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« on: March 19, 2011, 01:09:19 am »
I corrected the links before I realized an admin had used this topic as an example. Here is an example of a broken link:
The problem is the link just goes to the OP of the thread, when it is supposed to direct to a specific post in that thread.

If your reading my fanfiction, I'd appreciate some feedback on what you think off it. I really want some feedback on how to make it better  ;)

Also, this is written in script format, made to resemble an actual TV series as closely I can with just text. If you came in here expecting a novel, too bad!

I've never written a fanfiction before. Actually, I don't usually write much for pleasure. I tend to write ok papers for school, but I never thought to just try it for fun.

This fanfiction features a single human that goes back in time to the world of LBT. Other than that slightly crazy addition, I/m trying to keep everything else true to LBT. Every "Chapter" is a episode script. That sounds kinda crazy, but it's pretty interesting to me, and I think it will make my fanfiction unique. Every episode is a separate story in and of itself, but there's an overarching storyline and character development. Also, the Professor, or any main character for that matter, won't necessarily play a role in each episode. And, like with most TV series, not every episode advances the overall plot.

Just some exposition. This takes place about 2 years after the events of the first television series. Ruby and Chomper are still in the Great Valley, But they aren't in the first episode since it's already so full. Having chomper meet the human complicates things, and I think it needs it's own episode to flesh the encounter out. Also, since the voice actor for Grandpa longneck is dead (RIP Kennith Mars :(), I thought it would be realistic to have the character already dead in this series. Bron and his herd have been forced to move into the Great Valley so he can become the new leader. Shorty is back too :DD . This already happened before the first episode, and it's explained more later in this TV series.

Here's a handy list of links to each episode, if you need help finding a specific one. Please note. With the new Zetaboards that this forum was migrated to, the only way to link to a post is to link to the post ONLY, so if you do use these links, you'll have to keep coming back to this list to find other episodes.

Season 1:
Episode 1 - The Farwalker
Episode 2 - The Sharptoothed Menace
Episode 3 - Brothers
Episode 4 - Return to Saurus Rock
Episode 5 - A Sharptooth in Need
Episode 6 - The Longneck Girl Returns
Episode 7 - Ape Man
Episode 8 - Wrong Side of the Claw
Episode 9 - Parents Know Best
Episode 10 - All the Colors of the Rainbow
Episode 11 - The Gang of Five
Episode 12 - The Legend of the Friendly Sharptooth Part 1
Episode 13 - The Legend of the Friendly Sharptooth Part 2

season 2:
Episode 14 - Comeback of the Infamous Old Flyer Part 1
Episode 15 - Comeback of the Infamous Old Flyer Part 2
Episode 16 - The Most Evil Swimmer
Episode 17 - The Little Leafeater and the Little Biter
Episode 18 - That Spark for Adventure!
Episode 19 - Our Very own Redclaw!
Episode 20 - Tales of Interest
Episode 21 - The Meat Hits the Fan Part 1
Episode 22 - The Meat Hits the Fan Part 2
Episode 23 - Oh, How the Meek have Fallen
Episode 24 - The Very Sharp Threehorn Girl
Episode 25 - From One Adventurer to Another
Episode 26 - Great Valley: The Grand Tour
Episode 27 - The Farwalker's World Part 1
Episode 28 - The Farwalker's World Part 2
Episode 29 - The Farwalker's World Part 3
Episode 30 - The Farwalker's World Part 4

Season 3:
Episode 31 - Not Without my Eggs Part 1
Episode 32 - Not Without my Eggs Part 2
Episode 33 - Always the Same Ham
Episode 34 - Veal and Friends
Episode 35 - Valley of the Dead
Episode 36 - Invasion of the Little Biters
Episode 37 - Indecision 100.000.012 B.C.
Episode 38 - Sweet Dreams
Episode 39 - Where No Gang has Gone Before Part 1
Episode 40 - Where No Gang has Gone Before Part 2
Episode 41 - The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Mad
Episode 42 - By the Skin of my Teeth!
Episode 43 - Find... That... Stone!
Episode 44 - Bones!
Episode 45 - Live Like Your Dying
Episode 46 - Anthology of Interest
Episode 47 - The Future that Chomps Behind Part 1
Episode 48 - The Future that Chomps Behind Part 2
Episode 49 - The Future that Chomps Behind Part 3
Episode 50 - The Future that Chomps Behind Part 4
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Littlefoot: "Look, Chomper. You're uncle is dead, and it's just right for your friends to be there for you. You'd be there if someone we know died, right?"

Chomper: "Well, sure I would!"

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« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2011, 01:17:35 am »
Episode 1 - The Farwalker

Oh god! what have I done!?

Scene: The solar system.

Narrator: "A long, long time ago..."

An asteroid flies by.

Narrator: "..Before man, or wolf, or bear..."

The view zooms in to the solar system. Earth comes in to view. It is still in it's very early form. magma covering much of it's surface.

Narrator: "...When the earth was still in it's infancy..."

The earth cools down, water forms and separates the land.

Narrator: "..In this land that looked very different from our own,..."

Camera zooms in on the Earth. It zips through layers of clouds, and the Great Valley comes into view from overhead. It is night time.

Narrator: "..lived great, wondrous creatures who were very different from the creatures we know of today."

The Camera whips around some. There are no creatures to be seen.

Narrator: "Hey, whats going on? Oh, it's nighttime. How could they mess THIS up? Well, anyway, take my word for it. Now then, In a time before a single human ever walked upon this Earth..."

in a field in the Great valley, A blue light appears, with a sort of whooshing sound.

Narrator: "Oh what now?"

After a moment, a human steps out of the light, and The light subsides.

Narrator: "What in the world is this guy doing here? Hello?

The human checks a device strapped to his arm, and says something in an unknown language. The human sounds like an ape when he speaks. He then walks off into a forested area.

Narrator: "Forget it, Just forget it. I quit!"

Scene: The next morning, in the Great Valley. The sleeping dinosaurs are beginning to wake up. Scene moves to a group of sleeping longnecks. An old one, a middle aged one that's already awake, And two that are still young and waking up. One of them jumps up from his slumber, breathing heavily.

Littlefoot: "No!"

Bron: "Morning Littlefoot. Did you have another scary sleep story?"

Littlefoot: "Yes. It's the same one I've been having for days. I see Grandpa walking out of the great valley. I try to make him stay, but he just says that his time has come. I can't bear to see him leave, because I know I"ll never see him again. Then I wake up."

A tear streams down his face, while Grandma Longneck wakes up.

Grandma Longneck: "It's alright. I know it must have been hard on you, but you'll feel better eventually. You have to remember the good times."

Littlefoot: I think I'm feeling a little better now, I'll go see if any of my friends are awake yet."

He walks off some, but turns his head around.

Littlefoot "Oh, wait, Do you want to play, Shorty?"

Shorty: "Not really. I'd like to play some by myself today."

Littlefoot: Well, okay. Bye!"

the little longnecks runs off, leaving the other longnecks.

Scene: Several Threehorms sleeping close by to the longnecks.

Littlefoot: Walks up to Cera "Hey, are you awake?"

A young threehorn rustles on the ground and finally gets up. She has a mean look on her face.

Cera: "I am now! What's going on? Why'd you have to wake me up?"

Littlefoot: "Well, I was feeling lonely, and I wanted to start playing something."

Cera: "Well, alright. I guess if you want to, I'll join."

Littlefoot: "Lets get the rest of the gang together!"

A little swimmer walks up to the pair.

Ducky: "Hey, I heard you wanted to play something."

Cera: (annoyed) "Well, YOU"RE up early!"

Spike Walks behind the other three and starts eating from a fern.

Ducky: (Smiling) "Yup yup yup, us swimmers always get up early!"

Littlefoot: "Well, lets go."

The group Starts walking off. Spike sighs and reluctantly follows.

Scene: A flyer nest on the side of a cliff.

There is a mother flyer and 5 young ones. They are all asleep. Climbs over the crest of the cliff to the nest and shakes one of the young flyers.

Ducky: "Hey, wake up petrie!"

The skiddish little flyer jumps up in a panic.

Petrie: "AHHH!"

Petrie calms down after a moment.

Petrie: "Ducky, You no scare me like that!"

Ducky: "I'm sorry Petrie. You just need to wake up. The day is here, and there are games to be played, there is!"

Petrie: "Me love games! What we play today?"

Littlefoot Yells from the ground to be heard.

Littlefoot: "I know just the game!"

Scene: A grassy field.

The Gang of Five are playing a game that resembles soccer with a hard pointy seed. The human from before is in some foliage nearby observing a fully grown Threehorm and Longneck eating treestars.

Littlefoot: kicks the pointy seed. "Here I come!"

Cera Runs up and tries to block Littlefoot, but he dodges and continues on.

Cera: "Darn, I'll get you Littlefoot!"

Petrie flies towards Littlefoot, holding Ducky in his claws.

Petrie: "Here we come!"

Ducky reaches down and grabs the pointy seed while it is in the air.

Ducky: "Aha. I Got it, Petrie!"

Littlefoot: "Hey! Come back here!"

Mr. Threehorn: "They sure are loud and annoying little kids, aren't they?"

Bron: "Oh, it's not that bad. They're just having some fun. And didn't you play this game when you were young?"

Mr. Threehorn: "Well, yes. But I wasn't as bad at it as they are!"

Bron: (sarcastically) "oh really?"

Littlefoot is running furiously, gaining on Petrie and Ducky. Ducky get's worried.

Ducky: "Fly faster Petrie!"

Petrie: "Me trying best me can!"

Spike sees everyone else coming up on him quickly. He starts to look worried, closing his eyes and preparing for the impact.

Just as Cera is about to tackle Littlefoot, and Littlefoot is about to catch the flying pair, All four of them crash into spike. The spiketail is not enough to stop them, and the whole gang flies into the foliage the human was hiding in. Littlefoot ends up on top of the human, and their eyes meet. Littlefoot and the human Simultaneously yell.

-Commercial break-

Littlefoot jumps off of the human and runs off, while the human gets up and runs away in a different direction. The rest of the gang see the human and run away with Littlefoot. Mr. Threehorn sees the human and runs up to the group.

Mr. Threehorn: "Hey! What are you doing here!"

Bron follows close behind.

Bron: "Whats going on?"

The Gang of Five run up to the adults, and the adults stop running to tend to them.

Bron: "Are you kids okay?"

Littlefoot: "Yes, I think so"

Mr. Threehorn: "Did that...Thing scare you kids?"

Cera: "It didn't scare me, daddy! I just followed everyone else to make sure they were okay!"

Petrie: "Anybody see where strange thing go?"

Bron: "I didn't. I was more concerned for you're safety."

Mr. Threehorn: "Looks like we'll have to drive that thing out of the Great Valley!"

Bron: "Now hold on a second. Shouldn't we think this through? I'll call the other grownups together for a meeting."

Mr. Threehorn: "Okay, but you better make it quick. We might not have much time!"

Bron: "Okay." Turns to kids. "Kids, be careful! Stay away from that thing, and if you see it again, call for help."

Littlefoot: "Alright, dad. I will."

Bron and leave, while Littlefoot turns to the rest of the Gang.

Littlefoot: "Lets go find that thing again, I want to see it!"

Petrie: (Shocked) "WHAT! Are you crazy?"

Ducky: "I do not think that is a good idea, no no no."

Cera: "That thing might be dangerous. It could have been a sharptooth!"

Littlefoot: "No, it wasn't a sharptooth."

Cera: "How do YOU know, longneck?"

Littlefoot: "I got a good look at that thing. It didn't have a big mouth, and it's teeth didn't look very sharp to me. It also didn't have any claws."

Petrie: "Me still no wanna look for it!"

Ducky: "Petrie is right. It still might be dangerous."

Littlefoot: "Well, I don't believe you. I think we could become friends with it!"

Spike rolls his eyes and sighs, then walks off to start eating again.

Petrie: "Good idea, spike. Me hungry too!"

Cera: "Yeah, I could use a bite to eat too."

Ducky: "Me three!"

Everyone leaves Littlefoot. He stands there to think for a moment, and then replies to everyone else.

Littlefoot: "Well fine. I'll look for that thing myself!"

Littlefoot runs off.

Scene: The Great Meeting Circle.

All of the Grownups are huddled there, debating what to do about the newcomer.

Ducky's Mom: "Well, what did that thing look like?"

Mr. Threehorn: "Hideous. I've never seen anything like it before. It was mostly white, but it had fuzzy stuff on it's head like those little annoying fuzzies.

Petrie's Mom: "Wow, that does sound hideous! I've never even heard of a creature like that before!"

Mr. Threehorn: "That's why we must drive it out of the Great Valley!"

Bron: "Now hold on a second. I remember this Valley being open to everyone. Do any of you remember? This valley used to be a safe haven for those looking for refuge from vicious Sharpteeth! Have you all forgotten this already?"

Tria: "Good point, Bron."

Mr. Threehorn: "But Tria, how do we know this creature isn't a sharptooth?"

The debate turns into incomprehensible rambling from everyone.

Scene: A thick forest in the Great Valley

Littlefoot is walking through a forest in the Great Valley, looking for the human.

Littlefoot: "Come out you little fella. Please come out. You don't have to be scared, I won't bite."

He looks around some more, becoming discouraged, before he finally eyes the human. The human is sitting next to a watering hole, Cleaning his face and getting a drink of water as well. Littlefoot tries to sneak up on him, but he snaps a twig. The human snaps his head behind him, sees the dinosaur, and starts running away. Littlefoot gives chase.

Littlefoot: "Wait, I won't hurt you!"

Littlefoot chases the human into a cave. The human reaches a dead end, and turns around, Looking horrified. Littlefoot starts to nudge towards the human.

-Commercial break-

The human starts messing around wildly with the device on his arm. He also starts to talk, but his voice starts changing. First from an ape voice, to a dolphin, then a bear, and then to a dog. He then suddenly lets out a loud sharptooth roar. Littlefoot steps back momentarily, looking confused, before drawing near again.

Littlefoot:"Just what ARE you anyway?"

Sweat pours down the human's face as he continues to mess with the device. Suddenly, he lets out a descernable voice.

Human: "Wait! Stop!"

Littlefoot: "you can talk?"

Human: "Please, I mean no harm!"

Littlefoot: "Calm down, I won't hurt you."

The human tries calming down for a few moments, before replying.

Human: " won't?"

Littlefoot: (Chuckling) "No, how could I hurt you?"

Human: "Well, good. It's just I was found out, and then you chased me. I didn't know what I was going to do."

Littlefoot Turns his attention to the human's arm.

Littlefoot: "Hey, whats that thing you were messing with?"

Human: "Oh, This old thing? Hehehe, I don't think you would understand. Let's just say it helps me talk to you."

Littlefoot: "That makes sense, I guess. Well, I'm Littlefoot, who are you?"

Human: "Um, I'm a professor.

Littlefoot: "Professor? That's a silly name!"

Human: "Huh? oh, that's not my n.."

He stops and thinks for a moment, then changes his response.

Human: "Well, yes. I suppose that is a pretty silly name."

Littlefoot: "where are you from, professor?"

The human thinks carefully before replying.

Professor: "Somewhere far away. I'm sure you've never heard of the place."

Littlefoot: "Hm, you've come from a far away place? Are you a farwalker?"

Professor: "Yeah, I guess I am. I travel around studying new places and people. I just want to learn about the world."

Littlefoot: "That sounds very exciting! Um, What kind are you?"

Professor: "What do you mean what kind?"

Littlefoot: "Well, I'm a longneck."

Professor: "Oh, I thought you were a brontosaurus."

Littlefoot: "Whats that?"

Professor: "Well, It's what my kind calls longnecks, We have names for other dinosaurs too. Now, about me. I'm a Human.

Littlefoot: "Hu-man? That sounds almost as silly as your name!"

Professor: "We are quiet strange, yes. Different than any other kind that I can think off.

Littlefoot: "Hey, would you want to come meet my friends?"

Professor: "I guess so, are they friendly?"

Littlefoot: "well, sure they are! Come on!"

Littlefoot and the professor leave the cave and goes off to look for the Gang.

Scene: A forest clearing.

The rest of the gang are around some foliage enjoying a nice lunch.

Littlefoot: "Hey guys, Come meet my new friend!"

The Gang turn to see Littlefoot and the Professor. They start start to look worried. Ducky drops the sweet bubbles in her hand.

Professor: "'Yellow!"

Ducky suddenly looses her worried look and walks up to the human.

Ducky: "Hello. I guess you do not look that scary after all, yup yup yup!"

Littlefoot: "His name is Professor, and he's a farwalker."

Ducky: "Well, hello to you, Professor. My name is Ducky, and I am always ready to make some new friends!"

Professor: "I suppose you're good at swimming?"

Ducky: Oh yes. I am a swimmer, after all.

Petrie flies over and lands on the Professor's head. He bends over, looking at the human in the face.

Petrie: "Me Petrie, and me good flyer!"

Professor: "I see..."

Cera: "Well, I'm still not so sure."

Littlefoot: "So sure of what?"

Cera: "That he's friendly. You'll have to prove yourself, farwalker!"

Littlefoot: "Cera! Be nice!"

Professor: "Oh well, I suppose some are just more afraid of new people."

Cera: (Angrily) "Who are you calling afraid! I'm just looking out for my friends!"

Professor: "Now hold on a second, no need to turn me into a professor cabaab!."

Cera: "well, okay. But don't let it happen again!"

Littlefoot: "Hey professor, you should see the grownups!"

Professor: (worriedly) "Grownups? What grownups?"

Ducky: "Why, our grownups, silly!"

Littlefoot: Yeah, we should show our parents that you're actually friendly!"

Petrie: "That good idea!"

Ducky: "yes, let's go!"

Professor: "Now hold on just a second. Are you sure of this, Little..."

Littlefoot rams into the Professor from behind, knocking him over onto his back. Him and the rest of the Gang then rush off towards the Great Meeting Circle.

Scene: The Great Meeting Circle.

All of the grownups are still around the meeting circle, arguing about what to do with the newcomer.

Mr. Threehorn: "Come on, let's get rid of it already!"

Bron: "hold on, please! We can't jump to conclusions. We should meet this thing face to face and see if it's friendly or not."

Mr. Threehorn: "That's crazy, Someone could get hurt!"

Littlefoot runs up to the congregation, yelling at the top of his lungs.

Littlefoot: "Hey dad, look! That thing is actually nice, look!"

The longneck trips, rolling on the ground, and sending the Professorr flying in the air. He landson the ground, and scrambles up. The adults gasp.

Ducky's Mom: "My word!"

The Professor picks a stick off the ground and shakes it angrily at Littlefoot.

Professor: "Why you little sauropod! Why'd you have to drag me off like that? Why I oughta..."

He pauses, holding the stick in the air. He looks at the adult dinosaurs, who are staring right back at him, before he let's go of the stick and let's it drop to the ground. Mr. Threehorn stomps on up to him.

Mr. Threehorn: "...what? What were you gonna do!"

Professor: "Oh, me? N...nothing, just..."

Littlefoot: It's okay, everyone! he's not here to hurt anybody!"

Bron takjes a look at the human, then at Littlefoot, looking disappointed.

Bron: "Littlefoot, what did you do? You disobeyed me! I told to not go after that thing!"

Littlefoot lower's his head in shame.

Littlefoot: "I'm sorry dad, but I found out he's friendly. Please, say hi to Professor!"

Professor: Waves hand shyly. "Oowehehe!"

Mr. Threehorn: "What are you? A sharptooth or something?"

Professor: "What the blast is a sharptooth?"

Ducky's Mom: "He must not be from anywhere around here."

Professor: "Um, that's right, maim. I'm a farwalker. I came here to study new places and people."

Mr. Threehorn: "Why don't you just go back to whatever little hole you came out of and leaves us alone!"

Grandma Longneck: "Now, now, Topsy. Let's give this newcomer a chance."

Bron: "That's right everyone."

The leader of the Great Valley steps up closer to the Professor.

Bron: "Well, it's good to meet you Professor. Do you need anything?"

Professor: "Well, I am very hungry"

Bron:"Is that all? Well, have some of our delicious treestars!"

Professor: "No, I can't really eat that."

Mr. Threehorn: "What? Are you a Meat-eater?"

He takes a step towards the professor. The human thinks for a moment, then lies.

Professor: "No, I don't eat any meat. You don't have to worry about that, big guy. What about that fruit that tree over there?"

Bron: "You mean this treesweet?"

He pulls the treesweet off the tree in his mouth, and drops it in front of the professor, who picks it up and sinks his teeth into it.

Professor: "Mmm, delicious!."

Bron: "That's good to hear!

Bron turns his gaze to his son.

Bron: "Now, don't think I forgot about you, Littlefoot. You still disobeyed me, so you must be punished! You can't play with your friends tomorrow."

the little longneck lowers his head in shame again.

Littlefoot: "Okay dad. I'm sorry."

Bron: "If that's all, then we're done for today. You can all get back to you things, everyone!"

All of the adults begin to disperse, while the Gang stays with the professor.

Cera: "Well, I guess you're not THAT bad."

Professor: "I'm glad you've had a change of heart Cera. Maybe we can get to know each other."

Littlefoot: "Well, you can play with us...Um...I mean my friends tomorrow."

Professor: "That could be fun, I suppose. See you all later!"

The gang (minus Littlefoot) leaves, and Littlefoot goes to talk to his Grandma. The Professor Wipes his head, breaths a sigh of relief, before talking to himself.

Professor: "Well, I'm glad I got somebody to like me here. I hated That world I came from. It was going down the tubes."

He turns around to look at the Great Valley, breathing in the air.

Professor: "Anyway, I think I'm going to like it here!"

He walks off.

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Littlefoot: "Look, Chomper. You're uncle is dead, and it's just right for your friends to be there for you. You'd be there if someone we know died, right?"

Chomper: "Well, sure I would!"

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« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2011, 02:03:44 am »
Interesting. My Fanfiction had a human character go back in time and this TV episode had a human character go back in time. My time travel effects are reflected into your time travel effects, and you also read my story. Coincidence much?  :p

HAHAHA! I am just joking. I read it fully and I really enjoyed it, especially the scene where Littlefoot and the Human interact. VERY different from my story...and lets just say in an updated chapter, the Human charcter in my story gets a it for yourself  ;)

Hoep to see more of this in the future!


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« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2011, 11:19:49 am »
Thanks Bongo! I'll have the second episode up later today. It will have Chomper and the Professor(human) meeting each other, so it should be a little more exciting!

After that, i'm not sure what the third one will be about just yet, and I'm also starting back with college work again next week, so it might take awhile.
Come check out my new Youtube gaming channel, Game Biter!
Littlefoot: "Look, Chomper. You're uncle is dead, and it's just right for your friends to be there for you. You'd be there if someone we know died, right?"

Chomper: "Well, sure I would!"

Come give my LBT TV Series fanfiction, PAST-O-RAMA, a read!


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« Reply #4 on: March 19, 2011, 12:58:46 pm »
Episode 2 - The Sharptoothed Menace

People scream when I smile!

Scene: The Great Valley, in the morning. Littlefoot sitting at his nest.

Littlefoot: (Sighs) "today hasn't been very fun. Actually, it's been pretty lonely.

Shorty: Walks up to Littlefoot "hey Littlefoot, How goes it?"

Littlefoot: "Okay, I guess"

Shorty: "you don't sound okay."

Littlefoot: "Well, I'm just kind of lonely."

Shorty: "Yeah, I'm lonely too. You wanna talk?"

Littlefoot: "Sure, It'll be something to do for today."

Scene: Cera and Ducky walking in a forest in the Great Valley, playing hide and seek with their friends.

Ducky: "Hide and seek sure is fun, yup yup yup!"

Cera: "It'd be more fun with Littlefoot here. He's always so easy to find."

Ducky: "Oh, it is not too bad. He will get to play with us tomorrow, he will."

Cera: "Yeah, I guess your right. Hey, What about the Professor? I thought he was going to play today.

Ducky: "He said he wanted to do some exploring in the Great Valley, but I did not want to explore with him, that would be boring. I have seen it all already."

Cera: "Oh, I get it."

She turns to a particular small tree, and start ramming it.

Cera: "And I can see you up there, Petrie!"

The tree shakes, and Petrie falls out, flailing, before smacking the ground.

Petrie: "Oh no! Me thought me had good hiding spot!"

Cera: "You'll have to try harder next time, Flyer. Maybe you forgot who your playing against!"

Ducky: "Cera is good at finding things, she is!"

Scene: The outskirts of the Great Valley.

The professor is out exploring and getting acquainted with his surroundings. He touches a big fern leaf in his hands and examines it.

Professor: "Hmm, an almost tropical climate. Very interesting that this area was so different 100 million years ago. Much nicer than my time. Everything isn't dieing."

He walks some and looks out at the Great Valley walls.

Professor: "This is a really big valley. Quite remarkable. It seems all of the dinosaurs living here are herbivorous. This place seems like a haven for them. A place with no predators."

A shadow rushes through the woods behind the professor, Who turns his head to see the shadow.

Professor: "Now what is that? One of those dinosaurs trying to play hide and seek with me or something?"

He shrugs it off, and returns to his studies.

Scene: Back at the longneck nest.

Littlefoot and Shorty are still talking.

Littlefoot: "So, how is it like living here?"

Shorty: "It's great! It's very different living in one place now. I used to travel with Bron and his herd all over the place when we were farwalkers."

Littlefoot: "yeah. Being a farwalker sounds great. But it's also dangerous."

Shorty: "Yes it was, But I do kind of miss getting to have adventures."

Littlefoot: "Well, you can still have adventures here, with me and my friends!"

Shorty: "Really?"

Littlefoot: "Yes, it isn't as boring here as you think. We go out on adventures all the time!"

He thinks a little, then adds.

Littlefoot:"...But don't tell Dad I said that!"

Shorty: "Hahaha! Oh, alright, I won't."

Scene: Professor at the outskirts of the Great Valley, close to the Secret Caves.

The shadowy figure moves again. This time, The Professor looks worried.

Professor: "A Dinosaur wouldn't be that sneaky, unless...Unless it's hunting."

Suddenly, the figure jumps out of the foliage. It's a young T-Rex sharptooth. The sharptooth roars at the professor.

-Commercial break-

This sharptooth looks furious, with it's eyes full of blood lust. It roars at the Professor in the sharptooth tongue.

Sharptooth: Who are you?

The Professor can't understand the Sharptooth, and just decides to takes a step back. The sharptooth takes a step forward.

Sharptooth: I said who are you? Don't play dumb with me, I know you can speak Sharptooth! Answer me!

Professor: (Whispering to himself.) "Whats he just standing there for?"

Sharptooth: Fine, have it your way!

He charges at the Professor, who takes off as well.

Professor: (under his breath) "And I thought this place was safe!" He finds a large stick with a particularly sharp pointed end, and grabs it. "This should help!".

The professor turns around to the Sharptooth, and shows the stick. The beast doesn't appear to be intimidated by the stick, And continues advancing. The human tries several strikes at him, but he only seems a little annoyed from the strikes. The Sharptooth takes a swipe at the Professor, It doesn't draw any blood, but just manages to rip his shirt. The professor starts running away again.

Professor: "No, this can't be happening to me!"

Scene: A forest in the Great Valley

Cera, Ducky, And Petrie are still playing hide and seek, on the lookout for Spike.

Cera: "hm, Where's Spike? We've all been looking forever. I'm ready to play something else!"

Ducky: "Oh, we'll find him soon, do not worry."

Petrie sees Spike in some dense foliage, eating it.

Petrie: "There he is!"

All three of them run over and tackle Spike, who looks kind of annoyed. He makes a little roar to show his dissatisfaction.

Cera: "He sure is good at this game!"

Ducky: (Laughing.) "I don not think he was playing. I think he was just eating!"

Petrie: "You right, he just hungry!"

Suddenly, Ruby comes running up to the group, looking worried.

Ducky: "Hey Ruby! It is Nice to see you back from seeing your family."

Ruby: "It was great, seeing my family again was Really great! But...Have you seen Chomper around?

Cera: "Nope, Haven't seen him anywhere. I thought he was with you."

Ruby: "well, he was. But we came back kind of late last night, and went right to sleep in the caves. This morning, I woke up, and he wasn't there."

Petrie: "Maybe he hungry like Spike."

Cera: "I hope he isn't craving threehorn soup, heh!"

Ducky: "yeah, I hope so too, yup yup yup!"

Ruby: "Well, I'm worried about him. Remember how I'm supposed to protect him? Hey, do you want to help me look for him?"

Cera: "I've already been playing hide and seek all day!"

Ducky: "Oh, come on. let us help Ruby. Chomper might need help!"

Cera: (sighs.) "Fine."

The Gang leaves to help Ruby in her search for Chomper.

Scene: Outskirts of the Great Valley.

The sharptooth is still chasing the Professor. The Professor runs some more, before getting another idea. He turns around, And with all his strength, He plunges the pointy end of the stick into the side of the sharptooth. The sharptooth Roars out in pain. The human steps back and gets a smug smile on his face, before the sharptooth grabs the stick with his jaws, pulls it out, and snaps it in his teeth.

Professor: "Wah oh!"

The Sharptooth chases the Professor to a cliff on one end of the Great Valley. It's a dead end, and the Professor is trapped.

Professor: "I didn't think I'd go like this!"

He then screams at the top of his lungs. Professor: "HELP!"

Scene: The longneck nest.

Littlefoot and Shorty are still chatting.

Shorty: "Well, I think I'm going to like it here!

Littlefoot: "That's good to hear. You didn't sound like that that the first time you visited here."

Shorty: "Oh, yeah, I remember! I was so scared of Chomper the first time I saw him."

Littlefoot: "You couldn't believe a sharptooth could be friends with flatteeth. It took a LOT of explaining before you changed your mind."

Shorty: "Yeah, but I'm glad I did. Chomper is great, And we've all had a lot of fun together since then."

Littlefoot: "Chomper and Ruby are coming back today, Maybe we can all play together tomorrow."

Shorty, "That would be fun!"

Suddenly, both of the longnecks hear the Professor yelling "HELP!" from far away in the distance.

Shorty: "What was that?"

Littlefoot: "that sounded like the Professor's voice, and he sounds like he's in trouble!"

Shorty: "Let's go!"

Shorty take off towards the sound of the old man's voice. Littlefoot get's up, but pauses for a moment to look back at the nest, remembering what Bron told him.

Littlefoot: "Yes, lets go. He may need us!"

Both of them run off to look for the Professor.

-Commercial break-

Scene: The Cliff at the outskirts of the Great Valley.

The Professor is still trapped at the cliff, with the sharptooth advancing on him.

Professor: "There has got to be something I can do!"

Getting desperate, He does something pretty foolish, because he sees no way out. He lungs forward, grabs the little sharptooth around the neck with both of his hands, and squeezes as hard as he can. The sharptooth is surprised that the human could try that, so he doesn't do anything for a moment.

Scene: Outskirts of the Great Valley.

Cera, Ducky, Spike, Petrie, and Ruby are out there looking for Chomper.

Ruby: "I'm starting to worry about Chomper, and I don't like it when he makes me worry."

Ducky: "don't worry Ruby, we will find Chomper, yup yup yup."

Cera: "It just isn't like Chomper to go out on his own. He's so young. Younger than any of us."

Petrie: "Seems like we have to babysit him sometimes, Don't it?

They hear the Professor's pleas for help as well.

Cera: "What was that?"

Ducky: "It's the Professor. He sounds like he's in trouble."

Cera: "Well, he can handle it himself. We need to find Chomper."

Ruby: "Don't talk like that Cera! If anyone needs help, We should help them. Would you like it if we didn't come for you because we thought you could handle it?"

Cera: "well, no. I guess I wouldn't like it. Alright, I guess we have two people we are looking for now."

Littlefoot and Shorty runs by everyone else. The group does not know what is going on, so they all follow and try talking to Littlefoot.

Ruby: "Hey, what's going on?"

Littlefoot: (getting out of breath.) "didn't you hear it? The Professor is in trouble!"

Cera: "We were just about to come for him too, What a small valley!"

Scene: A cliff at the outskirts of the Great Valley.

The sharptooth is still in the Professor's hands. He strikes at the Professor, making him cry out in pain, but also tightening his grip on the sharptooth, who begins to find it hard to breath.

The whole Gang come running in from behind some trees, and sees what is going on.

Littlefoot: "STOP! Stop it, now!"

both the Professor and the sharptooth turn their heads to the longneck.

Professor and Chomper: "Littlefoot?" The professor let's go of Chomper.

Chomper: "Whats going on?"

Professor: "I have the same question, What is this thing doing here?"

Littlefoot: "His name is Chomper, and He's not a thing!"

Ruby: "He's a friendly sharptooth."

Professor: "WHAT? Don't you idiots know creatures like that eat creatures like you!"

Chomper: "Most of us do, but I don't. I'm different."

Littlefoot: "...It's a long story. we met him when he was still an egg. We hatched him, and We're trying to raise him."

Cera: "Yeah, He's our friend!"

The Professor is not convinced, and just crosses his arms.

Professor: "Bunk! Bunk I say!"

Chomper: "That's not a very nice thing to say!"

Professor: "Humpth!"

Littlefoot: "So, why were you both fighting like that?"

Chomper: "Well, I was sleeping in the caves, when I heard a strange sound, and I got up to see what it was. I saw him looking around. I didn't know who he was, So I tried to protect you all from him. I thought it was something I had to do. Doesn't he eat meat?"

Littlefoot: "No, the Professor doesn't eat any meat."

The human's face blushes up, looking worried.

Professor: "Uh, It's true! I don't!"

Chomper: "He doesn't?"

Cera: "Well, it just sounds like a misunderstanding then."

Ducky: "I think Chomper and the Professor should make up.

Chomper: "Yeah, I'm sorry I tried to hurt you, Professor."

He exceeds his claw to shake the professor's hand. The Professor just stands there, looking angrily at Chomper.

Littlefoot: "Professor, Shake his claw!"

the Professor reluctantly shakes Chompers claw.

Professor: "I guess you're off this time."

Littlefoot: "Good, that's a little better."

The longneck turns his head. Littlefoot: "Oh no, I have to be back at my nest before Dad finds out I was gone!"

He runs off.

Petrie: "See you tomorrow Littlefoot! Well, maybe tomorrow."

Ducky: "Bye Littlefoot!"

Ruby: Now that that has all been settled, let's go home Chomper. It's getting late."

Cera: "Yeah, We should all be going to sleep."

The whole group say their good-nights, and start to disperse. The Professor angrily walks up to Chomper.

Professor: "I'll keep my eyes on you!"

Chomper: "Ruby, this new person is strange. He really doesn't like me. He's acting like Mr. Threehorn did when he met me."

Ruby: "Yes, he is. But think of now. Now he knows you're a friendly sharptooth, and he actually kind of likes you now.

Chomper: "Well, not really."

Ruby: "Just give the Professor some time, he'll change."

Chomper: "I hope you're right Ruby."

Ruby: "I still want to know though. Why did you attack him like that?"

Chomper: "I already told you."

Ruby: "I still don't believe you. You've never tried to attack a newcomer before."

Chomper: "I...had my reasons."

The fast runner has a look of concern on her face, but she drops the subject. Chomper and Ruby walk into the secret caves.

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Littlefoot: "Look, Chomper. You're uncle is dead, and it's just right for your friends to be there for you. You'd be there if someone we know died, right?"

Chomper: "Well, sure I would!"

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Episode 3 - Brothers

Redclaw: Service with a smile. A big, evil, toothy smile!

Scene: The watering hole in the Great Valley.

The whole gang and the Professor are in some foliage close to the water. Littlefoot, chomper, and spike are eating. Cera, Ducky, and the Professor are to the side chatting.

Littlefoot: "Hm, these are some great treestars!"

Spike does his best to show his satisfaction.

Spike: "Uh huh!"

Chomper: "I wish you guys could eat these ground crawlers, They're great!"

Littlefoot only looks a little annoyed.

Littlefoot: "No thank you."

Chomper: "You sure are missing out!"

His face suddenly turns mischievous as he thinks up a plan. He takes a ground crawler, wraps it in a big treestar, and offers it to Littlefoot.

Chomper: "Hey, this treestar looks good!"

Littlefoot: "Thanks."

He graciously takes the treestar, and takes a bite out of it, chewing it.

Littlefoot: "Hm, this one don't taste right. Doesn't really taste like a..."

He then sees half a crawler in the uneaten treestar, and he spits it out.

Littlefoot: "UGH! That's disgusting! Chomper!"

Chomper: (Laughs.) "Gotcha!"

Littlefoot starts to chase chomper around. He tackles the sharptooth, and they both roll into the water.

Camera pans over to the Professor, Cera, and Ducky.

Professor: "What just happened?"

Cera: "I think it was just another one of Chomper's practical jokes."

Ducky: "That one was a little mean, it was."

Professor: "He's that mean?"

Littlefoot and chomper continue to wrestle in the water.

Cera: "It's not being mean. He doesn't really see it that way, anyway. He's just growing older, and getting a little bit of a personality. He likes playing jokes on people now, just as long as no one gets hurt."

Professor: "He has a personality? I thought he was just a mindless killing machine!"

Cera turns to the Professor with a mean look on her face.

Cera: "Now, I don't know where you've come from, but around here, we don't call anyone that!"

Ducky: "No no no. I think that is even more mean than Chomper's prank!"

Professor: "Whatever. The world is a cruel place. No time to be nice. You have to look out for yourself!"

Cera: "Something tells me you'd like my dad. You seem to think the same way."

Ducky: "Maybe Mr. Threehorn would like you, but I do not."

Professor: "Humph!"

He walks off, while Ruby comes running in towards Cera and Ducky, holding a shiny stone.

Ruby: "Hey, look at this!"

Ducky: "Ooh, a Sky color stone. I have not seen one of these in a long time, no no no."

Cera: "Looks like the one I found in the caves."

Ruby: "If I remember right, Ducky found those, remember?"

Cera: "Uh, oh. Right. But I did know they'd be there!"

Littlefoot and Chomper, done with their little bout, walks over to the group.

Chomper: "Hey guys, what are you looking at?"

Littlefoot: "Nice sky color stone you have there Ruby."

Cera: "Weren't you and Chomper just fighting?"

Littlefoot: "I got it out of my system. I'm not into fighting too long over something like that."

Chomper: "If he was really trying to hurt me, I'd probably give him a pretty bad bite."

Ducky: "Ruby, where did you find the sky color stone?"

Ruby: "Oh, I didn't find it, Shorty did!"

Shorty breaks out of some bushes, and prances up into the middle of the group.

Shorty: "That right, I found that rock!"

Ruby: "So, where did you find it?"

Shorty: "Well... not in the Great Valley"

Ducky: "How not in the Great Valley?"

Shorty: "...The Mysterious Beyond!"

The whole Gang gasps.

Littlefoot: "But it's dangerous out there! You shouldn't just go alone!"

Shorty: "I was getting bored of this place, so I explored out there some when no one was looking."

Ducky: "That wasn't a good idea, no no no."

Shorty: "It didn't end up bad for me. And besides, I need some excitement in my life!"

Cera: "That is still a stupid idea. I'm pretty tough, and I'm still uneasy about that place. I always have to protect everyone else when they go."

Littlefoot: "No you don't!"

Shorty: "I know where more are. I'll go get some so you can all have one!"

He runs off.

Ruby: "Hey, I don't think you should go back there."

Shorty is already too far away to hear at that point.

Littlefoot: "Come on, everyone. He can't just go out alone! We need to make sure he's safe!"

--------------------------------<Commercial break>----------------------------

Scene: The Hidden Valley.

All the yellow pear-shaped treesweets have grown back, so the way to the Hidden Vally has been reopened.

Shorty walks out of the Hidden Valley into the Mysterious Beyond.

Scene: The cave connecting the Great Valley and the Hidden Valley.

The gang is about to enter the cave, when the Professor confronts them.

Professor: "Hey, where are you little dinosaurs going?"

Cera: "The Mysterious Beyond, apparently."

Professor: "Whats that?"

Littlefoot: "It's the area around the Great Valley. We don't go out there much."

Professor: "Sound like fun! Could I come along perhaps?"

Ducky: "I do not think you should, It is dangerous out there, yes"

Chomper: "Yeah. There are sharpteeth out there. They're horrible. ROAR!"

Chomper tries to make himself look as scary as he can at the Professor."

Professor: "Taddlesquat! It can't be THAT bad, I've been through some pretty rough places before."

He starts to follow.

Cera: "Okay, but don't say we didn't warn you!"

The group walks through the cave and come into the Hidden Valley. Chomper covers his nose.

Chomper: uh, It smells even worse here than I remember!"

Ruby: "Yeah, I don't really like it much either."

The professor almost gags at the smell as well, but he notices only meat-eaters are doing the same, so he tries to not show his disgust to anyone else.

Littlefoot gets an idea to get back at Chomper. He Grabs one of the fruits and hurls it at Chomper's face.

Littlefoot: "Hey Chomper, think fast!"

Chomper: "Whats going o..."

The fruit smashes into his face, and he shakes his head to get it off. His eyes water a little. He growls something in the sharptooth language and runs toward Littlefoot. Chomper rams his head into his side, and he loses his breath.

Littlefoot: "Oof!".

Littlefoot falls over.

Chomper: "That wasn't very nice!"

Littlefoot gets up and takes a charge at Chomper.

Professor: "They don't act like they really like each other, do they."

Cera: "Actually, they do like each other, a lot. They act more like brothers quarreling."

Professor: "Oh, I remember my brother. We always tried to 1-up each other too."

Ducky: "They are both only siblings, yup yup yup."

Ruby: "Yeah. Neither of them ever had a sister...or a brother for that matter."

Petrie: "So, they kind of brother's, in a way."

Cera: (Yelling) "Hey, are you guys done yet?"

At this point, the entire group is leaving the Hidden Valley. Chomper comes back to the group, panting.

Chomper: "Yeah, I guess so."

Littlefoot: "That trick was pretty good though, Chomper."

Chomper: "Yours was pretty good too. You caught me off guard."

Ruby: "Here we are, the Mysterious Beyond is where we are now!"

Professor: "It does look a little more barren, doesn't it."

Littlefoot: "Hey Chomper, You should use your sniffer to look for Shorty."

Chomper: "Good idea!"

He puts his nose on the ground and starts sniffing around for shorty. The Professor kind of shrugs at the sight.

Scene: Further in the Mysterious Beyond.

Chomper still has his sniffer to the ground. The rest of the Gang is following him.

Cera: "Have you got his scent yet?"

Chomper: "I smell Longneck that way!"

Professor: "I hope your not getting hungry."

Ignoring the Professor, Chomper stops.

Chomper: "Here he is!"

The group walks up to a half-eaten longneck corpse. It's not Shorty.

Chomper: "...Oops."

The rest of the Gang can barely even look at it. Cera almost gags.

Ducky: "Poor guy."

Ruby: "This is why me and Chomper left the Mysterious Beyond."

Petrie: "Me hope that doesn't happen to us!"

The Professor comes forward, and examines the carcase further.

Professor: "Hmm, it appears to have been here for a few hours. Whatever that killed it must have ate it's fill and just ran off."

Chomper: "...what a waste."

Cera: "That's something we didn't need to hear, Professor!"

The rest of the Gang can't take the sight anymore, and back up, not looking in it's direction.

Professor: "Oh my, what a bunch of little scaredy scales!"

The Professor turns back to the corpse, and waves his hand at it.

Professor: "Well Chomper, don't you want a bite?"

Chomper looks angrily at the Professor.

Chomper: "No, I'm not hungry!"

The group leaves the corpse to keep looking for Shorty. A few moments later, the Professor comes back, Looks around to make sure he's not being seen, and cuts off a piece of meat from the corpse.

Professor: "Looks like pretty good meat, I'd say. I think I'll just save some for later. No use it just leaving it here to rot!"

He wraps it in some paper and puts it in his backpack, then runs off to rejoin everyone else.

Scene: A forest in the Mysterious Beyond.

The Gang come walking up to the forest.

Cera: "We've been out here looking for awhile. Maybe we should go back."

Littlefoot: "No, we can't stop looking, I don't want Shorty to get hurt!"

He turns to Chomper.

Littlefoot:"Anything yet, Chomper?"

Chomper: "Actually, yes. I do smell another longneck."

Chomper smells some more, and turns to the Professor. He gets a look of disgust and anger on his face, then turns ahead again.
Chomper: "Um, false alarm. I still don't smell him anywhere."

The Gang hears a growl from the distance.

Ducky: "I do not like the sound of that, no no no."

Professor: "Lets hide in those bushes. Maybe it won't see us."

Chomper: "that's the least of our problems. It would still be able to smell us..."

Just then, Shorty comes running out of the nearby woods.

Shorty: "Run!"

From behind him, Redclaw's head is peeping out of the treetops.

------------------------------<Commercial break>------------------------------

Professor: "Now that's a big T-Rex!"

Ruby: "No time to talk about it, no time! Run!"

everyone starts running away from Redclaw.

Professor: "Who's this guy anyway?"

Chomper: "He's Redclaw, the biggest, meanest sharptooth around!"

Professor: "I'd believe that!"

Ducky: "Hey, look. There is a canyon over there!"

The gang see a thin canyon with a log connecting one side to the other. Everyone crosses it. The Professor almost slips, but Chomper holds onto his hand and keeps him from falling off.

Ruby: "I don't think Redclaw can get across."

Ducky makes a face at the Sharptooth on the other side.

Littlefoot: "Hm, I think I've seen this before."

Redclaw takes a few steps back for a running start, and runs up to jump across. He clears the canyon and the gang, and lands. Then he turns around.

Professor: "I didn't think a T-Rex could do that!"

The gang runs along the canyon, since it's the only way they can go. Then they start running away from the canyon when Redclaw isn't blocking their way anymore.

Shorty: "I should have stayed home!"

Cera: "Now he tells us!"

Littlefoot: "I have an idea!"

Littlefoot runs off to the side, and starts climbing a cliff. Everyone else see's a small cave, which they run into.

Cera: "Just what is Littlefoot trying to do?"

Ruby: "I don't know, but we have to trust in him. He's a good leader."

Professor: "I hope you're right, Ruby."

The roars of Redclaw can be heard from outside the cave. Chomper listens to what Redclaw is saying, looking shocked.

Chomper: "No, not them!"

Ducky: "Not who?"

Chomper: "He's calling over Screech and Thud!"

Professor: "Who are they?"

Before anyone could answer, two fast biters peek over to look in the cave, and the professor has his answer.

Cera: "They are!"

The gang run into the darkness of the cave. Screech and Thud give pursuit.

Ruby: "There has got to be somewhere we can go, But it's getting too dark to see where that somewhere is!"

Professor: "I've got just the thing!"

He pulls a flashlight out of his backpack, turns it on, and points it ahead of them.

Petrie: "What that, fire?"

Professor: "No, it's a flashlight."

Ruby: "I don't think it's time to talk, but time to run!"

Petrie: "Good point!"

They run through the caves some more. Screech and thuds roars can be heard echoing throughout the caves.

Petrie: "Me scared!"

Professor: "I think we all are.!"

Suddenly, they see a light at the end of the tunnel. They run through it, and are greeted by Littlefoot.

Littlefoot: "Hey guys, I didn't expect you here. Good thing you are though. I need some help!"

Ducky: "What is going on?"

Littlefoot: (Breathing heavily.) Justh help Me push this boulder over. I think we can hit Redclaw with it!"

The whole gang comes forth and try as hard as they can to push the rock over the ledge, but it barely moves.

Cera: "Were going nowhere fast!

Ruby: "We can do this, we just have to push harder!"

The gang struggle, but they can't knock the rock over. Screech and Thud come running out of the caves, but they are running too fast. They are momentarily blinded by the light. Both of the fast biters crash into the gang, and finally the rock falls off the ledge. The fast biters keep moving forward and they fall off the cliff with the boulder as well. The boulder smashes into Redclaw's head. He shakes his head for a moment, dazed, and calls off the hunt.

Cera: "What just happened?"

Ducky: "I think the fast biters just helped us without even trying, yup yup yup."

Professor: "I don't want to be that close to a sharptooth ever again!"

Chomper gives the Professor the look, but says nothing.

Littlefoot: "Well Shorty, Ready to come home yet?"

Shorty's still trying to catch his breath.

Shorty: "Yes, I've had enough adventuring for today."

Petrie: "We head back now!"

Scene: Littlefoot, Shorty, and Chomper are at the longneck nest.

Chomper: "Well, it's getting pretty late. I think I should be heading back to the caves now."

Littlefoot: "Okay, see you tomorrow!"

Shorty: "Well, The Professor seems pretty strange to me. What do you think of him?"

Littlefoot looks back at Shorty suddenly.

Littlefoot: "Now stop changing the subject Shorty. Don't leave the Great Valley alone like that anymore, it isn't safe to do that!"

Shorty: "Who are you, my dad?"

Grandma longneck and Bron come walking back to the nest, so they both drop the subject.

Bron: "Well, did you two have fun today?

Littlefoot: "Yeah, We had a nice day of playing games. I hope we can do it again tomorrow!"

Shorty: "I played with Littlefoot and his friends. It was a lot of fun!"

Grandma Longneck: "That is good it hear, little ones."

The two big longnecks drop down to go to sleep. Littlefoot turns his head back to shorty, and breaths a sigh of relief. Shorty whispers to Littlefoot so the others don't hear.

Shorty: "Well, looks like we're off the hook again."

Littlefoot: "Yeah, it does. Good night."

They both lay down their heads, and drift off to sleep.

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Littlefoot: "Look, Chomper. You're uncle is dead, and it's just right for your friends to be there for you. You'd be there if someone we know died, right?"

Chomper: "Well, sure I would!"

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Episode 4 - Return to Saurus Rock

The case of the missing flyer!

Scene: The Watering Hole in the Great Valley.

Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Spike, Chomper, and Ruby are all playing in the water. The professor is to the side looking at them.

Ducky: "Come on in, Professor, the water is nice and cool and nice, it is!"

Professor: "Oh, I suppose some swimming could be fun. Just give me a second."

The Professor pulls his shirt off. Everyone in the water gasps. Ducky screams.

Professor: "What? I don't look that bad, do I?

Littlefoot: "Whats going on? Are you ripping your skin off?"

The Professor stares at the dinosaurs in the water, when he realizes that they must have no idea what cloths are, and what they must be thinking is going on.

Professor: "No, this isn't my skin. It's called cloths. It's a thing my kind cover ourselves with to protect us from the elements."

Cera: "That's weird."

Ruby: "I've never even heard of cloths before. Where did you say you came from again?"

Professor: "Like I've said, somewhere very far away. You've probably never even been there before."

Littlefoot: "That's not a very good answer, Professor. Where is this place?"

Professor: "Um..."

He has to think for a few moments before giving a response.

Professor: "From some land across the ocean."

Cera: "You mean big water?"

Professor: "Yes, big water. My people call it the ocean. A huge body of water that takes many days to cross."

Chomper: "Did you ever go to the island that my parents were at?"

Professor: "Uh, no... But enough about me, Lets see what we can play."

He covers his nose, and takes a plunge into the water.

Ducky: "Are you a good swimmer?"

Professor: "I'm okay at it, I guess. Probably not as good at it as you are though, Ducky."

Chomper: "How about we play swimmer splasher? I can be the swimmer."

Professor: "What's that game?"

Littlefoot: "Um, The swimmer closes his eyes and says "Swimmer!'. everyone else says "Splasher!" and the swimmer tries to find them and splash them."

Professor: "Hm, that sounds like Marco-Polo."

Chomper: "Well, lets go."

Chomper closes his eyes, but he doesn't say a word, instead, he starts sniffing.

Cera: (Whispering) "Is he Really doing that again!?"

Ducky catches on quick, takes a huge gulp of air, and plunges into the depths. Everyone else tries to keep their distance from Chomper, but he sniffs them out. He splashes Cera first.

Cera: "Darnit!"

Chomper smiles after hearing that,  then proceeds to splashing Littlefoot and Spike.

Spike: (Annoyed grunt.)

Littlefoot: "Um, good going Chomper."

Chomper touches the Professor, Ruby. and everyone else but Ducky.

Professor: "Blast it!"

Ruby: "Good going Chomper! You just have to get Ducky!

Chomper concentrates, sniffing the air around him. He then swims a small distance waves out his arm, sending a splash that collides with Ducky just as she pops out for air.

Ducky: "...Aww. That was over fast, it was."

Cera: "It's always over fast when Chomper is the swimmer. He just uses his sniffer to find everyone!"

Chomper: "Yeah, that is what I'm good at!"

Everyone laughs.

Ducky: "Well, I was the last one to get splashed, so I guess that makes me the swimmer, yup."

Littlefoot: "Look out everyone! Here she comes!"

Bron comes walking up to the group in the water.

Bron: "Littlefoot, what are you doing?"

Littlefoot is confused.

Littlefoot: "Um, Playing with my friends."

Bron: "Don't you remember? We were going to spend the day together today."

Littlefoot: "Oh, yeah. I forgot about that."

Cera: "Hey. what's going on?"

Bron: "It's...a longneck thing. You just wouldn't understand."

Professor: "Hmm, sounds intriguing. Mind if I come along and look?"

Bron: "No, we couldn't do that. It's more of a private thing."

Littlefoot: "Aww, do I have to? I'm having so much fun here!"

Bron: "Come along now, son. You don't know just how important this is. You can play with your friends some other time. They'll still be here."

Littlefoot: "Well.. Okay, dad."

Littlefoot swims to the shore, and looks back at his friends.

Littlefoot: "See you all later."

Cera: "Seeya Littlefoot."

Ducky: "Yes, see you!"

The two longnecks walk off.

Cera: "Well, what now?"

Spike walks out of the water. His stomach is growling.

Ducky: "I think Spike is hungry again. I am too."

Chomper: "Me three."

Professor: "I could use some treesweets."

Cera: "Well, I'm not hungry. Ruby, you want to play something?"

Ruby: "Sure, I'm sure we can think of something to play."

Ruby and Cera get out of the water, and walks over in a different direction.

Scene: Near the longneck nest.

Bron and Littlefoot are walking walk over to the nest.

Bron: "So, how have you been?"

Littlefoot: "Okay I guess."

Bron: "But, didn't you have another scary sleep story last night? The same one you've been having?"

Littlefoot: "Well, Yeah, but I'm not letting it get to me."

Bron and Littlefoot makes it to the longneck nest. Grandma Longneck is at the nest.

Grandma Longneck: "Well, maybe you need to let it get to you a little."

Littlefoot: "Grandma?"

Grandma longneck: "Yes, Bron wanted me to talk to you too."

Bron: "Grandma is right. If you want to stop having those sleep stories, you have to confront them. You have to grieve."

Grandma longneck: "That is why we are going to take a trip to Saurus Rock."

Littlefoot: "Isn't that the good luck rock overlooking the Great Valley and keeping us safe?"

Bron: "Well... yes. But it's for more than that, little one."

Littlefoot looks confused.

Littlefoot: "What? What else could that big rock be for?"

Both of the fully grown longnecks giggled.

Grandma Longneck: "Well, you're just going to have to wait and see, my dear little Littlefoot!"

---------------------------<Commercial break>---------------------------------

Scene: A forest in the Great Valley.

The Professor, Ducky, Chomper, and Spike are looking for something to eat.

Chomper: "There has got to be something around here to eat."

Ducky: "Do not look at me, Chomper!"

Chomper: "I'd never eat you, Ducky! It's just... there isn't much around here for me to eat."

Professor: "There's more around here than you think!"

Chomper: "Well... I mean that I CAN eat."

Professor: "I'm sure I mean something entirely different that what your considering, you little carnivore."

Petrie: "What you mean, Professor:"

Professor: "Oh, just give me a sec. I just have to hunt some down."

Chomper's face lights up, while Ducky, Petrie and Spike frown.

Professor: "Ah, there's some right there!"

The old man takes off towards a tree, leaving the others behind.

Chomper: "What?"

Ducky: "Professor! What is it that you are doing?"

The Professor right at the base of the tree and looks up. There's a dozen or so hard pointy tree sweets hanging from it."

Professor: "These should do just fine."

Ducky: "What do you mean? Those are too hard and spiky to eat."

Chomper: "Yeah, and I can't eat those anyway."

Professor: "I know how to eat them."

He climbs up the tree, and knocks a few down. One of them rams Chomper in the face.

Chomper: "Ow! Hey, watch where you're dropping those!"

Professor: "Your a sharptooth, you can take it."

He climbs back down the tree and grabs one of the treesweets, and pulls a knife out of his pocket.

Professor: "Now, the outside of this thing may be tough, but just look at whats inside."

he cuts a big hole in the top of the fruit, and shows it around.

Ducky: "Oh, there is some kind of white water in it."

Professor: "Yeah, it's a lot like a treesweet my kind calls a coconut."

He takes a drink out of it, and passes it to Ducky, who also takes a sip.

Ducky: "MMM, this is good!"

She holds it so Spike can take a sip. He takes a sip, and shows how much he likes it.

Spike: "Yeah-uh!"

Professor: "Actually Chomper, you take a sip too, I think you can."

Chomper: "What?"

Professor: "Come on, you can try it."

He passes it to Chomper.

Chomper: "This isn't a trick, is it?"

Professor: "Just try it!"

He eyes the Professor, then takes a little sip. He smacks his lips some, then goes back for a bigger gulp.

Chomepr: "Wow, this isn't so bad! I didn't know there were any treesweets that didn't taste awful!"

Professor: "Yes, It has a lot of protein in it."

Ducky: "What's that?"

Professor: "It's something that meat-eaters need to be healthy. It's found in meat."

Ducky: "What? Did I just drink..."

Professor: "Oh no no no! Heh, it's just this treesweet happens to have protein as well."

Chomper: "So I don't have to eat meat?"

Professor: "Well, I'd still think you'd have to eat some meat, but there's other things you can eat along with it."

Chomper: "Wow, I never even knew that!"

He gets a suspicious look on his face.

Chomper "Now how do you know something like that? I thought you weren't a meat-eater!"

Professor: "Um, well, I'm a farwalker. I've learned a lot on my travels."

Ducky: "That makes sense, it does."

Chomper: "Well, I wish I had something else to eat."

Professor: "My, always so picky!"

Scene: The base of Saurus Rock.

Littlefoot, Bron, and Grandma longneck are walking up to it.

Littlefoot: "So, why are we here?"

Grandma longneck: "There is a legend that the passed can be seen from the top of the great rock."

Bron: "I remember the stories my mother told me when I was young. She said that you can talk to loved ones from this very rock."

Littlefoot: "Really?"

Grandma longneck: "Of course. Why, I went up there once before, a long time ago, to speak with someone. MY Grandfather, I believe."

Bron: "Well, it's time. Littlefoot. Climb to the top of the rock, and keep your mind open."

Littlefoot: "Okay, dad."

He starts to climb up, but looks back at the other two.

Littlefoot: "Are you sure this will work?"

Bron: "Grandma just told you, she did the same thing!"

Grandma longneck: "You'll never know until you try."

He takes another look at the top of the rock, and gulps.

Littlefoot: "Well, if you say so."

He continues up the face of Saurus Rock.

Scene: A grassy field close to the Watering Hole."

Ruby and Cera are sitting on a rock in the field.

Cera: "It is kind of boring, just the two of us playing."

Ruby: "I guess you don't realize how much you miss friends until you miss them."

Cera: "Oh well. Just relaxing here on this sunny rock has been nice."

Ruby: "Oh yes. Relaxing like this is nice, especially when there's someone around wanting to play with you, so you can't relax."

Cera: "Hmm, wonder what that longneck's up to."

Ruby: "I haven't a clue. But it sounded important."

Cera: "Yeah, his dad just wouldn't shut up about it!"

Ruby: "Hmm, I wonder it it's anything like my little star day celebration."

Cera: "Whatever it is, I bet us threehorn's have something just like it that's better, since, you know, threehorn's are better at everything!"

Ruby: "Well, whatever it is, hope he's having fun with it."

Scene: the top of Saurus Rock.

Littlefoot clears the top of the rock. He's out of breath from the long climb. Breathing heavily, he slowly makes his way to the center of the rock.

Littlefoot: "Okay, now what?"

He glances into the sky, but see's nothing of interest. He paces around the rock some, and then kicks a pebble off the top of the rock. He looks over the edge to watch it hit the bottom.

Littlefoot: (Sighs.) "I'm still waiting."

He looks up in the air again and sees a cloud in the shape of a longneck.

Littlefoot: "...Huh."

The cloud flies across the sky, then disappears into the distance.

???: "...Littlefoot..."

Littlefoot turns around.

Littlefoot: "Wh...who is it?"

-----------------------------<Commercial break>-------------------------------

Scene: The Great Valley.

Cera and Ruby are still sunbathing on the rock. They've apparently fallen asleep in the sun. The other half of the Gang, minus Littlefoot, walks up to them.

Ducky: "Hey, Cera? Ruby?"

The two start stirring from their sleep.

Ruby: "Uh, what is it?"

Petrie: "We bored."

Cera: "Well, you think we're having any more fun? Humpth!"

Professor: "This place is kinda boring, isn't it"

Ruby: "What do you mean, Professor?

Professor: "Well, there's just not any excitement in these walls. When I was out there in that, um, 'Mysterious Beyond' yesterday, I felt alive! This place just pales in comparison."

Ducky: "The does not make any sense, no."

Ruby: "Yeah, you call this place boring, but we call this place safe."

Professor: "Well, I just wish something would happen here..."

A loud sharptooth screech is heard.

Petrie: "What that!?"

Two sharptooth flyers appear over the horizon, heading right towards the Gang.

Cera: "Sharpteeth!"

???: "...Littlefoot, come here."

Littlefoot walks towards the camera. You can't see what he is walking towards.

Littlefoot: "Who are you?"

???: "Why, you should know who I am!"

Littlefoot: "I know, I'm just confused."

???: "Why be so confused?"

Littlefoot: "It's just that this...all of this, is kind of... strange."

???: "Your mother talked to in much the same way once. I'm sure of that."

Littlefoot: "Well, now that I'm here, I'd just like to know what for. Why did I have to come here."

???: "Why, I have something to tell you, little one."

Littlefoot: "What?"

Scene: The great Valley.

Cera walks into view. She falls on the ground in pain.

Cera: "Oh, it hurts!"

Ducky, Spike and Ruby come into view. Spike walks over to eat some greens. Ruby sits down on the ground. She has Ducky in her arms.

Ducky: "That was bad. Why did those Flyers come over here anyway?"

Ruby: "I don't know Ducky. I thought sharpteeth stayed out of the Great Valley."

The Professor walks into view. Part of his shirt is ripped off and wrapped around his injured arm.

Professor: "I thought you said this Valley was safe!"

Chomper waddles into view. He is shifting his weight from foot to foot and waddling like a penguin. His Stomach is bulged out. he sits down on a rock.

Chomper: "uh, can't take one more...bite"

Littlefoot walks into view.

Littlefoot: "Wow, That was amazing. I got to talk to my Grandpa again. I never thought I'd get to talk to him again. Such a long day. It was so nerve racking. I'm ready to just go to sleep now, everyone."

He takes a look at the whole gang, and They just moan back at him.

Littlefoot: "Wow, What happened to all of you?"

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Littlefoot: "Look, Chomper. You're uncle is dead, and it's just right for your friends to be there for you. You'd be there if someone we know died, right?"

Chomper: "Well, sure I would!"

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Episode 5 - A Sharptooth in Need

Big nasty pointy teeth; it runs in the family...

Scene: The great valley, in the morning.

The view starts on a small clump of grass. The ground starts to shake gently, before lots of feet rush across the ground. It's the Gang and the Professor, all in a race against each other. The Professor is at the back of the pack, struggling and breathing heavily, when he trips and falls over.

Professor: "Gah! I was never good at this!"

Chomper cuts in front of everyone else.

Chomper:  "Ha, I'm winning!"

Petrie flies over Chomper's head.

Petrie: "Not anymore you not!"

He makes it to the tree at the finish line.

Petrie: "Me Win! Me win!"

The rest of the gang, only a little behind, makes it to the finish.

Littlefoot: "Good race, everyone!"

Cera: "I'll win next time!"

Chomper: "Whatever you say, Cera. Just like the ten other times."

Ducky: "Hey, where did the Professor go?"

The Professor walks up to the group, gasping for air.

Littlefoot: "Wow, are you alright, Professor?"

Professor: "Yeah... I'm just... heave... not that good at running is all."

Chomper: "That's not a very good thing!"

Ruby: "Yeah, what if something is chasing you?"

Professor: "Oh, heheh. I've got other ways of dealing with that."

A flying Sharptooth comes flying in from across the cliff at the edge of the Great Valley. The Professor ducks behind a tree.

Ducky: "Oh no, The flying sharptooth is back!"

Littlefoot: "Wait, what?"

Chomper: "No, wait! this is a different one. I know him!"

He walks up ahead of the rest of gang.The sharptoothed flyer lands in front of Chomper and the Gang. He licks his lips at the Flatteeth, but doesn't move. He starts talking to Chomper in the Sharptooth language. Chomper talks back, and they have a conversation. The Professor comes out from behind the tree.

Professor: "Hmm?"

Petrie: "What they talking about?"

Professor: "Probably which one of us he wants first."

Cera: "I hope not!"

The Flyer says something to Chomper, and Chomper face looks of surprised.

Chomper: "No, NO! It can't be!"

The flyer takes off, and leaves the valley.

Littlefoot walks up to the side of Chomper.

Littlefoot: "What's wrong, Chomper?"

Chomper: "It's my mommy. She's really sick. My dad thinks she's dying!"

Everyone gasps.

Cera: "That's awful!"

Chomper: "We have to go help her!"

Professor: "Well, I'm not going."

Ducky: "You need to go, you do!"

Professor: "Well, why should I?"

Ruby: "Ducky is right. You're a farwalker. You know a lot of things. You could help her using the things that you know.

Chomper: "Please. Help her, Professor!"

Littlefoot pushes on the Professor's back with his head.

Littlefoot: "Come on, you have to!"

Professor: "Oh, I suppose I'll go."

Chomper's face lights up.

Chomper: "Thank you! Thank you so much Professor!"

Ducky: "Let's all go. I want to see Chomper's parents again!"

Ruby: "Yeah, we'd be safer if we had friends with us."

Professor: "WHAT!?"

Scene: The Mysterious Beyond. It's fairly foggy.

The whole Gang is walking through the fog in search of Comper parents.

Chomper: "They have to be here somewhere."

Professor: "I don't know why you flatteeth wanted to come along. Aren't those big Sharpteeth just going to eat you?

Littlefoot: "Oh, they wouldn't eat us. We're Chomper's friends."

Professor: "I still don't believe it!"

Chomper: "We'll, when me and my parents were on that island, my friends got stuck on it one time. Littlefoot saved my life, And my parents said that they would all be safe with them."

Professor: "Really?"

Chomper: "Yeah. It's all true."

Professor: "I'll believe it when I see it!"

Petrie: "So we going back to island?"

Chomper: "No, they don't live there anymore. They live deep in the Mysterious Beyond now.

Littlefoot: "What happened?"

Chomper: "We had to leave. We were running out of food."

Cera: "He means WE left!"

Littlefoot stares angrily at Cera.

Chomper: "Elsie helped us get across the Big Water. It wasn't easy, since both my parents are pretty big, but we managed it somehow."

Ruby: "And now they are here, away from Redclaw."

Professor: "So Redclaw isn't out here?

Chomper: "No. He stays around the Great Valley. Thats why we run in to him all the time!"

Sharptooth roars are heard.

Cera: "Is that your parents, Chomper?"

Chomper: Gulps. "Nope, it's not!"

Ducky: "That is what I was afraid of, oh no."

A Fast Biter Walks out of the mist, growls, and snaps it's mouth at the Gang.

Chomper: "Run!"

The whole Gang runs off, with the Fast Biter following.

Littlefoot: "Is it Screech or Thud?"

Chomper: "No, it's not either of them either."

The Fast Biter Roars at them again.

Chomper: "Sounds just as mean, though!"

The Gang is chased by the Fast Biter to a dead end rock wall.

Professor: "Who put this here?"

Petrie: "We done for. He gonna eat us!"

Cera: "Can you do anything Chomper?"

Chomper: "He's too big for me!"

Littlefoot: "You have to do something!"

Chomper: "Um..." <Hey, you! Stay away from my dinner!>

The fast biter laughs.

Fast Biter: <Heh, isn't that a little much for a little biter like you?>

Chomper: <Don't call me little!>

Fast Biter: <Just get out of my way, and I won't eat you too!.>

Chomper looks back at his friends.

Chomper: "...Yeah, I didn't think that would work."

The Gang takes steps backwards until they're up against the rock wall, and can go no further.

Ruby: "I didn't think we would die by a sharptooth by trying to help another

A loud, thunderous roar is heard from behind the Fast Biter. The Fast Biter runs off to the side to get away. Ducky wipes her head.

Ducky: "Whew."

The ground starts shaking.

Cera: "Earth shake?"

Littlefoot: "No, something BIG is coming!"

A T-Rex Sharptooh Comes walking up to the Gang. It roars at them, and the whole Gang screams.

-----------------------------<Commercial break>-------------------------------

The giant sharptooth roars at the Gang again, and then appears to be laughing. Chomper's face lights up.

Chomper: "Dad!"

The Professor removes his hands from his face.

Professor: "So, this is Chomper's father?"

Petrie: "That what he just said, Hatchling!"

Cera: "So, what did your dad say, Chomper?"

Chomper: "He said you're all so cute when your scared!"

Cera: "WHAT!?"

She takes a big step towards Chomper's Dad.

Cera: "And what gives You the right to laugh at us like that?

Chomper's Dad takes a step toward Cera, and the ground shakes again.

Cera: "Um, good point."

Chomper's dad Roars again.

Chomper: "He said don't worry, He won't eat any of you!"

The big sharptooth lowers his head to look at the Professor and licks his lips.

Chomper's Dad:<What about this little morsel?>

Chomper runs up between his dad and the Professor.

Chomper: <He's my friend too. He's here to help Mom!>

Chomper's Dad: <Well, okay then. Let me take you to your mom.>

Chomper: <Let's go! I want to see her!>

He turns to the Gang.

Chomper: "Alright, We're going to go see my Mom now."

everyone starts following Chomper's Dad into the woods.

Scene: A clearing in the forest.

Chomper's Mom is laying down in the Clearing. Chomper's Dad walks out of the forests, and the Gang follows. Chomper get's a concerned look on his face, and runs over to his mom.

Chomper: <Mom! Whats wrong?>

She lets out a low and hard to hear growl.

Chomper's Mom: <Hey darling. I have missed you a lot.>

She takes in a weak breath.

Chomper's Mom: <I have been sick for days, and it keeps getting worse.>

Chomper's dad walks over and nuzzles his mate.

Chomper: "She's real bad."

Professor: "Will you translate for me? I'll take a look at her."

Chomper: "Sure I will! What should I say?"

he translates the next few lines from his mom.

Professor: "Where does it hurt?"

Chomper: "It hurts all over."

Professor: "Hm. Does your bones hurt?

Chomper: "I think so."

Professor: "Are you lightheaded? Do you have a bad headache?"

Chomper: "Yes, my head hurts A lot too."

The Professor climbs up Chomper's Mom's face, opens one of her eyelids wide, and shines his flashlight in it.

Professor: "Wow, Her eyes are Really bloodshot."

Chomper: "Is that bad?"

Professor: "I don't know yet. I'll have to take a look in her throat."

Chomper and his mom Talk back and forth in Sharptooth.

Chomper: "My mom said she can't open her mouth enough. We'll have to help her."

The Gang gets slightly worried looks on their faces, but they decide to help.

Littlefoot: "Well, I guess we need to help her."

The Gang crowds around the mouth of Chomper's mom. They try to push up on her lip and gums while staying away from her teeth. Her mouth slowly opens up, And the Professor climbs in.

Professor: "Wow, it sure is smelly in here. At least it's breezy."

He walks to the back of her throat, and peeks down.

Professor: "These walls sure do look red and irritated."

He climbs out of the mouth of Chomper's Mother.

Chomper: "Well...?"

Professor: "It looks pretty bad, but I think I know what will help her. I remember a special nectar my people made medicine out of. some Epiphyllum Oxypetalum should work."

Littlefoot: "Epi...what?"

Ducky: "Your kind sure does have strange names for everything, they do!"

Professor: "Sorry about that. Um, it's a flower that only blooms at night, and it is gold in color."

Ducky: "Oh, I know what you are talking about now. You mean night flowers?"

Professor: "Yeah, that's probably it."

Littlefoot: "I remember. One time we went to this place called the Land of Mists."

Littlefoot: "There are a lot of night flowers there."

Cera: "...And I think it's close to here too."

Professor: "Well, I'll go there and get some then."

Ducky: "I will go with you too. You do not know the way."

Chomper: "You sure you want to go? It might be dangerous."

The Professor pulls out some kind of handheld weapon out of his backpack.

Professor: "We'll be fine. I'm really more concerned about Littlefoot and the other herbivores... er, flatteeth."

Chomper: "If you mean what I think you do, you don't have to worry. They'll be safe with us!"

Ducky rushes up and pulls on the Professor's leg.

Ducky: "Let us go already. We cannot waste any time, no no no!"

Professor: "Oh, okay."

Ruby: "I Want to see the this Land of Mists too, so I'll come along to see it."

The Professor, Ruby and Ducky head off toward the Land of Mists. The rest of the Gang wave goodbye to them.

Scene: The Great Valley.

All the grownups are coming together. Spike is sleeping next to Ducky's Mom.

Ducky's mom: "Hey, does anybody know where ducky is?"

Bron: "No."

Grandma Longneck: "Has anybody seen Littlefoot?"

Petrie's Mom: "No, I haven't seen either of them. Wait, Where's Petrie?"

Tria: "And what about Cera?"

Mr.Threehorn: "I don't think anybody has seen them all day."

Bron: "What's going on? All the kids are gone!"

Shorty Walks up to Bron.

Shorty: "I'm here."

Bron: "Did any of the kids tell you what they were going to do, Shorty?"

Shorty: "No, None of them talked to me today. I don't know where they are."

Mr.Threehorn: Has a angry but also worried look on his face. "Looks like we have to look for them again!"

Scene: The same clearing in the Mysterious Beyond, at night.

The Gang are huddled around Chompers parents. They are telling stories and remembering the past. Chomper is translating for everyone, so the Flatteeth and Sharpteeth know what each other are saying.

Littlefoot: "So, I was the only one to come back to Chomper. He was such a little hatchling then, and he needed someone."

Cera: "Yeah. Littlefoot brought Chomper back to us. Then that little sharptooth bit my tail!"

Chomper's Dad: (Laughs.) <I always knew Chomper would be a good hunter!>

Petrie: "Me no think that something to laugh about..."

Littlefoot: "A little later that day. I remember both of you found me and Chomper on a log. Chomper said something to you, and you just took him. Did he tell you not to eat me?"

Chomper's Dad: <No, Chomper couldn't really talk yet. You did look pretty tasty, Littlefoot, but We were just glad to find Chomper.>

Littlefoot takes a step back.

Chomper's Dad: <I still find it really strange that Chomper is friends with all of you.>

Chomper doesn't translate this, but instead replies back.

Chomper: <Well, they saved my life. Twice even. Aren't you grateful for that?>

Chomper's Dad: <Of course I am, but I still find it weird. It's,, just not right.>

Cera: "What are they talking about now?"

Chomper quickly tries to reassure Cera.

Chomper: "Nothing! It was nothing."

Littlefoot: "Well, it's getting late now. We should go to sleep."

Chomper: "You're right, Littlefoot. I guess the Professor and Ducky will be back in the morning then."

Cera: "Good night."

Petrie: "Night Cera."

Littlefoot: "Good night, everyone!"

Everyone else says good night and goes to sleep. Littlefoot lays down his head, closes his eyes, and the scene cuts out.

--------------------------------<Commercial break>----------------------------

Scene: Morning in the forest clearing.

Both of Chomper's Parents are awake. Chomper and the Gang are still asleep. Littlefoot opens his eyes to see a dead Domehead in front of him. Chomper's Mom is eating from it. Littlefoot jumps and screams. Chomper and the Rest of the Gang wake up and see the dead dinosaur as well.

Cera: "RUN!"

The Gang tries to run away. Chomper just stands there in shock. Chomper's Dad blocks their path.

Littlefoot: "Whats going on?"

Chomper's Dad: <Well, Chomper's Mom had to eat, and she couldn't get up and eat somewhere else, so I had to kill something and bring it to her.>

Chomper translates, then looks down in shame.

Chomper: "I'm sorry you had to see that, guys."

Chomper's Dad: <I'm not!>

Chomper: <That's a very mean thing to say, Dad!>

Chomper's Dad just walks off towards Chomper's Mom.

Littlefoot: "Well, at least she isn't eating us. We should be grateful for that."

From the distance, everyone hears the voice of the Professor.

Professor: (Yelling.) "Hello? Are ya'll still there? Did They eat you all yet?"

Chomper yells back.

Chomper: "Nope, they're still here!"

Professor: "Whatever."

Cera: "Welcome back Ducky and Ruby. And the Professor too, I guess."

Ducky: "Hey everyone."

Ruby: "Yes, hello. It was so fun having fun in the Land of Mists."

Petrie: "You bring back night flowers?"

Professor: "Of course! Got a hot steaming batch right here!"

Chomper: "That's good to hear!"

Scene fades into the next scene.

Scene: The Gang is around Chomper's Mom.

Chomper's Mom is eating the Night Flowers, but she doesn't look like she likes it.

Chomper: <How is it?>

Chomper's Mom: <Bleh, I liked that domehead a lot better.>

Chomper: <Well Just eat it. It'll make you feel better!>

Littlefoot: "I never knew a sharptooth would eat any greenfood."

Chomper: "We don't, unless it's medicine. Even then, we don't like it."

Professor: "So, how is she? Is she feeling any better?"

Chomper's Mom: <Other than that bad taste in my mouth, I'm felling better.>

She struggles a little bit, and is able to stand up.The Gang cheers. Chomper's dad roars loudly, which spooks them.

Scene: Somewhere else in the Mysterious beyond, a little closer to the Great Valley.

Chomper, Ruby, The Professor, and the Gang are heading back to the Great Valley.Chomper's mom and dad are waving goodbye to them.

Cera: "I'll feel a lot better when we make it back to the Great Valley.

Chomper looks down to the ground.

Chomper: "Yeah, I guess my parents were pretty bad."

Littlefoot: "No they weren't, Chomper. They weren't as nice as you are, but they were kind of nice."

Professor: "Yeah, I guess they aren't THAT bad."

Ruby: "Well, they are friends with my parents. They might act mean sometimes, but they do act nice sometimes too."

Ducky: "I like them a lot better than Redclaw, I do!"

Chomper looks up at everyone else and smiles.

Chomper: "Thank you. Your all so understanding!"

The Gang walk off into the distance, and the scene starts to fades out.

Cera: "Hey! Wait a second!"

The scene comes back.

Cera: "Did you tell everyone where we were going, Littlefoot?"

Littlefoot: "Um, Uh..."

Scene fades out again.

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Littlefoot: "Look, Chomper. You're uncle is dead, and it's just right for your friends to be there for you. You'd be there if someone we know died, right?"

Chomper: "Well, sure I would!"

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« Reply #8 on: March 28, 2011, 02:07:06 pm »
:! WOW  :!  That is tripple cool, You are very good story writer VonBoy, It's very detailed and understandible. How ever you may have to remove some of the strong slang launguage into "oh my gosh" instead of "oh my G.O.D" it's suppose to be a childrens show you know. I'm just trying to help you out? anf let ya know. ANyway it's tripple cool and awsome!


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« Reply #9 on: March 28, 2011, 05:12:41 pm »
Thanks for the feedback. I guess saying god in that episode might have been a little much.

Anyway, I have a project and a speech for college this week, so it'll be slower. I did the first 5 episodes in about a week ( :blink: ). I looked at a transcript for a Futurama episode, and saw it was about 30,000 characters, when mine have been just under half that. That would mean these couldn't be used for actual episodes because they're too short. Should I worry about that, or is the length they've been at ok?

Either way, I'll be editing these 5 episodes before I write the 6th one. I'm adding a reminiscent yet funny intro to the first episode, and some other extra scenes here and there in the episodes. Theres also spelling errors and such that I need to fix.

I'll keep working on it. it'll be awhile before the 6th one though.
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Littlefoot: "Look, Chomper. You're uncle is dead, and it's just right for your friends to be there for you. You'd be there if someone we know died, right?"

Chomper: "Well, sure I would!"

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« Reply #10 on: March 28, 2011, 05:35:07 pm »
Oh my, am I that lazy? Five chapters before I gave my feedback, so sorry on that, just been very busy lately, ya know. But I agree with joshua1127, this is a very good story and I'm enjoying it.  :yes

Even though I'm not very fond of the script format you're doing and am more fond of actual story format myself, I think you're making this a very good read so far, and I'm really enjoying it.

I found little errors, be they grammer or spelling. I know that you really can't go wrong with that script format, so, in a way, you made a nice choice on the type of format you're doing.

Okay, when I first saw the title I was like, "Why is he using a title like that? :huh: " But, since you're so into Futurama, I understood after a few days. I actually really wouldn't be suprised if Professer was the actual Professer in Futurama, I could be wrong of course, but I still wouldn't be suprised if he was.

Other than that lengthy review there, I've really got nothing else to say. You're a good author and I encourage you to keep this story going. So I will say...update soon! :yes


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« Reply #11 on: March 29, 2011, 10:24:40 am »
LBTDiclonius, did ya know that I do art work projects and draw Illustrations for one of my stories?


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« Reply #12 on: March 29, 2011, 02:52:06 pm »
Thanks for the feedback LBTDiclonius. I guess you comment on all the fanfiction in here, right?

Anyway, yeah, this script format is working out great for me :DD . I didn't realize before I started how easy it would be using that format. I'm actually able to get a lot said in a small space. If I wrote it in a more traditional novel format, there'd be much more detail and description, and a more omnipresent view, since you'd hear the feelings of the characters, and what they are thinking, and so on, It would be very nice, but it'd be SO much more hard to write. Script format is much shorter, since it's mostly dialog with short descriptions and cues for what is going on onscreen.

Now that I think about it, LBT is great for this format, since it's already been in this format from the beginning. (well, animation format. But that came from scripts.) I can read through these and imagine I'm actually watching it :DD .

Anyway, I think the next episode will have Ali in it. I say think because I haven't started on it yet :oops . I'm still fixing up the episodes I already wrote.
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Littlefoot: "Look, Chomper. You're uncle is dead, and it's just right for your friends to be there for you. You'd be there if someone we know died, right?"

Chomper: "Well, sure I would!"

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« Reply #13 on: March 29, 2011, 04:00:00 pm »
I have an honest question about the human character The Professor, What is his real name?


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« Reply #14 on: March 29, 2011, 04:36:38 pm »
I did not know that you did fanart for some of your stories, joshua1127, I hope to see some of it someday. :yes

And vonboy, you're welcome. I admit, I might comment on some few choice stories that are enough to catch my eye, but not all. :p

You're right in one view, script format is somewhat easier to write and seems that LBT does work quite well in this format, but I personally think normal format is easier to write for me, so that's why I like it so much, I guess.

No worries on not having the next one up yet, when you find mistakes in your story, you always have this burning desire to fix them, believe me, I know as a fellow fan-author. Anyways, good luck on the next chapter. ;)


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« Reply #15 on: March 29, 2011, 06:28:09 pm »
I have the first 5 episodes edited now :DD . I think I squashed all the little spelling errors and stuff. The first episode now has a reminiscent yet funny intro. I've added little foreshadowing bits in some of the episodes for later in the series. the 5th one has a funny little scene added. I think they're a lot better now.Tell me what you think of them now ;)

Now I got the 6th episode to write. It could be up later tonight, or it could be days, I don't know how long it will take. :lol

About the Professor's name, He doesn't have one right now.
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Littlefoot: "Look, Chomper. You're uncle is dead, and it's just right for your friends to be there for you. You'd be there if someone we know died, right?"

Chomper: "Well, sure I would!"

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« Reply #16 on: April 01, 2011, 10:41:18 am »
Quote from: LBTDiclonius,Mar 29 2011 on  03:36 PM
I did not know that you did fanart for some of your stories, joshua1127, I hope to see some of it someday. :yes

And vonboy, you're welcome. I admit, I might comment on some few choice stories that are enough to catch my eye, but not all. :p

You're right in one view, script format is somewhat easier to write and seems that LBT does work quite well in this format, but I personally think normal format is easier to write for me, so that's why I like it so much, I guess.

No worries on not having the next one up yet, when you find mistakes in your story, you always have this burning desire to fix them, believe me, I know as a fellow fan-author. Anyways, good luck on the next chapter. ;)
LBTDiclonius I'm pleased with wanting to see fanart, I want ya to know that I do illustrations from my original stories, King Tigor, Giganotosaurus, and Dinosauria and I'm working on them still and I am trying to think them through and see in they are publishable. However to be honest I don't think I ever did fanart before, However I get Author-Struck, I get stuck on a chapter and wonder if it fits in with the whole story. However did you read the 3rd chapter of the LBT prologue called "Halloween Party" if you did let me know what you think of it.


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« Reply #17 on: April 01, 2011, 09:46:43 pm »
Episode 6 - The Longneck Girl Returns

now with 50% more longneck in every bite!

Scene: The Great Valley, at the longneck nest, in the morning.

Littlefoot is the only one still at the nest, and he is asleep. Cera trots up to the nest and nudges Littlefoot.

Cera: "Hey, get up sleepyneck!"

Littefoot: He wakes up and yawns. "Oh, hey Cera. What are you doing here?"

Cera: "Well, I felt like playing something."

Littlefoot: "You know we can't play. We all got in trouble yesterday, remember?"

Cera: "That's not going to stop a Threehorn!"

Littlefoot: "I wouldn't want to mess with Mr.Threehorn. Didn't he chew you out?"

Cera: "Yeah, But I sneaked away."

Littlefoot: "Didn't Mr.Threehorn catch you leaving?"

Cera: "No, he wasn't around when I woke up. Tria and Tricia were gone too."

Littlefoot: "That's... weird."

He takes a moment to notice that his folks are also gone.

Littlefoot: "Hey, where's Bron and Grandma?"

Cera: "No idea. Haven't seen them around either."

Littlefoot: "Well, If no one is here, guess we could sneak off and look for em."

Cera: "Now that sounds like a plan!"

Scene: The Watering Hole, close to the swimmer nest.

Ducky and Spike are playing in the water. They're playing another game of swimmer splasher. Ducky just catches Spike.

Ducky: "I have finally found you spike! It was very hard to find you when you cannot say splasher, it was."

Spike: "Huh..."

He isn't very interested, and sticks his head underwater.

Ducky: "What are you doing Spike? I thought we were playing swimmer splasher."

Spike pops his head back out of the water with some water greens in his mouth. He scarfs them down, and goes for another dunk.

Ducky: "I guess this whole time, you were not playing, huh?"

She laughs, while Cera and Littlefoot walks up to the edge of the water.

Cera: "Hey Ducky and Spike! What are you two doing?"

Ducky: "Eating, I guess, That is what Spike is doing anyway, yup yup yup."

Littlefoot: "Hey, you seen any of the Grownups?"

Ducky: "No, I have not seen anyone. Not even my mom."

Littlefoot: "That sounds... suspicious."

Cera: "Whats wrong? We get to play some mean old grownups aren't around to yell at us!"

Littlefoot: "But this is serious. They might be in trouble!"

Cera: "Oh, they aren't in any trouble. They're grownups, They'd know what to do."

Littlefoot: "Yeah, but I'm still worried."

Petrie is flying through the air yelling.

Ducky: "It is Petrie! But he does not sound so good, no."

Petrie: "Oh no, Oh no, Oh nohoho!"

Littlefoot: "What's wrong, Petrie?"

He crashes into the side of Littlefoot.

Petrie:  "It's horrible!"

Cera: "What's wrong, flyer?"

Petrie: "It's mom, She not here! She always here when I wake up!"

Littlefoot: "Well, none of our parents are here either."

Cera: "Yeah, It's really nice, ain't it."

Petrie: "Nice? NICE!? What wrong with you!?

Littlefoot: "Calm down Petrie. We're going to go look for them."

Ducky: "Yes, cheer up Petrie. We will find them, yup yup yup!"

Petrie: "Yes. Calm down."

He fly's over and lands on Littlefoot's head.

Petrie: "Calm down... calm down..."

Cera: "Well, if you hatchlings want to waste our free time looking for our grownups, then guess I'll help. Besides, I'm the best at finding things!"

Chomper and Ruby walk in on the scene. The little sharptooth yells from a distance.

Chomper: "Hey you guys!"

Both of them make it to the rest of the Gang.

Littlefoot: "Hey Chomper. Hey Ruby. How's it going?"

Ruby: "Well, Chomper was bored, so we were looking for friends to talk to so he wouldn't be bored anymore."

Chomper: "Yeah. and I'm also sorry that I got you all in so much trouble yesterday."

Ducky: "It is okay, Chomper. That adventure was a lot of fun."

Ruby: "And we helped someone who really needed help. You don't have to feel sorry, Chomper."

Littlefoot: "Yeah, we were happy to help!"

Chomper: "I'm happy you helped too!"

Littlefoot: "So, I guess neither of you have seen any grownups around today either?"

Chomper: "Actually, we have seen them."

Cera: "Really?"

Ruby: "Yes we have. they've all gone over to the hidden valley to greet a herd of farwalkers that are coming through.'

Littlefoot: "Really?"

Ducky: "So that is what all of our parents were doing."

Cera: "What herd is it?"

Ruby: "I don't know who they are."

Littlefoot: "Let's go see who it is!"

Cera: "But our parents will see us!"

Petrie: "Me wanna see mom!"

Ducky: "And I want to see who this herd is, yup yup yup."

Littlefoot: "If we sneak in there, no one's gonna see us!"

Cera: "Oh, alright.

Chomper: "Let's go Already!"

The gang head off towards the Hidden Valley.

Scene: The Hidden Valley.

Chomper walks along the stone wall of the cave connecting the Hidden Valley to the Great Valley. He walks out of the cave, puts his sniffer on the ground, sniffs around some, and motions the Gang to come out.

Chomper: "It's clear, you can all come out now!"

Littlefoot walks out of the cave and looks out into the valley.

Littlefoot: "I can see our parents way over there."

He points his tail out to the other side of the small valley, while the rest of the Gang makes their way out of the cave.

Cera: "They're all blocking the farwalker herd, I can't see who they are!"

Ruby: "Let's get closer to see if we can get a closer look!"

The Gang sneak into the forest of pear-shaped treesweets and edge closer to the grownups and the new herd. Chomper puts his claws over his nose, while Flying up into a tree for a better view.

Petrie:  "I see! I See!"

Cera: "Who is it?"

Petrie: "It the longneck herd!"

Littlefoot: "Really? They haven't been here in a long time!"

Littlefoot Peeks his head out from behind a tree, and sees Ali in the midst of the migrating longneck herd.

Littlefoot: "Hey, everybody, it's Ali!"

-------------------------------<Commercial break>-------------------------------

Chomper: "It's Ali?"

Littlefoot: "Yeah. She's right over there. She's back! She's finally back!"

Cera: "I wonder if she's still with that annoying little Rhett!"

Littlefoot: "I don't know, but I want to see her!"

Littlefoot Starts to run out. Cera runs out, bites Littlefoot's tail, and drags him back into the foliage.

Littlefoot: "OW! What you do that for?"

Cera: "Shush. We don't want to get caught by the grownups, do we?"

Littlefoot: "...No, I guess not. But then how are we going to meet Ali?"

Ducky: "We could try to get her attention."

Littlefoot: "Good idea!"

Ruby: "Can't I just go out there and bring her over" My parents aren't here to see me."

Petrie: "That better idea!"

Ducky: "How did I not think of that?"

Ruby: "I'll be back in a minute."

Ruby goes to Ali, Says something to her, and both of them come running over into the foliage.

Ali: "Hey everyone!"

Littlefoot: "It's so good to see you Ali!"

Ali: "It's good to see you too, Littlefoot."

Cera: "How you been?"

Ali: "Oh, I've been pretty good, I guess.

Chomper Walks out of the foliage, and up to Ali.

Chomper:  "Hey Ali, remember me?"

Ali backs away some in fear, but quickly comes back.

Ali: "Chomper? Oh, I remember you now. Your that friendly little sharptooth!"

Chomper: "That's me!"

Ali: "Why are you covering your nose, Chomper?"

Chomper: "All of these treesweets smell bad to Sharpteeth. It even makes us sick if we stay around here too long."

Littlefoot: "Hey, would you want to play something with us?"

Ali: "Of course!

Chomper gently grabs onto Littlefoot leg with one claw, while covering his snout with the other.

Chomper: "Littlefoot? Can we go back now? Please?

Ali: "What kind of games you wanna play today?"

Littlefoot: "Oh, I don't know.

Ali: "Maybe swimmer splasher? Tag?

Chomper: "Um, Littlefoot?"

Littlefoot: "Well, I'm sure we'll think of something.

Chomper finally passes out, and falls on the ground. Everyone else stares at him.

Scene: The Great Valley.

The Gang, Chomper, Ruby, and Ali are playing tag, with the one that's it, Cera, pretending to be a sharptooth.

Cera: "Grr, Grr. Roar!. Grr."

Everyone else is running and laughing.

Littlefoot: "Run everyone!"

Petrie: "She gonna get us!"

Chomper: "She's pretty good at being a sharptooth!"

Littlefoot trips and falls over, allowing Cera to run up and jump on him.

Cera: "I got you now!"

Littlefoot: "Aww."

Cera gets up off of Littlefoot to look for someone else. The longneck stays down low, and watches.

Cera: "Grr! Where are you guys? Grr! You can't hide forevor!"

She puts her nose on the ground and acts like she's sniffing for everyone else, but of course she can't find anyone. Chomper sneaks up behind her.

Chomper: (Yelling) "I take that back!"

Cera jumps around in surprise, shakes her head, and takes off after Chomper.

Cera: "I'll get you, my little flattooth!"

Ali walks up to Littlefoot, and laws down next to him.

Ali: "She got you too, huh?"

Littlefoot: "Yup."

Ali: "It's been nice playing with you all. I haven't even seen someone my age in awhile."
She lowers her head.

Littlefoot: "It isn't time to be sad, you know. You have us now!"

Ali: (Sighs.) "Yeah, I guess so."

Cera and Chomper walk up to Littlefoot and Ali.

Cera: "I think I'm done being a sharptooth now."

Chomper: "I'm done too. I don't think I'd want to be a flattooth."

Littlefoot: "Cera get you too?"

Chomper: "Yup. I shouldn't have said what I said!"

He laughs.

Cera: "This is a lot better than the last time you were here!"

Ali: "How so?"

Cera: "No annoying little Rhett to ruin all the fun!"

Ali's eyes start to tear up, and she runs away.

Littlefoot: "What's going on?

Ducky: "I do not know, no."

Cera: "Was it something I said?"

Littlefoot stares annoyingly at Cera, then gets up and turns toward where Ali ran off.

Littlefoot: "I'll go see what this is all about."

He runs off to look for Ali.

------------------------------<Commercial break>--------------------------------

Scene: The Watering Hole.

Ali is at the edge of the later, looking down at her own reflection. Littlefoot walks up beside her.

Littlefoot: "Hey, Ali. What's wrong?"

Ali: "It's just Rhett."

Her eyes start watering again.

Littlefoot: "What about Rhett?"

Ali: "Oh, It was horrible!"

Littlefoot: "What happened?"

Another tear comes from her eye.

Ali: "It was over a cold time ago. Me and Rhett got separated from our herd."

Scene fades into a flashback scene as Ali is saying the last sentence.

Scene: The Mysterious beyond, in a canyon.

Ali and Rhett are running through the bottom of the canyon. Behind them, a fast biter is chasing them.

Ali: "Rhett, he's gaining on us!"

The fast biter roars.

Rhett: "You don't have to remind me of that!"

Ali: "I'm scared!"

Rhett: "I'm scared too, Ali."

Ali and Rhett come to a dead end.

Ali: "What are we gonna do?"

Rhett look around.

Rhett: "Hey, There's a hole behind this bush!"

Ali and Rhett squeeze behind the bush and goes through the whole just as the fast biter get's there and sinks his teeth into the bush. He spits it out when he realizes it's not meat, then slowly crawls through the same hole.

Rhett: "That was close!"

Ali: "I don't know how long we can keep this up!"

Rhett stops running. Ali turns around, confused.

Ali: "Rhett, what are you doing?"

Rhett: "Just go on. I don't want him to get you too!"

Ali: "Rhett!"

Rhett: "Please, just go!"

Ali starts running again.

turns around and sees the fast biter coming.

Rhett: (Gulps) "Come on, you bully!"

Ali keeps running, and the scene fades back to the present.

Ali: "And I just kept running."

She pauses for a moment.

Ali: "I... never saw him again after that."

She starts to cry again.

Littlefoot: "Ali, I'm sorry. I didn't know."

Ali: "I know that Rhett was really mean the last time me and him came over, but after that, he changed."

Littlefoot: "He did?"

Ali: "Yes, he did. He become a lot more honest and caring of others."

Littlefoot: "I know how you feel. I lost my Grandpa not too long ago."

Ali: "Grandpa Longneck is gone?"

Littlefoot: "Yes, he is."

He pauses for awhile to think.

"He was almost like my father in a way. He looked after me all of those cold-times when I had no one else."

Ali: "I'm sorry."

Littlefoot: "You don't have to be sorry."

Ali: "Well, you don't have to either. I think I'm ok now."

Littlefoot: "Want to go back to everyone else yet?"

Ali: "Yes, lets go back."

Cera: Walking up to the longnecks. "Hey."

Littlefoot: "Where did you come from?"

Ducky: Walking up. "We came because you two were taking awhile, yup yup yup."

Cera: "I overheard about Rhett Ali. I'm sorry for what I said."

Ali: "It's ok. He was mean to all of you, and you didn't know Cera."

Chomper: "Well, do you want to play some more?"

Ali: "Sure. We could play some..."

The ground starts shaking.

Ruby: "What was that?"

Littlefoot: "It's our parents."

Cera: "Parents!? We gotta get back to our nests!"

Ducky: "Oh yes, we are still in trouble!"

The gang starts breaking up.

Ali: "See you all later!"

Littlefoot calls back as he runs off.

Littlefoot: "I'll see you, Ali!"

Scene: The Longneck nest, at dusk.

Littlefoot is sitting in the nest. He's looking a little down. Ali walks up to him.

Ali: "Hello again."

Littlefoot: "Hey Ali."

Ali: "I just wanted to say I have to go now."

Littlefoot: "Go? Your leaving the Great Valley already?"

Ali: (Laughs.) "No, I'm just going back to the nest my herd started here."

Littlefoot: "Oh. That's a relief!"

Ali: "We're going to stay for awhile at least. I don't know how long for sure, but awhile."

Littlefoot: "In that case, we can play some more tomorrow!"

Ali: "That sounds like fun! I'll see you tomorrow, then."

Littlefoot: "Okay, bye Ali."

He lays his head on the ground and acts bored. Ali walks off. and the scene fades out.

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Littlefoot: "Look, Chomper. You're uncle is dead, and it's just right for your friends to be there for you. You'd be there if someone we know died, right?"

Chomper: "Well, sure I would!"

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« Reply #18 on: April 01, 2011, 09:58:35 pm »
Hm, I knew something like that would happen to Rhett, personally I don't care if he's gone or not.

Anyways, glad Ali made an appearance in this chapter, and it was kind weird not seeing Professer in the chapter, anyways, good chapter, update soon. ;)


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« Reply #19 on: April 02, 2011, 03:44:24 pm »
Episode 7 - Ape Man

Scene: The Great Valley, Very early in the morning.

A blue light appears, like the one before. The Professor steps out of the light holding a large, heavy looking, cardboard box. He walks off towards the edge of the valley, and the scene fades out.

Scene: A forest in the Great Valley. Later in the morning.

The Gang is walking through the woods, Ali and Chomper in tow.

Ali: "Who is this person you wanted me to meet again?"

Littlefoot: "His name is Professor."

Cera: "You say you saw him this morning, Petrie?"

Petrie: "yes, me did! Me was flying around earlier, and me saw him."

Ducky: "I was starting to think we would not see him again, I did."

Chomper: "Oh well." He looks disappointed. "I thought he was gone too."

Ali: "So you wanted to tell me that he was a little weird before I met him. Is he a sharptooth or something?"

Littlefoot: "No, He's not a sharptooth.

Cera: "I don't really know what he is, to tell you the truth."

Chomper: "I think I know!"

Littlefoot: "What?"

Chomper: "Um, never mind. It was just a guess, anyway."

Littlefoot: "There he is!"

The Gang sees the Professor holding his box. He is walking towards a cave on the outskirts of the Great Valley.

Littlefoot: "Hey Professor!"

Professor: Looking back at the Gang. "Huh? Oh hey, dinosaurs."

Cera: "We have someone here to meet you."

Professor: Sets down his box and walks up to Ali. "Oh, yellow."

Ali: "Um, hi there." She looks the Professor over. "I've never seen someone like you before."

Professor: "That a bad thing or something?"

Ali: "No, It's just...nothing."

Cera: "So what are you doing, Professor?"

Professor: "Just moving some things."

Littlefoot: "What kind of things?"

Professor: "I don't think you'd understand. I'm moving in." He picks up his box, and heads toward the cave again. The Gang follows.

Ducky: "Moving in? We thought when we did not see you yesterday, that you left, yup yup yup."

Littlefoot: "We thought you had moved on to somewhere else."

Professor: "Why would you think that?"

Chomper: "Well, your a farwalker. We just figured you moved on."

Professor: Stops and thinks for a minute. "It's true, I am a farwalker, but I Really like this Valley."

Littlefoot: "You do?"

Professor: "Yes. I like it much better then the last place I was at, So I've decided to move in and make this my new home!"

Littlefoot: "That's great!"

Chomper: Looks a little annoyed. "Isn't there someplace else you'd rather be?"

Professor: "Nope, I want to stay here."

The Professor and the Gang come up to the cave, and the Professor starts walking in.

Ali: "your going to live in a cave?"

Professor: "Actually, I've been living here."

Chomper "You have? Like me?"

Professor: "Of course!"

Littlefoot: "Can we come in?"

Professor: "No."

Cera: "Why not? I'd really like to see what you got in there!"

Professor: "I don't think you would understand what you were seeing."

Chomper: "Yeah, He's probably right."

Cera: "Why is it you don't want to come in, Chomper?"

Chomper: "Uh, no reason."

Littlefoot: "Then I guess we'll drop it for now.

Ali: "Are we going to go play something today or what?"

Cera: "I'm sure we could think of something."

Professor: "Actually, I have something you could help me with."

Littlefoot: "Really? What is it?"

Professor: "I'm looking for something, and I haven't been able to find any of it in the Great Valley."

Ali: "What are you looking for?"

Professor: "This might be hard to explain. I'm looking for some iron ore."

Littlefoot: "Whats that?"

Professor: "It's a special kind of rock, and you can turn it into metal."

Ducky: "What is metal?"

Professor: "Now that's another thing I can't explain!"

Cera: "So let me get this straight. You want us to help you look for some weird rock none of us have ever heard of. And this rock can be turned into something else we've never heard of?"

Professor: "Thats right!"

Cera: "And you can't find any of it in the Great Valley, so you want us to go into the Mysterious Beyond to help you look for it?"

Professor: "Right again!"

Chomper: "Sounds like fun!"

Petrie: "fun? Fun!?"

Ducky: "I'm not sure I want to go back out there, no."

Littlefoot: "Is this important to you, Professor?"

PRofessor: "Yes. It's very important that I find some."

Littlefoot: "We'll, I guess were going then."

Cera: "WHAT!?"

Littlefoot: "If we stay together, we'll be safer. I'm sure it'll be ok."

Cera: "Well, you'll need me for protection!"

Professor: "Lets go!"

-------------------------------<Commercial break>------------------------------

Scene: The Mysterious Beyond, in the afternoon.

The Gang, Ali, Chomper, and the Professor are walking around, searching for the iron ore the Professor wants.

Cera: "We have been out here for awhile."

Professor: We need to keep looking."

Littlefoot: "All of those other rocks we found for you weren't it?"

Professor: "No. None of them were."

Cera: "I think we need to go home now."

Littlefoot: "We can keep looking.

Chomper: "Yeah, We're pretty safe."

Cera: "No were not! A Sharptooth could jump out any second!"

Chomper: "I don't smell any sharpteeth."

Ducky: "You are not usually the one to be scared of things Cera."

Cera: "I'm not scared. I just don't want anything to happen to all of you."

The Professor walks up to a cliff face. The gang follows.

Professor: "I wonder if there is any here." He looks around, and studies some rocks on the cliff face. "Nope, another dud. Come on, let's keep looking."

Cera: Starting to look angry. "I'm tired of looking. Let's go home already!"

Littlefoot: "Come on Cera, we'll be fine."

Cera: "I'm getting sick and tired of the Professor telling us what to do!"

Cera charges at the Professor. She pushes the Professor against the cliff wall. The Professor's arm device gets smashed against the rock, and it short circuits.

Professor: "What did you do that for?"

Littlefoot: "Fighting won't solve anything!"

Ducky: "Are you ok, Professor?"

Professor: "I suppose I'm fine. It's just..." His voice suddenly changes to a bears voice.

Everyone takes a step back.

Littlefoot: "What just happened?"

Professor: Plays around with the device and talks again. "That's weird. I think it's working now. Now then, I was talking about the..."

The device short circuits again. The Professor yells out in pain in Sharptooth.

Petrie: "Me getting scared!"

The Professor rips the device off of his arm, and throws it on the ground.

Professor: "Ah ei ei ooh!"

Ducky: "What is wrong with the Professor?"

Cera: "He can't talk!"

Littlefoot: "I think I know whats going on. He told me that thing on his arm lets him talk to us. Since it's broken, he must not be able to talk leaf-eater anymore!"

Petrie: "That bad, very bad!"

Chomper: "You mean he can't really speak leaf-eater?"

Littlefoot: "No, he needs that thing on his arm to talk to us. When I first met him, he couldn't talk to me either."

Ali: "That's awful!"

Professor: With a very angry face. "ah ah hi o hi hi hoo." He punches the rock wall, and cries out in pain. "AIEEE!" He then put his hands over his face.

Littlefoot: Walks up and gently pushes on the Professor with his head. "I know you can't understand me right now, but We're still here for you."

The Professor takes his hands off of his face, and pets Littlefoot on his head.

Cera: "Well, what are we going to do now?"

Professor: Points his hand out in the direction of a mountain. "Oo oo hi!"

Cera: Rolls here eyes. "Here we go again!"

The Professor walks off, and the Gang follows.

Scene: The mountain.

The Professor walks up to the side of the mountain and starts examining the rocks.

Littlefoot: "I'm wondering if he'll find what he's looking for here."

Cera: "I'm actually hoping he does find it, I've been ready to go home for a while now!"

Petrie: "Me wanna go home too!"

Professor: Exclaiming. (Ah! uh hi hi ho oo!) He walks over to the Gang and starts pushing them to some nearby bushes.

Cera: "Whats he pushing us for?"

Littlefoot: "I think he wants us to get out of the way, but what for?"

The gang goes behind the bushes, and the Professor follows. The Professor pulls out his handheld weapon, and fires a shot at the mountain. Theres a flash of light, and a loud noise, and several medium sized rocks fly off of the mountain base.

The gang is startled, and run out from behind the Bush.

Petrie: "No! What going on!?"

Cera: "What was that? A earthshake?"

Littlefoot: "Did the Professor just do that?"

Ali: "I don't know whether to be sorry for him, or be scared of him!"

Professor: Walks up to the the mountain, picks up a good sized rock, and puts it in his backpack. He walks up to the Gang, still cowering in fear. He laughs. "hu he he he!".

Cera: "Is he making fun of us or something?"

Littlefoot: Starting to laugh. "He probably thought you were scared, Cera!"

Cera gets up and tackles Littlefoot.

Chomper: "I think there's a lot of things we don't know about the Professor. It's weird how he doesn't talk about himself much."

Ducky: "He is probably just shy, yup yup yup!"

Littlefoot: Getting up. "Well, I guess it's time to go home."

A Sharptooth roar is heard.

Ali: "What was that?

Chomper: "Wasn't me!"

Cera: "I told you we should have left sooner!"

A fast biter comes up to the Gang, and Charges.

Littlefoot: "No time to argue!" he starts running.

The rest of the Gang and the Professor start running with Littlefoot. Chomper stays behind in the bushes. Ducky trips. The rest of the Gang stops and turns around.

Littlefoot: "DUCKY!"

--------------------------------<Commercial break>-----------------------------

Fast Biter: Grabs Ducky in her claw. <You'll do just fine for the lesson!> She runs off.

Cera: Starting to run towards the fast biter. "We have to help her!"

Littlefoot: "It's to late. That sharptooth got her."

Petrie: "Oh, poor Ducky!" He falls on Littlefoot's back and starts crying.

Cera: Walking back to the rest of the Gang, with her head lowered. "What a way to go. Poor little ducky." Her eyes tear up.

Ali: "I can't lose another friend!" She starts crying as well.

Chomper: Running up to the group. "what are you waiting for, lets get ducky!"

Littlefoot: "It's too late, Chomper."

Chomper: "I don't think so. I heard what the fast biter said. She didn't eat Ducky on the stop, but she ran off with her."

Cera: "So?"

Chomper: "I think she is keeping Ducky alive long enough to take back to her kids to see if they can hunt her."

Littlefoot: "Really?"

Chomper: "Yeah. My parents used to do that for me!"

The Rest of the Gang just stare at him. Chomper realizes what he just said, and lowers his head in shame.

Littlefoot: Walks up to Chomper, with an almost somber look on his face. "Well, lets just not think about that right now..." He gets a determined face. "We need to go help Ducky!"

Chomper: Looking up at Littlefoot. "Ok, Littlefoot!"

The Gang runs off to where the fast biter ran off too. The Professor follows.

Scene: Somewhere else in the Mysterious Beyond, at a fast biter nest.

The fast biter walks up into view, Says something in sharptooth, and drops Ducky on the ground.

Ducky: "What is going on? You are not going to eat me?" She looks over to see 3 young fast biters. "Oh, you are cute little ones, yup yup yup!". The young fast biters growl and charge at Ducky. She starts running away. "No no no!"

The Gang come running up to behind a tree close to the nest.

Littlefoot: "You were right, Chomper!"

Chomper: "We need to do something!"

The young fast biters snap their jaws at Ducky.

Ducky: "They are not very cute anymore, no!"

The Professor walks out from behind the tree, and points his weapon at the mother fast biter.

Littlefoot: "NO! Not that way!" He Nudges the Professor and points his tail at the Young Fast biters.

The Professor seems to get the message. He aims his weapon to some nearby rocks and fires. The Explosion startles the mother Fast biter. She roars something and runs off. Ducky trips again. She looks back at the approaching young sharpteeth and screams. She covers her head in fear. The young sharpteeth hear their mother, and run off with her.

Chomper runs out and acts like he's hungry. He sneaks up on Ducky, touches her, and yells. "Gotcha!"

Ducky: Jumps up and screams again. "Chomper! Why did you do that?"

Chomper: "I thought it would be funny!"

Ducky: "I was about to be eated, Chomper!"

Chomper: Laughing. "Aww, it was just a joke!"

The rest of the Gang run up to Chomper and Ducky.

Littlefoot: "your ok, Ducky!"

Ali: "We thought you were done for!"

Ducky: "Well, I guess I am happy Chomper got me."

All of the dinosaurs laugh. The Professor just stares at everyone, since he can't tell what anyone is saying.

Cera: "Can we FINALLY go home now?"

Scene: Back in the Great Valley, in front of the Professor's cave. It is dusk.

The sound of Hammering is heard deep in the cave.

Petrie: "What Professor doing in there, anyway?"

Littlefoot: "I don't know, Petrie."

A saw is heard heard from inside the cave. The cave lights up for a second.

Cera: "I'm starting to wonder too."

Chomper: "He scares me sometimes."

The Professor walks out of the cave, with a new communication device on his arm. He Messes around with it, and speaks.

Professor: "Can you hear me now?"

Littlefoot: "You fixed it!"

Professor: "Oh my, yes. It's so good to hear somebodies voice again!"

Cera: "I guess I'm sorry for breaking that thing on your arm."

Professor: "It's ok."

Ali: "This has been a long day! I'm going to go lay down." She walks off.

Littlefoot: "Yeah, it's getting late." He goes to his nest.

Ducky: "What are you going to use that rock for, Professor?"

Professor: "I'm going to build something out of it."

Petrie: "Me want to see what you make when you done!"

Professor: He sighs. "Maybe."

Petrie flies off, while Ducky walks off.

Chomper: He eyes the Professor. "We'll I"ll see you tomorrow, Professor!"

Professor: "Eyes Chomper back. "I'll see you, too!"

Chomper walks off, and the Professor walks back into his cave.  The scene fades.

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Littlefoot: "Look, Chomper. You're uncle is dead, and it's just right for your friends to be there for you. You'd be there if someone we know died, right?"

Chomper: "Well, sure I would!"

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