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Thank you for your review!
« on: December 04, 2005, 07:12:16 AM »
Hi pokeplayer984!
Thank you so much for the review on "The Big Quarrel" you sent me!
I'm glad you liked the general concept of the story and I'm especially grateful for the good points of constructive criticism you offered. :)
By the time I translated the story I wasn't too good at English (it was before my students exchange and before I came to senior grade where I got some special training in talking English). As for vocabularies sometimes knowing to many is a course. Once I made people laugh when in a story I let Cera speak about an "insurmountable impediment"  :lol
Not quite the way she usually talks isn't it? Not quite the way ANYONE would ever talk.
You are very correct about the chapter length. Especially during the encounter with the sharptooth they are too short (in the most extreme case less than half a page I think). Meanwhile I'm making longer chapters. Several pages usually, but I don't really plan to make 20 pages chapters as most people like to have good point to make a break when they read a story. The story I'm writing at the moment however has a 9 pages prologue. Usually I will make a new chapter if there is a change in location, or time, or acting characters or all of these.
As for giving more credit to myself, I assure you that I do credit myself. However, I try not to credit myself too much as this would easily result in arrogance. I am very outspoken about anything I dislike and will not conceal from anyone my honest thoughts on what they do. Why should I be different to myself  :lol:
Nowadays it is very easy to get praise for politeness' sake, but an honest critic is hard to find.
Thank you very much! I appreciate your review very much :)