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Silver Screen / The Last Jedi spoiler thread
« on: December 17, 2017, 05:30:03 PM »
I agree, it was a great movie. It actually had the balls to kill Luke, but in a way that felt satisfying, yet sad at the same time. I also loved how they actually showed what always seems to happen in Legends, the Dark Side betrays itself. I just hope we see, in Episode IX, the final battle that determines whether or not light or dark triumphs.

It's Party Time! / Word Association
« on: July 11, 2017, 03:17:30 AM »

Hobbies and Recreation / Paleontology
« on: July 11, 2017, 03:11:38 AM »
What is your favorite theropod dinosaur and why?

Mine is Daspletosaurus Torosus. I think its cool because its much like its larger cousin, the T.rex. However, it is probably also the best candidate for the Rex's ancestor, as I don't know of any other large Tyrannosaurine that existed in North America after Daspletosaurus aside from the King of the Dinosaurs itself. I also find it fascinating how it could be almost a quarter smaller and yet still be an apex predator in its environment(because there were other large Tyrannosaurines around at the time, like Tarbosaurus in Mongolia and Lythronax in North America. However both were bigger. I find it puzzling that there were already giant Tyrannosaurs in Asia and yet they hadn't reached that size yet in North America until T-rex appeared.)

Attic Treasures / Star Wars Legends
« on: May 14, 2017, 01:23:16 AM »
Quote from: WeirdRaptor,May 7 2017 on  07:33 PM
Okay, you hardcore EU fans need to stop being so butthurt. The EU isn't canon anymore, and the Disney Star Wars films are excellent. Deal with it.
I don't mean any offense, but is it really necessary being so aggressive about this. All they said was that they liked the EU. Its their opinion. While I do prefer Disney to Legends, is it really necessary to be so cruel about something they like? Again, no offense meant.

Silver Screen / Why I like ALL the Star Wars franchise
« on: May 13, 2017, 09:22:00 PM »
Alright, let me say this. I need to make something clear. I FREAKING LOVE the Star Wars Movies. But, oh my god, dare I say it? Should I risk provoking a lynch-mob? Do I dare open a can of worms so massive that it could tear apart the very fabric of the universe? I think I will. I. Like. ALL. The Star Wars Movies.
That's right. I love every single Star Wars movie. I grew up with them, and I consider them my favorite movies. And you know what, it doesn't matter if you hate them. It doesn't matter if you think I shouldn't. It doesn't matter if parts are no longer canon. Its my personal opinion. You have no right to tell me I should or should not like a certain movie. If you say its bad, then that's your opinion, and I respect that. I am sorry you feel your childhood was ruined by the Prequels. But to be honest, you're ruining my childhood by continuously spewing your anger about it. They came out years ago, just let it go. If you think they're bad movies, just chalk them up to just that. Enjoy the movies you like, but I beg you to let me enjoy the movies I like.
This is not directed at anyone here. I mean no offense in any way. This was a rant because someone literally told me I deserved to die for daring to voice my enjoyment of all Star Wars media. I am sorry, but if you believe that, then you had no childhood worth killing. To ALL Star Wars fans, I am glad we all can enjoy the same original Star Wars trilogy. While we may disagree on the prequels and the sequels, I believe we can at least all take consolation in the fact that we loved such classics as A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.
Also, let me clarify I love the originals more then the other two trilogies. Their superior. However, I still enjoy the prequels and sequels. I like them because I love everything Star Wars. All I ask is to be allowed to enjoy all of it.

Silver Screen / Should the JEDI END?
« on: April 18, 2017, 08:49:37 PM »
After watching the trailer for the Last Jedi, I want to hear your guy's opinions on the potential game changer this might bring.

Gamers Zone / Your best and worst moments in video games?
« on: April 10, 2017, 01:46:00 AM »
Exactly what the title says!

My best moment was playing a game called Star Wars: Empire at War. I had a small fleet consisting of a small Star Destroyer(I was controlling the Empire) and three blockade runners. Then the entire Rebel fleet attacked. I don't know how, but I not only defeated their fleet, but destroyed it. I ended the war in one fell swoop, and with my main fleet somewhere else. It was awesome!

Worst: Probably the dozens of times I just passed a level and forgot to save, died, and had to play it over.

Gamers Zone / Pros and cons of cheating in EU4
« on: March 16, 2017, 04:11:50 AM »
Yes, I like to use cheat codes. I do it mostly when I buy a new game to help me get used to the controls without getting destroyed by enemies. However, EU4, or Europa Universalis 4, has really proved to be an exciting experience. Let me begin by saying this, I am now the most hated monarch in europe because of a little...expansion? Alright, sue me! So what if I conquered most of Northern Germany and New York? Afterall, its not like I am being malicious. Alright, maybe a little.

So, this started when I chose my favorite historical nation, Prussia, or Brandenburg as it is called when I started the game. I immediately spawned about 15 regiments of Napoleonic infantry for use against medieval pikemen. I trashed Magdeburg, the Teutonic Knights, Pomerania, Silesia, and Bohemia in the span of four years, before getting crushed by the HRE in Bohemia, then Silesia. Within a few weeks they were closing on Berlin, before I amassed my armies and destroyed them in Ruppin, after which I chased the HRE back into Austria, where I was forced into a guerilla and siege war for five years, until me and Austria finally negotiated a peace. While fighting a long and bloody war in Austria, I had to contend with four rebellions in two years, before I finally cored the provinces, and made peace. I know what you're thinking, I cheated everything I needed, well, I limited myself to a max army of 25 regiments at a time, and limited my cash heavily, so I would at least have a fair fight.

So after what the game called the "Epic War of Brandenburgian Aggression", I began rebuilding my territories, while trying to pacify my new subjects. I suffered another rebellion, then another, but ultimately created a stable kingdom the likes of which hadn't been seen in that region since Charlemagne. However, I had other problems. My little colonization attempt in New York City caused another massive war where my army of ten thousand men, which lost more then half of its men, fought bravely against thirty thousand(how in the hell did they even get that number?!) or so Iroquois, Abenaki, and Mahicans. Ultimately, I conquered Manhattan and vassalized the other three tribes, which are now "equal partners" in the mighty Kaiserreich von Pruessen(please don't kill me for potentially butchering your language German speakers.)

With the victory in Germany and North America, I thought I'd have an age of peace upon me, however, the Big Blue Bully(as I nicknamed France) decided to invade the HRE, and now I am getting called by the Holy Roman Emperor(who just thirty days earlier demanded I return my...conquests to him) to fight for him. My troops are tired and on the verge of rebelling, but now I have another war to fight. This just might be enough to cause a revolution that would destroy all I've worked for from 1444 to 1471. If that happens, its rage quit time.

In conclusion, don't be a warmongering jerk who conquers his neighbors with meat grinder frontal attacks and harsh treatment of opponents. Note, none of this is to be taken seriously in any way shape or form, it was just a funny experience I had playing the game, which I thought I could share. This is just a test phase for me to learn to play EU4, and once I complete the game(or die trying), I will probably(maybe, possibly) play it legitimately. I just thought this was a funny story on how a newbie bit off more then he could chew and wasted two days fighting to capture and hold territories the state he chose could never even hope to conquer in real life.

Real-Life Captions / The worst-named business in history?
« on: March 06, 2017, 12:46:06 AM »
Wow. Just Wow. :blink:

Gamers Zone / Jurassic Park : Operation Genesis
« on: March 01, 2017, 11:37:09 PM »
Fans of it are actually making a spiritual sequel called Prehistoric Kingdom, with dozens of species, islands miles wide, animals from all prehistoric eras, and high levels of accuracy. Its demo will be out within three months.
I LOVED this game when I was little. I would literally spends hours playing it. I still have it. It's still my favorite game.

Silver Screen / Rogue One, A Star Wars Story
« on: December 18, 2016, 09:11:18 PM »
I saw Rogue One with my Uncle and mother yesterday. I thought it was really, really good. What are your thoughts?

LBT Fanfiction / A Survivor's Journey
« on: October 23, 2016, 01:39:38 AM »
A/N: This story is AU, just letting you know. Trust me, it’s important to know that. However, the movies and TV series have still occurred. This takes place roughly a few days after the last episode.
Freedom. I was finally free.

That idea didn’t quite sink in. The fact that I finally escaped Baxter still hadn’t caught on.
But it was true. I had finally ended Baxter’s hold over me. The wasted years of being a guinea pig and servant were over. All thanks to the bastard’s latest invention.

Excuse me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Jack Cutler Anderson.
If you’re going to understand what I am talking about, then I should go back to the beginning. It all started when I was eight years old. My parents died in a fire, leaving me with my “third cousin two times removed”, Dr. Richard Baxter.

If you’ve ever seen a Saturday morning cartoon, then you would understand what Baxter was. He was the epitome of a mad scientist, complete with all these crazy inventions and experiments. All of his inventions were solar powered, so they didn’t have to worry about batteries running out.

He invented a lot of things that could have helped humanity. Chief among them was a genetic food replicator, which basically stored a sample of DNA from meat or plants and would grow it quickly. It could easily produce a huge amount of food in a short amount of time. If he revealed it to the public, it could have ended world hunger.

But the stingy bastard was too afraid of “Big Brother” stealing his ideas that he kept all his inventions secret. To defend his “kingdom”, as he called his lab, he also created deadly weapons. There was a proton bolt rifle, and a plasma beam sword. Like his other inventions, they were solar powered.
The crazy asshole also had a thing for freakish experiments, such as intentionally poisoning people, so he could gauge how long they survived. He evaded getting in trouble with the law by choosing his victims from places where law was corrupt.

But his latest device was something even stranger. He long hypothesized that a parallel universe existed, where past present and future collided on a single planet. Based on his research, he believed that each period was clustered in different locations on the planet. For example, there would be a medieval island near an ice age island.

His goal was to create a portal that would allow its user to go to this dimension. It would be controlled by a remote that determined if the portal was open or closed.
At first, I didn’t believe it could be true, but to my surprise, he actually created the portal. That was when I realized I had a chance to escape. While he was asleep, I stole his weapons, a genetic food replicator, and the remote.

Now, I was in that world. Free from Baxter. I had everything I needed to survive. I had a food supply, weapons to defend myself, and I controlled the means by which Baxter could get here in the first place. It took him months of work and a million dollars in parts to build it. It would be a long time before he would be able to rebuild it, if he ever could.

Without that device, he had no control over me.

I looked around. The landscape resembled a jungle in South America or Africa. It was hot and humid.

A loud screeching sound caught my attention. Turning around, I saw…Pterosaurs! Living, breathing Pterosaurs!

I loved dinosaurs since I was little. I could identify them easily. They were Tropegnathus, medium sized Pterosaurs from the early cretaceous.

As I watched, I wondered what their life cycle was like. We still had so little knowledge of dinosaurs. We barely knew anything about them at all.

Then I heard something. A twig snap. In most periods of the Earth’s history, how I reacted to that sound meant the difference between life and death. It sounded small, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t deadly. Just look at Raptors or other small dinosaurs.

Running wasn’t an option. It exposed me to an attack from the rear. It also meant that I showed I was weak. No, I needed to stand and fight.

I unsheathed my sword, and turned to face my assailant. I pointed the weapon directly to the trees.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you mister.”

I froze.

That was the voice of a young human.

What the hell are they doing here?!

Something even more surprising soon revealed itself.

What walked out of the underbrush wasn’t a human, but a young Brontosaurus.

I blinked for a second.

“Did-did you just talk?!”

“Um yes.”

Everything went black.

Littlefoot looked at the human. Sure they had heard the stories, but to actually see a real human was considered unheard of, especially here. The human’s called it “The Great Western Continent”.

To most of the creatures who lived here, it was simply called home.

Granted, the various regions each had their own inhabitants, but humans were rarely seen here. According to Mr. Thicknose, a great human Empire dominated the continent hundreds of years ago, before it fell. It was called the Roman Empire, and apparently was a massive and influential group.

It unified the Dinosaur herds of the tropics, the Sabertooth packs to the north, and the Lion kingdoms of the south. Rome even extended its influence to the unknown world beyond the Big Water.

Now, however, only ruins of that great empire remained. Legend had it that a sharptooth rebellion led by a finback named Blackclaw conquered it. His domain was called the Dark Age by most of those after it finally fell with his death. But humanity was wiped from the continent, and no one knew what exactly happened.

Sure, explorers from across the sea had arrived intermittently, but that was considered rare. To find a human here was considered beyond rare.

“Guys, look at this!” Littlefoot cried.

His friends, Cera the Threehorn, Ducky the Swimmer, Petrie the Flyer, Spike the Spiketail, Chomper the Sharptooth, and Ruby the Fast Runner soon arrived.

“Is that a human?” Chomper asked. “I think so. I tried to talk to him but he fainted.” Littlefoot replied.

“Why? I thought humans were used to other groups talking?” Cera asked. “Maybe you just scared him Littlefoot?” Ducky suggested.

“I don’t know…” Littlefoot began. “I just tried to introduce myself. I don’t know what happened.”
“Well, we can’t just leave him. If we could, we would leave him.” Ruby commented. “Ruby right. Human might be able to help fight Redclaw.” Petrie suggested.

“Yeah, they have those fire sticks and silver claws.” Chomper agreed. “Fine. I guess the grownups would like to hear about this.” Littlefoot sighed.

I opened my eyes. And jumped back in surprise.

“What the hell?!” I cried. There were dinosaurs everywhere. What happened?!
I could count dozens of species, all herbivores, and all looking at me. One, a large Brontosaurus approached.

“We apologize human, we did not mean to startle you.”

“Wow, so you all really can talk?” I asked.

“Talk?! Why wouldn’t we be able to talk?” A Triceratops angrily asked.

“I meant no disrespect, sir.” I began, gritting my teeth. “Just where I come from, animals can’t talk.”

“Where you come from? Beyond the Big Water?” A Saurolophus asked. I was about to explain, but realized something. These were dinosaurs. No technology, all instinct. They couldn’t understand that I came from another dimension.

“Yes. Across the big water.” I replied.

“We haven’t seen a human here in years. My Grandfather said he saw a group here when he was a youngster.” The Brontosaurus stated. “Are you a Roman? A Spaniard? An Englishman?”

My jaw dropped. “How do you…”

“Everyone knows about humans. Tall, skinny, weak. Yet somehow, they use their firesticks and silver claws to rule everyone else. There was a great human herd that lived in this very valley a long time ago. We have a former settlement on the eastern side.” The Triceratops stated.

Roman?! Settlement?! Firesticks?!

What in the hell was going on here?!

I shook my head.

“So there are humans here?” I asked.

“Not anymore. Not for a hundred cold times.” The Brontosaurus replied. “None of us know about any humans on the continent. Not since the Romans fell. We’ve had explorers, yes. There was this man called Colombus who arrived in the south, and another named Drake in the north. But nothing else.”

I looked down. It sounded like the whole world’s past, present, and future were indeed all here.
And I was still free from Baxter, so maybe I could work with this.

“I was part of another explorer, by a guy named Balboa. I ran away.” I lied. “Do you mind if I stay here?”
 The dinosaurs began speaking amongst themselves. They were discussing about whether or not to let me stay. I waited patiently for them to make their decision.

“Um, excuse me Mr. Human?”

I looked behind me, and saw a group of young dinosaurs was looking at me. Among them was the young Brontosaurus. In addition, I could see various other species. A Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Saurolophus, Pteranodon, Oviraptor, and even a young Tyrannosaurus.

“Um, sure.” I replied.

“Sorry for scaring you earlier.” The young Brontosaurus apologized. “Its fine. I guess. I just wasn’t prepared for that.” I replied. I looked around the place I was in.

It was beautiful. I could see vast green plains of grass and in the distance, dense tropical rainforests. Behind those, vast mountains. I was in some sort of valley.

“Beautiful place you have here.” I commented. “Yeah, it’s called the Great Valley. It’s a place where we can live without worrying about sharpteeth.” The Triceratops stated.

“Sharpteeth?” I asked.


I turned. The group looked nervous. “Well, you know, carnivores.” The baby T-rex said sheepishly.
I nodded. It made sense. Most predators did have sharp teeth.

But it didn’t make sense ecologically. Where there were no predators, the herbivores would usually overpopulate and die.

“What’s your name anyway?”

That brought me back to my thoughts. “Jack. Jack Anderson.” I replied.

“I’m Littlefoot. This is Cera.” The Brontosaurus gestured to the Triceratops. “Ducky.” To the Saurolophus. “Petrie.” To the Pteranodon. “Spike.” To the Stegosaurus. “Ruby.” To the Oviraptor. “And this is Chomper.” Littlefoot gestured to the Tyrannosaurus.

“Nice to meet you all.” I replied with a smile.

“Where do you come from? England? France? Spain?” Ducky asked.

How did they know all these places?

“Um, England.” I replied. My family’s ancestry was mostly from Northern England and Germany.

“Cool. What’s going on? Are they still attacking France?”

Jeez. What was going on here? How were these places connected?

“Um, no. They signed a peace treaty. Now they’re fighting the Spanish.” I replied. I had no idea what was going on in this version of Europe, so I was just spit balling pretty much.

I looked down for a second.

“Do you have a fire stick? Or a silver claw?” Chomper asked.

I guessed they meant guns or swords.

“Um sure.” I pulled out my sword and activated it. “Woah! I never heard of one like that!” Littlefoot said in surprise.

“My…uncle had a lot of unusual things.” I replied. To call Baxter my uncle was like saying something horrible. It didn’t sit well with me at all.

“This is my rifle. That’s what we humans call a fire stick. We call silver claws swords.” I showed them my rifle.

“Excuse me. But we have made our decision.” The Brontosaurus walked over.

“We’ve decided you can stay. You are free to eat any of the tree sweets you wish. But you can’t hunt anything alive. We know some humans like to hunt others for sport.” The Triceratops looked at me suspiciously.

I nodded vigorously. I abhorred hunting. That wouldn’t be a problem. I was too squeamish to hurt another living thing.

A/N: So there’s the first chapter. I hope you enjoyed it. Also, humans will play a major role later in the story. This takes place roughly in the mid-1700s era equivalent. So there may be some historical figures that make an appearance. Any questions? Concerns? Ideas? Please let me know. Until next time!

General Land Before Time / Which LBT song is your theme song?
« on: October 11, 2016, 09:22:06 PM »
If you had a theme, and it was an LBT theme, what would it be?
Mine would be Very Important Creature(I tend to think that people can do great things, not that I am more important than anyone else). What song do you think best describes you?

History Section / What if Dinosaurs survived extinction story
« on: August 17, 2016, 07:11:35 PM »
Quote from: Serris,Aug 13 2016 on  03:36 PM
Quote from: LettuceBacon&Tomato,Aug 13 2016 on  02:44 PM
Didn't they evolve into birds?
Birds are the closest living relatives (or outright descendents of theropods).

That said, what genre are you planning on writing?

Grammarwise, put spaces between your paragraphs.
Mostly adventure. This was just the description of it so people could have a reference in case they got confused. However, its more or less a series of short stories. I will have the first one up in a little while.
Also, if anyone has suggestions for what people might call these animals, please let me know. No real dinosaur names, however, so no "don" or "saurus" in the names.
I already have one name for the descendants of Tyrannosaurus, the Tiger Dragon. Oh, and like Dr. Grant said in my favorite dinosaur movie, some species, but not all, evolved along those lines. Also, to my knowledge, birds had already evolved by the end of the dinosaur era.

History Section / What if Dinosaurs survived extinction story
« on: August 12, 2016, 01:17:03 AM »

It is well documented that something catastrophic happened at the end of the Cretaceous period. What precisely happened in these last years of dinosaur dominance is still being vigorously debated, and every theory ferociously analyzed and questioned. But one thing is certain, Dinosaurs are extinct.
The most popular theory is that which describes a large asteroid, 6 miles in diameter, crashing into the Yucatan Peninsula roughly around the time of the Great Extinction. It wasn’t the only thing that was assaulting our world. The Deccan Traps in India, as well as the proliferation of volcanoes, all seemed to suggest the extinction may have been caused by volcanic activity.
Volcanic activity is believed to have started the Permian Mass Extinction almost 185 million years earlier, but there is strong evidence this extinction was caused by an asteroid. The discovery of large traces of iridium, an element rare on Earth but common in asteroids, precisely around the time of the K-T Extinction seems to suggest it was indeed extraterrestrial.
Regardless of the cause, the result was obvious, the complete and utter extinction of all the world’s dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and plesiosaurs. But what if it had gone differently?
What if the asteroid was only half as big, and crashed in the oceans of the Pacific, near the Philippines? The effects would have been far smaller, though still disastrous. A great dust cloud would envelop the earth, causing the plants to die off. However, certain areas of the world would be less affected then others.
The dust cloud might be just a little bit less thick, for example, and perhaps herbivores could survive a little longer. In turn, predators like Tyrannosaurus Rex and Dakotaraptor would be capable of surviving as well.
By the time the extinction ebbed away, dinosaurs would be extinct in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Antarctica. Yet, in the Americas, the population is able to scrape by. However, things are different. Only a few groups of predators, and the numerous and adaptable hadrosaurs survive.
Yet as the world recovers, the vacuum allows mammals to rise. The few groups of dinosaurs that continue, the Tyrannosaurs, raptors, and hadrosaurs of the north, and the Abelisaurs and Titanosaurs of the South struggle.
The extinction necessitates changes. The size of the larger dinosaurs dramatically changes. Within roughly 10 million years, it is likely they would be only half as big. Hadrosaurs would gradually be outcompeted by mammal grazers due to their ability to protect their young in their bodies due to pregnancy and their ability to eat less. By roughly 30 Million BC, with the rise of large mammalian herbivores, Hadrosaurs would most likely be extinct.
However, it is unlikely the same fate would befall the carnivorous dinosaurs. The sheer size and strength of Tyrannosaurs, and Abelisaurs, as well as the cunning and speed of raptors would allow them to continue to rule as Apex predators, and with the return of large prey, they could again grow to greater size.
Over the next twenty million years, these dinosaurs would proliferate and diversify. However, they would likely not return to Eurasia and Africa due to the lack of connectivity between continents until the ice ages.
The ice ages would be both a blessing and a struggle for the dinosaurian predators. The cold could be fought if they were warm blooded, which an active predator like T-rex or its hypothetical descendants would likely be. In addition, the arrival of enormous prey like Mammoths would give them better access to food.
However, hardier, and more aggressive prey would also be dangerous.
In addition, the arrival of another creature, would change everything. The arrival, of humanity…

This is just the introduction setting up a story I am writing. Let me know what you think.

Silver Screen / The One True Bad thing about Force Awakens
« on: August 12, 2016, 01:13:52 AM »
Quote from: F-14 Ace,Jul 24 2016 on  06:39 PM
What I find puzzling is where does the First Order get their stuff from?  I could understand if they were using old Imperial tech but the Resurgent class star destroyer they were using is stated to be twice the size of an old Imperial star destroyer and far more powerful.    The First Order is basically a terrorist organization, not an intergalactic governing body.  They don't have the resources that the Empire had so how the heck did they get a bunch of brand new top-of-the-line star destroyers?.  It's not like they can just place an order with a shipyard. Is there a super villain or something?
In universe explanation, the First Order grew unchecked between the Battle of Endor and the Destruction of Hosnian Prime. Look at how Germany recovered in the twenty years after World War I and conquered Europe to the point of threatening Moscow, conquering Paris, and terrorizing England.
Out of universe explanation is simple. We want our big bads to look like big bads, and the new big bad has to be better then the last one.

Silver Screen / The One True Bad thing about Force Awakens
« on: July 24, 2016, 04:25:07 PM »
Quote from: WeirdRaptor,Jul 23 2016 on  01:24 PM
Why? The books about what happened after Return did the exact same thing. It makes no sense for all those millions of those officers and loyalists to just stop fighting because the two big guys at the top died. If anything, The Emperor and Vader might be seen as inspirations.
While you're right about the Emperor being an inspiration, Vader was actually really hated by the Imperial loyalists because he betrayed Palpatine. One of his surviving officers, General Veers, actually got demoted to captain because he served under Vader.

Silver Screen / The One True Bad thing about Force Awakens
« on: July 24, 2016, 04:23:25 PM »
I know that, I loved the expanded universe, but still, and this was a complaint I had about the EU to, sorry I hadn't made that clear. I just find it quite depressing that the First Order, like the Yuuzhan Vong, Thrawn, and the returned Emperor, destroyed the republic. Though hopefully the new Republic fleet bounces back and joins with the resistance against the First Order. That couldn't have been the only fleet they had.
Again, sorry about not making it clear about my complaint. I should have titled it why the rebels shouldn't really be celebrating as much in episode 6.

Silver Screen / The One True Bad thing about Force Awakens
« on: July 15, 2016, 01:36:00 AM »
Granted, I like Force Awakens a lot more now, but after rewatching the originals, it made me kind of sad. Why? Because it seemed like the Rebels fought so hard, sacrificed so much, and were on the run so long to defeat the empire, and it just comes back after they defeat it.
I don't know, it just made the ending of Return of the Jedi mean a lot less to me. I mean, it was like Episode 7 was saying "This isn't peace, this is an armistice for thirty years". And it was.
I mean, the First Order stomps out of freaking nowhere, and annihilates the Republic in one stroke, completely destroying everything the Rebels fought for. Granted, it did give sympathy to the Resistance and their plight, but it seemingly simply discarded all the blood, sweat and tears the rebels lost in their gallant fight against the empire.
That is in my opinion the only true bad thing about Episode 7. It just seemed like the whole original trilogy could have ended with an Imperial victory, and you'd have basically the same Episode 7.

History Section / American Civil War Alternate History
« on: March 16, 2016, 07:43:02 PM »
Hello everyone. I know I haven't been very active lately, so I decided to remedy that with a new post. I was writing this, and I did a lot of research on the politics of the time period, and decided to write this. I would like a critique of it if anyone wants to say anything. Constructive criticism is appreciated.
Hell on Earth
Europe watches as the American Civil War flares into existence with the Battle of Fort Sumter. While initially, Britain remains neutral, an incident known as the Trent Affair erupts.
The British, after demands to the Americans that the Confederate diplomats be released on the grounds that they are on a neutral ship, and that the US recognize British rights to trade with the Confederacy.
Lincoln attempts to defuse the situation, however a skirmish between Canadian militia and Union troops results in deaths on both sides on November 9th, 1861. The enraged Northern public rallies behind a war with Britain for the "Invasion".
Lincoln, under pressure from Congress, declares war on Britain, and calls for an army to a million troops. US forces under General Ullyses S. Grant are transferred from Kentucky to the border.
After a Canadian raid on December 3rd, Grant moves his 15,000 men into Canada, and seizes the Niagara Falls area in revenge. After routing the militia there, he presses northward. By January 4th, 1861, Grant takes Ottawa.
The British respond by dispatching 100,000 troops to Canada. In the west, the French, without a declaration of war or provocation, invade California, shelling Los Angeles by sea, and invading on the ground.
As the war intensifies, Tsar Alexander of Russia, remembering his country's defeat in the Crimean War just a few years earlier, decides to retaliate. The Russian Army attacks the Ottoman Empire on two fronts, the Balkans, and the Caucasus, on March 13th.
The invasion results in an official declaration of war on Russia by Britain and France just days later. As European armies mobilize for renewed war, the other great powers of Europe seek opportunities of their own. Seeing an opportunity to gain power and prestige for Prussia, Otto Von Bismarck announces his support for Russia, and invades Denmark, and via the Rhineland, invades Alsace-Lorraine.
While the war breaks out in Europe, Grant begins another offensive, hoping to reach Hudson Bay, and cut Canada in to. However, he realizes he may need reinforcements for this.
However, before he can advance, a British Army marches to meet him under the command of Sir James Simpson, veteran of the Crimean War. He attacks Grant just north of Ottawa on April 4th. At the same time, Confederate forces under General Albert Sidney Johnston launch an invasion of Kentucky to avenge their defeat at Mill Springs.
In addition to this, the Union army is slow in moving south to Richmond. Due to the rampaging French in California and the fortification of Manassas Junction by Joseph E. Johnston, supreme Commander of the Union army George B. McClellan decides mainly to fortify the Union's positions near Canada rather then wage war on the Confederacy.
In the west, General Sibley of the Confederacy invades the Union New Mexico Territory. He is joined by a second French army, and the two defeat a Union force at Glorieta Pass.
The arrival of the French leads the Union commander in the west, John C. Fremont, to organize a defense near Los Angeles. There, Confederate forces, joined by reinforcements from Arizona attempt to encircle and surround the city while French soldiers launch an amphibious landing.
Fremont commands his troops in a desperate fight, though is killed in battle by a Confederate sniper. A new Union officer, George Armstrong Custer, retaliates with ferocious counter attacks on the Confederates.
After these fail to gain much ground, Custer digs trenches, and rather then retreat from the city, fights directly inside, using buildings to snipe at the Confederates. By summer, with fighting raging in Southern Canada and California, Lincoln orders the Union army to mount offensive operations along the whole front.
As this goes on, the Prussian invasion of France is checked at Strasbourg. There, the French army under Napoleon III drives the Prussians out.
In the east, the Russians campaigns against the Ottomans stall as well. Confederate officer Alfred Von Schlieffen however wins a huge victory over French troops in the Saar, where he is reinforced by General Moltke. By this point, with the war on their doorstep, the German states choose sides.
Austria and the southern states intervene in the conflict on the side of France, hoping that toleration of the French will prevent a repeat of the Napoleonic wars. Austrian forces invade Silesia, while Denmark invades Prussia proper. Only the arrival of Russian forces prevents a Prussian collapse.
On the other side of the world. Grant finally outmaneuvers Simpson and cuts his army off near the Hudson Bay. There, he gains reinforcements from a new Union commander, William T. Sherman. The two shatter the British army, and destroy it.
Inspired by Grant's victory and Fremont's tenacious resistance in Los Angeles, Lincoln reinstates Irvin McDowell as commander of the Army of the Potomac, and orders it into Virginia.
McDowell attacks through the Shenandoah Valley, where General Robert E. Lee is stationed after Thomas Jackson is killed at the end of his Valley Campaign. Lee out flanks McDowell and invades Maryland. McDowell moves north and prevents Lee's capture of Washington at the Battle of Sharpsburg, but is forced to retreat to Washington, only weakening Lee's army.
With Lee occupying a sliver of Northern Territory, Johnston moves north to join him. He meets with General Lee near Sharpsburg. The two argue about how to use their armies, and eventually Davis, tired of slow Confederate progress, approves a plan to march north into Pennsylvania and capture Philadelphia. Lee is given command of both Johnston's Army of the Potomac and his own Army of the Shenandoah. He combines them into the Army of Maryland, and after Johnston refuses an offer to command the I Corps, names Longstreet and Beauregard his corps commanders.
Lee marches north rapidly, engaging McDowell in a series of battles at South Mountain, Camp Hill, Chambersburg, and Gettysburg. After seizing the high ground, Lee's army routs McDowell's Army of the Potomac. The Army of the Potomac retreats, and leaves Washington open. A British landing on the east coast of Maryland results in the capture of Washington, though the Union government is able to escape, and flees to New York.
The British army however focuses mainly on Canada, and engages Grant at the battle of Hudson Bay. There Grant again defeats the British Army, and moves east, into Quebec.
As the war drags into the fall of 1862, the French finally abandon the siege of Los Angeles, and retreat. Without their support, the Confederates retreat back towards San Diego and San Bernadino.
In Europe, Prussia and Russia defeat the Dano-French army near Berlin and the Austrian Army at Hohenfriedburg. These victories, combined with a Russian victory at Sevastapool over the British Navy, keep the newly formed Alliance of the United States, the Russian Empire, and the Kingdom of Prussia in the war. But victory is not near, the war will drag on far longer.

Walk in Hell(1863-1864)
The war drags into 1863. A disastrous Confederate defeat at Pittsburg checks the Anglo-Confederate advance. But the victory is short lived. Confederate weapons are smuggled north to supply the Confederate Army of Maryland.
In Kentucky, Albert Sidney Johnston reaches the Ohio River. Under pressure from Lee, he attacks Cincinnati on January 14th, and captures it. In Canada, Grant is defeated by the Canadians on the Plains of Abraham. He retreats back to the Hudson Bay.
The siege of Washington D.C ends, and the capital surrenders. Lincoln and his party suffer massive losses in the Mid Term elections. In California, Custer builds up his troops for a major push against the Confederates.
The fighting drags on, and Union forces repel a French attack on Denver, though at great cost.
On March 1st, 1863, the Union Monitor and British Warrior clash along the Hudson River. The Warrior sinks the Monitor, but the attempt by British marines to take New York City fails spectacularly. General Don Carlos Buell is ordered to hold the line at all costs, and does so, winning a great victory for the Union.
As the fighting continues, Lincoln orders a Levee en Masse of every able bodied male in the country to take up arms and fight the invading armies back. "The Union may no longer be preserved, but it must not be destroyed!" He declares.
As the North enters a state of Total War, Grant is called south to replace McClellan as Commander in chief of the Union Army.
With over a million more men joining the army, Grant devises a multi pronged strategy to hit the Confederates and their allies from all directions. The Army of the Susquehanna, the successor to the Army of the Potomac, is to retake Philadelphia, while the Army of Canada under Sherman is to take Quebec. Don Carlos Buell is to join his Army of New York with Sherman in an invasion of Quebec from the south. In the west, Custer is to drive the Confederates from California.
In Europe, the Prussians are forced to pause as they recover from the casualties at Berlin. By now, Bismarck has become convinced that the Dano-Austro-French invasion could be used as a tool to rally the German states behind Prussia. Austria would allow a fellow German state to be conquered, and would do the same to any one other.
His speech, called the Unification speech, is done to challenge the German states on who their loyalty should be to? Austria, which tried to conquer it in the 30 Years War and let's France rampage unopposed through Germany, or Prussia, a beacon of freedom in the eyes of the Germans? He declares that if Germany was to survive the war, it would need to unite.
The result was startling. Bavaria and Saxony throw their support to Prussia, followed by many others. They declare war on France and Austria. The Russians meanwhile abandon their costly advances against the Ottomans, and focus their efforts on the Crimea, which is under attack by the British navy and Ottoman Army.
As fighting intensifies, the cost grows ever higher. Women serve as nurses, and children in the factories. The North nevertheless struggles to fight a war on three fronts, and it's attacks on its enemies are slow.
The plan by Grant finally pushes the Confederates out of San Bernadino. But they retreat with the French into the far southern areas of California. In Canada, Sherman besieges Quebec, while Grant takes command of the Union Army, and besieges Philadelphia.
The Union army under Don Carlos Buell wins a major victory in New Brunswick, and drives further north.
As 1864 begins, both sides continue to fight on, trying to win the war, but as the war drifts into stalemate, the prospects of victory seem dim. Lincoln remarks to his Secretary of State "The war to preserve the Union cannot be won, but perhaps the war to preserve the independence of it can be maintained." Lincoln, in an attempt to score a political victory, agrees to recognize the Confederacy, but declares that as they have invaded the north, that the Union is the one who is on the defensive. It declares Britain, France, Austria, the Confederacy, and any nation who side with them aggressors in the conflict, and that the Union, Prussia, and Russia are simply defending themselves.
Lincoln's speech inspires the north. Hundreds of thousands are sent to the front line, and over a million more are drafted. The largest army in history, over three million men now, is assembled. The Union launches enormous offensives against its enemies on all fronts.
By May, 1864, however, the American people are tired of the war. Calls for peace ring out, and culminate in riots in Boston. The American navy is unable to prevent the British from blockading their ports, and the northern states are in a state of shock.
Then the impossible happens. Philadelphia is finally liberated, and Lee is defeated. The Confederates retreat into Maryland, and after the 2nd Battle of Chambersburg, retreat into Virginia. Along the Ohio River, Albert Sidney Johnston falls back after Union troops under George Thomas push him out of Cincinnati.
In California, Custer cuts the Franco-Confederate army off at San Diego, and besieges it. In Canada, Sherman breaks through and takes Quebec. Finally, by September, the Union army has defeated the Confederates and pushed them into the Confederacy.
At the same time, the German states under Prussia and Russia drive the French out of northern Germany and the Austrians from Silesia. They then press southward. The French are defeated at Frankfurt and then along the Rhine at Remagen. The Russians break through the Ottoman lines along the Caucasus and invade the Ottoman Empire proper, while in the Balkans, they are joined by Greece in an invasion of Romania.
The fighting continues into the winter, though by this point, the combatants are spent. The Union advance into Virginia is checked at the Third Battle of Manassas, and the Union army returns to Washington D.C.
Lincoln is assassinated just before the election, and his Vice President Hannibal Hamlin takes over. However, he is defeated by the Peace Democrats under Clement Vallandigham. He calls for peace with the Confederacy, and ending the war.
The Union public yearns for peace, and on January 1st, 1865, the warring parties meet at the same place the War began, Charleston South Carolina.
There, they negotiate the terms of peace. Eventually, the terms are as follows; the Confederacy is recognized as independent, with referendums in Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware. The Union agrees to respect French domination of Mexico in exchange for their recognition of Union control of California. In addition, the American public agrees to withdraw from Canada, in exchange for QuÈbÈcois independence.
In Europe, Prussia defeats the French Army on the Rhine and captures the Rhineland, and declares the German Empire on April 1st, 1865. Austria concedes to recognize Prussian domination of Germany in exchange for Prussian promises to respect Austrian territory in Bohemia, and the Balkans.
Russia annexes all of the Caucasus, and is recognized as controller of the Crimea. In Britain, an agreement is made to recognize German control of Hanover.
With the negotiation over, the warring parties officially sign the peace agreement on April 12th, 1865. The Treaty of Richmond, as it is called, end past the war on the four year anniversary of the war's beginning.
Out of Hell(1865)
The American Civil War, has ended, but casualties, destruction, and conflict have changed the face of the world. At the cost of almost three million deaths, of which 1 million were Northerners, is a devastating blow. In addition, the North American and European continents are war ravaged, and many believe that it's only a matter of time until the next war begins. Otto Von Bismarck decides that it is necessary to prevent war from breaking out again. He forms the Triple Alliance, consisting of the United States, the Russian Empire, and the German Empire. In response, Britain, France, the Confederacy, the Ottoman Empire, and Austria from the League of Strasbourg. The seeds of another epic war are laid.

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