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Landmarks of the Great Valley
« on: November 07, 2009, 10:00:31 AM »
It will be pretty much impossible to create a map that is in accordance with every single scene in the land before time movies as some of them are contradictory. Nevertheless it must be the aim of the map making to make it as close to what we see in the movie's but also to allow for some creative freedom to include landmarks not from the movies but for game purposes.
However, the first thing to do is to create a list as complete as possible about the landmarks from the different movies and TV episodes which should be included on the map. Not all of the landmarks (in fact few of them) are actually named in the movies and can therefore only be described. I'll start with a very incomplete list of the first landmarks from the movies which come to my mind and I would appreciate any help to make the list more complete with the names / descriptions of the landscapes and the movies / episodes they are taken from. I reckon that any list I will come up with now will be incomplete with regard to the later sequels and the TV episodes in particular, so any help will be really appreciated. This is only about landmarks inside the Great Valley itself or so close in it's vicinity that it would probably fit on the short rim of Mysterious Beyond that will be around the Valley on the map:

The Land before Time I:

1. The lake where the original Sharptooth was drowned with the surrounding cliffs.
2. The entrance used by Littlefoot and the others to enter the Great Valley along with the waterfall that was beside it.
3. High, dome shaped rocks that surrounded the section of the Great Valley seen in the original movie (I point these ones out because other parts of the rocky walls surrounding the Great Valley look quite differently).
4. Meandering river with crescent shaped islands.

The Land before Time II - The Great Valley Adventure:

1. The Sinking Sands.
2. The Sheltering Grass.
3. A region of small Volcanoes or hot springs inside the Valley (the ones Littlefoot tumbles into near the beginning of the movie.
4. The cave of the eggeaters along with the way to it that includes a hairpin turn path along a steep rocky wall, and a deep canyon. There must also be a much easier path which the egg could take to roll all the way back to Ducky's nest which must be near the end of the slope leading up to the eggeaters' cave.
5. The Blocked Entrance to the Great Valley near the cave of the eggeaters.
6. The Burning Mountain (at least one deep ravine near it's base).
7. A small cave where Ozzy and Strut took cover after trying to rob a flyers nest.
8. A rocky ledge above a kind of lake where the gang was cornered by the eggeaters but saved by Chomper's shadow. It must be somewhat out of view or remote or else I don't see how nobody in the Great Valley could hear or see anything of the kid's plight.
9. The rocks one of which was suggested to be the hideout for the gang when Cera suggested hiding from the grownups. Among such rocks there could also be one with the cave in which Littlefoot and Cera took shelter from Chomper's parents as well as the one from which Spike dropped a rock on one of the sharpteeth's head.
10. The rocky ledge near the eggeaters' cave from which Ozzy and Strut meant to throw Littlefoot.

The Land before Time III - The Time of the Great Giving

1. Thundering falls and adjacent lake.
2. Hairpinturn path into the Myterious Beyond (the one on which they sang "Kids like us").
3. The Waterhole where Littlefoot was accused of wasting water (this would be one out of quite a few water holes in the Great Valley throughout the sequels almost each of which includes at least one water hole).
4. The Waterhole which Littlefoot and the others discover which I think would be in an unpopulated outskirts region of the Great Valley same as Saurus rock.
5. A shallow ditch leading up to the ledge from which the Gang saw the crater and the dam that blocked the water in the Mysterious Beyond. One important detail would be that the way Littlefoot and the others took back to the grownups must be a shortcut (it is mentioned in the movie) compared to the one they took when searching for the water.
6. Two boulder pass (this one is mostly left to our imagination).
7. The tar pit into which Hyp sank.

The Land before Time IV - Journey through the Mists

1. The broad entrance to the Great Valley which Ali's herd took.
2. The Ledge from which Littlefoot and the Gang saw the herd.
3. The Waterfall where Littlefoot's grandparents took their shower which looked very different from the Thundering falls as well as from the Falls in the original movie.

The Land before Time V - The Mysterious Island

1. The place where the grownups discussed after the swarming leafgobblers had wasted the Valley. Some rocks around it for the kids to hide beyond.

The Land before Time VI - The Secret of Saurus Rock

1. Saurus Rock located in a secluded outskirts part of the Great Valley, most likely a plateau.
2. Another hairpin turn path leading up to the said plateau (there must be some way accessible (but only with great difficulties) for larger dinosaurs.
3. The large canyon they had to cross on their way to Saurus Rock. The Canyon leades into the Mysterious Beyond (Doc left that way and I presume the sharpteeth got in that way). I consider it likely that the canyon shallows out towards its other end gradually turning into the shallow ditch mentioned at III.5. (This I think is the only plausible explanation of how sharpteeth could get out of there and Littlefoot's grandpa down there seeing that neither could possibly use the very narrow way Littlefoot used to climb to the bottom of the canyon).
4. The tall trees (not even grandpa could reach those leaves!) on the plateau.
5. The bubbling mud. I assume this mud to be not too far from the small volcanoes mentioned at II.3 and the lava vent where grandpa longneck told the story of the lone dinosaur (which of course would also be a landmark of the sixth movie).
6. A box canyon where Littlefoot and the Gang played "Lone Dinosaur" before Doc appeared.
7. A cave in a secluded standing rock which served as a shelter during the storm.

The Land before Time VII - The Stone of Cold Fire

1. The meeting place of the grownups with the rocky arch.

The Land before Time VIII - The Big Freeze

1. The entrance through which they left the Great Valley.
2. The Rock from which they could overlook part of the Valley and where Cera caused the avalanche.
3. Possibly the warm lake they found though I tend to believe that one to be further outside so it would not be on the rim of the Great Valley Map anymore.

The Land before Time IX - Journey to Big Water

1. The crack created by the earthquake.
2. A rather low region of the Valley that is flooded by the rain (perhaps there is a way to make its state (flooded or not) depending on the weather during the gameplay?).
3. Exit of one of the Great Valley's rivers.
4. Burning Mountains near the edge of the Great Valley, but not quite close enough to be identical with the one mentioned at II.6. Not sure if they would still be on the map of the Great Valley.

The Land before Time X - The Great Longneck Migration

The Land before Time XI - Invasion of the Tinysauruses

1. The cave of the Tinysauruses.
2. The Treesweet-Tree.

The Land before Time XII - The Great Day of the Flyers

1. The canyon Guido fell into while sleepwalking. Perhaps there is a chance of it being identical with the one mentioned at II.4.
2. The Waterfall where Tricia was saved.

The Land before Time XIII - The Wisdom of Friends

1. The canyon into which Littlefoot's grandma almost fell. Perhaps it is identical with the landbreak of the ninth movie mentioned at IX.1.

The Land before Time TV Episodes (instead of Roman numbers I am using three letter abbreviations here for short reference):

The Cave of the Many Voices (CMV)

1. The Cave of the Many Voices.
2. The rather soaky cave Chomper wanted to move away from.

The Mysterious Tooth Crisis (MTC)

1. Tria's Mud Spa.
2. A swamp which I believe to be not identical with the sinking sands.

The Star Day Celebration (SDC)

1. Ruby's cave (not quite clear if it is the same as Chomper's I think, but maybe one of you can make sure about this?).

The Canyon of Shiny Stones (CSS)

1. Canyon of the Shiny stones.
2. A volcano. I assume both places to be outside the Great Wall but close to the Valley.

The Great Log-Running Game (GLG)

1. Waterfall which Cera nearly floated down. I think this is more likely than not to be the same as in XII.2.

The Brave Longneck Scheme (BLS)

The Meadow of Jumping Waters (MJW)

1. The Meadow of the Jumping Water in the vicinity of the Great Valley.

Days of Rising Waters (DRW)

1. Petrie's families nest under that overhanging rock with the way to get there.

Escape from the Mysterious Beyond (EMB)

1. The ridge where Chomper and Ducky were trapped in the Mysterious Beyond.

The Hidden Canyon (THC)

1. The Hidden Canyon as yet another secret entrance to the Great Valley along with the trees the smell of which sharpteeth dislike (possibly not accessible from the Valley anymore as a result of the events of the episode).

The Legend of the Story Speaker (LSS)

1. The Mysterious Beyond Canyon in which Littlefoot, Chomper, and Savo were trapped.

The Bright Circle Celebration (BCC)

The Lonely Journey (TLJ)

The Missing Fast-Water Adventure (MFA)

1. Part where the water was trapped. Something may have to be figured out why the damming up of water that would flow to the sea would enable Mo to travel to the Great Valley rather than being more blocked from it than he ever was before. The Fact that the Valley must be located between the dam and the sea doesn't make things easier... or maybe it does. Perhaps the damn temporarily changed the course of the water in such a way as to allow Mo a travel without the "steps" that would have had to be taken on the LBT IX way.

The Spooky Nighttime Adventure (SNA)

The Lone Dinosaur Returns (LDR)

1. The swamp in which Dara sinks. It may be the Sinking Sands II.1 (but not necessarily)

Stranger from the Mysterious Above (SMA)

1. The Cave into which Spike drops.

The Forbidden Friendship (TFF)

1. Canyon into which Tippy falls.

The Amazing Threehorn Girl (ATG)

The Big Longneck Test (BLT)

1. I think there was a canyon involved that may be identical with TFF.1, but it is too long since I saw the episode which I think features several more landmarks.

The Hermit of Black Rock (HBR)

Return to Hanging Rock (RHR)

March of the Sand Creepers (MSC)

Search for the Sky Color Stones (SCS)

1. The cave of the Sky Color Stones.

Through the Eyes of a Spiketail (TES)

The Great Egg Adventure (GEA)


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Landmarks of the Great Valley
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2009, 06:58:30 PM »
Here are some screenshots.  Not sure if they are what is being looked for.

 I'll edit or add a post & take some other screenshots requested.  I'll likely go movie by movie to keep things simpler for me.  No idea how long it'll take due to this upper left back pain.    & I've no idea how to do thumbnails in a post.

No idea what movie this screenshot is from of the Great Valley:


1st Movie

Album with 24 screenshots of the area and scene of the sharptooth being taken care of, and the cave:

Album of 6 screenshots of the entrance to the GV used by Littlefoot:

Views of the GV from 1sst movie:

first shot, before the light expands, so GV is still dark:

1st sight with light expanded:

3rd screenshot I have of the sight:

4th with some images of dinos seen from far above:

A shot inside the GV a few seconds at most before Cera appears as she is reunited with her father:


2nd Movie:

Sinking Sands (not very good but only one I have right now) :

1. A folder with some Sinking Sand Screenshots I took just now.  It has some of the surrounding area from different angles & such:

3. Got a few of the area, not sure it is what you want.

4 & 5 - temporary cave the egg eaters use & the blocked entrance:

6 - Not sure about the smoking mountain but I do have some screenshots of the mysterious beyond area the gang was at, and I think 1 of where they found Chomper's egg:

8. rocky ledge:

9.  Hideout area screenshots (also includes 1 screenshot of Ducky's parent's nest area seen from that area.  :

10. The ledge and some screenshots of scenes after that scene of the areas nearby:


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Landmarks of the Great Valley
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2009, 10:37:03 AM »
Thank you very much! These are really helping and very appreciated :)
I'm sorry for not responding earlier, but I didn't get around to focus on the map work during the last few days and I am also still looking for landmarks I have so far forgotten.
One little success is that by now I have come up with a color gradient which should really work for the map making program if turned into grayscale while at the same time the colors work for the human eye and sense of aesthetics as well (so colored versions of the map can be used for the coloration of the game while gray-scale versions can do for the topography).


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Landmarks of the Great Valley
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2009, 01:02:41 PM »
Sounds like a good plan.  

1 - Thundering falls & adjacent area (a little out of order):

2.  Hairpin Turn place thing:

3. The Waterhole where Littlefoot was accused of wasting water:

4. Waterhole Littlefoot finds:

5. Crater and Dam:  
This I took earlier.  In the sequence in the folder it fits in between 14 and 15.

The folder with the other screenshots:

7. Tarpit (& at least some of the path Hyp and his friends took to get there):


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Landmarks of the Great Valley
« Reply #4 on: November 13, 2009, 09:49:42 AM »
Awesomeness Kor! :D
These screenshots come in really handy and I promise they will be put to good purpose! :)
Your continuous helpfulness is really greatly appreciated :yes


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Landmarks of the Great Valley
« Reply #5 on: November 14, 2009, 03:23:17 AM »
4th Movie.

1. entrance & greeting area (the entrance itself is not shown but I did get quire a few of the area where the meeting of Ali's herd is greeted by the residents.  The closest to a shot of the entrance is a backward shot I have of the way Ali's herd came, though it does not show much.

2. Ledge where he sees Ali's herd, (you can see some shadows of the farwalkers & a bit of the mysterious beyond that borders the great valley too:

Album with some shots of the ledge, the entrance to the cave, the inside of the very small cave that leads to the ledge and some of the areas near it in the great valley. (the cave and entrance to the ledge are small)

3. Waterfall area where Littlefoot & his grandparents washed or got washed:


5th Movie:

1.  Discussion Area (plus a few of an area nearby where the gang had their discussion before they heard they would be leaving the great valley together):


6th Movie

1. Saurus Rock: I took some earlier of Saurus rock.  New (from grandpa longneck's story):  & the old current version:

An album with some screenshots:

2. Path to Saurus Rock (or as far as the gang got anyway:

3. Path to Saurus Rock:

4. Forest that leads to very near Saurus rock (with those huge trees):

5. Bubbling Mud Area :

6. Box Canyon:

7. Rock where some take shelter from the wind:


7th movie

1. Meeting Place (and the area nearby where the gang talked before going to save ducky:


8th Movie

1. The entrance the gang and Mr Thicknose Leave in :

2.  Area the gang can look into the valley & Cera causes the avalanche:

3. Warm lake area:


9th Movie

1. Landbreak after earthquake:

2. Some shots of flooded areas (no idea if you wanted this or not):

3. Exit of one of the rivers.  No idea when they left the valley so though maybe 20 screenshots should cover this, and some areas outside the great valley:

4. Smoking Mountain & way back:


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Landmarks of the Great Valley
« Reply #6 on: November 16, 2009, 05:45:14 AM »
Thank you very, very much Kor! :)
These are really awesome and very helping for the creating of the game map :yes


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Landmarks of the Great Valley
« Reply #7 on: November 16, 2009, 06:22:25 PM »
I'm glad the pictures are of a little help.


11th movie

1. Tinysaurus caves:

2. Treesweet tree:

Some treesweets:


12th Movie

1. Guido Canyon (& 1 side of the mountain next to it that is a border of the great valley, based on some dialog the gang says):

2. Tricia saved Waterfall:


13th Movie

1. Grandma Longneck canyon: