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Our Past and Our Future
« on: June 25, 2018, 09:21:25 pm »
Hello! It's been almost a year since I posted my contribution to the  Fanfiction Prompt Challenge and decided to begin a series based off of my oneshot. I know some of you were looking forward to reading what I had planned and I apologise for the long wait. I was trying to make it as much like an episode as possible and trying to redeem myself from not doing what I did in "Past and Future" (writing style, length, etc).

Anyway, so this is the first in a series of oneshots and short stories featuring the gang of seven and my OC. The series will span from when Chomper and Arya meet to sometime after the events of Past and Future which will also be rewritten and posted here.

I will also edit this post to add new chapter links for gangoffive as well as if you prefer that format.

Past and Future (The Challenge entry version)

Without further ado,
Welcome to Our Past and Our Future.

Our Past and Our Future
1. An Encounter in The Canyon- Gang of Five
1.5. Past: Lessons- Gang of Five
2. Smells Like Friendship - Gang of Five
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Re: Our Past and Our Future
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2018, 10:21:14 pm »
Here is the first chapter of the series! Hope you all enjoy.

An Encounter in The Canyon
Summary: While exploring the Secret Caverns, the gang find themselves trapped in a canyon. Chomper makes a new friend in a young Sharptooth who shows them the way out.

The heat of the Bright Circle burned high in the sky.  It was the middle of the Warm Time which meant that it could get awfully hot during the day. Many creatures both big and small searched for ways to combat the heat, whether that be finding shade or go for a refreshing swim.

In the Mysterious Beyond, a group of seven young dinosaurs emerged from a cave, blinking as their eyes adjusted to the sun. The group was consisted of seven different kinds: a Longneck, a Threehorn, a Spiketail, a Swimmer, a Flier, and a Fast Runner and, surprisingly enough, a Sharptooth. They had all entered the Time of Great Growing some time ago and were now in their early to mid-teens. The group looked around at the small canyon they had entered with interest. They had planned on exploring the unknown parts of the Secret Caverns that day and unfortunately a cave-in cut them off from the way back to the Great Valley. So they had to go deeper into the tunnels to look for a way back. This was a new place that none of them recognized so they were eager to explore it. The canyon itself was a large channel with a little stream running through it and random bushes dotted the ground.
Cera, the Threehorn, was the first to speak. “Great.” She groaned. “Where are we now?”
“Maybe we came out somewhere else in the Valley.” The Longneck who was named Littlefoot thoughtfully spoke up, walking further into the chasm with his friends trailing behind him.
“Doesn’t look like any part of the Valley I’ve seen.” Cera grumbled.
“Where do we go now? Now where do we go?” The Fast Runner named Ruby asked, bring up the rear of the group with Chomper, the young Sharptooth.
“Hmm. . .” Littlefoot paused in thought to consider her words before replying. “Maybe if we follow this canyon we can see where we are?”
“That is a good idea, Littlefoot! Yep! Yep! Yep!” The Swimmer named Ducky, who was walking by Spike the Spiketail’s side, cried. Spike grunted in approval.
The rest agreed and with that they began to walk farther into the canyon. An hour or so later, they came to an intersection in the gorge that split off in three different directions. Here, the stream emptied into a small bay before it turned into rapids down the farthest right passageway. More bushes dotted the landscape, though larger than the ones that they had been seeing. It was a good place to take a break to eat and get a drink before they resumed their journey.
They separated and went to go eat their fill.  Some of the Leaf Eaters moved to the bushes to eat while the rest went to the water to quench their thirst. Chomper waded into the moving water to try his luck at catching fish. Ruby had been teaching him how to fish when bugs didn’t seem to be filling him up as much anymore. He was a fast learner and caught on quickly. He was nearly waist deep when he suddenly froze and began sniffing, his eyes darting around nervously.
Littlefoot noticed this and approached his friend with a look of concern. “What’s wrong, Chomper?”
Chomper didn’t answer at first as he waded back to shore and resumed sniffing the air. Finally, he spoke. “Guys, I don’t think we’re in the Great Valley. I think we’re in the Mysterious Beyond!”
“W-Why you say that?” Petrie, the Flier, whimpered from his perch on Spike’s back.
“Because I think I smell a Sharptooth.” He paused to double check the scent and his face became one of alarm. “And it’s coming this way!” He cried.
His friends’ eyes widened in horror as a chorus of “oh no” echoed throughout the group. Thinking fast, Littlefoot spotted a large pile of rocks on the far side of the chasm big enough for them all to hide behind. It wasn’t be the best hiding place, but it would have to do on short notice.
“Over there!” He quickly ran toward the pile. “We can hide here!”
“But won’t it find us?” Cera questioned. “I mean, that’s not a very good hiding place.”
“Do you have any better ideas?” Littlefoot retorted. Cera grumbled, but quickly ducked behind the mass of stone with the rest quickly following.

No sooner than they ducked out of sight that a silhouette appeared on the rock wall of the middle path. They held their breath and clutched onto each other as the shadow drew closer and closer. Finally, a pale grey Sharptooth like Chomper stepped into view. It had honey coloured eyes and was littered with faint scars that showed the harshness of life in the Mysterious Beyond. The surprising thing was that it looked to be about their age if not slightly older. Most of the Sharpteeth that they encountered on their adventures were adults and very few had young with them.

The Sharptooth approached the water and stooped down to take a drink. The Sharptooth swallowed a couple gulps before rearing back up. Then it hesitated and to their dismay began to smell the air and look around. The gang braced for the inevitable sprint that would happen once the Sharptooth figured out their hiding place. The Sharptooth’s gaze fell onto the rock pile and it opened its mouth.
“I know you’re there.”

Chomper almost gasped when the Sharptooth, now revealed to be a female, seemed to address him. He mentally cursed his kind’s superior sense of smell. Of course she could smell them! Of all the places he and his friends hid from Sharpteeth, this was one of the worst. Luckily, if it came down to it, they could probably take her in a fight. He knew Cera would be all for it.

“Come on out.” The female Sharptooth’s voice shook him out of his thoughts. Out of the corner of his eye he could see his friends watching him as if waiting for a translation.

The Sharptooth continued. “I smell Leaf Eaters in there with you. Live ones. If you’re not going to eat them then what are you doing with them?”

Chomper noted that she had sounded genuinely curious, not judgemental like other Sharpteeth he had actually gotten to talk to. Even his parents were somewhat at odds with his choice of friends, although it had gotten better since Littlefoot and the others left the island.

Dumbfounded, Chomper couldn’t help but reply. “They’re . . . They’re my friends.” His declaration seemed to puzzle her and she cocked her head and frowned. He was ready for her to start laughing or say something rude.

“. . . Okay.”She breathed deeply. “Well, you can come out you know. I won’t try anything.”

Chomper’s jaw dropped. He could vaguely hear his friends whispering to him in concern and for translations. He raised his hand to them in a reassuring gesture before replying.“R . . . Really?”

The female Sharptooth nodded. “Promise. I’d rather not risk getting my tail handed to me.”

Chomper grinned widely and eagerly summarised the conversation to his friends despite his mind still trying to grasp what just happened. Was this really a Sharptooth he could possibly teach to be friendly? She seemed nice enough. And she didn’t try to attack them yet so that was a plus. He couldn’t stop smiling when it set in that what happened had actually happened. Of course, someone had to bring logic into it . . .

“Are you crazy?!” Cera all but shouted when he suggested leaving the protection of the rocks. “You actually believe that Sharptooth?! How do we even know she’s telling the truth? What if she tries to eat us?”

He opened his mouth to reply but Ruby stepped forward and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “One way to find out if she’s telling the truth is to see if she’s telling the truth.”

“Yeah,” Chomper said, thankful that the Fastrunner was backing him up. “And if she’s not telling the truth, we can easily deal with her. She might even know the way out.”

Littlefoot stepped between his quarreling friends which drew their attention. “I agree with Chomper.” This caused Cera to huff and roll her eyes. Chomper beamed, glad that someone else was on his side. “There are seven of us and one of her. If it comes down to it we can take her on if she decides to fight.”

Littlefoot turned to the rest of the gang and they all exchanged nervous glances. They took a breath to steel themselves before nodding in agreement. Littlefoot gave Chomper an encouraging smile and motioned for him to take the lead. The young Sharptooth gulped, trying to calm himself as he finally emerged from behind the rocks with his friends trailing behind him. They stopped in defensive stances once they were in view of the other Sharptooth. She tilted her head and her eyes roamed over each of them head to toe as she scrutinized them. Then as if sensing their apprehension, she stepped back as if to show them that she meant no harm. Chomper appreciated the gesture and let out a breath, the others seemed to do the same.

Both groups lapsed into silence as if daring the other to make a move. Finally, Littlefoot nudged Chomper’s side which drew his attention. The longneck nodded in the direction of the female Sharptooth. Chomper nodded in understanding and stepped forward.

“Uh . . . Hi.” He started shyly. “M-My name’s Chomper.” His face heated up when the female’s lips twitched into a small smile. “And these are my friends. . .”

Chomper then preceded to introduce each of his friends. He pointed to each of them as he said their name and watched the Sharptooth nod. When he was finished, he turned back to the other Sharptooth with a grin.

“I’m Arya.” She said, returning the smile.

She was careful not to show her teeth as to not frighten the Leafeaters. Chomper felt his face heat up once more and his eyes widened, causing his friends to ask if he was alright. He quickly translated, earning a few mischievous smirks which made him grimace and his face redden more. He couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the situation. After the whole, Time of Great Giving incident he’d pretty much given up on encountering a Sharptooth who would be willing to even be nice to him. Now, here was a Sharptooth who was being nice to him and he could hardly contain himself.

Arya’s voice shook him from his thoughts. “So uh what are you guys doing here? This is . . . kind of my home.”

“Wait, you live here? Alone?” Chomper asked, tilting his head. “Where are your folks?”

Arya didn’t say anything at first, nervously picking at her claws. She sighed. “Well, Dad didn’t stick around so I never got a chance to meet him. And Mom got really sick and passed away towards the end of the last Cold Time.”

Chomper winced in sympathy. “Sorry about that.”

“Honest question.” She replied shrugging. “Anyway, back to my first question: What are you guys doing here?”

Chomper quickly summarized how he and his friends ended up in the canyon. Arya hung on to his words and her eyes almost bugged out of her head when he mentioned living in the Great Valley. He rolled his eyes as that was a familiar reaction of just about everyone when they found out he lived in the Valley.

“It’s a long story.” He said then continued his account.

When he finished, Arya stared at him, jaw slack in bewilderment. “Well,” She started after a while. “I can show you how to get out of here if you want.” The Sharptooth gestured to where the canyon split into three paths multiple behind her. “It’s easy to get lost in here if you don’t know where you’re going.”

“Uh,” Chomper blinked and glanced at his friends. “How do we know you won’t lead us into a trap?”

Arya shrugged. “You don’t. But it’s better than wondering around here for who knows how long and running into a Sharptooth who actually wants to eat you.”

Chomper frowned in thought. Arya did bring up a good point. They would be able to get home faster and there would be less of a chance of encountering more Sharpteeth. And there would also be more time to be able to talk to Arya. Chomper glanced behind himself and was met with the encouraging smile of Littlefoot, which reassured him.

He took a deep breath. “Okay.” Arya smiled and Chomper smiled in return and turned to the others to begin translating.

However, before he could open his mouth, Cera beat him to it. “You done talking to your girlfriend Chomper?” She smirked, raising a brow. Spike, Ducky and Petrie snickered while Littlefoot and Ruby grinned playfully.

Chomper glared at her. “She’s not my girlfriend, Cera!” He growled, but that just made her laugh. His frown deepened and he clenched his claws into fists.

Thankfully, Littlefoot stepped in before things could escalate any further. “So what’d she say?”

“She said that she’d show us the way out.” He replied, his frown melting away as he turned to the friend that wasn’t trying to get on his nerves.

“That’s great!” The longneck said. “What are we waiting for?”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Cera cried, butting in between the two, frowning at Chomper   “You’re actually going to trust that Sharptooth?”

Chomper frowned. “I’m a Sharptooth. Do you trust me?”

“Well, yeah.”

“And I trust her.” He said. Chomper sent a pleading look to his friends, hoping that he could convince him. It seemed to work as they nodded and turned to stare expectantly at Cera.

Finally, Cera groaned. “Fine.” She then glared at Chomper and growled. “But if we get eaten it’ll be all your fault!”

Chomper sighed and rolled his eyes, a small smirk on his face. “I know.”

With Arya leading the group, they left the lagoon and went down the same path that she’d come in. It was slightly narrower than the way they came, only enough room for them to walk comfortably in pairs, and had more twists and turns. They also saw how easy it would be to get lost as they passed more junctions splitting off into many different directions and going who knows where. At one point, they passed a particularly wide, but short trail that contained a cave, which Arya pointed out as her den.

And the entire time, Chomper chatted with Arya. He found out that she mostly ate fish or scavenged, and that she would only hunt when she absolutely had too. Even then she would target only the old, sick or otherwise weak herd members, but she drew the line at the young ones.

“I may need to kill to eat, but I’m not heartless.” She had said. “It’s really sad when someone who has a whole life ahead of them doesn’t get to experience it. And I’d rather not be the one to cause more suffering than I already do.”

She then prompted Chomper to explain why he was living with Leaf Eaters. So He recounted how his friends had accidentally hatched a Sharptooth egg in the Great Valley and the many adventures they had since then. He also explained how his parents sent him to live in the valley with his friends to keep him safe from Redclaw. Like last time, Arya listened attentively to his story and chuckled when he told her about having friends for diner.

“I still can’t believe they actually thought I’d eat them! I mean I apparently bit Cera’s tail when I was a hatchling, but don’t really remember doing that.” Chomper laughed, which caused Arya to laugh as well. “It’s sort of an inside joke between us all now, so that’s good.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang were watching Chomper and Arya laugh at something Chomper had said. While feeling somewhat left out, they were happy that Chomper had found a friend of his own kind. Littlefoot in particular, who saw the young Sharptooth as a little brother and wanted the best for him, was excited. If Chomper had friends in the Mysterious Beyond, then he wouldn’t be lonely if he was to someday leave the Great Valley. Although, Littlefoot never wanted it to happen under negative circumstances, he still knew it was a possibility in the future.
From beside him, he heard Cera grunt. He glanced over and saw her sneering at the Sharpteeth’s backs. While Cera’s default expression was an annoyed stare, Littlefoot could tell there was more to it. “What’s wrong Cera?” He whispered, not wanting the Sharpteeth in the lead to hear.

Cera grumbled, sounding much like her father but he wasn’t going to point that out. “I don’t like this.” She replied also in a whisper.

Littlefoot grinned “Of course you don’t.”

“I mean it!” She snapped, glaring at him. “We don’t even know this Sharptooth. What if she’s lying? She could be leading us into a trap for all we know.”

“I know, but it’s either that or get lost. Chomper thinks she’s telling the truth and that’s good enough for me.” He said, smiling at the Sharpteeth’s backs. Chomper and Arya seemed to start up a new conversation.

Cera sighed in irritation. “Why are Longnecks always so trusting?”

“Depends,” Littlefoot smirked mischievously. “Why are Threehorns always so stubborn?”

He knew it was a bad idea the moment it left his mouth. But he couldn’t help snickering when Cera whirled on him with a glare that just screamed run. Thankfully, she just rolled her eyes with a huff, shaking her head and grumbling. Littlefoot just kept grinning as he heard the others behind him quietly giggling as to not draw Cera’s wrath.

Arya blinked as she watched this happen. “Is the Three- uh . . . Cera always like that?”

Chomper glanced at the Threehorn with a raised brow having heard some of the conversation between her and Littlefoot. “Sort of. It’s a . . . uh Threehorn thing. She’s not so bad once you get to know her.”

Not much later, they finally reach the exit of the canyon. The path they were on widened considerably until they were suddenly free of the stone walls and staring at the rolling dry landscape of the Mysterious Beyond. The Bright Circle was beginning its descent in the sky telling the young dinosaurs that it was late in the day. In the distance, they could make out the mountains that bordered the Great Valley. It was obvious to the gang that they had traveled further from the Valley than they thought.

Even though he was happy they made it out of the canyon, Chomper was disappointed that he would have to say goodbye to his new friend. He wished they could stay longer, but he knew they had to get back before the grown-ups started looking for them. It didn’t make him feel any better though.

Arya turned to the group and smiled. “Well here we are. If you want to be back before the Bright Circle leaves the sky, you’d better hurry.”

The young dinosaurs nodded to the female Sharptooth in thanks, knowing that she wouldn’t understand them verbally, and started in the direction of the familiar mountains. Chomper followed them, head lowered and tail drooping in sadness.

“Hey Chomper!”

He perked up as Arya called his name and he turned to her. “Huh?”

“Don’t be a stranger next time!” Arya cried.

With a wave, she turned and walked back into the canyon. Chomper waved in return and watched as her tail disappeared around the next corner with a huge smile on his face. Oh, there was defiantly going to be a next time! He had to think of a way for there to be a next time. Would he have to sneak back here or would his friends not him? Would they join him? Chomper was so deep in thought that he was startled by a voice.


He quickly ran to catch up with his friends. “Coming!”

Whew! Although I love the new text editor on here which is way easier than the old one, this still took so long to edit. Stay tuned for the next installment!  :OhYou


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Re: Our Past and Our Future
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2018, 12:39:12 am »
This was certainly a promising beginning to the story.  :) It seems that Chomper has not been asked to leave the valley despite the Time of Great Growing coming to him as well, though his diet is changing out of necessity - from his favored buzzers to the allure of fish. Though now it seems something else might be alluring to him.  If there are any criticisms that I would have for this chapter it would be that the banter of the gang could be elaborated on a bit more to give the feel of the gang growing up.  For one, it would have made sense for Cera to be the one suggesting that if the sharptooth did anything that they could fight them off due to her threehorn arrogance.  And Ruby's concerns for Chomper's Time of Great Growing could shine through in the events of the chapter.  All that being said, however, this is a promising start and I look forward to seeing what happens next.  :yes

Go ahead and check out my fanfictions, The Seven Hunters, Songs of the Hunters, and Mender's Tale
Mender's Tale.


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Re: Our Past and Our Future
« Reply #3 on: July 04, 2018, 12:38:15 am »
Thanks so much for the kind words, Rhombus! I'll take your criticism under advisement for future entries. Even though the spotlight is mostly on Chomper and Arya, I'm going to try to give the gang their own spotlights as well.

And, thanks for the idea of Ruby being concerned for Chomper during the Time of Great Growing. I completely forgot about that scenario when I was writing this and when I was planning out the general plotline of the overall story. Although I did touch upon it (Ruby teaching him how to fish when bugs couldn't fill him anymore), I'm hoping to go more in depth in the future.

Also, I was wondering if you could spread the word about "Our Past and Our Future" if its not too much trouble. You are the only one to review it so far since I posted it on here and on
Thanks again!
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Re: Our Past and Our Future
« Reply #4 on: July 05, 2018, 10:01:57 am »
As rhombus said, this chapter certainly created a good premise for this fic. The dialogue was rather good and the banter certainly was nice enough to draw me into the fic. The descriptions were rather well done too and the eventual journey into the Mysterious Beyond certainly was an enjoyable, familiar-feeling scene. On those accounts, this was a good way to start the story and it leaves open all possible paths in the coming installments.

The main problem for me is that Arya’s introduction felt a bit quick and easy. Perhaps she and the overall scenario of the story could have been developed a bit further as right now, that scene felt a bit rushed. Yet, the later parts of the scene with Chomper getting his friends to trust the other sharptooth worked rather nicely and the chapter certainly ended on a positive note. With Chomper’s problems and Arya’s largely unexplored character, I’ll certainly take a look on which way this story will take in the next chapters! :)


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Re: Our Past and Our Future
« Reply #5 on: August 29, 2018, 01:36:27 am »
Hey everyone! This oneshot takes place in my ‘Our Past and Our Future’ timeline/AU but it’s before Chomper met Arya. It serves as a sort of a more in depth backstory/flashback.
I also wrote this for the July prompt for fanfiction prompt challenge over on the Gangoffive forum. So enjoy! Also, don’t forget to read and review!
   Past: Lessons
"There comes a time in everyone's life where a choice must be made, one which may irreversibly alter the path ahead." When Chomper is on the verge of starving, he must make a choice if he is to stay in the Valley. This may be the hardest thing he’s had to do, but luckily he has the support of his friends.

It was another warm day in the Valley, the Bright Circle shone brightly as it always did during the Warm Times. It was the perfect weather for friends to play in the water. In fact, that’s what Littlefoot and the others were doing while she sat on the bank, waiting.
Chomper had yet to show up.
The young Sharptooth had went through a growth spurt over the last Cold Time and was now only a little shorter than Ruby, who was now half the size of her parents. And with the growth spurt came the growing appetite. It was getting harder and harder for him to find enough bugs to fill him up on a day to day basis. He sometimes spent most of the day just trying to find enough to eat. The thing that really startled Ruby was that the poor Sharptooth was beginning to lose weight. It wasn’t noticeable at first but after a while he started to look sick, constantly being in pain from an empty belly.
Ruby knew she wasn’t the only one to notice. Littlefoot was also distressed about his friend’s plight, sharing worrying looks with her and the others when Chomper wasn’t looking. They all knew that something had to be done in order to save him. And they knew that if nothing was done then either Chomper had to leave the Valley or, and more morbidly, he would starve to death. Nobody wanted their friend to leave and they certainly didn’t want to watch him waste away.
No one was more frightened about the predicament than Chomper. Although he didn’t voice his concerns, they could tell that he was terrified of what was going to happen. Chomper loved his friends, and the Great Valley, and would do just about anything for them. He just hoped it wasn’t having to leave. He hatched here after all.
Ruby was then alerted to the sound of rustling bushes. Out stepped Chomper, whose attention was on his feet as he approached the pool. Something must have happened as she could see tears pricking his eyes. It was something they noticed happening a lot more recently and the miserable sight broke her heart each time.
She stood and met him some of the way. “Chomper! Hello my friend, my friend hello!”
“Hey Ruby.”
His dejected greeting as he passed her erased her friendly smile. The others had paused what they were doing when they heard Ruby’s welcoming shout. They too frowned in concern as they watched the Sharptooth lean down to take a drink. It was apparent to them all that today was another bad day for the young Sharptooth.
“What’s wrong, Chomper?” Littlefoot was the first to approach him, the others soon crowding around him as well.
Chomper gulped down the water and sniffed. “I . . . I overheard some adults talking.” His voice was shaking, trying to keep his emotions in check.
“So?” Cera snorted, which caused Littlefoot to nudge her and shoot her a warning glance.
Chomper swallowed, his throat suddenly becoming dry despite the drink he just had, and continued. “They were talking about me.”
“What did they say, Chomper? Chomper, what did they say?” Ruby questioned. Her elder sister instincts were flaring with the urge to protect, as was usual these days.
So Chomper recounted how, as he was foraging for creepy crawlers in a place full of holes and rotten logs, he stumbled across two adults. A Spike-thumb and a Swimmer were browsing leaves off the bottoms of trees and engaged in conversation. Not wanting to disturb them he hid behind a nearby bush and overheard bits of their chat.

"I can’t believe that Sharptooth’s still around" One said.

"He’s getting too big." the other agreed. "I’m surprised he hasn’t attacked anyone yet."

Then, Chomper recalled, it got worse. "He should have been kicked out a long time ago."The Spike-thumb had said. "It’s only a matter of time before he eats someone!" Chomper explained that he ran off after hearing that last part.

By the time he had finished, tears were starting to stream down his cheeks. His friends had varying levels of surprise etched onto their faces. And in Cera’s case, the Threehorn looked ready to march right back to those idiotic grown-ups and give them a piece of her mind. Chomper was at times emotional, even more so since entering adolescence, but it took something truly upsetting to make him cry. Lately, it seemed to happen more and more. Littlefoot was the first to recover from the shock and speak up.
“Don’t listen to them Chomper.” He started, nudging the Sharptooth to comfort him. “You’re our friend and you’re a good Sharptooth. You deserve to be here, just like everyone else.” The rest nodded and hummed their agreement.
Chomper gave a small smile and wiped his eyes. “Thanks, guys.” Then his face fell as a thought crossed his mind. “But if I can’t find something better than creepy crawlers to eat then I’d really have to leave.”
Ruby frowned in thought. She did have one solution in mind. Scaly Swimmers were abundant in the Great Valley with all the water that it contained. Some could even get to a good enough size that a full grown Sharptooth could easily fill its belly. She had seen it happen out in the Mysterious Beyond and some kinds of Sharpteeth actually fed exclusively on Scaly Swimmers. Even her family sometimes fed on them and she was taught from a young age how to catch them. However, dinosaurs were disapproving of Chomper’s current diet of insects, what would they say to this?
When she and Chomper first arrived in the Valley, they agreed not to eat meat within the Valley walls. It was easy for her since her kind could live off of green food as well as meat, but it was harder for Chomper. After all, his kind solely ate meat, but it was agreed upon that he could eat the insects and water creatures that called the Valley home. But Scaly Swimmers contained blood, something that would be extra disturbing to those who would come across him eating one. Would that be accepted as a possible substitute?
Ruby pondered this as she took in Chomper’s current state. She was just able to see his ribs poke out whenever he took a deep breath. His once sharp red eyes were now dull and bags could be seen under his eyes from sleepless nights dealing with stomach pain from hunger. He looked to be in pain, both physically and now emotionally. He needed food and fast.
With that final thought racing through her mind, she looked at the fast water. She knew there were Scaly Swimmers there and she knew how to catch them.  She abruptly turned and made her way to the fast water, ignoring her friends’ worried inquiries, and waded into the water just below her waist. She paused there frozen with her hands at the ready, waiting for one of the fish to swim nearer.
She noticed a sudden flash of movement out of the corner of her eye. It was a lone Scaly Swimmer lazily swimming by. Ruby slowly got into position and breathed to steady herself for the strike, vaguely aware of her friends watching her in confusion. Then with a blurring strike, she snatched it from the water and flung it onto the shore making her friends yelp and jump away in surprise.
Chomper stared gobsmacked at the wiggling morsel at his feet, then up at Ruby as she came to shore. Of course he knew that she could fish and that her kind ate the Scaly Swimmers. He also knew that he had eaten some. But that was before they came to the valley and they promised never to eat meat inside the valley walls. Chomper knew all of this, but couldn’t help salivating at the sight of the flopping Scaly Swimmer. Even just one of these could certainly remedy his hunger.
He involuntarily licked his lips, aware that his friends were looking at him with nervous expressions. He glanced at the Fast Runner who was now shaking herself dry. “A-Are you sure Ruby?”
The Fast Runner sighed and gave him a solemn look that proved just how hard this was for her. “Eating this is better than not eating this, Chomper.”
Chomper gulped, staring at the Scaly Swimmer as its movements finally slowed. He wanted to refuse, but a sudden pang of hunger made him wince. Stomach pain was the norm for him these days, but this seemed worse than before. Like his stomach knew there was a potential source of food nearby and was urging him to take it. Chomper sighed before taking the first bite, ignoring his friends’ disgusted complaints.
Immediately, the sweet metallic flavour exploded on his tongue and he had to hold back his moan of pleasure. He was mildly surprised at how juicy the Scaly Swimmer was as he could feel them slowly running down his chin as he chewed. After a few more bites, Chomper was delighted to feel some relief from his hunger that he hadn’t felt in a while.
He was so focused on eating that when he went to take another bite, he was surprised to find that the only thing left were the bones and the head. When he looked up, Chomper was met with the sickened grimaces of his friends. He winced and wiped the juices off his chin, embarrassed that they saw his momentary lack of control.

Ruby cleared her throat. “Does that feel better Chomper?” She asked with a small smile.

Chomper nodded and licked the stickiness from his lips. He didn’t feel any more pain and for once he wasn’t hungry. His belly had a comfortable weight that he hadn’t felt for a while and it felt better knowing that he didn’t have as hard or as long for it. Chomper smiled at the Fast Runner who returned it.

Littlefoot moved beside Chomper, careful to avoid the Scaly Swimmer remains. “So,” He began, his attention on Ruby. “Do you think this will work?”

The Fast Runner nodded. “Yes, I’ve seen grown Sharpteeth survive on Scalies in the Mysterious Beyond. It’s only a matter of learning how.”

“But won’t grown-ups be against Chomper eating Scaly Swimmer?” Petrie piped up from atop Spike’s back, shuttering at the memory of moments ago.

Cera snorted. “Who cares? As long as he’s not eating anyone!”

Littlefoot looked at the Sharptooth who hadn’t spoken since he finished eating. Chomper indeed looked better and Littlefoot saw a brightness in his eyes that he hadn’t seen in a while. “What do you think Chomper?”

The Sharptooth glanced nervously around at his friends then down at the bones of the Scaly Swimmer at his feet. He almost started salivating again at the thought of getting more. It’d been so long since he had actual meat that he almost forgot what it tasted like and some part of him missed it. However, the other part was worried about what would happen if he agreed. When he was just eating Crawlers, he could sometimes pretend that he wasn’t really a Sharptooth despite not being able to eat green food. But if he chose to learn how to catch Scaly Swimmers, he was one step closer to being a real Sharptooth.

“If it means I won’t have to leave the Great Valley. . .” Chomper said after a while before sighing. “Okay, I’ll do it.”

Not much later, the young Sharptooth found himself nearly waist deep in the Fast Water. The others, except for Ruby, sat on the bank to watch the lesson. Chomper stared at the bottom, scanning for movement since after he first waded out he noticed some Scaly Swimmers dart away. He tried not to move in the hope that they would come back if they saw that the coast was clear. Ruby was next to him, bent over with her head close to the water’s surface in the proper stance. Chomper wordlessly copied her and got into positon.

“The first thing you need to know about catching Scalies is that there is a lot of waiting.” She began, eyes glued to the water. “And because there is a lot of waiting, you need to be patient. Patient is what you need to be.”

Chomper nodded in understanding. Patience was the first rule that was instilled to him by his parents when he was just learning to hunt. Even though he instinctively knew the basics right out of the egg, it took some time to learn to wait for the most opportune moment. Although, he still had trouble remembering his lessons from time to time.

After a short wait, he spotted a Scaly Swimmer lazily swimming out of the corner of his eye. His muscles tensed in preparation to spring as he watched it move closer.

Ruby must have spotted it too because she continued on with the next part of the lesson. “Okay, since your arms are well. . .”She paused to gesture to his short arms. In response, Chomper raised a brow at her causing Ruby to chuckle softly. The Fast Runner bent down until her chin was barely touching the water and her eyes never leaving the Scaly Swimmer in front of her. “You’ll have to use your mouth. Wait for the Scalie to get close and then grab it. But you’ll have to be fast because if you’re not fast you won’t catch it.”

Like before, she struck with blinding speed, this time using her head to snatch the Scalie Swimmer. Ruby used the momentum to throw it to the bank where it flopped around. The others flinched in surprise, but weren’t as startled as before. Chomper watched as the wiggling slowed and looked to Ruby who wore an expecting expression. It was now his turn.
Chomper mimicked her stance and waited for another Scalie to swim by. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for him to spot one on its way over. He tensed as the Scaly Swimmer stopped and held its position directly in front of him, mentally playing back Ruby’s demonstration. He took a breath to steady himself and then struck at it with all the speed he could muster. Unfortunately, the Scaly Swimmer was faster as he completely missed and ended up with a mouth full of water. Chomper came back out sputtering and coughing, ridding the water from his mouth and nose.

Ruby chuckled, flicking water off herself from Chomper’s splashing. “That was a good first try, Chomper. You just need to practice until practice isn’t practice anymore.” She then gave him an encouraging smile. “Just like with Log Running.”

So Chomper tried again and again to catch a Scaly Swimmer. After a while, he started getting closer and closer with each try. It was both encouraging and frustrating since he could sometimes feel them slip out of his jaws and was left spitting out water. Ruby had since waded back to shore to watch and give him advice when it seemed like he needed it.

He growled under his breath as he watched another swim in front of him. With a breath, Chomper struck at it and with a rush of excitement he finally felt his teeth clamp down onto the wiggling body. Unfortunately, the rock he was standing on shifted making him lose his balance and disappear under the water with a splash. He came up sputtering and trying to shake off the water, having lost the Scaly Swimmer.

Seeing his friend was getting frustrated, Littlefoot decided to step in. “Uh Chomper?” He started nervously.

“What?” Chomper growled, sounding harsher than he meant to be.

“Maybe you should take a break.” Continued the Longneck.

Chomper sighed. To his dismay, he’d actually gotten worse in catching Scaly Swimmers where he would miss them by a wider margin than when he started. He chalked it up to being tired and he could feel the familiar hunger pangs beginning again. Chomper then remembered the Scaly Swimmer that was still sitting on the bank from Ruby’s earlier teachings. In fact, having a rest and something to eat sounded pretty good right about now. With that thought in mind, he turned and waded to shore and shook himself dry.

“Do not worry, Chomper.” Ducky piped up from beside Spike as the two were enjoying a snack of leaves from a nearby bush. “You will get the hang of it. Yep. Yep. Yep.”

He smiled appreciatively at her. “Thanks Ducky.” Chomper replied before moving towards the dead Scaly Swimmer to start eating.

Ruby watched as Chomper dug into his meal. She sympathized with young Sharptooth since she was once in his place and knew how frustrating it could be. Only she wasn’t in danger of starving or being kicked out of her home. Chomper was and if he couldn’t feed himself soon then both options could become a reality.

The one thing that cheered her up was Chomper was doing better than she did after her first lesson. Perhaps it was because his predatory instincts were stronger than hers. After all, he was a pure Sharptooth while she was half Leafeater. Needless to say, Ruby was confident that he would be able to succeed at this because he didn’t have to go through this alone. Ruby saw that Chomper had once again reduced the Scaly Swimmer to bones. She noted that this time he wasn’t consumed by hunger and ate more slowly. That was a good sign that he was on his way to getting better.

“You did great, Chomper.” She said with a smile as she approached him.

Chomper huffed in response. “I didn’t even catch anything.” He looked at Ruby and she saw how defeated he looked. Chomper looked to be on the verge of tears. “Every time I try, I miss! What if I never catch one?”

Ruby placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “You will, Chomper. You just have to keep trying. If you keep trying, you’ll catch one.”

“I’ll never be as good as you.” Chomper quietly replied, his saddened gaze turned to the ground.

“Well,” She began. “I had a lot of practice to be as good as I am. And you know what?” Ruby gently tilted Chomper’s chin so he was looking at her. She smiled. “You did better than I did my first time.”


Ruby chuckled at his shocked expression and nodded. “And if you did better than me on your first try, imagine how much better you’ll be after many tries.”

This seemed to cheer Chomper up as a new determined light shone in his eyes. He gazed at the fast water in time to see a group of Scaly Swimmers swimming past as if they were taunting him. Chomper turned and saw the encouraging faces of his friends who he would have to say goodbye to should he fail. He wrinkled his nose and squinted at the Scaly Swimmers in defiance. No way was he going to let a bunch of Scalies beat him!

“You’re right, Ruby!” He said. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome, Chomper. Chomper, you’re welcome.” She replied, grinning. “And don’t worry about being hungry, I’ll help you with not being hungry.”

So after taking a break to play a much needed game of Toss the Seed, Chomper went back to the Fast Water for round two. He was in much better spirits this time around after playing with his friends. Chomper was usually too busy hunting Creepy Crawlers to be able to.

Chomper once again stood motionless in the water and waited for the perfect time to strike. Unfortunately, he missed another Scaly Swimmer and was left sputtering and shaking his head. However, he didn’t let it bother him as he got ready to try again He kept trying until the Bright Circle started its descent in the sky. And the closest he came was having the Scalie in his jaws, but it escaping before he could get it to shore. Ruby decided to call it a night and caught him his dinner before they joined the others in one last game before they were called back to their nests.

After a few more days of practice, Chomper was starting to look like his old self again. Ribs weren’t sticking out whenever he breathed and he was gaining more and more energy. Yet, he was never able to get a Scaly Swimmer to shore. He was now great a catching them in his mouth, but they never quite make it to dry land. His friends were supportive and cheered him up when it looked like he was starting to get burnt out. And Ruby kept her promise and caught him Scalies to eat when he couldn’t.

Now Chomper stood in the slow current of the fast water, eyeing the lone Scalie swimming in front of him. He snarled and readied for the attack. Like the other times, he struck with the speed of a bolt of Sky Fire and felt his teeth close around it. Feeling it trying to wriggle its way to freedom, Chomper tightened his grip until he felt the tips of his sharp teeth pierce its skin and tasted blood on his tongue. Then he flung it towards the bank. And, unlike the previous times, it landed on dry land where it flopped around.

It took a moment for Chomper to process it but when he did, his face broke into a huge grin. “I did it!” He cried. “Ruby, did you see?”

Ruby laughed in joy as Chomper waded to shore. She met him as he exited the water and gave him a congratulatory hug. “I did, Chomper! I knew you could do it. Do it, I knew you could.”

The others congratulated him on his first successful catch and he thanked them before he dug in. Chomper was blown away by how much tastier this Scaly Swimmer was compared to the ones that Ruby had caught for him. He was always told that food tastes better when you work for it and he agreed whole heartedly.

From there on, Chomper practiced day after day and improved to the point where Ruby didn’t need to catch him his meals as often. Sure, there was the odd time where he was having issues but those were becoming few and far between. And during those days, the young Sharptooth filled out to a healthy weight and became the ball of eagerness and energy he was known for. Ruby and the rest of the gang were relieved to see Chomper improving in health, knowing that they postponed, if not completely destroying, Chomper’s possibility of exile.

Ruby smiled to himself as she watched the young Sharptooth fish. Her and the others decided to break for lunch and were lounging around on the bank. She turned and was munching on a nearby berry bush when she heard a yelp followed by a splash.

She whirled around in time to see Chomper surface and spit out water. Unlike the last time he ended up under water, he was laughing as he tried to rid himself of the water. The others who had seen him flail before he fell in, began to laugh as well and Ruby joined in.

Ruby watched as Cera leapt into the water to begin a splash fight. “Everything is going to be okay now. Now everything will be okay.”

Thanks for reading!


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Re: Our Past and Our Future
« Reply #6 on: August 29, 2018, 10:16:11 am »
It's nice to see a new chapter of this story as it has really been a while after the first one. This installment was certainly quite nice as it explores one of the most popular ideas in the LBT fics: Chomper’s future. The initial explanation about the current situation was written quite well as was the Gang’s conversation with Chomper. It’s quite logical that the adults would be the first ones to realize the danger of a hungry sharptooth among them, even if it brings an unsavory situation upon the Gang.

The latter part with Chomper emphasized nicely his relationship with Ruby as well as the predator’s willingness to stay in the Valley as long as possible. The dialogue was certainly written well here but I fear even the scaly swimmers won’t be enough to feed Chomper forever which creates some interesting possibilities in the future. This installment as a standalone chapter (I think of this simply because of it also being a prompt entry) feels a bit light on actual developments as these themes aren’t something we haven’t seen before but I trust this installment will have important implications for the future ones. Nice job with this chapter! :^^spike


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Re: Our Past and Our Future
« Reply #7 on: August 29, 2018, 10:37:24 am »
I echo what Sovereign says above about this story idea: I've read quite a few "How will Chomper survive in the valley" stories before myself (they're usually plot points in longfics though)... though personally it's been a while since I've read the last.

Ruby's interaction in teaching Chomper here is a really smooth idea and neatly integrated in as she becomes a pseudo-tutor of sorts. I like that. :P
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Re: Our Past and Our Future
« Reply #8 on: September 01, 2018, 01:13:38 pm »
This was quite a nice read. I've always thought of the many possibilities that Chomper would likely face in his future.  More often than not, biased banishment seems very possible, but this was a nice take on one of the positive possibilities.  Chomper and the Gang's emotions were captured very well, and the Sharptooth's newfound development is something for everyone to look forward to.  Even though they're friends with someone who would likely become an endangerment to them, it is their loyalty that comes first, and they are determined to keep him around for as long as possible.  Nice job!  :)
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Re: Our Past and Our Future
« Reply #9 on: September 01, 2018, 03:31:28 pm »
This was a wonderful new entry to the story.  :) The issue presented by Chomper's diet and growing body is one that has been explored several times in the fandom before with varying degrees of tragedy or resolution being the result.  Though the possibility of using fish is one that has been mentioned before, I do like how this chapter takes a different path and focuses on the learning process and Ruby's skills as a teacher.  Maybe it is the teacher in myself, but I find it interesting to see how Ruby uses her knowledge of her friend to encourage and instruct him in how to catch his new food source.  The encouragement of his leaf-eater friends, even if they find the idea of eating fish to be icky, is also on full display here.  Showing that although their instinctual disgust cannot be avoided, that their friendship with him is still as strong as ever.  Though Chomper will still undoubtedly have to leave one day (unless he becomes the valley equivalent of its undertaker :p ) he now can be hopeful that by the time he leaves perhaps he and Ruby will be strong enough to face the resulting challenges.


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Re: Our Past and Our Future
« Reply #10 on: February 05, 2019, 09:02:49 pm »
Hey everyone! Sorry this one took so long, but I was very busy and couldn't find a lot of time to work on it. Future updates may be slower which a apologize in advance for.

Anyway, enjoy this chapter and I can't wait to hear what you guys think!

Smells Like Friendship
A few days after their adventure in the canyon, Chomper decides to sneak into the Mysterious Beyond to pay Arya a visit. The two get to know each other better and a friendship starts to grow. That is at least until Redclaw and his Fastbiters show up.

“Don’t be a stranger!”

Arya’s voice had echoed in Chomper’s head ever since they returned from the Mysterious Beyond. For the last couple of days it taunted him nonstop, especially when he was by himself or he was trying to sleep. Some nights, he even saw her in his sleep stories which was kind of embarrassing. He kept it to himself for fear of being laughed at by his friends. They had teased him mercilessly on the way back to the valley for his behaviour with Arya and he didn’t want a repeat.

Chomper lay curled up, staring at the walls of his cave. It was early morning, the Bright Circle just peaking up over the mountains and casting a warm glow over the valley. He was used to waking up early as his predatory instincts urged him to get up and find food while it was still sluggish. Not to mention the many adventures that started as soon as the Bright Circle hit the sky- sometimes even before then. But today something else woke him from his slumber.

It was yet another sleep story about the female Sharptooth. He and the gang were back in the canyon and instead of him having to translate, they were all able to understand each other. They were having a great time laughing and playing together like they had known each other for years. Chomper never wanted it to end, but he soon found himself back in his cave with the first signs of light on the horizon. Chomper sighed, he probably wasn’t going to see her again so why was he so upset? Nothing will happen like it did in his sleep story and he would soon move on. He tried being friends with other Sharpteeth once and failed miserably. What was the use in trying again?

But then he remembered that Arya was different. She didn’t attack them and instead helped them like any other dinosaur. And she didn’t shun him after finding out that he was friends with Leafeaters. She had even invited them back, an invitation he hoped to accept sometime.
Chomper silently gasped as an idea suddenly struck him. They could go visit her! He remembered the route they took when they left the canyon and he could also backtrack the trail using his nose. Their scents wouldn’t be that old or faded, and he was an excellent tracker. The hard part wold be to convince his friends. Chomper remembered how hard was to convince them, especially Cera, to trust Arya. What would they say to this? Littlefoot and Ruby would be the easiest to persuade, but Ducky, Spike, and Petrie were harder as they might be nervous. Cera would flat out refuse and try to convince the others as well. The more he thought about, Chomper came to the conclusion that his friends wouldn’t want to go visit a Sharptooth. Even though Arya was nicer than other Sharpteeth, they barely knew her. Unlike Chomper, they didn’t understand her or see a potential friendship, a friendship Chomper desperately wanted. If he wanted to see Arya again, he’d have to go alone.

The sound of footsteps echoing off the cave walls caught his attention. From around a corner came Ruby, yawning and rubbing her eyes.
“Good morning, Chomper. Chomper, good morning.” The Fast Runner greeted him.

“Morning, Ruby.” Chomper replied.

Ruby started stretching her arms over her head to get rid of the stiffness from the previous night. “Are you ready to go meet everyone? I think Littlefoot has something planned for us today.” She asked.

Chomper weighed the options in his head. He didn’t want to upset his friends by declining to hang out with them today, he hardly missed a chance to be with his friends. But he also really wanted to go see Arya and see if her offer to visit was sincere. Thinking quickly, he feigned a pained grimace.

“I don’t think I can come today.” Chomper winced and grabbed his belly. “I think I got a bad Scalie last night. I’m not feeling well.”

“Oh, that’s too bad.” Ruby’s face grew concerned and she approached him, putting a comforting hand on his head. “Do you want anything? Is there anything I can get you?”

Chomper shook his head with a small smile. “No thanks. You go ahead and meet the others. I’ll just stay here and rest.”

“Okay.” Ruby sighed. “Feel better, Chomper!”

“Bye Ruby!”

Chomper watched as the Fast Runner disappeared around the corner. He waited a while to make sure she was far enough away before leaving his cave. He felt horrible lying to Ruby but if he didn’t go now, he’d lose the courage to try. As he stepped into the light of the Bright Circle, Chomper hoped that his hastily thought out plan wouldn’t be a bust. He crept through the valley, ducking into any nearby bushes to conceal himself from view. It was better that no one saw him. They’d just gotten over him adding fish to his diet and he didn’t want them to add another reason to distrust him to their list.

Thankfully, Chomper made it to the entrance that he and his friends used quickly and without drawing attention to himself. It was a tunnel through the barrier wall that was blocked by vines growing on the other side. The vines were strong smelling Tree Sweet vines that repelled Sharpteeth similarly to the Tree Sweet trees in the Hidden Valley. Chomper often had to hold his breath when pushing through them. Ever since he and his friends found this entrance a few cold times ago, it’s been their go to route to the Mysterious Beyond. They had travelled it so often that, even with the many forks, Chomper knew it by heart and soon he was in the Mysterious Beyond.

Chomper then set of along the path he remembered, pausing to sniff the ground every so often. The scents were still there, albeit faded and distorted, so he had to concentrate more on picking them up. He was attentive as he walked, on the lookout for any Sharpteeth that might be on the prowl.

It was nearing midday when he found himself getting close to the canyon. His journey so far was thankfully uneventful but the closer he got to his destination, the more anxious he became. Thoughts of Arya turning him away or her revealing her true nature swirled around in his head. His heart started to race and his breathing became laboured as all the negative things that could happen popped into his head. He stopped and leaned on a nearby tree to steady himself. What was he thinking?! Last time ended so horribly and it was bound to happen again.

Before he could sink further into his panic, Chomper remembered his sleep story from last night. In it, Arya looked so happy and genuine, just like when he first met her in her canyon. Then the echo of her offer that stuck with him for days returned- don’t be a stranger. It was said with such kindness that it must have been real.

Chomper took a deep breath, expelling all the negative thoughts from his mind, and continued on. He could just see the canyon emerging from behind the trees as he came around the bend. And before long, the enormous crack in the rock wall loomed in front of him like the mighty jaws of a Sharptooth. Chomper felt the doubt creeping back up but shook his head and leaned down to sniff at the ground near the entrance. He found the old scents of him and the others leading deeper into the canyon and was about to follow the trail when he found a new scent. It was earthy and metallic, something that was usually associated with a predator, but had the sweet tang that all females had. Having remembered this smell from a few days ago, he recognized it as Arya’s. The scent couldn’t have been more than a few hours old and it moved away from the canyon. So Chomper turned and began to track it along the wall.

The young Sharptooth followed the trail around a bend a short distance away and came across a stream flowing out of one of the many passages in the canyon. He stopped behind a bush and surveyed the area, the trail had ended here so she must have been around somewhere. Chomper spotted her on the bank of the river, digging into a Scalie Swimmer with a pile of bones beside her, indicating her previous catches. He watched as she tossed the newly cleaned bones onto the pile and moved towards the stream. She dipped her head into the water and swirled her face around to wash away the blood and juices from her face.

Chomper was so preoccupied that he didn’t notice the stick until he accidentally stepped on it, causing it to crack and he winced at the sudden noise. He saw Arya whirl around with a snarl, growling in his direction, though he knew he was out of sight. However, the look on her face was unnerving as he was reminded that he was dealing with another Sharptooth and not a Leafeater. It was discouraging to see the same face that that was laughing with him a few days ago, contorted in such a way. He was tempted to just turn back, but he had come this far that he was determined to see it through.

“Who's there?” He heard Arya growl. He steeled himself and slowly emerged from the bush, giving a nervous wave.

Arya's snarl slowly melted away when she realized who it was and she tilted her head in surprise. “Chomper?” She cried, raising a brow. “What are you doing here?”

Chomper tugged at his arm, too nervous to meet her eyes. “I . . . Uh. Y-you said ‘don't be a stranger’. I was taking you up on your offer.” He looked at her to see her regarding him with a blank stare, blinking occasionally. His eyes then widened as he was suddenly overcome by a wave of anxiety. “U-Unless you were just saying that?

“No, no" Arya began and then snorted in amusement. “I just didn't think you'd come back so soon.”

Chomper let out a breath and his lips twitched into a relieved smile. However, the moment was interrupted by a growl and he winced in embarrassment. He had completely forgot to eat before he left and was now paying for it. Arya snickered and Chomper felt his face heat up.

“Sorry, didn't have breakfast yet.” He said, chuckling nervously.

Arya laughed and waved him off, nodding towards the river. “Help yourself to some Scalies.” He nodded and followed her to the bank.
While he waded into the water, Arya went over to the pile of bones. She picked up a bunch and carried them a short distance away where she used the talons in her feet to scrape away dirt to make a shallow hole. Chomper watched as she dropped the bones into it and he realized she was discarding her inedible leftovers in a similar way that he did in the valley. He had only made the mistake of not disposing of them once and he heard about it immediately. They made such a big deal about how he was becoming a killer and he was honestly scared of being run out for a while. Thankfully, it all blew over and now he always made sure to dispose of his bones out of sight. Arya made two more trips of gathering the bones and dropping them into the hole before kicking the dirt back over them. The female Sharptooth then walked over to watch from the bank.

Chomper shook his head and turned his focus to the water. A flash of movement caught is eye and he got into the position that was so familiar to him now, muscles tensed to get ready for the strike. He could feel Arya’s eyes on him and he really didn't want to mess up in front of her. The Scaly Swimmer was now within reach and with a blurring strike, it was launched towards shore. Unfortunately, he gained so much momentum that he kept going after the Scalie had left his jaws. He stumbled and went under with a mighty splash. He shot back up sputtering, all too aware of laughter coming from the bank.

“You okay?”

Chomper nodded, trying to shrug off the embarrassment. “I uh meant to do that.”

Arya smirked. “Sure.”

“Yeah, wait until I-"

The rock that Chomper was standing on gave way and sent him back into the water, sending a huge wave towards the bank, soaking Arya. He quickly resurfaced, spitting water from his mouth and looked to see a dripping Arya shaking herself dry. Chomper froze in horror at the realization of what had just happened.

“I-I’m so sorry! I didn't mean to!”

To his surprise, Arya started laughing. “Don't worry about it. A little water never hurt anyone.” She said, then snorted in amusement. “That was actually kind of funny.”

Chomper smiled sheepishly at her as he waded to shore and dried himself off. He turned and began to dig into his Scalie which had long since stopped flopping around. As his belly was being filled, he found himself getting progressively calmer in Arya's company. In between bites, they talked and Chomper was once more convinced he was right about her sincerity. Here they were, having a friendly conversation and he could almost forget that he had only met her a few days ago. When the Scalie was nothing more than bones, Chomper went to catch another. That sound of her voice made him pause.

“So who taught you how to speak Flat-tooth anyway?”
Her question caught him off guard and he stood there blinking at her for a moment. He quickly shook his head and replied. “Uh I taught myself.” At her stocked stare, he scratched the back of his neck bashfully. “I guess I picked it up when Littlefoot and the others hatched me. The rest came from watching other Leafeaters during hunts. Why do you ask?”

The female Sharptooth fiddled with her claws. Chomper remembered her doing the same thing when he asked about her family back when they first met. He realized that it must be a nervous habit of her's. “Can . . . Do you think you could teach me.”

This time it was Chomper who’s eyes widened in shock. He froze as he went over her question in his head over and over again thinking he’d heard her wrong. Does she really want to learn how to speak Leafeater? If she did, then it was one step closer to being like it was in his Sleep Story. Chomper was so focused on his thoughts that he didn't realize how long he had been standing frozen with a slackened jaw. Arya was looking at him with a concerned frown, her head tilted slightly. He mentally shook himself and opened his mouth to answer.

However, he was cut off by a loud roar that sounded too close for comfort. He knew that roar, having heard it multiple times when he and his friends were out in the Mysterious Beyond. They turned in the direction that it came from just as a second roar echoed, followed by rumbling footsteps that seemed to shake the leaves.


“He sounds close too.” Arya agreed, then she frowned and began sniffing the air. Chomper saw a smirk slowly form on her face before turning to him. “Come on,” She started, walking further away from the canyon. “I have an idea.”

Chomper jogged to catch up to her quick pace. “Why aren't we going towards your canyon? Wouldn't that be safer?”

She hopped over a fallen log and slid down a short slope before replying. “I want to keep them from finding out where I live for as long as I can. If I lead them back to the canyon, they could easily track me back to my cave.”

The female Sharptooth led him through a forest away from the stream, making them weave around and jump over trees. The thundering footsteps and roars behind them seemed to only get closer, forcing them the keep up the quick pace. Then Chomper got a whiff of something that made him grimace. The scent was horribly similar in stench to the Murky Swamp back in the valley and it was only getting stronger.

They burst through a bush and Chomper had to cover his nose when they came to the edge of a large swamp which was the source of the smell. A quick glance at Arya showed that she wasn't as bothered by the scent as he was, only wearing a grimace that made her nose wrinkle. He was about to ask her why they stopped when she jumped into the murky water. Chomper gaped at her as her light grey scales were painted brown with the smelly mud.

Arya turned and waved at him. “Come on! It'll mask our scent.”

Chomper’s mind flashed back to when he and his friends went to the Meadow of Jumping Water and Spike fell into one of the stinking pools. They were in a similar predicament and the same giant Sharptooth  that was chasing them was repelled by the smell, not that Chomper blamed him. However, that didn't keep him from inwardly gagging at the thought of being up close with the stench for an extended amount of time.

A roar that sounded like it was just on the other side of the bush brought him back to reality. He plugged his nose and hopped in, following Arya as she wadded out to the roots of a nearby tree. They ducked down behind the twisted roots, nearly chest deep in the disgusting water, and waited. Chomper had to breathe through his mouth to keep from taking in the horrid scent, but even then he could barely stand it. Arya looked to be in a similar state, though her calm demeanor seemed to deny it.

They watched the bush they came from through the gaps in the roots, the footsteps were getting increasingly louder and the water rippled from the vibrations. Suddenly, the bushes exploded as Screech and Thud burst through them, followed shortly by Redclaw who flattened the bushes to the ground on his way in. Chomper’s breath hitched and a quick glance from Arya made him try to silence his breathing. The older Sharpteeth stood on the swamp’s bank and looked around, causing Chomper and Arya to instinctively freeze. They could tell that the swamp’s smell was affecting the older Sharpteeth as they grimaced and snorted in disgust. The Fastbiters sniffed at the edge of the water where their scent trail ended, but coughed when all they managed to get was the overwhelming stench of the swamp. They were so close to the adult Sharpteeth that if they made any sort of movement then they would be found out. The only thing that was saving them was staying absolutely still and the swamp masking their scent.

They stayed huddled together behind the tangled roots of the tree for a while before it looked like the older Sharpteeth had given up, growling in both frustration and revulsion as they disappeared back into the bushes. The footsteps and growls eventually faded, letting Chomper and Arya relax and sigh in relief. They waited a little before getting out from their hiding place to make sure that the they were far enough away and wouldn't double back. As they waded back to shore, Arya began to chuckle lightly which made Chomper smirk before joining in. The relief and adrenaline from narrowly escaping death had them giggling as they shook the mud off.

Arya giggled wiping the stray mud off her cheek with a hand. “Did you see the look on Screech’s face?! He looked like he was about to throw up!”

“I wouldn't blame him.” Chomper replied, laughing. “This place smells like rotten eggs and Clubtail waste put together.” That caused Arya to laugh harder which made him snicker.

Not wanting to be near the smell themselves anymore, they back tracked to the creek where they could wash the rest of the mud off. Even though they were clean, the smell would linger for a while unless they rolled in something else to mask it. At least it wasn't as overpowering as before. Arya told him of other tricks that she had learned while living in the Mysterious Beyond. Covering yourself with mud was great for masking your scent as was demonstrated but it also could be used for camouflage. She looked at him weirdly when he told her about Tria's mud pool and how it was used for relaxing.

Now they were lounging outside Arya's cave, having moved to the relative safety of the canyon. They sat there for a while, letting the Bright Circle warm their scales, before Arya asked him what he was going to say earlier. Chomper blinked, remembering the conversation they were having before Redclaw interrupted them. Arya wanted to speak Leafeater!

“Uh,” Chomper began. “I was going to say yes to teaching you how to speak Leafeater.”

Arya grinned. “Really?” She cheered when Chomper nodded, a smile on his own face. “So, what's the first lesson?”

Chomper paused to think. This wasn't the first time he had taught someone, he taught Spike how to track some Cold Times ago. Although, Spike just needed a push in the right direction since he already could find things with his nose, mainly food. Learning how to talk in any language was difficult and took a long time. He had no idea how even he was able to learn to talk Leafeater, it just sort of happened. How on Earth was he going to teach Arya when he doesn't even remember his first lesson? His mind went back to when he taught Spike. He simplified the basics to where they made sense not only to himself but to his student as well. If he could explain it, he could teach it.

“Well, I guess we could start with greetings.” Chomper began after a while. “This is hello.” He then repeated the word in Leafeater, then he nodded at Arya. “Now you try.”

Arya wiggled her mouth, trying to contort it in the way that she'd seen Chomper do. Chomper smiled while biting his tongue to keep from laughing at the funny faces she was making. Finally she managed to get something out.

“R-r. . . Heh. . .row.”

“That was really close for a first try!” Chomper said, amazed. “Try it like this.” He then said the word slower and emphasized his mouth movements for her to see. Arya silently mimicked the movements a few times to get a feel for them, looking to Chomper for approval. When he nodded, she tried to say it  the way that Chomper did.

“Heh. . . Low. Hello.”

Chomper cheered, jumping up from where he sat. “You did it! Now let's try introducing yourself.” He said with an excited grin. Arya laughed before watching him slowly emphasize the next couple of words for her to mimic.

They kept going until the Bright Circle was passed its highest point in the sky. Chomper realized how late it was getting and thought it was time for him to head back, not wanting his friends to come looking for him. Although it was a short lesson, Arya was able to catch on to Chomper's teachings quickly, which greatly impressed him. She could greet someone, introduce herself and say goodbye fluently, albeit with a heavy accent. He assured her that it was just a matter of remembering what the different sounds meant as well as practice and repetition. He promised to return soon to give her another lesson and then exited the canyon, walking back towards the Valley. He had made it back to the Secret Caverns just as his friends appeared on the path leading up to the caves.

Once they got up to him, Littlefoot was the first to speak. “There you are, Chomper! We've been looking everywhere for you.”

“Ruby told us you weren't feeling well so we came to check on you.” Ducky continued with a look of concern. “Only you weren't here. No, no, no.”

Chomper winced and rubbed the back of his neck. He should have known that they would check up on him. Having friends that worried about you was great, but not when you want to do something alone or without their knowledge. He regretted lying to them and disappearing but they would have never have agreed to go see Arya.

“I uh was feeling a bit better and decided to go for a walk.” He gave a small apologetic smile. “Sorry for making you guys worry.”

Ruby stepped closer and wrapped an arm around his shoulders with a grin. “Its okay Chomper. Just tell us next time. Next time tell us.”

“Great!” Cera interrupted impatiently. “Now that we've found Chomper, why don't we play a game of Toss the Seed?” Everyone agreed and started heading to the field where they usually played.

 Chomper breathed in relief before following his friends. He was thankful that they didn't question him further on his whereabouts. If they had asked anymore questions, he didn't know how long he would be able to keep his secret. He soon found himself walking next to Cera who looked at him with a raised brow. She then frowned and sniffed him, a grimace forming on her face. Chomper nearly froze when she opened her mouth.

“Why do you smell like a swamp?”

Thanks for reading! And let me know if you have any ideas for future scenarios. This was my first time editing on Gangoffive with my tablet and it was tricky. If you guys see any mistakes let me know.


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Re: Our Past and Our Future
« Reply #11 on: February 12, 2019, 03:17:52 pm »
This was a rather nice way to deepen the fledgling friendship between the two sharpteeth and one that seemed to be written quite naturally. Chomper’s willingness to meet Arya again was emphasized very well and his effort to reach out to his new friend really fit his character. The brief discussion between Ruby and Chomper seemed like a believable way for the sharptooth to hide his true intentions from the fastrunner.

I quite liked the reunion of Arya and Chomper and the former’s willingness to learn leafeater seems to signal that we’ll see her get to know the rest of the Gang soon enough. Thus far, her character development has been quite effective even if it remains to be seen just how things will go for her as well as for her new friends. Red Claw’s appearance, on the other hand, wasn’t my favorite part as he’s rather extensively used in the fics but it remains to be seen what’s his role this time.

As for the future, I’d say we’re not that far into this fic and I’d dare say the author often has the best ideas about his or her story’s direction. I’ll take a look at the coming chapters certainly as this installment was a bit more solidly written than the previous ones. Keep these chapters coming!


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Re: Our Past and Our Future
« Reply #12 on: February 13, 2019, 10:22:26 am »
"Why do you smell like a swamp"

Uh oh, Chomper, I think someone is on to you.  :p  This was another interesting entry that added to the interactions between Chomper and Arya.  Obviously both Chomper's conscious mind and subconscious are fixated on the female and the potential of a friendship with another being that shares his dietary preferences.  The method that Chomper uses to sneak out of the valley fit his character well (as does his mistake in assuming that no one would check on him) as does his desire and willingness to teach her leaf-eater.  Though, with Cera's pointed question, I sense the truth is going to come out soon.  I suspect Arya will be making further appearances involving the gang soon enough.

A good chapter as always. :) I look forward to seeing what happens next.