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It's Party Time! / Re: Ban The Person Above You (game)
« on: November 16, 2019, 05:06:38 AM »
You're banned for not inviting me on discord XD

LBT Fanfiction / Re: Future Before Time
« on: November 16, 2019, 03:55:33 AM »
"Grandma!" Littlefoot cried in helpless horror as the strange creatures removed the old Longneck from the cavern they were in. The shining vine around his back-leg kept him well away from them, no matter how hard he struggled against it.

"Littlefoot…" She had no more strength left in her body, her legs unable to hold her any longer. He felt as if he was seeing his mother's death all over again. She too had been unable to rise to her feet again and the results of that were well-known. His heart was thundering in fear as his mind flashed back to that horrible day.

The wall of the cavern closed between them, leaving a devastated hatchling separated from the only family he had.

The vine that held him disappeared and he shot to the wall through which his grandmother had disappeared. It was as smooth as all the other walls, with no clue how to open it like those creatures had done.

Behind him the other grown-ups could only look on even more helplessly, their prisons too well-build for them to escape. They could not comfort the young longneck-child, let alone help him as he collapsed against the cold wall, sobbing softly.

Spike and Tricia both had no such troubles, for the first time since arriving here leaving their mothers' sides to comfort him.


"It's almost sad to see something this magnificent so… weak." Cian looked at the downed giant. The Apatosaurus was breathing softly, the rise and fall of her chest the only thing moving. He slowly walked to her head, trailing his eyes over her body.

He stopped dead in his tracks when he met her eyes. They were only half-open, but looking at him with an intensity he'd never have expected from her in this state.

He pulled himself on the platform she was on, muttering under his breath about his old age as he did so.

"Careful, Sir!" One of the other scientists warned him as he approached the thick neck. He waved the other man's concerns away. Old he might be, but he was still quite capable.

The old female shifted her head a bit to look at him. When he got even closer she tried to lift her neck away from him, but her weakness and the chains holding her dragged it down almost instantly again.

He did not move, watching as her face changed… into resignation? He reached out slowly with his hand, briefly hesitating when she growled weakly. Both of them knew it was an empty threat…

Her skin was warmer than he expected it to be. He carefully rubbed it, feeling the texture under his fingers with interest.

She was staring at him, her eyes burning with emotions. Did dinosaurs have emotions to begin with?

He trailed his hand up, getting closer to her head. Her eyes narrowed some, but she made no more move to get away.

He marveled at the powerful heart-beat he felt under his fingers. If it had this much power when she was so weakened, what did it have to feel like when she was at full strength?

The rate of her breathing did not change, though her eyes – or rather, eye, considering the position she was in – remained fixed on him.

He sat down a short distance from her, looking at her with a contemplating look on his face. She returned the look, making him wonder exactly how far her mental capabilities went. True, for her body-size her brain was rather small, but that had to mean nothing.

His mind trailed off a bit, leaving the old Sauropod in favor of his young protégée: Lewis had left a few hours ago on another dinosaur-hunt, this time intending to bring back the dangerous kind. He just hoped everything would go as well as it had the first time.

It's Party Time! / Re: Ban The Person Above You (game)
« on: November 16, 2019, 03:51:55 AM »
You're banned for the same

LBT Fanfiction / Re: Future Before Time
« on: November 15, 2019, 01:09:51 AM »
The children – those remaining at least – had gathered at one of the many water-pools that dotted the valley-floor. They were listless, unsure as to how to proceed after this. It had been several days after the incident, but it felt like it had been mere hours.

Mr. Threehorn had become nearly unbearable, self-loathing mixed with fury in his heart; he dared not name the most prominent emotion he felt: grief. Grief at the loss of his mate and youngest child.

Grandpa too had gained a cold edge to him. Sheer force of will kept him from succumbing to grief, but that same force was cooling his demeanor considerably. In fact, some dinosaurs were silently wondering if the old Longneck's heart had literally frozen over after the disappearance of his mate and grandson.

Everyone started to make wide berths around the two old males out of fear of triggering something.

And something was triggered alright, though it was not what anyone expected. Pterano had spoken truly when he mentioned a 'strong family resemblance' between Cera and her father.

It showed itself when the young threehorn exploded in her father's face, screaming at him in helpless rage, demanding to know why he thought she could deal with this on her own.

By the time Petrie's mother returned with Olophon, he had returned to his old self, a state of mind everyone had sorely missed. Oh, the irony…

Instead the very presence of Littlefoot's Grandfather's anger was felt all around him. Some would swear the temperature itself dropped when he had walked past them. His red-brown eyes – full of warmth just a Change of the Moon ago – now called forth memories of Sharpteeth, being just as cold and cruel.

Chomper and Ruby abandoned their caves, instead taking to staying with their friends. Normally the grown-ups would have objected, but they let them simply do so now.


"At least they didn't merely give us money…" Lewis looked over at Cian, who was watching the work on their A-hangars.

"Though I can do without whatever they will no doubt request in return for this." The older man answered. "This will not have come for free."

"True." The younger male nodded, pushing some of his rebellious curls out of his light-brown eyes. "They'll be done soon, I believe."

"They better. The Apatosaurus stopped eating." Cian turned his attention to the holograms floating in front of the far wall. The adult Sauropod had text blinking underneath her in a vivid red.

"Let's pray, shall we?" Lewis joked, looking from the hologram to the dark-skinned man beside him.

"Ditched your atheist ways?" Cian countered. It was a favorite pastime of theirs. "I think it might be better if we remove her. Place her somewhere we can at least keep her alive. We can't do that with all those bustling youngsters."

"Vhy, it ees almost as if you care about ze beast." A voice came from the door. The man that had spoken was just a few years older than Lewis, but he already needed a cane to move around. An accident had caused his right-leg Web to malfunction, rendering the limb nearly useless. It was a well-known secret it had been his own fault.

"Jacques Jarosz." Cian turned to the new arrival. "When you speak of the devil, he shall arrive. I assume you are here on business?"

"Vhy else vould I bother getting 'ere?" Jacques countered, entering the room. At least he had had the decency to leave his cigarettes outside this time. Too bad he had not done the same with his ego. "Zey vant more, Cian."

"More dinosaurs? We haven't finished expanding the A-hangars yet!" Lewis was shocked, forgetting his place for a moment.

"Yes, more dinosaurs." The blond rolled his eyes, snipping his fingers at the other. "Preferably – as zey call zem – useful ones…"

"In other words, those that they can modify to fight for them?" Cian hated politics, he really did. Now was such a moment. 'We have dinosaurs, instead of studying them, let's slaughter them.' Worst of all, he knew he had no choice. It was either do as they wanted or become their enemy. And modified dinosaurs would be your last worry if that happened.

Jacques said nothing, merely smiling that blasted smile of his.

"Lewis, prepare to go again." Cian ordered, glaring at the government-employee in front of them. Lewis, despite hating it, had no choice but to obey. He left the room without gracing their guest with even the faintest look.

The other could not care about that, instead turning to the holograms of the dinosaurs that were already there. "Vhat ees vrong vith zat one?" He poked the adult Sauropod with his cane.

"We are not sure yet." The scientist coldly stated. "We were interrupted as we tried to figure out how to best find out."

The verbal jab was lost on the target. "Zen find out vhat ees wrong. Ve have no use for dead lizards."

"The moment I don't have to play host anymore, I'd gladly do it." Cian's voice had reached freezing temperatures. Jacques' ego was like a warm blanket wrapped around him: he never cared what other people thought of him.

It's Party Time! / Re: Hangman
« on: November 15, 2019, 01:03:28 AM »

It's Party Time! / Re: Hangman
« on: November 14, 2019, 02:53:06 PM »

LBT Fanfiction / Re: Future Before Time
« on: November 14, 2019, 01:05:42 AM »
They were afraid, terrified even, but mostly they were just without hope. In other situations they had at least hope of ever seeing their families again, but this time even that seemed impossible to the uncounted degree.

"Cewa…" Tricia whimpered, big tears forming in her eyes as they were moved through a shining-white corridor. What were they supposed to tell her? Especially since they were hardly in a better state. In the end Littlefoot simply leaned over, rubbing his head against hers.

They curled together, the sound of the walls fading and reappearing terrifying them – and in Littlefoot's case reminding him of when Sharptooth killed his mother – as the strange creatures kept moving them.

"Grandma!" His eyes widened in horror when he saw her. Unlike him, she was not surrounded by shining trees, but rather bound by shining vines easily as thick as her neck. They allowed some movement, but even those held strong against the old Longneck.

"Littlefoot!" She tried to reach him, but the vines weren't even long enough for her to stretch her neck completely, let alone reach across half a cavern to her grandson.

The walls all around them now made that horrible sound, opening several more times to bring in the other grown-ups.

As the two-legged beings left, the trees surrounding the young ones sunk into the ground, freeing them.

"Mama!" Tricia immediately squeezed through the trees holding her mother, pressing herself against Tria's dark-pink leg. She was sobbing, clinging to the older threehorn.

Spike and Littlefoot wasted hardly any time either to get to their respective grown-ups, Grandma with some trouble managing to lay down on the floor to hug him close.

Even as they soothed their young ones, the grown-ups looked at each other with despair, fear and near overwhelming hopelessness.


"Do you thing I could get thrown into jail if I said I hated the government?" Lewis muttered, looking at a hologram of the interior of hangar D-13. "Look at them, Cian, it's as if they know how far away they are from where they belong." He poked the image of the Triceratops-mother.

"It indeed seems to be that way…" Cian was sitting on the chair behind his desk, while Lewis was leaning against it. "Or it is because they are captured. At any rate, this is only a temporary solution to their depression."

"This feels wrong on quite a few levels." Lewis looked at the Saurolophus with lidded eyes. She had almost automatically taken the Stegosaurus to comfort him, despite the latter not even being supposed to be alive at the same time. "There were more children with them, no doubt their own. Did we condemn those to death now?"

"If we look at animals today – those that were not driven to extinction at least – many children don't make adulthood anyway." Cian mused. "A good part of those would not have made it anyway."

Lewis sighed in defeat, not at all happy with the answer his superior had given him. At the same time he knew that would be all he'd get. That there was only one government for the entire planet did not mean that everyone agreed with it. And he could interpret that thought in several ways.

They watched the dinosaurs a little while longer, before Cian rose from his seat. "Let's see if we can get some of that funding now. I want to redesign and connect the A-hangars. We can't keep them like that forever."

Lewis swung his arm through the hologram, cancelling it as he followed the older man out of the room.

"Let's hope dinosaurs are enough to make them give us that funding." Cian pulled on his cloak.

"If they aren't, then we really need a revolution…" Lewis followed him, still wearing the same outfit – cleaned, obviously – as he had when he had gotten said dinosaurs. Just like he was everytime, he now was the older man's shadow again, even if both of them were as different as night and day.


"I don't know what you expected to happen." Thicknose looked at the old Threehorn beside him. "He was and is already at his wit's end. You can't tell me you'd actually expect him to have patience now?"

"How can you expect me to stay calm at a time like this?" The threehorn countered, eyes flashing in anger.

"Not, I know." Thicknose muttered. "But even you should be able to tell that that was way out of line." Oh, what he wouldn't give for Tria being here. At least she was able to reason with Mr. Threehorn, if only by the fact that few things scared him more than the thought of earning her disfavor. Sadly, the entire fact that she was not here was the reason for this recent and terrible temper-explosion from Cera's father. The fact that he could still hardly walk from that strange Sky Fire did nothing to help him keep a semblance of calm.

Speaking of Cera, where was she?

It's Party Time! / Re: LBT Hangman
« on: November 13, 2019, 03:29:06 PM »
Man, I just suck at Hanging Men XD

Ye, that it.

It's Party Time! / Re: LBT Hangman
« on: November 13, 2019, 02:37:19 PM »
_ Y/ _ _ _ _ E/ _ _ E _ _ T/ T _ _ _

correct: E, Y, T

incorrect: R

wrong guesses left: 9

It's Party Time! / Re: Guess the next poster
« on: November 13, 2019, 02:33:49 PM »
Don't think he made people abandon hope... That sounds more like Red Claw...


It's Party Time! / Re: Twenty Questions...LBT Style
« on: November 13, 2019, 02:30:59 PM »
Is it a reprise of an earlier song?

LBT Fanfiction / Re: Future Before Time
« on: November 13, 2019, 08:51:22 AM »
The children were being kept in a laboratory in the very heart of the faculty, well away from potential prying eyes. Not that the adult dinosaurs weren't, but they had to be kept in outlying buildings, safe for the Pteranodon too big for the inner laboratories.

Cian strode into the small room, his eyes falling immediately on the three forms huddled together in a cage. It would seem that Lewis' assessment of them missing the adults had some ground. All three were awake, but they looked out of the cage with surprising apathy.

"Perhaps we should put them at least in the same room?" Lewis, despite being no scientist, carried Cian's trust and could always count on him being heard out at the least, even by the other scientists.

"The problem being that I doubt we have a room big enough for all of them." Cian looked at the destitute youngsters. "We could lock off a field, but that'd risk both the Pteranodon escaping and people spotting them."

"Perhaps modify one of the storage-hangars?" Another scientist suggested. "B-19 should be big enough to hold them."

"None of our storage-hangars was made to hold dinosaurs." Cian pointed out. "Though perhaps if we keep them in their cages…" His voice trailed off as he left the room, Lewis still his faithful shadow.

True to his own orders, he waited until the doors had closed before summoning a holographic lay-out of the faculty.

"B-19 is the biggest we have." He murmured as he looked the hologram over. "But I'm not that happy with its' proximity to the outer perimeter." His Web glowed as he turned the blue specter. "D-13 might be a close fit."

"It is more secluded though." Lewis supplied, watching just as intently at the glowing form. "And with cages they won't need that much space yet."

"Thank you for stating the obvious." The older man chuckled. "Well, unless the government suddenly gives us funding to expand the A-hangars, I am afraid we'll have to do with what we have. Tell them to transfer the dinosaurs to D-13, underground and when not possible, cloaked doubly."


The young flyers had been brought to the Longneck resting-place by their mother before she left to look for the father of Ducky and her siblings, who had taken to travelling with his own siblings. His restless nature had called him away and knowing his family had been safe, he had answered its' call a few Cold Times after they had reached the Great Valley.

He visited regularly, but there had been an unspoken agreement that they could not wait for him to arrive for his next visit this time.

From what Grandpa had gathered, the young Swimmers were staying with a hollow-horn that was a friend of their mother until their father would arrive.

He looked at the young flyers sitting together in his shade. Unlike the grown-ups they had dearly loved their uncle and this sudden disappearance of the old flyer had unsettled them deeply. And for Petrie especially there had been the additional blow of Littlefoot and Spike suffering a similar fate.

He briefly closed his eyes. They should not see how hard he had been hit by his own loss, it would only add fear to grief and that was by far unnecessary.

His first instinct was to send them to their friends for a bit, until he remembered that two of said friends were gone.

He started when he realized that two different friends were dwelling in a set of caves on the far side of the valley, well away from their own families. Who was keeping watch over Ruby and Chomper right now? They'd be equally upset, but they would have no grown-ups to turn to.

He rose to his feet with a shuddering sigh, gladly taking the excuse to focus on something else but his own recent loneliness.


He had gained a new hatred for enclosed spaces in a surprisingly short time, because wherever he was, he could not even open his wings properly.

He shook his head in frustration, clawing at the strange thing firmly locked around his beak.

His first instinct had been to lash out at the strange creatures surrounding him, and he even had managed to wound one before one of the others had grabbed his beak – his actual beak – as if it was nothing and forced this strange thing around the two halves.

And now he couldn't even open his beak wide enough to fit a leaf in edge-wise.

A deep breath passed through his nostrils as he gave up trying to free himself for the moment, instead staring at the creatures around him. They seemed more active all of a sudden, as if they had smelled Sharpteeth on the wind.

But there was no wind in this strange cave, and he somehow – almost instinctively, perhaps – knew that there were not even Sharpteeth around.

In that same instinct he tried to lift of when the strange thing he was in suddenly jolted and moved. All he gained from that was a painful wing, the frail bones and membrane not meant to be hit against unforgiving trees that were cold and shiny. They reminded him of the Stone of Cold Fire or whatever he had taken for that thing. He had never really figured that one out.

He growled in the back of his throat in surprise when the wall faded in front of him, revealing a corridor leading Heaven knows where. What was this place?

The old Flyer was hardly one to get afraid (even Threehorn could not call him a coward) but now his heart was hammering in his chest, eyes wide in sheer terror at the place he found himself in right now.

It's Party Time! / Re: LBT Hangman
« on: November 13, 2019, 08:48:00 AM »
_ Y/ _ _ _ _ E/ _ _ E _ _ _/ _ _ _ _

correct: E, Y

incorrect: -

wrong guesses left: 10

It's Party Time! / Re: Twenty Questions...LBT Style
« on: November 12, 2019, 02:43:00 PM »
((Part of me wonders if you are playin with semantics here XD))

Does it appear in the TV Series?

It's Party Time! / Re: Ban The Person Above You (game)
« on: November 12, 2019, 01:09:29 PM »
You're banned for missing that your armour will keep you in shape. As long as you dont get out of it, that is ;P

It's Party Time! / Re: Guess the next poster
« on: November 12, 2019, 01:06:38 PM »
Nor am I that starry either....


It's Party Time! / Re: LBT Hangman
« on: November 12, 2019, 01:05:16 PM »
_ _/ _ _ _ _ _/ _ _ _ _ _ _/ _ _ _ _

correct: -

incorrect: -

wrong guesses left: 10

LBT Fanfiction / Re: Future Before Time
« on: November 12, 2019, 01:14:12 AM »
To say that she was panicking would be a grave understatement. She had no clue where she was and the strange walls around her were disorientating her even more with their white sparkles. But the greatest cause of her panic was that she was alone. Where were the children? The other grown-ups?

The air was not what she was used to, smelling strange and alien. The ground too was strange to the prehistoric giant. Nothing fitted in with what she had known anymore. The creatures who regarded her were small in comparison, but they somehow had managed to get her into a cave closed at all sides with trees that felt smooth and cold to the touch.

Where was she?

Despite her throwing all her weight against them, the trees held with ease, not even bending in the slightest. Her own body however soon tired of the abuse and she knew she would have several bruises to account for this.

Not that those bruises would matter if she got a heart-attack right now. Her nostrils flared as she turned around again, pacing the interior of her… cave? Could one even call this thing a cave? A cave in a cave? Had anyone ever heard of something like that?

And what were those creatures anyway? And why did they seem not to react to her at all safe some glances?

Where was everyone?

She snarled in surprise when part of the cave-wall moved, revealing a narrow corridor. Two more creatures entered, but looking at her intently. Perhaps she had preferred it when they all ignored her.

She snarled at them, cowering away slightly. Perhaps she should be wondering why she did it, considering she could easily overcome them, but right now she was just terrified and even the creatures that would barely be able to look on top of a Clubtail got a defensive reaction out of her.

She couldn't even relax some when one of them turned to the other creatures, making strange sounds as he did so. Were they talking?

Pain shot through her heart when she realized her little one had to be in a cave just like this one, in exactly the same situation and she could offer no comfort.


"This is so fascinating…" Cian looked from the dinosaur to Lewis. "It makes me get all giddy. Dinosaurs, here at the heart of the Union, can you imagine it?"

"I can see it." Lewis chuckled lightly at his companion. "You're the top-scientist of the government, act like it."

Cian glared at him playfully, before turning his attention to the dinosaur in the cage again. Her agitation was clearly visible, as she had taken up pacing close to the bars again. At almost even intervals she attacked them, but they didn't even get scratched.

"Simply magnificent." He stepped up to the bars, earning an instant reaction. She roared at him, backing away. He stepped back again, eyes shining as he watched her.

"Sir?" One of the other scientists tapped him on the shoulder lightly. "I think something is wrong with the children. They are not moving."

"Oh?" He turned to look as the scientist summoned a small hologram, the metal on her arms shining briefly with the same blue light the hologram did. The three hatchlings – the only dinosaurs they put together – were there, unmoving.

"If I had to place a bet, I think they're missing the grown-ups." Lewis mused. "Did you run the DNA-tests already?"

They were interrupted by the roar of the dinosaur behind him. "Well, at least we know who knows one of the kids." Cian swiftly disrupted the hologram as he turned to the cage. The female was raging, no longer showing any of her earlier fear.

"Note: Triceratops are very protective mothers." Cian spoke over the noise she was making. As he kept staring at the dinosaur, the system recognized the code-word and acted according to his wishes.

"Note: No one knows how to calm them down." Lewis pointed out, still more amused than worried.

Another playful glare and Cian raised his hand, pointing with one finger at the dinosaur. Unlike most scientists, his Web was not merely the standard variation most humans wore, but also the military-grade one. While a very dangerous setting to have in a laboratory, it had proven helpful several times in the past and did so now again.

Her roars of anger stopped when a bright flash – the same as Lewis had used when arriving back here – stunned her, bringing the Cretaceous giant to her knees with ease.

"No more holograms of any creatures in this room." Cian ordered, lowering his hand again. "Or around the other dinosaurs. It is apparent they cannot tell the difference."

"Yes, sir." The scientist nodded. "I'll alert the others at once."

"Let's see what could be up with those young ones." He looked at the defeated mother one last time, before striding out of the room, Lewis following just a short distance behind him.


The valley was in an uproar. Dinosaurs normally do not disappear into thin air, but four grown-ups and three hatchlings had done just that not even half a day ago. The stress those left behind felt was so severe that Grandpa Longneck all but blew up at Mr. Threehorn, before storming off in a fury like none of them had seen before. The loss of his mate and sole surviving descendant had hit the old Longneck hard. At least when he had lost his daughter – and thought his grandson dead – he had had the support of his mate, but now she was gone as well.

"Grandpa?" A soft voice spoke to him. He looked up at the dark-blue flyer that had lost her brother. "Can you watch my children for a bit?"

"Why?" Only sheer force of will enabled him to rise to his feet.

"Hadria is gone, but safe for Spike, none of her children are. They need a care-taker. I intend to fly out and see if I can locate Olophon." Petrie's mother explained. "But that might take a while, and…"

She fell silent.

"Pterano is not there to watch over your children." Grandpa finished her sentence. A pang of regret shot through his heart at her sad nod, a shuddering sigh escaping her beak. "Of course I'll help."

"Thank you." She smiled up weakly at him. "I'm sorry I'm asking you, but I don't know who else to ask. Normally I'd go to Hadria, but… you know…"

He nodded, turning to her nest. "Good luck."

It's Party Time! / Re: Move In or Run?
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Not sure I'd want three Petries around me.... RUN


It's Party Time! / Re: Guess the next poster
« on: November 12, 2019, 01:11:09 AM »
Dun think so :/ Am I nagging? :P

Def-Nagging-Nos? ;)

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