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102 Dalmatians, series inflection
« on: September 30, 2009, 10:57:05 PM »
To anyone interested of course, but thus far Dash and I are the only ones in 101 RP and I know we are in quite a list of other LBT already so this is completely just if you think we could handle this too and wanted to give it a try.

I was pondering if, like another idea of mine ;), this series could have a spin off grown up RP too and given how the series is already different with Cruella living next door and Horace and Jasper helping her out and no one in jail LOL 102 Dalmatians doesn't really hold for this universe, but it could since we have Dipstick as a clear link, so...why don't we attempt the basic idea of 102 (dognapping the pups pups) series style!

and yes by the way I just said this I'm thinking more pups of the 102 lot than just Oddball and her brothers could be in the mix since we're making up stuff anyway really.

Ok character list. We can temp like in the other too, but any we want to grab up or anyone who wants to join wants to grab up, just ask and unless there's some good reason no, I'll let you have them!

Cruella: Kit12

Horace/Jasper: (they're in and out of the manor still, so game):

Dipstick: Dash the Longneck
Dottie: Kit12

Little Dipper: Kit12 (though ask and I'll hand him or Dottie off)


Kevin Shepherd:
Chole Sullivan:

Shelter Dogs (I may look up names later):

That may be it for super important, and we can decide if Kevin and shelter dogs really need to/can slide into this, but there's the basic idea!

I may take one or two more neede characters too, Dash or any interested, but beyond Cruella I'll now let you/you guys do some grabbing up of who you want first off and then fill in blanks.

Dash The Longneck

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102 Dalmatians, series inflection
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2009, 11:56:35 PM »
Can I please be DIpstick?


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102 Dalmatians, series inflection
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2009, 12:52:13 AM »
Hehe, sure! He's all yours.

Ok, off that I should probably be Dottie and...hmm one more cannon permanently, even if everyone else will probably be batted around like in the other, I've kinda been wanting to expound on what Little Dipper's personality's probably like so I'll take him too!

I realize I haven't said anything on OC so maybe now's the time for the explanation of that.

Along with the pups being adopted out, and since he personally has earned enough trust as he has his semi-own little place, despite still being a kid, Matt's been allowed to adopt Pitch since as I hinted he fell for Clover :D

and their pups

Name: Inkwell
Age: pup, same as Oddball and her brothers
Gender: female
Personality: Well behaved and curious, Inkwell is the oldest of the litter (even if that's just two) and so protective of her brother.
Other: Named since the moment her spots came in and with her four solid black paws to the wrists and then top of her head to a bit on her ears and between the eyes part of the muzzle are solid black too, Matt said she looked like she'd gotten into an Inkwell

Name: PJ (Pongo Jr.)
Age: of the same litter as Inkwell but slightly younger
Gender: male
Personalty: Acts like the typical younger brother, being a bit unsure and always wanting to make sure he's in on what Inkwell or any of the others are doing. Is flattered to be named after his grandfather, but fears he cant' live up to it.

And all four dogs live near the run down house Horace and Jasper use but not in it since once Matt's dog's outnumbered one they started annoying his uncles and so they habitat an on the ground tree house essentially with Matt all but living in it himself in the top floor kinda room instead of the house.


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102 Dalmatians, series inflection
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2009, 12:56:24 AM »
If this is of any help, there's a list of the names of all the 102 dalmatians pups on the net. I didn't make it, and I don't know if it's canon, but I hope it aids in your story. You could make characters based off these names!

   1. Bubba
   2. Seargent
   3. Chew
   4. Bones
   5. Princess
   6. Freckles
   7. Eight ball
   8. Orion
   9. Full stop
   10. Snip
   11. Dotcom
   12. Marbles
   13. Sunspot
   14. Nickels
   15. Hotdog
   16. Fetch
   17. Cinders
   18. Lollipop
   19. Scout
   20. Domino
   21. Gobstopper
   22. Squeaky
   23. Buttons
   24. Cotton ball
   25. Tic
   26. Tac
   27. Toe
   28. Junior
   29. Jake
   30. Speckles
   31. Ears
   32. Bob
   33. Alameda
   34. Nipper
   35. Oddball
   36. Tippy
   37. Jersey
   38. Twister
   39. Badger
   40. Skipper
   41. Snowball
   42. Ellipses
   43. Pepper
   44. Pinwheel
   45. Jimmies
   46. Buddy
   47. Stripes
   48. Ralph
   49. Nugget
   50. Fang
   51. Windy
   52. Chester
   53. Smoky
   54. Chief
   55. Soho
   56. Drifter
   57. Rufus
   58. Peeve
   59. Moose
   60. Cosmo
   61. Grinder
   62. Gideon
   63. Snicker
   64. Chance
   65. Squirrel
   66. Tug
   67. Badges
   68. Blunder
   69. Little dipper
   70. zephyr
   71. Chase
   72. Bongo
   73. Soccer
   74. Sparky
   75. Wags
   76. Smudge
   77. Bootsie
   78. Bogey
   79. Otto
   80. Hydrant
   81. Ashes
   82. Typhoon
   83. Snake eyes
   84. Whirlwind
   85. Bluster
   86. Diggity
   87. Scamper
   88. Toffee
   89. Gumball
   90. Big dipper
   91. Polka
   92. Chocolate chip
   93. Patches
   94. Dab
   95. Inky
   96. Rorschach
   97. Splatter
   98. Fisher
   99. Spindle
   100. Flip
   101. Cue ball
   102. Checkers


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102 Dalmatians, series inflection
« Reply #4 on: October 01, 2009, 01:03:21 AM »
Wait, someone actually named

Uh yeah we'll be changing that up to allow for OC's but I will definitely be utilizing that somehow, thanks!