Author Topic: New rules for the quizzes in the game section  (Read 1308 times)

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New rules for the quizzes in the game section
« on: June 22, 2011, 04:41:44 AM »
Following the suggestions of Michael (the Friendly Sharptooth) made in the Rock Circle the following set of rules is now applied on the three land before time quizes in this section as well as all quizzes in the brainfood section to decreases the likelihood of these threads falling silent:

1. If a question is asked but gets no responses after a week the asker is encouraged to give a further hint to make the answering easier.
2. If a question remains without answer and without further hint for two weeks anybody is invited to post a new question.
3. If someone gives a response to a question the one who asked is to tell within three days whether or not the answer is right. If there is no response from the asker within three days the one who gave an answer may post the next question (askers are strongly encouraged though to always solve the questions they asked in case nobody else can).
4. If someone got the confirmation that he or she gave the correct answer to a question he or she is to come up with a new question within three days or else anybody is welcome to ask the next question.
5. If it is somebody's turn to ask the next question but he or she feels unable to think of a good question he or she may state so giving the right to anyone else to come up with the next question without further waiting (but anyone whose turn it is are strongly encouraged to think of something lest the same people always end up as the askers).