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Fanfiction Song from Fanfiction film XIV
« on: December 31, 2014, 12:50:53 AM »
Backstory: Arnold is a prominent guest character in this film.  He is a hybrid of a Pteranodon (leaf eater) and Pterodactylus (Sharptooth).  How his parents fell in love isn't known.  Perhaps his evil mother Agatha (you can guess which type she is!   :p   )  felt she needed a man in her life.  Well, it migha worked out, had she not felt that her son was spending more time with Daddy than her.  Also, Daddy was getting tired of her.  She has this habit of being a narcissist.  So, fearing that Daddy would take Junior, Mommy went and lured Daddy away from the nest and killed and ate him.

She then told Junior that evil Leaf Eaters killed Daddy and stole the body.  As intended, Junion isn't a fan of Leaf Eaters.  Junior thinks he's a Sharptooth and Mommy let's him think that.  Mommy isn't happy that Junior seems to like Tree Stars a lot.  

Eventually, Arnold (a.k.a. Junior) gets tired of over-protective Mommy (Agatha) and runs off.  Agatha, panicky that Arnold might find out that he'd half-leaf eater, goes after him with her scary herd of Sharptooth flyers.  Eventually, Arnold loses her and goes into the Mysterious Beyond at night.  He is going to settle down for the night.  (Oh, one more important thing, Arnold is an omnivore, but Mommy tends to feed him meat a lot, and he tends to like it.)

Below is a scene from the fanfiction movie plus Arnold's song afterward.  I'm wondering, considering that most of the characters, even guest ones, minus Chomper, are leaf eaters or close enough, and even Chomper, for the most part, isn't in-your-face enough to show that he's stalking something.  However, this song kinda pushes past that, as we all know  what Arnold is doing during this song, and it's not to get Tree Stars for a nighttime snack.  


Do you think that it could actually go into an actual LBT movie?  

(Yes, Arnold thinks that Sharpteeth are all nice.  (To him, Leaf Eaters are the "evil Sharpeeth".)  And, yes, considering the event before the song and what he's doing during the song, it is ironic to say the least, and even he points this out during the song.)  

(After the sun sets, Arnold finds a few tree leaves and decides to use them as a blanket.)
Arnold: (Shivering) It sure is cold out here.   This wasn’t what I had in mind when I wanted to go explore the world.  
(He closes his eyes and almost falls asleep.  However, he hears a roaring and sees a shadow.  He stares at it, and suddenly his eyes fly wide open) Sharptooth!
(An Albertosaurus comes into sight.)
Arnold:  (Nervous) (Speaking in Sharptooth)  Hello, my name is Arnold!
Albertosaurus:  (Speaking in Sharptooth) You look filling enough.
Arnold: (Panicky) (Speaking in Sharptooth) No, you misunderstood me.  I’m a Sharptooth like you!  I’m just a kid!  You wouldn’t eat me.
Albertosaurus:  (Licking his lips) (Speaking in Sharptooth) Yes I would!  (Snaps at him) (Arnold moves away from him in time.)  
Arnold: (Frightened)  Noooo!  Mother!  Mother!  Help me!  
(The Albertosaurus moves to strike him with his claws.  However, Arnold bites him in the hand, causing him to cry out in pain.  Arnold is able to get away by flying off.)  
Arnold: (Resting in a tree) PHEW!  That was close!  Guess all Sharpteeth aren’t nice.   Glad I’m not being made into a meal.  (Spots a mammal lurking in the grass)  Speaking of meals.  (Licks lips)  Being chased by a Sharptooth sure makes one hungry .    Might as well get some practice in hunting. (Takes to flight, now hunting.)
(Starts to sing)
Arnold:  (Flying after his prey) It's a hard and cruel world out there!
 In this world there is many a scare!
          Having just been hunted myself it seems so strange
         That the position would now rearrange.
        But then again, this world is sad.
       Just think of what happened to my dad!

  (Swoops down and misses his prey)
      I certainly don't like to kill.
      It definitely gives me no thrill.
     I know that this business isn't neat
     But hey I've got to eat!  

  (Spots his prey again)  It's a hard and cruel world out there.
    One can win only if one dares to dare.
You've got to try as hard as you can try
Or else you will certainly die.

(To his prey)
I've got nothing against you.
This is something I just must do.
It's a hard and cruel world out there.
As you are no doubt surely aware.
It's not that I'm really fond of meat.
But goodness, you know I've got to eat!

(Misses his prey again)
Some may consider this to be rude
But I've got no Tree Stars for food!

(Corners his prey against a canyon wall)
I don't like the way things tend
But this is how it's going to end.

(Grabs prey, who squeals in fright)  (Flips prey over) (Raises claws to attack)
It's a hard and cruel world out there.
(Slowly) I know, it's just not fair.
(Moves claws downward and lets out a Pterodactylus victory cry.)
(Right before he makes contact and strikes the death blow, the scene switches to Petrie, who jumps up out of his sleep in the Great Valley.)

(Note, I decided not to have him actually take a life on screen, for obvious reasons.)  

He is  good character, by the way, though he does have an upcoming scene later, in which, he encounters the Gang of Five, decides that he's going to knock off his first leaf eater (to do it in memory of Daddy) and to please Mommy!  He tries to knock off Ducky (oh, no, no, no!)  but luckily fails and flies into a rock.  There, he is afraid of the Gang of Five for a good while, but they are nice to him, in part as they don't know what he is, as he looks kinda like Petrie's species too, and he starts to like Leaf Eaters (and not in his stomach either! )

Another interesting thing about this movie will be that a certain favorite uncle will be back, though he doesn't have many lines here.   He appears to be Petrie's substitute father.  

(Actually, Pterano was talking to Petrie right after Petrie got up, around the same time, though not shown, Arnold was eating a certain Tickle Fuzzy.)

If you're wondering what a Pterodactylus is, I think some might have been around during when Littlefoot hatched (those, for some reason, these were nice.)  A much less nicer one was in film V and "saved" Ducky from falling off a cliff.  She tried to feed Ducky to her kids.  
Agatha is the latter type and Arnold, right now, is too, though technically he's a Pteranodon too.