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AU "Allies"
« on: December 02, 2018, 07:43:08 pm »
alright, here we go! my first LBT fanfiction to be posted on this site! :)littlefoot
this will be waaayyy different from most fanfictions on here as most of them (from what I have seen) are SUPER grounded in the LBT world, this one is not like, at all.
if you like Vikings this is pretty much for you, if you like furries, anthro, etc. that's even better! (please don't shame me I'm not like those cringe videos  :sducky)
so, without further stalling here it is! "Allies"
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                        Prologue
Rain and thunder ruled the night sky. A loud crack of lightning could be heard as the storm rolled through the lands. Tyler looked stoically out at the main village of his chiefdom. All of the inhabitants were in their wood huts sleeping, all except for him, the elders, his son and the longnecks. The brown wolf turned around into his cub’s quiet room, wooden runes adorned the walls, a changing table lay in the corner of the room, and in the middle was his crib. He looked into the wooden crib to see his small white cub chewing on his deerskin blanket, he looked up at his father with his baby blue eyes and giggled reaching out for him. He smiled down at his child and rubbed his face lovingly “ah, Robeth, your mother would have been so proud of you.” He whispered, thinking of his beloved Mira. He himself was proud to have such a child, Robeth was but a year old and already was strong enough to act so cheerful during such a thunderstorm. As he thought about this something caught his eye, it was Alakos, his trusted adviser and leader of the council of elders. The withered deer pulled down his cloak walked, or rather limped into the room “Thor is crafting a mighty storm this night.” He said in his frail voice, trying to break the ice. “Has it happened yet?” Tyler asked nervously, wanting to get right to the subject that had everyone up so late. “No no, not yet..” Alakos answered much to the grief of Tyler “but I would not fall into despair just yet, the oracle has been correct so far.” He reassured. Tyler sighed “I want Robeth to surpass me as a Viking and if he is going to be that he will need every advantage possible, including this..” he said looking back down at his smiling child. Alakos sighed “that has been the one flaw of your entire reign as chieftain..” he said as he walked over and put a hand on Tyler’s shoulder “you have built this chiefdom from a few mere villages to a kingdom noted among the others of Europa and even worthy of praise from Beowulf himself.. but you did with your own personal strength and didn't even ask the gods for help once.” He explained “I understand it is hard for you, but sometimes you must put your faith in Odin and the others” he told him. Tyler nodded, Alakos was correct, the death of his father, Mira, all the raids in his conquest all of this was performed without a single prayer to the gods, he believed in fate, not Gods. “I understand..” he said “and i’ll start right now” he continued looking back down at his child.
The rain was coming down harder than ever before. The water droplets formed vast sheets that came down like the waves of the ocean. The only creatures that were capable of withstanding such rain were the three giants, the longnecks. The creatures massive size made them some of the strongest creatures in Europa, capable of carrying entire units worth of supplies and turning back armies with their mere sight, the rain was nothing to them. They sat out their vast corral, two elder longnecks, Kenneth and Elaine, surrounding their adult offspring, Lilith, who herself watched over a single solitary egg, with other elders watching from within the barn the longnecks lived in. Lilith looked over at the elders with their stern faces and turned to her parents “why hasn't it hatched?” She asked nervously, she had been mounted before but never had a single hatchling, the elders thought her infertile and she was mocked by all the other tribe females. “Do not worry Lilith, we’ve made it this far, besides you heard what the oracle said” Kenneth reassured his daughter. Lilith remembered the prophecy, that an infertile longneck will give birth to the ally of a warrior, the longnecks were spiritual creatures, so she was inclined to believe the oracle. “Just think of it, I'm going to have a grandchild.” Elaine said cheerfully, she herself was infertile, with Lilith as her only child, she prayed to the spirits of the wild all her life to give her enough time in this world to see a grandchild of her own and now she had felt that that moment had come. “It still hasn't happened yet, why?” Lilith asked to no one in particular, she felt her heart sinking deeper every moment that passed “these things take time, dear..” Elaine explained “I'm sure it will be ready at any moment.” She continued as she looked into her daughter’s eyes reassuringly.  The elders looked at each other sternly, the mood had been tense for some while but as the rain began to fade they came to the consensus that the egg had failed in its part of the prophecy, they had planned however to make things official at dawn which was not for a few more hours meaning they were stuck there. They began to whisper things amongst themselves “are you sure we have to wait longer?” One asked the others “indeed, we all know Lilith is infertile, I've watched this process enough times to know what comes next.” another agreed “we must at least give her the chance” a third argued back. As the whispers continued the rain slowed more and more till it was only a mere drizzle. The longnecks held their heads together in prayer begging the spirits of the wild to let the egg hatch. The whispering had turned to light arguing as sides formed amongst the elders, this was not uncommon as each one of them knew that the others were trying to get the chiefdom to be run the way they saw fit. “Very well, you stay here, we on the other hand are goin-” one elder declared to the others but was stopped by a noticeable sound “CRICK”. The elders looked to the place where the sound was made and saw on the longnecks looking down at the egg which now had a small purple tail sticking out of it. The longnecks looked at each other with smiles on their faces, the elders looked on in shock, one looked to his apprentice “fly you fool! Fly! Tell the chieftain the time has come!” He whisper-yelled at him, with that the apprentice ran as fast as he could to the chieftain’s keep. Lilith looked at the egg as it began to shake again and a back right foot broke through, followed by the left one. The legs struggled for a bit before they were able to stand upright and attempted to start moving forward, sliding the what was left of the egg shell through the soft mud. The little creature soon found itself struggling against the buildup of mud and it soon stumbled over the small pile it had created, completely rolling over and landing on its hind end. The shell of the egg had been damaged in the stumble and it fell apart, revealing to the other longnecks the front half of the little creature. They gathered around the small purple creature as it looked up at them with a smile on its face, Lilith lowered her head to greet her newborn child, a movement which scared it and made it hide its head under its front paws. Lilith simply licked the back of her child which made it realize it was in no danger at all, it returned the favor by licking its mother’s face happily making her chuckle “hello, Littlefoot” she whispered to him.
Tyler lowered his head, broodingly, he was beginning to lose hope in this whole thing when he heard the frantic footsteps coming down the hallway. One of the elder’s apprentices stumbled through the door “chieftain! The egg has hatched! a new longneck has just been born!”. Tyler’s face lit up with both excitement and surprise at the news and he looked at Alakos “see what I told you?” He said with a smirk on his face “you’ll have time to be prideful later!” He chuckled at him as he picked up Robeth, much to his confusion. Tyler trotted through the keep with Alakos having to lean on the apprentice for support due to his weak legs “hold on, Tyler! I'm not the strapping stag I was before you know!” He called out. Tyler barely heard the old deer behind him as he made his way through the village, he couldn't believe it, all of his achievements in life where through his own willpower yet through putting his faith in Odin just once in his life he had set his son down the path of a life whose glory will make his look dim in comparison. He finally made it to the barn where the other elders were waiting “the time has come” one of the elders said to him, another elder stepped forward, he was holding a cup with a viscous blue dye in it, the ritual paint. “Hand your son to us, great chieftain, so that he may be prepared to become an ally.” The elder with the paint said. Tyler handed his son to the nearest elder who took him to the others who then surrounded him, causing him to whimper and whine. “Dont worry, Robeth evrything will only change for the better.” he said to the cub, who only continued to whine as blue paint was drawn across his chest. Tyler felt the ground rumble and looked forward to see Lilith walking forward with Littlefoot in her mouth followed closely by Kenneth and Elaine. She lowered Littlefoot into the arms of one of the other elders who did the same to him as they were doing with Robeth. Tyler went through the process in his mind, to become allies is to become family, the two future allies have lines drawn on their bodies with different colored dyes, the two are to embrace each other and let the two colors mix, from that point onward they are family forever. Alakos soon joined the group shortly later and watched with Tyler and the longnecks as the two babies were coated in different dyes “what is his name?” Tyler asked Lilith “its Littlefoot” she answered, Tyler stroked his small beard “Littlefoot… I like that name.” He told her much to her delight. The elders soon finished their painting of Robeth and Littlefoot and sat them a few feet from each other. All was silent as the cub and the hatchling looked at each other with confused faces. Robeth, curious, crawled over to Littlefoot and touched his forehead with his palm, both of which were covered in red and blue paint respectively. When Robeth’s hand left Littlefoot’s face there was dark purple paint all over his face, a sight which caused everyone watching to become overcome with a sense of relief and happiness. Littlefoot smiled at Robeth and licked his cheek, making him giggle and hug him in response, making even more purple paint, further reinforcing the sense of relief. As the two younglings played with each other the elders nodded at each other, the longnecks rubbed their faces together lovingly, and Tyler and Alakos shook hands. “Their brothers now.” Alakos said “indeed..” Tyler replied looking at his son playing with the longneck hatchling “brothers and allies.”
well, there it is! the prologue to my story! I hope no one was too off put by certain things, I like to call my writing style "high speed, low drag"

tell me what you think and don't be shy, unlike most people my age I can take constructive criticism!
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