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LBT: The Musical
« on: October 15, 2016, 04:25:02 am »
I got the weird idea to make a stageplay set in the LBT universe. My storyline is mapped out to be 4-Acts with a prologue and occasional songs (but not too many, they're all taken from the movies with the lyrics slightly adapted to fit the new story). I'll be posting a scene a day.

(Note: I don't know how a director would physically portray the characters in a stageplay, because humans don't really look like LBT characters even in costume. I just wanted to try writing a play)

Brief synopsis: When Grandpa Longneck falls badly ill after a bad storm weakens the Great Valley's defenses, Threehorn sets a plan in motion to become leader of the herds. As loyalties fall into question, Chomper discovers that an old foe from the Mysterious Beyond is taking the opportunity to settle a score with Littlefoot and his friends. Rated PG, contains romance, politics, drug use, light violence, and songs.


Prologue, Scene 1

[A sudden vast expansion of light.  SFX: “Big Bang” sound.  Blackout.]

[Music: James Horner’s original score. Scene opens to a panorama of specks of light.]

Narrator: In a great flash, long long ago, the universe was formed.  Where there once was nothing, now was dust.  And the dust turned into rock, and the rock turned into planets.  And on these planets, life soon formed.  All kinds of life.  Big life, small life, life that liked to spy on other life.  [A comet flies across the panorama.] Our planet, like so many others, grew life as well. The greatest of all life were: the dinosaurs!  [Music hits crescendo, lights come up, showing the scene to be the Great Valley, with Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike playing some sort of ëpass the ball’ game with a large pinecone. As each character receives the pinecone, their name is spoken, and a spotlight follows the pinecone from character to character.]  And like all dinosaurs, Littlefoot the longneck, Cera the threehorn, Ducky the swimmer, Petrie the flyer, and Spike the spiketail, had to grow up, and learn, and play, in their peaceful home, the Great Valley.

[Characters finish playing and fall to the ground]

Ducky: That was fun, yep yep yep!

Littlefoot: Yeah!

Spike: (yes)

Petrie: It was! You do very good, Ducky.

Ducky: Thank you, Petrie.

Cera: Well, what do we want to do now?

Littlefoot: [picks up the pinecone] How about “Knock the Pinecones”?

Spike: (yeah!  I love bowling!)

Petrie: No, me no good at that game.

Ducky: Oh yes, yes yes yes! I love “Knock the Pinecones”!

Petrie: Me too! Let play!

Cera: No.

Littlefoot: Aw, why not?

Cera: Because the team with Spike always wins.

Spike: (hee hee hee)

Ducky: How about “Sharpteeth and Grasslivers”?

Littlefoot: Sounds good to me. Cera?

Cera: All right, let’s go!

Ducky: Spike and I will be hoppers!

Cera: Littlefoot and I will be furry-scurries!

Petrie: Can me be on Ducky team?

Ducky: No, silly. I am always with Spike.

Petrie: Oh. You sure?

Cera: Petrie, you’re the Sharptooth.  Start counting and we’ll hide!

Petrie: Okay. [Others run off except Spike. Petrie covers eyes.] One, two three, four, [he peeks, and sees Spike standing there] five, six, [he peeks again. Spike hasn’t moved] Go Spike, run!  Seven, eight, [peeks] Run! I only count to ten! Nine… [He gives up and turns around to face Spike] What is it? [Spike smiles knowingly] What? [Ducky giggles from offstage. Spike cocks his head in that direction] Oh, that.

Spike: (you like her, don’t you?)

Petrie: Yeah.

Spike: (tell her)

Petrie: Tell her?  No! Me cannot do that!

Spike: (why not?)

Petrie: Me no know, me not ready!  You remember Littlefoot and Ali?  They think they good and ready until she run off for someone else, and me afraid if me be upfront like Littlefoot, she might…  Spike, I know you Ducky’s adopted brother, but do not tell her, please, okay?

Spike: (I promise)

Petrie: Thanks Spike. And now, ten!

[Petrie starts to chase Spike off stage left, when suddenly a giant gust of wind blows from that direction. Ducky is blown on stage, and trees and vines are ripped to the ground. The windstorm continues for about a minute as Spike, Petrie, and Ducky struggle to remain on stage.  Eventually, it dies down, and they get to their feet.]

Petrie: Ducky! You okay?

Ducky: I think so. What was that?

[Littlefoot and Cera enter from other side of stage, leading parents: Grandpa Longneck, Grandma Longneck, Mr. Threehorn, Ducky’s Mom, and Petrie’s Mom.]

Littlefoot: Are you guys all right?

Parents: What happened? Is everything okay? Are we in danger? etc.

Grandpa: Friends, please! Calm down! [Chattering stops.]  Now, before we do anything, we need to get the others and assess the damage that’s been done!

Threehorn: No! We can’t waste time taking records and figuring out damage assessments, we need to act now!

Grandpa: Mr. Threehorn, we cannot act before we know what is needed to act upon!  We must be patient!

Threehorn: Now is not a time for patience! It’s a time for action!

Ducky: [to Spike] Why do the grownups always argue like this?

Spike: (I don’t know)

Grandma: Will the two of you please calm down!

Grandpa: [to Threehorn] What do you propose we do?

Threehorn: Get organized! Mr. Clubtail and I will form a water conservation group in charge of rationsó

Grandpa: But we don’t know whether water supply is even a problem!  We don’t know anything until we assess the damage!

Threehorn: While you’re doing that, precious water could be draining out into the Mysterious Beyond!

Grandpa: And while you’re forming conservation groups to save it, you might find that there was no need to, and you wasted much more time accomplishing nothing!

Threehorn: Welló [He breaks off, unable to think of a comeback]

Ducky's mom: I think Grandpa Longneck is right.

Petrie's mom: Me too.

Grandpa: Right. Then it’s settled.  Everyone split up and see how each section of the Great Valley has fared.

Threehorn: Hold it, Grandpa. [Other adults exit] Now, normally I’m okay with you calling the shots, but this time I think you’re completely going about this the wrong way!

Grandpa: Please, Mr. Threehorn, this is not the time for us to bicker, we need every hand to work together as one to find out and fix what has happened.

Threehorn: Well I’d be fine with that if we’d have us all working in the right direction, but now we’re wasting what little time we may have!

Littlefoot: Well you’re wrong!

Grandpa: Littlefoot…

Littlefoot: [cont’d] And it doesn’t matter what you think because my grandpa’s in charge!

Threehorn: Oh yeah? Well, guess what, that can change any time I feel like it! [Starts to exit] Come, Cera!

Cera: [Looks at Littlefoot, and turns away haughtily] Humph!

[Cera and Mr. Threehorn exit. Littlefoot approaches Grandpa]

Littlefoot: Grandpa? What did he mean ëthat could change any time’?

Grandpa: Well, Littlefoot, as you know, all the elders in the valley make decisions as a group. I’m not officially in charge; the other grownups just listen to me because I give good advice.  So, in a way, I do hold some position of authority. But Mr. Threehorn is influential enough to try to change that, if he wishes to.  Littlefoot, I need you to be careful when you are around Mr. Threehorn or Cera. Theyó

Littlefoot: Cera is my friend! I trust her!

Grandpa: Littlefoot, I am old, and one day I won’t be able to lead the Great Valley.  When that happens, hopefully you will be old enough to take my place.  Most of the adults are more than willing to accept you. But, when that day comes, Cera will have grown up too, and I fear she’s going to become just like her father.  You’ll need to watch what you say to her because later in lifeó

Littlefoot: Cera will never become her father! She’s my friend!  [Runs over to his friends]

Grandpa: Littlefoot! [Littlefoot doesn’t acknowledge him]  Littlefoot, it’s time to come home.  It’s getting dark, we need to talk.

Petrie: [Nervously, as if he wants to get out of the crossfire] Yeah, it time for me to go too. Bye Littlefoot! Bye Ducky! [exits]

Grandpa: Littlefoot…

Littlefoot: Oh, all right. [walks over to Grandpa] Bye, guys.

Ducky: Good bye Littlefoot! [She and Spike exit in one direction, while Grandpa and Littlefoot exit the other. Blackout.]

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LBT: The Musical
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2016, 01:37:26 pm »
Prologue, Scene 2

[Lights come up to show Ducky and Spike, walking home that night. The other half of the stage is black.]

Ducky:  Oh, Spike, I do not like what is happening, oh no no no. Cera is getting angry, Littlefoot is fighting with his grandparents, and the grownups are getting upset. And then there is Petrie…

[Spike cocks his head]

Ducky: [cont’d] I do not know about Petrie. He is acting funny. What do you think, Spike?

Spike: (I don’t know, who knows?)

Ducky: I am not sure either.

Threehorn: [from dark half of stage] Cera…

[Ducky and Spike are startled.]

Ducky: [Stage whisper] Quick Spike! It is Cera’s dad!

[The two hide. The remaining lights come up to reveal Cera and Threehorn standing in clearing]

Cera: Yes daddy?

Threehorn: I don’t want you playing with that longneck any more!

Cera: But daddy! Littlefoot’s my friend!

Threehorn: Quiet! [to himself] Humph, that longneck has gone too far! Well, this time, I’m not going to let him get away with it!  I’m going to save this valley, whether the old Story Speaker wants to or not!

Cera: Daddy?

Threehorn: First thing I’ll do go talk to Clubtail, he usually sides with me, and organize into units.  Who’s in charge of choosing times for valley meetings?…  Mr. Thicknose. Hmm. Well, I’ll just replace him with ole Clubby, that way I know when and who goes to meetings… and then I’ll need some way to control the other loudmouths. I wonder…I know! I know what I need!

Cera: Daddy?

Threehorn: Cera, I have a very important job for you.

Cera: You do?

Threehorn: Yes, and you are the only one I can trust to do it.

Cera: Me?

Threehorn: Cera, do you remember, as we were traveling to the Great Valley, we passed a giant grove of red tree stars?

Cera: Yes…

Threehorn: And we were starving, hadn’t eaten in days, but as we were about to feast that old spikethumb came by and warned us that eating too many caused you feel overly happy and carefree?

Cera: Yes…

Threehorn: Did you ever tell that story to anyone?

Cera: No.

Threehorn: Perfect. Cera, do you think you find your way back to that grove?

Cera: Maybe. But dad, you don’t mean toó?

Threehorn: Cera, I need you to return to that grove and bring back as many red tree stars as you can!

Cera: But daddy! You’re talking about me entering the Mysterious Beyond!

Threehorn: Cera, listen to me! The most important thing in the world is family loyalty, and fighting for your family name! Do you care about your family?

Cera: Yes, butó

Threehorn: Do you want to be in charge of the Great Valley some day?

Cera: Yes, I do!

Threehorn: Well, that won’t happen unless you get me those red tree stars!

Cera: Alone?

Threehorn: Yes. I can’t be gone that long, there are things I need to do here. Besides, you’re the only one that can do this.

Cera: Me? But daddyó

Threehorn: I repeat, do you want to lead the Great Valley when you grow up?

Cera: Yes!

Threehorn: Are you loyal? Are you brave?

Cera: Yes!

Threehorn: Are you afraid of anything?

Cera: No!

Threehorn: Then can I trust you to complete this dangerous task?

Cera: Yes!

Threehorn: I knew I could trust you! Now you sound like a real threehorn! That’s my girl, now, quickly head off!

Cera: Right now?

Threehorn: Yes, before anybody notices you’re missing.

Cera: Yes daddy!

[Cera dashes offstage, Ducky and Spike emerge from their hiding place as Threehorn settles down for the night]

Ducky: Oh no, Spike! Cera is headed into the Mysterious Beyond!  We have to stop her!

[The pair rushes by Threehorn, who blinks and looks up just after they’re gone]

Threehorn: Huh? Who’s there?  [Blackout]


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LBT: The Musical
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2016, 03:24:27 pm »
It's pretty good so far I enjoyed it a lot.

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LBT: The Musical
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2016, 07:44:58 pm »
This is actually a very nice idea for a LBT musical and so far I must say that you've actually done a really good job with the screenplay (Having performed plays before) I am looking forward to seeing how this develops. I wonder what is going to happen with Cera and Littlefoot and whether this will move into The Gang's adult years. Godd work so far, keep it up :yes
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LBT: The Musical
« Reply #4 on: October 15, 2016, 09:09:11 pm »
Thanks guys (or gals), glad you're liking it! ^_^ This is the final scene of the prologue, Act 1 begins tomorrow!

Prologue, Scene 3

[Lights come up. It is the edge of the Great Valley, the entrance to the Mysterious Beyond, still nighttime. Cera is creeping up on the exit, and is about to cross the line when Ducky and Spike run onstage.]

Ducky: Cera! Wait!

[Cera jumps, and leap back from the edge]

Cera: Ducky? What are you two doing here?

Ducky: What were you doing?

Cera: Nothing, I was, uh, going for a walk, looking at the Night Circle.

Ducky: You were headed into the Mysterious Beyond!

Cera: Of course not! I’d never do that!

Petrie: [flies from stage right] What going on?

Ducky: Petrie? What are you doing here?

Cera: That’s what I still want to know!

Petrie: Me was watching you walk, and you disappear into forest, and me flap around, and me find you just now out of forest!

Ducky: Why were you watching me walk?

Petrie: Uh… [trades glance with Spike] Me just making sure Ducky get home safely.

Cera: Well, that’s just great, but while you two talk, I’m going to bed!  [Starts to exit]

Ducky: [to Petrie] I was going home safely, yep yep yep, but Cera was heading into the Mysterious Beyond.

Petrie: What?

Cera: No! I told you I was not going into the Mysterious Beyond!

Ducky: What were you doing?

Cera: I said, just taking a walk and looking at the Night Circle!

Petrie: But Night Circle not out tonight.

[Littlefoot enters, yawning]  What’s all the noise?  [stops when he sees his friends] Huh? What are you guys doing here?

Cera: Good question, bye bye!

Ducky: We were trying to stop Cera from going into the Mysterious Beyond!

Littlefoot: Cera, you were doing what?

Cera: No! Ducky’s lying!

Ducky: I am not lying! Spike and I overheard Cera’s dad telling her to go into the Mysterious Beyond and get him red tree stars from a red tree star grove they had eated at while traveling to the Great Valley!

[Cera gapes at Ducky, taken aback]

Littlefoot: Cera?

Cera: Oh all right, I was headed into the Mysterious Beyond, but that’s because I have to for my father!

Littlefoot: No you don’t, Cera, you’re talking about the Mysterious Beyond hereó

Cera: We’ve entered the Mysterious Beyond before, why not now?

Littlefoot: You’re usually the one telling us not to!

Cera: Well, I’ve changed my mind.

Littlefoot: What does your dad want red tree stars for, anyway?

Cera: I don’t know, he didn’t say, but whatever the reason I need to get them for him quickly!

Littlefoot: How are you going to carry them?

Cera: I don’t know; I’ll figure it out when I get there.

Littlefoot: Cera, you’re not thinking this throughó

Cera: That’s the problem with you longnecks, always thinking!  Do you ever get anything done?

Littlefoot: Cera!

Cera: My dad has an idea that’ll fix the valley up, and if it needs red tree stars, then that’s what I’m going to get him!  [to the group at large] Does anyone agree with me?

[Silence, then…]

Petrie: Me convinced.

Littlefoot: Petrie…

Cera: Perfect! Come on Petrie! [Marches proudly across the border.  Petrie starts to follow, but stops when he sees Ducky is not following him]

Petrie: Ducky?

Ducky: I am sorry, Petrie, but I agree with Littlefoot. The Mysterious Beyond is too dangerous, it is, it is.

Petrie: Oh. Well, then, [Looks nervously at Cera, who by now has marched offstage] me want to stay tooó

Cera: [offstage] Petrie!

Petrie: Aaaah!

Cera: Where are you?

Petrie: Coming! [He looks one last time at Ducky, then darts off after Cera]

[Littlefoot is still angrily faced away from the border.  Ducky walks over to him].

Ducky: Littlefoot?

Littlefoot: I don’t want to talk right now.  Good night, Ducky. [exits]

[Ducky and Spike stand looking after Littlefoot for a time, then look at each other]

Ducky: Why did Petrie want to stay with me?

Spike: (oh I don’t know, no clue)

[Lights go down, curtain falls]

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LBT: The Musical
« Reply #5 on: October 16, 2016, 05:40:25 am »
Begin Act 1! Also our first song!

Act 1, Scene 1

[Curtain opens. It is the next day in the Great Valley, near part of the Great Wall that surrounds it. Trees and other scenery are fallen over or destroyed.  Threehorn, Clubtail, and Grandpa are standing in the middle. Grandpa seems slightly weaker than he was last night.  Littlefoot, Ducky, and Spike are off to the side.]

Clubtail: Look at this place.

Threehorn: It’s no worse than anywhere else right now.

Grandpa: Yes, but this spot is along the Great Wall. I didn’t think the windstorm would reach this far.

Threehorn: Well it did. [to Clubtail] What’s the damage?

Clubtail: Well, the trees have all fallen over, which means their green food will only last a couple days. River flow seems to be unharmed, and Mrs. Maya’s nest appears to have survived, but that [nods offstage] will definitely be our biggest problem.

Littlefoot: [gasps] A hole?  In the Great Wall?

Ducky: Oh no no no.

Threehorn: Now Sharpteeth can get into the Great Valley!

Grandpa: We need to organize at once. Mr. Clubtail, go talk to Mr. Thicknose. We need to arrange a group meeting.

Clubtail: Oh don’t worry about Mr. Thicknose, I’m nowó [Threehorn clears his throat loudly] now, uh, never mind.  I’ll see to it.  [exits]

Grandpa: Now, aren’t you glad that we checked around first?  You would have wasted time forming a water conservation group when water wasn’t even a problem!

Threehorn: If water had been a problem, you would have thanked me. We still would have found this giant hole quickly enough.

Petrie's mom: [Offstage, hysterical] Petrie!?!

Threehorn: Was that Petrie’s mother?

Grandpa: It was.

Threehorn: That means it’s our cue to start calling for our kids.  [Takes a deep breath]

Grandpa: But our children are right here.

Petrie's mom: [enters] Has anybody seen Petrie!?!  I haven’t seen him all day!

Threehorn: Well, I haven’t seen him.

Grandpa: Neither have I.

Petrie's mom: Do you think the kids ran off again?

Grandpa: No, our children are right here.

Petrie's mom: But Petrie would never go off on his own! They always leave together! Unless…What if…?

Grandpa: Don’t worry; I’m sure Petrie is safe.  [Surveys children]  Say, where’s Cera?  Is she missing too?

Threehorn: Ah, no.  She’s fine.  I know exactly where she is.

Grandpa: Are you sure?

Threehorn: Oh yeah.  Definitely.  [leaves in a hurry.  His half of the stage goes dark.]

Petrie's mom: What was that all about?

Grandpa: I’m not sure.  [to children]  Have you seen Cera today?

[Ducky and Spike look at Littlefoot, expecting him to answer. He is silent.]

Ducky: We have not seen her today.

Spike: (no, we haven’t)

Grandpa: Hmm, well, I suppose we’ll have to take Mr. Threehorn’s word on it.  [He and Petrie’s mom exit]

[Lights go down on Littlefoot’s side of the stage and come up on the opposite side. It is Cera, hiking through the Mysterious Beyond with Petrie.]

Petrie: Uh, Cera?  [A strange noise.  He jumps.]

Cera: What?

Petrie: Y-y-you think we should turn back?

Cera: What for?  Littlefoot doesn’t want me back, nobody else even cares.

Petrie: That not true! Ducky care, she very nice!

 Cera: What is it with you and Ducky?

Petrie: Oh, nothing.  [awkward pause]  Spike care too.  [Cera keeps walking. Music starts] Cera, me think you take this too seriously.

Cera: No, I’m not.

Petrie: Cera!  You no can just leave!

Cera: Why not?

[Lights go down on Cera’s side, and up on Littlefoot’s]

Ducky: Littlefoot, what is wrong?

Littlefoot: Did we make the right choice?

Ducky: What do you mean?

Littlefoot: Do you think we should have told them? About Cera going into the Mysterious Beyond?

Ducky: Littlefoot!  Cera is your friend! You do not tell on friends, no no no.

Littlefoot: I don’t know if Cera is still my friend any more.

Ducky: Littlefoot…

Song: “Bestest Friends”


[Lights switch: Cera and Petrie]


[Lights change: stage goes dark, with a spotlight on Littlefoot, Ducky, and Spike; and a spotlight on Petrie and Cera.]






Ducky: Do not let one argument end your friendship with Cera.

Petrie: Think of all you and Littlefoot been through.

Ducky: A friend is more than just the last time you have speaked to them.





[Littlefoot and Cera look at each other]

Littlefoot &Cera:   WE STILL WILL BE

Petrie: HIS.       ..       .Ducky: HER   .       ..       .Cera &Littlefoot: YOUR

.       .   FRIEND!!!

Littlefoot: You’re right!  Cera is our friend, and we need to go find her and help her, come on! [Littlefoot, Ducky, and Spike exit. Lights go down on their side]

Cera: No, you’re wrong!  Littlefoot made himself clear, and like dad always says, if you’re not with him, you’re against him!

Petrie: But-but me thoughtó

Cera: Be quiet!

[She marches stoically into the blackness of the other half of the stage. Petrie stops, sighs, and slowly ambles across the center of the stage. When he passes, all lights come up. The other side of the stage has been switched, and now continues the Mysterious Beyond.  Cera is there. A little bit ahead of them is a small cave.]

Petrie: Ceraó

Cera: I said be quiet.

Petrie: Ceraó

Cera: I thought I told you to be quiet!

Petrie: Where are we? [Cera pauses] You know where we are, right?

Cera: Uh, yeah, sure.  That way.

Petrie: You no know where we are. We doomed.

Cera: No, I know where I am! I said that way!

Petrie: That way?

Cera: Of course that way.  I have been there before you know.

[Cera starts walking. A sharp rustling and crackling in the bushes. Both step back.]

Petrie: What that?

Cera: I-I don’t know.  [calls out]  Hello?

[More rustling, a hiss.]

Cera: Show yourself! I’m-I’m not afraid!

Petrie: Petrie afraid.

[A growl.  On either side of them, a velociraptor jumps out. Both shriek, Petrie flaps up, and flies away, but Cera is double-jumped. Blackout.]

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LBT: The Musical
« Reply #6 on: October 16, 2016, 04:19:23 pm »
Act 1, Scene 2

[The Great Valley.  Threehorn is sitting down, thinking.  Ducky’s mom comes running by]

Ducky's mom: Ducky! Spike!  Where are you? [exits other side]

Petrie's mom: [passes Ducky’s mom just as she’s leaving] Petrie!  Come out, Petrie! [exits other side]

Grandma: [enters] Littlefoot, where are you?

Ducky's mom: [enters, with Petrie’s mom] They were here this morning, where have they gone?

Petrie's mom: At least yours were here this morning! My Petrie has been gone all day!

Grandma: Will both of you please calm down?

Threehorn: Yes, please! Some of us are concerned with things much more important!

Grandpa: [enters. He looks even weaker than before, exhausted and sick] I’ve searched the entire valley and the nearby mountains, and I didn’t see any of them.

Ducky's mom: Oh, Ducky! [covers face in hands]

Grandma: [to Grandpa] You did what?  Honey, you know this is a bad time for you to be straining yourself!

Threehorn: [perks up] What?  Why?

Grandma: [cautiously] Oh no reason in particular, just…

Threehorn: What?

Petrie's mom: Excuse me! Did you all forget about our kids?

Threehorn: [angrily] I said be quiet! [to Grandma]  Do continue.

Grandma: [evasively] Aren’t you nervous?

Threehorn: Oh no, I know where my Cera is. She’s fine.

Grandpa: I didn’t see her either.

Threehorn: I told you, she’s fine!

Grandpa: Mr. Threehorn, I’ve never had reason to doubt you before, but this time I think you are hiding something.  All the other children are missing, and I’ve searched the entireó

Threehorn: Enough!  [advances hostilely]  In case you forgot, Longneck, I’m Cera’s father, so I’m the only one that needs to know or care about where she is, and I happen to know that she is currently safe and sound, and just because I’ve decided not to tell you everything I know doesn’t make it any less true!  Got that?

Grandpa: Well, yes, Ió

Threehorn: And another thing!  You think that just because you searched the entire valley and didn’t see her, that means she’s not there?  Well let me remind you that you are frail and weak, and I don’t find it hard to believe that you might have missed something!  Maybe your head is so high up that you’re missing all these things on the ground!

Grandpa: Mr. Threehornó

Threehorn: Don’t interrupt me!  Now, unlike you, I’ve actually managed to keep track of my child, and I don’t want to see any more of you butting in on my private business!  Cera’s been much happier now that we’ve gotten that grandson of yours out of the picture, and while I know how much you longnecks like to sit around and talk, this is one thing I don’t want to hear you mention again, you hear?  And one more thingó

Ducky's mom: Mr. Threehorn! Control yourself!

[Threehorn pauses.  He looks at the others, then back at Grandpa.]

Threehorn: Humph.  I got my point across. [exits.  Ducky’s and Petrie’s mothers respectfully follow. Once the others have left, Grandpa collapses. Grandma sits to his side.]

Grandma: Dear, is the sickness getting worse?

Grandpa: I, I think so.

Grandma: It will come to pass, sickness always does.

Grandpa: Actually, my dear, I’ve been keeping something from you.

Grandma: You’ve what?

Grandpa: This sickness, it’s not something new.

Grandma: What do you mean?

Grandpa: Do you remember that disease I caught some time ago?

Grandma: When Ali’s herd last visited?  The Old One?

Grandpa: Yes.  The Night Flowers that everyone thought cured me, they only work for a short time.  Usually I can cover it up, but sometimes it gets worse. This would be one of those times.

Grandma: What can I do? Do you need to stay here and rest?

Grandpa: No, I’m okay.  [forces himself to his feet]  I’ll be fine for some time longer.

Grandma: How much longer?

Grandpa: I don’t know.  Every warm and cold season, the Old One sends someone to check up on me.  The next one is due soon. We’ll have to tell them that I need Night Flowers to control the disease, and soon.

Grandma: Things will be okay, don’t worry.  [They rub cheeks. Blackout.]

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LBT: The Musical
« Reply #7 on: October 16, 2016, 10:43:28 pm »
Act 1, Scene 3

[The Mysterious Beyond.  Littlefoot, Ducky, and Spike are hiking through, looking for Cera.]

Ducky: Which way do you think she went?

Spike: (I don’t know)

Littlefoot: We’ll find her.  Ducky, did Cera’s dad mention where the red tree star grove is?

Ducky: I do not think so. [Spike shakes head] No, he did not.

Petrie: [Offstage] Aaaack!

Littlefoot: Petrie?

Ducky: Petrie!

[Petrie flies onto the scene and lands next to the others]

Petrie: Oh, Ducky!  Littlefoot!  Me so glad to see you!  [hugs Ducky]

Spike: (What about me?)

Petrie: [cont’d] Guys, it terrible! Me and Cera hiking, and we attacked, Fast Biters! It terrible!

Littlefoot: Petrie, where’s Cera?

Petrie: Me no know!  Me fly away!

Ducky: Oh, Petrie…

[There’s a pause, as the group realizes the significance of this new information]

Ducky: Cera…

Petrie: Cera…

Littlefoot: …No!  We don’t know for sure whether the Fast Biters got her or not!  Petrie, did you actually see her get eaten?

Petrie: Me no see much of anything.  Me trying to escape!

Littlefoot: Then she’s still alive, and we need to rescue her!

Petrie: Littlefoot, they Fast Biters!  She outnumbered!

Littlefoot: I don’t care, she must have gotten through somehow.  She had to!

Ducky: Maybe they were nice Fast Biters.

Petrie: Ducky, there no such thing as nice Fast Biter.

Ducky: Chomper is a Sharptooth, and he is nice! Right, Littlefoot? [He’s not listening.  He marches off] Littlefoot?

Littlefoot:  No, I don’t want to hear it.  She’s alive and we are going to find her.  [Marches offstage]

[The others stand there, unsure of what to do]

Petrie: [to Ducky] Trust me, these Fast Biters not like Chomper.

[Suddenly, Spike makes up his mind and marches off after Littlefoot. Ducky and Petrie hesitate, exchange a look, and follow Spike. Blackout.]

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LBT: The Musical
« Reply #8 on: October 17, 2016, 05:01:36 pm »
Today we're wrapping up Act 1! You get 2.5 scenes for the price of one, since the first and third were too short to bother posting alone. Act 2 begins tomorrow!


Act 1, Scene 4

[Scene opens up to Cera, tied up.  She is near a rock wall, a large nest, and other signs that this place is some sort of hideout or lair. Cera is struggling with her bonds.]

Cera: Mmph, Eergh, Augh!  [stops for a second, pants, then tries again]  Mmmmmph…augh!  [gives up]  This isn’t working.  How else could I get out? [Sees a vine dangling out of the rock wall.  She reaches for it, but it’s just out of her reach.  While she’s trying, the two raptors come back.  Cera stops stretching for the vine, and shrinks back] Get back! [The raptors ignore her and start tidying up the lair. Cera realizes they aren’t attacking her] You’re, you’re not attacking me.  What’s going on?  Why haven’t you eaten me yet?  [A raptor looks at her. She shrinks back] Bad question, don’t answer that.  [Raptor goes back to tidying up the nest]  You aren’t like any Fast Biters I’ve ever met.  What are you doing? You look like you’re tidying up…  [moment or realization] …for somebody else…  [A third raptor enters, and dumps a large load of branches on the nest.]  …somebody biggeró [she breaks off as the raptors suddenly all snap their heads up and look offstage. They start to rush offstage] Wait! Who is it you’re working for?  [Raptors exit. Cera watches them go, then continues struggling with her bonds.  Blackout.]


Act 1, Scene 5

[The Mysterious Beyond, the place where Cera was ambushed.  It’s a little darker than before, signifying the coming of night.  Littlefoot, Petrie, Spike, and Ducky are walking through the Mysterious Beyond.]

Littlefoot: How close are we, Petrie?

[Other than Littlefoot, everyone looks scared, but none more so than Petrie]

Petrie: Y-y-yes, we close. M-me think we almost there. [Jumps for no good reason.]

Littlefoot: Petrie, calm down. Which way now?

Petrie: Th-that way, no, this way, maybe, that way!  [pointing wildly]

Littlefoot: Petrie, get a grip! We won’t find Cera if you aren’t able to get a hold of yourself!  Now calm down, and think. Which direction?

Petrie: [takes a deep breath] Um, me think, that way!

Littlefoot: We just came from that way.

Petrie: Oh.

Ducky: Petrie…

Littlefoot: Petrie, try and think for a moment.  What do you remember happening?

Petrie: Well, um, me and Cera walk this way, like this, and we hear big hissing soundó

[There is a big hissing sound. Group gasps and huddles closer]

Ducky: Did it sound like that?

Petrie: Yes…

[The two raptors jump out, to their left.]

Petrie: It them!  Those two!

[The group retreats the other way, but the third raptor appears there. When it seems like all hope was lost, a hand reaches out from the small cave and beckons]

Chomper: Come quickly! This way leads to safety!

[The four quickly dart in. The raptors charge in after them. Once the raptors’ snarls fade off into the distance, Littlefoot sticks his head out of the opening. The four, plus a young blue Tyrannosaurus Rex, tiptoe back out into the open]

Littlefoot: The coast looks clear, thanks for saving us, [he looks at who rescued them] Chomper!

Ducky and Petrie: Chomper! [The two run and hug him]

Ducky: Oh, Chomper, it is so good to see you!

Chomper: It is good to see you too.  I’m glad I arrived when I did.  Did those Fast Biters hurt you?

Littlefoot: They were about to. [Peers down opening]  Where does this lead, anyway?

Chomper: It leads to Big Water, where the family is still living. I just came from there.

Ducky: How are your parents?

Chomper: They’re good.  Food’s running a little scarce, but it’s not a problem.  I’m sure it’ll fix itself in the end.

Petrie: Why you come?

Chomper:  Well, to be honest, I’ve come to warn you guys.

Littlefoot: Warn us?

Ducky: About what?

Chomper: There’s a call to arms going throughout the Mysterious Beyond.  Somebody is trying to form a massive group to attack the Great Valley.

Petrie: Attack the Great Valley?

Ducky: Oh no, no no no no, no.

Littlefoot: How big an army can this ësomebody’ build?

Chomper: Well, there is good news there. This particular fellow has a terrible reputation, and most Sharpteeth I’ve met have laughed it off as wishful thinking.  But some of the dumber ones might listen to him, so I thought you should know.

Littlefoot: We do. Thank you so much, Chomper.

Ducky: Littlefoot, we need to get back to the Great Valley and fast, we do, we do!

Littlefoot: You’re right, bye, Chomper!

Chomper: Good-bye, good luck!  [just before the others leave]  Say, where’s Cera?

[Littlefoot and company stop]

Littlefoot: Cera!  We can’t leave now, we have to rescue Cera!

Petrie: But what about army that attack Great Valley?

Littlefoot: We need to rescue Cera first. We’re the only ones who can!

Ducky: But we do not even know if Cera can be rescued!

Chomper: Somebody’s kidnapped Cera?

Spike: (yes)

Chomper: Do we know who?

Spike: (no)

Chomper: It might be the same dinosaur.

Littlefoot: You think?

Chomper: Maybe.

Littlefoot: How would that help us?

Chomper: I know how to get to his meeting place. He left directions for anyone who wanted to come.

[This whole time, lights had been slowly dimming. SFX: Starry sky panorama]

Littlefoot: All right, let’s go!

Chomper: Great!  Follow me!

Ducky: Wait, Littlefoot! It is, uh, very dark right now.

Petrie: Ducky right!  It nighttime!

Ducky: It is too dangerous to go now, it is, it is.

Littlefoot: Oh, come on, do you want to rescue Cera or not?

[Petrie, Ducky, and Spike still look frightened]

Chomper: Littlefoot, Ducky’s right. It’s a bad idea to go hiking in the dark.  We should rest until daylight.

Littlefoot: Butó

[A weird sound is heard.  All except Chomper start]

Littlefoot: [reluctantly] I suppose you’re right.

[The group lies down to go to sleep. It is hard because loud noises keep scaring them]

Ducky: Littlefoot, I am scared.

Littlefoot: Don’t worry, it’s just noises.

Petrie: Me scared too.

Chomper: Don’t worry, guys, if anything comes this way, I’ll smell it before it reaches us.

Littlefoot: That’s right, there’s nothing to worry about.

[Ducky and Petrie relax a little]

Ducky: [giggles] Chomper, we were once taking care of you, but now you are taking care of us!

Petrie: Me remember those days.

Chomper: Yeah, me too.  I couldn’t have asked for a better group to take care of me while I was first growing up.

Littlefoot: I remember how you thought I was your dad.

Chomper: Actually, I didn’t.

Littlefoot: What?

Chomper: [quickly] Don’t worry, I liked and respected you the best, but I had always thought of you as more of a friendly uncle.  My parents, I thought, were Ducky and Petrie.

Ducky & Petrie: What!?!

Chomper: Well, you were the first two I ever saw when I hatched.

Ducky: [giggles] Don’t be silly, me and Petrie could not be parents, on no no no.  He is a flyer, and I am a swimmer.

Petrie: …True, we couldn’t be parents. But we still could be together.

Ducky: [laughs] Oh, no no no.  [rolls over giggling.  Petrie looks crestfallen]

[Another weird noise.  Spike groans. Ducky stops laughing, and looks around. Music starts.]

Littlefoot: Speaking of parents, I sure wish mine were here right now.

Ducky: Me too.  [yet another loud noise.  She is frightened] I am still scared.

Spike: (me too) [Ducky and Spike huddle closer]

Song: “Always There”








Littlefoot: I REMEMBER NOW


[SFX: Comet flies across the panorama]

          I’M ALWAYS THERE.


Littlefoot, Ducky, andPetrie: LIKE A GREEN GREEN VALLEY


[Group starts falling asleep. Littlefoot looks up at the sky.]

Littlefoot: ALWAYS THERE.  [Falls asleep.  Blackout.]


Act 1 closer

[Stage remains dark.]

Petrie: [singing] WHENEVER ME SCARED,

Littlefoot: Petrie.

Petrie: Yes?

Littlefoot: The song’s over.  Go to sleep.

Petrie: But what about my part?

Littlefoot: You don’t get one.

Petrie: Butó

Chomper: What’s going on?

Littlefoot: Good night, Petrie.

[pause, then]

Petrie: Me have mom too, you knowó

All: Petrie!

Ducky: Petrie, please be quiet and go to sleep.

[pause, then]

Petrie: Okay, Ducky.  [Curtain falls.]

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LBT: The Musical
« Reply #9 on: October 18, 2016, 01:15:13 am »
Act 2, Scene 1

[Curtain opens up to the lair where Cera is trapped.  She is still tied up, asleep.  She slowly wakes up.]

Cera: Nhnngh. [tries to get up, but can’t] Huh?  Where am I? [Tugs at bonds] Oh, yeah.

[A loud boom, like a giant footstomp.  Cera jumps.]

Cera: H-hello?

[More booms. Someone big is walking in. In walks, a Tyrannosaurus Rex!]

Cera: [gasps] A sharptooth!

[The sharptooth looks at her.]

Cera: [after a pause] Who-who are you?

[The sharptooth lets out a massive laugh. Cera is put off.]

Cera: What?  [The sharptooth keeps laughing. Cera starts getting angry] Why are you laughing at me? Stop it!

Sharptooth: [still chuckling] Forgive me, I’m just a little amused.  I thought a threehorn never forgets, eh, Cera?

Cera: A talking sharptooth?  You can talk?

Sharptooth: It’s quite easy once you get the hang of it.

Cera: How do you know my name?

Sharptooth: How do I? How do you not remember mine?

Cera: Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t.

Sharptooth: Think back. You’ve had many adventures, probably faced many enemies.  But there was only one who almost beat you.  More than once, in fact.

Cera: You’re the first Sharptooth!  The one who tried to stop us from reaching the Great Valley!  The one who separated me from my family!

Sharptooth: There now, you see?  Sometimes it helps to just sit back and thinkó

Cera: What do you want?

Sharptooth: Impatient, are we? You might as well settle down and relax; you won’t be leaving anytime soon.

Cera: How did you survive? I thought you died!

Sharptooth: So did I. But, while my mind had given up hope, my body had not.  We both forgot that I am not just any sharptooth; I am the Sharptooth! The common noun came from my name! It will take more than some hatchlings and a mere boulder to defeat me! But I must say, you five came closer than anyone before to actually killing me.  And I didn’t forget, oh no, even as I walked the lands with my self intact, I remembered you five.  But the problem was, so did everyone else.

Cera: What do you mean?

Sharptooth: Your little story got around. Everyone seemed to know that a longneck, a threehorn, a swimmer, a flyer, and a spiketail had brought me down. I couldn’t go anywhere without hearing others, even fellow sharpteeth talking about it behind my back.  I was the toughest Sharptooth of them all, and you made a mockery of me! [he rears up, then calms down again]  However, one good thing that came of it was that I learned your names, I learned where you now live, and I learned that I wasn’t alone.

Cera: In what way?

Sharptooth: You five have made quite a lot of enemies from your various little adventures. With their help, I learned more about each of you, especially the facts that your leader, Littlefoot, will always attempt to rescue his friends, and that all of you have a habit of venturing into the Mysterious Beyond without telling anybody where you are going. Could you make it any easier for me? [laughs out loud]

Cera: So…are you going to eat me, or what?

Sharptooth: Oh no, it’s gone beyond mere instinct.  No, you will serve as bait for the others.

Cera: That’s a great plan, except I didn’t tell them where I was going.

Sharptooth: Forgive me if I don’t believe you.

Cera: That’s the truth.

Sharptooth: Well, if that’s the case, you’ll just have to hope that the flyer who was with you keeps his mouth shut, won’t you?

Cera: Petrie…

Sharptooth: Ah, I thought so.

Cera: But even he didn’t know where I was hoping to get to!  Only I know that.

Sharptooth: He doesn’t have to.  All he needs to know is how to get to the spot where I captured you.

Cera: Well, it won’t work!

Sharptooth: We shall see. [Blackout]

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LBT: The Musical
« Reply #10 on: October 19, 2016, 01:26:49 am »
Act 2, Scene 2

[The Great Valley.  Grandpa and the other parents, sans Threehorn, are meeting to discuss the children, or lack thereof. Grandpa is sitting down.]

Grandpa: Everyone, please calm down!  The children have been gone longer than this before, and they always turn up when we need them!

Petrie's mom: But usually there’s a reason why they’ve left!  Nothing has happened that requires anything from the Mysterious Beyond!

Ducky's mom: Petrie was the first one missing, maybe the others went after him.

Petrie's mom: Then what happened to Petrie?

[Silence.  Nobody wants to say what they’re all thinking.  Clubtail and Threehorn enter.]

Clubtail: Everybody, listen up.  Mr. Threehorn has something to say.

Threehorn: Thank you, Mr. Clubtail.  Can I have everyone’s attention? I’ve decided that the restoration projects are taking too much time!  Starting now, at least four of the projects I’ve laid out should be running at any given time, and I’ve increased the working hours from three to five.  Afternoon breaks have been discontinued temporarily, andó

Grandpa:  Now hold on just a minute. [Weakly gets to his feet and walks over to Threehorn] I thought I was in charge of the restoration projects.

Threehorn: We took a vote last meeting, and decided to pass leadership of all discussed programs to me. The restoration project was one of the programs we talked about.

Grandpa: We did not!

Threehorn: We most certainly did!

Grandpa: When was this meeting?

Clubtail: Yesterday.

Grandpa: I wasn’t invited to a meeting yesterday.

Grandma: Neither was I.

Threehorn: Mr. Clubtail was in charge of alerting everybody.

Clubtail: Sorry, I must have forgotten to tell you two.

Threehorn: Nevertheless, the vote has been taken.

Grandpa: That’s outrageous!  [looks at others]

Ducky's mom: I voted to keep you.

Threehorn:  But hardly anyone else did.

Grandpa: But that’s not fair, we need to have a new meeting, one with everyone there, and re-vote on thisó

Threehorn: And why is that, huh? Because you think your vote is better than everybody else’s?

Grandpa: No, Ió

Threehorn: Several others didn’t make it to the meeting, [points at Petrie’s mom] and you don’t see them complaining, now, do you?

Grandpa: Please, Ió

Threehorn: I thought we made decisions as a group. You weren’t the ruler of the Great Valley, last time I checked.

Grandpa: That’s not what I meant!  [he’s very weak]

Threehorn: Good, then you won’t care if we put this trivial matter behind us, and we can get on with more important issues.  Come on, Clubtail. [Exits triumphantly.]

[Grandpa staggers. Grandma jumps to help him. Ducky’s and Petrie’s moms leave the two to their privacy.]

Grandpa: Oh, my.

Grandma: Dear, are you all right?

Grandpa: No, no I’m not.  [sits down]

Grandma: Do I need to warn you that you were obviously backing down from Mr. Threehorn?

Grandpa: I did, didn’t I?

Grandma: You can’t appear that weak in front of him.

Grandpa: I know.

[He lies down, tired.  Grandma sits down next to him.]

Grandma: Dear?

Grandpa: Yes?

Grandma: Why didn’t you tell me about this sickness before?

Grandpa: I… didn’t want you or Littlefoot to be worried.

Grandma: Well I’m worried now.

[Ali enters, timidly.]

Ali: Hello?

Grandma: Ali, my dear!  Is that really you?

Ali: Yes.  [steps forward]  Is everything all right?

Grandma: Everything’s fine.  It's so good to see you!

Ali: You too.

Grandma: What brings you here?

Ali: Well, I’m the representative from my herd.  Mama was going to do it, but I convinced her to let me come instead. Sort of a ëcoming of age’ test.

Grandma: Is that all?

Ali: Well, no. [her voice becomes more apprehensive]  Actually I also wanted to see Littlefoot.  We didn’t leave on the best of terms last time.

Grandpa: I’m afraid that isn’t possible.  Littlefoot is missing.

Ali: Oh no, that’s terrible!  I should go find him!

Grandpa: Ali, listen to me. Littlefoot will be fine. Return to your herd at once and tell them that I am very sick. I can last a little longer, but the Old One must get me Night Flowers, and soon.  Do you understand?

Ali: Yes.

Grandpa: Then go. I’m sorry your visit wasn’t more pleasant.

[Lights go down, leaving a spotlight on Ali.]

Ali: Goodbye, Grandpa Longneck.  [to herself]  Littlefoot is missing!  I have to help him! [looks at Grandpa]  But he needs those Night Flowers.  [torn, unsure what to do.  Finally,] Well, he said he could last a little longer, and Littlefoot may be in trouble now!  Maybe if I rescue Littlefoot, he’ll forgive me for leaving him for that other longneck.  I’m coming, Littlefoot!  [Hurries offstage.  Spotlight shuts off.]

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LBT: The Musical
« Reply #11 on: October 20, 2016, 12:42:13 am »
Act 2, Scene 3

[The outskirts of Sharptooth’s lair.  Littlefoot, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, and Chomper are watching and waiting.]

Chomper: Well, here we are.

Littlefoot: Do you see anybody?

Chomper: Not from here.

Petrie: What we do now?

Littlefoot: I’m not sure.

Chomper: We need some way to get inside without being attacked.

Littlefoot: [suddenly] Chomper!

Chomper: What?

Littlefoot: You!

Chomper: What about me?

Littlefoot: You’re a sharptooth!

Chomper: Yeah, so?

Littlefoot: So, that call was for sharpteeth, right?

Chomper: Right…

Littlefoot: So, pretend you’re answering the call!  Just walk in, and say you want to join his army!

Chomper: You’re right!

Ducky: Oh, yes yes yes!  That is a good idea!

Littlefoot: We’ll hide out here, and you can come back later and tell us what you found out.

Chomper: Okay.  Wish me luck!

Ducky: Good luck, Chomper!

Petrie: Bye Chomper!

Spike: (bye!)

Littlefoot: Good luck! [Chomper exits] All right, we need to find a hiding place nearby. In here.

[As the four hide in a bush, blackout.]

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LBT: The Musical
« Reply #12 on: October 20, 2016, 04:07:26 pm »
Act 2, Scene 4

[Sharptooth’s lair.  Cera is still tied up, but not attempting to escape.  Sharptooth is cleaning up his cave and telling Cera about his adventures at the same time.]

Sharptooth: …so then, I meet these two egg stealers. Brothers.  Sneaky, untrustworthy, worthless things.  One of them ran in fear, but the other, obviously not the smarter of the two, was willing to talk in exchange for nothing more than some of the leaves off the tree he was standing under!  Can you believe it? Anyway, he told me about you five. Seems your group outdid him and his brother as well. He pointed me in the right direction, and told me about how you followed a stolen egg right into the Mysterious Beyond! [laughs]  Of course, I was used to such stories by then, but it never ceased to amaze me with how foolhardy you could be!

Cera: I know, you’ve only reminded me about a hundred times.

Sharptooth: Well, you obviously didn’t get the message, you kept on doing it!  And here you are again!  The point of making mistakes, dear child, is that you learn from them and not do them over. Case in point, me. Before I met you five, I probably would have brashly attempted my revenge by charging into your precious valley, where your parents would have made short work of me; they are so protective. Yet I learned my lesson, and look where it’s gotten me!  However, this occasion is unlike your other little escapades, in that you didn’t take your friends with you.  I’m curious as to why this time you led yourself out here all alone.  Do you mind enlightening me?

Cera: Yes, I do mind. [turns her nose up]  Humph!

Sharptooth: Cera, I’ve been a gracious host, but I will not hesitate to use violence to get what I want.

[He snaps his fingers. Two velociraptors enter, and advance on Cera, snarling.]

Cera: I’m not afraid, you said you can’t hurt me, you need me as bait!

Sharptooth: Yes, but do I need you in one piece? Your friends don’t know whether you’re alive or dead.  They’ll come regardless of what state you’re in.

[Cera shrinks into the wall as the two raptors come nearer, but remains silent.  One roars, raises its claw, and jumps.  Cera screeches “Okay!” The raptors back off.]

Cera: It won’t do you any good; I don’t even understand it myself.

Sharptooth: Try me.

Cera: Daddy wanted me to find some red tree star grove, bring back as many as I can. I don’t know why, or for what.

Sharptooth: Red tree stars?  Red tree stars! Dear child, don’t you know what red tree stars do to your mind?

Cera: …Not really…

Sharptooth: And that’s just as well.  You’re much too young to be messing with such things.  [to raptors]  But her father apparently has developed a bit of a craving!  Well, seeing as how he’s one of the fiercest fighters the Great Valley has, I see no reason why we shouldn’t help him out a bit! Quickly, go out and alert the others. We’re going on a little hike. [raptors exit]

[While he’s finishing his line, Chomper enters, in the direction behind Sharptooth.  Cera is overjoyed to see him, but Chomper hastily signals her to act natural.  She recovers just in time.]

Sharptooth: And what is this?

Chomper: Uh…my name is Chomper, sir. I’ve come to join.

Sharptooth: Excellent!  We’re always looking for new recruits!  What’d you say your name was, Chumpy?

Chomper: Chomper.

Sharptooth: Ah.  And why do you want to enlist?  Did you have a bad experience in the Great Valley?

Chomper: Well, when I was an egg, these five kids stole me from my nest.  She was one of them. They held me captive for the first few days of my life, and when my parents came to rescue me those who lived there chased us out of the valley.

Sharptooth: Hmmm. There wouldn’t have been two egg stealers involved with that whole fiasco, would there?

Chomper: Uh, yeah.  They were chased out too.

Sharptooth: Hmm. The egg stealer made it sound as if it were the sharpteeth who chased them out of the valley.

Chomper: Oh.  Uhhh…

Sharptooth: …I knew I couldn’t rely on that egg brain.  Just goes to show, you can’t trust anybody but other sharpteeth, eh?

Chomper: [strained smile] …Yeah, right!

Sharptooth: All right, you’re in.  Just a few things you should know, you’ll have to start off at the bottom, and work your way up the ranks.  For example, we’ve got a small delivery mission coming up, and I’ll only be taking those who have earned my trust on it.  You’ll start with guard duty while I’m gone, and if you do a good job, I’ll entrust you with harder jobs.  Understand?

Chomper: I do, sir.

Sharptooth: Very well.  But, [looks behind him] just between the two of us, I’m more likely to trust you, since you’re a sharptooth like me.  But don’t tell the Fast Biters that, okay?

Chomper: Of course, you got it.

Sharptooth: Excellent!  Now go get it done! [Chomper takes one look at Cera, and leaves] Finally, a subordinate I can rely on! [exits]

Cera: Chomper’s here!  That means the others can’t be far away!  [as she says this, lights fade to black]

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LBT: The Musical
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Act 2, Scene 5

[Outside Sharptooth’s lair.  Chomper sneaks onstage.]

Chomper: Cera’s alive!  I need to tell the others! [Runs to center, and whispers]  Littlefoot!  Spike!

Littlefoot: [behind bush] Chomper?

Chomper: It’s me!

[Littlefoot, Petrie, Spike, and Ducky creep out of bush.]

Littlefoot: What is it?

Petrie: What you find out?

Chomper: It’s Cera!  Sheó

[There’s a velociraptor roar, and two velociraptors enter from the same direction that Chomper did.]

Petrie: Fast Biters!

Sharptooth: Excellent!  [enters from the same direction, holding tied up Cera]  I must commend, you, you’re on the job less than a minute, and you already found the remaining four!

Ducky: Littlefoot!  He is the first Sharptooth, he is!

Littlefoot: Chomper!  Did you turn us in?

Chomper: Ió

Sharptooth: Oh no, dear child, it wasn’t my commendable young apprentice who betrayed you, it was her!  [suddenly releases Cera]

Cera: What?

Littlefoot: What?

Sharptooth: You can thank your young threehorn for the situation you’re in now!

Cera: Littlefoot!  He’s lying!  [Runs to the other kids]

Littlefoot: [to Sharptooth] Why should I trust you?

Sharptooth: Because she freely volunteered information that I hazard to guess she kept hidden from you! For example, the fact that her mission was to collect red tree stars from the red tree star grove for her father?

Littlefoot: You told him all that?

Cera: No!  Well, yes, butó

Sharptooth: She told me that, and much more as well! Face it, little one, your race is run! I have the upper hand! [his velociraptors edge in closer]

Littlefoot: Run!

Sharptooth: [to a raptor] Get him!

[As raptor rears up and charges, Littlefoot grabs a vine from a tree and throws the end to Cera. She holds it taut, and the charging raptor is clotheslined.  Spike runs forward, and skirts around the second raptor, who jumps him, but misses.  Ducky screams and runs forward in fright, around both raptors.]

Cera: Ducky!

Petrie: Ducky!

[Sharptooth advances on Ducky, but Petrie flies at him and distracts him, giving Cera time to advance.  Petrie lands near the center of the stage, with Littlefoot and vine to one side, Sharptooth to the other.  Sharptooth and the second raptor herd Spike and Cera to where Petrie is. The three of them make a run for Littlefoot. Sharptooth and the second raptor chase them.]

Littlefoot: Grab the vine, Ducky!

[Ducky reaches for the vine, but Sharptooth snarls, and she squeals in fright and jumps back. As a result, the carnivores are not tripped, and the kids are still in danger.  The first raptor wakes up. Sharptooth directs an order to him.]

Sharptooth: Get the swimmer!

Petrie: No, Ducky!

Spike: (Ducky!)

[The two charge past Sharptooth, Chomper, and the second raptor to protect Ducky. All sharpteeth converge on them.]

Littlefoot: Petrie!  Ducky!  Spike!

Cera: It's too late, run!  [She whirls him around, and the two exit stage right. One raptor looks that way]

Sharptooth: Forget them, we have these three!  [The first raptor grabs Ducky, the second grabs Petrie, and Chomper grabs Spike.] Well, well, this day has worked out better than I thought! We’ve increased our captive count triply!  Quickly now, take the children, tie them up, and place them where our last guest had been.

[The raptors their two captives away.  Chomper almost follows with Spike, but stops.]

Chomper: Sir?

Sharptooth: Yes?

Chomper: Did Ceraó did the Threehorn really betray her friends? Did she really tell you all that?

Sharptooth: Why yes, but only after I threatened her with three Fast Biters.  [laughs]  No, that was just a white lie, to crush Littlefoot’s morale a little.  However, Chomper, there’s something else I want to talk to you about.

Chomper: What’s that, sir?

Sharptooth: I am very proud of how easily and quickly you sniffed out the intruders. Well done!  I need more helpers like you.

Chomper: Thank you, sir.

Sharptooth: And, because of your incredible effort and skill, I’m promoting you right now!

Chomper: Really?

Sharptooth: Yes.  I have a little red tree star delivery to complete with my trustworthy Fast Biters, and the remainder shall stay back and guard the prisoners.

Chomper: Okay.

Sharptooth: I’m going to put you in charge while I’m gone.

Chomper: Really?  Me, sir?

Sharptooth: Yes, you!  Iëm proud of you, you’re doing well.  Now, [points at Spike, who had been listening intently] let us get this ragamuffin tied up, and stick to the original plan. [All exit. Blackout]

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LBT: The Musical
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End of Act 2, and our second song! (Sorry there aren't many, I'm a writer not a lyricist)

Act 2, Scene 6

[Scene opens to Ali hiking through the Mysterious Beyond.]

Ali: Littlefoot? Littlefoot!

[Littlefoot and Cera come smashing through the trees and crash into her.  Ali gets to her feet. She sees who she ran into.]

Ali: Littlefoot!

 [Littlefoot doesn’t even see her.  He rounds on Cera, who’s getting to her feet.]

Littlefoot: What game are you trying to play, anyway?

Cera: What are you talking about?

Littlefoot: What sort of deal did you pull with Sharptooth?

Cera: Nothing, I swear!

Littlefoot: Then why’d you tell him everything?  You wouldn’t even tell us!

Cera: He was going to eat me! I didn’t want to!

Littlefoot: I thought threehorns were the bravest of them all!

Cera: IóIóButó[no answer.  She starts to get defensive] At least I held my own! I made it longer than any of you longnecks would have!

Littlefoot: I don’t want to hear another word from you.  [turns away]

Cera: Oooh… you make me so mad!

Littlefoot: Go away!

Cera: Eergh!  [stomps to the other side of the stage.  Ali approaches Littlefoot tentatively]

Ali: …Littlefoot?

Littlefoot: [sees her for the first time] Oh. It’s you.

Ali: Littlefoot, Ió

Littlefoot: [doesn’t even turn to face her] Look, I don’t want to hear anything you have to say right now.  I don’t care what’s gone on between us, but my friends are in trouble, and are you planning on helping us?

Ali: Ióyes! Yes I will!

Littlefoot: Great.  Now, I need some time to think up a plan to rescue them, so if you’ll please leave me alone for now, okay?

Ali: Ióokay.

[Littlefoot says nothing. Ali walks over to Cera, sitting on the other side of the stage.]

Ali: Cera, what’s happened?

Cera: I don’t want to talk about it. [long pause]

Ali: Who’s Sharptooth?

Cera: A long time ago, when we were just hatchlings, we lived in the Mysterious Beyond, like you. But we had heard of the Great Valley, and were trying to get there.  None of us knew each other; we were with our own herds. But Sharptooth showed up, and separated the five of us from our families.  We banded together, and tried to make it on our own, but he kept following us. Finally, we set a trap for him, with Ducky as bait, and used a boulder to knock him into deep water, where he couldn’t swim, and we thought he drowned.  But I guess he didn’t.

Ali: But you said that was a long time ago. What happened just now?

Cera: I said I don’t want to talk about it.

Ali: Oh, I see. [Sadly sits off to one side. Cera notices, and kindly shifts her spot to sit next to her. Lights cut to two spotlights, one on Cera and Ali, and one on Littlefoot]

Cera: It's not you, it’s just that, [looks at Littlefoot] I didn’t expect this to happen with Littlefoot, and I just want to be his friend again, but things spun out control.

Song: “Things Change”








Ali:.............................................................…THINGS CHANGE…



[Spotlights go out. Curtain.]

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LBT: The Musical
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Act 3, Scene 1

[Curtain opens on Sharptooth’s lair. Ducky, Petrie, and Spike are tied up in Sharptooth’s lair.  Ducky is sad and scared.]

Ducky: I do not like it here, I do not.

Spike: (me neither)

Petrie: No be sad, Ducky.  We’ll be all right.

Ducky: I hope so.

Petrie: …Ducky?  If-if we no get out of this, there something me want to tell you…

[Spike perks up, and looks over, but Ducky interrupts Petrie]

Ducky: Do not say such things, no no no.  We will get out. [Petrie and Spike both slump. She doesn’t notice] Oh, this is all my fault!

Spike: (huh?)

Petrie: It not your all your fault! How it your fault?

Ducky: When Littlefoot told me to grab that vine, I was going to, but I got scared and did not. Then Sharptooth was able to run through, and then the three of us were captured!  Why am I not braver?

Petrie: But you brave, Ducky! You go on lots of adventures, and you done brave things!

Ducky: Like what?

Petrie: Like first time we meet Sharptooth! You bait!

Ducky: There is nothing brave about being bait.  I ran away as fast as I could, and the others had to rescue me!  You rescued me!

Petrie: Well, yeah…

Ducky: Usually I am the one being rescued, the one running in fright, or the one tripping in a hole or falling off a ledge!  I have always just slowed everyone down, I have, I have.

Petrie: Ducky…you may think you not brave, [music starts] but me sure you have you own kind of bravery, deep inside.

Ducky: [pause, as if he’s made her feel better, then music stops, right before crescendo.  Ducky looks at him sarcastically] Oh, thank you, I feel so much better now.

[She turns away. Petrie sighs, dejected. Spike tries to tell him, “nice try.” Sudden loud footsteps, as Sharptooth enters without a warning.]

Sharptooth: [to Petrie] What’s the matter, my little flapping friend?  Feeling a little down?

Petrie: [scared out of his wits] Ah, y-y-yes, n-no, yesó

Sharptooth: Elegant, as always.  Yet your actions spoke louder than your words.  Very foolish of you, attempting to rescue the swimmer back there.  Haven’t you learned that Littlefoot is the only one allowed to rescue his friends?  You wouldn’t want to damage his hero-complex.  Besides, your actions fared little better than the first time we met.  And speaking of first times, [turns to Spike] I’m intimately familiar with these two, but I’m afraid I’ve never met you face to face.  Were you there, at that lake, so long ago?  Ah yes, you were the one that helped Littlefoot push the boulder. Very noble of the two of you, sitting safely at the top of a large cliff while your smaller companions were forced to deal with me head on.  Shame on you.  I hear the young swimmer even adopted you when you had no family.  Is that how you repay her?  [Spike doesn’t answer, merely stares back at him]  Don’t feel like justifying your cowardice, eh?  As you wish, you don’t look intelligent enough to carry on a conversation anyway.  [turns to Ducky]  But I know you won’t give me the silent treatment, oh no, you were ever so loud during our first interaction, screaming for help, gasping for breath in the lake, calling your friends’ names as they watched you flounder in the stormy water, abandoning you as a necessary sacrifice to ensure my demise…

Petrie: That not true!  Littlefoot care for her life!  Me care!  Me try to save her!

Sharptooth: We’ve already discussed your brainless lack of respect for your own life.  And you shouldn’t put so much faith in Littlefoot.  Remember, even now he waits, leaving you in danger rather than risk his own life.  Remember also that he didn’t attempt to rescue dearest Ducky when she foolishly strayed from safety, jeopardizing all of your lives, and getting you, her, and her rock-headed brother captured!

[Ducky lets out a small peep.  Petrie comes to her defense.]

Petrie: You stop!  She no need to hear from you!  Shut up!

[Sharptooth freezes, then ominously turns to face Petrie, who quickly loses his courage.]

Sharptooth: Did you just tell me to shut up?  Do you think you have the power, or the character, to tell me what to do?  You are laboring under a serious misapprehension! [Advances closer]  A misapprehension that I can’t let go unpunished.  [Grabs the vines tying up Petrie, and harshly tightens them.  Petrie squawks] Do you feel brave now, flyboy?  You want to tell me to shut up again?  Do you suffer from the same delusions as your leader?  [Finishes tightening, and steps back]  You spineless fool.  I don’t know where you even found the courage to defy me once.  Except, [moment of realization] every act of heroism from you that I’ve ever seen has involved protecting your swimmer friend.  Could it be that you wish she were more than your friend?  [Petrie blanches.  Spike breaks his poker face for the first time.  Ducky looks confused]

Ducky: Petrie, what is he talking about?

Petrie: Nothing!  Ignore him!  He lying!

Sharptooth: Am I?  When I haven’t said anything yet?  Why, Petrie, what did you think I was about to say?  Was it anything, embarrassing?  Or secret?

Petrie: Stop!  No tell!  Me was going to tell on my time!  When me ready!

Sharptooth: Have your experiences taught you nothing?  You’re making the same mistakes as Littlefoot!  Stuck with your head in both the past and the future, dreaming of what could be, never acting on it!  You will never find the courage to tell her!

Ducky: Tell me what?  [She looks around, then at Spike, and realizes that even he knows what they’re talking about]  What is it everyone knows that I do not?

Sharptooth: My oh my, this is intriguing.  However, enjoyable as this is, I have a small matter to attend to, but never fear, I’ll be back soon, and we can continue this enlightening discussion!  [exits, and calls from offstage]  Enjoy your secret while you can, Petrie!

Petrie: Oh…

Ducky: Petrie, what was he talking about?  [Petrie can’t speak.  She turns to Spike] Spike?  [Spike turns away.  Ducky gets frustrated] Petrie, tell me!

Petrie: Well, eh, me, me no think me tell like this, but, me guess, me uh, you see…

Ducky: Petrie!  Tell me now!

Petrie: óMe love you!

[There is a long and awkward silence]

Ducky: You-you do?

Petrie: For very long time.

Ducky: And you would not tell me?

Petrie: Me afraid.  Me not very brave, you know…

Ducky: But Petrie, you are a flyer, and Ió

Petrie: That no matter!  We still friends!  Me know you better than any flyer, even me brothers and sisters!

Ducky: But, it isóthat is just not how it is done.

Petrie: It no matter!  It is not common to make friends with Sharptooth like Chomper!  It not common to have brother that is Spiketail!  Why this any different?

Ducky: I do not know.  I will think about it, I guess.  [still looking at Petrie very oddly, she turns and sits facing away from the others.  Spike turns to counsel Petrie.]

Petrie: Oh, Spike, that go horrible!  Me wasn’t planning to tell Ducky like this!  Why Sharptooth have to ruin everything?

Spike: (I don’t know)

Petrie: Now Ducky think me some kind of sicko.  She probably no even want me as friend!

Spike: (no, of course not!)

Petrie: No?

Spike: (no, just give it time)

Petrie: Just give it time, yes.  [sighs]  Though if Littlefoot no get here soon, me think we no have much time left.  [Blackout]

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LBT: The Musical
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Act 3, Scene 2

[The Mysterious Beyond.  Littlefoot and Cera are sitting, far away from each other.  Littlefoot is thinking, and Cera is trying got look nonchalant, occasionally glancing at Littlefoot.  Ali returns, from the direction of Sharptooth’s lair.]

Ali: Hey guys. [After each sentence, she pauses, hoping for a response]  Well, I’m back.  They don’t seem to be looking for us, I didn’t see any sharpteeth scouting around.  Actually, I didn’t see any sharpteeth at all.  That’s good right?  Right?  Littlefoot…

Littlefoot: Ali, shut up. I’m trying to come up with a way to rescue my friends.

Ali: [she sighs and walks over to Cera] He doesn’t forgive easily, does he?

Cera: Well he shouldn’t forgive you, you walked out on him.

Ali: Well I tried to apologize! [sits down next to Cera]  I regret it now.

Cera: [sees she’s upset] I’m sorry, I’m just not in a good mood right now.  It just doesn’t seem like there’s anything I can do to make Littlefoot like me again!

Ali: What did you do to get in the same situation as me?

Cera: I was going into the Mysterious Beyond alone, and wouldn’t tell him why or where.

Ali: Where were you going?

Cera: Some red tree star grove.  I was going to bring some back since my dad needed them.

Ali: Red tree stars?  But theyó

Cera: Yes, I know, mess with your mind. But dad needed them for something.

Ali: What did Sharptooth think?

Cera: He loved the idea of Daddy getting red tree stars.

Ali: Yeah, I bet. Hmmm…

Cera: What?

Ali: Well, if Sharptooth wants to give your father red tree stars, he’ll have to send some of his Fast Biters out to drop them off.

Cera: Not just his Fast Biters, he told Chomper that he was planning on going too.

Ali: Then that means…

Cera: That while he’s gone, we have a better chance of rescuing the others!

Ali: But not by much.  What do we have this time that we didn’t have last time?

Cera: You!

Ali: So?  I’m not as useful as having Petrie, Ducky, and Spike.

Cera: But you have something they don’t, you look almost exactly like Littlefoot!  We could use you as a decoy.

Ali: Yeah, I see what you’re saying!

Cera: We better go fast if we want to rescue them before Sharptooth returns!

[They run over to Littlefoot]

Both: Littlefoot, Littlefoot!

[He’s a bit startled by their enthusiasm]

Littlefoot: What?

Cera: We came up with a plan to rescue the others!

Littlefoot: Oh, what is it?

Ali: Well, we’ll use me as a distraction to draw the Fast Biters out, and then when they take the bait, you and Cera will jump them!

Littlefoot: But we don’t know how many there are.

Cera: I only saw five coming and going.

Ali: And there’s three of us!  Once we free the others, we’ll outnumber them!

Littlefoot: All right, whatever. Let’s go.  [trudges offstage]

[Ali and Cera exchange a glance, sigh, and follow him. Blackout.]


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LBT: The Musical
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Another well made chapter. It was very well written and enjoyable to read.

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LBT: The Musical
« Reply #18 on: October 25, 2016, 07:40:43 pm »
You certainly got me hooked on this story; each time you post a chapter, I read it once I get the chance.

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LBT: The Musical
« Reply #19 on: October 25, 2016, 08:20:40 pm »
Thanks guys! It's great getting positive feedback on my first LBT fanfiction. This next scene is pretty short so I threw the next one in as well ;D


Act 3, Scene 3

[In the Great Valley, Mr. Threehorn and Clubtail are standing at the spot where the caved-in wall was discovered.]

Clubtail: Have you seen Grandpa Longneck recently? He tries to hide it, but he looks terrible. I wonder what happened to him.

Threehorn: Who cares? It’s perfect!  Naturally, I’ve had to do everything he normally does.  Everybody’s listening to me and only me!

Clubtail: Well, not all of them.  Mr. Thicknose seems to be trying to get his old job back by stirring unrest, and Ducky’s mother keeps asking “What would Grandpa Longneck do?”

Threehorn: Well, as soon as Cera gets back with those red tree stars, we won’t have to worry about them or anyone else.

Clubtail: …If we can get everyone to eat them.  What if some of the smarter ones, or those who have traveled around, already know about the tree star’s special qualities?  Mr. Thicknose is supposed to know that sort of thing.

Threehorn: That old fool?  He didn’t even know what frozen sky water was!  He’s not as smart as he claims to be.  Besides, he’s he got no self-esteem, if everyone else is doing it, he’ll fall in line.  Just as soon as those red tree stars show up.  Is that all?  How are we doing on finding food for the two of us?

Clubtail: That just got solved.  The young guard watching this hole in the Great Wall, name was Hyp, he found a small unharmed grove of trees that we’d missed on our first search. It’s just over that way, through a small cave and in a hidden canyon.  I managed to convince him that there was enough food without it, and he went back to guarding.  The grove should have enough food for us until the rest of the valley starts growing back…

Threehorn: And by then we’ll have complete control, and not need the red tree stars anymore!  Excellent work.  Everything’s falling into place, except Cera…

Clubtail: [looks offstage] Look!

Threehorn: She did it! [Both run offstage, and return with armfuls of red tree stars] I knew I could count on her!

Clubtail: Where is Cera anyway?

Threehorn: Maybe she went back for more.

Clubtail: I guess…

Threehorn: Mr. Clubtail, quickly, order a general meeting.  Make sure Mr. Thicknose and Ducky’s mother attend. We’ll be having a celebration to celebrate our progress, with red tree stars for everyone!  [They exit. Blackout.]

Act 3, Scene 4

[The Great Valley.  It’s later than before, almost afternoon.  Grandpa is lying weakly on the floor, he can’t even get up.  Grandpa is sitting next to him. Grandpa tries to sit up, groaning. Grandma gently forces him to sit back down.]

Grandma: Now now, dear.  Don’t strain yourself.  [to herself]  I hope Ali arrives with those Night Flowers soon.

[Ducky’s mom enters, loopy and definitely not herself. She’s carrying a red tree star in each hand.]

Ducky's mom: Hiya, Granny, want some?

Grandma: Goodness, whatever happened to you?

Ducky's mom: You know what’s happened to me?  Change.  Change has happened to me. I tell ya, now that Mr. Threehorn is in charge, change is so much better. It’s not the same. You could almost say that change…changed!

[During this scene, and all upcoming scenes, Ducky’s mom and anyone else tripped out on red tree stars sways slowly from side to side while standing still]

Grandma: Did you hit your head?

Ducky's mom: Yes, gladly I did.

Grandma: Oh dear.  On what?

Ducky's mom: On the sweet bubble tree of success and prosperity!

Grandma: You must have hit it rather hard.

Ducky's mom: It was a figure of speech! But, I did enjoy sweet bubbles, courtesy of Mr. Threehorn.  We all did. It was a feast.

Grandma: Is that where everyone’s been all day?  I was getting curious.

Ducky's mom: A feast of sweet bubbles!  O heavenly sweet bubbles!

Grandma: I do hope you didn’t eat too many, they make you hungry, and food supply is scarce.

Ducky's mom: Our hunger was quenched by these!  [Holds up red tree stars] A symbol of a new era of happiness and prosperity, and Mr. Threehorn will lead us into it!

Grandma: I’d be careful if I were you.  It’s unwise to put so much faith in a single individual.

Ducky's mom: Well, I’m sorry I put so much in your husband then.  [to Grandpa]  Aw… are we feeling a little down?  Here, this will cheer you up.

[She drops red tree star in front of his nose. He sniffs it, and is startled. He suddenly tries to get up, but fails.]

Grandpa: [very weakly] Grandma?

Grandma: Dear?

Grandpa: Where did you get this?

Grandma: Mr. Threehorn is passing them out. They’re a symbol of the new hope and prosperity that he’s apparently creating.

Grandpa: Well, whatever you do, don’t eat it!  Do you hear me! Don’tó

Threehorn: [enters] What’s going on over here?  Grandpa, you aren’t looking well, can I get you something?

Grandpa: Mr. Threehorn, you must stop passing out red tree stars! Theyó

Threehorn: [quickly cuts him off] Oh, don’t worry, red tree stars are fine!  Nothing’s wrong with them!

Grandpa: You don’t understand, they cause the one who eats them to becomeó

Threehorn: Grandpa, you’re tired.  You need some rest. Go back to sleep.

Grandpa: No, you must hear me, the tree starsó

Threehorn: Good night now!  [to Ducky’s mom]  Come with me, I have a job for you.

Grandpa: If you feed everyone red tree stars, everything will fall apart! You can’t do this!

Threehorn: What’re you talking about, everything is running fine!  [to Ducky’s mom]  Right?

Ducky's mom: Right!

Threehorn: [calls offstage] Ain’t that right, Mr. Thicknose?

Thicknose: [offstage] Right!

Threehorn: So you see?  Everyone agrees. Nothing to worry about.

Grandpa: The tree stars are going toóó

Threehorn: Good-bye!  [Pulls Ducky’s mom offstage with him. Grandpa tries to get to his feet again, but doesn’t succeed.  Grandma attempts to push him back down]

Grandma: Don’t strain yourself.

Grandpa: Those tree stars, they’re going…going…to…ohhhh……[he loses what strength he had left and collapses]

Grandma: Shhh… calm down, get some sleep, you need your rest. [Blackout]