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fanfiction series: LEGO Equestria Girls
« on: November 26, 2018, 09:00:24 PM »
Even though it's been years since I lost interest in continuing the fanfiction series I used to post here on this forum, I never lost my interest in writing fanfiction. My interest simply shifted over from Land Before Time to My Little Pony, and after the first Equestria Girls movie came out in 2013, I came up with an idea for an entirely new fanfiction series. My idea was basically this: what if the alternate world featured in the Equestria Girls series was not a human high school, but rather a world where everything and everyone is made of Lego.

I started writing the first story in early 2014 (coincidentally, right around the time the Lego Movie came out), and by following the later installments of Equestria Girls, I have since written additional stories for a total of five main stories and a few minor ones in between. Even though this series basically reflects the characters and events of the official Equestria Girls, I've done my best to put a unique spin on each story, especially by utilizing the quirky humor that Lego environments are famous for.

Since I've completed quite a few separate stories in this series over the years, I'll provide just one link to the full list of them rather than try to link them all separately in the list below.

My stories list on

And here's the list in chronological order, with the first at the top and the most recent one at the bottom:

LEGO Equestria Girls
LEGO Equestria Girls: Derpy's Day
LEGO Equestria Girls: Short Stories
LEGO Equestria Girls 2
LEGO Equestria Girls: More Short Stories
LEGO Equestria Girls 3
LEGO Equestria Girls 4
LEGO Equestria Girls: Bloopers
LEGO Equestria Girls 5
LEGO Equestria Girls: Starlight Glimmer's Misadventures
LEGO Equestria Girls 6

My plan for next year is to write two more main stories, so expect to see them added to the list once I get started on them.
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Re: fanfiction series: LEGO Equestria Girls
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2019, 07:10:08 PM »
I uploaded the beginning of my next story, the sixth main story, last week, so I've updated the list here.