’ll eat you in one bite!”

Chomper suddenly pushed Ruby away towards the cave that would lead her into the valley.

“Go! Now!” yelled Chomper, “Warn the valley!”

“No! I won’t leave you here to deal with those Sharpteeth alone!” argued Ruby.

“GO!” Chomper screamed on top of his lungs, “I’ll stall them for time! Just do as I say! NOW!”

Unwilling to let her dear friend get killed by these Sailbacks but seeing how he was unwilling to let her stay, Ruby regretfully turned her back on the Sharpteeth and ran as fast as she could down the cave and into the valley. She knew Chomper was putting himself in grave danger by doing this, but if he was willing to protect his friends and their home, even going as far as risking his own life, then she would have to honor his will to protect them and ensure their friends and their families would be safe from those hideous monsters. He may have been her responsibility, but all their friends were in danger, and they had to protect those who cared for them.

The Fast Runner panted as she ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She ran all the way across the valley with only one nest in mind. She knew just who to speak to in such a crisis like this …

“It’s just not fair!”

Grandpa and Grandma Longneck sighed sadly as their grandson pouted over their new situation. After he had heard the news of Ducky and Petrie’s secret being exposed, he hadn’t stopped pouting over the possibility of losing his friends and not being able to do anything to change their situation.

“Littlefoot, we feel just as upset as you do,” his grandfather sympathized, “We’re doing everything in our power to make sure your friends can still have a home here.”

“But what if nothing works!?” lamented Littlefoot, “Ducky and Petrie don’t deserve this!”

“We know they don’t, dear,” said his grandmother, “Mr. Threehorn just doesn’t understand.”

“He doesn’t understand anything!” yelled Littlefoot, “He cares about no one but himself!”

“Now, now, Littlefoot! Don’t criticize him just because of one misunderstanding,” warned Grandpa Longneck.

“I don’t care!” Littlefoot shot back, “He doesn’t deserve the respect he demands! If he’s going to just spread his ways around the valley and turn this into a living night terror, then I don’t have anything nice to say to him!”

“We understand, but don’t mention anything about that while in his presence. We have an important meeting tomorrow, and the last thing we need is for you or your friends to disrespect Mr. Threehorn during the meeting. It may hinder our chances of keeping Ducky and Petrie in the valley,” explained Grandpa Longneck.

Littlefoot pouted and lied on the ground, having run out of arguments. He just couldn’t believe how his life seemed to be turning upside down with two of his friends in mortal danger. Sure, Ducky and Petrie may have loved each other, but they cared about their friends, and Littlefoot cared about them. Without them, they could never have survived their adventures, and they would definitely never have reached the valley if it weren’t for their bravery. They just didn’t deserve to have everything taken away from them just because they had affection towards each other. He began flashing back to all the times he saw Mr. Threehorn as the absolutely rotten dinosaur he had been for the longest time before Tria came into his life. He remembered all the times he tried to keep the group separated just because they weren’t Threehorns, but it was the one and only thing Cera never agreed with her father about, and this had caused him to change his views on her friends. Now, however, Littlefoot felt as though the Threehorn may have been showing signs of reverting to his old ways of slandering every dinosaur in the world who wasn’t a Threehorn, and for this to concern his group of special friends felt so unfair. Why did Threehorns have to be so controlling over others? What drove them into being the selfish brats Littlefoot viewed them as? Why did it almost always have to revolve around them when it involved even the slightest slipup?


The little Longneck let out a small gasp as his grandfather’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

“Littlefoot? I think you should try to get some sleep,” his grandfather advised, “Try not to worry about tomorrow. Grandma and I will take care of everything.”

“I hope so,” sighed Littlefoot, and he yawned and slowly closed his eyes.

“Have a good-“


Littlefoot shot up and opened his eyes with a frantic breath.

“Who was that!?” he panted.

“I don’t know,” his grandfather, as his mate looked toward the forest.

“Look. Ruby’s coming,” she said, “What’s she worried about?”

“I guess we’re about to find out,” replied Grandpa Longneck.

Littlefoot watched dumbfoundedly as the pink Fast Runner sprinted her way toward them, breathing so quickly she almost couldn’t stay upright. She stopped right in front of them and panted heavily as if she was running from a Sharptooth.

“Ruby? What’s the matter? You look like you’ve been running from a Sharptooth,” said Grandpa Longneck.

“I was!” panted Ruby.

The Longnecks gasped loudly at those words. A Sharptooth? A Sharptooth in the valley? It just couldn’t be possible. The valley was very-well protected. There was no way a Sharptooth could possibly have broken its way in.

“What happened!?” gasped Littlefoot.

“There were two Sharpteeth in the Secret Caverns and they tried to kill us! The caverns had two Sharpteeth intruders!”

Ruby was speaking so fast that the Longnecks could not understand most of what she was trying to say. She was panting so heavily she was on the verge of passing out.

“Slow down, Ruby!” said Grandma Longneck gently, “Slow down, please! Just take a deep breath, slow down, and tell us exactly what you saw.”

The Fast Runner took heavy breaths as instructed. It did little to calm her down, but she began to speak in a slower manner so that the Longnecks could understand her.

“Two Sailback Sharpteeth … broke into the Secret Caverns while Chomper and I were asleep,” she panted.

“Where are they now?” asked Grandpa Longneck urgently.

“They’re probably still there. Chomper stalled them so that I could come here to warn you, even though I told him not to,” sniffled Ruby as she thought about the danger her Sharptooth may still be in, “I don’t understand Sharptooth, but Chomper told me he thinks they’re after Petrie!”

“What!?” gasped Littlefoot, “What could Petrie have possibly done to anger those Sharpteeth!?”

“I do not recall the last time I heard about any Sharptooth having a personal vendetta against any leafeater,” said a baffled Grandma Longneck.

“I swear! It’s true!” panted Ruby pleadingly, falling to her knees, “We must warn the others! We might all be in danger! Danger we might be in! Please! We must warn everybody!”

“Settle down, Ruby!” said Grandpa Longneck, “We’ll warn the other elders at once! Meanwhile, you go back and make sure Chomper is okay. I hope they haven’t already penetrated their way into the valley itself.”

“Okay,” gulped Ruby.

“Littlefoot, stay close to us,” instructed Grandma Longneck, “We can’t leave you at risk at a time like this.”

“B-but,” said a dumbfounded Littlefoot, but before he could counter …

“No buts,” his grandfather said firmly, “We’re not letting you out of our sight until the danger is gone.”

Seeing how pointless it was to argue any further, Littlefoot stayed silent and followed his grandparents, while Ruby got back up and ran back the way she came from.

“Tell us where you’re hiding him!”

“NO! I’ll never tell you anything!”

The demands kept falling on top of him like boulders, but Chomper refused each one with a brave counteract. The Sailbacks only became more frustrated and aggressive, and occasionally slammed him with their tails. He was battered, bloody and bruised, but he got back up, ignoring the pain from the torture of this interrogation.

“Where is that Flyer!?” roared the female Sailback.

“You’ll never get any information from me!” retorted Chomper.

This earned him another whap from the female’s tail, sending him crashing into another wall. He landed on the ground hard, and he felt his jaw slam against the rocky surface.

“OW!” he wailed as he got back up.

“How could a Sharptooth like yourself have any sympathy for someone who killed one of our own kind!?” hissed the male.

Chomper glared at the two Sailbacks and gritted his slightly bent jaws. He was determined to show these beasts just how he felt being the way he was.

“Because the dinosaurs of this valley care about me!” he snarled, “I don’t care what others think! This is my home now! These are my friends and my people, and I will fight for them! I don’t care how young I am! I don’t care how small I am! I will not let you harm my friends!”

The Sailbacks simply snickered at his seemingly pointless speech, thinking absolutely nothing of it. There was no way some runt as little as him could stand any chance of fighting. In their eyes, he was just a wimpy, disgraceful baby of a Sharptooth.

“Fine. I suppose that if you are worthless for a Sharptooth, then there’s no point in keeping you alive,” hissed the female.

“Just try me!” Chomper dared them, and he turned and ran as quickly as he could … in a direction that led them away from the valley. Just as he had hoped, they pursued him, obviously still wanting information and having no idea where each cavern led to. He knew this place like the back of his hand, so he knew this would do great affect at stalling them for time for help to arrive. He only hoped it would come soon …

“Pah! What nonsense!”

Topps’ rambling words echoed throughout the small area the elders had met. The others present had been afraid he would not come to believe such a thing would be possible at a time when another troubling issue was already at hand.

“Mr. Threehorn, if what Chomper and Ruby’s claim is true, then you must realize that we may all be in danger!” said Grandpa Longneck sternly.

“Oh, please! The way I see it, it’s all just a rouse to stop us from getting that heinous Swimmer and Flyer out of his valley!” retorted Topps.

“SHUT UP!” Mama Swimmer screamed on top of her lungs in rage, “Enough talk about my daughter while we have a very serious problem in our hands!”

Littlefoot cringed and hid behind his grandmother’s foot. He couldn’t bear to watch Mama Swimmer’s terrifying rage.

“Tell us what all this is about,” her mate spoke up as he tried to calm her down.

“Well, it goes like this,” Grandpa Longneck began, “Ruby came out to warn us that two Sailbacks had crashed their way into the Secret Caverns while she and Chomper were asleep. From the information he gave her while he tried to stall them, these two are not hungry for food. Rather, this appears to be a more … personal matter.”

“Since when have we done anything to those Sharpteeth?” countered Tria, “I have no memory of encountering Sailbacks, and particularly not whoever’s out there, trying to break in.”

None of them noticed Mama Flyer letting out a huge gulp of fear. As she listened in to the conversation, she began to dread … that very disturbing possibility …

“We’re getting to that, Tria,” Grandma Longneck spoke up.

“So, … we asked Ruby just why these Sharpteeth are trying to break in,” said Grandpa Longneck, and he let out a sigh of dread. This was something he did not wish to share, especially with a certain cerulean blue Flyer in their presence, “We asked her everything Chomper had told her, … and he believes … this may have something to do with one of our own children.”

Nobody could utter a response. This was just … impossible. Those kids may have been on many adventures before, but never had any of them resulted in something like this.

“In that case, we’ll have to take precautions and keep a close eye on all our children,” suggested Papa Swimmer.

“Right,” agreed Grandpa Longneck, “Mr. Threehorn, you and I will round up the strongest dinosaurs in the valley and go fend off the Sharpteeth. The rest of you will go back to your homes and protect your children.”

He brought his head down to his grandson.

“Littlefoot, you and your grandma should go back home,” he advised him.

“But, … what about you?” asked Littlefoot nervously.

“Don’t worry about me, little one,” his grandfather assured him, “I’ll be just fine. Head on home now. Go on.”

He gently pushed his grandson towards his grandmother and gestured them to leave. Grandma Longneck promptly lifted her grandson by the tail using his mouth and placed him on her back before leaving. The little Longneck stared worryingly at his grandfather until they were out of their sight.

“I suppose it was only right of me to send him off. I didn’t think he should hear this next part,” Grandpa Longneck told the others.

“What next part?” huffed Topps, but before anyone could reply, they all noticed Mama Flyer panting heavily and clutching her chest as if she was about to have a heart attack.

“Ms. Flyer? Are you alright?” asked Tria.

“This can’t be true!” the Flyer suddenly gasped.

“What can’t be true?” asked Papa Swimmer.

“The last few nights, … Petrie has been having these terrible night terrors, … and in each one, he sees these two Sailback Sharpteeth chasing him and telling him they would come after him because they say he killed their son,” explained Mama Flyer, “I … I think, … NO! It can’t be!”

Most present were baffled by this sudden development, particularly Tria.

“How could Petrie have killed a Sailback? He’s just a little kid,” she asked.

“Well, I think Mrs. Swimmer may remember this, but it was windy just the other day,” replied Mama Flyer.

“I remember,” nodded Mama Swimmer.

“What happened on that day, Ms. Flyer?” asked Grandpa Longneck curiously.

“Petrie was blown off to Black Rock again, and I went out to rescue him. We ended up falling in, and on our way out, we encountered an adolescent Sailback. We had both been hurt once we landed in the cave, and I couldn’t fight him, so Petrie thought he’d, for once, be the brave one and lured the Sharptooth into a trap that killed it. We eventually made our escape, but ever since, he’s been having night terrors about that Sailback’s parents hunting him. Oh, Bright Circle! If I had only listened to him when he told me he thought it would all come true like it was foretelling his future! Oh, please no! NO! NO! NAAOO! NOT MY SON! NOT MY LITTLE BABY! OH, PLEASE! NO!”

With those last few words, Mama Flyer fell to her knees, weeping as the worry for her precious son consumed her. Inside, she had been worried that it was a possibility, but now she knew she was wrong reassuring Petrie it would not be. He had been right all along. The night terrors were, indeed, a foretelling of his own possible fate. Her “little baby” was in grave danger just for saving her from that ferocious Sharptooth. Poor Petrie had unknowingly marked himself for death, and now that dreadful day was coming. She just couldn’t let these Sailbacks take her sweet, cute son away from her. This just couldn’t be real.

“So, you mean to tell me that this whole matter is Petrie’s fault!?” yelled Topps quite suddenly, “Well, I never! That hideous beak brain! I should never have agreed to hold that meeting! I should have thrown him and Ducky out right then and there! I shouldn’t have fallen for your trap, Longneck! This is downright outrageous! I don’t care what any of you think, but when those Sharpteeth are dealt with, Ducky and Petrie are out of here! No arguments!”

Not even a second after he said that, Mama Flyer suddenly charged at him and struck his face with her beak with a painful blow, screeching in rage.

“OOWW!” he roared in pain.

“Shut up! SHUT UP, YOU IGNORANT BEAST!” Mama Flyer screamed in rage, “Don’t you dare put the blame on my son for all this! I’ve had it with you having nothing nice to say about our children except your own! I don’t care if my son and Ducky are in love with each other! I don’t care about your disgusting views on all dinosaurs but your own kind! It was one thing of you to criticize him just because of something my brother did, but this crosses the line! If you have nothing nice to say about my little baby, so be it, but I will not keep listening to your criticism of my little Petrie! So, I’ll make this short! If you have nothing nice to say about Petrie, then DON’T SAY ANYTHING! JUST SHUT YOUR FILTHY MOUTH AND LEAVE MY SON ALONE!”

“Ms. Flyer!” the Swimmers yelled, and they pulled her back. She tried to resist and charge at Topps again, but their grip was firm, and she eventually gave in and refused to look at him any longer.

Topps panted a little from the shock he had received from the Flyer’s outburst. He glanced over at Tria, and she simply glared at him. Her heart was obviously not in the same place as his. He could guess that in her mind, Petrie was just a kid who didn’t deserve all this pain and blame for what he had inadvertently caused. There was no need to blame anyone. The only real concern at that moment was the fact that the valley was in danger, and they had to fend off those Sharpteeth and protect all who lived here.

“Ms. Flyer, … are you alright now?” asked Grandpa Longneck cautiously.

Mama Flyer’s response was shooting one last hateful glare at Topps before she lifted herself off the ground and flew away.

“I don’t even need to guess where she’s going,” sighed Papa Swimmer.

“Okay, everyone! We don’t have time to babble any longer! Mr. Threehorn, with me at once, and perhaps reconsider your words when it comes to criticizing our children!” Grandpa Longneck scolded Topps.

The Threehorn didn’t answer, and he silently followed the Longneck while Tria and the Swimmers returned to their homes.

Chomper ran through the caverns, panting and sweating as he went. He made sure to keep away from the caves that led to the valley, but he was beginning to tire out. To make matters worse, he was bleeding in several places, and this left a blood trail that the Sailbacks could easily follow. The only good thing about that was that they’d only be able to smell that instead of Petrie’s scent which he knew they had followed all this way.

“Where’s Ruby!?” he panted to himself, “Where’s anybody!?”

He narrowly avoided another bite from one of the Sailbacks still right on his tail, and he nearly fell over but managed to regain his footing quickly and kept running.

This was all becoming torture for the little Sharptooth. He wouldn’t be able to keep this up much longer. He had to stop or hope help would arrive now, or he’d be doomed. He would only be able to last a few more minutes before either profuse bleeding, loss of energy, or a fatal bite would end his short life.

“Please!” he gasped, “Somebody! Help me!”

Suddenly, he tripped on a loose rock on the ground and fell on his chest. His jaw scrapped against the cave floor as he came to a stop. He closed his eyes and heard the Sailbacks’ rumbling footprints approaching from behind fast. He knew it was all over. He would be a dead Sharptooth in seconds. He didn’t dare open his eyes as he prepared for the end. He let out one final scream of hopeless despair as he felt the Sailbacks’ breath blowing around him.

Their mouths came down for that one fatal bite …



Chomper opened his eyes. He looked back, … but the Sailbacks were suddenly gone. He glanced up and saw a sight that brought such relief …

Grandpa Longneck, Topps, and several other Threehorns and Clubtails were standing directly above him.

“Oh, thank goodness!” he breathed just as he felt someone grab him, and he noticed it was Ruby.

“Quick! Over here!” she shouted as she pulled him underneath the Clubtails and hid him behind a rock beside what had just turned into a battlefield, “Oh, my! You’re bleeding!”

“Th-thanks, Ruby,” panted Chomper wearily, and he turned to watch as the Sailbacks got back up and were met face-to-face with several strong opponents. Their chances against a Longneck, four Threehorns and three Clubtails were obviously very small, even if they fought to the best of their abilities.

“Back off, you bloody cowards!” hissed Topps.

The Sailbacks simply growled and hissed at them, and Chomper wearily got himself back up and stood on the sideline. Blood continued to spill from his wounds and gruesomely soak the ground beneath him, but he stood his ground and clenched his fists as if he was still willing to fight despite his condition. The Sailbacks turned to him and growled, “Translate for us! You’ve been taught that stupid leafeater talk, I presume!?”

Chomper simply glared at the menaces and roared back, “What do you care!? No proposition is going to get you anywhere! Leave my friends alone!”

“Pah! Fine! Consider yourself lucky, you, worthless piece of dung! You may have outdone us tonight, … but we’ll be back when the Bright Circle rises again!”

“We’ll have … allies … just to make sure you’re a little preoccupied, too!” added her mate.

“What did they say?” asked Grandpa Longneck.

Chomper promptly explained everything the Sailbacks had just told him, and in turn, the leafeaters all glared at the Sailbacks and proceeded to advance on them.

“Leave … now!” demanded Grandpa Longneck.

“Whatever he said, I certainly wouldn’t care!” bluffed the male Sailback.

“He said, … LEAVE … NOW!” screamed Chomper.

Seeing the glares on his face, and the glares on everyone else present, the Sailbacks snorted, turned their backs and walked away. They hissed at each other in defeat, but Chomper watched with worry as they left. He was sure they would be true to their word and eventually make a return. The rest of the valley could still be in danger, particularly Petrie.

“My goodness, Chomper! You look awful!” said Grandpa Longneck as he got a closer look at the Sharptooth and saw bloody wounds all over his body, “Ruby, take him to the river and I’ll help treat his wounds.”

“Okay,” nodded Ruby, and she cautiously grabbed her dear friend and began to carry him away.

“S-shouldn’t we … be worried about tomorrow?” the Sharptooth asked, “If they said they’re coming again tomorrow, then … we could still be in danger.”

“We’ll take extra precautions and make sure they don’t step foot in our valley,” assured Grandpa Longneck, and he made a gesture towards Topps.

The Threehorn nodded and spoke to the trio of Clubtails.

“We’re gonna need you to stay here overnight and stand guard until the Bright Circle returns,” he instructed them, “If you see any sign of those Sailbacks again, or any possible accomplices, one of you must inform us immediately! Actually, … second thought: go and fetch a Swimmer. If you see anything, order him to make the signal loud and clear. We’ll be ready for them when they return!”

The Clubtails nodded and left in the other direction.

Chomper suddenly felt weakness all over his body from his tremendous loss of blood, and his vision turned blurry. He could barely make out anything as he tried to stay awake, but he groaned in agony and had to close his eyes.

“Chomper!” gasped Ruby.

“What is it?” asked Grandpa Longneck in alarm.

“He’s passing out! Passing out, he is!” answered Ruby frantically.

“He's losing too much blood! Get him to the river quickly!” ordered Topps.

“Yes!” Ruby nodded, and she lifted the unconscious Sharptooth onto her back and ran out into the open valley as quickly as her tired feet could enable her to.

Grandpa Longneck cast a stern glance at Topps, and the Threehorn simply scoffed and looked away. He knew the Longneck was still furious with him for those heartless insults towards Petrie.

“If the threat is imminent, we may have to call off the meeting and hold it another day once those Sharpteeth have been dealt with … definitively,” informed Grandpa Longneck, “I don’t care what you have to say about this, but we are delaying the meeting regarding Ducky and Petrie’s fate until further notice.”

Letting out a deep sigh of reluctance, Topps rambled, “Fine! So be it!”

“We may have some troubling issues, but some are more serious than others and need more attention,” said Grandpa Longneck, “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to help Ruby treat Chomper’s wounds. Goodnight, Mr. Threehorn.”

Topps watched as the Longneck disappeared into the night. In the back of his mind, his thoughts were completely lost. He was beginning to feel unsure if Ducky and Petrie really deserved what he wanted to give them. Sure, Petrie may have been the cause of all the madness going on right now, but he meant no harm from it. He had killed that Sailback to protect someone who cared for and adored him. He couldn’t have anticipated it would end like this. Add to that, if Ducky and Petrie had been so loyal to her daughter for all the time they had spent in the valley, and she was not willing to share any information with him regarding their secret, … it seemed she didn’t care what her own father thought about the whole matter.

Shaking his head, Topps tried to clear his head of all the madness in his own mind as he made his way home, knowing that, at least, for tonight, everyone would be safe.


Petrie screamed and gasped, panting with each gasp he took. His four siblings jolted awake and looked at him. Three of them quickly started glaring at him in annoyance like they would every time he woke up from a night terror, but then he glanced at Pearlwing, the younger of his sisters, and the only sibling who ever shared even the slightest of kindness toward him, even though she was almost as bad as the rest of the clutch. She was looking at him with worry and concern rather than the usual glare she’d always give him.

“Petrie?” she spoke softly to him.

“What you want!?” Petrie shot harshly at her.

“A-are you okay?” asked Pearlwing hesitantly.

“Since when you suddenly care, Pearlwing!?” hissed Petrie, “Why any of you care about me when me just stupid baby to all of you!?”

The two younger siblings cringed, while the two oldest siblings snickered at him. Donnie, in particular, was laughing quite rudely like he always did.

“What’s next? You’re going to go cry to your dear little Ducky?” teased Donnie.

Hearing his Sweet Swimmer being mentioned in such a way like that built up a rage within Petrie. He could never tolerate anyone picking on or insulting Ducky in front of him, even if she wasn’t in his presence. He stood up and clenched his fists as he stared at Donnie.


“Oh, really?” countered Donnie, “After we heard every word you said yesterday?”

“Oh, yes,” chuckled the oldest sister evilly, “We know your secret now, Petrie, and we’ll be so happy to watch you leave this valley in permanent exile.”

“Good riddance, too!” said Donnie, “That will be the happiest moment of my life!”

Petrie couldn’t bear to hear anymore of it. He gritted his teeth and felt the tears ready to come down. Now that everyone had discovered his secret, forbidden relationship with Ducky, he felt quite like a worthless disgrace to his family just as his siblings had always described him. For once, he couldn’t disagree with their views on him.

“You know what, then!? Fine! Me no can wait to never see any of you again!” he ranted, and he picked up his snuggling stick and pouted his way outside onto the ledge. He sat down and clutched his stick tightly whilst trying to ignore Donnie’s heartless laughing. His life seemed to have suddenly turned upside down with everyone finding out about his heinous relationship. He was once again beginning to think about running away from this miserable life, but then he looked up for one split second, and he saw his mother returning home.

As Mama Flyer came down onto the ledge, though, Petrie noticed that she didn’t appear to be ‘happy to be home’ like she always would be. Instead, she was gulping and panting with fear in much the same he would. He quickly came to guess that it must have been because he was likely to face banishment soon, but then he saw she was breathing quite fast, much faster than he had ever seen her do. Something else would have to be going on. Something just didn’t seem right.

“Mama?” murmured Petrie.

Mama Flyer let some tears stream from her eyes as she simply stared down at her son; the one child she found more precious to her than anything else in the world. Although she would never admit it, in her heart, Petrie was her favorite child, and she would never stop adoring him for as long as they got to be together. Their time together was already in jeopardy, but now things had only gotten worse, and she just wanted to be with him for as long as possible. She wanted to snuggle him and keep him tightly in her wings until the end. To her, he was suddenly so precious that she just couldn’t let him go wander off somewhere. She wanted to cuddle him in much the same he himself would cuddle his own snuggling stick.

“Mama?” said Petrie after an eerily long silence.

“Petrie, … I have some terrible news,” sobbed Mama Flyer, “It has nothing to do with our … situation … regarding you and Ducky.”

“W-what?” muttered Petrie in shock, “What happen, Mommy?”

Mama Flyer gulped. She didn’t want to make her son feel even more overwrought than he already was, but he deserved to know the truth, … a very disturbing truth.

Unable to contain herself, she burst into tears and abruptly grabbed her son, wrapping her wings around him and his snuggling stick so tightly that he almost couldn’t breathe. Petrie was shocked by this gesture, but what came next nearly made his heart stop …

“Oh, Petrie! I’m so sorry! I should’ve listened to you when you said you were concerned about your night terrors coming true!” wept Mama Flyer, “Oh, I’m so sorry, my little one!”

“WHAT!?” Petrie suddenly screamed so loudly that his mother jolted and nearly dropped him but just managed to keep him and his snuggling stick in her wings, “N-no way! Me night terrors coming true!? Sailback Sharpteeth coming after me after all!?”

With her beak quivering, Mama Flyer regretfully nodded her head and tearfully nuzzled her now emotionally-wrecked son.

“OH! Me knew it! Oh, Mama! WHY!? First me going to be banished, and now be going to be hunted after me have to leave! OH, NO, NO, NAAAAOOO!”

Petrie screamed so loudly that his cries echoed into the distance, and his beak slumped against his mother’s shoulder as he wailed like a lost hatchling. All of a sudden, his life had completely taken a turn for the worst. Potential banishment may have been one thing, but for his night terrors to now be confirmed to be a foretelling of his demise was just unbearable for him to take. It seemed that his love for Ducky may very well have earned them the death penalty. He began to imagine Topps feeding him and Ducky to those Sailbacks who wanted him. He was sure this was the end of all the happiness he would ever have in his life. In fact, he wasn’t sure if his life would last much longer, either. He couldn’t stand it all. His whole life was collapsing on top of him so quickly, and it was all because of his and Ducky’s forbidden relationship. Their love for each other had led to this big mess, and they may have put the entire valley in danger. It was all his fault. He was to blame for everything. It all felt so wrong.

“Why it have to turn out like this!?” the poor Flyer wailed, “Why, why, WHY!?”

Mama Flyer was crying just as heavily, but not nearly as loudly as her broken son was. It was just so wrong. Everything was descending into chaos. He couldn’t blame him for causing this foretold catastrophe, even if she knew it was his fault. He had only did it to protect her, but she didn’t anticipate it would come at a possibly deadly price.

“Oh, it all my fault!” lamented Petrie miserably, “It all my fault, Mama! Me to blame for everything! It all Petrie fault! Me worst Flyer ever!”

“Petrie!” said Mama Flyer shakily, “You are not the worst Flyer ever, and I don’t blame you for all this.”

“But look what me done! Now whole valley in danger because of me! Now me really deserve to be banished!” wept Petrie.

“Petrie, please listen to me!” said Mama Flyer, and Petrie looked at her with shiny, wet eyes, “Please don’t beat yourself up over this. You don’t deserve to be blamed for putting the valley in danger, and you do not deserve to be banished from our home, even if you are in love with a Swimmer and caused this big mess. You did it to protect me, and I’m proud of you, even if you disobeyed me by not abandoning me. You showed me that you really care about me as a son, and for that, I’m so happy to have a son like you, and I’m so happy to be your mother.”

Petrie’s heart melted as he listened to that last sentence. It seemed to sooth him like her heartbeat would whenever she lulled him to sleep. He sniffled a little as he tried to stop his tears, but more streams came pouring down within seconds, and he hugged his mother around the neck with his snuggling stick still in hand. She returned the gesture by snuggling him tightly and occasionally kissing his head.

“Please don’t cry, Petrie,” she sniffled, still thinking of the danger he was in, “I’m right here, my little baby. Mommy’s here.”

“Please no call me baby, Mama,” said Petrie in between sniffles as the inevitable round of hiccups began.

“I know you don’t like it, dear, but in my heart, you’re still my sweet, little baby, Petrie,” his mother said, choking back a sob, “You are so precious to me, and at a time like this, you are the most precious thing in the world to me.”

Before Petrie could reply, his mother tightened his hug on him a little more and began sobbing a little. She seemed to be acting somewhat out of character to him. She suddenly seemed to be behaving just like he would, but he knew why. She was so worried about him that she just couldn’t feel like letting him out of her wings. She pampered and nearly smothered him, but she was careful to allow him to breathe. Petrie began to feel that his mother had suddenly become overprotective of him, almost as if she was becoming paranoid, and this greatly embarrassed him, but he didn’t have the heart to tell her so.

“I love you, Petrie,” sniffled Mama Flyer, and she once again kissed her son’s head, “I love you, my precious, little baby.”

This was followed by kisses on Petrie’s crest and face. He blushed in deep embarrassment, but he returned the kisses on his mother’s cheeks and allowed her to keep blanketing him with her wings.

“Me love you, too, Mama,” he whispered.

They continued exchanging tearful “I love you’s” as they snuggled close together like an inseparable couple. Mama Flyer kept Petrie tightly in her wings and never loosened her grip for a moment. Petrie was a bit overcome by his mother’s abnormal behavior, but he didn’t argue and allowed her to simply … love him just like any mother would.

Eventually, Mama Flyer walked back inside, still holding her son tightly. The other kids watched awkwardly as the duo hugged each other, but they didn’t say a single word and left them in peace.

Mama Flyer lied down and kept her wings tightly wrapped around Petrie. He snugged her wings up to her neck and held his snuggling stick tightly in his own wings. All that crying had rendered him so tired that he couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer and sleep eventually began to take over him.

“Goodnight, Petrie,” his mother whispered to him.

“Goodnight, Mom,” he whispered back before he began to sleep rumble.

Mama Flyer kept her eyes fixed on her sleeping son. She was dreading tomorrow just as badly as he was. She wished it could all have been just a bad sleep story, but, as fate would have it, it wasn’t. Her son was in such terrible danger, and he needed her now. She didn’t know if Petrie would much rather be with her or with Ducky, since both were equally important to him, but for now, all she cared about was keeping her precious baby safe, no matter the cost. If those Sailbacks were really out to kill him, then she would give them a fight they would never forget, even if she didn’t come out of it alive …

I don't think any of you saw this coming this soon, but things have just taken a cruel twist of fate. The threat has been posed, and chances of the meeting even happening at all have suddenly become questionable. Ducky and Petrie may be in the worst kind of trouble they could ever be in, but especially Petrie. The entire valley has become aware that he is the one responsible for endangering the valley, and he may become the most disliked dinosaur in the valley with there being absolutely no way for him to redeem himself in the eyes of those living within. His relationship with Ducky has been exposed, and he is being hunted. Chances of banishment may have just increased ten-fold. :opetrie

I should still have at least a few chapters to go, but with the deadline approaching fast, I may have to pick up the pace a little bit. I'll be working my guts out just to get these last few chapters over with to hopefully get it all done before March 31. I'll probably have the next chapter up by Thursday, so be sure to stay tuned over the next 48 hours!

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Secret Slipped

Ducky was sleeping uneasily, strange sleep stories consuming her mind. After the eventful day with their mothers yesterday, she could only think about her Funny Flyer. Returning to her routine of sleeping at home with her family seemed to have a negative affect on her. Just one night sleeping without Petrie by her side felt unbearable, and it didn’t even feel like it was just for one night, but rather like a whole Night Circle cycle.

Suddenly, she felt a pleasant sensation on her cheek which instantly tickled her, and she started giggling as she tried to stay asleep. However, it was to become elusive, as the ticklishness increased and forced her to laugh out loud.

The Swimmer opened her eyes and looked up, only to find Spike playfully licking her cheek to wake her up.

“Spike!” she giggled, “Stop!”

Convinced that Ducky was awake, Spike stopped licking his sister and allowed her to sit up. The Swimmer yawned and stretched her arms before she stood up and walked groggily.

“Good morning, Spike,” she spoke to her foster brother.

Spike grunted happily as a way of saying “good morning,” and Ducky looked around and saw that all her siblings were already having breakfast.

“Last one up today?” she sighed, “I must have overslept-ed.”

“Good morning, Ducky,” came Mama Swimmer’s voice.

Ducky looked up and saw her mother smiling down at her, handing her a tree star.

“Good morning, Mama,” the six-year old replied.

“You’re up a little late this morning,” said Papa Swimmer.

“I thought-ed so,” sighed Ducky.

“Don’t you worry, dear,” assured Mama Swimmer, “You haven’t missed anything. Your friends will probably be here in a little bit.”

Ducky brightened a little at the mention of her friends. There was one friend she particularly could not wait to see again.

“It’s been three days since you last played with Littlefoot and the others, as far as I understand it,” Papa Swimmer pointed out.

“I know, said Ducky softly, “I miss playing with them.”

“Listen. Ms. Flyer and I are going to go visit with Hyp’s father,” informed Mama Swimmer, “After what happened yesterday, I do not intend for that brat to go unpunished.”

“He deserves to be punished,” said Ducky as she felt her renewed rage towards Hyp building up within her. It was clear she hadn’t forgiven him for nearly drowning both her and Petrie in that pool of Sinking Sand.

“Don’t you worry, dear. I’ll take care of things. Meanwhile, you and Spike can go play with your other friends,” said Mama Swimmer kindly.

“Okay, Mama,” said Ducky, calming herself down as she tried to forget about dealing with Hyp, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Ducky,” replied Mama Swimmer.

“I’ll look after the rest of the kids, dear,” smiled Papa Swimmer.

“That’s good, dear. Thanks for your help,” his mate replied, and she kissed his cheek before speaking to Ducky again, “Well, I’d better be going. You and Spike have a good day, okay?”

“We will, Mama,” answered Ducky, with Spike nodding along.

“Okay, kids. I’ll see you later,” said Mama Swimmer, and she turned and left the nest.

“Bye, Mama!” called Ducky before her mother disappeared.

“Hey, Ducky,” one of her brothers said once their mother had gone, “Is it okay if we talk with you for a minute?”

Ducky felt rather uneasy about talking with her siblings, given everything she had been through over the past seven days, but, being the kind-hearted girl she was, she didn’t want to disappoint them.

“Um, … okay,” she answered, just as several more of her siblings walked up to her.

“Some of us haven’t been able to help but notice that you’ve been acting strangely lately whenever Petrie is around,” said a sister.

Ducky gulped nervously. She was sure her siblings had somehow managed to spy on them at some point during the past week. She hoped they hadn’t managed to find out about her love for Petrie.

“Whenever Petrie comes over to pick you up, you get more cheerful than we’ve ever seen you,” a second brother pointed out.

“Oh, and that’s another thing,” said a second sister, “We’ve been used to seeing all of your friends pick you up before, but lately Petrie is always the first one here, and more often than now, your friends sometimes come here later, asking where you are.”

Ducky looked away as she struggled to think of an excuse that would convince her siblings, although that quickly proved to be easier said than done …

“Is there something going on between you and Petrie that nobody else knows about?” asked the first brother.

“Ahem,” their father suddenly coughed, “Kids, I don’t think this matter should be discussed right now.”

“But, Daddy!?” whined one of the girls, “We really wanna know!”

“I’m sorry, children, but there are some things that your sister may not want you to bother her with. This is considered something … personal, if you will, and I’m sure Ducky doesn’t want anyone bothering her about her personal business.”

“You mean, … something private?” asked one of the boys.

“Yes,” nodded Papa Swimmer, “This is a very private matter that Ducky does not wish to share with anyone.”

“But then, … why do you and Mama know about it?” said another one of the boys, looking very confused.

Just as Papa Swimmer was about to speak again, her daughter suddenly coughed a little, and she nodded to him as a gesture indicating that she was willing to tell her siblings if they really wanted to know. He was extremely hesitant to let her speak the truth. With Ducky having quite a lot of siblings, it seemed, there would surely be a severe risk of her secret being exposed to the rest of the valley; a forbidden secret that could see her exiled for the rest of her days.

Ducky sighed sadly as she looked down, trying to think of the right words to say. She knew she wouldn’t be able to keep the secret away from her siblings forever, even if their father tried to keep them away.

“Okay,” she began as she made eye contact with them again, “I am not sure you would like this, … but … Petrie and I are most than just best friends.”

Her siblings stayed silent as she paused and chose her words carefully …

“Petrie and I are … in love.”

The Swimmer children all gasped in surprise, and their eyes were wide as they stared at their sister.

“You are in love with a Flyer?” gasped the second brother.

Ducky looked down in shame, “Yes.”

“But Ducky, … you’re a Swimmer. He’s a Flyer,” said the first brother, “You’re in love with someone from another kind. I’m not sure anyone around here would like that.”

“You could get banished for that!” gasped the second sister, “We would lose you forever!”

“Mommy and Daddy are okay with me being in love with Petrie,” said Ducky, “So is his Mama, and so are our friends, and so are Littlefoot’s grandma and grandpa.”

“They do?” stammered the first brother, unable to believe that anyone could accept such a relationship taking place, one that was considered such a heinous, despicable crime that deserved nothing less than humiliation and a lifetime of banishment.

“They do, they do,” replied Ducky, “In fact, Mama feels so happy for me and Petrie.”

“But what about Mr. Threehorn?” said the first brother, “If he finds out, you’ll surely get kicked out of the Great Valley.”

“Perhaps, … unless Littlefoot’s grandparents can convince him otherwise,” their father pointed out.

The children simply stayed silent and looked at their oldest sister in absolute disbelief. This caused her to sink her head again in shame, sure that her siblings would turn against her.

“You hate me now, don’t you?” she sniffled.

“We don’t hate you, Ducky,” said the second brother, “You’re our most special sister we’ve ever had. We just don’t want to lose you because of Mr. Threehorn finding out that you’re in love with a Flyer.”

Ducky looked up at her siblings, and they all looked as if they were worried for her.

“You mean, … you are okay that I am in love with Petrie?” she said softly.

“We’re okay with it as long as you don’t get caught,” said the first sister, “We care about you, Ducky, and we don’t want you to get kicked out because of a relationship with someone from another kind.”

Ducky grinned faintly at her siblings, and they all grinned back. A moment ago, she had been dreading the idea of them finding out, yet they had also accepted it. Their only worry was if she and Petrie got caught by Mr. Threehorn and he would then try to banish them from the valley.

She looked at her father, and she saw a grin flash across his face, too.

“Thanks, everyone,” she said, “Just promise you will not tell anybody.”

“That would really mean a lot to the whole family if we could keep this a secret for as long as we can,” said Papa Swimmer, “I’m happy you care very much for your sister.”

“We won’t tell anyone, Ducky,” her siblings all promised just as Spike licked her cheek again.

“Spike!” Ducky giggled, “Stop!”

“I think Spike wants to play with you, Ducky,” chuckled their father.

“Okay. I am going to find my friends, and I will see you later,” said Ducky, and she turned to her foster brother, “Come on, Spike!”

“See you later, Ducky!” the Swimmer children replied as they watched Ducky and Spike take off towards the Gang’s regular meeting place.

Ducky felt so relieved to have gained the support of her siblings when it came to her relationship with Petrie. With there being yet another obstacle out of the way, she could now focus on what she wanted to do with her friends, but also what she especially wanted to do with her beloved Petrie.

The Bright Circle’s light once more blasted through the entryway of the Flyer family’s cave, and Petrie felt his eyelids being hit with bright light. He shifted a little as he tried to stay asleep. He had been having dreadful sleep stories again, and he was tossing and turning in his sleep.

Petrie covered his face with his wing to shield his eyes from the morning light, and he quickly sat up with a brief scream before he began panting.

“Petrie?” came his mother’s voice just as he felt her patting her back, “Are you alright?”

Petrie glanced upward to see his mother looking worriedly at him. He gulped and let out a few more deep breaths to calm himself down. These nightmares just seemed like they would never end.

“Bad sleep story,” he gasped.

“Again?” sighed Mama Flyer.

Petrie glanced at his still-sleeping siblings before he took a deep breath and began …

“Me find Ducky in Sinking Sand, and me try to pull her out, but then me look back and see Hyp, and he kick me off rock and into Sinking Sand. Then, me suddenly fall in some dark cave, and … those … Sailback Sharpteeth chase me again, and they say they still want me for killing their son.”

“Whoa, wait. Those same Sailback Sharpteeth from your other sleep stories?” said his mother as a sudden thought spiraled into her head, one she felt very uncomfortable thinking about.

Petrie nodded and replied, “W-what if … that Sharptooth who try to kill us in Black Rock … have … mommy and daddy? What it they find out it me who trap him? What if there really are Sharpteeth after me!?”

Mama Flyer let out a dreadful sigh as she soothingly caressed her son. She, in fact, was beginning to believe somewhat that Petrie’s worries may be true if those Sharpteeth continued to haunt him in his sleep. The more they kept appearing in his sleep stories, the more it seemed to dawn on the possibility that it just might be true. Could it be that these sleep stories were a foretelling of the little Flyer’s future? Could he have sealed his own fate by luring that adolescent Sharptooth into that trap? Could there truly be Sailbacks somewhere out there in the Mysterious Beyond, … hungry, not for food, … but for revenge?

“It true, isn’t it!?” cried Petrie once he noticed his mother staring off into space, obviously contemplating her thoughts.

This snapped her back to reality, and she quickly started cuddling her son again to calm him down.

“I don’t know for sure if it’s true or not, dear. No one else would possibly believe such a thing, … but if it is, … then I will stand by you and protect you at all costs. You know I only want my precious child to be safe,” she assured him.

“But what if-,” Petrie said, but it was all he could utter before his mother shushed him by closing his beak with her hand.

“Let’s not dwell on that right now, Petrie. You know the Great Valley is safe and very-well protected, and you have friends to find and play with,” she spoke gently to him.

Petrie sighed. He had run out of arguments, so he spoke no more of the matter that had been stuck in his mind since that dreadful night after their return from Black Rock.

“Oh, and I almost forgot. Mrs. Swimmer and I need to go see Hyp and his father today. We’ve got to teach that kid a little lesson.”

Hearing Hyp’s name renewed the rage Petrie had been keeping within him after that nasty incident the previous day.

“Me still no forgive him for nearly making us drown in Sinking Sand,” he hissed.

“Don’t worry about him, dear,” assured Mama Flyer as she gently picked up Petrie and carried him out onto the ledge in front of the cave, “Mrs. Swimmer and I can handle him. In the meantime, you’ve got some friends to play with. You haven’t played with Littlefoot and the others for quite a few days now, and they must be wondering what has been going on with you and Ducky.”

“Me know,” sighed Petrie.

“Here, my little one,” said Mama Flyer, setting her son down and picking up a red tree sweet that had been stashed with some other plants in the cave, “Why don’t you have a nice red tree sweet for breakfast?”

Petrie grinned faintly as he took the tree sweet, and he took a small bite from it. The taste was sensational, so he decided to eat it slowly.

“Me really miss playing with Littlefoot and others,” the little Flyer said thoughtfully as he thought about his small group of loyal friends, “Me and Ducky really miss out on so much fun.”

“Even though you two had so much fun of your own,” reminded Mama Flyer.

“Me know,” chuckled Petrie as he thought of the warm times he had shared with Ducky in the last two days, “It nice just being with Ducky for while, but it be great to get back in with our friends again.”

“And besides, when all your friends are around, times can be more fun than those when you’re just hanging out with Ducky,” Mama Flyer pointed out.

“You right,” said Petrie thoughtfully, “Me think today will be so much fun!”

“That’s the spirit, Petrie,” chuckled Mama Flyer, “Now, go ahead and finish up your red tree star, and you can go play with all your good friends, while I take care of some business with Hyp’s father.”

“Okay, Mama,” nodded Petrie before taking another bite of his breakfast.

“I’ll see you later, son,” grinned Mama Flyer, and she lifted herself off the ledge.

“See you later, Mama!” Petrie called as his mother soared away.

Now that he was alone, the little Flyer began thinking about what he would do with Ducky the next time they were alone. He could not get her out of his mind for even one second, and with each minute that passed, he felt like he loved her more than ever. He was sure that Ducky was feeling the same about him, too.

“Me no can wait to see smile on Ducky face today,” Petrie said to himself as he stared off into space, “We may have friends with us today, … but me especially no can wait to jump into Ducky arms when me join them.”

He momentarily forgot that it wasn’t quite the best idea to just jump into Ducky’s arms when in the presence of their friends, as Cera was likely still trying to get to them.

“Me hope Cera no know,” he said nervously, “If she know, then she tell her dad, then we get banished for sure.”

Quickly snapping out of his thoughts, Petrie finished his red tree sweet, and he stood up and glanced down at the valley below, admiring its glorious beauty. He could feel that today was going to be a great day since it was just so gorgeous outside.

“Well, Ducky … and friends, … here me come!” he cheered delightfully as he flapped his wings and took to the skies, with their regular meeting place as his destination.

The Flyer failed to notice that while he was talking to himself, his siblings had woken up and eavesdropped on him to take advantage of their mother being out, and had overheard every word he said.

“So, … Petrie is in love with Ducky after all,” gasped the older sister.

“And Mama sounds like she’s okay with it,” added the younger brother.

“Then, why did she tell us that he wasn’t?” asked the younger sister.

“Obviously because she didn’t want us to spread it to everyone,” answered the oldest brother.

“Wait! Our brother is in love with a Swimmer!?” said the younger sister in deep shock, “He could get banished from the valley!”

“Good riddance,” murmured the oldest brother.

“And Ducky, too!” his brother added, “They’re both in great danger!”

“So, what’s the big deal!?” he asked, “And since when did you care?”

“The big deal is that he’s our brother and he’s going to be banished!” the younger sister retorted.

“Well, we can’t do anything about it since we’re still grounded,” sighed the younger brother.

“But I care about Petrie,” panted the younger sister, “We may have had hard times with him, but he’s our brother, and we can’t let him get thrown out just because he’s in love with a Swimmer.”

“See if I care!” ranted the oldest brother.

At this, the younger of the two girls walked right up to their oldest sibling and slapped him across the face so hard that he fell on his side.

“OW!” he cried.

“Listen, Donnie! I’ve had enough of you controlling all of us!” the younger sister yelled, “I once thought you were just trying to teach us all that Petrie is just some whiney little baby, but now I realize you’re such a big jerk! You delight in nothing but torturing Petrie to no end, and I can’t take it anymore! You’re just a big, sick black-hearted maniac who loves picking on everyone and manipulating us into siding with you! I hate you, Donnie! I hate you, I HATE YOU!”

Her siblings froze and stared at her as if they were suddenly frightened by her presence. This seemed eerily similar to Petrie’s outbursts, but for someone whom had sided with them for so long when it came to abusing their youngest brother, this seemed out of character.

“Uh, … P-Pearlwing?”

“Don’t Pearlwing me!” she snapped back at the sibling whom had spoken her name, the middle brother, and she pointed back to Donnie, “This big brat has what turned all our lives so miserable! I can’t stand listening to him anymore!”

“In that case, maybe we should just throw you out like we tried to do to Petrie!” growled Donnie.

“Or maybe we should throw you out!” retorted Pearlwing.

The two Flyers glared at each other like they were challenging each other to a fight to the death, but their two other siblings grabbed Pearlwing and pulled her back before she could even make an attempt at attacking their oldest sibling.

“Okay! Let’s not start fighting until we have yet another family feud like we already have with Petrie!” yelled the middle brother, “We are going to talk to Mommy about this when she gets home!”

“Are you kidding!? She’ll yell at us again!” argued the oldest sister, “We all got grounded because we made fun of Petrie being in love with Ducky!”

“Yes, but we know that our suspicions were correct all along!” Pearlwing put in, “If we tell her that we know that our brother’s in love with Ducky, then she’ll understand.”

“Pah! Like that’ll do us any good!” snorted Donnie.

“We have to do something!” shouted Pearlwing, “Petrie is our brother, and we can’t let him get kicked out of the Great Valley!”

The four children could only just sit where they were, unable to think of a way to save Petrie from potentially being banished. Donnie still didn’t seem to care, but now with Pearlwing’s sudden change of heart, the others were all beginning to think that something must be done to save their youngest brother. As long as they remained grounded, though, it seemed that they were hopeless in saving their brother from a tragic fate.

Ducky and Spike smiled as they saw Littlefoot, Cera, Chomper and Ruby waiting for them at their meeting place, and they cheerfully ran up to them. For Ducky, this felt like something that hadn’t happened in a long while.

“Hi, guys!” the Swimmer cheered.

“Hi, Ducky! Hi, Spike!” the other kids replied.

“We’ve missed you so much, Ducky!” said Chomper.

“And Petrie, too!” added Ruby.

Hearing Petrie’s name prompted Ducky to look around, realizing that their Flyer friend had not yet arrived.

“What have you and Petrie been up to?” asked Cera.

Ducky gulped once she heard those words from the Threehorn, and she stayed silent.

“Having some cute times with Petrie, I’d imagine,” Cera put in.

“Not so loud, Cera!” Ducky fired back, “I do not want anyone to hear that!”

Cera sighed and quickly shut her mouth.

“Sorry,” she murmured.

“Speaking of which, where is Petrie?” asked Ducky.

“Gee, I don’t know,” answered Littlefoot.

No sooner did he say that when a certain voice called to them with a cheerful giggle …

“Hello, guys!”

Everyone looked up towards the sky. They recognized that voice anywhere. Ducky, of course, was so delighted that she almost couldn’t contain her excitement.

“Petrie!” they all cheered.

Sure enough, Petrie came soaring towards them with a bright smile on his face. He looked so happy to see all his friends again, but he was especially happy to see Ducky’s cheerful smile.

The kids watched as Petrie charged straight towards Ducky, and the Swimmer jumped and caught her boyfriend in her arms before landing on her back, hugging him tightly. The Flyer instantly began kissing his girlfriend’s bill all over, earning cute laughs from her, and the Gang could only agree that it was an adorable sight, although Cera seemed a little grossed out by it.

“How me Sweet Swimmer today?” asked Petrie.

“I am doing very good, my Funny Flyer!” chuckled Ducky.

Most of the Gang laughed as they heard their nicknames. They sounded rather adorable. This drew the lovers’ attention to their friends, and Petrie suddenly gasped in horror when he spotted a particular Threehorn in their presence.

“Oops,” he said to himself as he realized that he might have just made a big mistake.

“What do you mean, ‘oops’?” asked Cera dumbfoundedly.

“It is okay, Petrie,” said Ducky as Petrie stared at the Threehorn with a dumbstruck look on his face, unable to understand why she was reacting this way, “Cera already knows.”

“What!?” panicked Petrie, “Cera know!? She might go tell her dad, and we get banished!”

“Petrie, I’m not going to tell my dad,” reassured Cera with a slightly impatient tone.

“How you know me in Ducky … together?” asked Petrie.

“Okay. It was when you got tossed to Black Rock and your mom set off to rescue you. Ducky didn’t react very well, and I knew that there was something special going on between you two.”

She paused and brought her voice down to a whisper to make sure no one else could hear her …

“So, I deduced that you two were in love,” she finished.

Petrie’s face paled, and he began to shake as he tightly held Ducky so that she could “protect” him.

“I gave my word that I would not tell my dad,” Cera went on as she looked at Petrie, “I’m keeping my word. If Dad ever finds out, I won’t let him send you away from this valley. In fact, I’d imagine Tria would probably be okay with your relationship if she knew. She’s nothing like Dad. My friends are more important to me than trying to keep Dad happy all the time, because my Dad is never happy anyway, unless he’s with Tria.”

Petrie felt most of his uneasiness drift away, and he settled down while Ducky hugged him for warmth.

“Yes, I find this absolutely weird, but I’m not one to betray my friends,” said Cera, “We may have had our rough times, Petrie, but you’re still my friend, and I don’t want to see you or Ducky get thrown out. Who cares what my dad thinks?”

“I certainly don’t,” said Chomper, “What I really care about is how others think about this. This should be allowed in this valley, whether others like it or not.”

“You’re certainly one to talk about this,” commented a somewhat impressed Cera.

“Grandma told me that love between different kinds should not be considered a crime in the Great Valley, but banishing children should be,” said Littlefoot.

“It should, it should,” agreed Ducky.

“So, that means you two can relax now that we’re all accepting of your relationship,” the Longneck pointed out.

Ducky and Petrie smiled at each other as the Flyer let out a sigh of relief. Now that all their friends in the Gang knew about their relationship and accepted, he knew they could all have tons of fun without there being anymore tension between them.

“So, guys, who’s up for a game of ‘Hide and Seek’?” asked Littlefoot.

“Count me in!” Petrie answered immediately.

“Me, too!” added Ruby.

Spike murmured and nodded.

“Okay, then! Who wants to be it?” asked Littlefoot.

“I’ve been ‘it’ way too many times, so not me,” replied Cera.

“Petrie’s rarely ever been ‘it’, Maybe he should be ‘it’ today,” suggested Ruby.

“Hehe! Okay! Me kinda tired of always hiding,” said Petrie.

“Alright, everyone! Let’s hide!” said Chomper.

With that, everyone but Petrie scurried away to find a good hiding place, while the Flyer covered his eyes with his wings and counted down.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Ready or not, here me come!”

Petrie opened his eyes and got himself airborne to begin seeking for his hiding pals.

Mama Swimmer and Mama Flyer were strolling through the valley, on their way to Hyp’s home. The only thing that was on their minds was giving him a valuable lesson after what he had done. They would not allow him to escape red-handed after Ducky and Petrie had nearly drowned in that Sinking Sand. They were going to teach him once and for all.

“This will give him a lesson he certainly won’t forget,” said Mama Swimmer.

“I’m not sure if he’ll change for good, but we can at least stop him from torturing our children. I will not let him lay one finger on my little Petrie again if he doesn’t learn from this,” said Mama Flyer.

“Oh, he’d better learn from this,” replied Mama Swimmer.

Soon, the two spotted a dinosaur that looked a lot like Hyp, only that he was bigger and looked older. They knew it could only be his father.

“Excuse me,” said Mama Flyer.

Hyp’s father perked up and saw the two approaching him with cross looks on their faces. The only thing he knew that could make them come to him looking so cross was Hyp bullying their children.

“Hello, Ms. Flyer, Mrs. Swimmer,” he said, “Can I help you?”

“Is Hyp home?” asked Mama Swimmer, “We all need to have a little chat.”

“Ugh! What did he do this time?” asked Hyp’s father.

“He almost caused our children to drown in some sinking sand!” shouted Mama Flyer angrily.

Hyp’s father gasped and facepalmed. He knew his son had been quite ruthless before, but this sounded like a step too far.

“HYP!” he screamed on top of his lungs, “WILL YOU COME HERE PLEASE!?”

The three eyed the forest next to them and saw Hyp cowering behind a tree after seeing the two mothers arrive. He knew he was in for some big trouble, but he didn’t want to face such severe consequences.

“Hyp!” his father shouted as he eyed him furiously, “Get over here now!”

After several gulps, he cautiously approached them and refused to make eye contact. He didn’t want to see the furious glances from his father or the two mothers of the kids he had nearly killed.

“You have a lot of explaining to do, young man,” his father said sternly, “Is it true that you nearly made some Swimmer and Flyer children drown in some sinking sand?”

“I didn’t mean to,” murmured Hyp.

“I saw one of your friends whisper something in your ear,” said Mama Swimmer, “That convinces me that you did it on purpose.”

“What exactly did he do?” asked Hyp’s father.

“It goes like this,” Mama Flyer began, “We were in the forest with my son, Petrie, and her daughter, Ducky, and while we were looking around, browsing plants, Hyp and his two no-good sidekicks interrupted us, and he swung his tail at Petrie. My little baby flew across the forest and fell into some sinking sand. Ducky tried to pull him out, but the sinking sand pulled them both in and nearly drowned them. Mrs. Swimmer and I had to pull them out. Thankfully, they were both alright!”

“WHAT!?” Hyp’s father roared once the Flyer had finished her description of the events that had unfolded, and he glared at his son, “That was very absurd of you, Hyp! How could you even think of doing that!? Causing harm to little children is one of the worst things any dinosaur could do in the Great Valley!”

“You are so lucky that our children made it out alive!” roared Mama Swimmer.

“Hyp, I’m not going to be barking at you all morning long, so I’m going to ask you one simple question: What were you thinking!?” asked Hyp’s father, “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?”

Hyp looked up at his enraged father and glanced over at the equally-outraged Flyer and Swimmer mothers. He didn’t know how he could explain why he had bullied their children without making them even more upset.

“I saw them kissing in the forest,” he whispered shyly.

“You what!?” gasped Hyp’s father in utter disbelief, and he looked at the two mothers with wide eyes of horror, “What did I just hear!?”

“I saw Ducky and Petrie kissing,” Hyp repeated.

“You despicable, little brat!” screamed Mama Swimmer, and she began to charge at Hyp, only for Mama Flyer to hold her back.

“Would one even think of such a thing happening?” she hissed once she had calmed her friend down, “You must be completely out of your mind! Just the thought of a Swimmer and Flyer kissing is an outrage! IT’S A SCANDAL!”

Hyp’s father glared at his son, full of bitter resentment over such an outrageous claim. He somehow doubted whether his claim was true, but he was not willing to place anymore burden on the already-outraged Swimmer and Flyer mothers, so he quickly thought of a way to let the subject drop …

“So that’s why you nearly drowned them!?” he roared at his son, “You and your little friends decided to pick on a couple of kids who YOU so heinously claimed are in love with each other just for your own satisfaction!? YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL!”

“But Dad, I wasn’t the one who came up with the idea of throwing them into the sink-,“ Hyp said before his father cut him off.

“I don’t care whose idea it was!” he yelled, “You have no right to make their lives miserable because of some ridiculous lie! Burying them in sinking sand for your own pleasure!? OH! I can’t even look at you right now!”

“We nearly lost our precious babies because of you, and we will not tolerate you ever laying one finger on a hatchling any longer!” shouted Mama Flyer.

“We demand an apology from you, young man!” stated Mama Swimmer.

Hyp looked down in shame. He didn’t have the heart to apologize to the mothers of the children he had nearly killed.

“Go on, Hyp! Apologize at once!” roared his father.

With a sad sigh, and tears dripping down his face, Hyp looked up at the two furious mothers and gulped nervously.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured.

“You’re sorry and?” Mama Flyer snorted at him.

“And … I … promise never to do it again,” added Hyp hesitantly.

“That’s better,” said Mama Flyer in a calmer yet still angry voice.

“Don’t even think that you will be escaping punishment, young man,” Hyp’s father snorted at his son, “Harming children is considered a crime. It’s what got Ms. Flyer’s brother banished from this valley, and you’re lucky it’s not happening to you because you’re only at your Time of Great Growing.”

“Y-yes, Dad,” sniffled Hyp.

“You are grounded for a whole Night Circle cycle, Hyp,” his father announced, “You will not be allowed to leave home, and your two nonsensical friends will not be allowed to see you.”

“I’m sorry!” he cried, “I just couldn’t help it!”

“Help with what?” asked his father.

“When I thought I saw Ducky and Petrie kissing, I didn’t know what to make-,”

“WHAT!?” a fifth voice suddenly roared, accompanied by the sound of feet storming towards them aggressively, stunning everyone into silence.

Mama Flyer and Mama Swimmer’s hearts stopped, and they looked at each other in horror as a certain Threehorn charged towards them. Simply the sight of him at a time like this seemed to spell an upcoming tragedy for them …

There stood none other than Topps, his face filled with wrath, his horns aiming furiously towards them, growling with immense anger.

The two felt their hearts racing with fear. This was the one dinosaur they did NOT want to let have knowledge of Ducky and Petrie’s relationship. Now, it seemed certain that their children would soon be in grave danger. The end was suddenly so near at the worst time possible.

Hyp and his father looked at each other uneasily as Topps approached the group with an angry glare.

“What did I just hear!?” the Threehorn roared as he stopped right in front of Hyp.

The adolescent dinosaur was so startled by Topps’ approach that he lost his footing and fell to the ground. He hyperventilated as he looked into the Threehorn’s angry eyes.

“Mr. Threehorn-,” Hyp’s father tried to speak up, but Topps ignored him and eyed Hyp with death glare.

“WHAT DID I JUST HEAR!?” he screamed.

Hyp screamed and cried fearfully as his eyes poured tears down his face. He looked away from the aggressive Threehorn and closed his eyes.

“D-Du-Ducky and Petrie,” he stuttered, “I had some … s-strange vision in which I … saw them … k-k-ki-kissing.”

Immediately, Topps shifted his glare towards Mama Swimmer and Mama Flyer as if he was threatening to kill them. The two mothers tried to maintain their cool in an effort to hide just how horrified they truly were at the prospect of their children’s secret being blown.

“Are you two hiding something from me!?” Topps growled at them.

“Absolutely not!” hissed Mama Swimmer, “Hyp was being completely delusional last night with his stupid claims!”

“I don’t believe you,” retorted Topps, and before either of them could respond, the Threehorn suddenly swung his tail at them and knocked them both down. Just as they were trying to get back up, he pinned them to the ground with his forelimbs.

“Mr. Threehorn!” gasped Hyp’s father, “Stop this!”

“TELL THE TRUTH!” screamed Topps.

“I swear!” panted Mama Swimmer, “Hyp’s claims were delusions!”


“Stop!” shrieked Mama Flyer.

“Am I not to understand that we have a relationship between dinosaurs of different kinds taking place in our Great Valley!? Two of my daughter’s friends are in love each other!?”

“NO!” the mothers both screamed.

“That is the sickest thing I’ve ever heard in my life!” he yelled, “A child Flyer and a child Swimmer in love!? I will not let your families go unpunished for this! You know the rule about such relationships! Anyone who falls in love with someone from another kind shall be banished from the Great Valley!”

“Mr. Threehorn! They’re just children!” Hyp’s father argued, but Topps was buying none of it.

“I don’t care if they’re just children! They’re among my daughter’s friends, and if she sees them loving each other, she’ll get ideas from it! I will not allow this to happen to my Cera! I want Ducky and Petrie out of the Great Valley … NOW!”

“Topsy!” called a voice which made him groan in frustration, “What is with all the yelling?”

The dinosaurs looked and found Tria approaching them crossly. She gasped in horror once she noticed her own mate pinning two of their fellow Elders to the ground.

“Topps! Get off them right now!” she roared at them, “What do you think you’re doing!?”

“I suppose you haven’t heard from these two secret-keeping ones that their children are in love with each other!?” shouted Topps as he reluctantly stepped away and allowed Mama Swimmer and Mama Flyer to slowly get themselves back on their feet.

“Topps, what are you talking about?” asked Tria.

“Ducky and Petrie are in a relationship!” roared Topps.

Tria stared at her mate with wide eyes, then she looked at Mama Flyer and Mama Swimmer.

“Is it not true?” she gasped.

“No!” the mothers both yelled.

“LIE!” screamed Topps, “Relationships between different kinds are forbidden in the Great Valley, and anyone who defies that rule is to face immediate banishment!”

“Topps!” shouted Tria, “How could you even think about banishing children, especially given the fact that they are some of Cera’s most loyal friends!?”

“That makes it a lot worse!” argued Topps, “I fear that Cera will get ideas from watching Ducky and Petrie kissing each other like a couple of lovebirds! I will not allow it in this valley!”

“I’m not one to make immediate judgments if Mrs. Swimmer and Ms. Flyer are sincere in saying their children are not involved in such a relationship. As such, I say they’re innocent until proven guilty!”

“I don’t care what you think about this matter, Tria! Immediate action must be taken!” her mate retorted.

“In that case, we’ll have to inform the Longnecks first,” informed Tria.

“Oh, please! Leave those soft-hearted Longnecks to allow them to escape red-handed!? Worst idea ever! They always disagree with us Threehorns, and I won’t let that happen this time!” Topps ranted.

“I will tell you right now, Topps, you can’t just give Ducky and Petrie the one-way flight to the Mysterious Beyond! We have no proof that they’re in a relationship!” Tria argued.

“Pah!” snorted Topps, “I’m going to bring Cera home at once! I will not let her anywhere near those little pests until this matter is settled!”

Those cold words managed to build a fury inside Mama Swimmer and Mama Flyer, and they glared at the Threehorn. They hated it whenever he insulted their children.

“Excuse me!?” Mama Flyer yelled, “What did you just call OUR children!?”

“Our kids are not pests!” added Mama Swimmer, “That is just despicable!”

“Yeah, well so are them falling in love!” Topps retorted, shooting the mothers a death glare, “Don’t think you’ve escaped punishment, because I even might just banish you for lying to me about the matter!”

“Just go! Leave us alone!” shouted Mama Flyer.

“We have nothing more to say to you right now with your disregard towards our children!” added Mama Swimmer.

“Fine, but you haven’t heard the last of this!” replied Topps, and he turned away and left in outrage, cursing vulgarities under his breath.

Once Topps was gone, Mama Swimmer and Mama Flyer looked at each other in complete despair. Now that the grimmest dinosaur in the Great Valley was on Ducky and Petrie’s case, they began hyperventilating in fear for the safety of their precious children.

“Is it true? Tell me it’s not true,” said Tria after a moment of eerie silence had gone by.

Mama Swimmer and Mama Flyer panted and stared at the purple Threehorn for what seemed like ages, and even if no words were spoken, she could tell just from their expressions that it was all true and they were desperately trying to cover it up.

“I am so sorry,” Tria apologized to the Swimmer and Flyer with a grim expression, “Personally, I don’t mind if it is true, but I’m afraid we’ve got quite a sticky situation in our hands.”

“You can say that again!” panted Mama Swimmer, “Your mate wanted to banish our children to the Mysterious Beyond, and we cannot let that happen to them! My little Ducky! I can’t bear the thought of losing her!”

“I can’t let my little Petrie suffer the same fate as his uncle, Pterano,” added Mama Flyer, “My little baby is too precious for me to let him suffer such a tragic fate.”

“Listen, … we’ll inform the Longnecks about the situation, and see what they can do to help,” suggested Tria.

Mama Swimmer had so nearly forgotten that the Longnecks were already aware of the case, but it did little to brighten her spirits since Topps was very likely to spread his influence around the valley in a frantic effort to rid them of Ducky and Petrie.

“You go inform Littlefoot’s grandparents, and we’ll go get Petrie and Ducky,” instructed Mama Flyer.

“I’m on it,” answered Tria, and she immediately turned and left.

With Tria gone, Mama Flyer glared at Hyp, the one who had slipped to Topps about Ducky and Petrie, and potentially the one whom would be responsible for getting them banished and ruining all their lives forever. She wanted to crush his skull in for slipping their kids’ secret.

“I hope you’re happy, Hyp!” the Flyer roared while breathing heavily in an effort to contain her anger, “You may have just ruined all our lives! Now, my little Petrie and Mrs. Swimmer’s little Ducky may get kicked out of our home because of you, you arrogant, little beast! I will never forgive you for this, and you’re so lucky I’m not going to just slash your throat with my wing!”

Hyp sat where he was in horror, breathing heavily as he anticipated that Mama Flyer would finish him off at any moment. He looked up at his father, but all he got was a grim expression. His father apparently felt so sorry for Ducky and Petrie, and he had nothing to say to his son.

“Ms. Flyer! Please!” Mama Swimmer stepped in, holding Mama Flyer by the arms in an effort to calm her down, “I’m just as mad at Hyp as you are, but we have more important things to worry about than threatening the one who slipped our children’s secret.”

Mama Flyer gradually slowed her breathing, and she managed to calm down at least long enough to forget about wanting to kill Hyp.

“You’re right,” she sighed.

“Come on, Ms. Flyer. Let’s fetch Ducky and Petrie,” said Mama Swimmer gently, then she turned to Hyp with a furious glare, “If Ducky and Petrie get banished, you will pay for this! Mark my words!”

“I can’t bear to see how they’ll react to the dreadful news,” lamented Mama Flyer as they set off together, leaving a traumatized Hyp alone with his father.

“Me neither,” agreed Mama Swimmer, “This is going to hit them pretty hard, and they’re going to be living at least the next few days in fear.”

“Oh, just the thought of that,” gasped Mama Flyer in agony.

Without another word, the duo journeyed through the valley in an effort to hopefully find Ducky and Petrie before Topps did.

The Gang was still playing “Hide and Seek,” and for good reason. Petrie was having a very hard time trying to find his hiding friends. Although he had managed to find Littlefoot, Spike and Chomper, the girls seemed elusive. He knew his friends had been good hiders, but he didn’t anticipate that they were this good at it.

“Where are you, guys!?” he called as he soared through the forest.

There was no response.

“Maybe me no should have been ‘it’ today,” he lamented.

Before long, he got tired of flying and decided to land on a tree branch to get a good view of the grounds below him. He hoped that from high up, he could find at least one of the three girls still hiding from him.

Then, he looked down and spotted Topps walking through the forest with an angry look on his face. It seemed quite obvious that he was looking for Cera. Petrie scooted next to the tree so that the Threehorn wouldn’t spot him, as he could tell just from his facial expression that he was in no mood for any childish nonsense. Within a moment, Topps had disappeared.

“Me guess Cera upset her daddy again,” Petrie whispered to himself.

Barely a moment later, he heard the echoes of Cera and her father arguing with each other, but since they were so far away, he couldn’t make out what they were talking about.

“Oh, boy. Cera dad really angry with her today,” he whispered.

A moment later, Topps came strolling through the area again, in the other direction, with Cera reluctantly following him.

Once they disappeared, Petrie was about to take off again and continue his search for his other friends, when he heard an echoing call from an ever-so-familiar voice.


The Flyer shifted his gaze towards the sky and found his mother flying directly towards him. He felt dumbfounded about her sudden arrival, since it was never like any of their folks to interrupt them in the middle of one of their games, perhaps except Mr. Threehorn. Something fishy would have to be going on.

“Mama?” Petrie said awkwardly.

In a matter of seconds, Mama Flyer landed on the branch her son was perching on, and she gently pulled him in for a hug with an expression of shock and horror written on her face. Petrie could tell right away that this was not a good sign.

“Petrie,” Mama Flyer panted as a tear slipped from her eye, “Thank goodness I found you.”

“What is it, Mama?” asked Petrie, “Me right in middle of playing ‘hide and seek’, and me no find me friends yet.”

“Never mind about now, Petrie,” said Mama Flyer frantically, “I …”

She couldn’t find the words to inform her son of the tragic news that awaited him. She knew he would not be able to take it very well the instant he was told.

“What is it?” Petrie asked again as he began to have hunches as to what his mother had to tell him.

“I … I have some terrible news, Petrie,” Mama Flyer sniffled.

“What happen?” asked Petrie as his heart began to race with worry, “Someone get very sick? Sailback Sharpteeth from me sleep stories trying to attack Great Valley?”

“No, my little one,” Mama Flyer trembled, “Nobody’s gotten sick, nor are there Sharpteeth trying to penetrate the valley walls. It’s worse; much, worse.”

Petrie could only think of one other possibility, and it was one he knew that could mean deep trouble.

“It’s Mr. Threehorn.” Mama Flyer bluntly worded.

Petrie’s eyes were wide with horror, and his mouth was agape in realization that the worst had just happened. Mama Flyer took one glance at her son’s terrified expression, and she quickly regretted what she had said, but she had to break the news to him one way or the other.

“No!” he gasped, “You no mean!?”

“Yes, Petrie. I’m afraid it’s happened,” Mama Flyer said before she briefly paused, tears streaming from her eyes, “He found out.”

Petrie’s heart exploded, and he stood where he was, speechless. He could not believe that their secret had been slipped this soon, and now he could be facing banishment from the Great Valley any day now. Tears filled up in his eyes and threatened to come pouring down his cheeks. His beak quivered in fear and sadness. He wanted to fly away, screaming and bawling his eyes out, but his mother kept him tightly in a hug to prevent his escape while he tried to keep the tears in.

“I’m so sorry, Petrie,” sniffled Mama Flyer.

“How he find out?” Petrie panted, his emotions still waiting to explode.

“He overheard the conversation Mrs. Swimmer and I had with Hyp and his father, and Hyp blurted out that he saw you and Ducky kissing,” explained Mama Flyer.

“Hyp, you evil monster!” Petrie thought as he shifted his thoughts to Hyp. The little Flyer would never find it in his heart to forgive Hyp, now that he had slipped their secret to Cera’s grumpy father, and he could surely be responsible for getting him and Ducky banished from their beloved home. However, once he thought about his potential banishment, he could only lament in his thoughts that nothing would be able to save him or Ducky from having to say “goodbye” to their home, or worse, their families and friends. He couldn’t bear the thought of them becoming outcasts with no family or no home, and the fact that it was only a matter of time before that happened tore his heart to pieces. He didn’t want to have to say “goodbye” to his loving mother, nor did he want to say “goodbye” to Littlefoot and his other friends, or the home they had gone through so much pain and horror to find in the first place. Just the thought of such a hard-earned life being taken away from him so heartlessly …

Finally, Petrie could no longer hold it in, and he let out an ear-piercing scream and buried his face in his mother’s chest. The tears came pouring from his eyes in torrents and immediately drenched his cheeks to the point they felt cold. Mama Flyer instantly wrapped both wings around her heartbroken son to offer him warmth and comfort. Tears streamed from her eyes as it tore her up to see her son in such a terrible struggle, and she was sure that they would not be together for much longer.

“Petrie, are you okay up there?” a voice echoed from below, which could only have been from the Swimmer he loved so much.

Mama Flyer looked down and saw Littlefoot, Ducky, Spike, Chomper and Ruby all looking up at them with concern. She knew immediately that they had heard his heartbreaking scream.

“What is the matter, Petrie?” asked Ducky as a few tears leaked from her eyes, as she couldn’t stand it to see her boyfriend in so much pain.

“Ducky, … I think you’d better head home immediately,” sniffled Mama Flyer, “I’m afraid … it’s not good.”

Ducky gasped fearfully and immediately began sprinting her way back home, not even stopping to say goodbye to her friends. She only knew she just had to go home. Chances were that her parents must have had terrible news they had to share with her. She was afraid it may have had something to do with her and Petrie once she saw him crying and his mother tearfully hugging him …

Suddenly, … she began fearing the worst …

Ducky never slowed down until she saw her family’s nest, and she arrived just in time to witness a nightmare …

“What!?” her father screamed as he and her mother held each other with horror etched on both their faces. Her siblings were gathered around them, gasping as if they had just heard something horrible.

“Hyp blurted out loud that he saw Petrie and our little Ducky kissing, and Mr. Threehorn was right behind his back when he said that!” cried Mama Swimmer, “He had no idea he was there until … it was too late!”

“No!” gasped Papa Swimmer, “This can’t be-“

“AAAAAAAAAHHHH! NAAAAOOO!” Mama Swimmer suddenly screamed so loudly that the children ran back into the nest and cowered inside, while Ducky hid herself behind the rock Petrie would occasionally land on, and her heart stopped as she watched her mother collapse to the ground and start wailing like a child as if she had just lost someone so close to her, “NAAAOOO! OH, PLEASE NO!”

“Oh, my goodness!” Papa Swimmer yelled as he crouched down and pulled her mate back up before hugging her tightly, “Oh, my dear.”


Ducky couldn’t bear to watch her mother struggling like this, but she also couldn’t bear to leave her parents while they were in this unimaginable turmoil. The thought of losing her home and her family just because she was in love with Petrie felt too much for her to take. After they had traveled so far for so long just to find them, and even drowned a Sharptooth along the way, it was so unfair for it to even be possible that she and Petrie were about to lose all of that in just a matter of days, maybe even tomorrow, … or possibly today. Could this be the last she ever saw of her family? Could these be the last moments she ever spent in the Great Valley that was suddenly about to turn against her?

She looked up at the sky and briefly thought of Judy. She wondered what she would say if she had been around to see what had just unfolded. She knew her friend would have been happy with the idea that she had found such a sweet companion in Petrie, but now that this very compassion they had for each other was about to have them exiled for the rest of their days, she wished she could see Judy right now, … if just for a moment.

“Okay, dear. Just settle down, and we’ll go find Ducky and bring her home immediately,” Papa Swimmer soothed his mate, although she only continued to weep so hopelessly.

Once she overheard those words, Ducky knew she couldn’t stay hidden. She had to reveal herself to her parents, even if they were possibly going to lash out at her.

With a gulp of reluctance, the little Swimmer stepped out from behind the rock and slowly walked towards her parents. She felt the tears building in her eyes as the thought of losing almost everything she loved began to break her heart. She involuntarily let out one single sniffle, and that alone was enough to gain their attention.

They almost instantly turned to find their little daughter approaching them, tears welling in her eyes, her bill quivering as she tried to hard to keep it in.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Mama Swimmer pulled herself away from her mate and scooped up Ducky in her arms.

“Oh, Ducky!” she cried as she brought her daughter to her chest and hugged her so tightly that she almost couldn’t breathe, “Oh, my little baby!”

“It cannot be!” cried Ducky, “Please! NO! IT CANNOT BE!”

“I’m so sorry, my dear Ducky!” her mother wept as it became clear her daughter had overheard everything, “I’m afraid it’s happened! Mr. Threehorn has … found out!”

“Oh, no, no, NO, NO, NAAAOOOO!” Ducky yelled as she felt tears begin to spill from her eyes. This felt just as horrible as that terrible morning when she found Judy and her family’s dead bodies. She felt her heart rate speed up to the point that it felt like it could jump out of her chest. Her stomach lurched, and she felt something building up in her throat. The thought of her and Petrie facing permanent exile her feel so sick inside that she couldn’t hold it in. She held her neck with her hands in an attempt to keep it in, but it proved to be in vain.

Mama Swimmer noticed this once she heard her daughter hyperventilating, and she reacted quickly by setting her back on the ground. The little Swimmer ran as quickly as she could towards the trees bordering the nest, and she shut her eyes as she felt her neck filling up.

Her family looked away once they heard the gruesome sound belching and liquid splattering all over the ground. Her father groaned in disgust and buried his face with his hands in disbelief.

“Our poor little daughter!” wailed Mama Swimmer.

“This is exactly what I was afraid of!” her mate cried, “This is just what I feared would happen! Oh, what will become of us!?”

“Oh, what are we going to do!?” wept Mama Swimmer.

“I … I don’t know, dear,” softened Papa Swimmer as she held her mate closely.

“No way!” said one of the other children, “Is it … true!?”

“Our sister is going away!?” cried another.

“No! Please don’t let them take Ducky away!” wept a third.

A majority of Ducky’s siblings jumped out of the nest and gathered around their distraught parents. The babies in the nest, although having no idea what was going on, also began to cry once they saw that virtually everyone else present was in tears. The whole family was suddenly in such a terrible state of desperation and hopelessness. It all seemed so unfair that they were about to lose perhaps the most special member of the entire family, a cute little girl who was always so happy and cheerful, always willing to lend a helping hand, to think that any time now she’d be forced out of their lives forever.

“I can’t believe this is happening! What are we gonna do!? We can’t just let Mr. Threehorn throw Ducky and Petrie out!” cried one of the boys.

“Your father and I … feel just as terrible as you do, kids,” sobbed Mama Swimmer, “All that we can do is hope that the Longnecks can talk him out of it. Thankfully, the Longnecks are already on our side.”

“Our only hope is for other dinosaurs to agree with them, because if we can’t get the support that concerns our current situation, … then … we may lose our beloved Ducky,” sniffled Papa Swimmer.

They were momentarily interrupted by the sound of Ducky vomiting again. They could that tell this had hit her just as hard as Judy’s untimely death, and her and Petrie’s nightmares were beginning to come true. In just a matter of days, or even hours, they would be exiled from the Great Valley just for being in love with each other, and spend the rest of their days as outcasts in the Mysterious Beyond, always on the run from Sharpteeth that lurked at every corner, with no family and no home to go to. No child deserved to live a life like that, but fate seemed to be against them for their “forbidden” relationship.

Eventually, Ducky emerged from behind the tree. She had managed to stop her vomiting, but tears were pouring torrentially down her face. She could not imagine that she and Petrie would become outcasts just because of their love for each other. She could not have imagined herself or Petrie spending the rest of their days on the run as exiles because of what they were.

“I cannot believe we are going to be banished-ed! No, no, no!” Ducky cried.

“Come here, Ducky,” said Mama Swimmer gently, and she once again lifted her daughter and caressed her warmly, “I’ll take you over to the river, so you can have a nice, warm bath. Maybe that will cheer you up a little until we can figure out what we’re going to do. Would you like that, my little one?”

“Okay, Mama,” sniffled Ducky.

“That’s my sweet, little girl,” her mother sniffled as she turned towards the river that was just a few steps away.

The river glistened in the late morning light of the Bright Circle, but neither of them felt as if they were in their normal place. Now that the Great Valley was turning against them because of Ducky’s love for Petrie, this river felt as if it was from another place on Earth. It seemed that the Great Valley would never feel the same again.

“Okay, my little Ducky,” Mama Swimmer said kindly as she crouched into the river and soaked herself, “Jump in.”

Ducky was happy to oblige, and she jumped into the river with a splash. When she resurfaced, she sighed sadly and sat down on the shallow floor near the riverbank. She looked like she was in no mood for splashing fun with her mother, which was far from her usual self. All she really wanted was to bath herself calmly and peacefully.

“This is the worst-est day of my life. It is, it is,” the little Swimmer said solemnly, “M-maybe even worse than … J-Ju-Judy.”

“I’m so sorry, Ducky,” Mama Swimmer said again as she sat next to her daughter and affectionately rubbed her back continuously, “Hopefully, the Longnecks can fix this situation for us before it gets any worse.”

“What if they do not?” lamented Ducky doubtfully.

“I’ll do everything I can to make sure Mr. Threehorn does not take my precious daughter away from me,” vowed Mama Swimmer, “You are precious to me, Ducky. You are the future of my family, just as Petrie is the future of his, and I will never let you suffer the fate of living the life of an exile.”

Ducky looked up at her mother and grinned ever the slightest, although Mama Swimmer could tell that it wasn’t truly a grin. She looked as if she was ready to give up on her still-young life. There seemed to be no point in trying to move on when she was likely to spend the rest of her days as an exile with only Petrie to accompany her.

“Please don’t give up on me, sweetie,” said Mama Swimmer, “You are my precious child, and you belong to me … always.”

“T-thanks, Mama,” sniffled Ducky, feeling touched from her mother’s words, “I love you, Mama. I do, I do.”

“I love you, too, Ducky,” replied Mama Swimmer, and she kissed her daughter on her bill.


It wasn’t her mother’s voice whom had spoken her name, but instead it sounded … much older, … like an elderly dinosaur.

Ducky suddenly saw Littlefoot’s grandmother walking up to them with a look of concern.

“There you are, Ducky. Are you okay?” she asked.

“No, no, no,” answered Ducky, shaking her head.

“I heard about what happened with Mr. Threehorn,” informed Grandma Longneck, “I am very sorry that things had to take a bad turn.”

“I am so scared-ed, Grandma Longneck. I am, I am,” shivered Ducky, “I do not want to be banished-ed just because I love Petrie.”

“And you know I don’t want you or Petrie to be banished, either,” agreed Grandma Longneck, “Listen, Ducky. I have something important to tell you.”

“What is it, Mrs. Longneck?” asked Mama Swimmer.

“Tria, my mate and I were able to convince Mr. Threehorn to not banish you until tomorrow,” informed Grandma Longneck.

“Tomorrow!?” yelled Ducky in horror, “Does that mean that Petrie and I will leave the Great Valley tomorrow!?”

“No, Ducky. There is going to be a meeting tomorrow,” explained Grandma Longneck, “It wasn’t easy, but we managed to convince Mr. Threehorn to agree to a meeting, which will be held at the Rock Circle. This meeting will be attended by all the other dinosaurs in the Great Valley, and it will determine whether you will be allowed to stay in the valley … or get banished.”

“It seems to be the only thing that can save my daughter at this rate,” sighed Mama Swimmer, “We just have to hope that a majority of the Great Valley dinosaurs will side with us and not with Mr. Threehorn. Some of them are convinced that love between different kinds are considered a crime in the Great Valley.”

Ducky simply looked back down at her reflection in the river and let more tears slip down her cheeks. She was sure that very few dinosaurs in the Great Valley would side with them, and that would most definitely mean banishment.

“I’m sure this will turn out fine,” said Grandma Longneck, although, deep down, she had her doubts, too.

“I am not sure. No, no, no,” sighed Ducky.

“Anyways, I’d better go inform the other residents about the meeting,” said Grandma Longneck, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Ducky.”

“See you later,” said Ducky in a low voice.

With that, Grandma Longneck left Ducky alone with her mother, and the Swimmer refused to look away from her reflection in the river.

“Poor me,” she sniffled, “Poor Petrie. I cannot believe we have been found-ed out, … all because of that stupid Hyp.”

“Now, Ducky, Hyp didn’t mean to let it slip to Mr. Threehorn. He didn’t know he was right behind him,” said Mama Swimmer.

“I still hate him for what he did-ed to us,” pouted Ducky as her hatred towards Hyp only intensified, “First, he nearly makes me and Petrie drown in the sinking sand, and now he slips our secret and will probably get Petrie and I banished-ed.”

“I’m just as mad at Hyp as you are, Ducky,” consoled Mama Swimmer, “Right now, though, that’s the farthest thing from my mind. All that is on my mind right now is making sure you get to stay in this valley.”

Ducky had run out of words to say, and she simply sighed and lied down on her back. She instantly felt cold sensations covering her body, but she didn’t care.

“I promise, Ducky, … I will not let this happen to you,” said Mama Swimmer, “You and Petrie are perfect together, and we are going to prove it.”

“Petrie does not deserve this, either. No, no, no. I love him too much to bear him having to be on the run,” sniffled Ducky.

“We’ll do what we can do, dear,” assured Mama Swimmer, “Right now, though, why don’t we relax in the river, so you can refresh yourself?”

“Okay, Mama,” sighed Ducky.

Mama Swimmer stared uneasily at her daughter. She knew at heart that it was going to take more than just a miracle to allow her and Petrie to stay in the Great Valley.

Mama Flyer landed on the ledge of her family’s cave, with Petrie sobbing on her back, and she sat down and carefully lifted her son off her back and into her lap. Petrie promptly climbed up his mother’s chest and wrapped his wings around her neck. Mama Flyer responded by enveloping her son in her wings and kissing his beak warmly.

“This worst day of me life,” sobbed Petrie, “Me and Ducky no belong in Great Valley anymore.”

“Petrie, … you do belong in the Great Valley. You belong to me, and you always will belong to me,” assured Mama Flyer, “I will not let Mr. Threehorn go anywhere near you until this matter has been settled. We’ll do what we can do to stop him from exiling you and Ducky.”

Petrie didn’t feel much better after hearing that. In fact, he felt more doubtful than ever. He decided that he didn’t want to pour his misery all over his mother, and he turned and began to flap his wings, but Mama Flyer instantly stopped him and tightened his hug so that he couldn’t escape.

“Please, Petrie. Don’t run away from home,” Mama Flyer sniffled, “I care too much about you to let you take off and never come back. I love you, Petrie.”

This managed to get Petrie’s face to explode in tears again, and he once again buried his face against his mother’s neck.

“Me love you, too, Mama!” he wept.

“Aww, there, there, Petrie,” Mama Flyer tearfully consoled her son as she squeezed him in a hug, “Don’t cry, my little baby. I’m right here … just for you. Your Mommy will never let you go. I promise, Petrie, … I will not let you or Ducky become outcasts. You will always belong in the Great Valley, and you will always have me, and most importantly, you and Ducky will always have each other.”

Hearing Ducky’s name made Petrie think about how she would be able to take it if banishment was inevitable. He couldn’t imagine her having to run from Sharpteeth every couple of minutes for the rest of her life, even if he accompanied her. Children becoming outcasts felt like the saddest thing in the world, and for him and Ducky in danger of becoming among those whom had been condemned to a lifetime of suffering and homelessness felt like a complete nightmare that was only a few days, or hours, away.

“Petrie? Are you in there?” came another voice, and elder one by the sound of it.

Mama Flyer gently tapped Petrie’s head crest, and the little Flyer unhid his drenched face and spotted Grandpa Longneck standing right in front of their ledge.

“Oh, Mr. Longneck, it’s such a relief to see you,” sighed Mama Flyer.

“I’m sorry to hear about what happened today, Ms. Flyer,” consoled Grandpa Longneck, “I’m sure you and your poor son must be devastated.”

“I’m trying to hang in there, but my poor Petrie is feeling so distraught that he wants to run away,” explained Mama Flyer.

“Now there, Petrie, … there’s no need to run away from your troubles, even if the odds are against you,” said Grandpa Longneck.

“But what if Mr. Threehorn banish me and Ducky?” lamented Petrie, “Me no want to deal with it. Me just want to leave and take Ducky with me.”

“I understand, Petrie, but today is not the day to do it, nor will there ever be a day when that time comes, … hopefully,” said Grandpa Longneck.

“How did it go with Mr. Threehorn?” asked Mama Flyer.

“We weren’t quite able to convince him to allow Ducky and Petrie to stay in the valley,” sighed Grandpa Longneck.

“Me knew it!” cried Petrie, “Me leaving! Goodbye, Mama! Goodbye, Great Valley!”

Just as Petrie began flapping his wings in yet another attempt to run away, Mama Flyer once again pulled him back and tightened his hug to stop him.

“Mama, please! Let Petrie go!” Petrie begged, swinging his feet back and forth while trying to squirm his way out of his mother’s hug, but to no avail.

“Petrie, … Tria, my mate and I were able to get Mr. Threehorn to agree to hold a meeting,” said Grandpa Longneck clearly so that Petrie could get the message.

That did the trick, and Petrie froze and stared awkwardly at the Longneck.

“Meeting?” he sniffled.

“There will be a meeting at the Rock Circle tomorrow. All the other dinosaurs of the Great Valley will attend. This hearing will determine whether you get to stay in the Great Valley … or be exiled, which doing to children leaves a bad taste in my mouth,” explained Grandpa Longneck.

“Oh, that make me feel whole lot better!” said Petrie sarcastically.

“I’m sure this meeting just might resolve our situation, Petrie,” said Mama Flyer, “All we need is for a majority of the Great Valley’s dinosaurs to agree to let you and Ducky stay. That should be enough for Mr. Threehorn to reconsider his actions.”

Petrie sighed in doubt, but he had run out of words to say, so he didn’t reply further.

“My mate and I are doing everything in our power to ensure that the Great Valley remains your home, Petrie, and Ducky’s, too,” said Grandpa Longneck with a wink, “I wouldn’t want Littlefoot to lose two of his most loyal friends who came with him to the Great Valley when we were sure that we had lost you forever.”

“That’s right,” agreed Mama Flyer, “I lost you once after that Earth Shake, and I nearly lost you many more times after that when you and your friends went on your many adventures. I refuse to let it happen to you again. You are too precious for me to allow you to lose your home in this valley. I want you to be able to stay, and Ducky’s family wants her to stay just as badly. You are not bad children just because you are in love with each other. You and Ducky are perfect for each other, and we will prove Mr. Threehorn wrong.”

Petrie looked up at his mother and saw that she was tearfully grinning at him. The child couldn’t help but return the grin, and he kissed her with a quivering beak.

“Thank you, Mama,” he sobbed.

“Anything for you, my precious son,” replied Mama Flyer.

“Now then, I’d better go inform the other dinosaurs about the meeting, and I’ll see you tomorrow at the Rock Circle. Don’t be late,” informed Grandpa Longneck, and he turned around to leave.

“Thank you, Grandpa Longneck,” sniffled Petrie.

“You’re welcome, Petrie. See you soon,” replied Grandpa Longneck.

Once the elder was gone, the two Flyers stared at each other with tears still streaming from their eyes. They were still worried about the possibility of losing each other just because the child was in love with a child from another kind. They desperately hoped that whatever the Longnecks had in mind would prevent Topps from turning Ducky and Petrie into exiles.

Suddenly, Petrie thought about Ducky again, and it saddened him to think of how she would react and how she would be able to take it if they became outcasts.

“Poor me, … and … poor Ducky,” he sniffled to himself, “Me no sure Ducky could take this. Me love her so much that me no want to see her so sad or get eaten by Sharptooth in Mysterious Beyond.”

“I’m sure Ducky is just as sad as you are,” consoled Mama Flyer, “Right now, though, all we can do is just wait for tomorrow’s meeting and hope that it goes well.”

“Me hope,” sighed Petrie.

Mama Flyer sighed and turned back for just a moment, and she noticed her four other children watching the sad scene with mixed expressions. Pearlwing appeared to be absolutely worried for Petrie, by the looks of it. Donnie, whom Petrie considered to be the worst of all, looked as if he wouldn’t care what happened to him. The two other children didn’t know what to make of all this, but it was very clear to their mother that they had overheard the entire thing.

Mama Flyer looked out to admire the Great Valley’s beauty, unable to imagine what it would be like if Ducky and Petrie were no longer allowed here. Suddenly, she noticed Mama Swimmer standing right in front of the ledge. The Flyer gasped from shock and nearly jumped, but she was careful not to let Petrie fall out of her wings.

“Oh! Mrs. Swimmer, you just about startled me,” she panted, getting Petrie’s attention and allowing him to notice their Swimmer visitor.

“Sorry about that, Ms. Flyer,” Mama Swimmer apologized, “I wasn’t planning on coming here on such short notice, but Ducky insisted that she come here just so she could be with Petrie for a while. She refuses to leave him all alone and sad.”

Sure enough, Mama Swimmer carefully placed Ducky on the rocky pathway that led to the ledge, and the little Swimmer instantly ran up the path as quickly as her legs would allow her to.

“Aw, that is very nice of her,” chuckled Mama Flyer, “I think that Ducky is the one dinosaur Petrie needs to be with right now. He wants to run away, but with Ducky around, I think they should be okay together until the meeting tomorrow.”

“I think so, too,” agreed Mama Swimmer.

Petrie squirmed out of his mother’s hug and waited anxiously for his girlfriend to appear from around the corner of the pathway. Sure enough, Ducky skidded around the last bend and ran up to the ledge. She panted wearily as she stopped in front of her boyfriend.

“Oh, Ducky!” sobbed Petrie, “You here!”

“I am here, Petrie. Yep, yep, yep,” replied Ducky, “I am here just for you.”

“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!” cried Petrie, and the two lovers hugged each other as tightly as they could and shared their tears of love and worry.

Their mothers sniffled and grinned as the two children pampered each other and smooched each other’s faces. They looked so inseparable that it seemed that they would not let go of each other anytime soon.

“Me love you so much, Ducky, … me Sweet Swimmer,” wept Petrie.

“I love you so much, too, Petrie, … my Funny Flyer,” sobbed Ducky.

“Me no can believe this happening to us,” said Petrie, “All because of no-good Hyp.”

“I am sure Hyp did not mean to let our secret slip away, … but I still have not forgiven him for the sinking sand incident yesterday,” said Ducky.

“Me neither,” stammered Petrie, “Me never forgive him now, and now we may become exiles.”

“Maybe the meeting will keep us in the Great Valley,” said Ducky hopefully.

“What if it do no good?” quivered Petrie.

“Then we will face what is coming to us … together,” answered Ducky.

“Together?” sniffled Petrie.

“Together … always,” assured Ducky.

“Me no want to lose you, Ducky,” said Petrie.

“I do not want to lose you, either, Petrie. No, no, no,” said Ducky, “Listen. Even if we do become outcasts, I will never leave your side, my Funny Flyer. I will always protect you as if I was your big sister, and we will find a new life together elsewhere that we will be accepted-ed. You will always be my love, Petrie, and I will pamper you every day until the day we die.”

Petrie felt happy tears stream down his cheeks as he heard his girlfriend’s comforting words. He knew right then that Ducky would do whatever it took to ensure that they would never be torn apart regardless of what happened to them.

“Thank you, Ducky! Thank you,” the Flyer cried hysterically.

“You are welcome, Petrie,” Ducky responded, and she promptly kissed her boyfriend’s beak.

“Me no will leave your side, either, … me Sweet Swimmer,” Petrie began once he had composed himself, “Me will protect you from anything that stand in our way, even when you try to do same for me. Me may feel like little brother to you, … but, at heart, you love of me life, and me will always remember times we spent here in Great Valley if we have to travel somewhere else and start new life together. Me will warm you with me wings every day until we die, Ducky.”

“Aw, Petrie!” cried Ducky, “You are so sweet! You are, you are!”

“Me love you, Ducky!”

“I love you, too, Petrie!”

The two loving children continued their tight hug, while their mothers watched tearfully. They felt proud of their children for refusing to let go of each other through anything that stood in their path, whether they were allowed to stay in the valley or forced to go live someplace else where love between different kinds would not be an issue. Regardless of what might happen in tomorrow’s meeting, these were two kids who would not let anything rip them apart. They would be brave until the end.

Well, everything seems to have fallen to pieces now. Ducky and Petrie's secret has been spilled to everyone, and they may not have much longer in the Great Valley. Their lives may forever descend into despair, unless some miracle can keep them in the home they so do not deserve to lose for their love.

I am afraid to say that things will only continue to take a descent from here, and from here on out they will continue to branch out from the old version of this story for a completely different climax than what I came up with two years ago. There will be no more of those touchy love scenes like we've seen before. Things will only continue to build up until we eventually reach our big climax.

I'll see you soon with chapter 17.

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LBT Fanfiction / Re: Shorty's Dark Past 2.0
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OMG! :opetrie Ali must be completely out of her mind! This whole chapter was just complete outrage (not in a way that upset me or anything, but seriously, the character interactions just completely boiled over). You almost can't help but feel sorry for Ali because of how, in her mind, her mother just doesn't understand her troubles, but she has taken a big gamble. She has no idea what's coming to her, and she doesn't seem to care. I don't even know who I'd side with in this situation. If I were one of those Longnecks overhearing that dreadful conversation, I wouldn't know what to do. I'd feel completely lost. Part of me wants to lash out at Ali for her disregard for the world around her, but part of me wants to hold back, as if that's going to do any good since no one is going to take her seriously, it seems.

So, just as I predicted, Ali has reached her boiling point, and I can't even begin to describe how I feel about her in this story right now. She has become quite a nuisance in the eyes of those who know her, and I don't even know where her gamble is going to take her next ...

LBT Fanfiction / Re: Secret Love v2
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Bullies Everywhere

Ducky and Petrie’s faces paled as they stared at the dinosaur (or dinosaurs) whom had spotted them kissing …

To their absolute horror, it was Hyp, accompanied by his two sidekicks, Mutt and Nod.

Given the nature of this trio, Ducky and Petrie were sure that their secret was about to fall apart. They could easily picture them running around the Great Valley, spreading the news that there was a forbidden relationship brewing in the valley, and it would, without a doubt, lead to their banishment that would ruin their lives forever.

“Oh, no, no, no,” whispered Ducky with horror, “It is Hyp, Mutt and Nod.”

“We doomed,” panicked Petrie as his girlfriend cuddled him tightly, “We dead. We banished for sure.”

“I don’t believe what I just saw,” said Nod.

“A Swimmer and a Flyer in love with each other!” added Mutt, “Have you ever seen dinosaurs of different kinds falling in love!? It’s absolutely disgusting!”

“And they just so happen to be some of the children we’ve had dealings with before!” Nod pointed out.

“And I’d say they’re in for big, big trouble!” finished Hyp, giving the Swimmer and Flyer a creepy, evil grin.

“How’s about we throw them into a tar pit?” suggested Nod.

“Oh, I don’t think so! I’ve had enough of seeing my fair share of tar pits!” argued Hyp, “How’s about something even more hideous!”

To the Swimmers and Flyers, it was quite obvious that these bullies had maintained some of their old personalities despite everything they had been through before. It seemed that seeing children of different kinds kissing each other had refueled their desire to torture them, or perhaps some dinosaurs would just never change.

“That’s enough!” the two mothers suddenly shouted as they stepped between their kids and their former enemies.

“You will not lay one finger on our children!” shouted Mama Swimmer, causing Hyp and his lackeys to take a few steps back, fearing trouble.

“Nor we will allow you to tell anyone that you saw what you saw!” added Mama Flyer.

“Uh, … w-we’re sorry,” Hyp shivered in fear as he locked eyes with the two angry mothers, just before Mutt looked to his left and whispered something in his ear that nobody else could make out.

Ducky and Petrie looked at each other with pale faces, desperately hoping that the bullies would promise to their mothers that they wouldn’t spread the word about their secret relationship to the others in the Great Valley. It could just about seal their fates if they did.

“We just couldn’t help but notice that your-,“ Hyp began before Mama Swimmer cut him off.

“Not another word!” the Swimmer shouted, “What you just saw is none of your business, and if you ever tell anyone that you saw what you thought you saw, we will have a serious discussion with your father about breaking into others’ business that does not concern you! Do I make myself clear!?”

Hyp fearfully nodded his head and looked to his left, and only then a strange look was etched on his face. Ducky and Petrie were confused by this, but they didn’t dare utter a word about it lest they wanted to risk getting on their bad side again.

“Now then, I would like you all to leave,” ordered Mama Flyer as she and Mama Swimmer stepped away from them.

“As you wish, miss,” said Nod, and they turned their backs on them and began to walk away.

However, as they were turning back, Hyp’s tail came swinging towards the kids. They barely had time to register the next thought before they realized his tail was coming right for them.

Ducky managed to crouch out of harm’s way just in time, but Petrie wasn’t quick enough, and Hyp’s tail whacked him hard in the chest. He was thrown off his feet and went soaring through the forest, screaming with fear.

“PETRIE!” Ducky screamed in horror as she watched her boyfriend flying through the forest.

“My baby!” Mama Flyer screamed in despair, while Mama Swimmer could only gasp in pure horror.

It was then that the Flyer and two Swimmers looked below him and saw a very familiar, unpleasant sight …

… a pool of sinking sand.

“OH, NO, NO, NO! SINKING SAND!” yelled Ducky, and she turned towards Hyp with a hateful glare, but the three bullies were already running off, knowing that what they had just done would lead to dire consequences, “COME BACK HERE, YOU MONSTERS!”

Mama Swimmer instantly pulled her daughter back before she could charge at the bullies, and Ducky felt tears leaking from her eyes as she watched the trio disappear.

The sound of Petrie’s helpless screams brought the little Swimmer’s attention back to him, and before she knew it, he was just a short distance away from the sinking sand.

“NOOOOOOOO!” she screamed, “PETRIE!”

Petrie landed just a few yards from the sinking sand, and his body rolled over numerous times from the impact of the landing. He closed his eyes, hoping it would stop soon, but then, … he felt himself splashing into something that felt rather sticky.

The Flyer opened his eyes the moment he could no longer feel himself rolling over, and he looked down and saw, to his horror, that he was suddenly in a pool of sinking sand. Then, he looked around and spotted the Sheltering Grass nearby. He realized immediately that this was the same pool of sinking sand he and his friends had once before fallen into.

“HELP!” he yelled as loud as he could, “HEEEEELP!”

“PETRIE!” he heard three voices reply, and he looked towards the trees of the forest and spotted his mother, along with Ducky and her mother running all the way to the edge of the pool.

“My little Petrie!” cried Mama Flyer.

“My Funny Flyer!” Ducky wailed, unable to bear seeing her boyfriend’s life being threatened by the sinking sand that had nearly consumed them once before.

“Help me! Pleeeease!” Petrie begged as tears of fear poured from his eyes as if he was pleading for his life.

Ducky closed her eyes for just a moment and was met with a flash. She suddenly saw herself standing on that view overlooking Black Rock and watching Petrie helplessly being tossed toward the mountain by that merciless wind. Suddenly, she saw another flash before she gasped and opened her eyes as if she was waking up from a sleep story.

She glanced at Petrie again as he tried in vain to pull himself out of the sinking sand. Determination had suddenly taken over her as she watched his struggles. After not being able to help save him from that terrible wind, she would not let herself sit back and let her beloved Petrie helplessly try in vain to struggle his way out of another sticky situation. She had not been able to help him before, but she knew she could not let that happen again. She just had to help him no matter what anyone said. She would not wait to be told to do so. She would not let anymore harm come to Petrie. She knew this was her moment to step in and save the Flyer she loved with all her heart and soul.

Without thinking twice, Ducky charged himself towards Petrie, hoping over the rocks until she reached him. She didn’t care about anything in the world except for the safety of her beloved one. She would not let some Sinking Sand eat him alive.

“DUCKY! NO!” Mama Swimmer yelled as her daughter made her way over the sinking sand, “COME BACK HERE! YOU’LL GET YOURSELF KILLED!”

Ducky ignored her mother’s warning and jumped onto the rock nearest to Petrie. Even though she was a Swimmer, there was no way she would be able to swim in that deadly Sinking Sand, even for a moment. Nothing could escape from Sinking Sand once it had pulled an unfortunate one in, and it could only take help from another to free the victim before it was too late.

“Take my hand!” the Swimmer called to her boyfriend.

Petrie panted as he tried to reach for Ducky’s hand, but the Swimmer seemed to be a little out of reach, as she was trying to stay cautious and not get too close to the Sinking Sand.

“You are too far! Just a little closer, Ducky!” Petrie gasped as he struggled for air due to his desperate attempts to struggle himself out of the pool.

“Ducky! Don’t!” Mama Swimmer called again, “You won’t be able to save him all by yourself! You need to let us do it!”

Once again ignoring her mother, Ducky hesitantly crouched down just a little, and it was just enough for Petrie to grab her hand with both hands.

“Oh, no!” gasped Mama Flyer, knowing deep down that Ducky’s small size would prove to be too much of a weakness when it came to a situation like this, “I don’t think she can pull this off!”

“Me neither!” agreed Mama Swimmer.

The mothers watched anxiously as Ducky pulled as hard as she could to get Petrie out of the Sinking Sand, moaning in pain as sweat poured from her body. They could somehow relate this to the day Petrie had been blown off to Black Rock, and Ducky had been left behind to wait for his return. Today, though, they could clearly see she was determined to not let that happen again. They saw the determination in her eyes as she tried her best to bring him back to safety after not being given a chance to do so before.

Ducky felt her arms straining as she kept pulling and pulling. Petrie held on tightly to her hands and even tried to pull under his own power, but it seemed to be of no use. Ducky knew she wouldn’t be able to keep trying for much longer, but she had to get her beloved Petrie to safety. Nothing could stop her. She just had to do it.

Unfortunately, her efforts appeared to be in vain, as the Sinking Sand tried to pull Petrie further in, and his weight was becoming too much for Ducky. Her feet began to slip, and she stepped backwards to try and balance herself, but she only found herself sliding further off the rock.

“I … must … save … Petrie!” she panted wearily, “I … can … not … keep … pulling!”

“Ducky! Please, let us help you!” called Mama Swimmer.

Ducky cried in pain and felt the last of her energy drain from her system. Petrie seemed too heavy for her to lift, and within a moment, she could not pull any longer.

“KIDS!” their mothers screamed as they noticed Ducky on the verge of passing out, and Petrie having nearly pulled her off the rock she was standing on.

But it was too late …

Ducky closed her eyes and she felt herself slipping into Petrie’s arms, which wrapped around her for what little protection they could offer. They could not keep themselves over the surface of the Sinking Sand with Ducky weighing Petrie down, and the two kids both sunk into the black pool with a slimy splash.

“NO!” the mothers cried in horror and despair.

But then, Mama Swimmer thought quickly and came up with a plan …

“Quick! Fly over to a nearby rock and pull them out! I’ll use my tail!” she instructed Mama Flyer.

“I’m on it!” the Flyer replied, and she instantly sprang into action, gliding over to the rock that Ducky had stood on.

From where she stood, she could faintly hear the kids’ muffled cries and moans of pain. Without a moment’s hesitation, the Flyer dipped her arms into the Sinking Sand and aimed for where she could hear the children’s distress calls coming from, while Mama Swimmer reached in with her tail to feel around for their kids.

Deep inside the Sinking Sand, which contained nothing but silent darkness, Ducky and Petrie had their eyes closed and their mouths zipped shut so that they wouldn’t breathe in the toxic substances. They tightly held each other as their hearts raced with fear that this could be the end, all because they had been spotted kissing by Hyp, Nod and Mutt. It was like this being their reward for letting their secret love get slipped to some bullies, and this may have well been their death sentence. They couldn’t even wonder if their mothers would try to pull them out. All they could think was that it was all over, and their secret relationship being slipped had cost them their lives. They couldn’t bear to imagine how Littlefoot and their other friends would react to having two fewer friends with them. This especially pained Ducky as she thought about Spike. What would become of him without his only foster sister who could understand him well? The only thing that comforted them was that they had each other to hold on to until the end, and that they would travel to the Great Beyond together, never to be separated again.

“This is it, Petrie. I am so sorry I could not save you. We are going down together,” Ducky thought sadly as she felt Petrie’s beak nuzzling against her chin, “I love you so much, Petrie.”

“We finished, Ducky. We let our secret slip to Hyp, and it get us both killed,” thought Petrie, “Me love you, Ducky. Please no let go of me until the end.”

“I will never let go of you, Petrie,” thought Ducky as if she was able to read the Flyer’s thoughts, “We spent-ed most of our lives together, and we will travel to the Great Beyond … together.”

The two kids couldn’t move a muscle as Ducky kept Petrie in a tight hug, while the Flyer’s beak was stuck to the Swimmer’s chin. They could still feel each other’s warmth comforting them as they prepared for the moment they would die together.

Suddenly, they felt another force moving them around, but they didn’t dare open their eyes or mouths to figure out what it was. They stayed still in their comforting cuddle as the new force shook them around the depths of the Sinking Sand. They were sure it might have been the forces of the sand itself blowing them around as it prepared to eat them alive.
“This it! It all over!” thought Petrie as he tried not to panic in what he was sure would be their final moments.

“Here we go, Petrie,” Ducky thought as she anticipated that this would be their last moment before the Sinking Sand would send them to the Great Beyond.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of splashing, and light began slamming through their eyelids. They kept their eyes closed so that the light wouldn’t damage their eyesight, but they opened their mouths, and they miraculously felt fresh air enter their mouths and nostrils. With their lungs having been deprived of oxygen for nearly a minute, they coughed continuously as they felt something soft swinging them around. Before long, they felt themselves being set down on what felt like soft grass.

Eventually, after managing to get a sufficient amount of oxygen into their lungs, the two kids slowly opened their eyes, and they panted with relief as they saw their mothers looking down at them with worried looks on their faces.

“Oh, kids!” gasped Mama Flyer, “Are you okay!?”

Ducky and Petrie looked at each other and managed to put some faint smiles on their faces.

“We alive!” thought Petrie happily.

“Our mamas saved-ed us! They did, they did!” thought Ducky.

The kids looked up at their mothers and smiled.

“We okay,” panted Petrie.

“Yep, yep, yep,” added Ducky weakly.

“Oh, thank goodness!” shouted Mama Swimmer with huge relief, “We were so worried that you wouldn’t make it out of there!”

“We worried we no escape from that Sinking Sand,” replied Petrie.

“We are just so glad you’re alright, kids,” sniffled Mama Flyer with tears of relief leaking from her eyes.

Mama Swimmer sat down and motioned for the two kids to come and sit on her lap.

“Come here, our little ones,” she said warmly as Mama Flyer stood on her lap and gestured to the kids to join them.

With the little strength their bodies still had, Ducky and Petrie slowly stood up and climbed up Mama Swimmer’s legs until Mama Flyer scooped them up. The four then embraced in a four-way group hug. They all exchanged tears of relief and happiness that they were alive and well, and that everything would be okay.

The hug lasted for nearly two whole minutes before they broke apart, and the mothers caressed their respective kids for a while.

It was then that Ducky’s expression turned into an angry one as she looked into the forest. She desperately wanted to get back at Hyp for tossing Petrie into the Sinking Sand and nearly getting them both killed.

“I will never forgive Hyp for that!” she said in a hateful tone as she stared off into the forest, “He almost killed-ed us!”

“Now, now, Ducky,” said Mama Swimmer, cuddling her daughter tightly, “Now is not the best time to go out for revenge. I’m sure Hyp didn’t mean to do what he did.”

“What if he did!?” argued Ducky.

“Ducky, one incident is not worth seeking vengeance for,” said Mama Flyer.

“M-me no sure if me agree with that or not,” said Petrie, “What if he did do that on purpose?”

“I think he did do it on purpose!” agreed Ducky, “He almost made-ed us drown because he saw us kissing!”

“I think Ms. Flyer’s right, kids,” said Mama Swimmer, “Hyp may have been a bully before, but on the inside, he is truly a different dinosaur than everyone thinks he is. There’s no need to have a personal vendetta on him just because of what he did.”

Ducky sighed and looked down, having run out of arguments. She had to accept the fact: Hyp wasn’t really as bad as many children thought he was, even though he still had some of his old habits.

“Now, Ducky, I must ask you: what were you thinking when you jumped over those rocks in the Sinking Sand … on your own?” asked Mama Swimmer in a slightly stern yet gentle voice.

“I just …  wanted-ed to save Petrie,” gulped Ducky, sure that she was in for a scolding.

“We understand that you were trying to save your beloved one, Ducky,” Mama Swimmer sympathized, “But you know you’re not big or strong enough to pull anything out of a pool of sinking sand or a tar pit all by yourself.”

“I appreciate the fact that you tried as hard as you could to rescue my son, Ducky, but you’re still a kid right now,” added Mama Flyer, “Children are much more vulnerable to danger than grownups, and anything could have happened to you over there.”

“I know!” sniffled Ducky as her mouth quivered, an indicator that she was ready to cry now that she felt guilty for letting their mothers worry about them; to allow them to think they were going to lose their beloved children.

“Please no cry, Ducky,” said Petrie nervously, “You may no be able to save me all by yourself, but you still braver than me.”

“How could that be!?” sobbed Ducky as her eyes filled up with tears that were ready to fall any minute, “After I could only watch you fly away to Black Rock!? I did not want to just sit back all over again and be so useless! I could not leave you so helpless, Petrie! I had to try and save you! I did, I did! I just … could not … wait for someone else to do it! How could I be braver-er than you when I have now twice not been able to protect you from danger!? Why, why, why!?”

“Ducky, protecting you and Petrie are our jobs,” chuckled Mama Swimmer.

“Just as important to us as our job in protecting the Great Valley,” added Mama Flyer.

“But what if Petrie runs into danger again, I cannot can help him, and no one else is around to help me!?” cried Ducky.

Mama Flyer and Mama Swimmer looked at each other and exchanged sad expressions. Their efforts at reassuring Ducky seemed to be futile.

“Ducky, … me will always find way out of trouble,” Petrie assured her in the calmest way possible, “Even if you no always there to help me, me will find me way to escape anything that try to tear us apart, … because me want to be with you. You what help me get through everything that get in our way, … because me care so much about you. You me heart, Ducky, and even when we not together, me can feel your presence inside of me, … because you me soul, too. Me love you so much, Ducky, … me Sweet Swimmer.”

That did the trick. Ducky could hold virtually nothing anymore. She pulled out of her mother’s warm hug and enveloped Petrie in a tight hug, knocking him down in the process. She burst into tears and began weeping as the Flyer’s loving words sank into her heart.

Petrie was very surprised by Ducky’s outburst of emotion, in fact, nearly frightened, but he returned the embrace by wrapping his wings around her back and nuzzling her face with his beak. Tears came down in torrents from Ducky’s eyes as she wept happily in her boyfriend’s hold.

Their mothers watched everything, and they each shed some happy tears as they took in the heartwarming scene. Mama Flyer particularly felt so proud of Petrie for finding the words that would bring Ducky to happy tears. Previously, he had never been one to come up with such beautiful words, but it seemed that his passionate love for Ducky had brought a new side to the young Flyer.

“Aww, you two adorable ones,” the mothers both said warmly as they brought their kids in for another group hug.

“I love you so much, too, Petrie! Yes, yes, yes!” Ducky cried as Petrie kissed her face, while their mothers enveloped them into a protecting hug that shielded them from the outside world.

No further words were said while the four continued their group hug for the next several minutes. Petrie’s words had said it all, and Ducky couldn’t have been happier to hear how much he cared for her no matter where they were, or whether or not they were together. One would always find a way to be with the other, and they could always feel each other in their hearts every minute of every day. While they cared very much about their families and their other friends, it could not compare to how much they cared for each other. One could not feel happy without the other, and one could not want to continue on without the other. It was their love for each other that would drive them to keep going through the darkest of days or the most dangerous journeys. It wasn’t what little they had in their bodies to do many things they usually couldn’t have done that was their biggest strength; it was their hearts; their love and devotion to stay together and protect each other through everything that tried to rip them apart.

After several minutes of snuggles and tears, the four ended their group hug with Petrie and Ducky still locked in a tight embrace, although the Swimmer had managed to settle down after being soothed the combined warmth from her boyfriend, his mother, and her own mother.

“Petrie, I’m so proud of you,” sniffled Mama Flyer, “Those were such loving words.”

“You’ve really shown that you are truly devoted towards my little Ducky,” agreed Mama Swimmer.

Petrie blushed and looked into Ducky’s eyes. The Swimmer was a complete mess. Her face was drenched all over, with tears still pouring down her cheeks and her nostrils drooping what looked like tears down her bill. The substance from her nose dripped off the top of her lips and land on their feet. Her sniffles had turned to hiccups as a side effect from crying hysterically for several minutes.

“Aww, Ducky,” quivered Petrie, his heart melting as he looked at his girlfriend’s soaked face.

“Suddenly I love you more than ever,” said Ducky in such a cute voice that just about made Petrie cry.

“Aww, me sweet Ducky!” the Flyer sobbed, and he tightened his hug on Ducky and kissed her cheek.

“My sweet Petrie!” replied Ducky, returning the kiss on Petrie’s cheek.

The kids then pulled apart to get some air, and they refused to break eye contact with each other.

“Ducky,” said Mama Swimmer gently, prompting her daughter to look up at her, “I’m sorry I yelled at you for trying to save Petrie from the Sinking Sand all by yourself. I know you were trying to be brave and that you wanted to protect him from death, and you did your best even though we had to help you. You showed me that you are getting braver as you slowly grow. For that, I’m proud of you.”

Ducky grinned tearfully at her mother, and she grinned right back and lifted her up for a hug.

“I forgive you, Mama,” she sobbed.

“I love you, my little Ducky,” Mama Swimmer spoke warmly to her daughter.

“I love you, too, Mama,” replied Ducky in between hiccups.

Petrie felt his mother’s hand rubbing gently on his back, and he sighed in relaxation while he watched the Swimmers embrace.

“I love you, my little Petrie,” came Mama Flyer’s warm, gentle voice.

Petrie looked up at his mother and saw a warm grin on her face.

“Me love you, too, Mama,” the little Flyer said softly.

From there, no further words had to be said. The four were perfectly content where they were sitting. The two children fed each other’s hearts with love, while their mothers happily caressed them to keep them warm. For the children, it felt so complete with their mothers right by their side to playfully cuddle them.

It wasn’t until the Bright Circle began to set when the grownups decided that it would be best to go home for the night.

“Well, kids, this has been quite a day,” sighed Mama Swimmer.

“It has, it has,” agreed Ducky.

“But I’m afraid it’s time we headed back to our homes,” added Mama Swimmer.

Ducky and Petrie looked at each other and sighed sadly.

“Awwww,” they moaned with dread.

“Now there, kids. You’ll have plenty of time together again tomorrow,” reassured Mama Flyer, “I’m sure Littlefoot and the others must miss you so much.”

“Which reminds me, Ducky, Spike really wants to see you again,” said Mama Swimmer, “If I recall, this is the second day in a row you’ve skipped playing with Spike, Littlefoot and your other friends.”

“Oh, my. I never thought-ed about that,” gasped Ducky.

“Me neither,” said Petrie.

“We should get together with our friends again,” said Ducky thoughtfully, “I kind of miss them, too.”

“Me, too,” agreed Petrie, “Me really miss playing ‘catch tree star’.”

“Maybe once you’ve had breakfast tomorrow morning, you can go find your friends and play around to your heart’s content,” suggested Mama Swimmer.

“Sound good,” answered Petrie.

“Okay then,” said Mama Flyer, “Let’s get going.”

With that, the small Swimmer/Flyer group began their journey out of the forest to start their trek home.

It took a while for the Swimmers and Flyers to make it back to the ever-so-familiar river that flowed through the center of the Great Valley, but by now all the dinosaur families had gone back to their homes, even though the Bright Circle was still shining dimly over the western horizon.

Soon, Ducky and Petrie found themselves at a very familiar spot. They looked ahead and saw a rock, but it wasn’t just any old rock …

This was the rock they would sit on from time to time during the evenings, snuggling and kissing each other as they watched the setting of the Bright Circle set. It was their primary spot to nourish their love until they found that secret forest cave.

Right next to the rock was the very spot on the riverbank where the two had confessed their love.

It just felt so good to be back home in their peaceful neighborhood. With their homes just across the river from each other, and being quite some distance away from the rest of the Gang’s homes, it felt like a wonderful place for Ducky and Petrie, and they were so happy to call this area their home.

“Ah, there you are,” said a voice.

Ducky quickly noticed her father approaching them with a warm grin on his face. She was happy to see him in such a good mood after her mother had explained everything to him.

“Hi, Daddy,” said Ducky.

“Hello, my dear Ducky,” Papa Swimmer replied warmly, “Did you have a good day?”

“I did, I did,” replied Ducky, but then she looked down and shivered a little. Her father noticed this and sensed something wasn’t quite right …

“What is it, dear? Did something happen today?” he asked gently.

“We had … a bit of a run-in with Hyp in the forest next to the Sheltering Grass,” his mate spoke up.

“That brat!?” snapped Papa Swimmer, “Just what was he up to?”

Mama Swimmer and Mama Flyer proceeded to tell him everything that had happened in that forest, and once they finished, Papa Swimmer was fuming with rage. He wanted to bash Hyp’s skull in for nearly murdering his precious daughter and her little Flyer companion, even if it was indirect or unintentional.

“That son-of-a-tar pit!” he hissed, “One of these days, I’ll teach him!”

“Now, dear, now’s not the time to think about that,” said Mama Swimmer said calmly.

“Our children are safe, and they’re both just fine,” assured Mama Flyer.

The three adults looked down at Ducky and Petrie. The two were holding each other’s backs, looking nervously up at their parents, wondering just what they were going to do, or perhaps a little frightened from her father’s near-tantrum.

“I’m sorry I almost lost my temper in front of you, kids,” Papa Swimmer apologized, “I’m just so relieved you’re okay.”

“It was so frightening, being in that Sinking Sand all over again,” shuddered Ducky.

“It so scary. Me thought we would drown in that pool,” shivered Petrie, “Me never wanted to go there again.”

“This is exactly why I was so hesitant to allow you two to be in love in the first place,” said Papa Swimmer, “I was worried that if anyone ever found out, something like this could happen to you. I’m so happy you’re safe here with us, but now we have a sticky situation in our hands. Knowing Hyp, he could be out there right now, telling anyone he bumps into, just what is happening between you two.”

“We’ll be sure to put a stop to that, dear,” his mate assured him.

“We warned him not to tell anyone, and that if he does, we’ll be having a little chat with his father. He’ll surely put him in his place for what he’s done,” added Mama Flyer.

“He’d better,” sighed Papa Swimmer.

“I have an idea,” pondered Mama Swimmer, “Ms. Flyer, you and I should talk to Hyp’s father tomorrow and put some sense into that little troublemaker.”

“Good idea,” Mama Flyer responded, “That will definitely put him in his place.”

“And teach him a valuable lesson,” added Papa Swimmer.

The three turned back to the kids and saw their worried looks still etched on their faces.

“Don’t worry, kids,” assured Mama Flyer, “We’ll make sure Hyp doesn’t tell anyone about your secret.”

“W-what if he already has told-ed someone?” said Ducky.

“And everyone start laughing at us and cast us out forever?” lamented Petrie.

“We will all make sure that never happens, little ones,” said Mama Swimmer, “We all know how severe the consequences are, but we are willing to stay by your side through anything that may happen, even if the worst should happen.”

“Even if worst should happen!?” gasped Petrie, “You mean, it may still happen!?”

“We’ll make sure it doesn’t, Petrie,” his mother reassured him, “We know deep at heart that you two are just right for each other, no matter what others say, and you shouldn’t let the thoughts of others let you down.”

“I still feel n-nervous, though,” shivered Ducky.

“Me, too,” agreed Petrie.

“I think it’s time you both got some sleep. Refresh your thoughts and don’t worry about your troubles if any were to come. Think happy thoughts,” suggested Papa Swimmer.

“Could we, um, … go back to that-,“ Ducky began to ask, but before she could finish her sentence …

“I don’t think we’ll be allowing that tonight, young ones,” said Mama Swimmer, as she and the other adults all crossed their arms and gave them stern looks, “After you didn’t tell us before doing so last time? I think you’ll be sleeping with us tonight. Perhaps, tomorrow night, if you behave very well, you can earn that privilege back if you ask us first.”

“Consider that your little punishment for leaving us worried about you all night,” Papa Swimmer.

Ducky and Petrie sunk their heads in despair and felt their hearts sink. This felt like a big blow to them, but they knew how wrong they were to keep their folks worried for a whole night, and they knew that this was what they deserved for doing so. On the other hand, they knew they had a good chance of redeeming themselves and had already been doing a good job with their day out with their mothers. A good day tomorrow could just earn them back their special sleeping spot.

“We know you’re both sorry for what you did, but that doesn’t change the fact that you did,” said Mama Flyer, “We have to be able to trust you, and we have to be able to know where you are.”

“We know,” moaned Ducky and Petrie sadly.

“Come now. Let’s lighten up those faces, shall we?” said Mama Swimmer, and she brought her hand down towards their chins and gently wiggled her fingers against them, but it did little to make the kids even chuckle, “Tomorrow’s another day, and you’ll get to be together again once the Bright Circle is out.”

Ducky and Petrie’s frowns somehow wouldn’t turn into smiles. It seemed as though they suddenly couldn’t bear being apart even for a few hours. It was as if one couldn’t stand to spend any time without the other, and if they broke apart or maybe even stood a few inches apart for probably just five seconds, it would make them feel rather cold. This baffled their parents as they saw just how their love for each other had changed them, for both the better and the worse. On the good side, they were practically inseparable and when they were together they were very happy, always smiling like a pair of hatchlings. On the bad side, this posed a risk of this taking over their instincts to hide their love whenever others were around. This could surely mean disaster if others took notice, particularly if Topps ever saw this. They just might be sabotaging their own chances of staying in the valley by acting this way the longer they did so. They couldn’t tell if their worried faces were for the danger that Hyp may have put them in, or just for the idea of spending even a single night apart, even if their homes were just across the river from each other.

“Kids, … are you two alright?” asked Mama Swimmer with concern.

The children didn’t answer. They brought their faces together and rubbed each other’s cheeks while hugging each other’s backs and tightly grasping their free hands in front of them as if one was trying to protect the other. Their mouths quivered a little, and they made some soft, moaning sounds with their closed mouths. It was like they were frightened of something.

“I know exactly what’s wrong,” said Mama Flyer as she deduced the reason for their strange behavior, “You two can’t stand being apart just for one night, can you?”

Ducky gulped and hesitantly responded, “I g-guess … we cannot.”

“M-me guess … you r-ri-right,” agreed Petrie.

“Would it be too much to ask if you let go of each other, even if it was just for one moment?” asked Papa Swimmer.

As the kids tightly hugged each other, the mothers stepped behind their respective children and slowly grabbed hold of their sides.

“I’m going to count to three, and when I reach three, you two will let go of each other. Will that be so hard?” said Mama Flyer with a sarcastic chuckle.

The kids took the last opportunity they had and kissed each other’s cheeks.

“One, … two, … three.”

With that, Ducky and Petrie were slowly forced apart by their mothers. The two stared at each other with quivering mouths while they tried very hard not to break down.

“There now,” said Mama Flyer, “You can say ‘I love you’, and then we’re going to our nests, okay?”

“M-me love you, Ducky,” murmured Petrie.

Ducky sniffled and replied, “I love you, too, Petrie.”

“Please don’t cry, kids. You know deep down this will not be the last time you’ll be together, don’t you?” said Mama Swimmer gently.

“We know,” whispered Ducky in a sad voice.

“You may think you just have each other, but you have families, too, and you have other friends who want to be with you every day. Remember that you are never the only ones you have. There will always be others like us who will care for you and love you just like how you love and care for each other,” said Mama Swimmer, “It’s a big, big world, and you two are just a small part of it.”

Ducky and Petrie felt somewhat soothed by Mama Swimmer’s wise words. They knew she was right. Although they only seemed to feel comfortable when together, they knew that there were others who they needed to care for and those who cared for them all the same.

“You right, Ducky Mom,” said Petrie thoughtfully.

“Now that I think about it, … you are right, Mama. Yes, yes, yes,” agreed Ducky.

“Of course, I am, kids,” her mother giggled.

“Okay, Petrie. Let’s go home,” said Mama Flyer.

Petrie felt his stomach churn upon hearing that. It wasn’t just because of the fact he would have to sleep without Ducky next to him, but he would once again have to sleep in the company of his dreadful siblings who didn’t care the slightest about him.

He didn’t have time to think of an answer before his mother looked down at him and immediately took notice of his expression.

“I know what that look means, Petrie, but you know you’ll have me to keep you comfortable,” she assured him, although it brought him little comfort.

The little Flyer moaned and looked at Ducky one more time.

“Me guess this … goodnight, … Ducky,” he muttered.

“G-goodnight, Petrie,” replied Ducky as she felt her heart sink.

“Me see you tomorrow, me Sweet Swimmer,” sniffled Petrie.

“I will see you tomorrow, my Funny Flyer,” responded Ducky.

“Goodnight, everyone,” Mama Flyer spoke to the Swimmers.

“Goodnight, Ms. Flyer,” Ducky’s parents replied kindly.

After everyone, grownup and child, had exchanged their ‘goodnights,’ Mama Flyer lifted herself into the air, and Petrie reluctantly followed her. Ducky watched them as their forms in the sky turned smaller and smaller, until they disappeared towards the rock they called their home. Once they were no longer within her sight, the little Swimmer sadly turned around and reluctantly followed her own parents back home.

Although they couldn’t tell, Ducky and Petrie were simultaneously thinking about the many moments they had already shared together over the last seven days. They had done so much together already since that wonderful evening, and they couldn’t believe that they had managed to keep it secret from nearly everyone in the Great Valley for that long. They only hoped it would stay a secret for as long as possible.

The mist finally cleared. Their sense of sight suddenly seemed to have been greatly enhanced. After two days of walking through endless misty trenches, they could finally see the path ahead, one they knew would lead them to their destination. The scent of the little Flyer was still strong in the air above them, and even if it was coming from so high up, it failed to escape their sniffers.

“At last! A clear path!” growled the male, “Any day now, we’ll find just who we’re looking for!”

His mate stepped beside him and sniffed the air above, once again picking up that scent of … that murderous child Flyer.

“Perhaps we can up our pace and reach that murderous little beast by tomorrow!” she sneered.

“I doubt it could be tomorrow, but it will be very soon,” her mate replied, “Who knows what lies ahead? I’ve heard rumors about that so-called Great Valley from others living around these parts.”

“Pah! An old legend!” hissed the female dismissively.

“Legend or not, we’re continuing north from here! We won’t stop until we find that little bastard!” scoffed the male, “Is there anything else you want to argue with me about!?”

The female paused and softened a little, “No.”

“Well, come on, then!”
her mate roared back, “I won’t let you slow us down just because you don’t believe in some misleading rumors!”

The female glared at her mate as he surged on ahead, and after contemplating her thoughts for a moment, she followed, unsure of where their journey would lead them. All they knew was that they were drawing themselves ever-so-closer to avenging their fallen son.

So, at this point, Ducky and Petrie have reached the point where they suddenly can't stand being separated even for a single night. Their homes may only be a few minutes a walk away from each other, but even that much distance is too much for them to take. We can imagine that things will only continue to intensify from here, especially with Hyp possibly out to spill the beans, and what's worse? Two Sailback Sharpteeth are on their way to the valley on the hunt for Petrie! It may only be a matter of time before things reach their boiling point. :opetrie

Yes, I am aware that in the old version, I had Ducky fall into the Sinking Sand and Petrie try to pull her out, but here I thought it'd be a good idea to reverse the roles so that Ducky would have a second chance at redeeming herself after her previous failure in saving Petrie from blowing away to Black Rock. This would be where she shows how determined she really is to protect him from harm just as much as their parents are, and we see a good sign of maturity in her.

I'll have the next chapter up this coming weekend, so let's keep our spirits up for Ducky and Petrie as things begin to spiral out of control.

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Always By Your Side

Mama Flyer flew over the Great Valley as the early light from the Bright Circle began to shine over the lush landscape. Worry had consumed her throughout the night. She had been eagerly awaiting Petrie’s return home for hours, but as the Night Circle came up, her son never returned. When she woke up in the morning to find that Petrie was still missing, she began to panic. He could be anywhere. He could have flown with his friends to the Mysterious Beyond again, or something awful might have happened to him while he was trying to make his way home in the dark. All she knew was that she had to find her son at all costs.

“Petrie!? Where are you!?” she called below as she soared over the river, scanning for any sign of her youngest child, but there was nothing but the everyday sound of other dinosaurs eating their breakfast, “Oh, where is my little Petrie?”

Soon, she came to the Swimmer nest, and she noticed that the two parents seemed to be searching frantically around their nest just as she had done herself. She glanced at Spike and noticed that something was a bit off …

Ducky was nowhere to be found, either.

“Ducky!? Where have you gone!?” called Mama Swimmer.

Mama Flyer began to sense the very high possibility that maybe, just maybe, Petrie and Ducky had gone off to some quiet place and forgotten to return home. If Ducky was missing just as Petrie was, then it was only certain that the two had spent the night together, … up to something.

“Mrs. Swimmer!” called Mama Flyer as she soared her way down and landed on a rock near the nest.

Mama and Papa Swimmer turned and took notice of her arrival, and they frantically ran up to them, sweating pouring from their faces.

“Oh, Ms. Flyer! Have you seen Ducky anywhere!?” panted Papa Swimmer.

“In fact, I was about to ask if any of you have seen Petrie,” responded Mama Flyer, “He never returned home last night, and I woke up to find he was still missing.”

“Him, too?” gasped Mama Swimmer.

Suddenly, a thought snapped into the Swimmers’ heads. If Petrie had been missing for as long as Ducky was, then surely, they would have to had gone off somewhere during the night and had forgotten to return to their nests. It just had to be possible if both were still missing by morning.

“My dear, … I think I have a hunch,” Mama Swimmer said to her mate.

“We haven’t seen Ducky and Petrie since they left here yesterday morning,” he pointed out, “I think … you’re right.”

“They must have gone out somewhere,” Mama Flyer deduced.

“But where?” asked Mama Swimmer, “They could be anywhere, and what of the possibility of whether they’re safe or not? Oh, those kids could be anywhere right now!”

“Are you willing to help me find them, Mrs. Swimmer?” offered Mama Flyer.

“It would be much help with an eye in the sky,” nodded Mama Swimmer, and she turned to her mate, “Would you look after Spike and the kids for me?”

“No problem, dear. Just don’t be gone long. Wherever Ducky and Petrie are, let’s just hope we can bring them back home safely,” said Papa Swimmer.

“Thanks, dear. I very much appreciate it,” sighed Mama Swimmer.

“Let’s get going. The sooner the better,” urged Mama Flyer, and she took back to the skies before Mama Swimmer had a chance to share a brief kiss with her mate.

“See you soon, dear,” she said to him as she turned and left.

“Bring Ducky home safely, dear,” responded Papa Swimmer before she disappeared.

Mama Swimmer took glances into forests, while Mama Flyer continued to scan the valley from above, but still there was no trace of either of their children anywhere. Their worries began to completely take over them as they became more desperate to find their children. They looked everywhere and asked numerous dinosaurs if they had seen a small green Swimmer and a small brown Flyer, but none could recall seeing them.

Eventually, the two came to a very wide path between two forests, and straight ahead was the home of the Longnecks. They let out a huge sigh of relief when they noticed that both Grandpa and Grandma Longneck were there and having breakfast. If anyone knew where Ducky and Petrie were, then surely the Longnecks would with their incredible instincts.

“Hello?” called Mama Swimmer.

The Longnecks paused for a moment and turned to notice their coming visitors.

“Ah, hello there, Mrs. Swimmer and Ms. Flyer,” Grandpa Longneck greeted them warmly.

His mate almost immediately noticed how rather pale and frantic the Swimmer and Flyer looked, and she even saw what looked like sweat running down their faces. They were panting heavily and appeared very tired.

“Are you two alright?” she asked them, “You look exhausted.”

“Ducky and Petrie … are missing,” panted Mama Swimmer.

“They never returned home last night, and when we woke up this morning, they were still not home,” added Mama Flyer, “We can’t find them anywhere.”

“Would either of you happen to have any idea where they might have gotten off to? Oh, our poor children could be anywhere right now! Maybe even the Mysterious Beyond!” cried Mama Swimmer.

“I highly doubt they’re in the Mysterious Beyond, since Littlefoot was right here this morning,” Grandma Longneck pointed out.

“Wait a minute!” gasped Grandpa Longneck as he suddenly remembered something.

Immediately, the Swimmer and Flyer mothers perked up and stared at him as if pleading for information.

“I just recalled!” he said, “A few times lately, I’ve noticed them crawling into some little space in those trees right over there.”

He nodded his head to gesture them to look in that direction, and they glanced at the trees but couldn’t quite find anything odd about them. Mama Flyer looked towards the ground, and she suddenly noticed what looked like a very tiny hole made up of curving branches covered with tree stars.

“What is it, Ms. Flyer?” asked Mama Swimmer as she noticed her eyes fixed on a particular spot.

“Yes, … I see something … very … strange,” the Flyer slowly responded as she approached those curving branches that were so low to the ground. The hole looked as though it was just big enough for Ducky and Petrie to fit through, even after their recent growth spurt. None of their other friends could possibly have been able to fit their way through. She flew up to a branch to get a higher perspective, and she noticed how the branches and tree stars seemed to form a very narrow tunnel that seemed to stretch on for miles.

“I see … a tunnel, … big enough only for Petrie and Ducky to fit through, apparently,” she said.

“A few evenings ago, Ducky and Petrie were here, and they claimed to have found some … very special hideout, in their words,” said Grandpa Longneck.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if maybe, just maybe, … they probably sneaked their way in while we weren’t looking, … and I would probably deduce that they never came back out.”

“Maybe they spent the night in there,” guessed Grandpa Longneck, “They did describe whatever it was in that forest to be … extraordinarily beautiful.”

“Do you see anything, Ms. Flyer?” asked Mama Swimmer.

“Not yet. Nothing but just a tunnel,” answered Mama Flyer, “I’m going to fly my way through and follow the trail from above until I find anything of interest. I’ll be back in probably a few minutes.”

“Good luck,” said Mama Swimmer.

“Thank you,” responded Mama Flyer, and she lifted herself off the branch she was perching on and began to slowly fly her way through the forest, never taking her eyes off the trail. She flew very slowly so that she wouldn’t bump her head on any branches that might get in her way. Whenever she looked up, it was only for a split second to make sure nothing was in her way before she stared back down at the tunnel again. She knew this tiny path just had to lead to somewhere. If the Longnecks were correct, then this could surely lead to whatever place it was that they had described. She would not stop soaring until she found the end of the trail.

She briefly glanced to her left, and then to her right, and she saw hundreds of trees bordering the path. It appeared to be very well isolated from the rest of the valley, and she was sure that this “special place” just had to be a good distance from where anyone could hear them, as if by pure luck when they first discovered it.

Eventually, she noticed the tunnel curving to the right, and she lowered herself to get a closer look. She flew around a tree and slowed herself down once she noticed the end of the trail very near. She came down to the ground and brushed her way through some low branches and tree stars. She then came across some very large tree stars, and she made an instinctive guess that whatever was right behind them was the place the Longnecks said the children had claimed to have found.

Taking a deep breath, Mama Flyer slowly grabbed a tree star with one of her hands and cautiously opened it slightly, providing her with a gap just big enough for her to peek inside. She hid her beak underneath the tree star and left only her eyes exposed to anything that might have been on the other side.

That was when … she saw it …

… a tiny lake that was bordered mostly by moist, green grass, with rocks on the western horizon. All around the place were large tree stars and branches which seemed to shield the area very well from anyone else. Above were more tree branches stretching across the area with more tree stars as if they were forming a ceiling much like one in a cave. Only the tiniest spots of light were poking their way through. Five floating green pads were calmly floating on the lake, and the water seemed very calm and silent. Mama Flyer was sure that whatever was on the other side of those rocks was probably a narrow waterfall.

Then, she looked down toward the damp grass, … and her heart nearly skipped a beat in surprise. She just barely held back a huge sigh of relief …

There were Ducky and Petrie, sleeping soundly with a large tree star blanketing them from shoulders to toes, their heads resting on sticks. Pink tree stars were on top of their heads, and the smell of red tree sweets and sweet bubbles began to hang in the air, a scent she recognized from that visit to Pink Forest the other day.

Mama Flyer looked to her right and noticed the flower Ducky had found, sitting nice and tall in the corner. The pink tree star that Petrie had gone through so much trouble to find was stuck against the flower’s stem. She chuckled quietly as she thought it was a very adorable sight because of how creative the two apparently were.

She shifted her glance back down to the two sleeping children and felt her sigh of relief just waiting to come out of her beak. She was so happy that Petrie and Ducky were at least safe, … and comfortable by the looks of it. They appeared to be perfectly content as she noticed bright grins on their faces as they sleep rumbled cutely. The hunch that she and the Swimmers had were correct, just as they had guessed. The two were sleeping together alone in their isolated hideout where they apparently spent their evenings together, engaging in childish love activities just like they had described. The thought of it all nearly brought a happy tear to Mama Flyer’s eyes, but she held it back and climbed up a tree so that she could make her way inside without making a sound. She knew that brushing against the tree stars would surely get their attention, and she wanted to … surprise them a little once she announced her presence.

She squeezed her way in between two large trees and slowly came back down onto the wet grass. She tiptoed her way toward the sleeping children and sat down next to their little sleeping spot. She waited a few moments to make her move, and once she knew the time was right, she brought a hand down and began to gently poke on their blanketed shoulders.
Before long, the little Swimmer and Flyer’s sleep rumbles turned to soft, bubbly giggles as the new sensations tickled them ever so slightly. Mama Flyer held back a humorous chuckle of her own and began wiggling her fingers against the kids from their shoulders to their feet. Even the blanketing tree star couldn’t protect them from being tickled, as they began laughing adorably.

“Heeheeheehehehehehahahahahahaha!” laughed Petrie.

“Mmmhmmkehehehehehehahahahahahahahahaha!” giggled Ducky.

“Duhuhuckeeheeheeheeheeeheehy! Stahahahahop!” chortled Petrie.

“I aham not doing thahahahahahat!” responded Ducky through her laughter.

Only now did the children begin to suspect that they were no longer alone in their forest cave. Surely, someone must have managed to find them, and if that was the case …

Ducky and Petrie gasped and opened their eyes. They stared at each other and panicked as they glanced at their surroundings. Then, they heard someone tapping a foot against the ground right next to their sleeping spot.

They noticed Flyer feet standing right in front of them, and when they looked up, they saw the familiar cerulean blue wings of a certain Flyer chuckling at them with a somewhat mischievous smirk.

“M-Ma-Mommy!?” gasped Petrie.

“Uh, … um, … hehe, … hello, Ms. Flyer,” said Ducky sheepishly.

“Well, it’s about time I found you two,” said Mama Flyer in a stern yet playful tone.

“H-how you find us?” stammered Petrie.

“Mrs. Swimmer and I were looking all over the Great Valley for you two, and Littlefoot’s grandparents told us you must have crawled in here,” said Mama Flyer, “I’m sure you must know just how worried we were last night when you failed to return home. We were especially horrified when we woke up this morning and found that you were still missing.”

Ducky and Petrie blushed and looked at each other as they realized their big mistake. They knew they were in big trouble now. Surely, once they made their way out, they would be in for a severe scolding from their parents for not coming back home like they should have done.

“We are … very sorry, Ms. Flyer,” Ducky apologized.

“Very, … very sorry,” added Petrie.

“We just … could not resist,” finished Ducky.

“The temptation to spend the night here like you mentioned you wanted to do?” said Mama Flyer, “At least you were in a safe place, and I’m relieved that you were safe.”

“You told-ed us that we would be allowed-ed to sleep here e-every once in a while, … did you?” Ducky reminded her, although she didn’t know if that was correct or not.

“Actually, we did, … but only if you told us ahead of time,” answered Mama Flyer, “We don’t mind you sleeping here sometimes, but you should tell us first whenever you want to do it. We need to be able to know where you are at all times so that we won’t be worried about you.”

Ducky and Petrie sunk their heads in shame. They felt so guilty for leaving their families so worried about them and leaving them with the possibility that something terrible could have happened to them again. They knew they should have learned that lesson after their many adventures, but it seemed that they just couldn’t remember it.

“We so sorry,” quivered Petrie.

“We are, we are. Yes, yes, yes,” sighed Ducky sadly.

“Listen, kids. I’m happy you found a nice, peaceful place to sleep, but in the future, if you want to sleep here again, just ask us first, okay?” said Mama Flyer.

Ducky and Petrie looked up at her and nodded, “Okay.”

“We … not in trouble, are we?” gulped Petrie.

“That depends, I guess,” his mother shrugged, earning nervous gulps from both children, “Ducky, your mother is waiting just outside the forest for you. I suppose you two should get up and stretch, and we’ll meet outside when you come out, okay?”

“Okay,” the kids nodded.

Mama Flyer patted their heads and grinned a little.

“I suppose you two had quite a good night in here,” she said kindly.

“We did, we did,” nodded Ducky.

“Yeah. We sleep very comfy in here,” added Petrie.

“I’m happy to hear you had a pleasant night together. That’s what matters to me,” smiled Mama Flyer.

Ducky and Petrie blushed a little as they looked at each other, and the Swimmer finally sat up and pulled up their blanketing tree star. As Mama Flyer glanced at what they were wearing, she held back a chuckled as she noticed just how cute they appeared to be. She noticed pink tree stars covering their chests and red shiny stones hanging from around their necks, and it seemed as though Petrie had revealed to Ducky her idea of wearing tree stars over their crotches to avoid wetting their sleeping spot.

“Well, Petrie, I see you shared my idea with Ducky,” she commented.

Petrie blushed sheepishly and nervously chuckled, “Well, … me guess it good way to keep us from wetting sleeping spot if we have more night terrors.”

“I thought-ed it was very comfortable. Yep, yep, yep,” grinned Ducky.

“It really does help when you don’t want to wet your sleeping spots,” nodded Mama Flyer, “And think about it, Petrie: when you sleep here, you don’t have to worry about your brothers and sisters abusing you.”

“Yeah,” said Petrie wondrously, “Me like sleeping here. Me so tired of me brothers and sisters laughing at me for wetting nest.”

“If we do have night terrors in here, … this can be a way for us to, … you know, … be a couple of nest-wetters together, … much like not fitting in together, like Guido said-ed,” Ducky pointed out.

“Yeah,” chuckled Petrie.

“I’m happy you found a place where you can always be happy, and it shows how much you really mean to each other,” beamed Mama Flyer, and as the two children stood up and stretched, she lifted them up and hugged them both. The kids hugged each other while nuzzling her beak at the same time. The three-way hug felt like the most heartwarming thing to wake up to in such a happy place where there was literally quite nothing to worry about whatsoever, a place where Ducky and Petrie could enjoy their deepest desires to their hearts’ content.

“Me love you, Mom,” Petrie sighed happily.

“I love you, too, my little Petrie,” replied Mama Flyer soothingly.

“And me love you so much, Ducky,” said Petrie as he looked at his beloved Sweet Swimmer.

“I love you so much, too, Petrie. Yep, yep, yep,” chuckled Ducky, earning yet another happy giggle from her Funny Flyer.

“I’ll let you two have some breakfast before you join us, … although I think it would be wise to take those tree stars and shiny stones off and leave them here for when you come back. We don’t want anyone else to see them, now do we?” said Mama Flyer.

“Okay, Ms. Flyer,” nodded Ducky.

“Besides, … these pink tree stars feel … sticky, … and sleeping stars feel … a little … sticky, too,” said Petrie.

“Sleeping stars?” said a confused Mama Flyer.

“That is what I decided-ed to call these tree stars that help us with wetting our spot,” explained Ducky.

“Ah, I see,” said Mama Flyer as she understood what the Swimmer meant, “Have some breakfast first, then have a nice little bath to wash the sticky stuff off. Once you’ve done that, we’ll be waiting just outside, okay?”

“Okay, Mama,” said Petrie.

Mama Flyer set the two children back down, and she stood up and lifted herself towards the ceiling of branches and tree stars as she soared towards the gap she had squeezed through.

“I’ll see you in a little, alright? Don’t keep us waiting too long, kids,” she told them with a wink.

“We will not, Ms. Flyer,” answered Ducky.

“See you then, Mama,” added Petrie.

With one last smile, Mama Flyer disappeared through the trees, and Ducky and Petrie were left alone for the moment to relax and contemplate what could be ahead of them. Although Petrie was relieved that his mother had let him off easily, Ducky was worried that her parents would severely scold her for leaving them worried about her all night, unless Petrie’s mom managed to calm Ducky’s mom enough so that she would be gentler towards her when they came out. They had no idea what was in store for them today, but they hoped it would be a good day.

The two lovers looked at each other and admired how cute they looked while wearing their sleeping stars, pink tree stars and red shiny stones. The smell of the tree stars’ sugar of sweet bubbles and red tree sweets filled up their noses soothingly as they smiled at each other.

“That quite snuggly night,” commented Petrie.

“It sure was,” chuckled Ducky, “How did it feel for me to snuggle you to sleep?”

“You feel just like family to me,” smiled Petrie as he recalled having his arms and wings pinned down by Ducky as she hugged and pampered him throughout the entire night under their big tree star blanket, as if he was her adopted baby brother.

Ducky smiled at the thought, and the two sat down and began clapping their feet while hiding their hands behind their backs, shrugging their shoulders up to make cute poses while playing with their feet. They couldn’t resist spending just a few more moments fulfilling their desires while they were still wearing their sleeping stars and beautiful pink stars and shiny stones.

“That was such a snuggly sleep, Petrie. It was, it was,” chuckled Ducky.

“Me never forget this, Ducky,” grinned Petrie.

The two looked and noticed a sweet bubble plant nearby. They licked their lips in anticipation and walked over to the plant to pull off a few sweet bubbles. They sat down with their feet pressing together once more and began to nibble on their juicy sweet bubbles. Their taste buds were delighted by the juice of their breakfast as they slowly ate.

Before long, though, they remembered that their mothers were waiting outside, and they didn’t want to keep them waiting. They looked down at the tree stars they were wearing. They really did NOT want to take them off. They had had such a cozy night sleeping in them, but now that the Bright Circle was up, it brought with it the dreadful reality that it was time to take them off and leave them where they would be safe. They knew that one glimpse at their red shiny stones would most definitely reveal their forbidden secret, and their pink tree stars would probably give off small clues, even though they wanted the other dinosaurs to know about Pink Forest.

So, exchanging sad sighs, the two kids removed the pink tree stars from the top of their heads and set them next to the special flower, then they reluctantly took off their shiny stone neckwear and placed them on their safe spot with the pink stars they had worn on their heads. They took off their sticky pink tree stars and placed them next to their red shiny stones. They then looked at each other as they began to untie their sleeping stars and saw that their bodies were covered in sticky sugar from the pink tree stars.

“Mama right. Maybe, we better bath first,” commented Petrie.

“You are right, Petrie,” agreed Ducky.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the Swimmer and Flyer crawled into the pond, and the cold water instantly made them shiver as the pink tree stars’ sugar rinsed off their bodies and floated freely on the surface of the pond. Once they got used to the water’s cold temperature, they playfully rubbed each other’s bodies to brush off any remaining spots of sugar, laughing in bubbly voices as they washed each other. They then rubbed their crotches to get rid of the stickiness they felt from wearing their sleeping stars all night.

Eventually, after three minutes, the two lovers climbed back up to the shore and dried off by using a few regular, green tree stars.

“It probably best if we wear pink tree stars less often so that we no get sticky all over,” suggested Petrie, “They very sticky.”

“It is, it is,” agreed Ducky, “It is no wonder I was feeling a little itchy this morning.”

“Me feel itchy, too,” said Petrie.

Before long, the duo had dried themselves thoroughly, and they grinned at each other as they prepared to leave their secret hideout and venture into the outside world that was their ever-so-humble Great Valley. After spending the night in this cave, they could already feel it becoming their second home, and possibly their future home if they managed to stay in the Great Valley and keep their relationship growing strongly. The only thing that seemed to make them hold back on that idea was that by the time they hit their Time of Great Growing, they would have to find another way in, and they would surely have to reveal the place to everyone they knew.

With their breakfast and morning bath out of the way, the two children held hands and slowly climbed up the rock steps and into the long tunnel. They brushed their way past the tree stars, and they nervously walked through the long straight that led them all the way back to the open valley, dreading to await Mama Swimmer’s reaction once they revealed themselves.

Soon, they slowly brushed past the last tree star and found themselves back in the open space near Littlefoot’s nest. Both of their mothers were waiting for them right in front of the entrance.

“Oh, Ducky!” came Mama Swimmer’s voice almost immediately, “Oh, I’m so glad you’re alright! Your father and I were so worried all night!”

Before Ducky could open her mouth, her mother reached down to lift her into a hug and cuddled her tightly. The little Swimmer hesitantly returned the hug and gulped several times, waiting for the scolding to come.

Eventually, she sat down and placed her daughter back on her feet next to Petrie, and sure enough, once Ducky looked at her face again, she was giving her a stern look, just as she had feared.

“Do you have any clue of how worried we were?” she said sternly, “We thought anything could have happened to you two.”

“I am so sorry, Mama,” Ducky muttered with quivering lips, “Petrie and I just … wanted-ed to, … well, … we could not resist doing it.”

“Sleeping in your nice little spot?” guessed Mama Swimmer.

“Yes,” nodded Ducky nervously.

“Listen, I’m happy you had a good night together, but you should have told us beforehand that you were planning to do it,” said Mama Swimmer, “Your father and I were so frantic throughout the night. We hardly got a wink of sleep because we were waiting for so long for you to come home.”

“I am so sorry!” cried Ducky, “I know we should have told-ed you, … but … it did not cross our minds that we should tell you first. We are really sorry!”

Mama Swimmer sighed and gently rubbed her daughter’s back, which greatly surprised the little Swimmer once she noticed how calm she was being.

“A-Are you and Daddy going to p-punish me?” asked Ducky, shaking with fear.

Her mother softened and nuzzled her with her bill.

“Of course, not, dear,” she said.

Ducky was shocked by that answer, and she looked up with a gasp to notice her mother smiling at her.

“I’ll explain this to your father, and we’ll let you two off this one time, but in the future, please be sure to ask us for permission first before sleeping in there, okay?”

Ducky was very surprised by her mother’s gentle approach, and she settled down and grinned a little, relieved that she had forgiven her, being the loving mother she always was to her.

“We will, Mama,” she slowly nodded, “We are so sorry we left you worried-ed all night.”

Mama Swimmer smiled down at her daughter and replied, “That’s alright, dear. I know you and Petrie had such a nice day yesterday, and I guess it was only appropriate that you got to finish it with a peaceful night in your special little hideout.”

Ducky and Petrie blushed again as they exchanged sheepish grins with each other.

“We’re happy you had a great time, and that you’re both safe and sound, but we would just like to know where you are at all times, so just be sure to tell us anytime you plan on sleeping in there again, okay?” said Mama Flyer.

Ducky and Petrie nodded their heads, “We will.” It felt so relieving that they were simply left off with a warning rather than some form of unpleasant punishment.

“Anyways, I suppose we should go to the river and get ourselves a much-needed drink, Ms. Flyer,” informed Mama Swimmer.

“I quite agree,” responded Mama Flyer, and they looked down at their kids.

“As a matter of curiosity, … would you kids like to join us for a drink?” asked Mama Swimmer, “We’re still, … kind of, … just sinking in the relief that we found you and you’re safe.”

Ducky and Petrie looked awkwardly at each other. They felt a little nervous about the idea, but if their mothers were willing to spend just a little time with them, then they knew they couldn’t refuse the gesture. They knew their mothers desperately some time with them after worrying about them all night, and this seemed to be the kids’ chance to pay a small debt to them. It was time for them to do them a little favor for leaving them frantic all night, thinking of the possibility that they could have been in danger.

“Me think we should join you. After all, you so worried about us, so maybe we pay favor to you,” said Petrie.

“Yes, yes, yes,” agreed Ducky.

“Okay, kids,” chuckled Mama Flyer.

“I think the four of us should just take a nice nature walk around the valley for a day … and enjoy this lovely place we have as our home,” suggested Mama Swimmer.

“As long as my old friend, Wingfoot is doing a good job looking after my other kids, I’m perfectly okay with it,” grinned Mama Flyer.

“Well, … I suppose that would be a good idea,” said Ducky, not quite sure about such an idea if there were chances of her and Petrie being seen … together.

“Don’t worry, little ones,” assured Mama Flyer, “As long as you act your usual selves, then I don’t think anyone should get any clues about your secret, okay?”

Ducky and Petrie smiled at each other and playfully hugged each other’s backs.

“Okay!” chortled Petrie.

“We are ready! Yep, yep, yep!” cheered Ducky.

“It sound like plenty of family fun!” agreed Petrie.

“Okay, kids!” chuckled Mama Flyer, “Just remember to-“

“Act normally,” both kids finished in unison, not needing to be reminded of how to avoid their secret love being exposed to the other residents should they stumble upon them.

The two mothers chuckled and grinned at their loving children.

“Yes,” grinned Mama Swimmer, “That is, when in the presence of others. When we find an empty place, you can act the way you like to whenever you’re together. I’d personally like to see how well you two have been building on your special love for each other.”

“It will give us a better picture of how much you two love each other,” added Mama Flyer.

Ducky and Petrie chuckled sheepishly and blushed. Although they still felt embarrassed about showing off in front of their mothers whenever they were alone, they knew they wanted to know how well their relationship would build if they wanted to stay together and become mates in the future.

“Okay, … Mamas!” the two kids chuckled playfully, earning laughs from their mothers.

“Aww, you two kids!” giggled Mama Swimmer.

“Let’s get going, kids,” said Mama Flyer, “The sooner we start our journey, the better off we’ll be.”

“Okay,” their children said together with bright smiles.

As Ducky and Petrie refused to let go of each other, Mama Flyer grabbed Petrie’s free hand while Mama Swimmer got hold of Ducky’s free hand, and they playfully lifted the children up.

“Up ya go!” their mothers said playfully.

“Wheee!” cheered Petrie.

“Wheee, hoo! This is fun!” laughed Ducky, and she and Petrie began to happily swing their legs back and forth while their mothers carried them towards the open, lush valley to begin their all-day family-style journey through the Great Valley.

It wasn’t too long before the pair of four stopped at a place where they could get a great view of the Thundering Falls. Ducky and Petrie looked on with grins as the falls poured water into the river that flowed through the valley. To them, it was such a remarkable sight.

“Thundering Falls sure look pretty,” commented Petrie.

“Especially at this time of the season,” added Mama Swimmer, “With there being so many days with light from the Bright Circle, the Thundering Falls really glistens and sparkles in the daylight.”

“It is so beautiful. Yep, yep, yep,” said Ducky, “Sometimes, I just love to relax here and just let go.”

“We sure know that, dear,” her mother chuckled before briefly tickling her to get a few cute laughs out of her mouth.

“Let’s sit down and watch the falls for a little while,” suggested Mama Flyer, “It’s such a beautiful day today, and the falls are really glistening with all the bright light.”

The mothers set their children down on their feet, and the four all sat down on some soft, green grass. Ducky and Petrie couldn’t resist the urge to walk up to the riverbank and dip their feet into the fresh, cold water. They relaxed comfortably as they watched the Thundering Falls pouring down the many large rocks that bordered the valley from the Mysterious Beyond and into the river. The smell of fresh tree sweets and many other plants hung in the air to the delight of their sniffers.

“It such a beautiful day, isn’t it, Ducky?” grinned Petrie.

“It is a beautiful day, Petrie. It is, it is,” agreed Ducky.

“And it so quiet here,” added Petrie, “Very peaceful.”

“Yeah,” sighed Ducky, “Very, very peaceful and quiet.”

“Good place to relax and with friends, too,” continued Petrie as he looked into Ducky’s sparkling eyes.

Ducky looked at Petrie in the eyes and smiled at him.

“Of course, there only one friend me could think of relaxing with all the time,” Petrie said with a seducing grin.

“That is exactly what I was feeling, too,” replied Ducky.

Not paying any attention to the fact that their mothers were watching them with silent chuckles, Ducky and Petrie held hands and brought their faces closer together. Hardly an instant later, before Petrie had time to register his next thought, Ducky smooched him on his beak lovingly. The Flyer smiled and blushed as his Sweet Swimmer fed his heart with lots of love.

“Aww, that is just adorable,” Mama Swimmer whispered to Mama Flyer.

“They’re quite charming whenever they’re together,” the Flyer agreed, “Ducky has been such a wonderful companion for Petrie ever since they first became friends, and look where it’s gotten them.”

“I feel so proud of Petrie for being such a loving and caring friend for my little Ducky as well,” added Mama Swimmer, “Their bond is stronger than any other kids I’ve ever seen, or that anybody we’ve known has ever seen, for that matter.”

“You’re right, Mrs. Swimmer,” nodded Mama Flyer, smiling as they watched their respective children engage in a passionate kiss, in which Ducky’s bill pulled Petrie’s beak in, “Oh, look at this.”

Mama Swimmer nearly let a tear slip down her eyes as she watched her daughter sucking the little Flyer’s beak into her mouth and treating it with a pleasant coat of saliva as they played with each other’s tongues, moaning in pleasure as they closed their eyes in their relaxing kiss.

“I do not believe what I am seeing right now,” Mama Swimmer sniffled quietly, “Our precious little babies in a sweet kiss.”

“This has got to be a proud moment for both of our families,” grinned Mama Flyer.

“It sure is,” agreed Mama Swimmer.

Soon, Ducky and Petrie slowly pulled their faces away from each other with a cute, “Mwuah!” and they smiled seductively at each other as they calmly panted for air.

“I love you, Petrie. I do, I do,” said Ducky in a soft, happy voice.

“Me love you, too, Ducky. Me do, me do,” replied Petrie cutely, earning a laugh from his girlfriend.

Their mothers giggled as they listened to their words, and it was only then that the kids realized that they had kissed in front of them. They looked at their mothers and blushed in embarrassment.

“That was so adorable,” chuckled Mama Swimmer, “I just about started crying.”

“You two are so cute together, and after that moment, I can say you’re more perfect for each other than we envisioned,” added Mama Flyer.

“Mamas!” the two kids chuckled sheepishly with red cheeks, making their mothers laugh.

“We both feel very proud of you for following your hearts and getting together,” said Mama Flyer warmly with a wink.

“Your unconditional love for each other is stronger than any of your other aspects, and I’m sure that once your Time of Great Growing comes, you’ll have a very happy life together,” added Mama Swimmer.

Ducky and Petrie smiled at each other and engaged in a hug. Hearing such supportive words from both of their mothers seemed to be strengthen their love for each other, almost as much as their own sweet words or kisses would. This felt like one of the most defining moments of their relationship, and they hoped it would only grow from here.

“Well, kids, I think we’d better keep going. The more we get to see today, the better,” said Mama Flyer.

The two kids pulled away from each other with warm smiles, and they looked up at their mothers cutely.

“Okay,” they said in unison, making their mothers chuckle.

“Let’s get going,” said Mama Swimmer.

“Hmm,” said Ducky as she briefly put on her thinking face before looking at Petrie with a seductive smile, “How about this?”

Before Petrie could think of what Ducky was up to, she grabbed him by his sides and placed him on her back. She pinned his arms and wings down behind his back while squeezing his hands within her own hands. Petrie knew right then what she was up to, and he giggled in excitement, knowing what was coming next.

“Ducky, what are you up to?” asked Mama Swimmer, holding back a laugh.

“I am going to give Petrie a little ride!” beamed Ducky, and she looked back at her Funny Flyer with a seductive grin, “I know he loves these!”

Petrie happily giggled and began sucking babyishly on Ducky’s head crest as if he was just a little hatchling. Their mothers laughed at their childish behavior, seeing it to be so cute and extraordinarily funny. It was no wonder Ducky called Petrie her “Funny Flyer.”

“Let’s go!” cheered Ducky, and she brought her two feet together and began hopping on both feet at the same time, swinging her legs forward with each bounce.

“That’s our precious babies!” laughed Mama Flyer, making the two kids blush.

With that, the two mothers led their children into another forest, while Ducky kept hopping on both feet with Petrie babyishly sucking on her head crest.

The Swimmer/Flyer pair stopped at a spot by the river just as the Bright Circle reached its highest point in the sky. They had journeyed through several forests and browsed at lots of colorful plants and tree sweets, although the kids knew it would be better to save their appetite.

Ducky was still hugging Petrie from behind with their arms behind their backs, and Petrie was still acting like a hatchling, sucking cutely on Ducky’s head crest. She continued to bounce on both feet as she followed their mothers closely, and she occasionally looked around to make sure they wouldn’t be spotted by anyone else.

Eventually, they decided to stop at to get a drink from the river, and it was then that the kids looked around and saw many dinosaur families occupying the area as well. Many of the adults were drinking, while children played in the water, splashing each other playfully.

Petrie instantly stopped sucking on Ducky’s head crest and, and she immediately freed him from her back. They sighed in relief when they realized that nobody had noticed Ducky’s bouncing or Petrie’s babyish behavior, aside from their own mothers.

“Well, I think this is a perfect spot for a drink,” said Mama Swimmer as she stepped into the river and crouched down to soak her body in fresh, cold water.

“Wanna chill and have a drink, kids?” offered Mama Flyer.

“Sure,” nodded Petrie.

“I am sure thirsty. Yep, yep, yep,” added Ducky, making Petrie giggle the slightest, as he could never get enough of his girlfriend’s catchphrase.

While Mama Swimmer drank from the river while chilling herself relaxingly, and was soon joined by Ducky, the two Flyers dipped their beaks into the water to enjoy a nice drink.

It wasn’t long before Ducky felt completely relaxed and was suddenly in the mood for a little fun. She walked up to Petrie, prompting the Flyer to bring his head back up and face her.

“Do you want to jump in?” asked Ducky, “The water is nice and cold.”

Petrie didn’t feel very comfortable with that idea, since getting soaked would affect his ability to fly, and he didn’t like the idea of doing it in the presence of other dinosaurs while they were still trying to keep their love a secret from the valley.

“Uh, … m-me feel fine right here,” he said nervously.

“Come on, Petrie,” encouraged Ducky, “It will be fun. It will, it will.”

“Me not so sure,” gulped Petrie.

Ducky would not take ‘no’ for an answer, and she playfully pulled her boyfriend by his tiny hands into the river.

“Ducky, no! No, no, nonono, nooo!” Petrie begged as his girlfriend pulled him in.

“Ducky, I would-,” Mama Flyer began, but it was too late.

The two kids fell deep into the water with a big splash. Mama Flyer anxiously ducked her head down to get a closer look. She could faintly hear her son’s bubbly voice begging Ducky to let him out. Mama Swimmer placed a hand on the Flyer’s back to reassure her that as long as Ducky was around, Petrie would be okay.

Eventually, the two children resurfaced, with Petrie spewing lots of water out of his beak so that he wouldn’t suffocate. The Flyer coughed numerous times while Ducky started laughing, having found the whole thing to be so much fun. To his dismay, his entire body was soaked, and thus he would not be able to fly again for quite a while.

“Great! Now me no can fly!” he pouted as he crossed his arms with an upset look on his face.

Ducky simply kept on giggling, not realizing how upset his boyfriend really was. Petrie glared at her for a moment as he knew he would not be able to get the message to her that he was not very happy with what she had done to him.

“Hmm,” he murmured to himself as a mischievous thought spiraled into his head, “Me wonder how she react to this.”

With that, the little Flyer brought his hands into the water with an evil grin, and he splashed Ducky so hard that she jumped back in surprise and nearly lost her balance. She looked and saw that Petrie was grinning evilly at her, and only now she knew that he did not like being pulled into the water. However, the Swimmer was keen on turning Petrie’s smile into his ever-so-cute, playful smile, and she knew just how to do that …

With a mischievous grin, Ducky splashed Petrie right back, and the Flyer closed his eyes as the water splattered all over him. Once it was over, he reopened his eyes and glared at Ducky.

“So, … it splash fight you want, huh!?” he said teasingly, and he once again splashed his girlfriend.

Almost immediately, the two kids were splashing each other continuously, while their mothers could only chuckle at each other and watch their kids play in the river, knowing that there was no point in trying to stop them.

Other dinosaurs heard the commotion and glanced at Ducky and Petrie trying to beat each other with water. To many, it seemed strange to be seeing a Swimmer and a Flyer playing with each other, but most of them thought the scene looked rather adorable. Some of them even recognized them as the Swimmer and Flyer that were always hanging around with … that Longneck.

“Aren’t those some of the little Longneck’s friends?” asked a Swimmer.

“Who?” asked another Swimmer.

“I keep forgetting what his name is,” said the first Swimmer, “Little … something.”

“Littlefoot,” a nearby Threehorn said.

“Yes! Littlefoot!” the first Swimmer said as he thought about the Longneck, “You see, I recognize these two kids.”

“So do I,” said the Threehorn, “I’ve seen those kids with Littlefoot all the time. As I understand it, every member of that group is from a different kind. It’s what makes the group so unique.”

“I’ve heard stories about them,” recalled a Longneck, “Such as, … how they bravely defeated the Sharptooth.”

“I can’t help but notice that the Swimmer and Flyer seem so close to each other,” the second Swimmer pointed out.

“My guess is that they’re such good friends that they love to play together,” said a second Threehorn.

“They sure look cute together, don’t they?” said the first Swimmer admiringly.

“They most certainly do,” agreed the first Threehorn.

Meanwhile, Petrie had gotten so worn out from being splashed on so much that he couldn’t continue splashing Ducky back, and this prompted the Swimmer to wrap an arm around his back and use her other hand to wiggle on his chest. The Flyer instantly went into a fit of laughter as the sensations tickled him more than ever now that he was wet.

“No! Ducky! Naaaahahahahahahahahahahahaheheheheheeheeheeheeheee!” Petrie laughed uncontrollably, “Staaahahahahahahahahahahahahahop!”

“You are so ticklish, Petrie! Oh, yes, you are, you are!” teased Ducky playfully as she moved her fingers up to her boyfriend’s neck and shoulders.

Petrie’s laughs became very bubbly as he completely lost control of himself. Ducky sat down on the wet floor of the river and continued to tickle him, letting out her own cute giggles as she listened to his adorable laughs. Their mothers were also laughing at the adorable sight of the two having fun, and the cute sound of their laughs and bubbly giggles.

“Aw, look at those kids!” said a nearby voice.

The mothers looked around and saw that the nearby dinosaurs (adults and children) were watching Ducky and Petrie with grins on their faces. They were quite entertained by the duo’s display of playfulness.

“That has got to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen,” said a Longneck.

“It’s so adoring to see kids like them playing together,” added a female Threehorn.

Eventually, Petrie began to feel as if he was going to pass out from so much laughter. Saliva was drooling from his beak as a result from laughing for way too long. Ducky saw this and quickly stopped tickling her boyfriend, knowing that he desperately needed a break … and some air.

The moment the sensations stopped tickling him, Petrie tried to gasp for air, but the saliva and bubbly giggles kept pouring of his mouth as he seemed unable to recover from Ducky’s tickle torture. The Flyer closed his eyes and relaxed his head against Ducky’s, and the Swimmer kept him in a tight hug to help him regain his breath.

“I think I overdid-ed it a little,” she commented sheepishly.

“You definitely overdid it that time, Ducky,” giggled Mama Flyer, “You almost knocked my son out.”

“I am sorry, Ms. Flyer,” said Ducky, feeling guilty.

Petrie managed to gasp heavily, and he started panting loudly.

“I think you should cut it with the tickling when you’re playing in water,” suggested Mama Swimmer, giggling as she also found the moment hilarious.

“Me … thought … me … no get to breathe anymore,” panted Petrie.

“I am sorry, Petrie,” apologized Ducky, “I just wanted-ed to make it a little more fun.”

Petrie completely regained his breathing stability, and he looked awkwardly at Ducky, although she could tell that he was hiding a playful grin.

“Fun!?” the Flyer said sarcastically.

“I thought-ed it was lots of fun. Yep, yep, yep,” chuckled Ducky.

“Lots of fun?” said Petrie, looking as if he was disagreeing, “Me getting splashed and tickled while wet so me almost no could breathe?”

“It was fun because you are so good at splashing me, and your laughs are just cute,” grinned Ducky.

Petrie looked at Ducky with a strange expression for a moment, and then, suddenly gaining the sense that they both had their equal share of fun, they both broke into laughter.

“Me must admit, that so much fun!” laughed Petrie.

“See! I told-ed ya!” replied Ducky.

“Oh, those two silly kids!” chuckled one of the nearby Swimmers.

“That looked like so much fun!” cheered one of the Swimmer children.

“Yeah! Do that again!” said another.

Ducky and Petrie looked at each other and blushed as they realized that others had been watching them.

“I can’t recall the last time I saw a Swimmer and Flyer playing with each other, but that looked so cute, I almost wasn’t ready for it to end!” commented one of the Threehorns.

The two lovers chuckled heartily to themselves, while their mothers smiled down at them.

“You two gained quite an audience with that,” chuckled Mama Swimmer.

“Ducky!? Is that you!?” came another voice.

Ducky looked and saw a sight that made her happy yet nervous at the same time …

There was her father stepping into the river with the rest of the family, including Spike.

“Oh, Ducky, I was so worried last night! Where did you run off to!?” asked Papa Swimmer.

Before Ducky could answer, her mother motioned for him to come closer, and he obliged before whispering something in his ear. After a few tense moments, he sighed in relief and looked down at his daughter. He noticed she was staring very uneasily at him. Her lips were shaking a little as if she was trying not to cry. He knew she was anticipating that he would scold her or punish her for leaving him and his mate worried about her all night.

Papa Swimmer crouched down and smiled at his daughter before rubbing her back.

“It’s okay, Ducky,” he whispered, “Your mother explained everything to me. I know now that you were at least safe throughout the night, but I just want you to know that we need to be able to know where you are at all times so that we know you’re safe.”

“I know, Daddy,” whispered Ducky with a gulp, still shaking a little.

“Just remember to tell your mother or myself in the future if you plan on staying over there for a while, okay?” said Papa Swimmer gently.

“Okay, Daddy,” nodded Ducky, “I … I am very sorry.”

“It’s okay, dear,” responded Papa Swimmer, “Your mother and I love you very much, and we just want you to be safe.”

With those last few words, he hugged her daughter, and only then Ducky felt all her fear being replaced with relief that her father had forgiven her. She sniffled and hugged him back, and soon they broke away with some smiles.

Papa Swimmer turned to Petrie and gave him a wink, and the Flyer chuckled and smiled in return. Barely a moment later, Ducky was met with the unmistakable sensation of Spike licking her face. She giggled happily and nearly fell on her side, but Petrie caught her and held her tightly.

“Spike! That tickles!” laughed Ducky, “Stop!”

“I think Spike is just happy you’re safe and sound,” chuckled Mama Swimmer.

“Me agree,” said Petrie.

Spike soon stopped the licking and nuzzled Ducky’s face, and the Swimmer hugged him around the neck.

“Okay, Spike. Come over here for a drink,” said Papa Swimmer.

Spike broke away from Ducky and smiled at her before walking away.

“Will you and Ducky be okay if we left you on your own for a while?” Papa Swimmer asked his mate.

“We won’t be … alone exactly,” she responded, and she gestured over to Petrie and his mother.

“Ah, I see,” he said, understanding her message, “I suppose I’ll leave the four of you to it, then.”

“I won’t be too long, dear, and I’ll be sure to bring Ducky home once we’ve finished,” said Mama Swimmer with the slightest hints of sarcasm.

Her mate couldn’t quite hold back a laugh from her sarcasm, and he exchanged smiles with Ducky and Petrie before he kissed his mate and left with their other children and Spike.

Once they were gone, Mama Swimmer and Mama Flyer shifted their attention back to Ducky and Petrie.

“Okay, you two. I think we’d better get a move on,” said Mama Flyer.

“Okay,” Petrie nodded almost immediately, and he crawled out of the river with Ducky following closely.

The Flyer shook himself to rid himself of the water soaking him, but it did little to make his wings usable again. He sighed with dread as he knew he would not be able to fly again until his wings eventually dried on their own. The two even used tree stars to dry themselves off, but Petrie still couldn’t lift himself into the air.

“Great,” pouted Petrie, “Me no can fly until me wings dry.”

He cast a brief glare to express that she was at fault for him not being able to fly for a while. Ducky sheepishly chuckled and looked away before Petrie realized that he couldn’t stay mad at the Swimmer he loved so much.

Ducky felt Petrie rubbing her back in a rather affectionate manner, and when she turned to look at him, he was smiling and winking to indicate that he had forgiven her and would always love her just as she loved him. Ducky smiled in delight at the gesture and nearly kissed him but quickly remembered they were not alone. She chuckled and blushed a little as she realized they had so nearly blown their cover.

“Let’s go, kids,” said Mama Swimmer.

The two kids began to follow their mothers into another forest while the other kids in the river waved their goodbyes to them. They chuckled as they thought of the audience they had gained with their little playful water fight, but all that soon became the farthest thing from their minds as they anticipated some more time alone with just their doting mothers by their side.

That afternoon, after visiting several more beautiful places in the Great Valley, the four entered another dense forest. This particular forest made the two kids cringe, as they recalled the not-so-fond memory of an incident that had happened not so long after their arrival in the Great Valley.

“This forest is just gorgeous,” grinned Mama Swimmer.

“Plenty of beautiful tree sweets growing here this season,” added Mama Flyer, “I’d say it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a few and share some with the kids.”

“Good idea,” agreed Mama Swimmer, and she picked off several red tree sweets and set them on the ground, “Want a snack, kids?”

“Sure,” answered Petrie.

“I am a little hungry,” nodded Ducky.

The two kids each took a red tree sweet and slowly nibbled on them to enjoy the taste as long as they could, with their mothers doing the same.

“So, have you two kids been having a good day?” asked Mama Swimmer.

Ducky and Petrie looked thoughtfully at their mothers, then at each other. Deep down, they hadn’t expected to have a day like this, but as the day went on, they came to find it rather enjoyable to spend some time alone together with their mothers by their side to help them nourish their love for each other. It felt like one of the most heartwarming days they had had since that fateful night when they confessed their forbidden love. Although they preferred being alone when they were … “engaging in some form of questionably naughty or seductive activity”, … having their mothers for company felt rather warming due to the support they had for their relationship and how much they would always love, dote and care for them protectively with those occasional playful mother-child moments.

“You look pretty deep in thought,” commented Mama Flyer as she glanced at their thinking faces.

“Actually, … today has been very happy,” said Ducky in a soft, happy voice.

“We may like being alone, … but we happy to have you with us and see us be happy together, because we know you happy with us being in love,” said Petrie.

“If you are happy because we are happy together, then we are happy to have you with us when we are alone together sometimes,” added Ducky, “We know you love us very much just like how we love each other very much.”

“Awww!” Petrie beamed cutely, and he kissed the Swimmer’s cheek.

“That’s very kind of you, children,” smiled Mama Flyer, “We love you very much, and you know that we’ll always be by your side as you keep growing.”

“You are both very sweet children, and as your mothers, we will be there to make sure you are always happy, even when it comes to your love for each other,” said Mama Swimmer, “If anyone ever does find out our secret, we’ll make sure you will always have a home here with us.”

“Would you really do that?” said a surprised Ducky.

“Of course, we would,” her mother replied with a chuckle, “It’s our duty to look after our children and always make sure they’re happy and safe, and we will stand beside you and guide you through your Time of Great Growing.”

“Aww, Mamas!” Ducky and Petrie both quivered happily in unison.

“Aww, you two children!” their mothers replied in the same fashion.

The four shared a laugh and nuzzled with all four of their faces touching at the same time. Once they finished, Ducky and Petrie smiled brightly at each other and suddenly felt some playful moods taking over them as their mothers’ genuine love warmed their hearts.

“Me suddenly feel so happy, me Sweet Swimmer!” he said cheerfully.

“Me, too, my Funny Flyer!” chuckled Ducky with some cute giggles.

“Sweet Swimmer?” chuckled Mama Swimmer.

“Funny Flyer?” said Mama Flyer.

“Those are our secret nicknames,” explained Ducky, “We came up with those nicknames after we confessed-ed our love for each other.”

“Oh, you two sweet, silly kids!” Mama Flyer chuckled as Mama Swimmer laughed.

The kids briefly looked around to make sure no one else was around, and when they were sure that their mothers were the only others present, they chuckled in excitement before they looked at each other again with cute, bright smiles.

“I love you so much, Petrie. Yep, yep, yep!” smiled Ducky.

“Me love you so much, too, Ducky. Yep, yep, yep!” replied Petrie.

All four dinosaurs laughed before the kids smothered each other in a tight hug, with Ducky opening her mouth and pulling Petrie’s beak in so that they could engage in another seducing kiss. They could just about see the ends of their mouths pointing upward, indicating proud, bright, loving smiles that were sealed by their kiss. Petrie then brought his feet on top of Ducky’s, and the Swimmer began another one of her one-legged dances to bounce her boyfriend up and down while they hugged each other tightly and kissed each other delicately. Their tongues played together as Ducky’s hops drenched saliva from her mouth all over Petrie’s beak. The Flyer giggled in a muffled voice as he felt his girlfriend pampering him all over in so many ways at the same time. He once again felt as if Ducky was his big sister. It was this kind of feeling that made the two feel as if they actually were family, which they wanted to be in the future.

“Aww,” their mothers sniffled happily as they watched their respective children snuggling and smooching each other lovingly and playfully.

After a minute, Ducky stopped hopping on one foot, and she and Petrie ended their kiss with a playful, “Mwuah!” with the Flyer’s beak drenched in saliva once again. The Swimmer blew gentle kisses all over her boyfriend’s beak for a minute until he was dry.

“That so loving and bouncy!” Petrie smiled.

“I am always happy to give you a love bounce! Yep, yep, yep!” replied Ducky, earning a cheerful laugh from Petrie.

“Aw, you two are just the most adorable children in the Great Valley!” chuckled Mama Swimmer.

The two kids could only smile with red cheeks as they wrapped an arm around each other’s backs and began walking side-by-side around the place while their mothers watched. They nuzzled each other’s faces as they stayed attached to each other as if they were one.

They didn’t go very far before they couldn’t help but kiss again. This forest felt like the perfect place for them to share their love for each other.

Then, just as they opened their mouths and started smooching each other again, there came another voice …

“Ducky and Petrie up in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

The four all gasped with shock, but the two kids were mortified by this particular voice; that of a male adolescent. They knew who this voice belonged to …

And so, it seems as though Ducky and Petrie's secret may have just been blown by a certain dinosaur whom may surely spread the word. Is their secret doomed to be spread? Could they be doomed to be shammed by the rest of the valley? Could they even be doomed to exile? Anything is possible when this teenager interrupts with their personal lives. :o

I'll be back around Wednesday with the next chapter, so until then, keep your fingers crossed for our two little heroes.

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