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Re: Sudden Change of Species 2.0
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The fastrunner barely had any time to process the magnitude of what had happened between her friends before she ran headlong to Chomper's side.  With her fears overwhelming her thoughts it was the memories of her father's lessons that spoke to her as her body raced against her instincts.

"If Chomper is ever hurt make sure to approach only from a distance.  A wounded sharptooth is a dangerous sharptooth."

"Remember to always keep two routes of escape if possible.  That way you can take one and your kin the other.  A predator who chases both is bound to lose both."

"It pains me to say this Ruby, but this is a blood pact.  Our family depends on this.  Both families depend on this.  If Chomper does not leave the valley alive then neither can you."

As she approached Chomper's dazed form, however, she noticed that his gaze was straying from the departing antagonists that had once been their friends, a sign that his collision had done no serious damage.  Instead his gaze had shifted to something on a log, perhaps buzzers. Which in itself was indicative of a growing hunger that was a mere symptom of his own steady growth.  The eventual parting that this foretold was made all the more tragic by the scents that now radiated from him. Anger, resignation, sadness, and loneliness. The emotions of a youngling who had just seen his parental figures go through a seemingly irreconcilable breach.

With a growing pressure in her chest she tried to hold back the anger that she held for the stubborn longneck and threehorn.  None of that needed to be taken out on her charge.  No, she needed to be Responsible Ruby, as her parents called her.  No matter how much it chaffed at her at times she knew what she had to do.

"Try to keep Chomper calm.  We cannot hope to unite the valley and the Mysterious Beyond against Redclaw if Chomper resorts to his instincts in the valley..."

Ruby looked down.  There is little hope of that alliance now, Daddy.  But I'll... I will fulfill my duty.  Chomper deserves that.  You deserve that.

"I'm sorry, Chomper.  I don't think there is anything we can do if they do not want to do it."  It was only when those words were out of her mouth that she noticed how hollow they sounded.  She could hear her voice failing as she tried to keep the tears out of her eyes, "Let's go back to the caverns, Chomper.  Let's... let's go to sleep."
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Re: Sudden Change of Species 2.0
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The sky water pouring down from above eventually broke the spiketail out of his trance.

Almost everyone had left. Littlefoot. Cera. Petrie. Even Chomper and Ruby. All who remained in the area was him and his sister.

Spike let out a whimper. He hated this. Sure, there had been fights and feuds between them before, but there was something that screamed of finality in this one.

He always had been a dinosaur of little words, but glancing at a distraught Ducky made him wonder if he should have tried to interfere in the argument before things had gotten way too out of hand.

Was everything now beyond salvation?

With a frown, he realized that it was too late for regrets. With only footprints left behind headed in different directions, it appeared that those yearnful days of old and former bonds were now gone, blown away like the swirling dust in the desert.

It was quite telling that the others had all left in separate directions. Those muddy footprints was like an analogy: telling them that their divulging paths was unlikely to ever intersect again.

Spike eventually trudged over to Ducky, the spiketail hobbling on the uneven ground as he dragged his tail against the ground.

At the very least, he still had his sister with him... though after what he'd bore witness to today, he wasn't sure if that tiny glimmer of hope was worth everything they'd lost.
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