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The Boss Baby: Back In Business
« on: April 15, 2018, 11:30:45 AM »
This rp starts up after the episode Six Well Placed Kittens. Following the Defeat of Bootsy Calico and the firing of Mega Fat CEO Baby, Boss Baby is now both the CEO of BABYCORP and the field team leader, while continuing to be a part of the Templeton family with his brother Tim.

However BABYCORP now faces new competition as Mega Fat CEO has returned, launching INFANTCORP, with the intention of driving BABYCORP out of buisness. In addition, a tragedy befalls the Templeton brothers that will test the strength of Brotherhood.


1. This is a Boss Baby Back In Business rp, so we're going by the continuity of the show.

2. If you play a BABYCORP baby, please no romance, they're babies.

3. I'm counting the triplets as one character Claim.

4. this is a boss baby rp, nothing overly violent or dark.

5. No swearing

6. Have fun

7. Please try to be active.

8. I reserve the right to add, edit and expand upon rules at any time.

Character Creation

Age: if a BABYCORP or INFANTCORP employee, they have to be babies.
Gender: Boy or Girl
Affiliation: you can't work for both BABYCORP and INFANTCORP unless your a corporate saboteur or spy.
Skills: even though they're babies, they are not helpless.

Character Claim

Boss Baby: me
Tim Templton: me
The Triplets:

More will be added.