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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
« on: June 25, 2009, 07:28:36 pm »

(Here it does, Total Drama Valley Season Two! This episode will be written by me, and the next one will be written by Great Valley Guardian, and so on, just so those who are reading about this for the first time on

Brekclub85 Presents:

TOTAL DRAMA VALLEY Season 2, Episode 1: Road to Ruin

It had been about two months since Total Drama Valley ended.  The 22 former contestants were glad the competition was over. Most of them had made friends with each other, and the humans they met along the way.

However, as you the viewer/reader know, the events of TDV ended up changing the future, humans were now no longer human.  Only a handful of humans remained, and they included: Chris, Chef, Gwen, Cody, Noah, Izzy, Duncan, Bridgette, Tyler, and some of the Total Drama series cameramen.

Chris really didn’t about the results of his actions, since he still had his money and his fancy mansion.  However, he did realize he still needed work if he wanted more money.

“But what I am going to do?” he asked the head of the studio that funded TDV, who was a fast biter now.

“Well, since you scored poorly on your episode of “Dancing With The Stars,” it’s clear you should make another season of TDV,” the studio head replied.  

“But what can we do to torment those players in the past?” Chris asked.  “I used every idea-and intern, we had on that season!”  Suddenly an idea came to his evil little, yet good-haired head. “But if I bring them to the future…..heh heh heh…”


Gwen was hanging out with Trent at a local diner.  

“Ok…this relationship is getting a little weird,” Gwen said, Trent now being a longneck (Unlike the past reality, where he had a really long forehead.)

“Don’t tell me we’re breaking up!” Trent said horrified.  “No, it’s not that,” Gwen assured.  “Hey, is that Owen?” Trent asked.

Indeed, nearby was Owen, (Now a belly dragger) gobbling down an enormous amount of burgers in an eating contest with another belly dragger.

“No surprise there,” Gwen laughed. Just then, she looked out the window and noticed trucks with the letters “TDV” on the side driving by. “Oh you gotta be kidding me,” she said.

65,000,000 BC…………

Most of the young dinosaurs who had competed in Season 1 were playing together.

“Me got it!” Petrie called, grabbing a pinecone that Tricia had tossed. “Not so fast loser!” Hyp said, knocking Petrie out of the way.

“Hey! That was a unfair move!” said…..Spike!  One time after TDV completed, the dinos had a brief visit to the future, and thanks to the miracles of science, Spike was given a surgery that finally gave him a voice!

Meanwhile, Littlefoot, Ali, and some of the other players were watching the game from the sidelines, as well as Duncan, who was carving a small stone knife for himself.

“It’s been a nice day huh?” Ali asked Littlefoot, staring at his eyes. Ever since Littlefoot apologized for the “Getting angry at Ali” incident, the two had grown quite close.

“Yeah,” Littlefoot agreed, giving her a little kiss.  Sudednly, they heard someone nearby let out a laugh.

“So crazy,” Shorty scoffed. “You’ll never see me go head over heels for someone.”

“Well you don’t have to laugh bro,” Littlefoot responded. “Are you with me on this one Duncan?” Shorty asked.

“No,” Duncan responded, much to Shorty’s surprise.

In the Pine Cone game, Chomper was racing towards the goal. “I’m going to win!” he smiled, but just then, it happened.

A flash of light suddenly appeared.  On the center of the playing field landed the TDV time machine.

“Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no,” Cera, Guido, Tippy, Ali, and the rest as Chris emerged from it.

“Hello dudes,” Chris said enthusiastically. No one replied. “I got good news and bad news: You have to participate in the 2nd season of Total…..Drama…Valley!!”

“Is that the good news or the bad news?” asked Cera.  “Both,” laughed Chris.

“Goodbye mud brothers,” Mo said, diving underwater and swimming away from the rest of them.

“I think I hear Dil yelling for me,” Ichy gulped, flying off as fast as he could.  

“We’re leaving now Hyp,” Nod and Mutt said. “Wimps,” responded Hyp. Nod and Mutt then responded by grabbing Hyp and taking them with him.

Some of the dinos, however, looked excited. “All right, this is my chance to win!” Tera smiled.  

“Actually Tera, you weren’t popular enough with viewers so you’re not going to be in Season 2.” Chris explained. “What?!” went Tera. “It’s the rules, sucks, doesn’t it?”

He turned to the remaining 16 dinos: Littlefoot, Petrie, Cera, Ducky, Spike, Chomper, Ruby, Rita, Rory, Myra, Ali, Shorty, Rhett, Tricia, Guido, and Tippy.  “Welcome to the next round,” he laughed in his laid-back psychotic way.

“So where’s the cabins?” Littlefoot asked, realizing there was no way out of this. Chris let out a smirk at that comment.  “Oh Littlefoot, this season isn’t going to be held in this time period,” he laughed, “It’s going to be held in the future!”

“What?!” the players went shocked.  “Your contracts can’t get you out of this, so just step into the time machine dudes,” Chris replied.

They groaned annoyed and stepped inside.  Chris set the dials and the machine teleported back to the future.

“That jerk…” Tera muttered angrily, watching the time machine disappear. “Now I have to get back at Chris…as well as Guido!!”


The time machine arrived back in the present. All the players and Chris stepped out.  They had heard about how most of the humans had been turned into dinosaurs, but since human customs and items and technology stayed the same, there was still much for them to learn about.

“This season’s challenges will involve plenty of things found around in a modern city,” Chris explained. The players had learned what city meant.  Chris showed them a picture of his fancy mansion. “Your first challenge starts right away players!” he announced.

“Oh come on,” Guido said. “No ons,” Chris retorted.  “Your first challenge is to run to the entrance to my mansion, where you will find the cast RVs, in place of cabins.”

“Tippy wants to know what an RV is,” the spiketail commented. Chris didn’t respond and pulled out his starting gun. “Confession cams have been placed the path, in case you have any confessions you’d like to make. GO!!!” he fired the starting gun, and for once, no flyers were hurt.

“One gun shot, no dead flyers, a personal best,” Chris laughed to himself.

The 16 competitors began running. “It’s going to be a long season,” Ali sighed.


Spike: Finally, for once I can use the confession cam!  Having a voice rules!  I can’s believe I got voted off so early last season, I never did anything wrong.  I’m not going to lose this no matter what!


Chomper: Here we go again1 Maybe I’ll win again!


Cera:  If there’s anything I learned from last season, it’s that winning isn’t important. I won’t be focused on winning this time around. Making sure Ali and Tippy don’t win either, that’s what I’ll be focused on! Ha ha!

Since all the players could see Chris’ mansion far off in the distance, they decided to take different directions to get there.  “Hey, watch it!” some of the modern-dinos in cars yelled to the players who were running around their vehicles.

“Sorry,” apologized Rhett.

Meanwhile, Gwen and Trent were leaving the diner.  It was at that exact same time that Tricia, Petrie, Ducky, and Tippy ran by as fast as they could.

“I don’t even want to know…” the still-human gothic girl said.

Guido meanwhile was having trouble not falling behind.  He also couldn’t glide. Scratch that, he could glide, but the force of the wind caused by the passing cars would always send him gliding in the wrong direction!


Guido:  Wind is my mortal enemy sometimes. Other times it’s Shorty, Rory, and occasionally Petrie.

Tippy suddenly turned around and ran back to Guido. “Does Guido need some help?” the female spiketail asked. “Sure, thanks Tippy,” Guido smiled, and hopped on the back of Tippy. Tippy and Guido had been getting along really well after Guido admitted his feelings.

Petrie had the advantage of being able to take to the skies.  “Me takes the lead!” he announced. (Imagine his announcements in the Land Before Time: Great Valley Racing Adventure video game.)  He looked down at the other players.

For the land walkers, Littlefoot, Ali, Shorty, Cera, and Tricia were in the lead.  “Watch me guys!” Tricia bragged, about to do a crazy move.  She dove under a car instead of running off to the side.

“Tricia don’t do that!” yelled Cera.  Tricia didn’t care, she kept on running. “That’s nothing,” Shorty laughed.  Shorty picked up speed, then jumped ATOP the car and ran over it.


Shorty: I’m the strongest longneck in the game1 And probably the strongest overall too!

At this point, the dinos were beginning to lose their direction.  “Where are we?” asked Ducky, running with Myra, Rory, and Ruby.

“I don’t” know Ducky,” Ruby replied, “Because if I knew, I wouldn’t be asking the same question.

Rory paused, making up an idea in his head. “Rory, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” the girl fast biter questioned. Rory nodded yes.  They began sniffing the air.

“What are you guys trying to smell?” Ruby asked.  “Chris’ hair, it always has the stuff he puts in it,” Myra announced.

At the same time, Chris was flying over the city in the TDV helicopter. “One announcement players: the first one to the gate of my mansion wins a free meal of their choice!”

On the ground, that news excited Chomper. “Come on Rita!” he smiled to his girlfriend.  The two sharpteeth dashed ahead.


Rita: I helped Chomper win last time, and maybe I can help him again this time!

The racing was nearing a close.  Following their sniffers, Rory and Myra had Ruby and Ducky follow them through an alleyway.


Rory: (Pushing his nose right against the camera.) See the power of a carnivore’s sniffer! See it!

“Hurry Tippy!” called Guido, seeing Littlefoot and the others in the lead. “Tippy’s trying!”  Tippy called back.

Up ahead, the group noticed two paths that went in separate directions. One was the right way, one wasn’t.

“I’m going this way!” Cera bragged, taking one path that seemed to head straight towards Chris’ mansion.  Shorty, Tricia, as well as Spike and Rhett who had caught to them on a side road.  “You haven’t won yet!” called Spike.

Only Littlefoot and Ali decided to take the alternate route.  “They have a saying about the path less traveled, want to see if it’s true?” Ali asked.  “Sure, why not?” smiled Littlefoot.

Petrie meanwhile was technically ahead of all the other players, Chris’ mansion in sight. “Me can do this!” he smiled, but little did he not see…..


Petrie crashed right into a really tall tree and fell straight down, landing on Rhett.

“Where’d you come from?” the gray longneck asked surprised.  “Me haven’t learned about that yet,” a dizzy Petrie replied.

After a few more steps, Cera and the group ahead her arrived….at a dead end. “Darn!” complained Spike.  “We need to work on our navigational skills,” muttered Cera.


Shorty: I should’ve known better.

Turns out, the road Ali and Littlefoot took was the correct road. “There’s Chris’ place!” yelled Littlefoot excitedly.  But just as they were feet away from their goal, Ali slipped and fell.

“Ali!” Littlefoot cried, sliding to a stop, but technically crossing the finish line first.

“Congrats Littlefoot, you won the first challenge of Season 2!” Chris announced, stepping out of the gate to his mansion. Littlefoot didn’t really care, he ran back to check if Ali was all right.


Littlefoot: I’m not messing up my relationship with Ali again, I can tell you that!

“I’m fine Littlefoot, don’t worry,” Ali assured, getting back to her feet. Soon, the 14 other players came running towards them.

“Aw, we’re too late,” groaned Rita.  “So Littlefoot, what would want for your victory meal?” asked Chris.

Littlefoot knew what to ask for. “Ali, what are you hungry for?” he asked politely.


Ali: Letting me have his prize? That’s very nice of Littlefoot.

“Some treestars would be nice,” Ali smiled. “Chef, treestars!” Chris called.

“I hate my job,” the former-Navy officer grumbled.

“Oh, just when I thought this “future” would have good food,” said Guido.

Chris laughed, “Oh we do, except I get all of it,” he chuckled. “Now follow that road to the driveway and your cast RVs, where you’ll be sleeping.”

As Ali went to get her victory meal that was the prize of Littlefoot’s victory, Shorty heard about this action. “So pathetic..” he said, not a fan of mushy-gushy stuff.

Chris smirked and looked at the camera as the dinos went towards their recreational vehicles.  “Who knows what drama is in store for our cast this time around?” he asked ominously. “While technically, the first Total Drama Valley season DVD is in stores. All of you at home, buy copies so I can make more money!”

(There’s episode 1, Read and Review!)

Next time on TDV: I don’t know, as GVG will be coming up with that!


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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2009, 09:13:52 pm »
Since its an alternate 2009 it would be neat to get into some things that might concern dinosaurs in the 21st century ... like how the sharpteeth and leaf eaters get along now and how its possible they are driving around in cars (since the dinosaurs never died oil supplies would be vastly reduced).


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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2009, 09:20:11 pm »
Well, in this reality, regular animals still exist, so the sharpteeth eat those for meat.


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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
« Reply #3 on: June 27, 2009, 02:44:37 pm »
Keep up the good work. Oh, I'm also a little confused. Are the once humans now dinos neud?

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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
« Reply #4 on: July 04, 2009, 03:26:39 pm »
TOTAL DRAMA VALLEY Season 2, Episode 2: Run for Fun

Chris smiled at the contestants and replied, “Well that was part 1 of the challenge.”

Cera groaned and asked bluntly, “Are you going to tell us the second part or not?!”

Chris frowned and replied,
“Well I would if you would stop interrupting me! Sheesh!”

Cera only groaned louder.

Ali sighed.
“Cera just calm down for a moment and I’m sure Chris will tell us what we need to do.”

Rory scoffed loudly as he stated his opinion, “Oh please, since Littlefoot won the so called first challenge, we’ve been sitting here for an hour while Chris just stares at the camera with his ego!”

Ducky giggled at the remark.
“It is true we have been here for a while doing nothing.”

“So what is our next challenge Chris?!” Said Cera with a glare in here eyes.

“All right, all right, here is part 2 of your challenge, all 16 of you must now run around the entire city…until only two of you is left standing, and Petrie and Guido no flying dudes, sorry but those are the rules!”

Both Petrie and Guido were dumbstruck.

“Well…what are you all waiting for? GO!” Shouted Chris as he aimed his starting gun in the air again and fired. Unfortunately before the contestants began running, Chris’ lucky streak of not harming any fliers ended as one fell out of the sky and landed with a thud.

“Darn it!” Cried Chris

However the flyer wasn’t dead as he moaned and said aloud, “Watch where you’re shooting would you?! Could’ve killed me!”

Chris looked down and so did everyone else and the children all gasped as Chomper stepped forward and asked, “Longtail?! Is that you?”

The flyer looked confused for a moment and the smiled, “Oh…you must be talking about my ancestor Longtail the Great, no my name is Blacktail. Nice to meet you.”

Ali then spoke up.
“But your tail isn’t black at all.”

Blacktail laughed as he answered, “My tail doesn’t have to be black…I’m just a jerk!”

Chris cleared his throat and said, “Uhhh you guys are supposed to be racing! GO!”

And the 16 dinos took off running around the entire city.



Chris: *Laughs for a moment* This is gonna be a great season!


Blacktail stood up in front of Chris and smiled.
“This is the second season of Total Drama Valley isn’t it?”

Chris nodded his head and turned to leave when Blacktail bit his hand.
“OW! What is your problem little dude?!” Asked Chris with a glare.

Blacktail just smiled gleefully and said, “I wanna work with you guys!”

Chris held up both hands and said  “Oh no…we’ve already got our contestants for this season. You’re too late.”


Chris backed away for a moment and said, “Okay…whatever I’m sure I can find something for you to do.”



Chomper: This is really getting annoying, I mean how long does Chris think we can run?

Chris: *smiling at the camera* I have a bet with Chef about who's going to win...and it ain't gonna be a longneck!


Chris then looked down at Blacktail as soon as he was sure the others were gone. He then said, “Okay, I’ve got something…all you have to do dude is keep the players running…that is your job for now…”

Blacktail smiled evilly as he stood up and flapped his wings.
“You got it Chris! Time to play a game!” the flyer cried with joy as he sped into the sky.

“Chef, cue the √ęsurprises’.” Said Chris into his personal walkie-talkie with a sadistic grin.


Littlefoot and the 16 others were now running around the city in random directions.


Ali: This would be a little easier if Chris had told us exactly where to go!

Littlefoot: I’m staying with Ali for this race…j-just to keep her safe.


At this moment in time both Petrie and Guido were bending the vines so to speak and using cars to get around the city.
“This kinda fun!” exclaimed Petrie with a wide smile on his beak.

Guido unfortunately was too busy trying not to scream his lungs out as he held onto the car with a white-knuckle grip.

Cera who along with Tricia stopped for a moment and noticed the cars Petrie and Guido were riding on and she quickly blurted out, “That’s cheating!!”

Petrie laughed as the car came to a stop at a red light and said, “It no cheating…Chris say we can’t fly, he no say we can’t ride cars.”

Cera was about to raise an argument when the cars sped off leaving Cera and Tricia alone again and Cera sighed as she faced her little sister. “Come on Tricia we have to keep going.”

Just as Cera was stepping forward when the ground began to shake.
“Oh now what?!”

With Chomper…

Rita and Chomper along with Rory and Myra were all running as well when the ground in front of them split in half as fire and pair of arms raised out of the hole.

“What IS THAT?!” Cried Rita with a start.

Chomper being the first to regain his senses he stepped in front of his friends and gave a small roar.

The hands however reached towards the group of sharpteeth and grabbed Chomper in its grip.

He then tired to bite his way through only to wince in pain as he received a violent shock for his troubles.

Rita looked on in mild horror as she realized she couldn’t help Chomper without getting hurt herself.
“W-what do we do now?!” she asked Rory and Myra.

Both fastbiters looked on rather helplessly as they knew that there was nothing they could do.

With Littlefoot and Ali…

Both Longnecks were still running when they literally ran into Shorty and Rhett. As the four friend tried to pick themselves up off the ground it exploded sending the four of them into the air and landing on their backs covered in dust.

“What…was that?!” asked Shorty who was a little more than disturbed by the recent ground motion.

Rhett however growled and shouted “CHRIS I KNOW YOU’RE MESSING WITH US!!!”



Rhett: I swear…the next chance I get, I’m shoving Chris off the top of one of these buildings…he deserves it!


Ducky at that moment came sliding by along with Spike on a rush of water.
“Weeee! This is fun, it is!” squealed the young swimmer as Spike laughed in response to his sisters comment.

Unfortunately Ducky wasn’t watching where the water was taking her, and she squealed in surprise as she was swept into a open manhole cover and into the sewers, with Spike getting stuck in the hole.

“Oh this can’t end well…” commented Shorty with a sigh.

Ali however was a bit more concerned as she stepped forward and called out,  “Are you alright Ducky?”

The little swimmer was now sitting on a slab of concrete and could see Spike still stuck in the manhole cover. She giggled for a moment as she said, “Spike you are too big you are. Now how are we going to get out of here?”

Her younger brother cleared his throat and replied, “I say we wait for our friends to get us out of here…and it smells really bad!”

At that moment Chris’ voice came over a set of loudspeakers including inside the sewers as he said, “Well good news bad news time players! Littlefoot, Ali, Rhett, Shorty, Spike and Ducky you guys failed to keep running until the end of the race, so for the moment you are all disqualified. HA! Bet you didn’t see that coming!”



*All four Longnecks are standing in front of a different camera* CHRIS!!! WE’LL GET YOU FOR THIS!


Ducky looked at the camera in the sewers and asked, “Someone is coming to get me and spike…right? Hello?

Spike however just sighed.
“I hate this show.” He mumbled aloud to himself.

Just then Chris stepped into view from behind a building.
“Well folks we just proved that longnecks are saps for helping others, which makes them losers…and it seems the sharpteeth just might win this challenge after all…if they can keep running…so keep watching...and buy the first season of Total Drama Valley...c'mon I need the money people! Seriously!”


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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
« Reply #5 on: July 05, 2009, 11:51:54 am »

Brekclub85 presents:

TOTAL DRAMA VALLEY Season 2, Episode 3: Sumo For Your Money

The first challenge of the season eventually concluded.  Turns out what grabbed Chomper what a robot Chris had set up to scare the competitors, and Ducky and Spike were eventually released from the sewers….

Only because they were lucky enough that Littlefoot and the other longnecks happened to be walking nearby.


Ducky: Chris is very mean, oh yes yes yes.  I think he is even worser than Cera.

Like Chris predicted, the sharpteeth managed to win the challenge, though Rory and Myra were the specific winners.

“We did it!” Rory cheered, kissing Myra.  Similar to Littlefoot, hey both won a meal.

“”Darn it, I wanted to win!” grumbled Tricia. Cera decided to say nothing at all.


The 16 players finally entered the cast RVs.  “These are pretty cool,” Rhett said, he and the other boys getting in one, all the girls getting in the other.

Inside the massive RVs were 8 cots, a fridge with food for both types of dinos, and a what the modern dinosaurs called a gaming console. The girls had what was called a “PlayStation 3”, and the boys had what was called a “Nintendo Wii.”


Chris: Product placement at it’s finest. Heh heh.

Guido was the first to get sleepy. “I think I’ll turn in early,” the glider announced, gliding up to his cot and soon fell asleep.  As he began snoring, Shorty looked at Rory and Petrie.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” the green longneck asked. Rory and Petrie both nodded yes.  “Ok, help me with this,” Shorty asked, pushing down on Guido’s cot, which was on the upper level of the cots.

With Rory and Petrie’s help, Shorty launched Guido right into the ceiling. “AGGH!!” he cried, taking a face plant right into the metal ceiling.

“Don’t do that bro,” Littlefoot said.


Petrie: Littlefoot may not know this, but Guido a traitor. He rigged votes against Tera last season.

In the girls’ RV, Ali and Tippy were checking out their PS3 while Ruby and Ducky were jumping on their cots.  “This is like jumping on the vines back in the Great Valley!” Ruby laughed.

“I know, I know!” agreed Ducky.

Cera meanwhile was considering her options.


Cera: If I want a chance this season, I must act without making my actions clear.

Tippy: Tippy doesn’t understand these “video game” things. Tippy knows we had a challenge based off them last season, but Tippy still thought it was weird.


Spike was devouring the leafeater food in the boy’s refrigerator.  “Hey Spike, I’m getting a little hungry,” Rhett spoke up.

“Wait your turn,” Spike replied. Rhett looked surprised. Ever since Spike got that surgery to allow him to speak again, his personality had changed, and not for the better. “Ok…” Rhett replied, a bit bothered.

Shorty, Chomper, and Rory were checking out the Wii. “This is impossible without hands!” grunted Shorty. Rory and Chomper laughed a bit.

In Chris mansion itself, Chris already had the next challenge planned for the contestants. He had some interns set everything up in his personal “Asian Fighting Hall” for the next game the young dinos would play.


Chris: Here’s a hint about the next challenge: If they don’t like it, they won’t be able to sue-mo me!  


It was about 6:30 AM central US time, and all of the 16 contestants were still sleeping. Chris and his megaphone soon changed that.

“We have to smash that thing, I swear…” commented Ali, getting a headache because of that device.  Chris instructed the players to meet in his dining room for breakfast and for the explanation of the next game.

“Great…Chef’s food is back with a vengeance,” Spike sighed, eating the gross treestars. Everyone agreed with the spiketail on that comment.

Chris suddenly walked into thee dining room holding 16 mawashis (traditional sumo gear) in hand.  “What are those Chris?” Littlefoot asked.  “What you’ll be wearing in the next challenge dudes and dudettes,” he began.


Tricia: Those things looked ridiculous.

“Today, you players will compete in a sumo wrestling tournament, and the last 2 standing will be the Captains of the teams this season.” All the players responded to this by asking “What’s sumo wrestling?”

Chris began telling the history of the sport, at least what it was like with the dino changes to history. “Sumo wrestling was first popular with the t-rex shoguns of ancient Japan,” he read from a book, “They liked to wrestle without using their claws, relying on their stomachs and arms to push opponents out of the ring.”

“If having a big stomach helps than Spike’s a shoe-in,” whispered Cera.


Spike: I heard that!

“The sport began getting more and more popular with other two-footed dinosaurs, and eventually, with some alterations needed, also became easy for four-footers to do.”  He then handed each player a mawashi, each one a different size.

Ducky and Petrie’s were very small, while Ali, Shorty, and the other big two-footers got bigger ones. “Me feel silly…” commented Petrie.  Chris then told the players “Follow me.”

He led them to his Asian-Style Fighting hall, where 8 sumo rings were ready to be used.  “I already pre-selected the matches for the first round of the tournament,” Chris announced.


1.   Ali Vs. Ducky
2.   Tricia Vs. Guido
3.   Cera Vs. Tippy
4.   Shorty Vs. Spike
5.   Chomper Vs. Rory
6.   Myra Vs. Ruby
7.   Rhett Vs. Rita
8.   Littlefoot Vs. Petrie.

“To save some time for the episode, all matches will happen at the same time,” Chris explained.  “Now let the sumoing begin!”

Chef, dressed like a geisha girl much to his humiliation, banged the gong for the matches to begin.

Some of the matches were over in no time.  Littlefoot pushed Petrie out of the ring with little-to-no effort. “Me stink at this,” Petrie noted.

Shorty and Spike were more evenly matched. “Just how much food have you been eating?” the longneck strained.


Shorty: Considering how hard he was to move, I’m willing to bet a lot.

Ali meanwhile gently managed to push Ducky out of the ring. “I did it!” Ali grinned, the turned to Ducky. “No hard feelings.”  “Don’t worry about it,” the swimmer smiled in response.

Chomper and Rory’s match also could have gone either way.  The rex and fast biter were pretty much of equal strength. “Watch out Chomper,” Rory advised. “For what?” the purple sharptooth asked.

“For this!” Rory laughed, bumping Chomper hard enough with his belly that Chomper was pushed back a short distance out of the ring. “Impressive,” Chomper complimented.

Meanwhile, Ruby and Myra were both carefully planning what to do. Both were fast, and they figured their muscles were about equal.  And neither had a big gut, so neither had an advantage in that category.

So, they decided to charge!

Myra: I have nothing against Ruby, so I probably didn’t have that extra motivation I would’ve had if I was facing Cera.

Speaking of Cera, Tippy was managing to hold her own against her.  “This is for last season!” Tippy called. “I apologized for that already!” Cera called back. With an extra boost of power, Tippy pushed Cera out of the ring.

“Darn it,” grunted Cera.

Rita was doing all she could against Rhett when she came up with an idea. “Smell this,” she said to Rhett as if it were a command, and exhaled right in his face. As ducky learned last season, a sharptooth’s morning breath is not pleasant.  Rhett willingly ran out of the ring so he could get away from the smell.

“Gross…” the longneck coughed.

Guido managed to overtake Tricia, the young pink threehorn surprisingly wasn’t able to beet the glider. “I hope Tippy saw that,” he said hopefully, but turned to see that Tippy was celebrating her victory over Cera and not looking at him.


Guido: Darn it, I thought that might’ve impressed her. (Snaps fingers.)

Shorty and Spike’s match was also about to come to a close.  Spike managed to headbutt his opponent out of the ring.  “Yeah, I did it!” he grinned.  “Least I can get rid of this,” Shorty said, removing his mawashi with his teeth, he thought it looked very stupid.

All that was the left was the Myra-Ruby match.  Ruby then thought of an idea. Using her fingers, the fast runner began tickling the palms of Myra’s arms. “Hee hee…” the dark red fast biter began to laugh, taking her hands down, allowing Ruby an open spot for an attack.

With all her might, Ruby charged forward, knocking Myra out of the ring. “That was low,” the fast biter commented.

“Round 1 is complete!” Chris announced. “Ducky, Tricia, Cera, Shorty, Chomper, Myra, Rhett, and Petrie, you’re out!”  “Aw man…” the threehorn sisters said annoyed.


1.   Ali Vs. Guido
2.   Tippy Vs. Spike
3.   Rory Vs. Ruby
4.   Rita Vs. Littlefoot

“We don’t even get a break between rounds?” Guido asked. “Nope, no you don’t,” Chris responded. The players sighed.


Ali: What kind of sick twisted person lets someone like Chris have a career?!

Chef banged the gong for the second round to begin. “I hate my life,” the former Navy-officer muttered.

Guido got a little cocky after winning his first battle against Tricia.  “Watch this Tippy!” he called to the girl spiketail, and Tippy turned her head just in time to see Ali push Guido out of the ring.

“Never mind, don’t watch that!” Guido called again.  In Tippy’s match, Spike had a strategy planned.


Spike: If you’re going to play dirty, make sure the others won’t be aware of it. Ha ha ha….

The two spiketails began their sumo match by walking up to each other and trying to head butt each other, but they were currently locked in combat.  It was then that Spike decided to put his plan into action.

“Here I go,” Spike whispered.  With careful movements, he thrust himself backwards and deliberately lost the match. However, to everyone else, it looked like Tippy won fairly. It was then Spike put the more underhanded part of his plan into action.

“Ow! That really hurt!!” he yelled rather convincingly. Ducky ran to her brother’s side.  “Are you hurt?” she asked.

“A little…Tippy was being too rough,” groaned Spike. Luckily for Spike, Tippy too was falling for his deception.  “Oh no…Tippy didn’t mean…” she said.


Chomper: Wow, I never knew Tippy could be so rough.

Tippy: Tippy feels lousy. Tippy’s gonna vote herself off tonight…

Littlefoot and Rita’s match was going on, and no victor was clear at this point. Littlefoot partially wrapped his neck around Rita’s head for some extra power, but it wasn’t working. Rita gained some strength and began charging towards the ring’s edge.

At the last second, Littlefoot sprung into action. He moved his neck and jumped out of the way, while Rita was unable to stop herself. “Oh crap!” she yelled, hitting the floor.

All that remained of the second round was Rory and Ruby’s brawl.  “Hm, in both rounds I’ve fought a fast biter,” Ruby spoke up.

“But you won’t be beating this one!” Rory laughed, and charged Ruby. Rory was a tad bit stronger than Myra, so Ruby’s tactics wouldn’t work this time around.  Ruby’s feet dragged along the floor as Rory pushed forward, and soon, the fast runner was beaten.

“I should’ve been more prepared, more prepared is what I should’ve been.


Rory: I’m someone who plays fair. I’m not into playing dirty, unless by that you mean playing in mud.

“Guido, Spike, Ruby, Rita, you’ve been eliminated!” Chris announced, taking a sip of a tropical drink his butler brought him.  “Time for the final round, this’ll decide who becomes the captains!”


1.   Ali Vs. Tippy
2.   Rory Vs. Littlefoot

Chef, bored by this point and just wanting to get the day over with, banged the gong for the 3rd and last time.

These matches proved not to be what the viewers in the city and in the Great Valley were expecting.  In the Ali Vs. Tippy battle, before Ali could do anything, Tippy instantly gave up!

“Tippy feels lousy about Spike still, Tippy gives up,” she said, walking out of the ring immediately. “That was easy,” Ali said, though she felt bad for Tippy.

Rory and Littlefoot’s match was more of an actual match, but something ended up going wrong.  At the beginning, it was a fairly even struggle. “Come on….I….won’t go…..down so easily,” strained Rory.  He had his hands push on Littlefoot’s sides, as Littlefoot tried to use his head to push Rory back.

Then it happened. Rory pushed too hard, and his claws unintentionally went into Littlefoot’s sides. “OW!” went the longneck, and Rory looked horrified.  Rory quickly forfeited.  “Are you ok?” Rory asked, he didn’t hurt Littlefoot.  

“It’s not too bad….but it still hurts,” groaned Littlefoot.


Littlefoot: Actually, it hurt a lot, I just didn’t want Rory to feel terrible.

“Littlefoot and Ali win!” Chris announced.  The two longnecks smiled at each other, Littlefoot managing to ignore his pain.  “We did it!” Ali smiled to her boyfriend.

“And since you won, you won’t be on the same teams this season!” Chris announced. Littlefoot and Ali went wide-eyed.  “What?!” Ali went shocked. “That’s not fair!” Littlefoot yelled.

“Too bad,” replied Chris.  “Now later tonight meet me between the RVs for the first bonfire of the season, where we’ll vote off two players.” “Two eliminations?!” all the contestants went.  

“Betcha ya didn’t see that one coming,” smiled Chris, and indeed, they didn’t.


Chris handed each of the 16 (soon to be 14) contestants small electronic devices. On each device was a picture of a player’s face with a small button next to it.  “To prevent voting sabotage this season,” Chris announced while Guido gulped, “Voting will be done here on the spot.”   “So what do we do?” Cera asked. “Press the buttons of the dinos you want voted off,” Chris said.

Over the next 30 seconds, the players made their choices. A result sheet printed out for Chris.

“This season, instead of regular sweet bubbles, we know have this more awesome and handsome Chris-shaped sweet bubbles!”


Chomper: So it’s kind of like I’m eating Chris. Cool.

Chris looked at the results sheet.  “Let’s see….sweet bubbles go to Ali, Littlefoot, Rita, Rhett, and Chomper.”

The 5 dinos smiled, though Chomper and Rita let the longnecks eat their treats.

“Shorty, Spike, and Ducky are safe as well.”  “Oh yay yay yay,” grinned Ducky.

“Next up is Tricia…..followed by Ruby, Guido, Myra, and surprisingly even Cera.”

Cera happily took her invincibility. Only Petrie, Tippy, and Rory remained. “The final sweet bubble of the night goes to…………Petrie,” Chris announced.

Both Rory and Tippy didn’t look surprised. In fact, some of the votes against them came from themselves!  “So where do we go from here?” Rory asked.

“Glad you asked that Rory,” responded Chris, pointing to a small time machine. “You two must now return to your own time period and you can’t come back…..ever!”

“We know, we know,” Tippy said, as she and the fast biter entered the time machine and were transported back to 65,000,000 BC.

“Now everyone else, Ali and Littlefoot will decide their teams tomorrow, so get some rest,” Chris advised.

“Which you will undoubtedly ruin,” grumbled Cera slightly.


As most of the contestants were sleeping, Guido looked out the window and sighed. “I can’t believe Tippy’s been voted out already,” he sighed.

Meanwhile, on Spike’s cot…a tiny sadistic grin formed on his face.

(There, Read and Review! Next episode will be by GVG.)


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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
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I like this story, by the way, can you please answer my above question from my previous post on this topic?


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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
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The dinos wearing clothes is optional, some to choose to, some don't.


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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
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Like who?


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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
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It doesn't matter.


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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
« Reply #10 on: July 07, 2009, 10:31:55 pm »


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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
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I'm not trying to rush you, but why the hiatus?


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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
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It's Great Valley Guardian's turn to write the episode, and he hasn't been on for a few days. And don't go pestering him, he might be busy.


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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
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I promise.

The Great Valley Guardian

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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
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TOTAL DRAMA VALLEY Season 2, Episode 4: A Key Secret.

As the sun rose on the new day in the future Guido still felt sad that Tippy had been voted off so early, and was in a rather deep depressed mood.

Chris on the other hand smiled gleefully as he lifted a loudspeaker to his mouth and shouted, “GOOD MORNING CONTESTANTS!”

This of course shocked everyone who wasn’t awake out of their beds and those who were awake screamed in response.

Littlefoot and Ali both stepped out of the RV’s and looked at each other sadly knowing that today they’d be pitted against each other on opposite teams.

“I’m sorry Ali…I didn’t mean for this to happen.” Commented Littlefoot as  a tear rolled down his face.

Ali couldn’t help but walk over and nuzzle him in response. “I know you didn’t Littlefoot, but remember we may be on opposite teams this time, but we still like each other, and we’ll be seeing each other during the challenges, so it won’t be all bad.” She said with a warm smile.

Chris however laughed aloud and replied, “Oh then you two are going to enjoy having to pick teams, and may I suggest that one of you keep your friends close but your enemies closer…”

Both Littlefoot and Ali gave nervous smiles as they wondered what Chris was talking about. But turned to the others and decided to get started with picking the rest of their teammates.

Littlefoot looked to Ali and said, “Girls first.”

Ali blushed and nodded her head and picked. “I choose…Ducky!”

The little swimmer jumped for joy and ran over to Ali’s side.
“This is going to be fun it is, it is,”

Littlefoot chose next, “Well…personally I’m choosing family first so Shorty come on over.”

Shorty just smirked as he stepped over.

It was several more minutes until all the remaining contestants had been selected, and the teams stacked up like this:

Littlefoot: Shorty, Spike, Ruby, Myra, Guido, Rhett
Ali: Rita, Chomper, Cera, Petrie, Ducky, Tricia.

Chris clapped his hands to gather everyone’s attention and smiled.
“Well good to know the teams are finally together…and now for the names! Last season you were the Rabid Runners and Battling Brontos (?)…but this time the team names will be the Girly girls and the Goonie Boys.”

Everyone on the other teams sighed aloud and just decided to accept the fact that there was no arguing with Chris since he made the rules.
“Now that we have our teams on to our next challenge!”

Guido however spoke up.
“Don’t we get to eat first?!”

Chris laughed maniacally as he responded, “No…no you don’t.”

Both team captains frowned at the knowledge of having no food in the morning, but smiled regardless as they had an idea formed in both of their minds.

“So the challenge for today is to find seven keys fore each member of your team and then find the right doors to open…and there will be clues given out on each key, so be sure you read them before you take them! And don’t be surprised by any…uhhh surprises that might come your way!”

Everyone gulped as Chris mentioned that and the two teams began to fan out and search for the keys they had to find. Littlefoot gave Ali a sad smile as he led his team away.

As Ali lead her team away she asked, “So, where do you guys think we should find the first key?”
Cera smiled and replied, “Well I don’t know, but wherever it is I’m sure Chris will try to throw us off from actually finding the keys anyway.”


Ali: I hate to admit it…but I’m sure Cera’s right about Chris, he’ll do anything to see us all suffer during this game!

Ducky looked to Chomper and Rita and asked, “Can you two use your sniffers and smell the keys?”

Both Sharpteeth looked at each other, blushed and nodded together as Chomper said aloud, “We can try!”

Rita then asked, “But what exactly will our sniffers be sniffing for? We still need to know what we’re looking for…”

Ali stopped for a moment looked around.

Meanwhile Littlefoot’s team had been having the same discussion on how to find the keys they needed and they had chosen Spike to try and sniff out the keys too. And it was in that moment that Littlefoot stopped walking and looked around as well only to spot Ali staring at him.

Both Longnecks lead their teams towards each other, and of course everyone involved was confused except for the team leaders.

Shorty frowned and had to ask, “What’s going on here…we’re on different teams, don’t tell me we’re helping them!?”

Littlefoot smiled and shook his head. “No, we’re not helping them…but we are going to eat first before we start this challenge. Chris may have given us stuff to look for, but he never said we couldn’t take a personal breakfast break.”

Everyone else smiled slyly as Ruby asked, “Well then, where are we going to eat, as eating mean winning.”

Both Longnecks looked at each other and still continued smiling…as they said simultaneously “How about we raid Chief’s kitchen?!”

Both teams then began to laugh at the thought of how upset Chief would be when he realized what had happened.“ Commented Spike with a dark grin creeping onto his face.

Spike: This could be my chance…an alliance is what I need…and I know just who to get it from!

As Littlefoot and Ali lead their teams to Chief’s personal restaurant in the city.
“Me not even know Chief own place like this.” Commented Petrie as he hovered above the others.

Cera scoffed aloud. “Of course he’d have a place like this in the future…I’m betting most humans are dumb enough to actually like the slop he serves!

Chris: *Laughing* Oh…so they thought they could pull one over on me huh?! This should teach them all a good lesson about sticking to the challenges! *Pushes a button*

Just as the two teams are about to enter Chief’s restaurant the ground begins to shake, and the same metal hands that grabbed Chomper two days ago were back…only this time they were shooting….fire!

Everyone screamed and ran trying to escape the potentially dangerous set of object behind them.

It wasn’t until the others were safely out of sight did Spike wonder off and finally go searching for the one person who he knew would form his new alliance.

Meanwhile Littlefoot and the others had finally gotten far enough away from the fire throwing hands to safely meet up again.

As everyone checked and asked if they were alright, Guido and Ducky both noticed something was wrong…and they asked in tandem “Where’s Spike?!”

Chris should’ve been watching the contestants running for their lives, but he was busy trying to win back his gold watch he’d lost to Chief during a card game and this was his third hand. “Come on Chief…just give it back and I swear you’ll get a raise!”

Chief scoffed and replied, “Oh really…then where’s my first check from the first season?! Hmmm? You gonna explain that!?”

Chris cleared his throat, grabbed his watch and said, “I’m going to the bathroom…don’t wait up!” And with that he cleared the tent and ran into the nearby port-a-potty.

As Chris waited inside, Spike walked up to the door and cleared his throat…

Meanwhile after everyone else had figured out that Spike had wondered off they continued to carry out their plans…and raided Chiefs kitchen with several large refrigerators being successfully cleaned out, and everyone in the two groups now full and ready for another challenge got to moving.

Littlefoot lead his team first through a nearby park, in which, as luck would have it held two of the seven keys.

Ali’s group however had a bit more trouble as they began to search the sewers first only go finally give up finding no keys and smelling rather bad as Cera commented, “It smells like we crawled through something that died and are covered in rotten meat!”

Ali groaned at Cera’s observational skills and replied, “Look, I may have chosen a bad spot to search first, but at least we got it out of the way, right?”

Ruby smiled. “Well…where should we search next?” she asked her group.

Littlefoot sighed, for after finding the first two keys…the rest just weren’t findable…and that irritated the young longneck. “I…I don’t know, but we have to keep trying.” Then he got an idea! “How about the sewers!”

However everyone on Littlefoot’s team looked at him as if he were crazy and started to laugh.
He had to ask however, “What? What’s so funny?”

Myra stopped laughing. “The sewers are the LAST place anyone would hide a key…so that will be the last place we search!”

Littlefoot shrugged and nodded his head. “Okay guys you win.”

Littlefoot: This is getting bad…we need to find those other keys…and I wonder how Ali is doing with her team?

Ali: This challenge is really kinda dumb when you think about it…hiding seven keys in the entire city…come on! Without some kind of help, we’ll be at this for like…a week!

Petrie was flying through the air along with Guido looking for any keys they could find. It was then that Guido asked a question. “Petrie…do you think I could go back to our time and see Tippy again?”

Petrie smiled. “Me suppose you could…but me not sure Chris like that idea!” Then something shiny caught his eyes. “Ohhh…me think me found something!” he then dived for the shiny object and hit his head against the glass dome of the building. “Ow…” he moaned as he blacked out and onto the roof.

Guido on the other wing sighed at Petrie and glided down to see indeed that what had drawn Petrie in was a one of the keys they needed to win. He gently picked it up and smiled. “I’m sure your team won’t mind if I just take this with me then.”

Back on the ground the rest of Littlefoot and Ali’s team had split up once more and were searching for the keys and both teams now had a total of three. Both team leaders smiled in pride as they said aloud,

“Only four more to go!”

It had taken all afternoon to find the rest of the keys for the players, and at one point both teams were thinking about just giving up on the challenge when the last key for their team was found…although for Ali’s team they also had to wait while Petrie was forced to wake himself up from his earlier bump on the head.

After getting their keys the teams returned to the RV’s to find Chris and Chief sitting around a campfire laughing, along with Spike!

Ducky and the others being excited to finally see Spike after a long day of searching all embraced and hugged the spike-tail.

Ruby then commented, “Spike, we are glad you’re okay.”

“Oh yes, yes, yes!” cried Ducky as she gave her brother another hug around his neck.
Guido then had to ask, “What happens now?”

Chief looked over to the two groups of children and laughs lightly as he says one word… “Elimination!”

Littlefoot and his team looked over at Ali’s team and everyone looked nervous, including Spike.

Later that night…

Chris smiled for several seconds as he patted Spike on the head, and then lifted stepped up to the stage. “Well I gotta admit…this is single greatest day of my life!” Said Chris with a sinister laugh. “Cause someone is getting eliminated…again!”

Spike looked up and gave a dark grin as he laughed aloud and said, “This is a good day for everyone indeed!”

Chris laughed, “And if you don’t get a Chris shaped Sweet bubble you have to return to your time period, and never come back….EVER!”

Ali just sighed, while Cera shouted, “Just get it over with already!!!”

Littlefoot: Hmmm…I’m not sure about this one, but if I had to pick someone…it’d be Guido.

Cera: Guido…he’s just kinda useless.

Ducky: Oh, this is is, it is, but Guido seems so very sad without Tippy…so I choose Guido so he can see Tippy again.

Spike: I’m voting for Ducky, her sympathy makes it harder for me to win the way I want to.

Myra: Geez…so many eliminations in three days…it’s kinda unfair, but those are the rules! So…I say Guido! Traitor!

Chomper: I have to admit, I don’t feel good about doing this, but I choose Spike…ever since he got his voice back, he’s different, and it creeps me out.

Ali: Wow…well, I can see how upset Guido is over losing Tippy, and while it might seem unfair to vote him off so early, I know he’ll be happy as long as he can see her again.

Chris: Yeah, with so many contestants this season, we’re going to cut the Confession cam session short…sorry!

“Sheesh…so getting on with it in short order: Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Spike, Ali, Chomper, Myra, Shorty, Ruby, Rhett, Rita, Tricia, and…the final Sweetbubble goes to……………….PETRIE!”

Guido was sad, but about being voted off, but suddenly he smiled, as he knew what it meant!


Guido: Thank you guys! You just made my day a whole lot better!

“Well…Guido time to go home dude.” Commented Chris with a smile.

Guido stood and quickly hugged Ducky as he gave his friends a collective thank you and stepped into the time machine.

Cera then asked, “Hey Chris what do these keys do anyway? We spent all day collecting them from around the city and we don’t even get to see what they do?!”

“Calm yourselves, those keys actually open a treasure chest under each of your beds in the RV’s but you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to open em!”

“Of course.” Commented Myra with a sigh and a yawn.

As the time machine started up, Spike continued to grin darkly as he thought about what the reward would be for finding the keys, and what his new partner had in store for them…


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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
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Keep on going.


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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
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Brekclub85 Presents:

TOTAL DRAMA VALLEY Season 2, Episode 5: Water Water Everywhere.

The 13 remaining players slept peacefully throughout the night. Especially Spike, who now had a little alliance.


Spike: I made a little deal with Chris: If he goes easy on me, I’ll split the prize with him and be the spokesperson for that new brand of toothpaste he made. Heh heh.

The next morning came. “Finally we can see what these keys get us,” smiled Chomper.  Everyone looked under their beds, each wielding a key, and when they opened their chests, they found the following thing inside:

Action figures/plush dolls of all the castmates! “This is it?” Ali asked confused, “We did all that just for these small versions of ourselves?” “Yes, yes you did,” Chris replied in his smug way.


Rhett: At least Ali let me have that, it’s called a “doll” right? Of her….(Gives Ali plush a kiss.)

Everyone stepped out of the RVs, Shorty and Petrie a bit exhausted from playing a game called “Mario Kart Wii” all night.  Chris then had an announcement.

“After you dudes eat breakfast, gather at the exit to my mansion. We’re going into town for this week’s challenge!”


Ali: This could be fun.

The young dinos had their daily disgusting breakfast. Rita alternated between kissing the real Chomper and the doll Chomper, which the real Chomper let her have.

“This food is gross, it is, it is,” Ducky sighed between bites. “GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT SISSY?!” yelled Chef.

“Nope,” Ducky gulped nervously.


The players followed Chris’ orders, and saw the TDV bus waiting for them. “Wow, we actually get a ride instead of walking?” Shorty asked, legitimately surprised.  As the bus ride began, Chris spoke up once again.

“For your next challenge, we are taking you to a waterpark,” he explained.

“What’s a water park?” all the players asked.


Chris: Why do I even bother?

After Chris finished explaining what a water park is, he then mentioned that the players would do 3 challenges, and the first team to win 2 challenges wins invincibility, and the losing team had to vote off a player.

“We aren’t going to get overly competitive, right?” Littlefoot asked Ali. “Yeah, don’t worry,” the girl longneck replied with a blush.  “ffhhhh, pathetic,” Shorty said, thinking his brother was way too head over heels in love.

“This is going to be fun,” Tricia smiled to Ducky, “I’m a good swimmer!” “And I am a swimmer,” Ducky smiled back.


A lot of the new, modern-day dinos were playing around in the big water park named “Thundering Falls.”

Lindsay, one of the former TDI campers, who had been turned into a swimmer was there with Tyler, one of the few remaining humans on Earth. Lindsay had to save Tyler from drowning 3 times today. Not because he got into accidents, but because he just sucked at swimming.

“Hey, it’s Chris,” Tyler pointed as he saw the human and the young dinos enter the park. “Cory’s here?” Lindsay asked surprised.

“Lindsay,” Chris said, walking over to the teenage swimmer, “You’re guest-starring today, come on.”

“Cool,” Lindsay said, somewhat absent-mindedly.

For the first challenge, Chris led the players to a wave pool, and had to big inflatable chairs. “Your first challenge is this: One player from each team will get onto these chairs, and the waves will start to activate. The first player to fall in the water loses. Representing the Goony Boys will be Spike, and representing the Girly Girls will be Rita.”


Rita: All right! Another chance to impress Chomper with my cunning….holding onto stuff…..talent.

Spike: Now let’s see if Chris will hold up his end of the deal…..

Spike and Rita got on their inflatable chairs, and Rita noticed that Spike’s chair was much bigger.

“You can do it Rita!” cheered on Chomper and Petrie.   Spike fit onto his chair perfectly, while Rita needed to balance herself out.

“Lindsay, you can help with the wave-making,” Chris explained. The teen swimmer smiled and jumped into the wave pool.  “Let the game begin!”

The wave pool’s wave machine activated, and the water ride soon became a bumpy one.  “Whoa!” Rita said, not expecting the chair to rock around this much.

As the game went on, Littlefoot and Ali walked away from the crowd to have a conversation.  “I hope you make it far this time around Littlefoot,” Ali said, “I’m sorry of that misunderstanding that happened last season.”


Littlefoot: I don’t blame Ali for me getting voted off, I blame Cera.

Rhett watched the two “love-necks” chatting and sighed a bit depressed. “Man, I wish Ali would notice me,” he said.

“Eh, knowing my brother, he’s probably going to mess it up somehow,” Shorty said, walking up beside him. “You’ll probably get your chance again soon.” “But what about you Shorty?” asked Rhett. “I don’t care about crushes,” he replied, “Only crushing my opponents.”

Back at the wave pool, Rita fell into the water when her claws accidentally popped her chair with her claws. “Darn it,” she grumbled. “The Goony Boys win the first challenge!” Chris called. Spike winked toward Chris, and Chris winked back.

“Don’t feel bad Frida,” Lindsay said. “It’s Rita,” the t-rex corrected.

Just then, Chomper saw a stinging buzzer fly by.  He was a bit hungry, so he went to eat it but missed. The buzzer than flew toward Lindsay’s ear and went inside of it.
“Darn,” Chomper muttered. But just then the buzzer flew out of the other ear, and Chomper smiled and tried to eat it again.

“Next challenge, I’ll need Cera from the Girly Girls and Myra from the Goony Boys. Get your butts moving!” Chris announced.

Cera and Myra gave out vengeful looks toward each other.


Cera: I’ve stopped being so-winning obsessed, but I haven’t forgiven Myra for costing me the game last time! She was the one who dared me to take a bite of one of my own kind!


Myra: This is going to be satisfying. Beating Cera once again!

Chris led Cera and Myra up a large flight of stairs. “This….is…getting…ridiculous,” they panted as they neared the top. The life-guard fast biter was letting the last regular water park attendees go down two very fast, almost 90 degree-angled body slides.

“The second challenge is very simple,” Chris said, “Simply slide down these two body slides, and the first one to the bottom wins!’

Myra and Cera looked down. It was a very long drop.

“YOU CAN DO IT SIS!!” Tricia called form the bottom of the slide at the top of her lungs.

“You go first,” Cera nervously offered Myra. “No you,” Myra replied, also freaked out.


Rita wanted to get some lunch, so she looked around for a stand that sold meat. Then in the corner of her eye, she saw Spike talking with Chef. “I wonder what they’re doing,” she said to herself, and went over to listen in on the conversation.

“Say thanks to Chris when you get the chance,” the spiketail smiled, “Sine he agreed to go easy with me, even if my team loses, they won’t have me to blame!”

Rita gasped, and quickly ran off, but Spike managed to catch a glimpse of her.


Spike: Crap! She heard me, didn’t she?

Rita decided to reveal this shocker to everyone else later. If Spike’s team lost, she would tell them before the bonfire ceremony, if not, she would tell them after her team voted someone off.

Back at the top of the massive slide, Cera and Myra were still arguing. “Seriously, you go!” Cera said, not wanting to go down the dangerous-looking slide. The threehron and fast biter got into a little tussle, and then they began rolling around…..

And they rolled right onto the slide!

“AGGGHHHH!!” they screamed as they were sliding over 20 MPH down the ride.

“Who’s gonna win?” asked Petrie, standing next to Tricia and Lindsay at the bottom of the slide.

“I don’t know,” Lindsay replied, but they soon got their answer. Cera, followed by Myra reached the bottom of the slide and were sent flying off…right into Tricia, Petrie, and Lindsay!

“Ugh….me hurt,” Petrie said as he was knocked back.

“Looks like Cera wins a point for the Girly Girls!” Chris called.  “All…right,” Cera said dizzy and weak, right before going over to a trash can to puke, followed by Myra.

“Gross!” gagged Chomper.


Ali: Seeing someone vomit is even more gross than watching a sharptooth eat!

“For the third and final challenge,” Chris said, “I will need Shorty from the GB team and Ali from the GG team.”


Shorty: Yeah, I have nothing against Ali or anything, but I think it’s ridiculous how much attention she pays to Littlefoot.

“The rest of you can watch or go play on the slides if you want,” the host with the good hair continued.

Cera, Tricia, Myra, and Petrie went to a regular pool, they didn’t want anymore motion.

Chomper, Rita, Ducky, and Lindsay went to play on the slides, as did Tyler.  Littlefoot, Rhett, and Ruby went to watch the game.

“Hey….Chris?” Spike asked, pretending to feel sick. “Can someone take me back to the RV? I don’t feel well….”

“Sure dude,” Chris replied, knowing Spike was up to something, but not really caring what it was.


Shorty and Ali were led to a point under a giant bucket of water. “Every day, every 15 minutes, this water bucket gets completely filled with water and pours it down on anybody right below it. Your challenge is to stand on these small platforms we’ve prepared, and the bucket will be pouring water at a much faster rate, which could get you knocked off. Whoever stands on their platform the longest wins invincibility for their team!”

“Got it,” Shorty and Ali nodded, and stepped onto their respective platforms. “You can do this Shorty!” Ruby encouraged.


Ruby: Shorty and me got along last season, so I consider him a friend.

“Interns, you ready with the bucket?” Chris said into a walkie-talkie. “Yes,” they said back. “Let the game begin!!!”

Ali and Shorty stood perfectly still for a few moments when suddenly they heard the noise of water falling from above.


The first bucket hit them head on with quite a force. Both of them were almost knocked off, but they managed to keep their balance/


Shorty: That was intense!

“Ok Ali, keep steady,” Ali whispered to herself. Shorty focused on staying still as the water kept on hitting them and hitting them.

Littlefoot didn’t know who to root for: His brother, who was on his team, or his girlfriend, who was on the other team. He eventually made his choice.

“You can do it Ali!” Littlefoot cheered.  Shorty looked shocked, as did Rhett and Ruby. “You have to be kidding can’t cheer for your own teammate?” Shorty asked.

Ali blushed at Littlefoot’s cheering. And in the process…..she stopped focusing on her balancing, so when the next bucket of water fell, so did she, right off her platform.

“The Goony Boys win!”  Chris called. “Girly Girls, when we get back to my mansion, you have to vote someone off!”

Ali looked embarrassed.

“Congrats Shorty,” Littlefoot said to his brother as he came down from his platform. But Shorty still looked mad at him. “You got lucky today,” he said, heading back towards the bus.


The players said goodbye to Lindsay and Tyler, and got back on the bus. The ride back was pretty uneventful, except for Ali’s team finding out why she lost the challenge, and they clearly looked annoyed by the reason.


Cera: My vote is going to be Ali.

The bus arrived back outside Chris’ mansion. Petrie, who was confident he wouldn’t be voted out, flew over to Shorty. “Me challenge you to Mario Kart again,” the flyer smirked. “You’re on,” Shorty responded.

“Are you feeling better Spike?” asked Ducky.  “Yeah, I am,” the spiketail replied. He was never sick in the first place, but no one knew. “So what happened at the waterpark.”

Ducky went on to explain how The Goony Boys won while the Girly girls lost, and how Ali messed up.  “Just what I wanted to hear,” Spike smiled. And when he turned his head away from Ducky, that smile became a wicked one.


Ali, Ducky, Chomper, Rita, Petrie, Cera, and Tricia picked up their voting devices. “Cast your votes now,” Chris said.


Ali: I don’t know who to vote for, I feel embarrassed about what happened. I guess I’ll vote off Cera.

Ducky: Ali, oh yes, yes, yes.

Rita: My vote goes to Ali, but I’m more concerned about telling everyone about Spike.

Petrie: Me vote off Ali.

The votes were cast.  “The results are in,” Chris said. “Whoever doesn’t get a Chris-shaped sweet bubble must go back to their time period, and they can’t come back, Ever.  Chef brought out a tray of 6 Chris-shaped sweet bubbles. “Let’s see…..Tricia, Petrie, Cera, Ducky, and Chomper, the 5 of you are safe.”

Down to Ali and Rita, both looked nervous. “Tonight’s final Chris-shaped sweet bubble goes to………………..Ali.”  Ali looked relieved, and Rita looked surprised.


Rita: I know I messed up in my challenge, but Ali messed up worse!

“Rita, time to head back to your time period,” Chris said.  Rita was too surprised about her elimination to remember about telling the truth about Spike’s little alliance. She walked towards the time machine.

“Hey Rita, take this!” Chomper called, tossing her the Chomper plush. “To remember me by.” Chomper then gave Rita a kiss, and the blue sharptooth blushed.

“Thanks Chomper,” Rita smiled, then got into the time machine. Then it hit her. “Wait! Before I go, I have to tell you guys….” WARP. Before she could say anything, Rita was warped back to the past.

“The rest of you can head back to your RVs. You’re safe…….for now.” Chris said, then walked away.  The team looked surprised, they thought Ali would get the front foot (Get the boot), but they all figured the others must have voted off Rita.

If they only they knew the truth………


Spike: That was a close one! My alliance almost got exposed! Lucky for me they voted off Rita. Actually, it wasn’t luck…..I went over to the voting devices and switched the pictures of Ali and Rita around. So every vote they thought was for Ali, actually was a vote for Rita! Ha ha ha!

Ali and Chomper blew out the bonfire, and the team headed back to their RVs.

“So who was eliminated?” Shorty asked, playing Mario Kart on their Wii.

“Rita did,” Chomper sighed.

“That sucks,” Spike said, but he smiled, the one potential thorn in his side was gone. And it was all because of him…..

(There, Read and Review! Next episode will be by GVG.)

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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
« Reply #17 on: August 19, 2009, 02:25:54 am »
Now that ending I just wasnt' expecting at all! :D Great job...and wow...Spike put that new alliance to the test! :lol

I've started the next chapter and I can safely say you'll like it!


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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
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Can't wait for it!  :D


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Total Drama Valley: Season 2
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Neither do I.