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Star Fox Vacation
« on: November 30, 2016, 01:16:16 PM »
The Great fox sped through space, headed towards the snowy planet of Fichina. After dealing with trouble in section 12 courtesy of Star wolf, Fox figured it was time for a much needed vacation. His team was much larger now, a result of accepting memberships application from Katt, Fara and a young dog soldier named Rufus, as well as reactivating former members like Miyu and Fay, who were quick to make themselves comfortable onboard the Great Fox, which had undergone renovations to allow for more members. it also had a cafeteria now, and much improved food- Slippy might be a good mechanic, Fox thought, but his cooking left a lot to be desired.

_ Katt entered the main control room, dressed in her pink uniform. " Thanks for getting me a uniform to match my color Fox" the pink cat grinned as she approached Fox."I also have a ski board, so i can shred some some snow mounds in the Western Plateau. what will you be doing Fox?'" "Sending invoices to General Pepper and the governments in Sector 12 for  reimbursement. There's also the matter of cleaning up that race you entered above Solar which ended up in a dogfight' " Hey don't blame me for that, the other racers played dirty!" Katt said.' "besides I won both the fight and the race.' i already have one hot head on my team Katt. i don;t need another." " Krystal and I talked it out' Katt assured him "Good, just make sure something like that doesn't become a regular occurrence. We're pros here Katt, always remember that. a team member does something to make the team look bad, it makes me look bad by extension. I put Krystal in charge because shes got a good head on her shoulders, and she gets along well with others. " Fox said.

"The fact that shes my roommate doesn't hurt either" Katt smiled " What you two do at home and off the clock is your own affair, I don't care if you girls go on shopping sprees or go to dance halls or parties. What I do care about is your conduct while in the Arwing.' Fox said ' "Maybe some skiing and sledding will burn off some of the energy and vigor of yours.?" " Always the leader and pro, eh Fox?" Katt said with a smile' "That's what so endearing about you, that alpha male stuff. Me, well I'm more a loner than anything, but you guys have got such a reputation for being heroes that I couldn't pass up an opportunity to  be a part of it."
"More teammates does mean more jobs, and more coin. It also means, however, more expenses if we have team members go off script." Fox held up a device , similar to the one he wore '"Slippy invented these so that we can keep track of who is trying to contact us,  each teammate corresponds with the first letter of their name and their color.  Yours is a pink K - naturally, Falcos is a blue F, Slippy a green S, Me a red F, Krystal a blue K, Fara a brown F, Miyu  a orange M and Fay a white F" Fox said and he handed the device to Katt .
 Fara stuck her head in  from the door opening" "Katt! Girl Team meeting in Hanger 4. Krystal, Miyu and Fay are already there, they sent me to fetch you. Unless I'm interrupting a dressing down for that Solor race, In which case, Just send her to hangar 4 Fox when you are done skewering her."
 "No Fara, no dressing down, this time. We're on vacation now, and I'm willing to let more slide" Fox replied" Coming! Coming! Katt said, hooking up her device and headed for the door. Fara was the second in command of the girls group, and wasn't afraid to pull rank if needed.
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