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Quest for the Energy Stones
« on: January 28, 2008, 10:00:44 PM »
Alright, I'm ready to do something I've never done before, writing my own fanfic. I've thought out everything in this story for months now, and I actually started writing it only yesterday. This fanfic is a crossover of my two favorite things, LBT and Bionicle. I hope you will enjoy reading it. Okay, here it is.

Quest for the Energy Stones


Morning came to the island of Mata Nui. All across the island's six villages, Matoran woke up to prepare for another day of hard work. Before they could get to their work this morning, however, they gathered in the centers of their villages. The Turaga, the elders of each village, had a meeting the previous day and needed to inform their villages of the subject of their discussion, a new and strange prophecy.

In the village of Ta-Koro, one Matoran was sleeping against a wall. He slept here because he didn't really have a place in this village to stay. His name was Takua. Although he was Ta-Matoran, he wasn't accepted much by the other Ta-Matoran. Takua always loved to travel, often traveling from village to village and occasionally collecting a souvenir. However, his love of traveling had caused most Ta-Matoran to have very little trust in him. They did not like to travel and feared that his adventurous ways would bring them bad luck. In fact, they had so little trust in him that it was possible that he would soon be banished from Ta-Koro.

As Takua slept, one guardsman walked by and noticed him. He shook Takua awake and said, “Wake up! Turaga Vakama has returned from his meeting and has an important announcement to make.”

“Okay, okay, I'm coming,” said Takua, still a little sleepy. He grabbed his backpack and headed for the center of Ta-Koro. His backpack held all of the things he had collected on his travels, so he almost always held onto it. Takua soon arrived at the crowd of Ta-Matoran gathered in the center of the village. Compared to the other Ta-Matoran, even his appearance made him seem like an outcast. A Ta-Matoran's mask had a color of either black, red, orange, or yellow. Takua's mask was light blue. After so many travels, he still had not yet found out where he truly belonged, despite the fact that he considered Ta-Koro his home.

As Takua arrived, he saw Turaga Vakama stand up before the Ta-Matoran, signifying that the meeting was about to begin. In his hand, he held a stone tablet, the subject of this meeting.

“Fellow Ta-Matoran,” he announced, “I have returned from my meeting with the other Turaga with urgent news. A new prophecy has been revealed to us, one that even I have doubts for. It states that the six villages, along with all of the Matoran, shall be brought to another universe, a universe where unknown objects of power lie hidden.” He was silent for a few seconds before continuing. “I am uncertain of when this prophecy may come true, but we must be prepared for when it may happen.”

“How will we prepare for this, Turaga?” asked one Ta-Matoran.

“I am uncertain,” replied Vakama. “If and when this prophecy does come true, the best solution we have agreed upon is that all of the Matoran are to remain inside the villages at all times. This is because we are uncertain of what kind of universe we may end up in. It could be even more dangerous than what we are already facing these days.”

Stay inside the village forever? This was something Takua would not let happen. He was about to say something in protest when suddenly, the sky began to seemingly get brighter and brighter. The Matoran shielded their eyes from the blinding light.

“Turaga, what's happening?” asked one Ta-Matoran.

“Mata Nui!” exclaimed Vakama. “The prophecy is coming true already!”

The light continued to grow brighter. After a few seconds, the light began to fade. Eventually, the bright flash of light vanished. The village of Ta-Koro, along with all of the Matoran within the village, was nowhere to be seen. It was as if the village was never there. If there had been an observer outside the village, he would have seen a large beam of light come from a particular point in the sky and shine onto the entire village. The same event had just happened to all of the other villages of Mata Nui; multiple beams of light had come from one point in the sky and shone onto the villages. Nobody in this universe could have possibly known what would happen to the villages and the Matoran within them.

So what do you think? Is it a good start? Don't worry if you don't understand some of the terms, all will be revealed after a few chapters. Please let me know if there's anything I need to improve on, I really want this fanfic to turn out great.

I still have enough free time today, I think I'll start on the next chapter. Yes, it will feature the LBT gang.

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Quest for the Energy Stones
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2008, 10:23:59 PM »
I think that you should introduce the LBT gang as soon as you can. In my fan fic, I got them in in the prologue. Still, do it the way you want to.


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Quest for the Energy Stones
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2008, 10:50:31 PM »
There is such a thing as introducing to many characters to fast.  I say just go with the flow of the story and what feels the most natural instead of forcing it to fit into what other people say.  You can tell from the feel of the story if things are going right.  Hard to describe what I mean but that is the easiest that I can do at this time.


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Quest for the Energy Stones
« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2008, 10:51:52 PM »
Well, there aren't that many characters to start off with. But I see your point. Overloading the reader with information is not good.

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Quest for the Energy Stones
« Reply #4 on: January 29, 2008, 07:44:14 PM »
Okay, here's the next chapter.

Chapter 1
A Mysterious Event

It was early morning in the Great Valley. Littlefoot had just finished his breakfast and was now on his way to meet up with his friends. As he walked, he couldn't help but think about the strange changes that had occurred over the last few days. At one side of the valley, all plant life had disappeared, leaving behind a barren desert of sand and rock. At the other side of the valley, so much plant life had grown that it had become a swamp where no one dared to go. At the Thundering Falls, a giant lake had formed, forcing a few to move their nests to higher ground. Between the lake and the swamp, the Smoking Mountain had become more active, and flowing fire now continuously flowed from it as if it were fast water. On the other side of the valley from the lake was the strangest change of all. The frozen skywater that had fallen there during the last cold time had yet to go away. In fact, even more had since fallen there.

Littlefoot soon arrived to see his friends, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, and Ruby, playing toss-the-seed. “Hi, guys,” he said to them.

“Hi, Littlefoot,” they all said at once.

Littlefoot still couldn't stop thinking about the strange occurrences. “There sure have been some strange things happening in the Great Valley recently,” he said.

“Come on, not this again,” complained Cera. “You keep saying that every day. So the Great Valley has changed a little, big deal. I don't see anything else happening.”

“Nothing happens for no reason, you know,” commented Ruby. “If something this strange has happened, then something even stranger may soon happen.”

“Yeah, right, I'll believe it when I see it,”

As if right on cue, something very strange suddenly happened. Large beams of light suddenly appeared, coming from one point in the sky and shining onto different locations across the valley. It didn't take long for the beams of light to get so bright that they had to cover their eyes. The light beams grew brighter and brighter, but after a few seconds began to get dimmer. Finally, the beams of light completely faded away. The gang didn't know what had just happened.

“What was that?” asked Chomper.

“I don't know,” replied Littlefoot. “I have a bad feeling that those strange lights could mean something else has just happened.”

“You think something bad happen to Great Valley now?” asked Petrie.

“Well, we won't know what that something was until we go and see what that something might have done.” stated Ruby.

“Ruby's right,” said Littlefoot. “I think we should go to the Stone Circle and listen to what the grown-ups have to say about this.”

“That is a good idea, Littlefoot. It is, it is,” said Ducky as she climbed onto Spike's back.

“Alright then, let's go,” said Chomper.

The gang headed for the Stone Circle, which was in the part of the valley that was unaffected by the strange changes, to find out what had just happened. Little did they know, their home was now being visited by creatures from another universe, creatures that none of them could have possibly imagined.

I think this is enough to start out with. The next chapter will be much longer so it may be a while until it's up. Again, please let me know if there's anything I need to improve on.


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Quest for the Energy Stones
« Reply #5 on: January 29, 2008, 08:03:02 PM »
Seems interesting so far.  I wonder if the change is permenant or just till the story is over, I guess time will tell.

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Quest for the Energy Stones
« Reply #6 on: February 01, 2008, 02:38:59 PM »
I have a snow day here today, so I decided to write the next chapter. Here it is.

Chapter 2
Strange Creatures

The Matoran of Ta-Koro couldn't understand what had just happened. The bright flash of light had lasted only for a few seconds. At first glance, it seemed as if nothing else had happened. However, there were some guards who stood on the walls that surrounded the village. One of them looked out beyond the village and was stunned by what he saw.

“Whatever happened, we're not on Mata Nui anymore,” he announced to the other Ta-Matoran. “Apparently, we're in some sort of giant, lush valley.”

“Turaga Vakama, surely it can't be that dangerous out there. Will I be allowed to leave the village to see what's out there?” asked Takua, who was more than willing to oppose the Turaga's plan of staying inside the village.

“I am sorry, Takua,” replied Vakama, “but this is an entirely different universe. We have no idea what kinds of things may be out there. They may be even more dangerous than the beasts currently unleashed by the evil Makuta.” He then turned his attention to all of the Ta-Matoran. “As I have just said, our only preparation for this is to stay inside the village at all times. That is, of course, until we know that this place isn't dangerous.”

This just didn't seem right to Takua. After all, if everyone stayed locked up inside the village at all times, how would they know if this universe was dangerous or not? Still, he understood why such a precaution was made. No one had any idea at all about where they had ended up. This made it too risky to leave the village, so risky that it would be considered insane to even think about leaving the village during a situation like this.

The crowd began to dissipate. Many Ta-Matoran went back to their homes, as their work required them to go outside the village, a risk none of them were willing to take. After a few minutes, Takua was standing all alone. He couldn't believe that things had come to this. It just didn't seem fair to him.

Takua walked away. He wouldn't let this happen. He had to leave Ta-Koro. Already, he knew this was going to be very difficult. Ta-Koro was built on an island in a giant lake of lava for defense, and its new location was no different. The only way to safely leave the village was to cross a bridge that could be raised or lowered into the lava lake, and there was no doubt that it would be lowered for this situation. Even if the bridge was raised and the gates were open, he still couldn't leave without a guard noticing him.

Takua continued to think about how he could leave the village. Then he got an idea that could work. He rushed to the edge of the village until he reached a ledge not too high above the lava. He looked around to make sure nobody was watching him. He then reached into his backpack and pulled out his lavaboard. It was a special gift given to him by Vakama because he was a Ta-Matoran, and only Ta-Matoran possessed the skills needed to successfully surf on the lava rapids.

Takua held his lavaboard out in front of him and prepared to leap onto the rapidly-moving lava. “What do you think you're doing?” asked someone who stood behind him.

Takua turned around and saw a familiar Ta-Matoran. “Jala,” said Takua. Jala was very well known in Ta-Koro. After all, he was entitled Vakama's Right Hand, the highest honor any Matoran of this village could have, and he had earned that title well. He was very brave and had no time for nonsense, traits that pleased Vakama. Because of this, he was also the Captain of the Ta-Koro Guard, one of the best military forces organized by the Matoran. Unlike most of the Ta-Matoran, however, Jala actually showed respect for Takua, something that wasn't known by most Ta-Matoran for good reasons.

“You're trying to leave the village, aren't you?” asked Jala.

Takua sighed. “Yes,” he admitted, “but I have to. Don't you see, Jala? We can't stay inside the village forever. Someone has to find out if this universe is even dangerous at all, and I'm volunteering to do just that.”

Jala wanted to protest, but he knew Takua was right. The precaution set by the Turaga had a serious flaw, and he knew it. The only way to find out about what this universe was like was to actually leave the village and see what was out there. He also knew that it was better for Takua to do this instead of anyone else. He had too much of a reputation to defy a Turaga's orders, but Takua had almost none. He had also heard, much to his dismay, that there were some Ta-Matoran who wouldn't care if Takua died.

“Alright,” he admitted, “I'll let you leave. But I recommend that you should try to come back as soon as possible. I don't want us to think that you got killed by something.”

“Don't worry, Jala,” said Takua, “I won't be gone for long. I'll try to come back by the middle of the day. And don't worry, nothing bad will happen to me. I promise.” He held his lavaboard in front of him and leaped off the ledge. He then held his lavaboard underneath him and splashed onto the rapidly-moving lava. The current quickly took him away from the village. As Takua disappeared from sight, Jala silently wished him good luck.

Takua continued riding the rapidly-moving lava. He struggled to maintain control of his lavaboard. He wasn't inexperienced. He had done lava surfing before, but he was starting to have difficulty. After only a minute, he noticed the lava rapids were getting very rough. He knew that he had to get out now.

The banks of the fiery river were too high for him to reach the top. Then he noticed a tree root sticking out from the side of one of the banks. He banked to the right to turn his lavaboard in the direction of the tree root. He held out his right hand and grabbed it. The momentum from the current caused the rest of his body to fling forward. He held onto his lavaboard with his left hand and held his feet against the bank to prevent him from falling into the lava. He quickly tossed his lavaboard up onto the top of the bank and grabbed the root with both of his hands. He then climbed up the root and onto the top of the bank.

Takua stood up and took a look at his surroundings. This place looked quite beautiful. He could see all kinds of plants growing in this lush valley. But where were all the creatures? He put his lavaboard into his backpack and began walking. It was time to see what was out here.

The gang soon arrived at the Stone Circle. The grown-ups were already there and discussing what had just happened. There was something different nearby. A strange-looking rock had appeared near the Stone Circle. It looked like a rocky hill with shallow slopes and a level top. There were also four columns of rock, one at each corner of the level top, and stone steps on each of the four slopes.

The grown-ups told the kids not to go near it, since they had no idea what it was. Someone who had seen the large beams of light, like everyone else, had also noticed how this strange rock came to be there. He saw one of those light beams hit the ground nearby. When it had faded, that rock was just there, as if it had magically appeared.

Littlefoot wondered if there were other things in the Great Valley that had suddenly appeared at the places where the other beams of light had hit.

Takua had been walking for many minutes now. The only living creatures he saw were the many plants around him. He was starting to get frustrated. Then he began hearing something. He stopped walking to listen. It was too faint for him to understand, but he knew he was listening to a conversation. That meant there were creatures nearby, intelligent creatures.

Takua followed the noise and approached a clearing. He didn't want to be seen, so he hid behind a bush at the edge of the clearing. What he saw was incredible. The creatures he saw were unlike anything he had seen before. They were completely organic, something he thought was possible only for very small creatures. These creatures were huge! Many of them were easily many times taller than he was. There were so many different kinds of them too. Some were enormous and had very long necks, while others were quite small and had wings. Such diversity was quite fascinating for him.

Takua also noticed a group of them that were noticeably smaller, the tallest of which was only as tall as he was. They seemed like the kind of group that always stayed together. One of them had a long neck like some of the much bigger creatures. He then saw the little long-necked creature look in his direction.

Littlefoot looked around randomly, busy with his own thoughts. Then he suddenly noticed something behind a bush not too far away. He looked at it and was uncertain what to think of it. It looked like some kind of face, but nothing like he had seen before. The strange-looking skin on the face was colored light blue, and its eyes seemed like yellowish-red lights. After a few seconds, the object retreated from sight. Littlefoot continued looking at that bush, wondering what he had just seen.

“Littlefoot? Hey, Littlefoot!” shouted Cera, trying to get his attention. Littlefoot was startled for a second before turning his attention to her. “What were you looking at?” she asked.

“I thought I just saw something behind that bush over there,” he said, gesturing to the bush he had just looked at.

“What was it?” asked Ducky.

“I don't know, but I'm going to find out.” He left the gathering and headed towards the bush.

Takua quickly walked back a little. Many questions went through his mind. Had that little long-necked creature seen him? What if it was dangerous? What if these other creatures were dangerous? What if there were more of them? Takua may have been reckless, but even he knew when a risk was too great to ignore, and this was one of them. He had to stay out of sight of these creatures.

Takua started walking away. He had walked only a few steps when he heard a rustling noise behind him. He turned his head and saw the little long-necked creature was looking through the bush he had just been hiding behind. He quickly stepped out of sight. This creature was following him. He couldn't just keep walking away. He had to hide, but where? The little long-necked creature had four legs but no arms. This gave him an idea. He looked up and saw a tree branch low enough for him to grab. He jumped up, grabbed the branch, and climbed on top of it. The branch was too small for him to stand on without support, so he held onto another branch so he could stand.

Takua hoped that the little long-necked creature wouldn't think of finding him up in a tree. He waited there silently for a few minutes. The creature was now standing beneath him. Then he heard a cracking noise. He looked up to see the branch he was holding onto was starting to break off. Uh-oh, this won't be good, he thought to himself. The branch broke off, causing him to lose his balance and fall off the branch he stood on.

Again, tell me what you think so I can improve this story where needed.


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Quest for the Energy Stones
« Reply #7 on: February 01, 2008, 09:40:11 PM »
It should be interesting to see where this develops and if they can understand each other or if they have to someone learn the language of the plant eaters.

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Quest for the Energy Stones
« Reply #8 on: February 04, 2008, 08:25:10 PM »
Here's the next chapter.

Chapter 3
A Dinosaur and a Matoran

Littlefoot heard a loud snap. He looked up and saw something, or rather someone, fall out of the tree above and crash onto him. The impact hurt a lot. Whatever that creature's body was made of, it was very hard.

“Sorry about that,” said the stranger. “I noticed you were following me, so I decided to hide up in a tree. I guess that didn't work.”

Littlefoot stood up and looked at the stranger. What he saw left him stunned. He had never seen anyone like this before. This strange creature stood on two legs, which were quite short, and had two arms, which were quite long. The stranger was also covered entirely in some kind of armor, which was somewhat reflective. The armor was also colored differently; the feet and legs were yellow, the arms and torso were bright red, and the face, at least that's what he thought it was, was light blue. He just stared at the stranger, unable to believe what he was seeing.

“Did I frighten you?” asked the stranger. “Sorry, I didn't mean to.”

Littlefoot finally managed to speak. “I've never seen anything like you before.”

“I've never seen anything like you before either,” said the stranger. There was silence for a few seconds. “I guess that means you can understand what I say, right? Who are you, and what kind of creature are you?”

Littlefoot hesitated for a second. This stranger was the strangest creature he had ever seen. Despite his fears, the stranger was speaking rather kindly and seemed to be just as curious as he was. He finally managed to say, “I-I'm Littlefoot. I'm a dinosaur.”

“A dinosaur?” said the stranger. “I've never heard of one of those before. This is definitely a very different universe. I'm guessing there are also different types of dinosaurs.”

“Yes,” replied Littlefoot, “I'm a Longneck.”

“A Longneck? I can easily tell where that name came from.” The stranger chuckled. Littlefoot couldn't help but chuckle as well. It did seem rather amusing.

Littlefoot was starting to feel more comfortable near this stranger, so he decided it was time for him to ask questions. “So who are you? And what are you?”

“I'm Takua,” replied the stranger. “I'm a Matoran.”

“A Matoran?” said Littlefoot. “I've never heard of those before. Are there also different kinds of Matoran?”

“Yeah,” replied Takua, “I'm a Ta-Matoran”

“A Ta-Matoran? How is a Ta-Matoran different from other Matoran?”

Takua thought about how to explain it. “Well, Ta-Matoran live in Ta-Koro, the village of fire.”

“The village of fire?” Littlefoot was starting to get confused.

“Yeah, the Matoran live in six villages, one for each of the six elements: fire, water, air, ice, stone, and earth.”

“So you're saying there are six types of Matoran?”

“Yeah, there's Ta-Matoran, Ga-Matoran, Le-Matoran, Ko-Matoran, Po-Matoran, and Onu-Matoran.”

“I'm getting very confused now.”

“Don't worry, I can explain everything there is to know about Matoran and how they live.”

Littlefoot thought that such an explanation might take a very long time. “Maybe later,” he said. This stranger, Takua, didn't seem dangerous at all. In fact, he actually seemed quite friendly. Littlefoot knew that his friends would want to know about who he had found here, so he thought it might be a great idea to introduce them to Takua. “Hey, do you want to meet my friends?” asked Littlefoot.

“You have friends?” asked Takua.

“Yes, do you want to meet them?”

Takua felt uneasy about it. What if some of them were not as friendly as Littlefoot? “I don't know,” he said.

“Don't worry, I'm sure they'll like you.”

Takua thought about it for a minute. Littlefoot did seem very trustworthy. Besides, he might be able to learn a few things about these dinosaurs. “Okay, take me to them.”

“Alright, follow me.” Littlefoot started walking back to the Stone Circle with Takua following close behind. Although they both had different reasons, they both had the same thought: they had just made a new friend.

I sure hope more people are reading this, I'd really like to know if this story is good so far.

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Quest for the Energy Stones
« Reply #9 on: February 05, 2008, 12:15:24 AM »
Good chapter! :D  :D  :) Update soon!


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Quest for the Energy Stones
« Reply #10 on: February 05, 2008, 02:36:11 AM »
I've enjoyed reading it so far, thanks for sharing the story here.  Just remember, there are likely to be many more folks who enjoy the story then post any comments here.

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Quest for the Energy Stones
« Reply #11 on: February 09, 2008, 11:10:51 PM »
At least two people have read this so far, that's enough to convince me to update, but not quite encouraging me to update. But why should this be a problem, I've only just started. Anyway, here's the next chapter (it took quite a while to write it).

Chapter 4
A New Friend

Takua followed Littlefoot until they reached a small clearing. Before he reached the edge of the clearing, Littlefoot stopped and said to Takua, “Wait here, I'll bring them here.” Littlefoot then left to get his friends.

Littlefoot soon arrived at the Stone Circle, where his friends were waiting for him.

Cera was the first to notice him. “Hey, Littlefoot's coming back,” she told the others. They turned to see him, just as he walked up to them. “Well, did you find anything?” she asked him.

“Yes,” he replied, “I met someone there. He's very strange-looking and I have never seen anyone like him before, but he's very friendly and I think you should meet him.”

“I do like meeting new friends, I do, I do,” said Ducky, happily.

“Me want to meet new friend too,” said Petrie.

“If everyone wants to meet this new friend, then I think we should meet this new friend right now,” commented Ruby.

“Alright, follow me,” said Littlefoot. He began walking to the small clearing with his friends following close behind.

They soon arrived at the small clearing. Littlefoot stopped and said, “Okay, you can come out now.”

At first, nothing happened. Takua was a little hesitant. He saw that all seven members of this group were entirely different kinds of dinosaurs. He thought that maybe they didn't belong with their own kinds. He then remembered that he felt that he didn't belong with his own kind as well. Maybe this group would be willing to accept him. He came out from behind the bush where he had stood and walked into the clearing.

As Takua showed himself, Littlefoot's friends could hardly believe their eyes. This was the strangest creature they had ever seen. They were speechless. After a few seconds, Takua realized that he would have to say something first. “Hi, I'm Takua,” he said. They were still speechless. “I'm a Matoran,” he added. It soon became clear that he was getting nowhere at the moment.

After about a minute, Ducky was the first to speak up. “I have never seen anyone like you before. No, no, no.” she said, still unable to believe that the stranger she was talking to was real.

“That's because Matoran are from a very different universe,” said Takua.

“You're from another universe?” asked Chomper.

“Yeah, all of the Matoran that I know of lived on an island called Mata Nui. Did you see the sky flash brightly for a few seconds? I think that strange event somehow caused us to be transported from there to this universe.”

“Actually, what happened was that a few large beams of light came down from somewhere in the sky,” said Littlefoot. “I think the reason you didn't see them was because you must have been inside one of those light beams.”

“Good point. I just don't understand how that could have happened.”

“How many of you are there?” asked Ruby.

“Well, I'm guessing that all of those Matoran are now in this valley, so I'd say hundreds,” replied Takua.

“Really?” asked Cera. “If there are so many of you, then how come you're the only one we've seen so far?”

“We had no idea of what kind of universe we had ended up in, so everyone stayed inside their villages. I didn't think that was a good solution, so I sneaked out of my village to see what was out here. Even I was still uncertain about how dangerous this universe could be, so when I saw Littlefoot following me, I decided to hide up in a tree.”

“You can climb trees?” asked Chomper.

“Of course I can. In fact, Le-Matoran live in the trees.”

“Then prove it,” said Cera. “Let's see you climb a tree.”

“Alright then, I will.” Takua walked up to a nearby tree. He took off his backpack and dropped it onto the ground. He then jumped up and grabbed a low branch and climbed on top of it. He looked to everyone and waved.

“Go higher,” said Cera. “Let me see you really climb that tree.”

“You got it,” said Takua. He climbed up another branch and then another. He didn't have a reason to not climb this tree. The only reason he fell off the other one was because the branch snapped off. What were the odds of that happening again?

He had almost reached the top when a branch he had just grabbed onto suddenly snapped off. He lost his balance and fell off the branch he was just standing on. As he fell, he hit a few branches. He hit the last one so hard, his mask came off. He hit the ground face-down and his mask landed beside him. As Takua stood up, everyone gasped at what they saw. As far as they could tell, Takua's face had somehow fallen off. Takua noticed they were staring at him with shocked looks on their faces. “What?” he asked.

“Y-Your face came off,” said Littlefoot, with a noticeable amount of fear in his voice.

“What? My face?” asked Takua, as he looked around. He then noticed his mask on the ground. He then burst out laughing, causing the others to become very confused. “Sorry for scaring you like that, but that's not my face. That's my mask.”

“Your mask?” asked Littlefoot.

“Yeah, every Matoran wears a mask,” said Takua as he picked up his mask and put it back on his face.

“Why does every Matoran wear one?”

“I don't know. I have heard that if a Matoran doesn't wear a mask, he soon starts feeling weaker. After a few hours, that Matoran could fall into an endless sleep and can be awakened only by putting a mask on his face.”

“So a mask is like some source of energy?”

“Yeah, I guess you could think of it that way.” Takua knew it would take a long time to explain everything about his universe. However, he was here to learn about this universe, so he decided to change the subject. “Alright, in case if you didn't figure it out yet, the only reason I sneaked out of my village was to find out as much as I could about this universe. So why don't you introduce yourselves to me and then explain to me as much as you can about this place.”

“Good idea,” said Littlefoot. After all, he had wanted to introduce his friends to Takua in the first place.

Ducky decided to introduce herself first. “Hello, Takua. I am Ducky and I am a Swimmer. Yep, yep, yep,” she said. Then Spike walked up to Takua. Ducky introduced him. “This is Spike and he is a Spiketail. He does not talk but he is a good little brother to me.”

“I'm guessing he is your adopted brother,” said Takua.

“Yes, yes, yes,” said Ducky. “We found him all alone, but he came with us and he now lives with me. Yep, yep, yep.”

Petrie flew in front of Takua and said, “Hi, me Petrie and me Flyer.”

“Yeah, I kind of noticed that when I saw that you have wings,” said Takua.

Petrie couldn't help but chuckle at that statement. “You talk funny,” he commented.

“If you think I'm funny, you should listen to Le-Matoran when they talk,” said Takua.

Chomper walked up to Takua and said, “Hi, I'm Chomper and I'm a Sharptooth.”

“Sharptooth? Does that mean you're one of the dangerous kinds of dinosaurs?” asked Takua.

“Well, yes,” admitted Chomper. “But don't worry, no Sharptooth can get into this valley, and I'm very nice. I would never hurt anyone, especially not my friends.”

Takua was relieved to hear that. Besides, Chomper seemed way too small to pose any threat.

“It is good to know that you are willing to accept Chomper as a friend,” said Ruby. “Hello, I am Ruby and I am a Fast-Runner. I am here because I take care of Chomper while he lives here.”

Takua was pleased to meet all of them. He then noticed that one of them had still yet to be introduced to him; the one who had dared him to climb that tree. “And who are you?” he asked.

“I'm Cera and I'm a Threehorn,” she said, “and you better not try to do anything stupid with me, or you'll be in big trouble.”

Takua was well known for doing stupid things. But for once, he actually did something smart. He wanted to make a comment on the fact that Cera, being a Threehorn, had only one horn. But, seeing her attitude, he decided it was probably a bad idea, so he kept the comment to himself.

“Wow, you guys sure are close friends,” commented Takua. “I'd like to know how you came to be friends.”

The gang told Takua about a few of their adventures. They talked about how five of them, not counting Chomper and Ruby, first met and journeyed to find their new home, the Great Valley. They then talked about how they became friends with Chomper by hatching him from an egg they had found. They also talked about how Chomper and Ruby met and how they journeyed to, and became accepted into, the Great Valley.

As they finished talking about another of their adventures, Chomper commented that he was hungry. “I'm hungry too. I think we should take a break for lunch,” suggested Littlefoot.

As the gang spread out to get something to eat, Ruby noticed that Takua just stood where he was. Curious, she decided to ask him a question. “Hey, Takua, I was wondering, what do Matoran eat?” she asked.

Takua looked at her with a confused look on his face. “What do Matoran eat?” he asked.

“Yeah, do you eat green food, or do you eat the kind of things Chomper eats?” asked Ruby. Takua noticed Chomper grab a bug from inside a hollow tree and ate it.

“Actually, Matoran don't eat the way you guys do,” said Takua. “We absorb our energy in a different way.” Takua looked upwards and noticed that the sun was currently at its highest point in the sky, indicating that it was the middle of the day. He suddenly realized what he was supposed to be doing at this time. “It's the middle of the day already!?” he exclaimed. “Sorry guys, but I have to leave now. I need to get back to Ta-Koro right now. I'll see you again as soon as I can, I promise. Bye guys.”

“Goodbye, Takua. I hope we'll see you soon,” said Littlefoot.

Takua picked up his backpack and left to go back to Ta-Koro. What an amazing day he had, so far! Not only had he learned a few things about this universe and that this valley had little danger, but he had also made some new friends. He couldn't stop thinking about them. However, he now had a job to do. He would have to tell everyone in Ta-Koro that this universe was safe for them. Describing this universe, that would be the hard part. Even if the Ta-Matoran had a lot of faith in him, which they clearly didn't, they would never believe him if he talked about the kinds of creatures that lived here, but he had to try. He had no idea how long the Matoran would be in this universe, or even if there was a way to return to Mata Nui, so it would probably be a good idea to be friendly with the valley's residents. Such an alliance could benefit both sides. It would be all up to him to make it happen.

Again, tell what you think. I'll need to be patient with this because, compared to what will come, these first few chapters aren't that exciting.

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Quest for the Energy Stones
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Despite delays due to homework, this chapter took longer to write than I had expected. Oh well, at least it's finished for you to read.

Chapter 5

Takua had been lucky to find Ta-Koro. He was still very unfamiliar with the terrain of the Great Valley, so finding any location would be difficult. However, he did notice the Smoking Mountain in the southeastern part of the valley, so he decided to go there. After all, Ta-Koro was built inside an active volcano, so it would make sense that its new location would also be inside a volcano; in this case, the Smoking Mountain.

Takua soon arrived at Ta-Koro. He stood at the edge of the lake of fire that surrounded the village. Just as he had expected, the bridge was down and the gate was closed. This path was the only way to get back into Ta-Koro. He needed to get the gates open, and that was possible only from inside the village. He waved his arms in the air and shouted, “Hey, everyone, I'm back! Open the gates! I have important information!”

The two guardsmen who stood atop the gate noticed him. Unfortunately, they were among the Ta-Matoran who hated him. “Is that Takua? What is he doing out there?” asked one of them.

“Why should we care?” replied the other one. “He's stupid for going out there like that. He's going to get himself killed.”

“Come on! Open the gates! Don't just leave me standing here all day!” shouted Takua.

“Should we open the gates?” asked the first guard.

“Nah, something will just come by and eat him,” replied the second guard.

“Open the gates,” ordered someone who stood behind them. The two guardsmen turned around to see their captain, Jala, standing before them. “That's an order,” he said.

Both of them saluted him and one of them replied, “Yes, Captain.” The guardsman then shouted down to the winch room, “Open the gates!” The operators in the winch room did as they were told. They activated the mechanism that caused the bridge to rise up out of the lava lake and the main gate to open.

Once the bridge was all the way up, Takua crossed it and walked through the opened gate. In only a matter of seconds, dozens of Ta-Matoran emerged from their homes to see him back in the village. They were quickly whispering rumors to each other about what this could mean. Most importantly, just what was out there? They knew that he would talk about what he had seen out there, but would they be willing to listen to him?

Takua was uncertain about how to start. He had almost never been the center of attention. After a few seconds, he managed to speak up. “Alright, everyone,” he said, “as you know, I sneaked out of the village to see what was in this universe. There are other creatures here, but they assured me that this valley we are currently in is very safe. We will always be safe as long as we don't go beyond the mountains that surround this valley, because that's where the dangerous creatures live. I assume the other villages are also in this valley.”

“Who are these creatures you are talking about?” asked one Ta-Matoran.

Takua knew this would be where everyone would stop believing him. “They call themselves dinosaurs,” he continued. “These creatures are huge, easily more than twice as high as we are. Also, they are completely organic. They have no masks or armor, just organic flesh and bone.”

“Impossible!” exclaimed one Ta-Matoran. “No fully organic creature could be that big!”

“I bet there's no such thing as these so-called 'dinosaurs'!” exclaimed another.

“Of course he's lying to us! He knows he doesn't belong here,” taunted another. Nearly every Matoran in the village started laughing at Takua for telling such a ridiculous story.

“But they are real creatures. I actually spoke with some of them,” said Takua, trying to get everyone to listen to him. The village-wide laughter continued. He then noticed Jala within the crowd, but he was not laughing. Maybe he actually had faith in him. “Jala, do you believe what I said?” asked Takua.

Jala felt uneasy about it. He sighed and said, “I don't know. Even I find this hard to believe.”

Takua couldn't believe what was happening. No one, not even his friend, Jala, believed in what he truly saw. The laughter was becoming too much for him to bear. Takua was about to turn around and run away from the village when an elderly voice shouted, “Enough!”

The laughter immediately stopped as everyone turned to see Turaga Vakama standing before them. In his right hand, he held up his Firestaff, signaling that he demanded silence. He lowered his Firestaff and said, “Come with me, Takua. We must speak in private.”

Takua was uncertain of what Vakama wanted to speak with him about, but he knew it had to be something important. As Takua walked away with Vakama, many of the Ta-Matoran assumed that Vakama would finally banish Takua from the village. Jala, however, knew this would not be so. He assumed that Vakama would have to accept what Takua had said, since it was the only information of this universe that was currently available.

Takua and Vakama walked into the largest hut in the village, Vakama's hut. Vakama stood before the giant fire that dominated the middle of the hut. After a few seconds, Vakama turned to face Takua and said, “First of all, Takua, you disobeyed me. You left the village without my permission.”

“I know, but I wasn't gone for more than half a day,” said Takua.

“That's not the point. However, I see why you were willing to take such a risk. You were right. We would never learn anything about this universe if everyone stayed in their villages. Thanks to you, we shall not have to worry about that anymore. Now, tell me all you have learned about this universe.”

Takua informed Vakama of everything that had happened this morning. He described the amazing creatures he had seen, the dinosaurs, as well as what the land inside and outside this valley was like. He also talked about the group of small and young dinosaurs that he had become friends with.

As Takua finished, Vakama stared at the fire for a few minutes to gather his thoughts. Finally, he said, “We now exist in the universe of the dinosaurs. Since we have no knowledge on how we got here, we may never be able to leave. Therefore, peace with them will be necessary. The first step to establishing such a peace is to understand who we are making peace with. Go to the other villages, and tell each of the other Turaga that we are to meet in the center of this valley early tomorrow morning. You are also to tell the dinosaurs who live in this valley to be at that meeting as well, so that we may discuss who we are and that we wish for peace with them.”

Takua wasn't sure if he could handle this duty. He had no idea where the other villages were. Even if he did get lucky enough to find them all, he would have even less luck convincing the dinosaurs to attend the meeting. As he thought about it, he realized that he could have his new friends tell the other dinosaurs about the meeting, so he could focus on finding the other villages and informing the Turaga of this meeting. “I will do as you ask, Turaga,” he said, bowing before him in respect.

Vakama smiled. “I am pleased to see that you are willing to perform this task. May it help you gain the much-needed trust of the Matoran.”

Takua left the hut and headed for the gate. As he walked past all of the Ta-Matoran, he told them that he was not banished, but was performing a task for the Turaga. Takua left Ta-Koro and headed in the direction he had recently come from. Before he could begin his task, he had to tell his new friends about it so they could do their part.

Littlefoot and his friends had just finished their lunch. They were now talking about their new friend, Takua, and what his kind might be like.

“I think Takua is quite friendly,” said Littlefoot. “I think we should introduce him to the grown-ups when he gets back.”

Cera disagreed. “No way! That's a bad idea. In fact, I still find it hard to believe that such a creature like him actually exists. My daddy will never be able to believe it.”

“Cera right,” commented Petrie, “Takua sure look very strange.”

“Sometimes, the best way to believe something is to see that something,” said Ruby.

“That's just what I was thinking,” said Littlefoot. “As soon as he gets back, we'll take him to the grown-ups so they can personally see him.”

Chomper looked to the side and saw Takua was walking towards them. “Hey, look! Takua's coming back,” he said. Everyone looked in the same direction he was looking.

As Takua walked into the clearing, he was greeted by his new friends. “Hi, Takua,” they all said at once.

“Hi, guys,” he replied.

“Come on,” said Littlefoot. “We'd like you to meet everyone in the Great Valley.”

“Sorry, guys,” said Takua, “but I can't do that right now. I need to do something else first.”

“Something else? Like what?” asked Ducky.

“Turaga Vakama is calling a meeting at the center of the valley tomorrow morning. I need to go to the other villages and tell the other Turaga about this meeting so that they can attend this meeting.”

“Who are the Turaga?” asked Chomper.

“They are the elders of our villages. They are the ones who make most of the decisions that need to be made. I also need to tell the dinosaurs of this valley to attend this meeting as well. It may take me all day just to go to the other villages, so maybe you can tell the other dinosaurs here about this meeting.”

“What should we tell them this meeting is about?” asked Littlefoot.

“Tell them that it's for the Matoran and the dinosaurs to know each other and that we wish to establish peace between us.”

“Will you be at that meeting, too?”

“Of course I will. There's no way I'm going to miss something this important. I need to leave now. See you tomorrow morning.”

Everyone said goodbye as Takua walked away to begin his part of the task. Now they had their part of the task to do and they knew that without Takua, it wasn't going to be easy. They left the clearing and headed for the Stone Circle, where the grown-ups likely still were.

The gang soon arrived at the Stone Circle. The grown-ups were still there and still discussing the strange event that had happened earlier today. The gang walked up to them, getting the attention of some. “Hey, everyone! We know what those light beams did,” announced Littlefoot, getting the attention of everyone else.

“Did you go to where one of them hit the ground?” asked Littlefoot's grandfather.

“Actually, they brought some strange creatures to this valley and one of those creatures came to us. His name is Takua and he is very friendly.”

“What kind of creature is he?” asked Cera's father.

“He says he's a Matoran. Matoran are only as tall as I am and they walk on two legs. Also, their bodies are covered almost entirely in some strange kind of armor. And, strangest of all, they always wear masks over their faces.”

“That's ridiculous! Why would they always want to cover up their faces!?”

“Well, masks are like some sort of energy source for them, so they need to always wear them. Anyway, Takua says that we need to tell you that the leaders of the Matoran, the Turaga, have called a meeting at the center of the valley tomorrow morning. They want to know who we are and they want to be peaceful with us.”

The fact that these “Matoran” wanted to be peaceful with them relieved most of the crowd. Also, the center of the valley happened to be right where they currently were, so perhaps they might learn what the strange new rock nearby was.

Cera's father, however, was still not believing any of it. “I doubt that such creatures even exist, but we'll see in the morning.”

“Mr. Threehorn is right. Perhaps it is best that we save our questions for tomorrow, when we will actually meet these Matoran,” stated Littlefoot's grandfather.

Everyone agreed with this and started to leave the area. The gang soon left as well. They decided to spend the rest of the day continuing their game of toss-the-seed. They all hoped to see Takua again tomorrow.

The next chapter will be shorter, so it shouldn't take too long to write it. Again, let me know what you think of this story so far.

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Quest for the Energy Stones
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Like I said, this chapter wasn't that long so it didn't take long to write it. Here it is.

Chapter 6
A Strange Dream

Takua's task had been much easier than he had expected. Due to the strange climatic changes in the valley, finding the villages was as easy as identifying the different areas. He saw a large waterfall to the east, and found Ga-Koro nearby. He then saw a thick jungle to the south, and found Le-Koro in the treetops. He then saw a large, snow-covered area to the west, and found Ko-Koro there. He then saw a desert region to the north and found Po-Koro there. Onu-Koro was underground, so finding it would have been quite difficult. Luckily, he had quickly found the only tunnel that connected the village to the surface, which was in the western part of the desert region. As he arrived at each village, he was quickly granted access inside, since he was a Matoran. Each time, he entered the village, found the Turaga of that village, and informed that Turaga of Vakama's plan.

Takua was now finished with his task. The sun had since gone down and it was now late at night. He was now walking back to Ta-Koro. As he walked, he looked up at the hundreds of stars in the night sky. It was so beautiful to see so many stars in the sky at once. At the same time, it was also quite a strange sight. Of all the star patterns he was familiar with, not a single one of them could be seen. This was because this was a very different universe, so the stars appeared to be in very random places. Strangely, there was one thing in the night sky that was very familiar: the Red Star. Back on Mata Nui, it was the Red Star that made it possible to know when a prophecy would come true. Either this universe had its own Red Star, or the Red Star had somehow followed the Matoran to this universe. He decided to ignore this for now and continued walking.

Ta-Koro was now within sight. Takua didn't go much further until he had a thought and stopped. Why should he go back to Ta-Koro? The majority of the Matoran there didn't trust him. He didn't even have a hut to sleep in. He had slept outside for the last few months. Besides, his new friends seemed far more welcoming. If he had known where they slept, he would have slept there too. However, he didn't know where they spent the night, so he had to sleep elsewhere. He soon recalled seeing something familiar when he first saw the dinosaurs. He turned around and headed for the center of the valley, where he remembered seeing that familiar place. He decided to spend the night there.

Littlefoot was lying down in his sleeping place. He looked up at the strange red star in the sky again. His grandfather knew just as little about that star as he did. It wasn't in the sky last night, so maybe it came along with the Matoran. It was no use thinking about it at this time, so he laid his head back down on the ground and soon fell asleep.

As Littlefoot slept, he had one of the strangest sleep-stories he ever had. He was standing in an area that was completely dark. Then he saw a light from above and very far away. To him, it seemed to resemble the bright circle. Soon, a rock fell from the light and landed upright on the sandy ground. The rock was completely smooth, and carved into it was a kind and peaceful-looking face. He had no idea who or what this rock represented. The area then got brighter, just enough for him to see dozens of pebbles scattered around the rock. Some of the pebbles started moving towards the rock. Then a few more did so as well. Soon, the pebbles had gathered themselves into six neat piles surrounding the rock.

Littlefoot then looked to his right and saw another rock land upright on the sandy ground. This rock was different, however. It was black and jagged, with a dark and mean-looking face etched into it. From the base of the jagged rock, darkness began spreading across the ground. The darkness soon covered the smooth rock, causing it to fall over. The impact from the fall caused the piles of pebbles to fall apart. The smooth rock then sank partially into the ground. Then, three smaller jagged black rocks rose up out of the ground around the larger one. Littlefoot was unable to figure out what all of this meant.

Littlefoot then looked up and saw, among the many stars, a red star. Suddenly, multiple beams of light emerged from the red star and each one covered the remnants of each pile of pebbles. The light beams soon faded away, along with the red star, and the pebbles that were once there were now gone. Littlefoot then found himself in another area with sandy ground and a light in the sky. Dozens of pebbles were scattered around the entire area. The multiple beams of light from the other sand place emerged from where he last saw the red star and hit six locations in a circular formation. When the light beams faded away, the six neat piles of pebbles from the other area had appeared in the six locations. The other pebbles scattered everywhere soon began to move around to form more neat piles surrounding the first six piles.

Littlefoot then saw the jagged black rock from the other area rise up out of the sandy ground in the middle of the area. Darkness began to quickly spread across the ground. He was still unable to figure out what any of this meant. He then saw one pebble from one of the six piles move out of the pile and to seven of the other surrounding piles. From each of those seven piles, one pebble moved towards the first one. The seven pebbles formed a circular formation around the first pebble. One by one, a flash of light covered each pebble and turned it into a different color. The colors each pebble turned into were gold, red, blue, green, white, brown, and black. The first pebble then returned to its pile, while the colored pebbles started surrounding the jagged rock, fighting back the darkness.  The colored pebbles then shot beams of light in their respective color at the jagged rock. After a few seconds, the jagged rock sank back down beneath the ground and the colored light beams faded away. Soon, multiple light beams emerged from the red star, which had somehow reappeared, and covered the six piles of pebbles in the circular formation. When the light beams faded away, the six piles were gone. Also, the seven colored pebbles were no longer colored. Littlefoot still couldn't figure out what all of this meant.

Littlefoot then woke up. He noticed that it was already morning. He then noticed his grandparents walking towards him.

“Littlefoot, it's time to go to the meeting with the Matoran leaders,” said his grandfather.

“Okay, grandpa,” replied Littlefoot. He got up and stretched before following his grandparents to the center of the valley. He wondered what his recent sleep-story meant. It was likely a representation of something, but a representation of what? Perhaps the Matoran leaders would know what it meant. He decided to ignore it for now. Today, there was going to be a meeting that would be very important for everyone, Matoran and dinosaurs. He also hoped that Takua would be at that meeting.

Is anyone even reading this? Please reply so that I know if this story is good or not. I really want this story to be good, so tell me if there's anything I need to improve on.


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Quest for the Energy Stones
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I enjoyed reading the story so far.  Sorry I didn't comment much since I last did but I was busy playing Jade Empire.

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Quest for the Energy Stones
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Despite a lot of writer's block, I've finally managed to write the next chapter. Here it is.

Chapter 7
The Big Meeting

It was early in the morning and every dinosaur in the Great Valley was now gathered at the Stone Circle in the center of the valley. Everyone had had a quick breakfast before coming here, so hunger wouldn't be a problem. Still, many had serious doubts about the existence of Matoran, let alone the possibility their leaders would come to this meeting.

Littlefoot and his friends were a little worried about this as well. After all, Takua had promised to be at this meeting, but he still hadn't shown up yet. Perhaps he would come along with the leader of his village.

Littlefoot took a quick look at the strange rock nearby. It had appeared yesterday morning and nobody knew what it was. But Littlefoot noticed something different. He took a closer look and noticed someone familiar sitting against one of the four rock columns on that rock. “Guys, Look! It's Takua!” he exclaimed.

Littlefoot hurried towards the rock with his friends following close behind. Everyone turned their attention to them as they headed for the strange rock. They all soon noticed the strange creature sitting on that rock. Perhaps that stranger was the one the kids had been talking about the previous day. The gang rushed up the stone steps and stopped in front of Takua. He was still asleep.

“Is he still sleeping?” asked Cera.

“Hey, Takua, wake up,” urged Littlefoot.

Takua stirred a little and opened his eyes. “Guys? Wow, you sure are early,” he said.

“Actually, it's not that early. You were just sleeping late.”

“Really? I guess I've had a lot on my mind recently.” Takua then stood up and put on his backpack. He then looked at every dinosaur that stood before him. They were all staring at him. “Wow, is this everyone?”

“Yeah, I guess after what happened yesterday, they wanted to know if there really was such a creature like you.”

Takua turned his attention to everyone. “Well, it looks like you got what you came to see. Hi, my name is Takua and I am a Matoran. Save all of your questions for our village elders, the Turaga. They are very wise and we show them great respect. I'll introduce you to each of them as they arrive, since I know them very well. They should be here any time now.”

Everyone was shocked at what they were seeing. Standing before them was one of the strangest creatures any of them had ever seen. They had many questions for him, but they knew that it would probably be best to have the wise elders of his kind answer those questions.

Littlefoot, however, had one question that he wanted to ask Takua. “Why did you sleep here instead of at your village? Do you know this rock?”

“Of course I know this place. This is the Kini-Nui temple. It was built in the center of our home, the island of Mata Nui. If the Turaga ever had a meeting, it would be held here. Seeing as you're all here right now, I guess this is the center of this valley where the meeting will be. Good thing this temple ended up here.”

“Hey, look! Somebody is coming!” said Chomper. Everyone looked in the direction he was pointing.

Approaching them was an elderly-looking red figure. He was just a little taller than Takua and the mask he wore was a different shape and colored orange. In his right hand, he held a long stick with a flame on the top end of it, his Firestaff.

“That's Vakama, Turaga of Ta-Koro, the village of fire,” said Takua. “Ta-Koro also happens to be the village that I come from.”

Vakama, seeing the Kini-Nui, walked up the steps of the temple. The other five Turaga arrived within the next few minutes and Takua introduced the crowd to each of them. Nokama was the Turaga of Ga-Koro, the village of water. Onewa was the Turaga of Po-Koro, the village of stone. Whenua was the Turaga of Onu-Koro, the village of earth. Matau was the Turaga of Le-Koro, the village of air. Nuju was the Turaga of Ko-Koro, the village of ice.

The Turaga stood at the front of the Kini-Nui and were facing the crowd of dinosaurs, who stood at the Stone Circle and were facing them. Littlefoot and his friends, along with Takua, stood at the base of the temple between the two groups.

At first, there was silence. Each group looked at the other in awe and wonder. Finally, Turaga Vakama broke the silence. “Fellow Turaga, we stand before the native creatures of this land in this universe. We are probably as mysterious to them as they are to us. Let us begin this meeting by answering any questions they may have for us.”

The dinosaurs began asking many of the questions they had. Some were simple, such as how many Matoran were here in the valley. Others were complex, such as what was the purpose of the masks they wore. The Turaga answered all of these questions as they were asked.

“Is the universe you come from more dangerous than this universe?” asked one dinosaur.

“At this time, yes,” replied Vakama. “But long ago, the Matoran lived a calm and peaceful life.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Cera's father.

“Gather around, everyone. We have a legend to tell you.”

The Turaga walked to the center of the temple and stood near the circular sand pit there. Everyone gathered around the front of the temple, as Vakama had said. Takua and his dinosaur friends stood at the front of the crowd. Vakama had brought everything he needed to tell the legend, since it required using the sand pit to visually describe the legend as it was told.

Vakama began by placing a smooth rock with a face carved on it in the middle of the sand pit. Littlefoot recognized that rock as the same one he had seen in his sleep-story. Vakama then began telling the legend. “In the time before time, the Great Spirit descended from the heavens, bringing us, the Matoran, with him to the island paradise we have since called home. We were separate and without purpose, so the Great Spirit blessed us with the three virtues: unity, duty, and destiny. We embraced these gifts and, in gratitude, name our island home Mata Nui, after the Great Spirit himself.”

Apparently, the smooth rock represented the Great Spirit, Mata Nui. Vakama then put a black, jagged rock in the sand pit next to the smooth rock. “But our happiness did not last long. Mata Nui's brother, Makuta, had followed him. He grew jealous of these honors, so he cast a spell over Mata Nui, sending him into a deep slumber.” He knocked over the smooth stone to represent this. “Makuta's darkness spread across the land and our virtues began to be forgotten. He unleashed horrible beasts, the Rahi, to keep us in fear and darkness. Since then, we have fought all kinds of Rahi, but the darkness remained over our land.”

So far, the legend perfectly reflected the sleep-story Littlefoot had had. He wondered if the rest of legend would also be similar. He would soon be proven wrong.

The six Turaga each placed a smaller smooth rock near the jagged rock so that those rocks surrounded the jagged rock. “Still, we are far from losing all hope. We have always believed that, one day, six heroes will arrive to our island, the Toa. When they arrive, they will have one mission: to defeat Makuta and save Mata Nui. That, my new friends, is what our world has been like for as long as we could remember.”

“I don't find any of this believable!” exclaimed Cera's father. “I can see that you Matoran actually exist, but I don't believe in anything you have just said!”

“Mr. Threehorn, please control your anger,” said Littlefoot's grandfather, calmly. “I know you find this hard to believe, but this is their legend. Therefore, they believe in it more than any of us.”

“Besides,” added Vakama, “I and the other Turaga have personally seen these past events occur. So we are more than just believers. We know the legend is true.”

“Perhaps it is best that I mention that the Great Valley is a very safe place,” said Littlefoot's grandfather. “So any dangers you may have faced in the past are very likely to not be here.”

“It is good to hear such a thing. The Matoran have longed for an era of peace. Until we find a way back to our home, that is just what we shall have.”

“It pleases me to see that we can all live together in peace. Perhaps there are some young Matoran that the little ones can play with.”

This statement left most of the Turaga quite confused. “What did he say?” asked Onewa.

Whenua cleared his throat and said, “To put it in a way so that everyone can understand, Matoran are not created the way that I assume you dinosaurs are. While a dinosaur life starts with childhood, Matoran are simply brought into existence, already fully grown. Matoran also have a lifespan of thousands of years. This is why we remember the legend so clearly, because we all saw it happen, nearly a thousand years ago.”

This statement got the dinosaurs asking more questions. After a while, the Turaga began asking their own questions to the dinosaurs. Finally, by the end of the morning, there were no more questions left for anyone to ask. The dinosaurs agreed to let the Matoran live in the Great Valley for as long as they wished. Cera's father was reluctant, but he too agreed to this.

Before anyone left, Takua wanted to say something. “Turaga, I would like to show my new friends each of the six villages. Would you allow that to be possible tomorrow?”

“Of course, Takua,” replied Vakama. “That would be an excellent idea. It would allow the Matoran to personally see some of these dinosaur creatures.”

“Also, I was wondering if I could live with them too, wherever they live.”

“If that is what you wish, then go right ahead.” Vakama then turned his attention back to the crowd of dinosaurs. “An era of peace between Matoran and dinosaurs has begun. Let us hope that it will last.”

The Turaga then left and began heading back to their villages. The dinosaurs also began to leave as well. Soon, Littlefoot and his friends, along with Takua, were the only ones left there.

“So, what do you guys want to do?” asked Takua.

“Well, since we are going to see how Matoran spend their time, tomorrow, maybe you could see how we spend our time, today,” suggested Ruby.

“Good idea, Ruby,” said Littlefoot. “Let's go play at the Tall Trees.”

“Sounds like you want to have some fun,” said Takua. “Count me in.”

The gang headed for the Tall Trees to spend the rest of the day having fun. Takua couldn't wait to see what kind of activities they enjoyed doing.

Please read and review so I know how good this story is. I figured that I should write this as if the reader was completely unfamiliar with Bionicle (which I think is practically everyone here). That's why I'm going to have them visit each of the villages to see what they are like, so the reader can know about them as well.


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Quest for the Energy Stones
« Reply #16 on: March 04, 2008, 09:12:27 PM »
The characters and scene was interesting.  It seemed well paced and not rushed.  Also assuming folks do not know about Bionicle is a good idea, though some may know about it not all will.   Also the gang, and others, would be curious about the new types of creatures as well.  As they would be about the dinosaurs.

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Quest for the Energy Stones
« Reply #17 on: March 10, 2008, 08:54:06 PM »
Alright, here's the next chapter.

Chapter 8
Life With Kids

By the time they arrived at the Tall Trees, the gang decided to get some lunch before they did anything. This meant that Takua would have to wait for them to finish, something he didn't feel very content about.

Chomper, being a Sharptooth, finished his lunch before anyone else. He decided to talk to Takua while he waited. “Hey, Takua,” he said, but everywhere he looked he could not see Takua. “Takua? Where are you?”

“What is it, Chomper?” asked Littlefoot.

“Where's Takua? I don't see him anywhere.”

“Takua? Where are you? Takua!”

“Are you calling me?” asked a familiar voice. Everyone turned to see Takua approaching them.

“Takua! Where have you been!?” asked Cera in an angry voice.

“I just decided to take a look around. After all, this is only my second day here in the Great Valley,” said Takua.

“Next time, let us know when you go wandering off again,” said Littlefoot. “You had me worried there for a minute.”

“Sorry, guys. I just wanted to do something while I waited for you to finish. Are you done eating now?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Alright, what do you want to do now?”

Chomper remembered that he had wanted to ask Takua something just a minute ago. “Hey, Takua, what's that thing you carry on your back?” he asked.

“My backpack?” asked Takua, taking off his backpack. “I've traveled to many places and I've occasionally collected a few things. I carry everything I have in this backpack.”

“What kind of things?” asked Ducky.

“Here, I'll show you,” said Takua, dumping the contents of his backpack onto the ground. The first item he picked up was a large, flat object. “This is my lavaboard. I use it to safely ride across lava.”

“What's lava?” asked Cera.

“You know, the fiery stuff that flows from volcanic mountains.”

“Oh, you mean flowing fire. You just call it something different,” said Littlefoot.

“Wait a minute!” exclaimed Cera. “Are you saying that thing allows you to ride on that stuff without getting burned at all?”

“Yeah, but only Ta-Matoran like myself are capable of doing so,” stated Takua.

Ducky picked up something that easily caught her eye. It was a crystal-like rock that gave off a glowing light. It was almost as big as she was, so she barely managed to pick it up. “Look! This rock is shining like the Bright Circle! It is, it is!” she exclaimed.

“That's a lightstone,” said Takua, taking it from Ducky's small hands. “It's mined in Onu-Koro, where it's of great importance. That's because that village is underground, where it's always dark. Lightstones, like this one, are the only source of light they have there. I find this lightstone useful when traveling through dark places like tunnels.”

As Takua put his lavaboard and lightstone back into his backpack, Petrie noticed a strange-looking stick-like object. “What that?” he asked, pointing at that object.

“That's a flute I got in Le-Koro. Many of the Matoran there play music with things like this. Here, I'll show you.” Takua held the flute to his mouth and played a few random notes. The gang thought that such sounds were beautiful.

“That very good,” commented Petrie. “Me want to hear more.”

“Wait until you visit Le-Koro, tomorrow. You'll hear a lot more of it,” said Takua as he put his flute back into his backpack.

Ruby picked up the last item that was on the ground. It was smooth, colored gray, and was just a little larger than the light-stone. “What is this?” she asked.

Takua took it from her and said, “That's a heatstone. Just as a lightstone gives off light, a heatstone gives off heat. It's stored inside this canister to prevent any of its heat from escaping.” Takua took the lid off of the canister to partially reveal a stone the same size and shape of a lightstone. “It's a good idea to have one of these if you're in a very cold place.” He put the lid back on the canister and put it back into his backpack. “Alright, now that we're done with that, I'd like to know what you guys do all day.”

“We just play and have fun, just like any other kids,” stated Littlefoot.

“Really? Well, whatever you're going to play, count me in, too.”

“You want to play with us? But I thought all Matoran were grown-ups.” Littlefoot had obviously remembered what the Turaga had said at the meeting about Matoran.

“Just because I'm not as young as you doesn't mean that I have to act that way. Besides, I actually want to be accepted into a group, for once.”

“Fine, you can play with us,” said Cera.

“So what shall we play if Takua is playing with us?” asked Ruby.

“How about something simple, like hide-and-seek,” suggested Littlefoot.

After briefly describing the rules to Takua, the gang was ready to begin the game. Ruby was it, and she began counting.

Takua looked around for a good hiding spot. Cera claimed that she was the best at this game, so she was sure to find a very good hiding spot. Takua, however, had other ideas. If he couldn't find a hiding spot, he would just make one. He then noticed a large boulder with vegetation covering a good amount of it. This gave him an excellent idea. He broke a few large branches off of a nearby tree, sat on the ground with his back against the boulder, and placed the branches over him so that he couldn't be seen. This trick of camouflage work against countless Rahi before. If it worked this good, he might be here for quite a while.

After a few minutes, Ruby had found everyone except for Takua. Cera assumed that he had wandered off again, but the others didn't think so.

Littlefoot stood atop a large boulder to see if Takua was hiding anywhere nearby. As he turned around, he slipped and fell off the boulder. Before he hit the ground, however, he hit something very hard. He then landed on the ground with branches underneath him. That something turned out to be someone, who groaned in pain and said, “Ow, my head.”

Littlefoot immediately recognized who that was. “Hey, I found Takua!” he exclaimed. He then noticed that Takua's mask didn't seem to be on his face quite right, so he asked, “Are you alright? Your mask looks crooked.”

“I'm fine. This mask just doesn't quite fit me right,” said Takua, readjusting his mask. “I don't know why it doesn't fit, but I've been wearing it for as long as I can remember. At least it's a mask that I can actually wear.”

Everyone arrived in only a few seconds. Takua described his excellent hiding spot to them. Cera was jealous and claimed that she could make a better hiding spot. Takua accepted the challenge and played a few more rounds with the gang. No matter how much Cera tried, Takua seemed to always come up with a great way to hide. One time, he took off his mask and put it in a bush so that it was visible, while he hid behind a tree. It would have worked, if only his laughter at the others falling for this trick hadn't given him away.

Eventually, Cera gave up and wanted to do something else. At Takua's suggestion, the gang told him of other past adventures they had. They talked about their friend, Ali the Longneck, and how she helped them find the golden night flower. They also talked about the stone of cold fire and how Petrie's uncle, Pterano, got involved in a bad way. They even talked about what happened when the Great Valley felt real cold weather for the first time, the same kind always felt in Ko-Koro.

Sunset soon came, and parents began calling their children home. As the gang began to leave for their nests, Takua pondered on who he would spend the night with. Littlefoot looked back and noticed that Takua was just standing there. Feeling sorry for him, Littlefoot asked, “Do you want to sleep at my nest tonight?”

Takua accepted the offer and followed Littlefoot. They soon arrived at Littlefoot's nest. Takua explained to Littlefoot's grandparents that he would be spending the night here. As Littlefoot sat in his sleeping place, Takua took off his backpack and sat at the base of a nearby tree. Littlefoot looked at Takua and said, “Goodnight Takua.”

“Goodnight Littlefoot.” said Takua. He leaned his back against the tree and soon fell asleep. Tomorrow, he would take his new friends to see the six Matoran villages.

Not many reviewers here, but I won't let that be a problem. The next few chapters shouldn't be a problem. There'll be one chapter for each village they visit. That should be able to provide the reader with as much information on Bionicle that will be necessary for this story.


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Quest for the Energy Stones
« Reply #18 on: March 11, 2008, 03:20:19 AM »
I enjoyed reading this.  You do very good writing and have the characters well fleshed out, with the flow not seeming to be to hurried or to slow.


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Quest for the Energy Stones
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Pretty good story so far, I've never seen a Land Before Time crossover with Bioncles before. :lol: