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Human OC's meet the LBT updated
« on: November 13, 2016, 02:05:55 PM »
This is a updated version of a unfinished fan fic I made were some human OCs of mine crossover with the LBT gang.

A friend on Deviant art convinced me to continue it , and I thought it best I start again from scratch.

 Here's some info..
My OC's are Josh (who I named after me) and Tom two 8 year old twin boys (don't worry their not super annoying twins like Dina and bloody Dinah from LBT 6) who like me are real dino nuts, also I'll point out Josh has black hair and wears green, and Tom is blonde and wears black and white.
Meg (who I named after one of my sisters) is Josh and Tom's baby sister.
And Olivia (who I name after a old school friend) is Josh and Tom's close friend.
Also their British like me and from the 23rd century.

I should also point out this crossover is only in cannon with the first 4 LBT movies, one reason is cause it was after the 4th movie the franchise went down hill for me personally.
Also a sort of alternative version of LBT 5 happened between this and the events of LBT  4, Chomper has retuned and the gang's parents have found out about how they hatched him, and the great valley residents have allowed Chomper to stay in the Great Valley for the time being.

I also in this cannon I omitted some of the silly simplified phrases the LBT sequels have for certain things. Like sniffer ( noise) sleep stories ( dreams) water path (river) Sleep Terror (nightmare) and some others I can't remember right now.

Also I want to point out. I know some of you are thinking the gang should be bigger then this. Well the thing is I want them to be small enough so my OC's can pick them up and cuddle them and gives it a better cute factor. In fact even as a little kid I drew the gang that size with humans. So please don't go crazy at me for making them that size. Nitpicking REALLY whine's me up. Also in the photo of the gang with Don Bluth (one of the very few official pics of the gang with a human) they are about the same size as they are here compared with a human.

Plus it's not like LBT is that scientifically accurate anyway.  


Also each one of my OC's be-friend certain members of the gang.

Josh be-friends Cera and also develops her character too.
Tom be-friends Chomper and Petrie and attempts to teach Petrie to speak properly.
Olivia and Littlefoot make good friend's pretty much straight away.
And Meg becomes very found of Ducky and Spike.

Anyway I'll start off with Chapter 1

Josh, his Twin brother Tom, their baby sister Meg and their friend Olivia were playing in a field not too far from their home,  when they suddenly heard a strange noise not too far away.

Josh: What's that noise? Can you hear a noise?

Tom and Olivia stopped what they were doing a listened too.

Tom: Yeah I hear it too.

Olivia: Me 3. I wonder what it is?

Josh: Well lets go take a look, it sounds like it's coming from just over that hill.

So Tom picked up baby Meg and the 3 kids set off to investigate the strange noise.

They arrived at the place were the sound was coming from, and saw something like they'd never seen before.
It was a huge glowing hole with lighting bolts coming out from the edges.

Tom put Meg down on the grass.
Tom: Be a good girl and stay here Meg.

As he, Josh and Olivia slowly walked up to the strange hole to take a closer look.

Olivia: Josh, what is this thing?

Josh: I don't know...

Tom: Looks like something out of a SCI FI movie....

Josh: Yes it dose, but we probably shouldn't go near it. We don't know what it could be, and it might be dangerous.

Olivia: Your right Josh.

Tom: I agree. We don't know what it will do, so-

Tom was interrupted in mid-sentence when he saw  Meg crawling towards the hole.

Tom: Meg, come back!

Josh and Olivia saw this too.

Josh: No Meg!

Olivia: Oh Gosh!

Meg Too curious about the time hole to pay attention to them, she continued crawling towards the hole.

Tom: Meg, stop!

Tom managed to scoop up Meg in his arms, but Josh and Olivia had also been coming after Meg, so they ran into him and push each other into the glowing hole by accident.

All 3 kids in unison: Whaooooooo!

They all closed their eyes as they fell through. Then felt themselves land on solid ground on their hands and knees. They slowly opened their eyes, and saw they were in a different place from before. It was big thick forest.

The 3 kids get up on their feet while Tom held Meg in his arms.

Olivia: Where.. Where are we?

Josh: I don't know, looks like that hole has... Teleported us to another place maybe?

Tom: Yeah well I think we best go back though the hole. Hopefully it will take us back home.

Josh: Yeah your right...

Suddenly Josh heard voices near by.

Josh: Hey wait a minute.. Can you hear voices?

Olivia and Tom listened out too for the voices.
And indeed they did hear a voice, a little boy's voice who appeared to have a American accent.

Boy: That sounds getting louder guys, we must nearly their.

Then they heard a girls voice who also sounded American and rather touchy.

Girl: This better be worth coming all this way for, just a dumb noise.  I hate being disappointed.  You know it could just be a big buzzers nest.

Then another younger little boy's voice said...

Younger boy: I won't mind if it's a buzzers nest. Mmmmm.

Then another girls voice with no contractions in her words said.

Girl 2: Oh I am sure it will be something very exciting, it will it will.

Then a rather silly voice with bad grammar said..

Silly kid: Oh.. Me just hope it not nothing scary..

Josh, Tom and Olivia finished listening.

Tom: Yeah we hear them alright, and their coming this way, maybe this weird hole tuck us to somewhere in America? Seeing as those kids have American accents.

Olivia: Well who ever they are , they seem to be attracted here by the sound that hole is making too.

Josh: Yeah lets wait for them to show up and find out just where we are, and warn them not to go through the hole.

They heard footsteps as the voices got close but they couldn't see anyone.

Olivia: Funny I hear them but can't se anyone..

Josh: Well sounds like their voices are coming from behind that long patch of grass over there.

Josh pointed to the said long grassy patch near by. The kids voices seemed to be coming from behind it.

Tom: Well lets got take a look behind the grass.

So the 3 kids and baby Meg still in Tom's arms went over to the long grass and looked over the top of it .
And what they say was not human children like themselves but.... 6 small kid dinosaurs!
A Apatosaurus, a triceratops, a stegosaurus , a Saurolophus, a Pteranodon and even a T-Rex.

All 3 kids gasped which got the dinosaurs attention.
The little Saurolophus who was riding on the Stegosaurs back pointed at them.

Saurolophus: *Gasp* Look!

And all 6 of them looked straight at Josh, Tom, Olivia and Meg.

For a split second they did or said nothing. Then they all yelled and screamed and ran off in the opposite directions.
Josh and co hid behind a big rock while the dinosaurs hid behind another patch on long grass.

Josh, Tom and Olivia panted trying to get over the shock of seeing living and talking baby dinosaurs, while Meg just cooed happily.

Josh: Tom... Olivia... You did se what I saw right?

Olivia: Yes..... 6 little living breathing, TALKING dinosaurs!

Tom: Well one was actually pterosaur.

Josh: Never mind the dino nut talk Tom!

Tom: Sorry , but yes they were real enough all right.

Josh: This means we've travelled back in time to the prehistoric times. That hole must have been some sort of time hole or a anomaly like in that TV show.

 Meanwhile one of the little dinosaurs whose name was Littlefoot. Was look up through the long grass to see if 4 big 2 legged creators were still about.

The Triceratops who was named Cera asked Littlefoot.

Cera: Are they still there Littlefoot.

Littlefoot: I'm not sure they ran off behind that big rock.

The Ducky the little Saurolophus came up and said..
Ducky: What were those 4 big things? I have never seen anything like them before, no no no.

The Stegosaurus whose name was Spike shuck his head not knowing.

Petrie the little Pteranodon flew down to were Ducky was standing.

Petrie: Me no know, me just hope they not like sharpteeth and wanna eat us!

Cera: For all we know they could be dangerous, you saw how big they were.

Littlefoot: I don't know Cera.. They seemed just as scared as we were. And their just kids like ourselves , one was even just a baby.

Cera: Well they might be faking it to trick us so they can eat us.

The little T-rex "Chomper" come over.

Chomper: Well if they do try and get us, they'll get a nasty bite off of me.

Littlefoot: Alright Cera , Chomper lets not jump to conclusions or be harsh now. Hey one of them is coming out from behind the rock. It's the green one with the black stuff on top of his head. He doesn't LOOK dangerous. He kinda looks...scared.

Josh was peering around the side of the rock. He saw Littlefoot's head poking up from the grass.

Josh:  Hey Olivia, Tom. One of them is looking at us. It's the little Apatosaurus.  

Olivia looked too.

Olivia: Aw yes he is.

Josh: Maybe I should go out and talk to them. Tell them we mean no harm.

Tom: You sure that's wise Josh?

Josh: Well I'll risk it. Plus come one Tom. This is a dream come true! We've loved dinosaurs all our lives and now we get to  meet real dinosaurs and they can speak!

Tom: Yeah guess your right. Plus 2 of them  are our personally favourites. A T-rex and a Triceratops. Olivia: And I wonder why they talk with American accents?

Josh: Well.. Those types of dinosaurs were discovered  in America.

Tom: Yeah and there for lived in well what would be , or will be America as were in the prehistoric times were the continents are different. Sorry for the dino geek talk again..

Olivia: *laughs through her nose* It's ok .

Tom: Ah good also I  wonder why a T-rex is hanging out with a bunch of planet eaters?

Josh: Well  I think were about to find out. The Apatosaurus is coming out. I'll go talk to him.

Olivia: Be careful Josh.

Josh: No need to worry Olivia. Apatosaurus are  one of placid and gentle kind dinosaurs.

Meanwhile back at the long grass Littlefoot made his way out into the open.

Littlefoot: I'm going out to go talk to them. Tell them we won't harm them.

Cera: Littlefoot what if their tricking you and get you and eat you!?

Littlefoot: I'll take that chance..

Cera: Ok but don't come crying to me if he tries to eat you.

Cera and the others watched Littlefoot walk slowly towards Josh and he came out from behind the rock and made his way slowly up to Littlefoot.

The 2 walked closer and closer up to each other until they stopped.

Littlefoot spoke first.

Littlefoot: H... Hello... I'm Littlefoot...

Josh smiled.

Josh: Well Hello there Littlefoot. My name's Josh.
 Look I'm sorry for our over reaction there. It's just where we've from, dinosaurs are very rarely seen. So it was a bit shocking for us.

Littlefoot: That's understandable. So your not dinosaurs? So what are you then? We've never seen anything like you before?

Josh: Yes we're not dinosaurs. We're humans. We come from a very far away place were there are no dinosaurs.

 Josh came up with a little white lie that he and the others were from a far off place where dinosaurs are VERY hard to come by. He knew a dinosaur wouldn't understand the concept of time travel , and would freak out if he told him  he was from a time were dinosaurs are extinct.

Littlefoot: Humans... So how did you get here?

Josh: We fell though that glowing hole over there.

He pointed to the time hole.

Littlefoot looked at it.

Littlefoot: Ah so that's where that weird noise was coming from. Well me and my friends don't mean you any harm, I guess that's the same with your friends?

Josh: Yes that's right.

Back at the grass patch Cera and the others watched Littlefoot talking with Josh.

Ducky: What is happening Cera?

Cera: Well Littlefoot's still talking with the green one with the black head... They seem to be getting on ok, it could still be a trick though....

On the other side, Tom, Olivia and baby Meg watched Josh talk with Littlefoot.

Olivia: Well Josh seems to have gotten friendly with the Apatosaurus.

Tom: Yeah I can see the other dinosaurs peeping out from the grass too. I'm really interested now to know what a T-rex is doing hanging out with a bunch of plant eaters...

Littlefoot then asked.

Littlefoot: Well would you like to meet my friends?

Josh: Sure, I'll call mine out too tell them things are ok.

Josh turned and called.

Josh: Ok you 3, you can come out now.

Littlefoot also turn his long neck around and called out to his friends.

Littlefoot: It's alright guys it's safe to come out.

Slowly the rest of each gang slowly came out to where Littlefoot and Josh were standing.


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Human OC's meet the LBT updated
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2016, 04:18:47 PM »
It's awesome so far looking forward to the next chapter


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Human OC's meet the LBT updated
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2016, 04:28:08 PM »
Quote from: ADFan185,Nov 13 2016 on  09:18 PM
It's awesome so far looking forward to the next chapter
Ah great thanks. :)


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Human OC's meet the LBT updated
« Reply #3 on: November 13, 2016, 05:26:57 PM »
You're welcome anytime


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Human OC's meet the LBT updated
« Reply #4 on: November 14, 2016, 07:32:10 AM »
Here are some illustrations based off this chapter.
Sorry if these are a bit crude, I drew these over 2 years ago and I wasn't as good at drawing Littlefoot and co back then.


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Human OC's meet the LBT updated
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Human OC's meet the LBT updated
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Human OC's meet the LBT updated
« Reply #7 on: November 17, 2016, 08:12:23 AM »
Now knowing that Littlefoot and co were harmless and were just as scared as they were. Josh, Tom, Olivia and Meg started to adore the gang.

Tom: Well I don't know why we made such a fuss, their not scary at all.

Olivia: Aww, and their soo cute!

Ducky: *giggles* Did you hear that she thinks we are cute. She dose she dose.

Olivia: Yes well, I'm Olivia.

Tom: And I'm Tom, as you can probably tell I'm Josh's twin brother. And this is our baby sister Meg.

*Meg coos happily*

Tom: She can't talk or walk yet.

Littlefoot: Well nice to meet you, I'm Littlefoot.

Olivia: Littlefoot, what a cute name.

Cera : I'm Cera.

Cera said in a unsure tone as she still wasn't sure if she trusted them yet.

Petrie: Me Petrie, it nice to meet you.

Chomper: My names Chomper.

Ducky: My names Ducky, and this is my brother Spike.

Spike: *Friendly grunt*

Ducky: He can not talk either but he is very friendly he is he is.

Josh: He's your brother???

Ducky: Oh well I found him alone in a nest, and my mommy adopted-ed him into my family. She did  she did.

Josh: Oh I see, he's your foster brother then.

Cera: So what kind of dinosaur are you anyway.

Littlefoot: Oh their not dinosaurs Cera, their humans.

Cera: Hu- humans?

Josh: Seems the Triceratops still isn't soo sure about us.

Olivia: But Littlefoot seems to be a very friendly Apatosarus.

Cera: Tri what? I'm a three horn Josh not a.. Tri_cera_tops...

Littlefoot: And you must have me mistaken. I'm a long neck, not a Apato_saw, what ever it was you said.

Josh: Ah well you see Littlefoot, Cera. Humans have different names for dinosaurs you see. We call ERM.. Three horns Triceratops, and long necks Apatosaurus.

Ducky: Oh.. So what do you call swimmers like me and spike tails like Spike?

Josh: Your what we humans call a saurolophus Ducky, and we call spike tails stegosaurus.

Petrie: And what human word for flyer?

Chomper: Yeah and what's human for Sharptooth?

Tom: We call your kind Pteranodons Petrie. And as for you Chomper, your what we call a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Or T-rex for short.

Chomper: Tee hee. I like that.

Tom: Yeah I prefure the short version myself.

Then Meg became very interested in Ducky and Spike and starts wriggling around in Tom's arms retching for the 2 dinos, and cooed happily.

Tom: It looks like Meg really likes you two.

Ducky: I like Meg too. She is very cute. She is she is.

*Spike grunts and nods in agreement*

Tom: Well here I'll let you and her get to know each other better. Just be very carful and gentle with her as she's only a baby.

Ducky: We will be carful with her yep yep yep.

So Tom put Meg down gently in front of Ducky and Spike.
And Meg began cuddling Spike which Spike excepted and chuckled.

Tom meanwhile went up to Chomper. He was very keen to get to know him as he was a T-rex his favourite meat eating dinosaur.

Tom: So Chomper tell me, how did you make friends with planet eaters?

Chomper: Oh it's a long story, but Littlefoot and the other hatched me, and tired to teach me to be a good Sharptooth or... What was it humans call me again?

Tom: A T-rex. You know Chomper, your actually my favourite meat eating dinosaur. And I never thought they'd be soo cute as youngsters.

Chomper blushed at the complement as Tom then picked him up

Chomper: And I'm starting to like you Tom, you certainly smell friendly.

Just then Petrie flew over and landed on top of Tom's blonde haired head.

Tom: hey carful up there Petrie *laughs*

Petrie felt Tom's blonde hair.

Petrie: Hmm. You humans got nice soft heads Tom. What is this fuzzy soft stuff on your head?

Tom: It's called hair Petrie, it grows on our heads to keep them warm.

Petrie: Oh.. Hair.

Tom: I don't mind you riding on my head Petrie, but just don't pull my hair too hard, it hurts if you do that.

Petrie: Ok me try not to pull too hard.

While this was happing Olivia went up to Littlefoot.

Olivia: So Littlefoot. I take it your the leader of this little gang of dinosaurs?

Littlefoot: Yeah pretty much. And I guess Josh is the leader of your gang?

Olivia: Well I suppose he is and Tom too as he's his twin brother and their the oldest. And they bot really love dinosaurs and have wanted to meet real ones, so there's your perfectly safe around them.

Olivia then looked at Littlefoot and couldn't help adoring the little sauropodlet, and she held out her arms and picked Littlefoot up and cuddled him as if he were a kitten.

Littlefoot as a little surprised at first but knew Olivia was just being affectionate.

Olivia: I hope you don't mind..

She said still holding Littlefoot.

Olivia: Olivia: I hope you don't mind. It's just your soo cute, and when I see something cute I can't help but cuddle them.

Littlefoot blushed and smiled.

Littlefoot: Oh erm.. Not at all.

Littlefoot was very welcome to the affection complements as he hadn't received ones like that in a long time.

Josh was admiring Olivia befriending Littlefoot when he then noticed Cera was keeping her distance.
He walked up to her but she backed away, with a unhappy expression on her face. she was still not internally trustworthy of the 4 humans.

 Josh: Hey Cera. Still don't trust us? There's really nothing to be afraid of about us.
I love Triceratops, their my favourite dinosaur.

Cera: Yeah to eat I bet. And it's three horn!

Josh: Oh no! I'd never want to eat one!  But I would like to hug and pet one.

Then before she could say anything else Josh then picked up Cera and lifted her off the ground.  

Cera: What?.. Hey! Put me down!

She struggled and squirmed around as Josh held her up in the air with his arms starched out. Cera gave up wriggling around and glared at Josh who was smiling at her.

Josh: Ha ha! Your a feisty little Triceratops aren't you. Come on cheer up!

Cera: Stop calling me that! I'm a three horn! Not a Tri-cera what ever it is!

Josh then got an idea.

Josh: Right then. If your not gonna cheer up. I'm gonna have to help you!

He then cradled Cera like a baby in one arm..

Cera: Hey what you doing now!?

Then began tickling Cera on the belly with his other hand, and Cera burst out laughing.

Near by Ducky and Spike who was now letting Meg ride on his back. Heard Cera's laughing.

Ducky: Ooh. Josh and Cera seem to be getting along. They do they do.

Meg and Spike grunted and cooed in agreement.

Meanwhile back with Josh and Cera, she gave into his tickle treatment.

Cera: OK! OK! I'll cheer up! I'll cheer up! Just stop tickling me!

She said between her giggles.

Josh obliged and stopped tickling Cera and let her get her breath back. Josh looked at Cera now smiling as she panted in his arms.

Josh: You know Cera, your a lot cuter when your happy.

Cera was surprised by this at first.

Cera: You.. You think I'm cute?

But then instead of getting mad about it. She smiled again and even blushed. No one had ever told her before to her face that she was cute.

Cera: Gee.. No ones ever told me that before.

Josh: Well.. Someone has now.

Josh chuckled

Cera: Hee!

Which is what Cera often said when she was happy.

Josh then held Cera in a different position, wrapping one arm around her back and supported her back legs with his another arm and asked her.

Josh: Seriously no one's told that to you ever? Not even your mum and dad? My mum's always telling me and Tom we've cute. It can a bit embarrassing sometimes. But it shows how much she loves us.

Josh then saw Cera was looking rather sad.

Cera: Well.... My mom's not around anymore. She moved away with my 3 sisters after she fell out with my dad. She'd had enough of how he thinking three-horns are the best at everything, and his disrespect to other dinosaurs.

Josh: Oh. So why did you stay with him?

Cera: Well I've always been more close to my dad even if he is very grumpy at times, and I didn't want to leave Littlefoot and the others either.

Josh: Right. Well I can relate to that. My dad is very miserable and bad tempered too. And he hardly ever spends time with me, Tom or Meg. I don't know how my mum put's up with him.
You know it sounds to me like your dad's been putting a lot of bad examples in your head. And given you what we humans call tough love.

Cera: Yeah.. Know I think about it, I guess he has..

Josh: You know I think what you need is some proper love and affection, and a better male role model in your life. And I think I might be the best person to give it to you.

Cera looks at Josh and smiles again.

Cera: Yeah I think I'd like that.

Josh: Good. I meant what I said when I said your cute. In a tomboyish way.

Cera was puzzled by what Josh meant.

Cera: Tomboy? But I'm a girl, and what's Tom got to do with it?

Josh: Oh no you misunderstood me. It's what we humans call tough girls like yourself.

Cera: Oooh, you think I'm tough too?

Josh: Sure do, cute tomboy.

Cera: Hee!

Then Cera began rubbing the side of her head against Josh's chest and Josh in return hugged and petted her.

Littlefoot caught sight of this while he was still being held by Olivia.

Littlefoot looked in astonishment and asks.

Littlefoot : Hey Olivia is. Is Cera... Hugging Josh!?

Olivia: Why yes, I believe she is.

Littlefoot: Well Josh must have said something real nice to her. She rarely if ever hugs or nuzzles anyone. You may have noticed she can be rather... Touchy.

Olivia: Yes I did. But I think Josh is getting through to her.

Back over where Josh and Cera where, Cera really liked the feel of Josh's cotton T-shirt as she nuzzled his chest.

Cera: Hmmmm. Your skins really soft Josh.

Josh: Oh that's not my skin, it's my T-shirt.

Cera: T-shirt?

Josh:  Yes and these things on my legs are called shorts. There a type of something humans call clothes. We humans wear them over their body's to keep warm, and we also consider it very rude not to wear them.

Cera: Oh.. Well it feels really nice.

Just then Olivia still holding Littlefoot came along.

Olivia: I say Josh you and Cera seem to be getting along well.

Josh: And you seem to have made good friends with Littlefoot. Say Olivia you think Cera's cute don't you?

Olivia: Oh yes especially while your holding her.

Josh: See Cera, I'm not the only one who thinks your cute.  

Cera smiled more as Tom came over with Petrie still on his head and Chomper riding his right shoulder.

Olivia: And Tom seems to have got friendly with Petrie and Chomper.

Tom: Well Petrie likes the feel of my hair. But yes I've grown to really like those 2.

Chomper: We like you too Tom. You certainly smell friendly.

Then Ducky and Spike came along with Meg still riding on Spike's back.

Ducky: And Meg really likes us. Yep yep yep!

Meg cooed happily.

Then Josh asked nodding his head at Chomper.

Josh: I've been meaning to ask. How did you make friends with a T-rex?

Littlefoot: Well it's quite a long story. But we found him as an egg and hatched him and taught him to be a nice Sharptooth. Until his parents came looking for him.

Chomper: But I really missed Littlefoot and the others so I then came back to stay for a while.

Littlefoot: It was really hard to get everyone in the great valley to let him stay and convince them he was a friendly Sharptooth.

Cera: Yeah especially my dad. He made a huge fuss over it.

Littlefoot: Yeah he was. It tuck a lot of persuading. But in the end they let him stay.

Chomper: Yeah I stay in a cave near the edge of the great valley. And I only eat creepy crawlers and small furry things.

Josh: Great valley? So that's what this place is called?

Littlefoot: Yes it's were all leaf eaters live and are safe from grown up Sharpteeth.

Olivia: Well It's very beautiful here, I certainly feel safe here now I know Chomper is the only meat eater here.

Littlefoot then looked up at Olivia and asked.

Littlefoot: Well now we all know each other, do you want to play with us?

Josh: Oh yeah sure!

Olivia: Oh yes that would be a lot of fun.

Tom: But Josh what about that time hole we went through, we don't know how long it will stay open for.

Josh: I know about that, but this is a ones in a life time chance to have fun with dinosaurs Tom. Our most favourite things.

Tom: Yeah your right, I guess we could stay a little while.

And so Josh, Tom, Olivia and Meg went off to play with their new prehistoric friends.