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Soldiering On
« on: June 07, 2014, 09:15:52 AM »
( I apologize for reposting, but I made an error in posting an older version of the RP in the wrong forum. Took the liberty of asking admins to remove the other one while I correct the mistake I had made. Sorry for the confusion!! )

Peaceful darkness hung over the Great Valley as the Bright Circle had set, bringing to rest the happiness ad livelihood of it's inhabitants, and bringing with it sleep stories of the future and the past, especially in the heads of the little ones. The adults only thought of their little ones, and how they had been their pride and joy, how they had grown, and how they will continue to grow and blossom into a new generation.

However, not all of the Valley was peaceful this night, as the Bright Circle suddenly appeared with a loud 'crack' that resounded over the valley. What was curious about it was that it had appeared, and did not turn the sky blue like it usually did, and instead of warmth, it bought a tingling feeling, as if something coursed through the veins of anything living.

Afer the initial crack, the Bright Circle began to produce strange noises as it only grew in intensity, lighting up anything nearby in it's almost mysterious hue.