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Re: Sequels Personal Ranking
« Reply #20 on: August 21, 2018, 07:16:56 AM »
Hmm... I will try to make my own list.
Exact places may be not correct, I just know I like some movies more and others like less. I grouped movies in "()": I - very like, II - like, III - less like, IV - minimum like.
There was no movie I absilutely hated, even XI, XII, and especially XIII, yeah, from the very start I defined them as the lowest movies, but the most distant for me after first watching was sixth one, I believe.
Due to losing huge potentioal, as I told in my review, LBT 14 is still balancing between group II and group III.
I also have a very strange relationship with Big Freeze, so it is balancing between minimum liking and less liking. XD

1. Mysterious island (I)
2. Journey through the mists (I)
3. The great longneck migration (II)
4. Journey to Big Water (II)
5. Great Valley adventure (II)
6. Journey of the brave (II-III)
7. The stone of cold fire (III)
8. The time of the Great Giving (III)
9. The big freeze (III-IV)
10. Invasion of the tinysauruses (IV)
11. The wisdom of friends (IV)
12. The great day of the flyers (IV)
13. The secret of Saurus Rock (IV)
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Re: Sequels Personal Ranking
« Reply #21 on: August 21, 2018, 10:15:17 AM »
I forgot to post on this topic before? Well, let's do it now. :p

1. Stone of Cold Fire (easily best plot and characters, imo)
2. The Mysterious Island ( I love the first half and best overall songs)
3. The Great Migration
4. Secret of Saurus Rock (I think it's severely underrated)
5. Journey of the Brave
6 Journey Through the Mists
7. Journey to Big Water (These are the films I actually consider good while the rest are mostly forgettable or silly)
8. The Great Valley Adventure
9. Big Freeze (I'd want to like this but damn, Tippy drops the rating)
10. Time of the Great Giving
11. Invasion of Tinysauruses (could rank higher without Tria and Big Daddy)
12. Great Day of the Flyers
13. Wisdom of Friends (very original, I know)


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Re: Sequels Personal Ranking
« Reply #22 on: August 21, 2018, 11:00:31 AM »
Well, I only recently gave them my own ratings with someone on, so I might as well put them here...

I'll do them in reverse order from worst to best:

13. The Wisdom of Friends
Don't even get me started. Need I say more?

12. Invasion of the Tinysauruses
The overall story was just ridiculous, and the characters seem completely out of it. (Honestly, since when would Ducky and Petrie want to kill some tiny dinosaurs? I mean, seriously!?) No. This whole movie was just a joke.

11. The Secret of Saurus Rock
Doc simply left me feeling unimpressed, and the twins were pretty annoying. Even the story might have had room for improvement.

10. The Great Valley Adventure
The story was a bit confusing, and the Egg Stealers seemed to have no ambition. I think this one convinced the producers to really step it up in the later sequels.

9. The Great Longneck Migration
I'd say it was okay. Room for some improvements here and there, but otherwise decent. Also, Kiefer Sutherland's voice was spot-on.

8. The Time of the Great Giving
Here, we simply have one of many examples where the adults don't try to do something until it's too late (or almost too late). The idea of bullies in the Great Valley I thought was a good piece of morale.

7. The Great Day of the Flyers
Even though Petrie is my favorite character, right next to Ducky, this story was good for the most part, but Guido was simply an annoying piece of filler material.

6. The Mysterious Island
Very good story, and the characters developed very well. The adults' actions again seem questionable, but other than that, we at least got to see more of Chomper's developing story.

5. Journey of the Brave
This was a definitely an improvement over its absolutely terrible predecessor, but not quite top-notch. Where's Shorty? And what about more of Chomper and Ruby's story? Oh, and Wild Arms was just as bad as Guido, but not quite compared to those ... no. I refuse to speak of them.

4. Journey to Big Water
I thought the songs in this one were pretty good, and it was all capped off by a very nice story. The only problem I had was a lack of swimming sharpteeteh. We only saw like a few of them; not enough for that intensity we got in the first movie.

3. Journey Through the Mists
Simply a heart-touching story of trying to save a grandfather's life by taking a treacherous journey while trying to avoid being eaten by some not-so-cunning villains. Ichy and Dil definitely lacked in character, but other than that, it's what got us into that Littlefoot x Ali idea.

2. The Big Freeze
Ducky seemed pretty harsh in this movie, but I loved the way her character developed throughout the movie. She really grew up a little. Surprisingly, even Aria Curzon herself disliked Ducky's attitude in this movie!

1. The Stone of Cold Fire
Ah, where do I begin? You've got four great friends, but your uncle has arrived and has a plan that just might destroy your relationship with all your friends and some of their families, and you may potentially never be looked at the same way again. Petrie had to go through so much in this movie while his uncle Pterano wreaked havoc over a supposed magical stone. What a great story! Much like Ducky in LBT 8, Petrie goes through major character development here, as his own family problems damage his morale. Pterano was an excellent character, and I keep wondering if he'll ever reappear. The only things missing are the story of Cera's family, and why didn't we get a proper reunion scene between Ducky and her mother?
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Re: Sequels Personal Ranking
« Reply #23 on: December 22, 2018, 08:04:26 AM »
#1: The Big Freeze (VIII). One of the ones that's hard not to cry during. The plot's really good, with the only really inconsistent thing being Mr. Thicknose claiming he'd never been outside the valley when he had to have left during Mysterious Island. Mr. Thicknose was an engaging and interesting supporting character, and of course Ducky and Spike's arcs were nothing short of amazing.

#2: Journey of the Brave (XIV). In terms of objective aspects like animation quality, soundtrack (including songs), and writing, I think this is actually the best of the sequels, even if I personally prefer Big Freeze. The primary conflict was engaging and actually focused on the main characters, the supporting characters were will done in terms of being interesting without taking focus away from the main ones, and everyone actually acted in-character. I also really liked that it has a nuanced moral: "Don't just recklessly charge into danger to help others, but sometimes, it's worth it to take risks for those you care about."

#3: The Great Longneck Migration (X). I overall like the plot and think they handled bringing Littlefoot's father in late in the series in the most... respectful way possible, other than the explanation of why he went missing not completely working. The reason for the great migration and gathering seems a bit silly though, and why would Littlefoot's family know about the crater and the fertile lands between it and the Great Valley when they migrated from far away? Oh, and I wish they could've brought Ali back at least briefly.

#4: Journey Through the Mists (IV). Plot has really serious stakes, characters have good reasons for leaving the valley and making the decisions they did (mostly), and good performances by the VAs. But there's a lot of small nitpicks that lower its score for me, like the villains being non-threatening, and weird cartoon physics stuff like that one branch hitting Dil repeatedly which distracted from the overall darker tone.

#5: The Time of the Great Giving (III). Again, an overall good movie brought down by little things. My point about ineffectual annoying villains still applies. Also, I'm probably in the minority here, but I actually think the later sequels had overall high-quality animation than the II-V era, in terms of things like expressions and avoiding animation errors like drawing body parts the wrong color.

#6: The Stone of Cold Fire (VII). Like others have mentioned, Pterano's one of the most interesting villains in the series, and while in the end it was kind of a shaggy dog plot I mostly enjoyed it. Not great songs though, and I wish the Rainbowfaces had been more... subtle. I'd have loved to see years of arguments over whether they were aliens or not!

#7: The Mysterious Island (V). The first half of this was looking like a really good movie, with everything mostly fitting together logically, characters being, well, in-character, one of the best songs in the entire series... but the second half, pretty much from when Chomper starts taking them to the hiding place, just falls apart and is a mess of action sequences that don't really change anything. Also, while 'Always There' is one of my favorite songs from the franchise, 'Big Water' and 'Friends For Dinner' are two of my most-hated.

#8: The Great Valley Adventure (II). Well, I like the basic plot, but Ozzy and Strut are kind of obnoxious, dialogue is actually not as well-written as some of the later movies, and the songs? This is one of a small number of movies in the series where I genuinely don't like any of the songs. Most of them have at least one good one.

#9: The Great Day of the Flyers (XII). Both the main plot (Petrie's important rite of passage test) and the subplot with Cera and Tricia are interesting and compelling, but I strongly dislike the way the test ended up being resolved, and the "be yourself" message was applied really poorly since flying in formation is an actual life skill flyers would need to know. Guido, however, was just plain obnoxious, and added a ton of pointless padding. The movie would be greatly improved without him.

#10: The Secret of Saurus Rock (VI). Err... the main plot was just not that interesting, Littlefoot was IMO out-of-character for much of the movie, and trying to shoehorn a Western theme into this franchise worked out poorly. Honestly the Cera/Dana/Dinah subplot was a lot more compelling and I wanted to see more of that explained. Oh, and another one in the "I disliked all three songs" category.

#11: Invasion of the Tinysauruses (XI). Hoo, boy... Almost the entire valley was totally OOC, starting basically the equivalent of a lynch mob and attempting to murder other creatures over... flowers? The Tinysauruses themselves were just... who thought this was a good idea? The only good thing about this was the Tria subplot and the death of Cera's mom finally being acknowledged (basically).

#12: Journey to Big Water (IX). Mo is a flat-out TERRIBLE supporting character, and every aspect of the plot revolved around him, so he completely took away the spotlight from the main characters. He clearly didn't need any help, and it was bad enough that most of the cast had to be forced into going with him by an earthquake. If he'd actually had a believable reaction for a child separated from his pod and lost all alone in an unfamiliar place, and the gang had helped him (and he genuinely needed their help) because they know what that's like, that would have made for a much better movie. Oh, and I strongly suspect a Walking With Dinosaurs cash-in, given that the two aquatic characters are literally the same species as the focuses in Cruel Sea.

#13: The Wisdom of Friends (XIII). I... good lord. Literally the only thing that even remotely approached being good about this movie was Cera complaining about everything else. It starts out mediocre, then becomes terrible the instant the Yellowbellies show up. Despite apparently being targeted at pre-schoolers it even managed to have a bad moral for the kids: don't worry about following safety rules or thinking your actions through, just trust your feelings and do whatever like these guys who are too stupid to remember their own names!