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Re: Sudden Change of Species 2.0
« Reply #20 on: May 13, 2019, 12:51:06 AM »
The fastrunner barely had any time to process the magnitude of what had happened between her friends before she ran headlong to Chomper's side.  With her fears overwhelming her thoughts it was the memories of her father's lessons that spoke to her as her body raced against her instincts.

"If Chomper is ever hurt make sure to approach only from a distance.  A wounded sharptooth is a dangerous sharptooth."

"Remember to always keep two routes of escape if possible.  That way you can take one and your kin the other.  A predator who chases both is bound to lose both."

"It pains me to say this Ruby, but this is a blood pact.  Our family depends on this.  Both families depend on this.  If Chomper does not leave the valley alive then neither can you."

As she approached Chomper's dazed form, however, she noticed that his gaze was straying from the departing antagonists that had once been their friends, a sign that his collision had done no serious damage.  Instead his gaze had shifted to something on a log, perhaps buzzers. Which in itself was indicative of a growing hunger that was a mere symptom of his own steady growth.  The eventual parting that this foretold was made all the more tragic by the scents that now radiated from him. Anger, resignation, sadness, and loneliness. The emotions of a youngling who had just seen his parental figures go through a seemingly irreconcilable breach.

With a growing pressure in her chest she tried to hold back the anger that she held for the stubborn longneck and threehorn.  None of that needed to be taken out on her charge.  No, she needed to be Responsible Ruby, as her parents called her.  No matter how much it chaffed at her at times she knew what she had to do.

"Try to keep Chomper calm.  We cannot hope to unite the valley and the Mysterious Beyond against Redclaw if Chomper resorts to his instincts in the valley..."

Ruby looked down.  There is little hope of that alliance now, Daddy.  But I'll... I will fulfill my duty.  Chomper deserves that.  You deserve that.

"I'm sorry, Chomper.  I don't think there is anything we can do if they do not want to do it."  It was only when those words were out of her mouth that she noticed how hollow they sounded.  She could hear her voice failing as she tried to keep the tears out of her eyes, "Let's go back to the caverns, Chomper.  Let's... let's go to sleep."
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Re: Sudden Change of Species 2.0
« Reply #21 on: May 15, 2019, 03:01:12 PM »
The sky water pouring down from above eventually broke the spiketail out of his trance.

Almost everyone had left. Littlefoot. Cera. Petrie. Even Chomper and Ruby. All who remained in the area was him and his sister.

Spike let out a whimper. He hated this. Sure, there had been fights and feuds between them before, but there was something that screamed of finality in this one.

He always had been a dinosaur of little words, but glancing at a distraught Ducky made him wonder if he should have tried to interfere in the argument before things had gotten way too out of hand.

Was everything now beyond salvation?

With a frown, he realized that it was too late for regrets. With only footprints left behind headed in different directions, it appeared that those yearnful days of old and former bonds were now gone, blown away like the swirling dust in the desert.

It was quite telling that the others had all left in separate directions. Those muddy footprints was like an analogy: telling them that their divulging paths was unlikely to ever intersect again.

Spike eventually trudged over to Ducky, the spiketail hobbling on the uneven ground as he dragged his tail against the ground.

At the very least, he still had his sister with him... though after what he'd bore witness to today, he wasn't sure if that tiny glimmer of hope was worth everything they'd lost.
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Re: Sudden Change of Species 2.0
« Reply #22 on: June 19, 2019, 05:59:23 PM »
Ducky stood in the ever growing rain though it seemed like the wind and the thunder already began to subside. Much like the fight between her friends, it seemed like the storm had already reached its climax, short but intense though the rainfall kept increasing as if the heavens were crying with her, crying about the friends she lost just now - or that was what Ducky was assuming after everything that had happened. It hadn't even taken a minute to happen but now everyone was angry and furious, everyone was sad and depressed... and, most likely... no, after all this, would they even feel remorse? Ducky covered her eyes as hot tears blurred her vision. Was their friendship really... over? She couldn't believe it and her powerlessness only fueled her tears even more.

Ducky didn't know how long she stood there crying, ignoring even the small rivers of muddy water slowly flooding everything but, eventually, she felt something soft tap her carefully. It was Spike. Suddenly, something snapped inside her.

"Spike! Why did you not stop them!?" she screamed against the roar of the floods from above prattling down on all the vegetation around them and the countless puddles on the muddy floor, rage flooding her cocktail of emotions with a new flavor. "Even you... you... you only care about yourself! Everyone does..." she added, heavy sobs erupting from her throat like hot water from a hot spring. "W-what has become of us... w-w-were we not b-b-best friends... f-f-forever?!"

Of course these words hadn't been directed at Spike in particular but, alas, everyone else had departed already. Burying her head in her right arm, she stormed away, disappearing through the underbrush while crying loudly and leaving her confused brother behind. How could this day get any worse? Perhaps she shouldn't have pondered about it...
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Re: Sudden Change of Species 2.0
« Reply #23 on: June 20, 2019, 11:49:54 AM »
Ducky’s accusation rang cold in Spike’s ears, only for the situation to end up being exacerbated when the spiketail saw his sister sprinting away in tears. Though he was considerably shocked that she had lashed out at him, it didn’t take long for the situation to really hit home.

“Spike! Why did you not stop them!? Even you... you... you only care about yourself! Everyone does…”

He felt his head drooping down, losing what little appetite he had left. The words really stung because he couldn’t deny the truth within them. Ducky was right… this really was a point of no return.

"W-what has become of us... w-w-were we not b-b-best friends... f-f-forever?!"

Spike had made his choice, and so did everyone else. That being said, it was clear that this was undoubtedly the worst-case scenario.

Dragging his feet along the muddy ground, he proceeded to take his leave and trudge back to his sleeping area. There was nothing left to do here in this place. Hopefully, he’d be able to find some way to make it up to Ducky tomorrow when she simmered down… and maybe, just maybe, they could salvage this whole catastrophe.

Though the Night Circle was hidden amidst the numerous storm clouds, his drooping eyelids was enough of a telltale sign that it was getting close to snoozing time. With a yawn and the temptation of sleep threatening to overtake him soon, he could only hope that the others were having better luck resolving their shattered friendships than he was…


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Re: Sudden Change of Species 2.0
« Reply #24 on: July 12, 2019, 03:02:34 PM »
It felt like an eternity for Petrie since he had left his friends for the very last time and inside, he didn’t even feel true sadness. Not at all. Those feelings had disappeared when he had seen Cera and Littlefoot’s fight and on that moment, the turmoil he had felt for weeks and cycles of the Night Circle had seemed to simply go away. In their stead came calm and emptiness that seemed to drown everything else under them. No longer would he need to take care of any of his former friends and with the breaking of those bonds, he was free. He was finally free as any flyer should be.

Even then, it was clear that not everyone was as it should be. The flyer’s mother couldn’t help but look at her son with a worried look. He had sat at the edge of their nest for hours on end in complete silence. She could see the boy’s eyes growing moist from time to time and as the night’s shadows grew ever longer, she decided to try to get to him again after an unsuccessful attempt earlier during the day.

“Petrie, this cannot continue. You simply cannot sit here by yourself while speaking or eating nothing. I can see that the fight upset you but…” She said but she was then cut short by Petrie who mumbled with a soft voice.

“Me not upset at all, momma. Me just…”

“Don’t lie to me, Petrie! You are clearly not alright if you are crying here alone after a fight like that! I know how much your friends meant to you and if you still mourn their loss this much, maybe the damage can still be reversed! I can help you if you let me!” She said, not really knowing what kind of an answer she should expect. Petrie had grown tremendously in size and as a flyer recently and during his long, lonely flights she sometimes felt like her son was a different flyer now. Petrie turned at his mother slowly, speaking to her in a serious voice.

“Momma, please no do that. Of course this a big change and me can’t help but think of the past but… it past now. That all that matters. Me not want to meet them again and me feelings calm down before too long. Me probably meself tomorrow already.” He said, not really giving those words much thought. The older flyer frowned at that answer and bowed closer to the male, looking him in the eyes.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay, Petrie? Tell me honestly.” She said, preparing to follow deeply whether she could see a trace of a lie within him. Petrie, however, spoke as genuinely as he could to his mother, wiping most of her fears away.

“Yes, Petrie will be alright. Me just have to think a bit more alone.” He said, causing the female to sigh and rise to her full height. She gave a deep sigh as she next spoke to the boy, her voice carrying a hint of sadness to it.

“Very well, Petrie. Just don’t take too long. Most of your brothers and sisters are already sleeping.” She said as she walked towards the rest of her children. Petrie looked after her with half-closed eyes, not really being able to deny his own fatigue. Maybe, just maybe, things would look a bit clearer tomorrow. After a few minutes, he finally tried to rise to his feet and join the others in the realm of sleep stories but suddenly, he felt a powerful dizziness and exhaustion invade his mind. Suddenly, the boy simply fell asleep, falling into the hard, rocky ground.

Petrie looked at the wide skies around himself in excitement, looking at the distant mountain peaks far below him. He was flying higher than he ever had before and he felt more alive than anytime he could remember. The wind was trying to take him higher by the second and the boy found no real reason to resist. A wide smile rose to his face as he found himself flying higher and faster after each somersault. His voice trembled with excitement as he cried into the air.

“This what Petrie was born for! Me will fly higher than any flyer before and find the most distant valleys of the world! Petrie’s name will live forever!” He cried as he looked at the rolling meadows and wide water path below him, not even remembering how far he had to be from the Valley. Maybe he might even find a nice female for himself after he had conquered the mountains no dinosaur before had even seen…

“That is exactly the kind of going I could have expected from my nephew! You already are twice the flyer I will ever be!” Petrie’s heart swelled as he turned to look at the source of that voice. He smiled deeply as he saw his uncle flying towards him quickly. The boy was just about to answer to him before he heard another voice speak to him.

“I can only repeat his words, Petrie. But I can only look forward to finding out what lies beyond that Big Water with you, my son.” His mother said as the two flyers moved to both of his sides in order to accompany him in this story of his life. Petrie looked at them in deep happiness and cried to them with a loud voice.

“Thanks a lot, both of you! Petrie will be happy to have you along with me in the seasons to come! Me sure everything will be g…” He was about to say when his eyes suddenly opened in shock. It felt like his breath was completely torn out of him and the earlier lightness in his flight suddenly turned into utter weakness… and suddenly, the flyer realized he was being pulled towards the ground with an ever increasing force. His uncle and mother didn’t seem to notice any of it and then the boy cried with all his power.

“Momma, uncle, I’m falling! Please h….” He cried but this time, his entire world turned black as the flyer started falling into the ground with a great speed. It seemed to Petrie like he was trapped in some black whirlwind from which there was no escape and sooner or later, he would be crushed into the ground and at that point, his promising life would be snuffed out so very long before his time. However, suddenly he heard a low, haunting voice speak to him as he fell ever faster and faster…

“The broken band has been broken by pride, now it shall be united by being broken.  Go forth to this broken land… and protect the land you love.” The voice said and at that moment, the sight of his friends flashed before his eyes… before they turned into a group of dinosaurs he didn’t even know. The flyer was just about to ask what was going on… before he realized he’d hit the ground with a crushing speed on this very moment…

A deep gasp escaped from Petrie’s beak as he woke up, staring into the distance with deep breaths. What in earth was that sleep story? The only thing the boy could remember of it was that haunting voice whose words Petrie could still remember as clearly as he saw the nightly mountain range surrounding the Valley before him. However, his breaths grew easier by the second as he realized it was just a sleep story and certainly far from the first he had ever had.

Slowly, his frown turned into a careful smile as he realized everything was still well. He took a deep breath as he prepared to return to sleep… and that was when he got a glimpse of his fingers on his right side. They were now far thicker than before… and equipped with claws! The boy’s eyes flashed open as he realized that detail, suddenly taking a look at the rest of his body, only to regret that immediately. There was not a trace of familiarity within the sight.

His arms no longer had wings attacked to them and his torso had turned into a dark green and his belly had its own color now. Likewise, his legs were much larger now and he realized immediately whose legs they resembled: Ducky’s, or any swimmer’s. In shock, Petrie brought his hands to his face, only to notice there was no beak to be found anywhere. And it was at that point that he let out a loud screech.


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Re: Sudden Change of Species 2.0
« Reply #25 on: July 14, 2019, 10:03:58 AM »
Littlefoot halted his stroll after a while on the verge of his nest. He had to take a brief moment to compose himself after what had just transpired not so long ago, before showing his face to his grandparents He didn’t wish to worry them, but he knew that one look at him would be enough to cause such action to transpire almost immediately.

Most of all he wanted to forget the argument altogether and continue living his life like normal. In spite of his desire to just simply do that deep down he knew that his entire life had changed in a flash to something he never anticipated. In essence, he wished things had gone differently for all of them. But it simply couldn’t be helped anymore. It was about time to face the reality that this was it. The end of their long-lasting friendship.

The longneck couldn’t keep his emotions in control anymore, and he abruptly fell down to the ground and wept all of it out of his system. It was better out than in, after all. And he certainly didn’t wish to break down in front of his grandparents, so he just continued to pour down his emotions to the ground. In a little while there simply weren’t any more tears to shed.

Littlefoot rose up straight, and moved on to his nest, ready to confront his guardians in case they questioned him about anything all the while trying to calm his beating hard, which felt like it was ready to pounce out of his chest sooner or later. Now that he had shed every piece of emotion he had thrown away moments prior, the longneck felt a new start was about to begin. A one without his former friends. And part of him was almost unexpectedly glad about it.

He laid his eyes to his grandparents forms as he stepped out of the thick foliage that covered the grounds around their nest. Without delay, they too turned their focus to him from their conversation with one another.

’’Littlefoot? Why are you back so soon? Your grandmother and I would’ve thought you’d be away a bit longer with your friends.’’

’’It doesn’t matter, Grandpa.’’

’’And why wouldn’t it matter, Littlefoot? Did something happen between you and your friends, that’s bothering you?’’

Littlefoot gazed at Grandma Longneck and pondered how to break the news to them without him suffering another episode of self-pity.

’’We… it’s complicated,’’ Littlefoot finally said.

’’You can tell us. How can we help you if we don’t know what’s bothering you?’’

’’That’s just it, Grandpa. It… doesn’t bother me that much. We said some bad things about each other and it went completely wrong in the end. That friendship we had… is no more.’’

’’What? The friendship you once had is no more? What does that mean exactly? I recall in the past that no matter what obstacles you faced you eventually worked around them together to overcome even the most silliest grudge. What could’ve possibly happened for you to think that you no longer are friends with each other?’’

Littlefoot sighed deeply. ’’Please, Grandpa. I don’t wanna talk about it right now. Maybe later once I have completly calmed down. I still feel this… rage inside me. It almost feels like it cannot be extinguished.’’

They both sighed as well in resignation, apparently deciding that pestering their grandson would only dampen his mood further. ’’Very well, Littlefoot. But remember, if you ever wish to talk about what happened between you and your friends, we will always be there to listen and offer guidance.’’

’’Yeah, thanks…’’ Littlefoot mumbled.

Resigned to just let sleep do its job, Littlefoot laid down on the ground. Watching as his grandparents did the same out of the corner of his eye. A wave of exhaustion clouded him, and he entered the world of sleep stories almost instantly.

Littlefoot smiled more broadly than ever before in his life. He switched his gaze from the forms of his grandparents to his father and finally to the one he was most attached to. His mother. Life couldn’t be more happier. He was with his family, there were no threats whatsoever and on top of it, he was the leader of the herd they were currently travelling with. A dream come true.

’’I knew you were going to be great one day ever since I laid eyes on you,’’ said his mother.

’’I couldn’t agree more with your mother, Littlefoot,’’ Bron replied.

’’Well, I had two great parents, so of course I would turn out the same!’’

Everything was perfect. He had everything he had ever wanted. It possibly couldn’t go bad—then suddenly everything around him began to change. The once greeting sight of the luscious valley switched to a completely desolate wasteland until it too started to disappear. Littlefoot saw his the forms of his loved ones start to wither away, like they were delicate tree stars that would evaporate by mere touch.

He tried to hold on to the dream, but it was all for nigh. The longneck tried to scream, but no sound came out of him. It terrified him. Then he heard something peculiar.

’’The broken band has been broken by pride, now it shall be united by being broken. Go forth to this broken land… and protect the land you love.’’ Something flashed quickly by him, too fast for him to take any notice of it. All he saw around him was utter blackness and no way out.

Littlefoot’s eyes snapped open instantaneously. His eyes were fixed onto the starry night sky in deep ponder. Just what was that? All he could remember about it was that peculiar voice that spoke weird things to him. He attempted to calm himself down by closing his eyes for a while.

After a while he concluded that it matter little to him and that it was simply the best to just to get back to sleep. He tried to maneuver himself into a more comfortable position… then froze in confusion. His body felt… different, like it wasn’t even his. He dared to take a look at himself and what he found was more terrifying than anything else he had ever encountered.

He now possessed two legs instead of four and he had two sets of arms. But what horrified him the most about it was the sharp claws he now had and much sharper teeth as well when he used his tongue to probe them. His coloration was still the same, but everything else had completely changed. It took him only a brief moment to figure out what he was. He was a sharptooth, and it was too much for him to handle at the moment that it caused him to start weeping softly.

’’What… what’s happening?’’


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Re: Sudden Change of Species 2.0
« Reply #26 on: July 14, 2019, 08:11:44 PM »
Ruby found herself walking towards the caverns in a daze.  Each footstep and background noise seemed to fade into a general haze just as strong as a dense fog.  But this haze was entirely mental, radiating from the conflict that had only ended minutes prior.

How did it ever get to this point?  We all used to be close friends, but now we can’t stand to be close!

Reluctantly she shook her head free of this thought.  What was done was done.  All that could be done now was to ensure that her charge was well.  And, as a quick look at the purple sharptooth in front of her indicated, he was most certainly not well at all.  A downcast face and slumped shoulders showed that the immense weight of what had transpired had fallen especially heavily upon the purple sharptooth.  Ruby knew that to him, a dinosaur hatched by the five former friends, witnessing this fight was like seeing his five ‘parents’ separating.

Once they finally entered the caverns Ruby swallowed, not really knowing where to begin.  But as Chomper laid down immediately without saying a word, she decided to interject even if it was awkward.  Chomper needed a friend right now.

"That... was bad."

Chomper merely nodded morosely, barely listening to the world outside of his thoughts.

"Are you al--" Ruby stopped herself, "How are you feeling, Chomper? Because I know how I am feeling and it isn't good."

The sharptooth merely growled despondently. "Why am I even still here? My friends aren't even friends anymore and here I am going hungry just to stay a bit longer..."

Ruby closed her eyes.  I knew the time would come, but it came quicker than I knew!  She realized that Chomper would need to leave the valley sooner or later, but she had hoped to delay that inevitability until the valley and Mysterious Beyond could have united against Redclaw.  But with the fellowship of the five companions become fractured this only left Chomper and her.  And without an anchor to keep Chomper’s instincts in line…

She opened her eyes and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.  Take some time, Chomper.  And if you still think it is time, then it will be the time.

"Maybe we should talk about it in the morning when we are rested.  But... if you think it is time, Chomper, then you know that I will not let you leave alone."

There was a pause as the purple sharptooth did not immediately react. Finally, however, he turned around and offered her the slightest hint of a nudge with his snout.  She knew that the understated nature of the gesture meant more than met the eye.  It was the closest that his small form would communicate ‘Thank you, my friend’ without completely breaking down.

She honored his gesture with a final pat on the shoulder before she parted to go to her usual sleeping area.  This left her with her own fatigue and, unfortunately, her own morose thoughts.

She forced her eyes closed as a sigh left her beak.  She hoped that the Land of Sleep Stories would take her away from this much crueler land that she now found herself.

Ruby’s eyes jerked open.

The pink fastrunner hurriedly arose to take in the strange scene around her.  Where before was a darkened cavern now was green grass and verdant trees as far as the eye could see.  The only break in the beautiful scenery was the distant vista of a towering mountain range.  But those mountains, just like much of the strange greenery around her, were unknown to her.

She blinked.  She must now be far away from the Great Valley, but how did she get here?

She watched then as leaf-eaters came into view in the distance.  They appeared to sprint out of the trees as entire herds materialized where before there was only plant life.  But the sudden report of a roar quickly revealed what these distant victims were running from.

Ruby held her breath as the fastbiters seemingly appeared out of nowhere, swarming from all directions upon their hapless prey.  Even if Ruby would have been brave enough to attempt to help them, they were simply too far away.  Despite this she could not turn away from the sight that lay before her, of longnecks, threehorns, swimmers, and others running in terror while each one called out to their comrades, wishing them forward.  It reminder her of her friends and their families…

She could only shake then.  Former friends.  The terrible scene before her could only remind her of what she had recently lost.  In the ensuing mayhem her gaze fixated on a pink threehorn among their number.  A threehorn that appeared unsure whether to run or to fight… she barely noticed that everything else was beginning to fade into an indistinct haze.

’’The broken band has been broken by pride, now it shall be united by being broken. Go forth to this broken land… and protect the land you love.”

Quickly sucking in a panicked breath, Ruby’s eyes jerked open for real.  She had had disturbing sleep stories before, but none had the same odd feelings to it as this one.  It was as if she were experiencing something all too real, but fake, at the same time.  In her already overwhelmed mind such a disturbing dream was the last thing that she needed.

I am too tired to think, but I need to try.  I need to clear my head good so that I can get a good sleep.

Sighing, she resolved herself for her task and forced herself to her feet.  Then, with a confident step, she began her journey to her Thinking Place.

...and promptly landed on her belly.

“Huh?” she groggily muttered as she glared at her disobedient feet.  The rear legs had done their jobs just like before, but these new front legs were not cooperating at all!

She blinked.  My… front legs!

Sure enough, plain as day, stood two stump-like legs where her handy arms used to be.  Quickly arching her head to her side, she could also see a similar appendage to her left and right.  She had the legs of a threehorn, but that was impossible!  She was not a…

Now scared and half-panicked her right front foot hesitantly rose to meet her snout as she lowered her head.  She had to be sure… but it was impossible!  It just couldn’t be!

But that was when she felt it.  A horn.  A threehorn’s horn.  It was only then that the confusing bits of data coalesced into her mind.  She had become a threehorn.  In light of such an irrational situation she did the only rational thing that she could think of.

She screamed in terror.