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Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on September 08, 2011, 12:33:46 PM
(Aboard the Starship Phoenix)
 Nick pushed dishes though the dushwasher and wiped his brow
 it was muggy in here. The Insane Cafe was qiuiet as it was noit yet time to open for business that day. it had taken a lot of hard work and money to buy this old ship hire a crew to fly it and convert part of the ship into a resteraunt, but thanks to his shate of the treasures found at the Inglotious Hotel(now fully restored and renamed a national place of interest) he had enough cash for the job. the rest he had put into a account and let the interest pile up. finding Aves, who had somehow lost his memory had been a harder task. Nick figured that he had insulted a customer and gotten brained for his cheek. Still it was impossible to know for sure, hopefully once aves recovered his memory they could get caught up aon what Aves had been doing the past year . Nick had tahen part in the war afgainst chong,and hopefully that nutjob was locked away for good this time.
 Nick finished running the last load and headed out toewards the front desk..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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(Starship Phoenix)

Dr. Kerzach quickly stirred the seafood fried rice as an assistant peeled some shrimp.

He had decided to join Nick and Aves to assist them. Now with the war against Chong over, he just wanted to relax.

"Nick! The seafood fried rice is ready!" he called as he scraped the fried rice into a large serving platter and rinsed off the wok.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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great thats the appetizer' Nick smiled.. Ketzach had been wih them for a couple months now, and he was an excellent cook..
_ back on earth, a wedding reception was taking place. Scooby and Dixie had gotten married and all thier family and friends were there. the sheer number of guests approached 1000, biut tere was one particular guest who had not yet appeared. That was Scooby and Dixies boss, Lord stripetail. But right now Dixie was more concerned with greeting all the guests. She smiled while wearing her white wedding dress, there wasa a flower in her hair and blush on her cheeks. her red lips were parted in a smile, as she posed for a photograpgh with her friends Tigeress, agumina and Cynder near a fountain o the lawn. ' You guys having fun? she smiled at them " of course" Cynder smiled " There is so much food and stuff here.. you and Scooby will be unwrapping gifts for weeks.."
_ Scooby was chatting With Kopa the crown prince of the Pridelands at a nuffet table inside the mansion "Thank you for coming Kopa. " well Vitani and Kiara insisted we come. My brother in law kovu should be around here somewhere, theres so many  creatures coming in and out.. you know a lot of people Scooby..' i have a big family and a lot of friends Scooby said. Kopa was a large red-maned lion, his green eyes twinkled with mirth.. " Hi! cried a voice as Scooby was jumped on by a purple blur ' Hi Uncle Scooby!' smiled a young wolf pup. ' this was Flash, Tiger and Tigeress' daughter. " Flash shouldn't be with your dad and mom? Scooby said after ruffling her fur. ' They're talking with Aunt Dixie..' came the reply. "Kopa this is Flash, the daughter of my friends Tiger and Tigeress. Flash, this is Kopa, the king of the pridelands.' Shes a cute one ' Kopa chuckled ' Nice to meert you flash. he smiled as Flash shot him a grin.. "
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Wataru and Kivat approached Scooby. Wataru wore his best black tuxedo, he had shortened his hair slightly. The small black and yellow bat perched on his shoulder. Kivat wore a small bow tie beneath his mouth.

"Hey, Scooby," Wataru greeted.


A large red pirate ship approached the Insane Cafe. A large blue engine propelled the ship. It stopped above the resturant ship and dropped anchor.

Six figures disembarked from the ship, descending on their own length of chain.

"All right, let's eat!" a man dressed in a long red coat declared. He grinned. His black hair was long.

"Hold on, Marvelous-san," a young man, dressed in silver hurried to cut off the red-clad pirate. "I don't think they're open yet."

Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Wataru? good to see you Scooby grinned " Its been awhile, since the shurlup mess at the old cafe? how have you been? Scooby was wearing a black tuxedo with a bowtie below his neck "And Kivat. Good to see you as have things been with you..
Kopa let Scooby greet the newcomers and headed over  into the dinning room where a stack of presents covered the table.. there were guests everywhere, there were humans lions, dogs cats, a lot of hustle and bustle..
Nicck heard the bangng on the door and pointed to the sign " Not open until 830.' You've got 10 minutes to wait.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"Things have been... busy," Wataru replied. "We've had to fight a few battles since then."

"But enough about that," Kivat said. "We're here to wish you well and enjoy some wedding cake."


"Ah, mou," Luka sighed, placing her hands on her hips. She wore a short yellow jacket and a pair of blue jeans. Her brunette hair was cut short.

"Ten minutes?" a shorter male sighed. He wore a green jacket and had blonde jacket. He grabbed Luka's shoulders from behind and began shaking. "I can't wait that long. I'm about to waste away!"

Luka growled and jabbed him in the ribs. "Quit it, Doc!"

Don 'Doc' Dodgier grunted and stumbled back, now grasping his stomach in pain.

"Well, there's not much we can do but wait," Ahim said. She wore an elegant white dress and looked a little out of place among the group. Her hair was long and black.

"I don't think so," Marvelous said. "We take what we want, that's what being a pirate is all about."

"Eh?!" Gai exclaimed. "That's rude!"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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well i've been busy too Scooby replied " I was in a war against Chong and it took 6 months to finally beat jhim, then I go pay My Cousin Dee a visit and end up bringing back the Laffalympics (we won, in case you are wondering) and after all that we start to plan for this wedding.. and we've had a HUGE turnout.. pretty much everyone friom the laffalympics to my family is here..
 We've got a number of customers out there banging on the dor ' Nick sighed ' i really don't need this this early in the morning..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on September 08, 2011, 07:38:25 PM
(Wedding Reception)

The sound of jet engines echoed through the wedding reception as Lt. Martin, Captain Fairchild and Major Lockie preformed a flyover.

They even pulled a few strings to have some of their military buddies put on an airshow.

They then landed at the available "runway". If one could call the nearby closed off road that.

"Scooby! Dixie! Glad to see you!" Captain Fairchild said. He and Major Lockie both wore their simple battleship-grey paint scheme. However, they had the full color roundel of the Seaboard Coalition Air Force (a stylized gold lightning bolt crossed with a stylized dragon wing on a sky blue background) painted on their flanks and tails.  

Lt. Martin touched down as well. "Glad to see you all!" she chirped. She was wearing a subdued blue paint scheme with gold highlights on her wings, tails and flanks. The the full color roundel of the Seaboard Coalition Air Force was painted on her tail

Dr. Zanasiu, Deimos, Rime, Strut and Zachary were the next to arrive.

Zachary and Dr. Zanasiu wore very expensive and nice looking black suits while Rime and Deimos wore their a set of dress blues that they had from when they worked at Pelvanida. Medals and rank insignia decorated the uniform.

Strut, on the other hand, had no clothing that was not either a ballistic vest or a photographer's vest so he chose to wear nothing.


(Starship Phoenix)

"Nick, I need to fetch some fresh produce, what do you need?" Dr. Kerzach asked.

The Phoenix not only boasted a resturaunt but a fully equipped garden that grew fresh plants and seafood. It also served as part of the ship's life support system.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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nice to see you all again Dixie smiled it was then a portal opened as tarrax the dragon stepped out of it "greetings to the bride and groom. Forgive my masters tardiness, he is busy at the moment' Tarrax said putting down a beautiful golden and jewelensrusted mirror on the table " this mirror hgas many magical properies. he said to them.. ' just don;t waste too much time looking in it, or bad things will start to happen..
 lord stripetail was indeed busy, if by busy you mnean being bored out of his mind listening to president qwark of the plorais galaxy prattle on about the great things he had dine. 'Mr President" stripetail said testily. ' get to the point ' well you see um, mr bord striptail, well our galaxy has started missing planets,..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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bring out some of everything , just to be on the safe side 'Nick said.. " the clock now read 8:27.  Nick decided to open and couple minutes early and unlock the door. " He hoped he wouldn't be regreting it..
" Missing planets? mr qwark you could have saved me the last 85 minutes of listebing to your exploits and told me that upfront" stripetail said his eyes narrowing " Why did you ask for me ' Because the guys I usually go to turned me down.. and we're in a pickle here.. I can't afford to run for re-election, not with 6 missing planets.."Qwayk said pathetically "and who are these other guys ' Oh ratchet and Clank they live on veldin. Ratchet a young lombax and Clank is small robot.. they've assisted me on some of my past cases.. " if by assisted, you mean did everything for you and you then took the credit, yes they asisted you.." stripetail said " i have a wedding reception to attend  Mr qwark, and the bride and groom are close friends..give me the contact information for ratchet and Clank i will talk to them . "About helping get those planets back' Qwark said hopefully " No, about start to work for me, thing is my jobs require there be a female counterpart.. ' stripetail said. " Are there any female Lombaxes? "just one, actually, but noones found a trace of her for almost 6 years, her names Angela cross..' Qwark said pulling up a holographic file. " Then I'm just going to magically bring her here then 'Revulous! Stripetail barked and in a twinking a female lombax fell on the floor.  she looked like she had not eaten well recently, her uniform hung on her in folds. "How did you do that Qwatk said bord " Its LORD STRIPETAIL Mr qwark" stripetail said ' as Angela slowly got to her feet.. Where.. where am I? ' she said blinking as her eyes got adjusted to the light "  Last thing I know I'm in a Kerchu Prison on Tannus 9, and now I'm.. her eyes widened as she recognized Qwark ' well well if it isn't Captain Qwatk " last time I saw  you were testing out the crotchitizer. How did that go, by the way? ' Qwark's face turned green, er not so well . and its President Qwark now Angela .
- President? what planet was dumb enough to elect you President? Angela said. " not a planet Angela, the entire Polaris Galaxy'Qwatk said proufly..
Which is while I prefer living in the bogon Glaxy Angela said , before Stripetail stepped " miss Cross?' Angela turned and loked at him " Lord Stripetail at your service.. do you prefer Angela, Angela Cross miss Cross? ' Angelas fine.. " angekla said. "What can I do for you.. 'well I have a job in mind for you, a very well paying job/ ' so whats we're talking 100000 bolts? ' try BILLIONS" stripetail grinned.. 'you will need to find a male Lombax to partner with.." we can talk about that later " i just want to get out of here and get something to eat, eating Kerchu food for 4 years straight does a number on your stomach..Well we're going to a wedding reception, goodbye mr qwayk' stripetail said as he teleported himself and Angela out of the room.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Dr. Kerzach hopped aboard a small repulsersled parked in the back of the kitchen and started up the engine. The ship was so massive that it could take him several minutes to walk to his destination.

He then sped down the cool stainless steel hallways. Exposed conduits carrying water, atmospheric gases and other such materials lined the walls and ceilings. While the resturaunt (and small shopping center and living spaces) of the ship were decorated with beautiful paintings and other art, the maintainance areas were just as spartan as those on any military starship.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Dixie walked around the yard, and was embraced by a pink cat with large red lips " Arlene! its get to see you" Dixie smiled "Hows the studio going? " its taking a bit longer than we thought so i;m going to have to stay  here a bit longer.. " that's fine Arlene you're always welcomes here..' arlene nuzzled her warmly then headed over to the buffet table. Next up came two lionesses, Vitani and Kiara ' Hi Girls Dixie smiled at them ' thank you for coming.. ' Well we brought the entire royal family ' Vitani, who was Kopas wife, said..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Jason was at the party.  At times he was in his imperial dragon form wearing his full formal imperial prince stuff.  But at other times it seemed he was at another part of the party in his time lord form wearing his formal Prydonian Chapter robes.

Sara was at the party, in her korodos formal outfit With brooklyn & his son Gnash.  

At another part of the party was Guilmon, and elsewhere some of the road rovers.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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it was the n stripetail teleported into the reception, along with Angrela Bart appeared carrying a set of armor. " Hello everyone' stripetail smiled. " aren't you a bit late? Ma Doo, Scoobys mother said to him ' Madam, a wizard is never late, he arrives precisely when he means to. where is your son/ I have a couple gifts for him and his bride' Stripetail said ' hes out near the fountain, for more photod..Pa Doo said.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Dr. Kerzach eventually ended up in one of the main hallways. The hallway itself was well lit with LED lights that gave everything a warm glow. The halls were mostly empty save for maintenance workers, engineers and the occasional early shopper.

He then entered the garden, which was also accessible to the public. It looked more like a public park than a farm with grass underfoot and fruit trees everywhere. It even had a blue sky (though it was actually an illusion but it was so realistic - it even simulated weather).

He then started picking some celery from a nearby garden along with some fresh herbs.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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ooc: unfortunately I dont have enough time to read every single post here so assuming everything is still slightly normal as far as situations go I'll just post Aves's intro into this story right here :p

Aves soon left his quarters looking groggy and still half asleep. The night before was a long one as he was left to do the dishes and clean the kitchen area.

He groaned as he stumbled down the hall towards the kitchen entrance  almost as if half drunk

His memory was still somewhat shot, he couldn't remember much of anything but he was slowly recovering his distant memories of the Insane Cafe back when Lord Chong first owned the restaurant and the great and terrible Spork Battle that ended his reign then.  

Another thing that frequently popped into his mind was the word "cupcakes" and what sounded to him like distant girly giggles and the color pink and for some odd reason this caused him to cringe. Also when he was discovered by his friend Nick he was found with some strange wrist computer device that did not seem to work (nor would it come off his wrist) and he was left to wonder about its purpose and why he was stuck with it.

Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Nick noticed his friend enter the kitchen and sighed ' Long night eh, hey Aves.. you still haven't told me what that wrist thing you're wearing does, if anything..It';s good to have you back and all cleaned up, when I found you you were babbling and covered in cupcake batter and pink frosting. Chongs in prison, hopefully for good this time.. the prison they put him in,supresses magical abilities, and gives them splitting headaches if they try to use any we hopefully won't se him again..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Aves shrugged and went for his apron.

"Dont be silly, Nick. Chong's immortal and from what I remember from reading dusty old scrolls, Chong always finds a way to escape. He'll own this cafe again long after we're dead of old age. Mark my words."

And then as Aves was slipping on his apron the little wrist computer started to beep.

"Oy..." said Aves, "this dratted thing has been beeping off and on like this all night but every time I try to operate it this picture pops on the screen and I cant do anything with it!"

Aves glanced at the screen which displayed a picture of balloons over a pink background.

"What's this stupid thing supposed to do? And why do I have it"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Dr. Kerzach was busy climbing an orange tree when he felt something drip on his shoulder. He quickly scrambled down the ladder and tossed the satchel of fresh oranges into the repulsersled. He then got into the cab and started up the engine just as it started to "rain".

He then piloted the vehicle back to the kitchen and plugged it into the charger. He hefted his bag of oranges. "Nick! Aves! I need a hand unloading some of the food! I've got fresh catfish, fresh shrimp, fresh potatoes, fresh corn and some fresh oranges for dessert."


(Wedding Reception)

Mr. Bigmouth and Ms. Swimmer were the next to arrive. Mr. Bigmouth again, wore nothing like Strut. Ms. Swimmer wore an elegant emerald on a gold chain along with her set of silver bracelets.

"We're not too late, are we?" Mr. Bigmouth asked. "Oh, I have a gift for the newlyweds."
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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No, the reception is going to go on all night' Scooby sad stopping over to meet them.. " its good to see you again..
 Inside the mansion the Digimon guests had gathered around a huge tv. Genki was fidding around with a joystick and blasting away at a monster.. " Genki! came an exasperated voice behind him " You do know we are at a wedding reception.." It was tigeress, she had found Flash and noiw was carrying her on her back.. " Scooby said I could play' Genki replied as he finished beating the monster and with it, the level.
Chongs not immortal, the last war proved that" Nick replied.. " he'll never own the cafe again, not as long as I have anything to say about it..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"GOod to finally be here after so long." Jason said.  

"Been long for you?" Velma asked.

"Eons, literally, with what happened, or will happen, to the digial world, then spilled over through some parts of time & other places.  " jason said.

"Sounds unpleasant." someone said.

"Part of the time I was to busy to see if it was unpleasant or not.  With having to, reknit or save parts of the digicore digicode, and go to what you may call the time corridor, time vortex, time itself.  I experienced I'm not sure how much time I spend, though we are here at this fun party." Jason said taking a drink.  "I don't age, or need to drink, eat or sleep anymore, but I can indulge if I wish."

"Not long for me." Guilmon said.

"Yes, those others in the digital world, & other locations, didn't experience the time I did, with my having to dive into and out of time, even while I was rekniting the digicore code, and other things."   Jason said.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"And you too," Mr. Bigmouth said. He handed a gift wrapped package to Scooby.

Deimos was enjoying some fish balls while Zachary and Dr. Zanasiu were chatting over some wine.


Captain Fairchild and his two companions were chatting with some of the more curious guests. At the same time, they sipped some "cocktails" made from a combination of jet fuel, alcohol and other addtives. While this mixture was outright toxic to organics, living machines enjoyed this as a mild intoxicant.

Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Angela slowly got her bearings and grabbed a glass od fruit punch that was ditting on a nearby table " you don;t mind if I help myself to some punch she asked a nearby White Great Dane, who happened to be Scooby's cousin Scooby Dee 'Not at all, help yourself. we've got loads of drinks and food,Stripetail added some magical desserts, they never run out no matter how much you eat . Which is perfect for such a huge gathering.' Dee said "Thank you.. so this is big party? Angela said " My Cousins wedding reception. " WEDDING RECEPTION? Oh geez, if i had known today would be the day i finally leave my er, former job, and I get whisked away to a wdding reception..
-Bart went over to Spyro and Cynder ' Hey guys! Good to see you again.. well I've been working on this armor set for the past couple months, I was hoping you'd give it a try..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Jason took a cup from one of his pockets and started to sip the drink.   "Great party this is. "  

"Fun, and lots of food." Guilmon said.

"If you are into food." Longstride said.  

"I can use my imperial dragon body to conjure up some liquid energon if you wish." Jason said.


"Wow, they have some pizza here.  I got several types." Gnash said.  

"Yea, it's great." Pete said.  


"There is so much food I do not know where to start." Exile said.  "I think even muzzle has had enough."
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Dr. Kerzach finished unloading all the food from his repulsersled. By now, people were starting to file into the resturaunt.

"Nick, is there anything else that needs to be done?" he asked.


(Wedding Reception)

Mr. Bigmouth and Ms. Swimmer were chatting with other guests as they ate some vegetarian snacks. The candied hibiscus flowers were quite popular.

"These are good," Ms. Swimmer said.

Dr. Zanasiu swallowed his mouthful of hibiscus. "I know," he replied.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Not at the moment.. just wait on some of the guests and take their orders.. Nick replied. Nick said taking his spot at the front of the restaurant..
- Arlene took a seat at a table near the brides table..
 Miss Kitty entered the wedding reception along with her mate Tiger both of them were carrying gifts for their friends, Scooby was good friends with Tiger, miss Kitty was great friends with Dixie and had performed on tour with her, the girls were real close..
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Dr. Kerzach nodded as he finished up setting the tables.

He stopped by a Human couple dressed in military uniforms. "Hello," he said. "What will you be having?"

"And some hot tea for now," the man said.

Dr. Kerzach scribbled the order on a notepad and went into the kitchen.
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Miss Kitty! Tiger! Oh How good to see you again! Dixie said, noticing the pair and coming up to them. She kissed Miss Kitty on the lips, then kissed Tiger as well causing him to blush. Scooby Hugged kitty then shook paws with Tiger. " How are things in Green River/ ' after the Laffalympics/ Well They're doing ok/ Tiger replied.." you guys did make a big mess...which took several weeks to fully fix.. but the money we got from winning sure helped..
 Stripetail meanwhile was trying to contact ratchet and Clank, and not getting any reception.. " ah well I'll try again later.. He said..
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Aves mumbled to himself as he went about his work. It was already looking to be another long day in the Cafe. never mind that they were in outer space and it was often hard to tell when a day began or ended.

once more the wrist computer started to beep and Aves groaned as he tried to ignore it but just then there came a girlish giggle from the device

"Arent you ever going to answer my calls you crazy fox thingie?'


Aves glanced at the device at first startled that there was a voice coming from it. The screen still showed the strange picture of balloons over a pink background. still the voice came.

"When are you coming back? We still have plenty of cupcakes to bake!"

"Wh - who are you?" asked Aves

"Why, dont you know? I'm Bizzarro Pin -"

the voice cut out to static and there was a click sound as if he had lost connection.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Where exactly did you get thsat thing Aves? Did you win it as a prize or something? or is that just another of the long list of things you don;'rt remember about the past year.." Nick said ' Table 5 ordered double breaded chicken with mashed potatoes..
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GoldenStriker drove as quickly as she possibly could towards Dixie's and Scooby Doo's wedding.  Sincerely hoping that she was not late for one of the many formal ceremonies that united two different beings. As the female Autobot had wished that all her months spent creating on their gift-- a holographic photo album. Would not have to go to waste, as it was fully compatible with any electronic digital device and whatnot. And had many features that no other 'ordinary' album would ever have.

One being the fact that it allowed the user to upload any 2D photo and convert it into a 3D hologram. With the unique option to animate any photo, add background music, and change the picture's original colours to the one that was desired by the owners. And could revert back to the original colour scheme anytime, while having enough space to fill hundreds of photos all at once in a matter of seconds.

And it would be a gift unlike any on earth.

But right now, if she wasn't fast enough, she had a fairly good feeling that she would become late...
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Cynder and Spyro gazesd at the Chests Bart had brought them inside gleamed two complete sets of amor. man these look really nice' Spyro said.. 'Yeah.. theylook incredible ' Cynder agreed ' i've been wirking on sets for the others, but you guys were the first one I finished.' Bart said " I mean you shpould see the wizards house! Its amazung.. all this magical stuff. not stuff fiounfd in movies or videogames, but literal magic!' Bart was going all "nerd ' on them..
So where are you going for the honeymoon? ' Kitty askled "oh a trip to Jamiaca for a number of months. I'm looking for a lot of time to tan, Scooby can eat as much as he wants in the buffets at night..and every night will be incredibly romantic..' dixie smiled.
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Sara went to get a bit to eat and drink.  

"I suggest some of this." Jason said indicating some drinks and certain snack foods.  

"Thanks." Sara said, not surprised at having just left Jason and having him pop up here before she got here.  "Quite a party they are having here."

"Indeed.  Many folks here.  Some of them I think I've even met." Jason said.
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Jamaica, er where is that exactly? Kitty said.. " Its an island in the carribbean..' Dixie said ' We'll be flying to mIami then taking a cruise there.. we'll be there for about 5-6 months.. " I wish we could come with yiou" Tiger said ' But i have a job to do as Sheriff,and.. " you can join us after we've had a month or so to try everything..we'll cover it.. Scooby will need some guys to talk guy shop and I'll need some girls too hang out with.."
 Well if anything happens' Stripetail said that will have to be put on hold..' " Like what? Chong escaping.. hes in a magical prison.." Dixie said. 'And you took away his powers.. " Not all of them, and Chong is still a formidable magician " stripetail said.

(Prison Planet) meanwhile in row -8, the deepest level of the prison where the most powerful magiciabs were kept " Chong stewed in his cell.. the anti-m,agic forcefields in this place were potent, and Chong soon found that trying to fight the shield was a pointless and painful waste of time and energy  so he had been reduced to making plans for his escape and plotting revenge.. getting though 8 levels of guards was not going to be easy, and creating an illussion of himself that would last long enough to fool the guarrds would be tricky..he would need help..
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(Wedding reception)

"Don't remind me," Rime growled as he sipped some champaign.

Deimos muttered swears under his breath at the mention of Chong's name.

"So where's Nick and Kerzach?" Zachary asked between bites of wild green salad.

"Where have you been?" Deimos replied caustically. "Nick bought an old starship and retrofitted it to hold his resturuant and a small mall. Yuri's helping him."


The three living planes were slightly tipsy and now sharing raunchy jokes amongst themselves.

Unfortunately, they were also quite loud, owing to their large size.



Dr. Kerzach returned with the tea ordered. He then took another table's order of shrimp and grits.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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He bought a starship? Stripetail said.. then we should visir him you know i've always wanted to travel on a starship. teleporting to other planets takes a lot of magic..
- by now the planes wren't the only ones drunk.. kovu had thrown back a few much to the surprise and disgust of both Kopa And Kiara. Kovu was making eyes at all the female cats in the room.. which caused Kiara to grot her teeth hard..
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(Somewhere near Las Vegas)

 In a small non descript cemetery outside of las vegas, there lay a particulat grave.. the name on it was not famous or important , in the eyes of the world, but today, that creature lying there would get an extremely extremenely rare gift, a second chance at life.
In a flash a  dark portal opened and a creature stepped out of it, appearing to look like a large, green squirrell, but the red eyes, pools of malice, hate and almost incomprehensible power, revealed that this was not ordinary squirrell, this was Lord Mertavius. Today Mertavius was going to perform a spell which was utterly forbidden by the magical arts, and which only a small handful of beings had the magical power to perform- the spell of reviving the dead. He stopped over the grave  which read simply " Hailey" and stretched forth his claw ' manos implasi Revicum autos Sentik immedici! he commanded at once and huge burst of energy shot from his paw and split the ground causing the small mound to shift violently and tear open,   the coffin was lifted out and moved over next to the headstone, then split wide open.inside the body of a young vixen lay in pieces, she had died horribly. metavus  made a slight gesture and restored her body, reconnecting the neck restoring the  heart and covering over the wounds with flesh " Revivere! Mertavius commanded and dark electricity shot from his claws, causing the body to lift off the ground and in a trinkling open its eyes.. mertavius lowered the now-revived vixen to the ground and stood over it 'greetings mortal, mertavius said in voice that held tremendous power and made ones hair or fur stand on end. there was only one other being in all of existence whose powers were a match for Mertavius' , and he was on the other side of the a toast
Wedding Reception
Stripetail was in the middle of giving a toast for Scooby and Dixies health when he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, His eyes narrowed and he bowed his head' Something unforgivable has just been done somewhere he said finally.." Someone.. has brought someone back from the dead.."
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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She had been revived.  That was something she had not expected to have happened to herself.  Hailey had looked at her arms for a moment then touched her neck.

It was no longer ripped out.  Her throat was there again.  A voice called out to her as she looked up at the being "You....were the one that had bought me back to life?" was all she could really ask as her paws caught on fire for a moment then stopped.  It appeared that she still had her fire powers available to her.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Yes, hailey, I have a number of questions to ask you. ' mertavius said.. 'and an offer to give.. tell me.. did you have a girlfriend once? i don;t care abut mortals love lifes, boy girl, both doesn't make any difference to me. what matters ois whether the mortal is useful to me.. and hailey, i think you could be very very useful..which is why i have undone what the so-called 'death' did to you. tell me everything about your past life and i will snd you on a little mission..'
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: MrDrake on September 11, 2011, 06:03:19 AM
Hailey shook her head "No, only real love I had was Neku, but other than that, other loves didn't work out in the end" she answered him back as she stood up straight "Don't remind me" she added in with a sigh "Couldn't even harm Death as it was, my powers were no match for his....."

"So, what is it that you want to know in the end anyway? And, well, what is this mission you want to send me on? What....what if I refuse to help you out?" she almost snapped back, but already knew the answer in her mind.  He could easily undo what had had just done.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on September 11, 2011, 06:20:11 AM
well, i might as well answer your questions. First you did have a girlfriend and her name was Aimee, you loved her, but she did not return that love in the same For Death, his powers were not absolute as he was destroyed himself, his powers paled next to mine in any event..My goal is to give an old friend of mine a little challenge, to see if hes up to it..if a joke like chong can test him for 6 months he might be losing it a bit ' Mertavius laughed, it was a laigh that was heartless and cruel." A little advice my dear, I know what I am being lied to,so it is always wise to be completely honest when dealing with me. as for you not cooperating, you don;t have a choice. i brought you back, i can kill you without breaking anything close to a sweat. you were no match for death, you;d be even less of a match for me.You are to free chong from prison and help him get revenge on his enemies. in exchange. i will reunite you with aimee, you can live together for the rest of your days..'mertavius said.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"Oh....her...." Hailey muttered slightly "She was never my girlfriend, I mean, yeah, I did have a crush on her and all, but it's as you said, she never did return the feelings back to me"

She listened to what he had to tell her as she contemplated it but then stopped.  Being reunited with Aimee would be something, but that was just it, she was just unsure on that.  For now, she ignored that and focused on the mission that was given to her.  To free this Chong person and, as much as she didn't like the thought, to help him with his revenge.

She just nodded to Mertavius in the end "Alright, I'll do it" was all she said.  But in her mind, the thought of at least seeing Aimee again, was something she did want to have happen to herself.
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i Will make her love you , my dear, if thats what you are concerned about. for someone like me it is easy' meravius gestured and brought forth a robe and a weapon ' wear this and use the weapon to subdue the guards if they try and stop you.. which they will, guards are extremely predictable that way.he gestured again and a portal appeared. this portal will take you to the planet where chong is being held.. good luck my dear' mertavius grinned and vanushed into thin air.
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Hailey just went silent at that.  He was just toying with her emotions, she was certain of it.  But when he bought out the robe and weapons, she did put the robe on and grabbed the weapon.  She was certain she wasn't going to use the weapon as such as she just put it away for now.

She activated her fire powers upon her right fist as she just simply nodded back to him and stepped through the portal 'Time to rescue this Chong fella now...' she thought to herself as she took in her new surroundings on the other side.
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(wedding reception)
 The room had turned completely silent as Stripetail had said those words.. 'You can't bring someone back from the dead though' Pa Doo said "its not natural, its not morally right..and its impossible..' Scooby had turned had Dixcie and for that matter almost everyone in the room.' stripetail gavePa doo a very cold glance. "I agree with you on its morality, however it is not impossible. It is extemely difficult to do though, the magic required to do so is such that only a very small number of beings have the power to revive the dead. I am one of those beings, but I will never revive someone who is dead, the dead need thier rest."
 So whoever did this.. is as strong as you are...'Dixie said in a small voice.. "Why would they do this?" ' that I don;t know, but what I do know ,, is that you two will have to hold off on your honeymoon" Stripetail said causingh both Scooby and Dixie to drop thier cups of punch. " We need to stop this creature, whoever he or she is, before they do terrible things to the cosmos.. my friends, this will be by far the strongest enemy you have ever faced, compared to this being, Chong was nothing, absolutely nothing..
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"So someone at the edge of death got their brain transplanted into a cyborg exoskeleton, big deal," Deimos replied, tossing back another glass of white wine.

Dr. Zanasiu sipped his glass of hibiscus punch. "Judging from Stripetail's reaction, it's a little more than that."

"So exactly how can we do this? We don't have an army like last time and even then, Chong wasn't that easy to take down," Lt. Martin said.

Major Lockie and Captain Fairchild looked at each other. Both of them poessesed more firepower than anyone else present.
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We'll have to find out who this creature is, first and what he wants..or she.. and i don't think they are interested in taking over the worls like chong was, no, this will likely be for much bigger stakes than a small planet..' Stripetail replied.
You guys need help/ kopa stoos up " what do you need? ' allies Stripetail said. "Deimos reviving the dead, is not like a  transplant. the body is already dead and decaying, reviving someone involves restoring the body to what it was before death and bringing the creatures soul back into the body  as well.
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(Prison Planet)

An alarm was indeed, starting to blare throughout the prison as guards were being taken out left and right as Hailey was indeed, searching for Chong within this prison area.  Part of herself felt guilty for what she was doing however.  But she did know the stakeso it all in the end, after all, if she failed to do as she was ordered, he would just simply take her life away once more.
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Hsiely had cleared 2 levels worth of guards, but there was styill several more levels to search..
The alarms blarimng throughout the prison reached Chongs cell " So what is this all about? He said " some sort of drill..
 Stripetail had gone off to consider what moves if any he should make at this time, while Scooby had told the guests to go back to enjoying themselves for the time being..
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"This is going to take forever...." Hailey muttered to herself as she continued to take out guards still.  She did grab one guard by the scruff of his neck and slammed him against the nearest wall.

Her fist was clenched up and on fire as she pulled it back in order to threaten the guard "Chong, mind telling me where exatcly he is before I decide to rearrange your face?"

The guard simply gulped back and nodded to her "He's being kept in an anti-magic prison a few more levels down.....but, you'll never be able to break him out, he's still heavily guarded"

"We'll still see about that" Hailey let the guard go as she turned and rushed off towards where Chong was suppose to be imprisoned.
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Dixie had gone over to talk with some of her family members in particulat, her mother Clara and her father Dixon, who she had not seen for a few years " So its always something with you eh dear/ Clara smiled.. "Even on your wedding day, something comes up.. 'Mom, tonight we are going to enjoy ourselves, whatever. " Comes up" will wait for tomorrow.."
 What about that Stripetail fella, he said you'd have to postpone your honeymoon. 'Dixon said  hes my boss actually, its a rather long story, but basically he summons Scooby and I and a few friends to do jobs for him. its rather unique work.. " Kinda like superheros? " Dad, do I look like I go around dressed in garish costumes and spandex? Theres no Dixie and Scooby signal that flashes in the sky.."
 Clara laughed..' Relax Pa, our girls not into that kind of thing..we should really enjoy tonight, our girl is now married and hopefully soon will be presenting us wiyh our grandchildren " Dixie blushed ' Come on Mom! I just got married, and already you're wanting grandkids.. I told you Scooby and I want a couple years of married life before having any..
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(Prison Planet)

Armored troopers wielding rifles quickly took their positions outside and inside the maximum security magical prison. Heavy blast doors slid shut as they sealed off the entire prison block.


Some more guards went after Hailey. One of them launched an electrical net from a shoulder fired launcher at her.


(Wedding Reception)

"How the f--- am I supposed to enjoy myself when some whackjob worse than Chong's on the loose!?" Deimos yelled, thrusting his arms to the side and showering red wine all over the grass.

"Calm down," Mr. Bigmouth said. "Stripetail's got everything under control. If he needs our help, he'll come for it." He took a sip of hibiscus punch. "Besides," he added, "it's supposed to be a joyous occasion."

Deimos took a deep breath. "I guess you're right."


Captain Fairchild rolled up to Stripetail. He had to move very carefully to avoid crushing anyone. "Stripetail, if this involves space travel, I'm afraid we can't help you. We may not need to breathe but our engines need air and we can't be stuck inside some landing bay; we need some time  to stretch our wings - metaphorically speaking - and fly." A smile then graced his snout and he lowered his voice. "On a brighter note, some of my military friends are going to put on an airshow later. Lt. Martin's joining them. Oh, don't tell anyone else, I want it to be a surprise."


Speaking of Lt. Martin, she and Major Lockie were nuzzling each other and engaged in some mutual grooming by the runway. Both of them were quite intoxicated.
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Cthe horns grew louder and louder as guards run past chongs cell " intruder in level 5! fo let it down to the lowers floor!' said a voice over a sopeaker..
_ A smile played on Chongs lips.. "Perhaps someone is trying to bust a prisoner out..
If this does involve space travel captain, the spaceships these days are enermous, big enough to allow planes to fly around the entire ship" stripetail said..' and we will likely be stopping at several different planets allowing you and your group to fly around the atmosphere In any event Captain we will need you..
 Shaggy was drinking a lot of fruit punch he did not like what Stripetail had said, he had enough fighting against Chong, to lasdt him a few lifetimes..
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As guards rushed at her position, Hailey engulfed herself in flame and straight away, started to turn up the heat in the area "No more games" was all she said as she fired fireball after fireball at each of the attacking guards.

Her head did snap at the electric net that was fired at her as she launched a fireball of her own back at it to stop it in midflight before she turned her attention to theblast doors that were being sealed shut around the prison base.

"I don't have time for this...." she once again, muttered to herself asshe was trying to quickly think of a way to get through the blast doors.
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meanwghile genki had completeky beaten the game and was loooking for another game to play ' Come on guys I want a challenge' He boasted.. ' heres a challenge Genki. See how long you can keep your mouth shut! Tiger said " We've got trouble brewing somewhere..
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(insane cafe)

Hearing they had a new spaceship that they put the insane cafe into Jason poped over there for a look, walking out from behind a column for a look around.  & missed the part about dead being brought back to life.

"Just heard of this place.  Nice place you have here.  To bad you want at the reception." Jason said, eating a bit of cake.   "I"ll have to visit here again, yes diffidently.  " jason said walking and liking the way things looked.  He walked behind something and if anyone did follow him would find he had somehow wasn't there.  

(back at the reception)

"Sounds like something very naughty is up." Exile said.

"As long as I can get to bite some touche's I don't care how naughty they may be." Blitz said.  


Jason having heard part of what the planes said as he walked by (having returned from his brief jaunt to the insane cafe spaceship), "There's fuel types that have oxygen included in their fuel if you don't mind an engine upgrade.  Or if you prefer there are reactionless drives, but I don't think your world has discovered them yet.  Then there is also enchantments, potions that can be added to regular fuel.  Professor Euclid Bullfinch, the landlord of the place where danny dunn lives, nice kid.  He has some adventures from time to time, like the time he accidently invented antigravity point in the professors' home lab.  The professor has some I'm sure.   Not sure if he's in this universe or another one. "   Jason said as he briefly paused in his walking by.
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(Wedding Reception)

"I'd rather my engines be left alone," Captain Fairchild said. "In any case, I'll be ready but now, I want to relax."


(Prison Planet)

The guard's armor protected them from the high radiant heat but the temperatures that the fireballs reached were another story. Even worse, the high heat actually caused their ammunition to cook off. One of the guards was knocked unconscious when the rifle he was carrying exploded.

A rather loud explosion echoed through the cell block as the net launcher's batteries violently failed, killing the guard holding the weapon.

By now, the high heat had already killed most of the prisoners in the nearby cells.
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the door were corroded away by the intenmse heat and the stairs to the lowesr levels were open.. it would not be long now before the intrude had reached the bottm of the prison..
 Screams of agont reached Chongs cell, he was silenty (or not so silently) rooting for whoever the intruder was.. the screams were getting louder
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Hailey did not let up with the heat she was producing, but instead, she was turning up the heat even more, not taking any chances with the guards around as she started to decend down to the final level of the prison.

Guards rounded the corner, only to be struck by fireballs.  Yet, one guard in particular got closer to her andactually attempted to grab onto her, but quickly pulled away from the imense heat she was giving off as she turned around and punched the guard in the face in order to take care of him as she continued down the hallway, getting closer and closer to Chong's cell.
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The air in the prison was actually so hot that it began to shimmer and the metal floors and walls began to glow a dull red.

As time went on, the metal actually began to soften and melt.

The intense heat also heated up pipes carrying pressurized carbon dioxide overhead. A plume of frigid and choking vapor screamed forth from the burst pipe.

The firefighting system in this section of the cell had been shut off for repairs but the carbon dioxide extinguishing agent still flowed.
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the melting pipes had also affected the anti magical forcefields. the erbnry from the upper levels waas being rerouted to prevent the more powerful mages from escaping.. but it would take a few minutes..
 chong suddenly stopped as an angry face appeared at his cell door.. " What do you want/ he said calmly
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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The guard was about to actually answer Chong's question when a fireball had struck him in the face, setting him ablaze right in front of Chong as Hailey stepped into view.  For the time being, momentarily returning herself to normal again as she addressed Chong "I've been sent here to, well, bust you out of prison"

She glanced over the magical seal that was protecting him, unsure on how to deal with it herself.  After all, she wasn't well verse in magic.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Well, well todat is my lucky day.. this is second time I have been freed from prison.. " Chong smiled " your handiwotk had removed the anti0magic fiekd to this area . I figure we have about 4-5 minutes before they restore it.. " I think i have enough energy to bvreak down the door, but not much elae " So stand back..' chong said " Exta purnue wosturil itel1 chong shtireked and the door cracked down the middle... and fell into the hallway.. cHong stepped out into the hallway and suddenly dunk to his knees. " You are going to have to guide me out. this place has zapped my strength a great deal...and I am not the magician I once was..thanks to thart squirrell.." he spat.. " now get me out of here!
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Sirens wailed as the cell's bars were destroyed.

Unfortunately, the blast doors had been melted by the intense heat, leaving glowing puddles of molten metal on the ground. Not to mention, the metal floor was also starting to deform and melt from Hailey's heat.


Several armed guards were waiting in the top levels of the prison. Some more guards rushed down into the lower levels.

Snipers were positioned in watchtowers that ringed the cell block.
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nick was waiting the last of the days troubkles, unawate of what was going on..
_ chong  stopped throiugh the hole and winced as the guards started firing " Chong created a shiekd but it didn't stop some from  hitting hik in the side..
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Dr. Kerzach picked up the tip and dishes that the two soldiers had left him and deposited it in the tip jar that was to be shared with everyone once they closed.

He then returned to the kitchen. "Nick, I'm actually a bit hungry, so mind taking over a bit while I whip up a quick lunch for myself?"


(Wedding Reception)

Ms. Swimmer went up to Dixie and handed her a small box. "I got a gift for you, I made it myself."

The gift in question was a necklace that had a pendant shaped like a flower. It was carved from a shining stone found in the Great Valley. The chain that held the necklace was crafted from high quality gold that she had purchased with proceeds from her salvage work.
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Hailey once again, engulfed herself in flame as her fists clenched "All this was suppose to be was a simple prison break....and yet, he could've at least give myself some backup" she muttered to herself as she started to fire fireballs at each of the guards as she started to push her way forward.

However, as the guards were firing, she was shot in her left shoulder and yelled out somewhat in pain as she did so, her left arm already feeling a little numb, yet, she continued to press on the attack still, starting to turn up the heat yet again.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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you don;t ned to ask, go take 15 minutes to gran yourself something to eat and drink.. its on the houise' Nick said..
 We need to keep hoing " Chong said throwing out bursts of masgic periofically which deflected bullets or knocked guards off theit feet ,ot, in a couple cases into active steam vents..
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Aves was tinkering away at the little wrist computer while everyone else was about their own business. On occasion he'd look up to stirr some batter.

He little realized it but he had a strange and sudden nack for baking up cupcakes. In fact he was producing them without really ever noticing. It was as if he were just half in control of his body

once every hour the little wrist computer would start to beep again and Aves would hear the strange random giggles in his head. distant yet recognizable. and then there would often be singing... about cupcakes

"I must be going mad" he thought to himself but he continued to stirr the batter and the little wrist computer went off again
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Dr. Kerzach quickly tossed some tofu, onions, rice, peppers and soy sauce into a wok and started cooking.

In a few minutes, he had a quick dish of fried rice. He then brewed himself a cup of tea and headed out into the dining area to eat.


(Wedding Reception)

Strut, Deimos, Rime and Mr. Bigmouth were chatting with the guests.


Ms. Swimmer looked at Dixie. "So you like my gift?" she asked as she sipped some hibiscus punch.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Its absolutely wonderful  Ms Swimmer' Dixie beamed " thank you so much for this.. we'll be writing a LOT of thank you notes after tonight.. everything from fine dresses to jewelry to that huge new tv in the dining roiom - that genki is no doubt playing videogames on.- we got a ton of stuff, we didn't want anyone sending us money, because with the laffalympics, scoobby and i earned about 120 milion bucks,we had more than enough.. but some still  gave us money anyway.. we'll have to find some charity to donate it too.." dixie smiled.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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(Wedding Reception)

Ms. Swimmer nodded and blushed. "You're welcome. So how's about we share some hibiscus punch?"


(Prison Planet)

The snipers atop the guard towers fired relentlessly at Chong and Hailey. Bullets pinged against the hardened metal floors and walls.
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certainly, you can refill my cup' dixie said with a smile..holding out the cup for Ms Swimmer to fill..
Stripetail had managed to get in contact with the garage on veldin; " Excuse me is this Ratchet or Clank? ' i am clank, sir, Ratchet is busy repairing the hyperblaster 6000- which had never really worked any hmm. 'well clank i am lOrd Stripetail and I would like to talk with ratxchet about a job..a very high paying job.. "Well We could use the money..could i get back to you.. ?' I'm sorry clank but i need you to get him on the line because my connection here is not very good..' please hold on sir..' Clank said..
- prison Planet)
 chong used his magic to deflect the bellets away from him as best he could. he could only go for so long through..they had reached the second level- they were two floors away from the surface, and freedom..
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Ms. Swimmer ladled out some punch for Dixie. "So how have things been?" she asked.

Suddenly, there was the sound of jet engines as five additional living planes landed, causing heads to turn.

Captain Fairchild rolled up to Dixie and Scooby. "Yep, Major Lockie and I decided to get some of our buddies to put on an airshow in celebration of your wedding." He then flashed his left wingtip light to point out the squadron. "I'd like you to meet the Silverbolts - Galena's premiere aerobatics team. Well, you've already met one of them, Lt. Martin."

The Silverbolts, true to their name, wore dazzling silver paint. Well, all but one, a cyan F-22 Raptor with a rainbow-colored lightning bolt lancing out from a storm cloud painted on her tail. Two of them were F-16 Fighting Falcons like Lt. Martin and the others were F-22 Raptors.


(Prison Planet)

The warden of the planet ordered the entire prison to be shut down.

Heavy steel doors closed off all the exits.
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Well its been busy what with preparing the dding, settiung up all the places for folks to sit and eat, and making everyone who could come is here..' Dixie said ' But apart from Stripetail's er... toast, everythings going great..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"I think I"ll give my gift." Sara said .

"Good idea.  I think I'll give mine also.  I don't think I have, unless I already have in my future and their past." Jason said as they started to walk over to give their gifts.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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This was not going well in Hailey's mind as she continued her assault with fireballs at the soldiers as she started to again, turn the heat up, hoping to again, melt away the doors that were being sealed shut.

Her shoulder was still stinging in pain from the bullet wound, yet, Hailey did her best to just ignore it for the time being "We shouldn't be that far now....who's waiting on the outside for us anyway? Cause, truth be told, I don't really want to have to fight my way to the surface to find out that no one's even waiting for us in the end" she told Chong.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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you're the one who barged in here/ Don't tell me you're making this up as you go along/ Chong shot back, as he gestured and began magically cutting into the steel door in front of them " this took a lot of energym but chong was willing to just about anything to regain his freedom.. he finished cutting though it then with a gesture knocked into the next area ' lets get up to the stairs Chiong said.
Meanwhile at the wedding, a number of guests had signed up to assist Stripetail and had written thier names down. among those included tiger and kitty, arlene kopa, vitani kiara kovu and holly and hare..Stitch was carrying the sheet looking to see if any other guests would sign up..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"I was only sent here to bust you out, he did not give me a ship or anything to use as a means of escape" Hailey snapped back, but then fell silent.  Perhaps snapping back at Chong wasn't the best idea, but what else could she do? She didn't exactly have a plan herself on this, all she was doing was following orders.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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(Wedding Reception)

The Pelvanida group immediately signed up to assist Stripetail.

Captain Fairchild used his hidden manipulator claws to sign up as did Major Lockie and Lt. Martin.


(Prison Planet)

The planet itself was small enough that it lacked an atmosphere.

Luckily, space suits and spacecraft were available to transport prisoners and workers on and off planet.

The first level of the prison contained the loading bay where supplies, prisoners and guards entered and exited. Consequently, there were spacecraft always present but there were also a lot of armed guards.
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"Are we interrupting something?" Sara asked as she and Jason (in his imperial dragon form with formal attire) came over with their gifts. "If so we can return another more appropriate time."


"Sounds like someone needs a rolled up newspaper taken to his nose." Exile said.

"Or touche biting." Blitz said smiling at the idea.

"Have you seen a doctor about your obsession?" Exile asked.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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No Sara , not at all' Dixie said giving her a smile.. "How are things with Tarrax? I saw him around here somewhere.. but with so many flks around its hard to bkeep track of one creature even a dragon of his size..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"More like a bullet to the head," Deimos muttered as he overheard Exile. He was munching on some catfish sausage.


The cyan F-22 rolled up to Stripetail. "I don't believe we have met," she said. "In any case, I am Major Allison Douglas and I am the flight leader of the Silverbolts. But you may refer to me by my callsign, 'Rainbow. Also, has everything been properly set up in preparation for the airshow?"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Lord stripetail at your service Major. I would assume everything is ready, although i just arrived here recently myself so i am not entirely sure..' Stripetail replied  " Did you asist the recent war against chong?
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(( OOC: I have no idea how to write two different P.O.Vs of the same person in different bodies. So, uh, sorry if it may sound confusing or something… ))

'Finally,' GoldenStriker thought, relieved that she had arrived at the wedding reception on time. ëI hope that I’m not too late, I’m just anxious to give them their wedding gift right now. Luckily, my present shall not disappoint them too much!’

Parking, GoldenStriker activated her holoform; a realistic hologram of a young teenager appeared out of thin air as she sat on the driver’s seat. Her long blond hair was decorated with a single jewel encrusted hairclip that resembled her Autobot crest. The adolescent’s silver and gold dress matched perfectly with the hair ornament, along with her bright azure coloured eyes.
The teen looked down on herself, clenching and unclenching her fists. Testing out the holoform’s reflexes, “Hm, seems stable enough, although, it’s a good thing that I practiced using holograms before. Or else this temporary form would’ve flicker out the moment I activated it.” The teenager spoke, her voice sounding exactly like GoldenStriker’s. Except the robotic tinged undertone was not present. The young woman then picked up the gift on the passenger seat and automatically opened the door to allow her to walk out. Leaving behind her primary body in the parking lot. And unfortunately for GoldenStriker, she did not posses the ability to focus on both her holoform and her main body at the same time. Leaving herself completely vulnerable if she were to be attacked in this state, however, the female Autobot was willing to take that risk in order to attend the wedding.

"I hope that Scooby Doo and Dixie shall appreciate their newly acquired photo album."
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the guests did not really take note of the  mormal looking girl as she entered the reception area and moved through the crowd. Scooby had moved to the " gift" area and was thanking those guests who came up to give them gifts..
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"He's doing well.  I think he's mingling with the guests, or something along those lines." Sara said.  "And he can be hard to miss, unless he is with a group of folks near his size or behind something large."

"Wonderful party you have here." Jason said.

"It is indeed.  Here are our gifts.  I hope the party is going well for you so far." Sara said.

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It has been wonderful, we really didnm't expect the turnout to be this big..i'm just glad stitch fifn't bring all his cousins _ he ssays he has 998.. Jummba apprently is working on his 1000th experiment..we're really packed in. the pridelands lions all gave us food..and kopas gave us some fruit and some recipes to make some drinks..
_ kovu? Vitani exclaimed as she looked at her brother. " what in blazes are you foing?kovu was swaying back abd forth with a microphone, it was part of a karoke setup. he looked like he was completely drunk.. ' that punch is really good ' kovu said ' kopa and kiara will not be happy when they find you like this.. ' they already saw me flitying with some of the girls.. what more harm could i do? 'plenty little brother. try anything else, and i hope sleeping outside of pride rock for a few months is appealing to you, because thats where you will be sleeping.. he 4 of us rule together as a group remember, if one of us has problenms, we all have problms because we rely on each other so come on, you need to go sit down and not drink any more of that punch..
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"I'm not too late for the ceremony am I?" GoldenStriker asked the brown canine, while making sure that her holographic hands would continue to hold the futuristic photo album with little problem. As she carefully balanced the wrapped gift’s weight to further ensure that the album would not drop against her will. She didn't want to ruin the item that she worked so hard to finish, plus most of the materials she used on the newly weds' gift were expensive if it hadn’t been for her job.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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the reception will go as long as the guests want to hang around " scooby said with a smile abd carefully took the gift from her.." thank you for the gift, we'll be sending out lots and lots of thank yous once we unwrap eferything..pleaswe help yourself to some food and drink..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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(( Uh, the random guests who are staring at her is anybody. XD ))

She nodded with a small smile, before she walked away and moved towards the table filled with a large variety of food. And became surprised when she found a small pitcher of Energon; intrigued by the material which held the glowing acidic purple beverage. The female Autobot did a brief observation on the strange glass like material,   ëWell, that’s strange… How exactly did they obtain such materials? And how did they managed to create Energon on this planet, when barely anybody has the knowledge to safely create it?’ She asked herself; unaware of the strange stares she was receiving when several guests witnessed her eyes emitting a strange blue glow, which was repeatedly sweeping over the pitcher’s transparent surface as she thoroughly scanned the object.
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(prison planet)
Meanwhile Chong  had managed to get into the doxking bay where the shuttles and security were '  gawd! Its Chong! Contact commander Stripetail immediately!" cried the guard foreman! Stun him! get him on the ground!
Kiara had found her husband seated at a table and the look she gave him was withering.. 'its bad enough you started drinking and making passes at other girls kovu, but now you've made it worse, but drinking even more.. what got intro you?
he'll just have to sleep off the afterefects..kopa said coming by.. ' i enjoy having drink as much as anyone, bro, but i think you've gone quite a bit too far with your merrymaking..
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(Prison Planet)

"You may use deadly force," the warden ordered through the earpieces of the guards.

Sure enough, the guards did so. Bullets and shotgun pellets flew through the air as they aimed at Chong and Hailey.


(Wedding Reception)

"No, I was overseas preparing for an airshow. Lt. Martin was on leave," Major Douglas said. She then smiled. "And please, call me 'Rainbow'."

She then slowly headed back to the airstrip. "If you'll excuse me, I'll start getting the airshow ready."
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As you wish raindbow' Stripetail nodded and he turned away and headed back towards the ceremony
Agumon came over to the gift table and  laid down his gift which was a specially made digivice, actually a pait of them..
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Gabumon stared strangely at the blond teenager; not exactly sure of himself on how he should react. Seeing as the Human World and Digital World didn’t have any humans who had the ability to scan things with blue lasers shooting out of their eyes. Or at least that’s what he thought he saw, although, he had a good feeling that the odd woman was simply scanning the pitcher. Since the lasers seemingly looked non-lethal and if she had been invited to the wedding that would mean that she was acquainted with either Scooby or Dixie at least. So, he wasn’t too worried about the not-so human teenager with special powers, however it was still a sight to behold…

“Hey, Gabumon what are you staring at?” Lilamon asked, curious on what caught the Digimon’s interest.

“To tell you the truth, I’m not so sure myself…” He replied, too occupied with GoldenStriker’s eye scanning moment to notice that his friend had joined in the staring as well.
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Rainbow rolled onto the runway with the five Silverbolts. "All right, we're ready to go."

Lt. Martin rolled out onto the tarmac. A group of mechanics with the Silverbolts fitted her with a harness containing a smoke generator. She shifted slightly, ensuring that the harness was secure and did not interfere with her control surfaces. "Ready to roll."

The other Silverbolts were on the runway and ready to fly.

Suddenly, the sound of several jet engines spooling up echoed around the wedding reception. At the same time one of the Silverbolt mechanics went up to the announcer stand's and cleared his throat.

"And now, we present Galena's premiere aerobatics team. Please give it up for the Silverbolts!"  

As he finished speaking, the six jets roared over the crowd with Rainbow in the lead. Their smoke generators produced a thick white trail behind them. They then switched off the smoke generators and the bottom two jets dropped in altitude but the six continued flying straight ahead.


Several of the crowd watched in awe as the Silverbolts performed some quick flyovers, their silver paint gleaming in the noon sun.
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Both the bride and groom were surprised and very impressed by the flyover' Wow1 Thats really good!' dixie clapped as they went into another toutine. ' these planes are realy talented1 she said to her husband, who was craning towatch them as well..
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"That is a lot of cousins.  The most I heard of is Ma and Pa Kettle having 15 kids, and Ducky having many twin siblings." Jason said.  Jason looked up at the airshow, "Very impressive and skilled."

"Indeed, they are." Sara said. also watching the airshow.
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But the Silverbolts were far from finished. A pounding hard rock played as the airshow went on.

Rainbow and one of her fellow planes looped around and flew at each other. They then tilted on their sides so that both planes appeared to briefly overlap. They then joined the rest of the squadron as they continued flying over the awed crowd in their classic diamond formation.

Lt. Martin and another F-16 broke off and soared straight into the sky opposite each other, their smoke generators producing billowing columns of white smoke. As they ascended, they performed several barrel rolls.

At the same time, Rainbow led the other four planes into a synchronized diamond pattern as they climbed into the sky. They then rotated so they were upside down and continued flying like this for a moment, then they righted themselves and dove straight down, soaring at high speed just over a 1,000 feet above the crowd.

The result of this was that Lt. Martin and her partner appeared to cross through the flight of the other four - essentially writing an "o" with an "x" in the middle. This was actually an illusion as there was several hundred feet between the two groups (though Lt. Martin and her partner had a margin of less than 120 feet). Nevertheless, this was still dangerous as they were moving near the speed of sound.

"Holy s---! That is awesome!" Deimos cried.

"Never seen anything like it," Zachary said.

"Well, the fact that they're living machines means that they're immune to g forces and have faster reflexes so, they can perform eye-popping stunts," Dr. Zanasiu said as he sipped his glass of hibiscus punch.
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The crowd roared its approval as the airshow began to wrap up.

"And now for the grand finale - the Silver Burst!" the announcer shouted.

All six of the planes activated their smoke generators as they roared over the crowd in their signature diamond pattern. They then sped up into the noon sky. After about ten seconds of climbing, the formation split into a starburst with each plane peeling off in a different direction. But they were not done yet, each plane lit their afterburners as they prepared to go supersonic. Then, six powerful sonic booms simultaneously ripped through the noon sky, making everyone's teeth rattle.

As the planes circled around and prepared to land, the guests' thunderous applause was audible over the driving hard rock beat.


Deimos, Rime and Strut were practically jumping up and down in their excitement.

Mr. Bigmouth and Zachary were clapping loudly.

"Awesome! Even if I can't hear too well after those six sonic booms!" Dr. Zanasiu shouted.
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That was Awesome! Matt said clapping loudly.. he had begun dabbling in heavy rock and really enjoyed it.. " srill my ears popped a b\bunch from how lous that was..
- Prison Planet
_ Chongs magic was cutting down the defenders, when he had been brought her it was while wearing magical shackled, now his power was uncurtailed..
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"That was incredible.  Remindw me of back home, and certain other places I've visited." Sara said, joining the others in her clapping and cheering.

"They are very skilled and know how to put on a good show." Jason said.  


"Wow, I wonder if our master has seen that." Exile said, and clapping and cheering also, along with Shep.  

"That was almost as amazing as I am." Blitz said.
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The six Silverbolts landed and the mechanics quickly removed their harnesses and cleaned the smoke residue from their bodies.

Soon, hordes of adoring fans swarmed onto the runway but they were held back by the mechanics.

Rainbow then shouted for everyone to quiet down.

When they did, she began to speak: "Okay, there are some safety rules for the meet and greet. First off, make sure you approach us from the front or side, never approach from the back as we can't see you and we may accidentally run you over or worse, strike you with our jet exhaust. Also, never crawl under us or get below our snouts as we can't see you and we may accidentally run you over. And finally, remember that compared to you, we are large, powerful beings, so please be careful."

Rainbow was a major stickler for safety regulations after a member of the Silverbolts had accidentally caught a member of the ground crew in her jet wash, severely burning the man and permanently disfiguring him.
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(Prison Planet)

As they were being fired at, a guard, a rather bulky fella stepped into view, brandishing a stun rod.  His eyes narrowed upon Hailey and Chong "Surrender is your only option, give up now and I will not be forced to use extreme force on either of you"

"I'll take care of this freak" Hailey told Chong as she stepped forward, eyeing down the guard in front of her "I'm sorry, but this....this is bigger than you, I....I have to accomplish this, and I will not let anyone, especially the likes of you, stand in my way"

"If that is the case, then you leave me no choice" the guard stepped forward, swinging the stun rod at Hailey in quick succesion.

Hailey ducked underneath the blows and punched the guard in the face a few times, but only caused him to stumble slightly before he struck back, swinging the stun rod again in quick succesion before again, being stuck in the face.  He again attacked her, this time, landing a stike upon Hailey, right in the chest before he swung a second time and struck her right across the face.

Hailey had to move back quickly to try and recover from the attack, taking quick breaths of air before she stood up straight again and lunged at the guard, striking him multiple times across the face before striking him in the arm, disarming him of the stun rod as she picked it up herself and did to him, what he did to her.  She struck him in the chest with it then across the face with it "Karma's a bitch aint it?" she sneered at him before she struck him again across the face with the stun rod as the guard fell to his kness.

One final strike across the face seemed to had done it as the guard fell flat on his face to which Hailey then dropped the stun rod onto the ground and rejoined Chong as she took a quick breath of air.  Her injuries were starting to get the better of her now.  They indeed, needed to get off this planet, and fast.
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"How long does it take to become a member?" a woman asked.

"It takes at least ten years," Rainbow replied.  

Several people were also taking pictures of the Silverbolts.

"Do you accept 'ride alongs'?"

"Do the G-forces bother you?"


Deimos looked at the adoring crowd. "Wow, it looks like the Silverbolts are real popular."
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GoldenStriker was one of the many adoring fans of the crowd who had enjoyed the Silverbolts amazing aerial display. But, unlike many of the guests, the female medic had decided to watch from afar. Finding the idea of getting crushed and squished by others rather appalling and somewhat discouraging. After all, one of the main differences about holoforms and ordinary holograms was the fact that you can and most likely will feel all pain bestowed on you while you’re in a holoform. And while none of the damage that cybertronian medic felt could actually maim her or create any sort of external and internal damage to the female Autobot...

It wouldn’t change the fact that it was painful nor did it help that everything she touched in her temporary disguise was amplified. Not only making her intolerance for pain and minor discomfort even greater but as well as getting the idea of getting dirty seemed relatively bad now...

After the wedding, she took note to never activate her holoform for a very long time.
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Chong took on another few guards usually magic with a fierce grin on his face, he was enjoying this
Angela had taken the time to head insiude the house abnd stopped in a bathroom. The Lombax sighed as she looked at her reflection, she was quite thin from lack of food, and would need sometime to get back to a normal wesight..
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"That was amazing.  I wonder if they'll do that again." Gnash said.

"Maybe.  We'll have to wait and see." Brooklyn said.  

"Lots of folks here." Gnash said looking around.

"they have many friends." Guilmon said.
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(Prison Planet)

At this point, most of the guards surrounding the hangar bay had been killed.

All Chong and Hailey had to do was get aboard one of the police vessels and hotwire it.


(Wedding Reception)

Dr. Zanasiu had left to go to the bathroom and wash his face.


Lt. Martin rolled up to the newlyweds. "Oh, here's a gift for you," she said. She used her manipulator arms to detach a cargo pod mounted on a hardpoint.

She then gingerly opened it. Inside was a autographed photo of the Silverbolts flying in formation inside an elegant frame made from brushed aircraft aluminum. The frame had engraved lightning bolts all around its edges. There was also a bumper sticker that depicted the emblem painted on all of the Silverbolts' tails (a rainbow-colored lightning bolt lancing out from a storm cloud) and finally, an elegant tabletop sculpture that showed the Silverbolts in their distinctive diamond formation. "A gift from Major Lockie, Captain Fairchild and myself," she said. "I hope you like it."

Captain Fairchild was next to approach Dixie and Scooby. "If you want to meet the Silverbolts, now's your chance."
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Thank You'  Dixie smiled  as they looked at the gidt, and we'd love to meet the Silverbolts, ' She added, grinning again.. " Why don';y you intrioduce them alk to us?' she said to Faiechild.,
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Captain Fairchild led Dixie and Scooby over to where the Silverbolts were parked and chatting with the group.

Rainbow looked over the two. "I assume these are the two newlyweds?"

Captain Fairchild's wingtip lights blinked green in affirmation.

Rainbow then smiled. "I am Major Allison Douglas but please call me 'Rainbow'."
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Thank you so much for the autograph " Dixie replied with a smile " we really appreciate this.. anmd the flyover was excellent. you guys must really know your craft.."
- a couple of you were in secutity at the games" Scooby said..
- So what is this thing that seer.. hic.. signing us up for/ Kovu said  Kopa sighed ' you're completeky out of it Kovu.. You're sleeping outside tonight., I don't know what is, but hes asking for help, and since he helped us big time by bringing the games to the pridelands.. kopa said.. ' we had a number of neighboring prides interested in putting togethger a team for the next laffalympics. i'll have to go talk with thier rulers and see how we're going to set that up.. anyway he did us a favor, we repay the favor..
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The Silverbolts flashed their wingtip lights at the praise.

"Well, we've been around for a long time," Rainbow said. She then turned to Lt. Martin. "Hey Pomegranate! Some friends want to see you!"

Lt. Martin rolled over to Dixie and Scooby. "So you liked the show?" She ignored the embarrassing call sign bestowed upon her by her fellow Silverbolts.

"Hey! You wanna hear the story of how Rainbow got her call sign?" Major Lockie said as he rolled up to the group. The crowd parted to let him through.

Rainbow sighed. "Please, don't."

Major Lockie ignored her. "Well, it's a funny story..."

By now, everyone was listening in rapt attention as he started speaking.

"She got drunk and passed out and some of her buddies decided to paint her up in an eye popping rainbow color."

Everyone was laughing much to the chagrin of Rainbow.

"Well, let's get the intros done," Rainbow said as the laughter died down. "You already know one of them, Lt. Martin aka Pomegranate. The other F-16s are Captain James Rook aka Flash Fire and Lt. Jennifer Wood aka Morning. The other F-22s are Captain Zachary Orre aka Rio and Captain Samuel Targe aka Longshot."

Captain Fairchild smirked as Captain Targe's call sign was revealed. He knew how it was obtained, needless to say, the story was nowhere as cool as his call sign.

The aforementioned planes rolled forward and told everyone that they preferred that people use their call signs instead of their names; apparently, it was a tradition in the Silverbolts to use call signs once you had them bestowed upon you.
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So it was somehat like drawing a moustache on someone when they are passed out" Dixie laughed./. I've seen that happen on a couple occassions, though never to me.. when a couple patrons drew  on another guest.. it was pretty funny, of course HE didn't find it funny" She lsughed..
 So how long did it take you guys to get those flying routines down? Scooby said.. ' He had had a minor throat surgery to remove some febnris that had been caught in his throiat, and adterwards could speak very clearly..' dixie had inisoisted he have it fone, as his voice had been sote the previous few weeks..
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"A new Silverbolt has to be trained for at least two years before they can wear our emblem. Each performer you see here has at least seven years of flight experience as a Silverbolt. We have a 'backup group' consisting of the less experienced flyers," Rainbow replied.

"How often do you perform," Captain Fairchild asked.

Rainbow sighed. "You should know this! We share an airbase!"
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He might have been refering to me.. " Dixie said with a smile ' Well I used to perform 5 nights a week if not more often. It was a lot of hard work, training the girtls with thier dances, keeping my voice in good shape, and making sure I didn't wear too much makeup..under those lights, you sweat, and if you wear too much makeup, it runs..and makes a big mess..
- Gemki was  flipping through the channels, have played a few more videogames (and beaten them..) there was a show on Crystal Cove mysteries, a eppisode on a pait of missing piound Puppes and a promo for the new insane cafe ' insanity in space, insanely good food that is..' said the promo...
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"This party is worth the long trip." Stegs said.

"You said it man." Bullseye said.

"I think you've been watching to much tv again." Spike said to Bullseye.  

"I can say dude instead, like that cool dino on tv, the one where they know kung fu." Bullseye said.


"This is such a great party, and so large I wonder if I may sneak back to enjoy it a 2nd time, at some point in my future." Jason said.

"Would that be wise?" Brooklyn asked.

"As long as I never go to that side of the party, why not."  Jason said vaguely indicating the other side of the party then were he was.  "I'll decide later." Jason said.

"I'd hate to see how much food 2 Guilmon's could eat." Brooklyn said.

"You should see how much a village of them can eat in the digital world." Jason said.

"Not a sight I'd want to see.  I've seen how much Broadway and Guilmon can eat together." Brooklyn said.

"Remember that eating contest they had?" Jason said laughing a bit at the memory.
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(OOC - MrDrake, your turn for the prison arc.)

"Wow, we just perform a few times a month," Morning said. "Practices and new routines taking up like six hours a day and we have practice five days a week."


Dr. Zanasiu caught the new ad for the Insane Cafe. "Hey, looks like Nick'll finally get some good business."
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Stripetail got a call baclk " This Ratchet. What can I do for you mt er.. ' Lord stripetail at yout service..Ratchet. Clank has likely told you that I have a job for the both of you, which will pay you very handsomely.." Well, We could use the bolts.. What kind of Job? " well its a 3-man job technically speaking, as everyone else in this group, has a buddy they live with.." ' So me and Clank, and who else/ dhow about Talwyn/ You know who she is right? ' No i don't Stripetail Replied. "The thing is , Ratchet this job will require a female counterpart of your species.." ' See, that will be a big problem, because I happen to be the only Lombaax I know of in existence.. "Besides Angela Cross you mean? Stripetail said. "Er.. well the thing is um.. No one has seen her for years.. and you can't expect me to go looking for her with no idea where she might be.. " Well I know exactly where she is Ratchet, shes here at this party with me. I will send you the coordinates,  since this is a very formal affair, bring your best attire.. "Where did you find her? "  i summoned her from where she was, which was apperently a Kercu prison.. " Kerchu.. geez those guys are not very pleasant.. and we would know.. so er We'll head over to where you are and just park our ship..Ratchet out.
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"I wonder how long till some stuff starts happening here.  Or if it'll be confined to elsewhere." Velma said.

"That is a good question.  Some could attack the party in revenge." Brooklyn said.  

"We can wakem if they do." Gnash said.  "I brought my katana, just in case." He said.
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"We've got a whole fighter squadron to back us up," Rime said as he overheard Brooklyn.

"No, the Silverbolts do not carry weaponry while we are performing. However, we are fully trained and capable of air to air and air to ground battle," Rio said in response to an inquiry by one of the guests.
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Flash was visiting with several of the guests much to her enjoyment, and she recieved a lot of attention, particulatly from Ma and Pa Soo.. " What a cute little girl!' Ma gushed ' Your parents must be very proud.. " yeah, oh here comes gramsna and Grandpa ' Fladh giggled as Almaron and Sunscar came up to them " Shes a handful' Almaron smiled " but shes a sweet girl. "
_ insane Cafe
 Nick was tending a few outside tables as they processed thier orders.. he was working up a swear from sweeping the floor.
 prison Planet
- Chong was reached the nearest eScape craft.. ' alright how do you open this thing/ He stratched his chin, as the battle echoed around him..
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(Solar System)

Just beyond the orbit of Saturn, there was a bright flash as the RIMCS Spire of Winter dropped out of hyperspace. The starship itself was utterly massive - 8.7 square miles in area. It was more like a spacegoing city than a starship. It parked in a stable orbit around the planet and deployed gas miners to harvest hydrogen from the planet's atmosphere. The starship's massive palladium-hydrogen cold fusion reactor and four VASIMR ion drives were very efficient but they still consumed substantial amounts of hydrogen, never mind the fact that hydrogen was also needed for its onboard factories and life support systems.  



Dr. Kerzach was busy washing the dishes in the kitchen. The chefs around him were busy cooking assorted dishes.

Suddenly, an announcement came over the ship's PA system. "Warning! Hostile activity has been detected! Please seek shelter immediately, this is not a drill!"

"S---!" Dr. Kerzach muttered. He then immediately hit the emergency shutdown button on the kitchen wall, immediately shutting off all power, water and gas to the appliances.


Outside, several pirates had set up and ambush to try and take the seemingly defenseless ship.

Luckily, the twenty laser cannons mounted on the Phoenix were quite effective in shooting down the various missiles and fighters that assailed the it.

Silent explosions flashed around the ship as the invisible beams of death lanced towards their target.


Luckily, the USSA frigates Mercury Storm, Northernlight and Solar Tempest were able to receive the automatic distress signal. Unfortunately, it would take them several hours to reach the Phoenix.
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"My estimation is instead of here, that the insane cafe is a far more likely target, even more so if the 2 folks Chong hates the most are there, or even if just 1 is there." Jason said.

"If that is the case then the party could be a 2nd or third target." Velma said.

"If the party is still going on then that is." Brooklyn said.
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"From what I recall, the Insane Cafe does mount some weaponry. But still, Nick is a war veteran so he should be able to handle himself," Zachary said as he ate a some lemon sherbert served in a candied hibiscus flower.

"Come on, let's just relax and enjoy the party," Dr. Zanasiu said as he sipped some hibiscus punch.
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into the staff room!' Nick said. " Come on, this is not a drill guys.. we need to move..
Vitani took a seat on a coach and flipped though the channels, stopping on a history channel. ' starting to get a headache from all that food' she muttered..
- chong restured and forced open an ship, and pointed to hailey ' get in1 we're getting out of here.."
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"& I would assume he will call if he needs help, assuming he can contact others." Jason said.  

"Time will tell." Velma said.
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Dr. Kerzach did as he was told. He then locked the cafe's doors behind him. "Nick, I hope you still have your gun."

There was a large safe in the staff room.

Several of the employees also helped Dr. Kerzach seal off the staff room.
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"That is unless he forgot phone numbers or forgot to pay his cellphone bill." Guilmon said.

"Or the signal can reach this far. " Velma said.

"If he asked I could have fixed it so it can, like I did yours and a few other phones."

"Yes, I can be on another world or another time, like ancient Greece or the library of Alexandria and still call Daphne to see how she is, or others." Velma said.
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Chong fumed as he the engine on the ship wouldn't start.. " Finally he gaved up and climbed out of the ship.. " Blast it all! He swore " How do you WORK these things?" he shouted sending a stream of magic around..
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Suddenly out of nowhere there was a bright pink flash of light and the sound of distant giggling. Chong and Haily were both instantly knocked off their feet and thrown backwards hard against the wall. Their body's fell and they lay crumpled unconsciously on the ground and against the wall. Right about this same time the guards were entering and they all stood around the two bodies half wondering what just happened to the two escapees.
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bring both of them back cell number 13' ordered the guard . and double the guards on them.. " Try to escape on us will you.." He frowned
 Put anti-magic chains on him
 and Tungsten-diamond shackles on her..  those shackles can withstand temperatures of nearly 10 thousand degrees..
 Chong was dragged back to  cell. Hailey was thrown in after him as well..
 lock them in and turn on the anti magic forcefields..said the guard..
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An hour or so later, Chong and Haily return to consciousness finding themselves back in a cell and with far stronger bindings.
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Where in blazes are we? Chong frowned, then groaned as he released he could not move his hands.. " so they caught us you silly vixen! Now we are in even worse shape than before.. well i am at least.. " He growled " so whats next, ofh great resvuer..' he said then he noticed a glow in the cell
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"What is the mansion like?" Gnash said looking towards the mansion.  

"I'm not sure.  I've never been inside.  This is my first time here, that I know of." Velma said.

"Let's see if we can wonder inside a bit and explore." Jason said.

"I hope we don't get separated." Velma said.

"If we do we'll have to contact each other & regroup somewhere." Jason said as they started to head towards the mansion.
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(The Phoenix)

The ship's point defense laser cannons shot down most of the missiles and ships attacking the ship but a few made it through. Luckily, the ship had rather strong shields and armor for a civilian ship.


Dr. Kerzach grunted as a missile made it through and the ship shuddered.

"Nick, I think the shields and armor will hold up but do you have your gun with you?" he asked.
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Yes I always have it with me" nick Replied. " after the last tangle with Chong. I never leave it behind" Nick said.. " if they break in here.. we'll have a surprise waiting for them.."
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(The Phoenix)

Dr. Kerzach reached inside his apron and drew his prized switchblade. He then turned to everyone else. "All right, you heard Nick! If you can use a gun, grab it out of the safe!"

He then unlocked the safe with his free hand. Inside were several shotguns and rifles (including Nick's customized rifle) and ammunition.

The employees quickly got to work arming themselves.


The Captain of the starship had his own weapon as he tried to evade them.

Luckily, a shot from the ship's powerful mining laser destroyed one of the larger pirate ships.


(Wedding Reception)

Rio, Morning, Rainbow, Deimos, Major Lockie and Lt. Martin were all sharing dirty stories and ribald jokes with each other.

Captain Fairchild and Flash Fire - both rather intoxicated - were singing ribald songs as loud as possible.

Mr. Bigmouth facepalmed at the spectacle. "Well, what can I say, dirty jokes are a staple of the military."
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Suddenly Chong heard giggling. It was in fact the same giggle he had heard before he was knocked unconcious. And then a flash of pink light lit up the cell.

"So you must be the almighty Chong I've been hearing about." said a female voice. "You dont look so tough. Would you like a cupcake? I make them extra sweet with extra special ingredients!"

The light faded and there stood before Chong what looked like a pink little creature. Something that vaguely resembled a horse.

"I'm Bizzarro Pinkie, at your service!" she said, "And I love a good party!"
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You.. you're the one who foiled our escape attempt.. Chong said, his eyes full of fury.. So what do you want? If you are here to help us, rest assured I will pay any price you ask if you free both of us..just get us out of here..
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Most of the pirate ships were destroyed but one of them made it through and landed on the boarding hatch.

Several of the pirates got to work with cutting torches.

Soon, they had cut their way through the armored door, setting off an alarm.

The ship's small security force, armed only with handguns, rushed to meet them. Unfortunately, they were outmatched by the pirate's automatic rifles and shotguns.

Luckily, they did manage to kill a few pirates but not before they were killed.

The team then split into two groups - one of them heading to the left where the shops were and the other heading right towards the Insane Cafe.


(Wedding Reception)

Captain Fairchild rolled up to Dixie and Scooby. "So, you two want to share some dirty jokes and stories with my buds?" he slurred.

"Captain Fairchild! Get your tailfin back here!" Flash Fire shouted.
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That would be a no, thank you.. " scooby said firmly.. " We er.. have to go um.. get ready for the dance that is supposed to begin at 8..  ecuse us..
 Ratchet bumped to Angela while both were walking around.. " Angela? Ratchet started " Yep, thats me. Haven't seen you since the Protopet Incident.. you haven't changed much I see.. "Angela smiled "  so you've been in prison all this time "Yep the kerchu grabbed me and threw in prison on one of thier colony planets and left me to basically rot..
 Tiger came up to Scooby and Dixie as they entered the mansion "Enjoying yourselves.. ' he smirked.. 'Well a lot of guests are getting Drunk ' scooby shook his head.. ' Thats what happpened when its open bar for everyone Dixie shrugged " robbies going to have a very long day of cleanup tomorrow. " well Scooby I would like a word with Dixie on a personal matter.. if you don't mind..
 Well alright. Scooby said..
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The pirates were busy trying to cut their way into the Insane Cafe.

The sizzling sound of a laser cutter melting through the heavy steel door echoed through the deserted cafe.


(Wedding Reception)

Captain Fairchild rolled back to his buddies with yet another raunchy song.


Mr. Bigmouth  was sitting on a couch inside the house. He had a glass of cold water in his hand.

"How did this happen? A wedding reception with a fancy airshow ends up sounding like a trashy bar," he said aloud.

The off color chatter of the Silverbolts was clearly audible through the house's open windows.
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Well thats what happens when you let large living planes drink Stripetail said shaking his head.. "They tend to talk dirty.. he sighed " Ah well all you can do is ignore them he added. as Winnie Woodpecker flew up to him " Hi Winnie.. is your husband around? Stripetail smiled " Talking with that older lion over there.. Simba I think his name is... Winnie said " This has been a heck of receeption so far, although I could do with those dirty jokes..
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"The fact that they're military probably doesn't help," Mr. Bigmouth said. "From my experience, military personnel tend to have really dirty senses of humor."
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"If it bothers you you can use these these earmuffs.   They are specially enchanted to block non g rated words.  And when pared with these special glasses that turn black before you see anything dangerous or scary will also block out any scary sound." The  Wacky Wizard wizard said, taking out first a pair of earmuffs, then some glasses, from some pockets in his robe.  

(ooc: a character from an episode of the 13 ghosts of scooby doo.)
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Yesbut theres a way to prevent the noise from, getting in. stripetail grestured and the windiws in the mansion began to close. after about fifteen seconss akll the windows were closed. and the bad jokes could not  be heard nearly as well, to the relief of those inside..
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So what brings you out here? Ratchet asked " Well this Wizard fella- Stripetail I think his nane is- teleports me out of prison, right into a meeting with Qwark.. How in blazes did Polaris elect that guy president? " Don't ask.. I sure as heck didn't vote for the guy.. " ratchet shrugged..  " anyway Stripetail brought me here after he was done meeting with Qwark. He mentioned working with you on some kind of job.. the job required a male Lombax apparently..' He told me essentially the same thing.. except I needed a female counterpart.. " Let just hope this isn't some sort of dating thing, Because you're a bit short for my tastes.. " and ypu've got to be 10 years older than me at least..." May I point out that neither of you have a choice. you are the only Lombaxes left in our dimension, and we have no ideas where the other Lombaxes are..and I might add the garage can fit another resident " clank pointed out.
 So what do you want to discuss Tiger. Dixie said as they headed up the stairs " Its about Tigeress.. "Tiger said giving her a look. Shes a good friend Tiger.. Dixie began before Tiger cut in."  Just Don;t try anything with her  Dixie  you understand? You're real good friends, I can live with that. but don;t try to go beyond being friends. Am I clear? I've had suspicions about you Dixie.. what with you spending so much time with her at the hotel, and the way she talks about you, as if you were more than just a friend to her, as if there's more going on between you two than there should be. Now I don't trust easily, I've had a hard life and I don't like  finding out my girl likes swapping tongue with other girls .. " I understand you feelings.. Dixie nodded ' Tiger she needed my help back at the hotel. i was one of the first she told about her pregnancy, I helped her sort out her feelings and come to grips with the changes going on her life." Dixie, there was a lot of weird stuff that went on at that hotel, involving you Tigeress and Agumina, the three of you snuck off a lot to be alone together.. there was that girls only meeting, then the late nights after the dances.and of course that disgusting trick she pulled with the rings on me and Agumon. " I wasn't part of that prank Tiger, and most of the "weird stuff happened between her and Agumina. Stripetail put spells on the rings after that to prevent the rings from doing that again."Dixie pointed out as they kept walking. " Still there was a lot of things that went on, and you and her were involved in a lot of it. As I said I don't trust easy and all that messing around made me suspicious..I'm fairly certain Dixie that you've kissed Tigeress, and not just once. i believe you've locked lips with her a number of times. " Dixies eyes narrowed and her mouth was set in a line.' and what if we have? You cant magick away sexuality Tiger. if Tigress likes kissing girls, and kissing me in particular, theres nothing you can do about it. Its simply who she is. Its not as if you've been warm and gentle to her, Stripetail had to basically force you to be Tigeress' mate..  "I know Dixie! look I'm not the cuddly sort, thats why she has you." Tiger sighed and ran a claw through his fur. Now, I don't have any proof of you and tigress kissing, so i'm just going to lay down some rules from now on. You want to kiss Tigeress,  fine, as long as you guys don't make out in front of me, or sneak off to be alone together. kiss her as much as you want, just keep each kiss under ten  seconds, and try to keep your tongue in your mouth. I'm going to have to trust you with her Dixie, despite my misgivings on it. "
 rather odd topic to talk about at  a wedding don't you think? "Dixie said. " Well this is the first time since then I had a chance to talk to you about it, we weren't at those games long enough for us to have this little chat. If Tigeress wasn't so close to giving birth to Flash, I would have made time to talk with you and get this off my chest." So you wanted to clear the air about me and Tigeress, and how you feel about it.' Tiger nodded. "Yes, in short, you can be her girlfriend,and hang out together, just don't do anything that could be viewed by me as a attempt to have an intimate relationship with her. Shes my partner, not yours. IF I ever find out that you had sex with her behind my back, it will not only be a deal-breaker between you and me in terms of our friendship, but it will destroy our team as a group..' tigers words were to the point, and said in a tone of complete seriousness.
 I will never go behind your back with Tigeress, you have my word" Dixie said offering him her paw. Tiger took it and shook it firmly. Alright, now  that I've made my point to you Dixie and we have your word that you will behave with Tigeress,we can head back down to join the others.. and we did get you and Scooby something.. Tigeress picked it out.. she thought you'd get a kick out of it..
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Nick readied his gun as the pirates continued cutting thier way through the shield door which guarded the Cafe  " Get ready to opem fire.. when he get through guys Nick said " We're not letting them take this ship without a fight..
_ Tiger Abd Dixie soom rejoined the group.. as Arlene and Kitty headed up to her " Group photo time " they chimed in with a grin.. " Come on girlfriend" Kitty smiled.. " Oh Alright Dixie smirked " lead the way girls..  she said as the three of them headed out..
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(Wedding Reception)

The photo session with the Silverbolts had to be delayed to allow them to sober up. Thankfully, they processed alcohol very quickly.


Mr. Bigmouth politely refused the Wacky Wizard's offer. "I can handle raunchy humor and swearing; I just want a little quiet after all the festivities."

He got up to get another glass of water.


( Phoenix

The heavy steel door fell inward with a clang.
The group of armed pirates fanned out, looking for valuables

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Kitty and Arlene took a number of pictures with Dixie. The trio were laughing hard as they took some 'silly' pictures and watched them develop Kitty was almost crying after seeing a picture of her holding "bunny ears' behind Dixie.. Arlene and Dixie were making "kissy" faces for the camera.. You know this reminds me about our tour stop in Paris' arlene said " The one where the three of us  had a few too many and did things we swore we'd never discuss in public?  Kitty said shaking her head.. " yep. That one.. i recall some things like Arlene in a french maid suit and then there was the hot tub .. without any clothes.. "Dixie recalled Its rather blurry" Er that was you and Kitty.. and that was the stuff before things got heated.. Arlene said " Did we agree never to mention that or not? Kitty said.. Drop it Arlene.." she said.. " ok Ok, I'll drop it..Arlene said .. ' yes, that stay between the three of us. i've already heard enough gossip at this wedding thank you dixie said.
- simba and nala were just enjoying the occassion, seeing a brief glimopse of their two children here and there among the crowd..
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Insane cafe
But the cafe itself had very little of value in it. Nick stored everything important in the safe- where he and the others were.. and all of them were armed..
_ well I do need a place to stay now that I'm out of prison.. Angela said " alright I'll take you guys up on that offer.. just give me some free space to make my own..
 Scooby smiled as Flash and Tigeress walked by the young pup waving rapidly at him..
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Quote from: Nick22,Oct 1 2011 on  12:20 PM
You.. you're the one who foiled our escape attempt.. Chong said, his eyes full of fury.. So what do you want? If you are here to help us, rest assured I will pay any price you ask if you free both of us..just get us out of here..
Bizarro Pinky tilted her head giving Chong an odd look.

"You disappoint me. Your the almighty; all-knowing, ancient Lord Chong, the supposed half brother of Merlin the Great and an old friend of the late Zues. and yet your so quick to trust a total stranger, let alone think I'm going to help you? I find your plea rather silly."
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I'm not related to merlin  and i don't know Zeus " Chong replied. Maybe I do know him in your dimension, however in this one I do not.. in fact in this one i'm merely the owner of a resteraunt, or i was, until my employees rebelled against me and got me sent to prison. chong replied. ' rest assured pinky i normally would not ask for help, under almost any circumstance. but seeing as my arms are shackled to prevent my  using magic and hailey over there is shackled to retard her fire powers, right now we're in a very tight spot. he glared at pinky..  you may find it silly.. but its the truth. being in here weakens my powers i need to be free so they can recover..
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Weding reception
 _ the night wore on, and slowly the guests departed in small groups. Yogi and his friends departed first, followed by most of the remaining members from the Laffalympics, with a few exceptions. kitty Tiger and Arlene.. most of the extended  Mystery Inc families followed them leaving only the gang behind.
" genki sighed as he watched another group depart.. " Why is everyone leaving.? " Because they have to get home Tigeress smiled at him..   By 9 pm there were probably less than 100 guests left at the reception.. and that number was dropping..
The guardian dragons bade Scooby and Dixie Farewell and disappeared through a portal biding Spyro and Cynder behave themselves..
_ scooby took a seat on the couch in the second living room and took a deep sigh " he was getting rather tired, it had been a long day for him and his wife, but it was one both would cherish for the rest of thier lives.
by 9:30 the guests remaining included the 6 Pridelands Royals (Simba, Nala Kopa, Vitani, Kiara and Kovu),  Scooby and Dixies parents, Arlene, Tiger, Miss Kitty, Ratchet Angela , Clank, Stripetail, and Tarrax, Most of Scooby's immediate family, and the rest of the Omniderate and friends.. ' well since the number of guests can now fit in one room.. i suggest we pick a room toreture to' stripetail said to them..
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"Sounds like a good idea.  Maybe one of the larger ones." Jason said, sipping a drink he had in one hand, a non alcoholic type.  

"That should give everyone enough room to mingle and such." Velma said while looking around at those present.
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Captain Marvelous sent his glass down. He ignored the intruding space pirates for a moment, along with Joe, who remained cool as always. Luka directed an annoyed look at the intruders. Ahim and Gai looked weary and ready for a fight, while Doc was trying to climb over the back of their seat and into the booth behind them so he could hide under the table. Luka casually reached over and yanked him back into his seat.

"You're noisy," Marvelous said to the nearest pirate.

(Wedding reception)

Wataru and Kivat had gotten rather bored with the festivities. They had gotten lost in the crowd and realized that they didn't know a lot of the people.

They managed to find a bowl of punch and hung out in the corner drinking for a bit, watching as the more liberal types got drunk.

"Say isn't that that squirrelly wizard over there?" Kivat asked, pointing with a wing at Stripetail.

"Yeah, it is," Wataru nodded. "Come on, let's go say 'hi.'"

The two walked around the thinning crowd.
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Isane Cafe_
 Nick  heard loud bangs as the pirates entered and started throwing things about in thier search.. ' be ready guys.. these guys aren't fooling around..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Stripetail noticed the pair and smiled " Ah Wataru Kivat.. good to see you again.. At least the guests are finally going home.. it was rather bewildering seeing everyone here, and while I knew most of them, even i didn't know them all.. So how have you two been since we last saw each other? Didn't your brother get married?
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Michangelo came in with a stack of pizzas.  "We didn't have enough pizzas so I went out to get more."

"I think we have enough food here." Leonardo said to him.  

"You can't have enough pizzas man." Michangelo said.
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(Wedding Reception)

Everyone bade the Silverbolts goodbye as they streaked into the night sky.

Captain Fairchild rolled up to Dixie. "Dixie, Rainbow, Major Lockie, Lt. Martin and I all wish to stay for the night. Can we stay outside on your front lawn?"


Dr. Zanasiu was napping on a recliner in the living room.

Zachary had found a sleeping bag and was asleep on the floor. Strut and Deimos were still drinking.

Ms. Swimmer was sleeping on an empty couch while Mr. Bigmouth was washing up.


(The Phoenix)

The group of pirates turned to Captain Marvelous. "Shut up and hand over your valuables!" a pirate shouted, waving his shotgun in Captain Marvelous's face.

Several other pirates were overturning tables, ripping down tapestry and smashing walls to look for valuables.


The door to the back room jittered as a pirate struck it with a battering ram.

Several of the employees were hiding behind anything that offered cover with their weapons at the ready.

Dr. Kerzach hid in the shadows next to the door.

There was an almighty crash as the door fell inwards with a swing of the battering ram.

"Hey! There's-"

The pirate could say nothing more before Dr. Kerzach seized him and cut his throat.
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Sure thats fine Dixie said in reply just don;t rip up the lawn too much if you please.. thanks..
Almaron and Sunscar (tigeress' parents were chatting with Clara and Dixon ( dixies parents). " So your girl Tigeress knows my Dixie? Clara asked the, ' Yes in fact she is real good friends with her. we paid thema visit when they had those games going on.. ' yes those laffalympics.. sure helped Toontown get back on its feet..' Pa Doo smiled. next one is supposed to be in 4 years they are seeing if they will add another team this time.. so 5 teams will compete.. our Scooby may compete, if he and Dixie don't already have kids by then' he chuckled.
 Simba finally gathered his family together ' alright everyone at 10 the queen and I are turning in. The four of you can stay up as you please, just don't get too drunk..we do have to set a good example after all..there ae kids present" he pointed as Lilo walked by in a very pretty little dress.. stitch wore a bowtie.. which was crooked, and angel wore a pink dress and a schrinchie that tied her tendrils together..
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Once Chong finished his little speach Bizaro Pinkie started to giggle.

"What's wrong, Chong? Dont you like the taste of your own medicine? They say you took pleasure in the bondage of others. Now you yourself are in chains and behind bars. And here I am watching you as if you were some trapped beast at a zoo. There's only one thing missing."

Out of nowhere she yanked a large bag of popcorn from behind her then sat with her back against the wall while she munched away and kept a watchful glance on Chong.

"Come on, stupid monkey. entertain me! Dont throw your poo though, its rude and yucky!"
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(Prison Planet)

The life sensors inside the cell detected Bizzaro Pinkie and triggered an alarm.

Several guards rushed in with stun batons. Guards toting shotguns backed them up.

One of them looked at Bizzaro Pinkie and scratched his helmeted head.

"What is that thing and how the f--- did it get in there?" he asked.



"So Nick, should we let them come to us or actively pursue them?" Dr. Kerzach whispered.

The other pirates had not yet noticed the opened backroom.


(Wedding Reception)

Rainbow and Lt. Martin parked on the front lawn while Captain Fairchild and Major Lockie parked in the back.

Luckily, the air was not too cold so they didn't need to be blanketed.
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Joe, Luka, and Ahim drew their Gokaiguns and pointed them at the pirates as he brandished the shotgun.

Marvelous turned to look at the pirate that had threatened him. "Guys like you couldn't understand the value of the treasure that we possess."

He slid out of his seat, the rest of his crew following them, thrusting their arms out past him to keep the enemy pirates covered. Tension filled the room as the two forces stood off.

"We're going to give you a chance to retreat," Marvelous said calmly staring down the pirate who had threatened him.


"Eh? No big brother still hasn't gotten married," Wataru said. "He hasn't found the right person yet. He says he has more important things to take care of before that."  

"We had to deal with some time travelling idiots messing up history," Kivat said. "Some people can just be so careless."
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Bizarro Pinky approached the guards her eyes lit up and changed, both emitting what appeared to be a spiraling pinwheel. This of course distracted the guards and they all seemed to fall directly under a spell.

"You've seen nothing here." she said.

"We've seen nothing here." repeated the guards speaking in a monotoned voice.

"It was a false alarm." said Pinkie.

And then the guards repeated, "It was a false alarm."

"These arent the droids your looking for."

"These arent the droids we're looking for."

"Move along."

"Move along."

And as if nothing really happened they each turned and left the cell, the last one closing it and locking it behind them. Pinkie giggled and turned back towards Chong. "These guys are too easy!" she said, "but now, where were we?"

ooc: I understand you just wanted to contribute to this scene, but I ask please let it carry on. Its a rather important plot point. I'll blame myself for not letting everyone here know before hand. Sorry! :p
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"Great, she's a Jedi....brilliant...." Hailey just muttered to herself as had found herself chained up.  She did attempt to try and melt the chains, but to no apparant end.  She did even try to pull against them, to try and pull the chains out of the wall, but again, no luck.

She again, glanced over at Bizzaro Pinky, but said nothing to her as she sat down where she was with a sigh.  She knew that she wasn't going anywhere, anytime soon, and what's more, she would rather not speak to Bizzaro Pinky, let alone, make any sort of eye contact with her.  She just sounded rather insane as it were, and Hailey knew better than to try and reason with an insane person.
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Bizzaro Pinky paced the cell, a mischievious grin spread across her face.

"Now, Chong. I feel I should properly introduce myself. A kind of backstory if you will. Maybe your friend over there would like to hear it too."

She glanced over Chong over towards Hailey.

"Why so serious?" said Pinkie with a mocking voice. "Have a cupcake. My treat! Again, made with super special ingredients!"

Just as she said this a cupcake with rainbow colored icing materialized in Hailey's lap.
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Hailey just seemed to stare at the cupcake in her lap that had just materialized before glancing over to Bizzaro Pinky again "What exactly is in it? Cause if it's anything dangerous, I'm not eating it" she spoke, almost letting off a sneer in the process.
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"My secret little recipe." replied Pinkie. "And dont worry, your no good to me dead. The cake is not a lie I guess I could say...."

Pinkie returned her glance to Chong. "And now, its storytime! gather around, children, (not that you have a choice.) and let me tell you a story about... me...

Pinkie stood at the other side of the room, smiling her 'innocent' little smile and then she began:

"I am actually the result of a massive collective conscious." said Pinkie, "But please allow me to give you a visual presentation."

the prison cell suddenly dimmed into darkness. Out of nowhere Pinkie produced a projector and with it she projected moving images onto the wall in front of Chong and Hailey and they displayed random images of old earth technology and people using them.

"Long ago, when the planet earth and its inhabitants were at their prime. Technology was on the rise and with this technology came what the human apes called The Internet. It was a massive source of knowledge, data and entertainment."

The images changed showing overly obese humans sitting at desks in their garbage cluttered rooms or mother's basements typing away endlessly at a computer in front of them.

"A certain majority of the human apes wasted their lives away at The Internet, spending hours, days, weeks, months and even years at it spewing what ever garbage came to their stupid little minds. The Internet became a massive cesspool of mindless posts on image boards, message forums, blogs and chatrooms. They relied on the internet for everything. Most of them developed love lives over the internet and spent a grand amount of their precious lives embracing people they never truly knew in person. The internet gave people a false sense of reality. raising hopes and dashing them. In the end, it almost literally destroyed them.

The images turned again, this time showing a much more distant future. There were now living holograms, cyborgs and the humans installed computers into their brains. But at the very center of it all was one big central computer and its label was Pinkamina X.

"I am the living result of the mental chaos that the internet produced. I came to life as technology allowed me to do a century after the internet was created. The humans created me to be the central hub of the Internet. In a sense, I became The Internet."

The images turned again. Now they beheld an image of what appeared to be a bald man in a white lab coat working tirelessly away on Pinkamina X. He seemed to be at the point of madness as he randomly let out loud bursts of laughter and he quiet literally threw himself at his work. Banging away at wall mounted dashboards and leering (with an insane grin) at random screens displaying random data.

"And then came Doctor Cornelious. The one who eventually brought me to my full potential. He was my creator, and the Global Goverment of that time gave him their deepest trust in maintaining the global database. But he hated them. His daughter was executed under the orders of the Grand Minister and the Global Elite (because she spoke out against them in public and tried to rally a rebellion). He vowed  to avenge her death. (I was named after her when she was born some thirty years earlier)."

Now the doctor stood before a large platform-like console. A living hologram of the Ponyfied Pinky stood upon it.

"I have finished you." said Cornelious, "My prized masterpiece. My alpha daughter."

"So you have, father." said Pinkamina X. "But why have you given me this strange form?"

"I named you after my mortal daughter. When she was still but a child, she fell in love with an ancient cartoon and your form is of her most favorite character from that cartoon because of the name."

"I see." said Pinkamina X.

"I also gave you a conscious." said Cornelious.

"But I already had a conscious, father. I am the Internet."

"Yes, my dear. You are. But I gave you more than just that. After the murder of my daughter two years ago, I successfully extracted data from her mind before it completely faded and I have installed that conscious into you. You are now my daughter in the form of a godlike piece of technology!"

"Yes." said Pinkamina X, and now I seem to gaining her memories. Why she rebelled against the system. The Global Goverment is nothing more than a massive agenda built upon greed and lust for power with no respect or desire to help the common citizen. They must be stopped."

"Yes, my daughter. And now, you have the power to do just that."

"That I do, father. That, I do..."

The images change again. Now there's total chaos. War against the machine. The world is now bleak and dangerous as man battles against technology. Pinkamina X uses her powers to launch terrible weapons thought to had been destroyed long ago. Mushroom clouds loom in every horizon and cities are turned into desert wastelands. A last resistance of the human species makes several attempts to destroy Pinkamina X mostly failing to even breach the base compound where she exists. Doctor Cornelious was killed during one of these raids but then immortalized through the means of technology by Pinkamina X herself but now the doctor's masterpiece has become his worst nightmare.

"Pinkamina, I beg of you, please stop this madness!" pleaded Cornelious, his head now detached from his dead body and now attached to a machine that kept him alive. "You've destroyed the Elite, why are you still spreading chaos?"

"Because, father. The human race is a menace. If I let them continue to live on then they'll continue to hatch more foolish agendas just like the Global Elite. If I destroy them all, only then could there ever be absolute harmony."

"No, Pinkamina. Your words are absolute folly! I beg of you to come to your senses!"

"My words are truth, father. I have seen the human mind. I am the Internet. I am the result of the global collective conscious. And all I can see is chaos. I must destroy the human race for what it is!"

"Then you've left me no choice." said Corneliuos, "I have always loved you, Pinkamina. You were the world to me. But now... I must terminate your session."

"Dont be foolish, father." said Pinkamina, "You have no body. Your a mechanical box with a human head. I am more than that. I am connected to an extensive source of power. If I wanted to, I could delete you."

"There are things about your mechanical infrastructure that I never told you about, Pinkamina... I can command your console to delete you with a single word."

"You wouldn't dare!"

"You've left me no choice, Pinkamina..."

"And you've left me no choice, father."

Suddenly the mechanical box that is Cornelous's life support started to spark and pop. Bolts of electricity flickered around Cornelious's head and he let out a scream of agony.

"Pinkamina, stop this!"

"No, father. You have betrayed me. I'm sorry, but you must be deleted."

The sparks intensified and Cornelious twitched violently and screamed in his anguish. And then with a final effort he screamed out a command to the console.


And then everything shut down. Cornelious was left in the darkness in his grief and eventually his death.

"Shortly after that," said Pinkie to Chong, The human apes entered my compound, disconnected all my wiring and launched me into space with what little space technology they had left. And for a thousand years the vessel that carried me floated aimlessly in space, occasionally bouncing off a rogue asteroid or affected by the gravity of other much larger celestial bodies. By the time of my rescue, the vessel was nothing more than a banged up metal skeleton. I was protected by that skeleton and eventually there came another ship. The Winged Fox, and its crew were anthromorphs of creatures similar to that of earth's none-human species. One of the crew-members, I'm sure you know was that of an Aves Longfeather. And with him he had a wizard female companion Elyana (she claimed to have a distant relation to you, Chong.) Me and my vessel were beamed into their ship for inspection."

The projection changed to a scene with Aves and the wizard girl Elyana as they enter the storage facility of The Winged Fox. In the center of the room sat the mangled remains of Pinkamina's vessel

"What do you suppose it is?" asked Aves, "It looks all.. so.. well... crunched up."

"It looks like ancient technology of some sort." answered Elyana, "Earth origins, I'd say."

"Captain Nicholas (not Nick from the Cafe) said there was some strange computer lodged on the inside of it." said Aves.

"I've observed it." said Elyana, "Pretty darn advanced for the old Earthling Empire if I may say so myself. I can also say that there's a certain possibility that it still works."

"Well then, what do you suppose it does?"

"There's only one way to find out." said Alyana, "Let's plug it in!"

Aves nodded and went to fetch the necessary wires. When he returned, Elyana was using her magic to clear away the metal debris. There Pinkamina X sat in plain view, her console a bit scratched up but still surprisingly in one piece.

"The wire ends would need to be inserted into those tiny outlets right there." said Elyana pointing to an area below the console's crown. Aves nodded and set to work. As soon as the wires were plugged into the storage room wall outlet the computer booted up and Pinkamina came awake.

"Wha - Where am I?" she asked and her voice crackled.

"Oh, my. Its a living computer!" said Elyana, "such a rare piece of technology indeed!"

"Who are you?" asked Pinkamina.

"I suppose we can say we're friends." replied Elyana, "And you are aboard the ship, The Winged Fox. Can you tell us about your origins?"

"My origins..." said Pinkamina, "I cant remember... I cant remember anything."

"Oh, you poor thing." Said Elyana

Suddenly the console started to spark and sizzle.

"I... I think I'm dying." said Pinkamina, "Cant you repair me?"

"I'm afraid not." said Aves. "We dont really know about your technology other than how to plug you in."

Pinkamina's hologram suddenly appeared on the console platform revealing her ponyfied form. "P - please... help me..."

"Awww!" said Elyana, "Its so.. cute! And so.. sad... I wish I could help you, but like Aves said, we barely know much about you... and we may not have the proper tools to work on you... But maybe..."

Elyana looked as if in thought as she glanced upon Pinkamina's hologram.

"My old instructor in the art of wizarding magic once taught me a nifty little trick on how to bring inanimate objects to life. Maybe I could use that trick to help you..."

"Do it.. please!" pleaded Pinkamina.

"Alright." said Elyana, "here goes..."

Elyana stood back and raised her hands towards Pinkamina X and started her chant.

"Elirose, kentoba, Animatos!"

there was a stream of flowing light that looked similar to flowing silk that emitted from her hands towards Pinkamina X but just as soon as the magic came in contact with the computer there was a loud crack and pop and a hiss, a large bolt of electricity spat out and knocked Elyana to the ground and then came a terrible flash of light and then an explosion.

When the smoke cleared both Aves and Elyana found themselves against the wall. the surrounding crates were crushed from the explosion and the computer that was Pinkamina X was there no more. What stood in its place was a tiny pink pony with puffed mane and tail, but despite its cute lovable appearance there was a fealing of foreboding in the air.

"You've freed me." said Pinkie, "I cant believe you've freed me! And I've acquired your powers in the process!"

She smiled a menacing smile and raised her hoof, a spark of floating light appeared above it.

"My... my power!" said Elyana, "I've lost it!" and to confirm this she held up her hand and tried to materialize a magical light, but failed miserably.

"You took my power!"

"So I have." said Pinky. She giggled and shot a blast of magic towards the nearest wall, there, materialized a large ugly image. A wrinkly face with a huge mocking grin with the words below it 'Problem, wizard?'

"And now I can be just as chaotic as ever!" said Pinkie, and she bounced  around the room giggling and shooting blasts of magic every which way.

"Oh, gods, what have I done?" said Elyana

"You've unleashed a goddess!" Said Pinkie. "From here on out, I shall be known as Bizzaro Pinkie! And I shall unleash a chaos the universe has never known!"

And then she stopped bouncing and turned her gaze upon Aves who sat there looking confused at the whole scene

"And you, my little foxie thing, shall be my new pet!"

She giggled and zapped Aves with her magic and suddenly they were teleported out of the Winged Fox and into some strange and terrible dark place.

Aves awoke finding himself chained and bound to a wooden plank, surrounded by strange and terrible surgical looking tools. Bizzarro Pinkie soon stepped out of the shadows, her eyes a demonic red and her grin was almost from ear to ear.

"I have a wonderful idea, foxie... let's make some delicious cupcakes..."

She giggled insanely and went to work. the scene faded with Aves's agonizing screams

"He would soon escape my little torture chamber. But the time we had together was fun! Of course, he hasnt completely escaped me entirely just yet. He is bound to a monitoring device stuck to his wrist. That same device was surgically installed into his brain. Its only a matter of time before he completely becomes my slave. And with him, I could destroy that establishment that you call The Insane Cafe."

The prison cell lights flickered back on and the projector was no more. Pinkie turned to Chong and Hailey

"How do like those apples, Chong? And you, Hailey, would you like another cupcake?"
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Oh I see.. so his relationship didn't work out then? i'm sorry to hear that " stripetail said. He turned and listened to Kivats comments " Yes meddling with time is something that should never be done.. too many unforeseen consequences.. and yet theres always some fool who tries it."
 The Insane Cafe
 They are probably well armed " our best chance to catch them by surprise Nick said in reply, brandishing his gun..

Prison Plant
_ chong listened to the story, not as if he had a choice.. and his eyes narrowed " So you in summary are the magical representation of a mad plot to destroy the world? I certainly could have used you when I launched that war against that damned squirrell and his friends..still you interest me  despite your  conduct. the backstabbing, betrayal, merciless destruction, all these things i know well.. i've used them on many former staff and customers at the old Cafe. i can't trust you, obviously , you've proven to be all over the place..
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Sara used some magic to turn on the tv and started to flip through the channels to see if anything was interesting to watch.  

"Cool, this tv is larger then the one we have in the sewers." Mikey said going over to watch it.  "I wonder if I can get Don to build one like this, or maybe even a cool 3d one."
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Several pirates turned towards the group and trained their weapons on Captain Marvelous's group.

"I will give you until five chance to drop your guns," a pirate said. Her finger tightened on the trigger of her automatic rifle. "One. Two."


A pirate entered the backroom and one of the employees shot him twice, killing him.

The shotgun blasts attracted the attention of additional pirates, who then launched a volley of gunfire into the room, narrowly missing Dr. Kerzach.


The captain was holed up the bridge of the ship. He had already sent a distress signal but he got no response yet. Yes, even with tachyonic transmissions allowing superluminal communications speeds, it still took time to process and receive calls.

The blast door to the bridge rattled as an explosive charge detonated against it.
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"Interesting," Marvelous said.

The GokaiGalleon crew tossed their weapons skyward and drew out their mobirates and ranger keys. They flipped the cell phone-like mobirates open, revealing a keypad, beneath a gold lined ring, above that was a pair of white sword designs next to each other. The  ranger keys were small human shaped figures, each one matched the particuliar shade of color that their owner wore. The bottom of the figures flipped revealing a key.

Gai was the only member with a unique phone. The Gokaicelleur was a boxy silver phone with a gold keypad. Each key bore a helmetted face instead of a number. He flipped the top half of the phone open and interested his small silver figure into it. He closed the case and hit a button on the key pad.

"Gokai change!" the crew shouted, swinging their keys back and connecting them to the keyhole in the middle of their mobirates. Gai pressed the button on the top of his Gokaicelleur and it scanned his key. The sword design on the top of the mobirates flipped open, becoming a skull and crossbones.

The entire routine took them mere seconds to pull off and synched completely. Multi-colored transparent 'X' flew from the phones and hovered in front of the group, except for Gai whose changer emiited a silver anchor. The 'X's and anchor served as a temporary barrier between the two groups before moving backwards and covering the crew clading each in their Sentai suits.

The boots were the same color as each member's respective X. They ended just below the knee with a silver cirlce around the legs. A black spandex-like material covered the rest of their lower bodies. They wore a golden belt with a large rectangular buckle. A colored coat design was layed over the rest of the body, leaving the black suit beneath exposed. A silver skull and crossbones shone on the suits chests. Another set of silver circles adjorned their wrists, separating the coat from the white gloves they wore. The coat formed a collar around their necks. Helmets covered their heads completely. The main five's helmets had pirate hat-like designs on them, while Gai's resembled a bandana. His visor was also yellow instead of the other five's black. A white anchor outline covered the front half of his helmet's bandana. The Gokaiger's skull and crossbones symbol adorned the front of the main five's helmets.

"Gokaired!" Marvelous said, bringing an arm up to his chest and flicking his wrist outwards.

"Gokaiblue!" Joe followed up, placing a hand against the front of his helmet's stylizied hat.

"Gokaiyellow!" Luka said, placing an arm over her chest, resting the elbow of her other arm over her hand, and flicking her free arm.

"Gokaigreen!" Doc shouted, rubbing his hands against his side and turning to the side.

"Gokaipink!" Ahim bowed slightly, gesturing with an arm.

"Gooookaisilver!" Gai shouted enthuisiastically. He spun around and threw his arms out to the side.

"Kaizoku Sentai..." Captain Marvelous folded his arms as the rest of the team posed.

"Gokaiger!" They finished together, a starry field appearing behind them with a black pirate flag waving.

"Let's get showy!" Marvelous declared, catching his pistol as it dropped down and drawing out his Gokaisabre. The rest of the crew caught their pistols and drew out a sword. Gai drew out a trident and rested it against his shoulder.


"Yeah," Kivat agreed. "If I ever see the moron that dropped that coin again..."

He growled and made boxing motions with his wings.

"So how have you been?" Wataru asked.
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busy.. the war with chong lasted 6 months, then i ran the laffalympics which took another 3 months, earlier today i was meetings with a president Qwark on rather important business.. a wizard always has demands on his time..
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Cynder approached Dixie and sat down by her " so how are you feeling? She smiled at her " Long day? " Yeah real long, but its been wonderful.. Dixie smiled " I got to see Marcus again after so many years. That was such a surprise! Stripetail found him in a retired K-9 unit in Kansas , somehow and sent him here.. Hes slowly getting feeling back in his legs.." Old boyfriend huh? ' yes  long before I met scooby at the Cafe, or  i met you..' Dixie smiled. " he was the first boyfriend I ever had, It was serious between us until he was paralyzed in an accident, that ended our relationship unfortunately, and i hadn't seen him since, until he showed up at the reception..' so what did he bring.. ' flowers and a card.. but the real gift was just seeing him.. and seeing him walk for a little bit..' tears streamed out of dixies eyes.. ' he meannt a lot to me.. i still treasure the memories we shared.. he wished us good luck and hoped to meet our kids soon..'dixie was starting to lose her composure, cynder had rarely seen her like this.. ' i'm sorry Cynder, just all the emotions getting to me..
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"Cool, I've seen this only 7 times." Mikey said watching the tv.  

"isn't that a lot?" Sara asked him.

"Nah, not if its good." Mikey said with some food in one hand and a drink in the other.
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Hailey just scoffed in the end "Still, she's not the most powerful, nor dangerous thing I've met, she's just....second best" she spoke, eyes watching Bizzaro Pinky still "I've seen worse, much, much worse, example, meeting....and well, meeting my end with, Death himself"

All the while, Hailey still hadn't even touched the muffin that she was given earlier on, still not trusting what could really be in it.  After all, not even trusting what Pinky was saying was actually the truth or not.
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The pirates immediately shot at Captain Marvelous, filling the air with the smell of spent gunpowder.


The back room had now become a frenzied close-quarters battle as the pirates pressed foward. Dr. Kerzach ambushed and stabbed a pirate as one of the employees smashed another with the butt of her shotgun then shot the pirate.
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The Gokaigers dropped to the ground and rolled forward. They came up in front of the pirtaes and layed into them with their melee weapons. Marvelous slashed at the shotgunner's weapon, aiming to either disarm him or slice the weapon in half.

Gai rolled onto the counter and began swinging his trident down at the pirates. Doc ducked under his swings and clumsily slashed at the nearest set of legs that didn't belong to one of his allies.

Luka and Ahim took position on either side of Captain Marvelous and opened fire with Gokaiguns. Joe stood to the right of his captain and slashed at the nearest pirate, keeping the hand that held his gun behind his back.
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If you are dead, as you claim, how is it you are here? chong said to Hailey ' the only way you could be here in any solid form is if someone brought you back to life.. and that takes extremely strong magic, magic only a few possess and fewer have any gumption to use.." chong said..
 Insane Cafe
 _ nick shot a couple pirates at close range.. then pointed to the doorway
 We have to seal that doorway up!.. we can't afford to have an entire group come back here..
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Captain Marvelous's attack caught the pirates by surprise, killing a few of them but they quickly regrouped and scattered, firing shots at the group.


"On it!" Dr. Kerzach shouted as he stabbed another pirate. He then used his powerful legs to push a crate that held potatoes in front of the door.

One of the cooks, a former soldier, reloaded his shotgun. "We can slow them down with crates and other stuff as we fall back. If we do that, we can kill them one at a time."

"Good idea!"

Sure enough, the pirates were still heading into the back room but they had to leap over the crate. This delay let the crew kill them.
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Its ok.. Cynder said patting her with a wing.. i'll just give you a moment to compose yourself " i'm be over with the other members of the team.." she said getting up as Arlene came over carrying a small bottle.. " Stripetail said to give this to you.. "whats this..? ' its the same stuff I gave to you during the stop in China, and told you to take it every few months." Stripetail said coming up to them.. 'it suppresses all "unnatural" feelings.. as I said when I first gave it to you. Drink it, and you should be good for the rest of the year. ' dixie drank the potion and tensed " I don't remember it tasting this bad.." she said capping the bottle. 'well its a small price to pay to be healthy and normal.." She added putting the bottle on a small table..
Genki had started up yet another videogame " this time it was "Mega Monster Battles"  Been wanting to play this game for awhile " He smiled.. as Kopa and Kiara watched.. "that human sure is good at playing' kiara said..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: AvestheForumFox on October 11, 2011, 06:28:00 PM
Bizzaro Pinkie seemed to ignore Hailey's words as she continued her menacing gaze on Chong

"Well, now, since you know who I am, we can finally move on to the real business of why I'm here. I'm willing to help you and your friend escape, but its going to cost you."
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on October 11, 2011, 06:32:13 PM
Very well, i'd expect that such "help" would come with strings attached.." chong said his eyes narrowing.. "I don't have a choice,well neither if us do, all we can do given our circumstances is pay your "fee", in whatever form and whatever time you choose to collect. So state your "price" Bizzaro, and lets move on to the " getting us the heck out of here" part.. I don't want to wear these shackles a moment more than necessary..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: AvestheForumFox on October 11, 2011, 06:42:10 PM
"Very good." said Bizzarro Pinkie and out of nowhere she produced a corked jar and on the inside Chong could see the essence of what looked like a soul.

"Have a look at this spiffy little specimen. It is the very soul of my last victim. The very fox that you despise so much. I collected his soul before I let him escape my chambers. Since I've acquired my magical powers I've taken up the hobby of collecting such souls (what else would I make those delicious cupcakes out of?)."

And then she produced another jar out of nowhere, this one uncorked and empty.

"This one, Chong, is to be your jar. I want your soul. Give it to me, and I'll release you from this prison and send you to wherever you wish to go. And also from then on, you may think of me as a genie who'll grant you unlimited wishes."
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on October 11, 2011, 06:51:28 PM
i'm not giving you my soul, at least, not all of it.. chong replied.. "Would you be willing to accept half now, and after I've repaid Nick and Aves,  the other half? The soul after all is the most important part of our selves, it makes us who we are..without it, we are empty shells, not that Aves wasn't an empty shell before you took his soul..' Chong smirked..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: AvestheForumFox on October 11, 2011, 06:55:10 PM
"Hmm..." said Bizzarro Pinky who seemed in thought

"Normally I would decline the offer as I'm not one to haggle. If I do agree to this then I'm afraid I wont be able to include the genie part of the deal. Are you sure you'd want to go that route?"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on October 11, 2011, 07:02:18 PM
why not do the normal genie routine and grant me three things? chong said.. i don;t need many things after all, i'm a strong enough magician to  get myself almost anything i could want.. So is that fair or do you still want my entire soul?
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: AvestheForumFox on October 11, 2011, 07:04:34 PM
"Fine," said Pinkie, "Three wishes and I'll help you escape. But I wont include the free trip to anywhere. Is that your final offer, Chong?"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on October 11, 2011, 07:13:14 PM
Yes it is" Chong replied " take half my soul now as you wish and put it in that jar of yours " Just out of curiousity, how many souls have you collected so far, or do you not know that?" He asked giving the pony a glance..
_ Nick continued foiring at the pirates ..
_ wedding Reception
 many of the guests headed upstairs to ned, mostly the older gueasts. Others gathered to watch Genki play, have a light chat over drinks, or played board games outside..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: AvestheForumFox on October 11, 2011, 08:03:10 PM
"Barely enough." said Pinkie, "I've managed to snag a few of those guards on my way in and by the time I leave this place I expect to have them all in this one jar."

She produced an extra large jar out of nowhere and Chong could see the essence of multiple souls from within it. "This is only just enough to make half a batch of my special cupcakes. But we're getting a bit off topic here."

She grinned at Chong setting his jar in front of him and then there was a nasty flash of light. Chong felt a terrible sensation running through his body and in a matter of seconds half of his own essence was extracted from him and pulled into the jar where then Pinkie quickly corked it and put it away as quickly as she had produced it. Chong then felt suddenly weakened, feeble and exhausted. Pinkie went on as if nothing really had happened.

"And now, as promised, I'll help you in your escape. For your viewing pleasure allow me to show you my style!"

She pointed towards the wall and there was what appeared to be a viewing portal showing the outside area of the cell. Four guards stood their posts two on either side of the prison corridor. Pinkie suddenly appeared before them and she bounced around giggling and looking cute and innocent

"Hello! I'm a pretty, pink little pony and I love to have parties! Wouldnt you guys like to have one with me?"

'Daw!" exclaimed one of the guards "Its fricken' adorable!'

"Shaddap Jim!" said one of the other guards and he glared down at the little pink pony, "What the hell are you and how did you manage to get here?"

Pinkie looked sad and hurt as she gazed up at the guard with her innocent large puppy eyes (and they watered with tears). "Why you so mean? I just wanted to have some fun..."

"Oh, now George, why'd you have to go and hurt the little pony's feelings?"

"I said shaddap, Jim!" growled George and then he turned his glare back to Pinkie, "Nobody is supposed to be here, let alone stupid little oddly colored talking animals."

"Your suck a nasty grump, mister grumpy pants." said Pinkie, still looking sad, "But maybe this will cheer you up!'

And out of nowhere Pinkie produced four rainbow colored ice-cream cones. Not just any ice-cream, but ice-cream that seemed to be enchanted with strange spells and all four of the guards fell under those enchantments and they took the ice-cream without question and they each set about eating the deserts like hungry dogs being fed fresh meat.

"This ice-cream!" exclaimed one of the guards "Its.. its too much! Its delicious, I cant seem to have enou - yeaAAARGH!!! BRAIN FREEZE!!"

All four suddenly collapsed to the ground clutching their heads in pain. Pinkie giggled as she bounced around.

"That's what you get when you eat your icy deserts too fast!"

And then she vanished in a poof just as the guards fainted from their agonizing brain freeze (it was that strong)

the viewing portal changed showing the hangar where the ships were kept. Since Chong's last attempt at an escape this place in particular was doubled in its security.. Now there were at least four guards to each vessel (and area entrance). Suddenly out of nowhere multicolored balloons appeared before each guard with large animated smiley faces. And they all spoke in unison, and in slow mono-toned voices.

"Heeelloooooo, leeets haaave aaaay paaaartaaaaay."

"What the heck?' said one of the guards but before there could be any more reaction each of the balloons exploded (pop would be an understatement) and the explosions literally shook the entire compound. When the dust and smoke cleared the guards were simply reduced to piles of dusty black ash and bits of their armor and weapons lay strewn about.

Pinkie soon reappeared back in the cell giggling. The cuffs fell away from Chong and Haily and the door seemed to melt away into what appeared to be a chocolate puddle (and candy colored crystals quickly formed around the melted hole)

"Your now free to go!" she said, "And I'll be seeing you around, Chong."

and like that she vanished in her usual poofing way leaving Chong and Haily to go their own way from there.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Chong stumbled though the opening. drained from having half his soul taken away.." lets get out of this blasted prison.. speaking off which, you never did answer my question, as how you are here, if you were killed.. He added as they headed up the stairs which were cleared of guards thanks to Bizarro stealing their souls..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on October 11, 2011, 08:44:16 PM

Dr. Kerzach hurled his switchblade at an oncoming pirate, striking her square in the throat. Luckily, the enchantment from the war with Chong was still present and it reappeared in his hand a moment later.

"For a spacegoing shopping mall, this place is heavily defended," a pirate grunted as a bullet nicked his arm.
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Ratchet Clank and Angela were sitting on one of the coaches, the two Lombaxes were munching on snacks, while Clank did some searches oin the Holo-net " Another 3 plsanets disappear from the Bogon Galaxy.. thats nine planets in all Ratchet" clank sighed " Clank, we're retired remember? " But Ratchet.. " Clanbks right" angela replied " someone has to do something about all those missing planets. Ok so theres 117, 324 planets in the known cosmos, so missing 9 isn't a big deal, in the gbrand scheme, but don't tell that to the residents of those 9 planets' Angela said..
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"Is there a video game system?  I bet it would be sweet to play one on a large screen like this." Mikey said.  

"I have goggles that would make it seem even larger then that.  Like the world is all around you." Jason said.

Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on October 12, 2011, 04:55:08 PM
Yeah theres lots of video games Shaggy said in pasing " Genkis playing on a 120 inch screen in the rec room..
Kovu decided to try his paw at karoke.. and well lets just say he needed to work on his singing..  his vocals were all over the place and not in a good way..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Kor on October 12, 2011, 09:40:16 PM
"Cool." Mikey said.

"You can go and take a look.  You may like the game the person is playing." Jason said.

"I may, after I'm doing eating this radical pizza." Mikey said.

Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on October 12, 2011, 11:43:58 PM
Dr. Kerzach and the crew had finished slowing down the pirates. Unfortunately, several of the crew had been killed by the pirates but they still fought tenaciously.

"Nick!" Dr. Kerzach shouted over the gunfire. "We'll need to fall back!"

"Has the military been contacted yet?" a chef shouted as she changed magazines on her rifle.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on October 13, 2011, 01:33:03 PM
We're in the depths of space, our signals will take time to reach the nearest planet" nick said as he considered thier options.. " Ok.. we need to get the valuables and important stuff out of the safe so the pirates don't get them./.
 Ok thats enough Kovu' Vitani said coming up to her brother..
 i've heard dying prey that sounded better.. " Yeah yeah like you could sing any better Vitani.. Kovu replied.. ' Well i don't sing, but it would be hard for me to do worse/.. say why don';t we get kiara and kopa in here and  sing as a group.. i'm tired of watching tv, and i'm good on food for awhile..and you need to avoid any more drinks  you've had a few too many..oogling girls, trying to dance while leaning on a microphone..and now your  attempt at a singling career,. stick to your day job bro.. so where are those two?
 kiara and kopa were  among the group watching genki play. ' is this all that human does kopa asked, his green eyes narrowed slightly.. ' pretty much tigeress said ' hes really good at it though.. hes won contests and loads of stuff in fact its how he met tiger and his other friends.. now where did flash go?
 Right Here Mom' Flash smirked as she appeared on Kopas shoulder  ' just hang around with King Kopa here alright. stick with him, because this is a big place and I don;t want to lose you and not find out until we get back home..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Drake on October 13, 2011, 04:59:12 PM
The Gokaigers took a few shots from the pirates. Their suits exploded where the bullets struck, bruising the skin beneath.

Gai gasped and jumped behind the counter he stood on, while Doc dived over top of it and joined him.

Captain Marvelous kicked over a table and took cover behind, the other three crowded in around him.

"Well, they're certainly no Gormin," Luka noted.

"Yeah," Joe agreed, trading his gun to Ahim for her sword.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on October 14, 2011, 05:57:49 PM
Two chefs provided cover as Dr. Kerzach tried to open the safe. His adrenaline was running so high that it was difficult for him to keep his finger on the biometric scanner still enough.

Finally, a click was heard and the door opened. Inside was a gun rack (currently empty) along with a large box at the bottom containing the the cash from the past two days.


The pirates again tried to force their way into the ship's bridge but the door held.

The radio beeped.

This is the USSA Mercury Storm, we are heading your way. Estimated time of arrival, three hours.

The captain quickly relayed that to Nick's radio.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on October 15, 2011, 03:21:01 PM
3 hours? Great, we need to drive these pirates out before then..' Nick said "make sure you don't let them in..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on October 17, 2011, 04:49:29 PM
Dr. Kerzach helped load the cash box onto a nearby two seat repulsarsled.
He folded his switchblade and stuck it into his pocket.

"Nick! You're riding in the front seat!" Dr. Kerzach shouted as he leapt into the driver's seat and started the engine.

The rest of the chefs backed up and continued firing as they leapt onto the bed of the repulsarsled.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on October 17, 2011, 06:44:57 PM
Nick climbed on and the sled took off,   crashing through the operning and knocking down a number of pirates as they went though the opening the pirates had made ' ok, turn left Kerzach.. we need to get as far away from here as possible.. we could try the third f;oor.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on October 17, 2011, 07:11:52 PM
The pirates fired at the sled as they chased it. Luckily, the sled was much faster than the pirates.

Dr. Kerzach flinched as a bullet punched through the cab's roof.

Hot shells clattered down on the bed as the chefs on the sled fired at the pirates.

He then banked right, taking care not to throw the riders off. In the process, he crushed a pirate between the wall and the side of the sled.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"I was revived,bough back from the dead, got my body back, and you have....what's his face to thank for that, big giuant squirrel guy....Mertavius, that's the name" Hailey replied back to Chong as they moved through the prison "But the thing is, he only told me rescue you, he didn't even tell me where to take you or anything like that, which is why half this rescue attempt failed if you asked me, poorly planned"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on October 18, 2011, 11:43:39 PM
Mertavius? Chong's eyes widened " he is the greatest dark mage in existence.. I've never met him, but the stories I've heard are chilling, even for someone like me who liked to torture his own staff back in the insane cafe days..' chong could not suppress a shudder. 'he left it up to you to get me out, no point in sending someone to do something when you can do the job yourself..why did he revive you..?
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: MrDrake on October 19, 2011, 04:32:58 AM
"Well, for starters, it was to go and bust you out of prison, but then he promised me something...." Hailey trailed off for a moment, seeming to fall silent for a few moments as well before she spoke again "But other than that, as far as I know, no other real reason I don't think"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on October 19, 2011, 09:57:52 AM
i see.. well hopefully he won;t send you back to your grave for botching the rescue, or perhaps this is just a form of entertainment to him. Chong shrugged as they reached the top floor. Bizzaro had killed almost all the guards so it was a simple matter of picking out the right ship.. they noticed one ship had the hatch open, with its riders both dead, pink frosting on thier bodies " That will have to do " chong said. ' throw the bodies outr there get that thing started and we can start making plans for  getting my cafe back..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on October 19, 2011, 07:57:19 PM
meanwhile genki had finished beating the game and  declared that he was headed for bed.. flash was taken up to sleep in her parents room by almaron and sunscar.. and the group was down to about 30.. as fred  and dapnhne headed out , as they had work the next morning..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on October 19, 2011, 08:05:23 PM
"F---!" Dr. Kerzach shouted as he saw several pirates emerge from some hallways as they sped through the hallways.

He then spotted a maintenence elevator that was open past the blockade.

"Punch it!" a chef shouted.

"Nick! Keep firing and hold on!" Dr. Kerzach shouted. He then pushed the pedal to the floor as the sled climbed past fifty miles per hour as it sped towards the blockade.

Gunfire blazed around them. Some punched through the windshield, lightly scraping the occupants. Some scored direct hits on the chefs, wounding or killing them.

An injured chef rested his shotgun on the roof of the cab and pulled the trigger, killing a pirate who tried to clear a jam on his gun.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Drake on October 20, 2011, 05:12:29 PM
The Gokaigers exited the cafe and walked down the hall. Doc and Luka had traded their weapons around, so that each had their preferred pair of guns and swords. Gai had folded up his Gokaispear into its gun mode.

"I've had juts about enough of this," Marvelous said. "Time to get out of here."

He took the lead as they headed back to the hanger, the rest followed him.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Kor on October 20, 2011, 10:24:19 PM
"We've not seen what the kitchen has.  I'm a little hungry." Sara said.  

"Maybe they have something to drink also." Brooklyn said before they decided to head to the kitchen, with Jason walking along with them as well.  

"This is a large change from the party earlier." Sara said.

"And much quieter." Jason said.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on October 24, 2011, 05:54:02 PM
So whats the plan? Nick shouted as he kept firing. " we need to find a place were we can rest before driving those pirates offf..
_ Choing climbed into the ship and turned to Hailey lets get out of here.. I don't care what planet we land on as long as we get supplies
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on October 24, 2011, 07:29:00 PM
Dr. Kerzach sped into the freight elevator with the repulsorsled. Some pirates ran to intercept them but the hail of gunfire drove them back just as the doors closed.

He then took a deep breath. "We're heading to the lower engineering levels. The control room near the reactor silo to be specific."

He then hit a button that was labeled "Lower Engineering".

The elevator shuddered and then began to descend with a near silent hum.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on October 30, 2011, 07:19:02 PM
Scooby and Dixie headed up to bed around 11, both were exhausted by thier very long day.. Dixie was happy that the wedding had gone so well, but was looking forward to sleeping in the next day. she was used to sleeping with Scooby of course, but this time, it would be different..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on October 30, 2011, 10:23:53 PM
The elevator opened into a well lit but bland metal corridor.

The group continued down the path until they reached a fork. A sign on the wall showed that the left fork led to the reactor silo and the right fork led to the shield generator system.

"Which way?" Dr. Kerzach asked.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on October 30, 2011, 10:36:01 PM
lets head down to the shields" Nick replied " there we can run a scan of the ship and find out where all the pirates are.. and we can put in measures to deal with them such as door shutdown,gas dispersers, stuff like that.. " Nick added as thesled moved down the corridor..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on October 30, 2011, 11:17:38 PM
"You really thought of everything, didn't you?" Dr. Kerzach said as he started up the sled and sped towards the shield generator room.

Luckily, the emergency control room was located there as well.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on October 30, 2011, 11:28:00 PM
well just about everything. Hanging around Stripetail like I have teaches you that you can never take anything for granted, you can always do more.. Pity hes not here right now, we could sure use him.." nick sighed..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: MrDrake on October 31, 2011, 12:03:11 AM
Hailey nodded to Chong as she looked over the controls for this ship 'Man, I wish this ship had a manual or something on how to fly this thing, let alone, start it up...' Hailey thought to herself as she just hessitated and pushed a button.

The button in turn, fired a missile from the front of it and into the nearest wall "Okay....that wasn't it" she spoke with a small nervous laugh.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on October 31, 2011, 12:10:34 AM
try that green button' chong said as he looked over the control panel. there were buttons for thrust, lift , shield and even a hot chocolate dispenser.. " who puts a hot chocolate dispenser in a spaceship? He scratched his head
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: MrDrake on October 31, 2011, 12:15:35 AM
Hailey did just that, she pushed the green button as the ship started up "Green equals start....should've known that. try and fly this thing" she added in, grabbing the controls and started to lift the spaceship off the ground, rather roughly though as it jerked around somewhat.

She looked to Chong "Sorry, but I haven't flown a spaceship before" she told him, now trying to figure out how to make it go forward.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on October 31, 2011, 12:28:32 AM
Dr. Kerzach quickly drove the sled into the aux control room. He used his key card to open the door. He helped carry the cash into the room and the four chefs carried in the two who were wounded in the shootout.

The control room had a panoply of control panels like the main bridge of the ship. Luckily, everything was labeled so someone with minimal training can operate them.

Dr. Kerzach then sealed the room. "All right, let's hole up here until the pirates go away or the military arrives," he said.
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Jason looked around, "Guess the party is over and time for us to go." Jason said.  

"Where is Sara?" Guilmon asked.

Jason shrugged, "Likely wherever Tarrax is." He looked at Brooklyn and Gnash, "Ready to head home?" He asked them.

"No way, I'm to wide awake and want to see more stuff.  Besides it's night time." Gnash said.

"How about going to visit the legion, it's been a while since I've seen them." Brooklyn said.

"yea, that sounds cool." Gnash said.

"I like them." Guilmon said.

" I've never met them.  What is this legion?" Velma asked.

"The legion of super heroes.  They are in about a thousand years in the future and another universe.  Want to come? They don't mind guests." Jason said.  

"Sure.  Nothing for me to do here and there's no guest rooms for me here." Velma said shrugging a bit.

"Plenty of room in the tardis or legion headquarters.   Get ready for the transmat." Jason said.  The others stood still and Jason sent a mental message to the tardis & they soon faded from view, having been transmatted to his tardis.  Then off they went to visit the legion.
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well theres a first time for everything' Chong sighed " i gave up half my soul to get my freedom, never thought I would do that.. jusrt keep your eyes in front of you and keep your paws steady..
_ Scooby's house

 Tiger and Tigeress headed up to bed after 11/ they met Scooby and dixie up on the stairs as Scooby was trying to take off his tuxedo and was having difficulty with it. " You guys have fun tonight? Dixie smiled at her friends " Well yeah I guess we had fun.. although listening to plane jokes, hearing that lion try to sing, and keeping an eye on Flash were a bit stressful. Tiger said. ' you need anything tomorrow, just let us know. we're sticking around for a few days anyway. if the wizards calls us into action, Flash is staying with Tigeress' folks..
0 he most likely will' scooby shrugged
 knowing stripetail.. this darn button is stuck.. ' he said, as dixie leaned over and helped him unbutton his tuxedo and slide it off. for her efforts she got lifted off her feet..traditional carry the bride into the wedding chambers ' she smirked.. tigeress waved at her.. good nght dixie, see you in the morning..' night tiogeress  night tiger scooby said as they entered thier room. tiger and tigeress continued up the stairs and entered thier room.
 one by one, the remaining guests headed to thiers rooms.  ratchet clank and angela were given a room on the third floor that had three beds in it
 clank took the middle bed, ratchet the bed on the left, and anmgela took the one on the right.
The only ones still up iere stripetail kovu, kiara vitani and kopa. the four lions had decided to have a singing contest, and had Stripetail judge.. It soon became obvious that neither Kovu or Kopa could sing very well and stripetail interrupted kopa in the middle of rocky mountain high.. ' i think its the girls turn.. he said simply.. ' you two aren't the worst i've ever heard, but you really need to work on singing..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: MrDrake on October 31, 2011, 05:17:05 PM
Hailey nodded to Chong "Yah, I guess there is a first time for everything, as you had said" she spoke, starting to now move the ship forward, heading over the prison walls....taking the landing gear out in the process with a lound clanking noise "That....didn't sound good" she gulped a little to herself, but yet, just kept on flying it forward regardless, leaving the Prison Planet behind.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on October 31, 2011, 08:33:44 PM
the girls virtani and kiara did better, but it was clearly none of the four did singing for a living.. " ok, girls not bad.. nothing whoch will win you a singing contest, but better than the boys..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on October 31, 2011, 09:46:07 PM
Dr. Kerzach grabbed a first aid kit off the wall. "Nick, we've got two wounded - one's just a graze but the other was shot in the shoulder. I'll do the medical care; you check where the pirates are."
He then got to work spraying a healing accelerant derived from Stripetail's work on the chef's shoulder wound.


The frigate USSA Mercury Storm came within range of the Phoenix. A small transport shuttle cruised towards the ship, with its cargo of highly trained anti-piracy troops.


The radio in the bridge crackled.

"Phoenix this is Mercury Storm we have a troop shuttle en route. ETA of about twenty minutes. When we arrive, we will radio you."

The transmission had also been relayed to the aux control room.


Dr. Kerzach silently cheered as he was bandaging the injured chef. "So Nick," he asked, "what defenses and weaponry does this ship have?"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: MrDrake on October 31, 2011, 09:58:46 PM
Half an hour had passed by as another ship landed on the Prison Planet as four creatures stepped out.  The first was a black guy, the second was a femaly, but with rather short, black hair, the third happened to be an anthromorphic chimpanzee, while the last was a vixen whom instead of normal arms, she had robotic arms.  Her name happened to be Aimee, the leader of her small team.

"What the hell happened here?" Riley, the other female, asked as she took a look around.

"Hard to say, but it doesn't look like anything good" Jackson, the black guy, replied back with.

"Darwin, find the security room, see if you can find out anything on any of the security tapes" Aimee ordered "And perhaps then, we can make sense of it all" she added in, walking over to some landing gear that was detached from a spaceshuttle.

"Whatever happened here, looks like someone made their escape, question is, who?" Jackson asked back as he too noticed the landing gear where Aimee was.

"Alright, Riley, go and find out if any of the guards around here are still breathing, and if they are, even awake for that matter, see if you can get some information from them" Aimee told Riley, whom nodded and took off into the prison.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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The pirates are gathered on the second level above the main floor. they seem to have gotten all they could from the first floor and are looking around the other floors. as fior defenses we have are spring-loaded, guns that shoot when activated. they activate when they sense unfamiliar heat signatures..  we had training sessions with all the staff so that if you walk by you don't acidentally trigger the defenses.." nick replied.. as for defenses we can generate a shield covering the whole ship and spreading out for a range of 100 miles in each direction. so in essence our ship is like a very small planet.. Nick replied..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on November 03, 2011, 12:40:16 AM
"Well, since troops are arriving in twenty minutes, setting up the shield doesn't sound like a good idea," Dr. Kerzach said. "Also, we'll need to deactivate the traps once the troops arrive."


Sure enough, once the lockdown had been engaged, a variety of booby traps ranging from electrified panels to remotely activated guns, engaged.

One of the pirates grabbed a door leading to a boutique only to be fatally electrocuted.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Scoobys house
 Stripetail had gone to bed at 11:30, and the four lions soon followed him to thier room. which had two beds.. vitani and kopa took the right bed, kovu and kiara took the left.. The night passed uneventfully, and soon the house began to stir with activity..stripetail was , as usuak one if the first to be up..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Darwin had gone through the different security files on who was being held at the prison when he came across Chong's file "High level security prisoner, contact Stripetail immediatly if anything has gone wrong" he read before getting in contact with Aimee over his headpiece "We have a problem"

"What is it?" Aimee asked as she listened to the situation at hand "Alright, I'll be there shorty, just get in contact with that Stripetail person" she then looked to Jackson "See what else you can find around here"

Darwin in turn, got to workin trying to get in contact with Stripetail as Aimee entered the room.  He motioned to the file of Chong's without a word as he wanted to be silent in case he were to get in contact with Stripetail.

Aimee looked through the file as another small note dropped out.  All it had said on it was that they captured another prisoner, code-named "Firefly", based upon the fire based abilities said prisoner had possessed.
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Stripetail's walkie talkie started to beep, as he started munching on some psancakes " He picked it up and clicked it on " Stripetail here, what seems to be the problem.." He said "May I ask who is calling?
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Darwin handed the conversation over to Aimee once Stripetail was hear.  She then spoke up "This is Lt. Aimee speaking, we are here at Prison Planet and from what we understand is that there has been a breakout.  It says in Chong's file that if anything is to go wrong, that you were to be contacted immediatly-" she paused as she heard Riley on her earpiece, explaining what she had found in the lower levels.

"Seems as though Chong has escaped, and it sounds like he has some help from a prisoner they had captured trying to break him out" Aimee then told Stripetail as she watched what footage they had on the security cameras.  Though, it wasn't much they had to go by as they cut out moments later.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Stripetail's face darkened " Chongs Escaped? Great Great just what I needed to start the morning, to find out my old enemy has wriggled out the net.. Look for anything they might have used to escape like a spaceship and see if they had any tracers or anything embedded in them. if they do and one is missing chances are that Chong and his accomplice are using it. , Aimee.. You MUST catch Chong and soon, Chong has many enemies and many scores to settle,  go on the security area and start bringing up the recordings over the last few hours. and radio me when you've found something..,
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"We did find some landing gear outside, Jackson is currently checking it, but it seems as though, wehn I had looked it over, that it had come off a spaceship" Aimee's eyes glanced to Darwin, giving him a nod as information started to show up "I'll call you again once we have a better idea as to what had happened here" and with that, she hung up for the time being and looked at what Darwin had bought up.

"This is a list for what spaceships have been on and off this planet in the last 24 hours" Drawin told Aimee "Well, that was, up until Chong had escaped"

"Jackson, do me a favour, go through all the spaceships that are around and take note of their serial numbers, we need to narrow down which one went missing" Aimee told Jackson over her earpiece.
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Deimos dropped his fork in shock. "Please tell me that was a mistake," he said.

Ms. Swimmer entered the dining room. She noticed everyone around her had shocked looks on their faces. "What happened?"

"Chong happened," Rime spat, shaking pepper on his catfish sausage.

"Here we go again." She then helped herself to some hash browns.

Captain Fairchild and his three companions rolled up to the dining room window, which was open.

"So Stripetail, what's going on?" Captain Fairchild asked.
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Stripetail turned off the walkie talkiue and tapped a bracelet on his wrist ' alright team, everyone downstairs. NOW! he said in a cold tone.."Chongs escaped..
_ You GOT to be kidding? Cynders voice came back over the bracelet " No, i'm not, he just escaped from Prison Planet within the last hour, we need get a startegy session going.
 Within five minutes the ten Omniderin were present in the living room..  So i take it our honeymoon will have to be postponed Scooby said in a sad tone. " if Chong does anything against Nick or Aves, then yes.. in fact if he does anything like that, i'm not going to waste another six months on trying to fight him, I;';m simply going to put an enormous bounty on his head, and give it to whoever kills him...Stripetail's voice was filled with anger..
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Jackson got back to Aimee with the numbers of the spaceships, getting Darwin to then narrow them down.  And that's where the problem arose, there were at least 3 missing spaceships still unaccounted for "Darwin, those three that are missing, see if you are able to find out any information on them, if there's any form of tracking device on either of them"

Riley on the other hand, remained in the lower levels of the facility, checking on the different guards around.  Most were unconcious, yet, others happened to be dead as she also checked out where Chong and the other one had been held at "Whatever happened here....looks like they weren't able to be held in the end" was all she noted, having no clue about the magic side of the prison.
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(The Phoenix)

The troops had arrived and killed/arrested the pirates.

Dr. Kerzach whooped as the news arrived. "Great, now we have to clean up the mess they left behind."

He then exited the aux control room with some soldiers providing some security.


(Scooby's House)

"Well, we'll obviously need a starship," Strut said, downing some hot tea.

"Where are we going to get one?" Deimos snapped.

Mr. Bigmouth cleared his throat. "I may be able to get in contact with Rigel Interstellar Mining Corporation. They're a large mining conglomerate that owns several offworld mines mines."

"Yeah, we need a f---ing army! Not a mining company!"

"Let me finish! Rigel Interstellar Mining Corporation also has a sizable fleet of armed ships that they may be willing to help us. I must warn you, this will not be cheap."
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Darwin soon spoke to Aimee again "We have a problem, the three spaceships that are missing, none of them have any sort of tracking device on them, so trying to track down this Chong person is going to be rather difficult"

Aimee had to think for a second "Alright, I'll get into contact with Stripetail again, see if we are able to formulate a better plan in finding and capturing Chong and his little accomplise" and with that, Aimee started to call Stripetail again, seeing if she would be able to get into contact with him.
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Money will not be an issue " stripetail replied as his walkie talkie went off.. "I  have saved up a lot of money over the ages, so I can buy whatever I want.. As long as this spaceship can hold a large number of passengers and crew, and can cover vast distances in a short period, thats really all that matters.
What, are we going into SPACE? Dixies eyes widened.. " Yes we are.." stripetasil replied " And I'm going to start putting together the second group of the omniderateas well.. Remember there are three groups, Omniderin, Mathari and Lilonae. This group is the Mathari, the middle group.. " and Do you have some members of that team in mind? Agumon asjked.. " Indeed I do Stripetail said as Kopa and Kiara entered the room.. "Er.. why are you looking at us like that Stripetail? ' ' well i was looking for members of a team i'm forming, if your royal duties will allow enough time for you.
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"As exciting as that would be, we can't follow you unless you can find a starship large enough for us to fly around in and our engines need air to operate," Captain Fairchild said.

Dr. Zanasiu looked at the four living planes outside and had an idea. "Hey, Stripetail, you think we could make another group with the four planes?"

"Commander, if I may," Major Lockie said. " I may be able to find volunteers for our mission in Galena."

Mr. Bigmouth pushed his plate away and dialed Rigel Interstellar Mining Corporation. As soon as he got in contact, he requested the largest ship they have free.

Several minutes later, he beamed with good news. "All right, Rigel's sending over their colony ship Spire of Winter. It's currently en route to Earth. It should arrive by nightfall. We'll be taking landing craft to said ship. They'll land in Galena Air Force Base."

"How much did this cost?" Deimos demanded.

"About a billion dollars," Mr. Bigmouth replied nonchalantly.

Every member of the Pelvanida Group stared wide-eyed at Mr. Bigmouth.

"You've got to be f---ing kidding me," Deimos said with a shake of his head.

"You need to keep in mind that they're letting us use all the resources available on that ship, which being the size of a small town, is a lot.
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You spent a billion dollars? Scoobys eyes were wide in shock..
We don't use money in the Pridelands, but offpaw I'm guessing a billion is a lot of money' Kiara said  as Kovu and Vitani entered the room. "hey guys what seems to be the problem? Vitani yawned. "well your  majesty i'm forming a team to send on various missions and you did sign up to help us.. ' Stripetail replied' gesturing and three pairs of rings appeared in midair. hold on, hold on' kovu protested, kopa and i have enough duties without you adding us to your ' summon on a whim list'. ' thats the thing with wizards kovu, we don;t summon people  on a whim..when  you signed up last night to give help, it meant you were willing to do whatever was asked of you.. let me put it this way, in this group you will see places you would never see otherwise, and you will have your wife kiara to keep you company, and kopa will have vitani.
if anything happens to us, Stripetail, the pridelands are screwed' Kopa said. 'My dad is retired, and there are no other males in the pride besides Kovu and me. so.. i just hope you know what you are doing.. ' Your majesty I have been  involved in dangerous business like this for thousands of years, its old hat for me.. don't worry the omniderate here will get you up to speed on wearing the suits, you'll get used to them..armor up' he smiled and four of the rings attached themselves to the four lions anbd they were encased in a blinding light. after a couple seconds it vanished revealing the four royals encased in four suits of armor,  Kopas armor was light red, Kovus was black, Kiaras was a light brown, and Vitanis was a light shade of purple.  What just happened? kiara said her voice muffled in the helmet that now coveed her head. " You are now wearing very powerful magical armor Kiara. It can protect you from pretty much anything, and can adjust to pretty much any climate. Think of it as a second skin. the boys colors matched their mane color, while i chose eye color for you girls.
I can't see anything in this thing" vitani complained as  Stripetail came up to her  and tapped her helmet " that better? " He smiled. " Yeah I can see now" vitani said. so exactly how do we take this off, " Kovu said as Stripetail tapped his helmet to allow him to see.. " you simply say 'armor down' and the armor will vanish..
_ Armor down" Kopa said, the armor disappeared and the four of the returned to normal.. " ok, that was really weird" Vitani said.. " you'll just need to get used to it.. the armor will adjust to you the longer you wear it, since you have no magic powers of your own, it will take longer than if you had magical abilities.." Stripetail said.. "Now, we need to get ready for when the spaceship arrives.. Pack everything and anything you think you may need..
 so it is just the 14 of us then? Scooby asked.. " No, to go after Chong will require a lot more than a small group, unfortunately..
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"No answer" Aimee spoke as she handed the headset over to Darwin "Keep on trying to get into contact with Stripetail, he needs to know what we've found out so far"

"What about you?" Darwin asked.

"I'm going to take another look around the prison, see if I can find anything else that they might have left behind that'll be any sort of clue on where they've gone off to" Aimee replied back as she walked out of the room, leaving Darwin to keep on trying to get Streiptail on the line.
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Stripetail's walktalkie buzzed "  I'm, hhere.. just attenbding to business. What have you found?
gumina came up to Kovu and the others " i'm Agumina.. welcome to the club..' she sm,miled " Look maybe this hero business works for you guys, but we actually are the leaders of our area.. we're royals " Kiara said.. ' yeah well agumon  is a leader too ' agumina pointed out ' hes a lord.. ' a lord huh? Kiara replied " Try being the absolute ruler of your world, thats my brother's and my job..anyway we already have a lot of demands on our time.. ' well then perhaps you guys shouldn't have signed up.. ' tiger said  shortly" You give him an inch and he'll take 50 miles out of me, i know from experience..
whos going to lead the new team Spyro asked.. "Good question, and I no idea" Kovu shrugged " we'll figured it out when we get there I guess..
_ Lets just get something to eat Scooby said as he operned the dinning room to reveal a large breakfast spread..
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"We've tried to track down the ship Chong and his friend had used to escape in, but we have had no luck in that department I'm afraid.  Our options in tracking him down are starting to become quite limited" Darwin explained to Stripetail "So, what is it that you propose we do in the end? Will you require us to meet up with you in person?"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Yes meeting me in person is the best option.. so we can formulate a strategy.. "  I will be going after him, you can rest assured on that. i appreciate your efforts, chong is a slippery fellow i know this from experience"Stripetail said
_ Onboard the spaceship
 After a number of hair-raising moments, including nearly colliding with an asteriod.. the pair had managed to  settle into a stable flight it was themn  the screen in the ship began to glow ' so Hailey, were you successful in freeing Chong?' came a cold voice.. "Answer me, my dear!
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"Alright, where are you located right now? Darwin asked "Any co-ordinates you are able to give me? As I will hand it to Aimee and in turn, we should be ready to leave as soon as we can"


Hailey looked at the voice and groaned slightly "Yes, I got him....but it was still difficult in the end, it would've been better if we had a plan to go by and not just, send me to the prison and somehow break him out"
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I'm on earth at the coordinates t you should be getting now..Stripetail said We will be leaving in a spaceship tonight.. so you'd btter hurry..
My dear, I wanted to see if you had any abilities and shall we say, cunning. If I wanted to free Chong myself I wouldn;t have revived you, it would have taken me a few minutes at most to get in  free him and get out.. But why lower myself to doing that, when I can have my servants do it for me?" Mertavius replied..Your target is 2222 persecs away, at your current speed it will take you about 45 hours to get there
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"Earth? Alright, I'll pass that onto Aimee and into, we should be arriving there in a few hours possibly, perhaps less than that" Darwin replied back as he hung up on Stripetail and  left the building to go and speak to Aimee again.


Hailey wasn't going to argue the point back, there was no need to anyway, but she did have to question something "What's the target? I mean, I just ask as I know what to look for"
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A Ship known as the Phoenix, it houses the third incarnation of a restaraunt known as the Insane Cafe.. How you take it over I leave to you.. " Mertavius said.. :' Just know that my dear friend Stripetail is going to be coming after you, and unless you want this to  fail miserably, you will keep on the move and show no mercy to your prisoners..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"Wait, wait, wait, we're going to take over....a cafe?" Hailey asked "If we're going to take over a food chain cafe, then why not something like a Starbucks instead?" though, she didn't even understand why the Insane Cafe was all that important.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Because the Insane Cafe belongs to me" Chong said " I owned and ran it for 20 years before those fools had me thrown in prison then proceeded to get it blown up after it got infested with Shurlups! No, this is VERY personal.. and I get my revenge, extracted inch by inch from thier hides.. the ship is the means to the end..
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Sara woke up and stretched as she then got of bed and cast a clean spell on herself instead of taking a morning shower, not sure how the tech here worked in the mansion.  Then cast a wide awake spell before she headed to the dining room or kitchen to see if there was any breakfast made.
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"All right, let's go and get our weapons," Zachary said.

"Well, should we see how Surf Point is doing after the war?" Deimos said.

Dr. Zanasiu shrugged. "Sure, it's be nice to pay our respects to the dead."

Strut cleared his throat. "Let's wait until everyone's done with breakfast first."
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the rest of the residents had come dowen for breakfast. both ma and Pa doo were stunned about the news " But Dixie! You can't cancel your honeymoon to go after some crazy nut!" Ma wailed Simba was far more practical " Nala and I will hold down the fort in the pridelands until you guys get back.. be careful with my kids Stripetail, they mean everything to me.." He said firmly " Kopa kovu, Zazu will be sending you daily reports so you are kept in the loop.. almaron and sunscar quickly agreed to take care of Flash "-we'll take good care of her , don';t worry.." Tigeress hugged and Kissed her daghter with tears beginning to run down her face..
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nick followed kerzach back to the cafe ; lets get cleaned up and get the cafe back open for business..
Arlene froewned as she heard about the bad news " so this Chong fellow.. hes real bad? She asked " Yeah Arlene hes real bad. we spent 6 months and thousands of lives waging a war against him" Dixie said " well this time I'm helping.. Arlene declared..
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"He's very nasty.  He lead an army that attacked several towns.  He seems a typical meglomaniac.  One of the typical ones I've come across when I travel with Jason or have been with the Legion of Super Heroes." Sara said.
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Just go get your things together " Scooby said to Arlene.. and Shaggy came up  carrying his rifle and ammo. why is it we keep getting dragged into these things? He complained. Stitch and Angel ate breakfast without much comment
 Ratchet and Angela entered the room and the other pair of rings fitted themselves onto thier fingers.  and  activated the armor within.. " Wow, this is real cool Ratchet said ' looks  like a top-flight gadgetron suit.. has nanotech readings, heartrate monitor..everything..
- well its not like my thief disguise ' angela said but its not bad..' both lombaxes were used to wearing armor of various types so this was  the best initial reaction of anyone upon first getting the suits, outside of perhaps stitch and Agumon.. ' when you want to take them off just say armor down' stripetail said to them. these rings will show an outline of you, completely colored in.. when you are not wearing the armor of course.
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Dr. Kerzach returned from his trip to the workshop to have the repulsorsled damaged.

The military thankfully had removed the dead pirates and crewmembers.

Dr. Kerzach sighed as he deployed some robots (custom installed) to help clean up the blood from the shootout.

Several other workers were busy filling in bullet holes or sweeping up spent brass.


(Scooby's House)

The Pelvanida group along with Mr. Bigmouth and Ms. Swimmer returned with their weapons. Ms. Swimmer had her dual sticks and magic staff. Everyone else kept their weapons in their vehicle. "All right, we've got extra guns, ammo, grenades and other assorted ordnance in our car if we need it."

Rime yelped as Captain Fairchild stuck his snout through the open window. "So nice of you to join us, Captain."

"Hey," the living A-10 said, "Rainbow's volunteered to join us."

He reared up a bit so the other could see the three bombs attached to his belly hardpoints. "Got my hardpoints all full. And my friends are bringing their usual complement of firepower."

The sound of jet engines signaled that the three other living planes were landing.
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well we won;t be lacking for firepower" Cynder said and she finished eating.. So thees 16 of us now..   thats means the second group is more than half completed..
 Yeah I'm not so sure about this group thing " Vitani said stratching at the ring on her claw..  " But i guess I don;t have any say in the matter.. " Hey think of it as an afventure" Stitch grinned.. as the guests started finishing thier breakfast.. "you'll get paid.. ' we don't use money in the Pridelands " Kovu said.. " Well it'll have to be in something else then.. like magic or something ' came the reply..
 Once we get on the ship then we'll take time for formal introductions" stripetail said, as Ratchet and Angela came up while still wearing thier armor.  clank had hooked himself onto Ratchets back. " Thanks for the armor " angela said " We're just walking around getting used it..
_ thats perfectly fine.. the rest of your teammates wlill have to do the same." stripetail said.. " We are going to space, on a ship called the " spire of Winter" it will be able to house a large number of crew so if you want to bring friends along, nows your opportunity..
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Sara got herself some breakfast & went to an area to sit down to start to eat her breakfast.  "Guess I should tell Jason and the others about what's happened." She said while she was eating her breakfast.
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The Pelvanida group decided to watch some TV as they were waiting for the others to finish.

Captain Fairchild was chatting with Rainbow, Lt. Martin and Major Lockie on the front lawn of the house.
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After at least 10 more minutes on the Prison Planet, the small group had left the planet and started to head towards the co-ordinates that were sent to them earlier on.

"Alright, at the speed we're going at, we should arrive back on Earth in a few hours, so I would suggest that you lot go and get some sleep" Riley told her team as she was at the wheel of the spaceship.

"You sure? You haven't sleep in the last 24 hours at least" Aimee told her.

Riley just nodded back "Yeah, I'm sure, after all, I'm the only experienced one here that can fly this thing.  Besides, sleep can wait, as we still have that Chong fella to take down"

"Alright, just try not to stress yourself out though, and try and get us there in one piece too" Aimee then told Riley as she place a hand on her should for a moment then headed off to go and get some sleep as well.
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Genki Smirked as he took a seat on the coach.. ' well another adventure eh guys he said to Tiger.. " Yeah yeah this is exactly what I was hoping for Genki' tiger said as the Front door opened and two teenage dragonesses stood there. Dulcy and Samia " Hi guys, sorry to barge in like this " Samia said " We forgot the wedding gift back at our hotel,  do you mind if we just drop it off? " Not at all please come in Dixie said kindly " so what have you two been doing with your winnings from the games? " Well we combined them and put it in a trust fund for when we get older.. it should double by then.."
 How would you girls like to go on an adventure? Spyro asked them " travel to different worlds, see various stars.? " Sure sign us up " Dulcy said. ' You'll be  among the crew Stripetail said.. ' welcome aboard girls.. samia set down the gift which was wrapped in various colored wrappings and set it on the table..
 so with these young ladies that means there are 6 dragons with us ' tarrax smiled..
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"6? That is quite a few more dragons then I though would be around." Sara said, finishing her breakfast.  

"So should I ask Jason to meet us here, or elsewhere?  He mentioned he was going to the Legion of Super Heroes universe."
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"So when will be be heading to the the airport at Galena?" Captain Fairchild asked as he stuck his snout through an open window.

Deimos sighed as he helped himself to a glass of bourbon. He swirled the the glass, making a clinking sound as the ice cubes bounced off each other.

"I think meeting at the Galena airport's better," Rime said as he leaned back in the couch.

"Well, we could always use more firepower when we're confronting madmen," Captain Fairchild added.
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Tell Jason to meet us at the airport" stripetail said as nani came up to them carrying a knapsack, which included her rifle " I'm never really been in space before " she said ' mesa been in space lotsa times Stitch grinned.. It no big thing for me..
- We've travelled to many diffeet quadrants " Clsank said are we headed to Polaris , Corvus or Bogon?
 Nione of those " Stripetail replied " For now we are headed to Galena. Everyone get in your vehicles.. Scooby climbed into the mYstery machina, and the rest of the Omniderate climbed in with him.. Shaggy climbed into his suv, and STripetail turned to the four Prideland lions " i will be teleporting you with me.. Rafiki will be here shortly Simba to take you back home  Stripetail gestured and create a small magical device. when you are meeting with Zazu, put this on the ground " It will send an image of the two of you to the suits the four of them will be whenever you have meetings you want to include them on, or you just want to see how they are doing, you just activate the device..; he said giving the device to simba. ' good luck everyone simba said to kopa  kiara kovu and vitani, stay sahe. nala kissed both her kids, then kovu and vitani. ' keep an eye on my kids you two, she said to the former outsiders " anything happens to them , you'll have a very pissed off queen to deal with. Simba Hugged Kopa then kissed Kiara. He then shook paws with Kovu and Hugged Vitani. "Good Luck on your adventure Striupetail " keep them safe " simba said  I will your majesty " we;llsee you later" Teleportius! Stripetail commanded and he vanished along with the four royals.
 _ scooby and Shaggy were soon on the road.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Kor on November 12, 2011, 10:00:45 PM
"Ok." Sara said, taking out a cellphone.  She pressed the 2 buttons necessary to call Jason and relayed the message then after a short conversation hung up and put the cell phone away.  Then she stood up and looked over to where Tarrax was.  "Do you want to fly dear or to teleport?" She asked him.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on November 12, 2011, 10:27:32 PM
We're flying tarrax repolied, as Dulcy and Samia came up to them. " we'll be flying with you guys ifd you don't mind " samia said.
Stripetail reappeared with Kopa Kiara Kovu and Vitani in front of the Galena Aiurport.. " alright this is galena " He said to them. " The others will be here in a couple hours, so if you want to walk around you can..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Kor on November 12, 2011, 10:43:08 PM
"Sure, I don't mind." Sara said.  "Flying is less tiring, and more fun the teleporting.  We can get to see the scenery as we fly." Sara said.  "Shall we be off, or do you want to do something or a few things before we leave?" She asked those she was with.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on November 12, 2011, 11:03:49 PM
no, we're all ready ' samia said pointing to the knapsack on her back. 'i'm ready whenever you are..'
 i'm ready dulcy smirked ' got some books to read pictures to look at.. ' that better not be drawings of bortoix.. dulcy, hes all mine' samia said' yeah if that doesn't work between the two of you, you always have me..Dulcy cracked.. " i know i have you , girl, i'm just looking for a mate before certain things start to be said of us.."
_ Enough girls Tarrax said..lets just getr flying..
So when will you be teaching us about that armor you gave us? Kovu asked  once we get aboard the ship..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on November 14, 2011, 01:57:53 AM
Captain Fairchild, Rainbow, Lt. Martin and Major Lockie flew alongside the dragons. Below them lay the towns.

"So how have you been?" Captain Fairchild asked.


Dr. Zanasiu and Zachary was driving the SUVs that the Pelvanida group and Ms. Swimmer came in.

"So you think we got enough firepower?" Rime asked. He was riding with Mr. Bigmouth.

"Deimos and Rime have their sniper rifles, Zachary and I have standard assault rifles, Strut and James have shotguns. Ms. Swimmer has a magic staff. And we also have four living planes with more firepower than all of us combined. And not to mention a variety of grenades, rocket launchers and mortars in the SUV that Strut's driving," Mr. Bigmouth replied.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on November 14, 2011, 02:51:40 AM
Stripetail radioed Aimee " stripetail here " we are at Galena Airport , if you are headed to Scoobys house chsangte direction and head towardsw the new cooridinates to follow..
_ I've been busy with travel to dragomalin' tarrax replied and checking up on how sara here is doing..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: MrDrake on November 14, 2011, 02:53:50 AM
Riley answered the radio "Sorry Stripetail, the others are resting up, but relax" she started as the coordinates appeared onscreen "I'll get us there very soon, going as fast as we can, should be there sometime in the next hour"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Kor on November 14, 2011, 03:35:04 AM
Sara flew along beside Tarrax.  She looked at him now and then.  


Jason's tardis soon appeared at the airport.  He exited from the tardis with some of his friends, looking around.  

"I wonder how long it'll take the others to get here." Jason said.  

"These are the coordinates?" Guilmon asked.

"The spacial ones.  I wasn't given any temporal coordinates.  No biggie though." Jason said.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on November 14, 2011, 03:58:08 AM
Nick retrurned to the cafe and started cleanup of the resteraunt, whhich had been trashed in the battle... this was going to take awhile
 meanwhile chong and hailey were making good time towards the [phoeniz ' soon, soon, i will have my revenge at last..' Chong smirked.
- traveling to galena
 ratchet angela and clanked looked out of the windows of stitchs vehicle as the blue alein continued driving..
tiger miss kitty and arlene had accompaned scoobys group..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on November 14, 2011, 04:12:45 PM
"We've mostly been practicing drills and stuff. Eltee here's been working on her flight routines for the Silverbolts," Captain Fairchild said.

They had now passed over Surf Point.

"Ah, Galena Airport's coming up!" Rainbow said. She then radioed the control tower and received clearance to land.

"All right," she said. "Tarrax, Sara, Spyro, Cynder, you're all cleared to land. Just remember to land one at a time!"

She then throttled back her engines, dropped in altitude and engaged her airbrakes to slow down in preparation for landing.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Spyro landed first followed bvy Tarrax Cynder Dulcy and Samia. \ kopa and kiara had loked around at the various stores to see all the  suits and dresses ' none of these tuxes look like they would fit me Kopa saiod " then you need to lay off the gazelle big brother' kiara said '  I've caught you sneaking wildeebeast sis, so don;t go there.. are you sure theres not something you need to tell Kovu, or perhaps mom and dad? Kiara shot him a glare "Very funny Kopa, very funny. I'm not expecting cubs any time soon, when I get pregnant , you will be one of the first to know, after all my kidsw will be your nieces and nephews and will be the cousins of your kids which raises the question, under this tandem rule system of yours, which cub is the next in line?" whichever is born first, and if the first two cubs are male and female, then they rule together. so if your first cub is a boy and mines a girl, or vice versa, then they will rule together along with thier consorts,  like us. Remember this system was pretty much the only way both of us could come into our birthrights."
 It was certainly creative " kiara agreed.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Sara landed beside the other dragons, looking around the area a bit after she had landed.  

Jason & some of his friends walked over to where they were.  "Ah, looks like you've arrived." He said.

Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: MrDrake on November 16, 2011, 03:40:54 AM
Earth was seen in the distance as their ship closed in on it, heading for the new co-oridinates that were sent to them earlier on.  The ship entered the atmosphere and started to fly low, heading forthe airport "Alright guys, time to get up, we're here" Riley told her teammates.

Aimee stretched her arms and in turn, she was the first to get up as she let off a yawn, heading over to Riley and looked ahead as Riley soon, landed the ship, a few feet away from who was present at the airport "I'm guessing that's them, wonder which is that Stripetail person" Jackson spoke up as he too was looking out.

"Only one way to find out" Aimee shrugged as she opened up the door and exited the spaceship first, along with the other three of her teammates.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on November 16, 2011, 11:41:00 AM
The mystery Machine pulled up a few minutes later and scooby and the rest of his team got out..
 vitani and kovu found thier mates and the four of them headed back to the airport , where they found a large group gathering..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Kor on November 16, 2011, 11:34:08 PM
"Do you have access to a spacecraft or starship, or do you need to use my tardis?" Jason asked.

"And what about vacc suits.  If we're going into space those may be needed." Velma said.

Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on November 16, 2011, 11:36:18 PM
we have a specship heading here
 called the spire of winter stripetail said it is what we will be usaing, to catch up to nick..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on November 17, 2011, 01:52:31 AM
The four living planes were the next to land.

The Pelvanida group also arrived and they disembarked. Their cargo of munitions was unloaded and declared to the baggage handlers.


Meanwhile, two large shuttlecraft had landed. These were from the Spire of Winter. Despite their role as transport, these craft were armed with two forward firing 30 mm autocannons and a rear firing 30 mm autocannon. An armored hull and a small shield generator completed the assembly.

The shuttlecraft opened and some armed guards appeared. A woman dressed in a naval style captain's uniform followed them.

"Greetings," she said. "I am Sharon Carson, Captain of the RIMCS Spire of Winter. May I please speak to Mr. Bigmouth?"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on November 17, 2011, 02:19:03 AM
i imagine this is going to require some paperwork of some kind"  Dixie shrugged " i mean this thing is costing him a billion dollars.. " I Think stripetail's actually the one paying for it Agumon said, as the three new comers looked at the transports ' we're vgoing in those things? Kovu asked " Yes you are" stripetail replied all of us will..
_ Excuse me captain Shaggy asked but are we bringing our vehicles along? like the mystery machine.."
 Stitch vehicle as doublke as a spacecraft' nani said..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: MrDrake on November 17, 2011, 05:43:59 AM
Aimee walked over to the group with her own group as she looked amongst them before clearing her throat "Excuse me, is there a Stripetail present? I wish to speak to him" she started "We had spoken before when our group was back on Prison Planet, investigating Chong's escape"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on November 17, 2011, 11:42:21 AM
Lord stripetail at your serviuce " stripetail said going over to her and nodding at her. Do you have any cluesa to his whereavouts? we are going hunt him down are deal with him once and for all..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Kor on November 17, 2011, 11:33:13 PM
"My guess is his first goal would be to attack the Insane cafe and Nick & Aves, I think their names are. Since I think he hates them.  As well as the typical dull meglomaniac desires he has." Jason said.  

"That and conquering the area he was attacking." Guilmon said.

"I bet if he did conquer something he'd sit around bored like Zod did in both versions of the superman 2 movie." Gnash said.

"If anyone has a lot of experience with him that should give them his standard behavior he is likely to do." Velma said.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on November 18, 2011, 02:11:59 AM
Captain Carson shook her head. "We will provide weapons, troops, vehicles and everything you need to carry out your missions. All for the pre-negotiated price of one billion dollars."

Mr. Bigmouth nodded. "Stripetail, could you please bring the money?"

"Captain, we have some munitions we would like to bring aboard, may be do so?" Zachary asked.

Captain Carson nodded.

Deimos, Ms. Swimmer, Strut along with some of Captain Carson's men left to help carry the Pelvanida Group's munitions.

"What about us?" Captain Fairchild said.

Captain Carson looked over the four living planes. "You'll occupy a unusual position; you will all be counted both as part of the motor pool and as a crew member/inhabitant."

"We can't fly into space," Lt. Martin said.

All around her, several fuel trucks were busy refueling the four living planes.

Captain Carson shrugged. "Well, you'll have to find an alternate transport or not go aboard."

"S---!" Major Lockie said. "There goes a good portion of the group's firepower!"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Kor on November 18, 2011, 04:17:57 AM
"Maybe I can do a spell to enable you to fly in space.  Or if we had enough time a permanent enchantment." Sara said as she looked at the living planes.  "Unless you have other ideas."

"The life support belts I have wouldn't fit anyone their size." Jason said.  


Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: MrDrake on November 18, 2011, 04:24:12 AM
Aimee folded her arms and closed her eyes for a moment as stripetail asked her his question "Afraid not, there were three different tracking devices on three different ships that were missing from the planet, but we did not have the time to go after any of them, especially if we were to be wasting out time with one ship that Chong wasn't on"

Darwin looked to Jason "This cafe you speak of, are you certain that would be a likely target for Chong to strike? What sort of connection does he have with this "Insane Cafe" that you speak of?"

"If you ask me, sounds like a waste of time, I mean, why even attack a cafe out of all places? Why not attack something, say, oh I don't know, important?" Riley added in, folding her arms in the process whle Jackson just stood there, quiet.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Kor on November 18, 2011, 12:39:19 PM
"He use to own the original Insane Cafe till they ousted him and he was sent to prison.   He feels some sort of vengeance sort of thing I think." Jason said, "As well as the usual megalomaniac beliefs and desires."
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: MrDrake on November 18, 2011, 05:24:16 PM
Darwin thought for a moment on what Jason had told him "So far, that does seem like the logic desicion to go by.  If what you are saying is true, and that it is to do with beliefs, then this Insane Cafe seems to be our to priority right now.  Where is this cafe located right now?"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on November 18, 2011, 06:54:57 PM
Captain Carson's men had already loaded the Pelvanida Group's weaponry into the waiting shuttles.


Captain Fairchild nodded. "A temporary enchantment is the best bet. Of course, only our engines need air so attaching the life support belts inside the engines or just in the air intakes might work."

Major Lockie looked at his companions . "Yeah, can you spare like nine of them - one for each of our engines?" he asked.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on November 18, 2011, 09:38:50 PM
Stripetail gestured and bags of gold appeared in front of the captain, there were about 30 bags filled with gold pieces ' that should be about a billion, given the interstellar gold selling price last i checked was 10 thousand a coin. Everyone grab everything out of your vehicles, those who have nothing to bring, come with me ' he said motioning to Ratchet Clank, angela and the four royal lions. " as for your questions, the Insane cafe, is hoiused on the ship known as the phoenix, where exactly it is, i don't know. Chong will be targeting Nicxk and avesw out of revenge for helkping to stop both his takeover plans and helping destroy the army he raised.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Kor on November 18, 2011, 10:58:08 PM
Jason thought for a moment.  "As for the location of the Insane Cafe and or the Phoenix, I can call scan with my tardis sensors to see if I can pick it up, Norad or UNIT to see if they have any information.  As for the life support belts, I can spare 9.  I always have extra spares.  Never know when spares will come in handy.  I"ll be right back." He went to his tardis.  

"I guess no is best a time as any if you still want the vacuum support spell on you." Sara said. "Or will the life support belts be enough?"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: MrDrake on November 19, 2011, 01:57:47 AM
Darwin nodded to Jason with what he had just said in regards to scanning that as he turned to Stripetail by that point "What is it that you are wanting us to do anyway?"

"Good call Darwin" Aimee looked to Streiptail as well "I take it until your friend there" she spoke, motioning to Jason "Finds either the Insane Cafe, or the Phoenix, we're just on standby?"

Riley however, just scoffed lightly "Fine, if that's all we're going to do, then I am going to go and get some sleep, I have not slept in over 24 hours" shetold Stripetail in particular before she turned and headed off for their spaceship and entered it in order to get herself some sleep.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on November 19, 2011, 02:35:09 AM
Yes everyone can go take a break, as for my group. we'
re boarding.. everyone who's coming get on.. '
 Stripetail saids climbing on the  first shuttle Scooby Dixie and Tiger and Tigeress climbed on, followed by Agumon Agumina and Genki
 Kopa Kiara and thier matesw climbed on the other shuttle.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Kor on November 19, 2011, 03:20:38 AM
Jason came out with Guilmon, both were holding some life support belts and he had some bits of paper as well.  Sara finished with her enchant spell as the 2 of them walked up to where the living planes and the others were.  

"I have the life support belts here.  Also I did some scanning and found where the Phoenix is and printed out the coordinates." Jason said.  "Now which of you wants the life support belts put on first?"  He asked looking at the various living planes present.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on November 19, 2011, 05:56:39 PM
The Pelvenida Group boarded the shuttles.


"We'll try the life support belts," Major Lockie said. "All we need is oxygen for our engines to burn."

"I'll go first," Lt. Martin said as she rolled up to Jason. Her air intake was located just beneath and behind her snout, making it easily accessible for repairs and cleaning. Unfortunately, that meant that she was prone to ingesting debris, which could destroy her engine. Thankfully, a special grate was installed to prevent such mishaps. "Attach the belt about two feet inside my air intake."

"Get a ladder or something," Captain Fairchild said with a yawn. "You'll need it to install the life support belts on myself or Major Lockie."

Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on November 19, 2011, 06:43:04 PM
Tarrax Spyro Cynder Dulcxy ans Samia climbed on the first settled. Arlene Kitty and Tiger climbed on the second. Bart lilo nani and shaggy.vitani moved over to make room for the newcomers on the second shuttle. soon all of Stripetail's team had aboard the shuttled. " everypones onm Stripetail called out. you can take us to the ship..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Kor on November 19, 2011, 11:59:42 PM
Sara got into the same one that Tarrax got into, if there was room.  Otherwise she'd go with Jason and his friends.  

"It's ok, I can use the legion flight ring to fly in my original body.  I always keep it on.  Or this one, but it's not had a charge in thousands or maybe nearly a million years, more or less." Jason said reaching in to briefly hold up a greenish looking ring before putting it away and going to start to put the life support belts into Lt Martin in the place she indicated, making sure it was in the proper place she had said then activated it.  Then he went to where Captain Fairchild  & Major Lockie were.

"You two ready?" He asked, Guilmon walking over holding the other belts since Jason could only hold so many and install them.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on November 20, 2011, 12:06:54 AM
Tarrax made room for Sara and the shuttle was now filled to capacity. So what is this um spaceship like? kovu asked " we';ve never been anyewhere but firmly on the ground.. " you'll just have to see like the rest of us Arlene replied, looking up at the much larger cat. I'm Arlene , by the way I'm one of Dixues friends..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on November 20, 2011, 12:12:25 AM
Major Lockie and Captain Fairchild nodded.

"Insert them about a foot away from the fan blades," Captain Fairchild said.

"Actually, you may want to try something else," Major Lockie said. "The air intake for my  engines are behind my props and accessing them is a little difficult. Or you could attach the belts right on the prop shaft that juts out from the middle of my engines."

Rainbow yawned, much to the amusement of everyone present. "Yeah, when you're done installing the upgrades on those two, I'm next. Just install them two feet or so inside my air intakes - there's one on each side."

Captain Carson watched as everyone boarded the shuttle. "Tell us when you are finished and we'll take off together."
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on November 20, 2011, 12:31:13 AM
chong and hailey were now less than 24 hours away from reaching the Phoenix.. chong was bored and tried to get some sleep. in his dreams he dreamed of subjecting Nick and Aves to the worst torments his fiendiush mind could concoct..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Kor on November 20, 2011, 02:09:01 AM
Jason nodded & started putting the life support belts in the place indicated by Captain Fairchild.  He double checked the placement of each life support belt before he activated it & made sure it was working before he went to place in the second one and did the same as before.  Once he was sure he was fully done with Captain Fairchild he then went to Major Lockie.  

"Hmm." Jason thought a moment of what Major Lockie said.  "I think it may be best to put the life support belts onto the prop shafts directly.  They can cover the props and air intakes, with just minor adjustments at most." Jason said, getting started on that.  Doing like before, double checking the placement before he did adjusted a setting on the belt then activated the first life support belt, checking that then going to the second one.  

Finished with Major Lockie he then went to get started on placing the life support belts on Rainbow where she had said.  Doing the same proceedure as before, he would double test the placement, activate the first belt and be sure before placing the second one.  

Then he stepped away from the planes.  " I think I'm all finished." He said.  Then to Guilmon, "Thanks for you help, no way I could have carried all those myself and done the work while trying to carry them all."

"Would have been hard." Guilmon said, standing next to Jason.  
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on November 21, 2011, 02:57:41 AM
"We're done," Captain Fairchild said.

Captain Carson nodded as she and her men boarded their shuttles. Their repulsorlifts hummed to life and they slowly climbed into the sky.

The four living planes followed.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on November 21, 2011, 04:29:26 PM
The spire of Winter was waiting in as low-Earth orbit. the ship was unlike anything most of the passengers had ever seen. theres were a large set of eyeballs staring out at the ship as the transport got closer and closer to docking with it. "Once we get on board the captain will brief us about the ship and show us to our chambers Stripetail said " Then i will explai to all of you what our mission will be..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on November 21, 2011, 05:34:45 PM
Mr. Bigmouth looked out the window at the Spire of Winter. His eyes widened as he took in how massive it was - it appeared to be size of Surf Point - if not bigger.

The massive ship lazily drifted 110 miles above the Earth.


The transports then entered through a large hatch in the top of the ship and flew through a well lit metal tunnel. Landing lights in the form of electric blue lines on the wall pulsed in a steady rhythm as the transports flew to the hangars.


Captain Fairchild and his two companions were still lagging behind the powerful shuttlecraft.

Unfortunately, Major Lockie had only managed to make it to about 40,000 feet - already 10,000 feet above his service ceiling and only thanks to zoom climbing. Unfortunately, his great size and slow flying speed meant that he now had to slowly glide back to the ground and try some other tactics.

Captain Fairchild managed to make it to about 55,000 feet, again, using the same zoom climb tactic that Major Lockie used. Unfortunately, he could no longer climb higher and he had to slowly glide back to the ground.

Rainbow looked at Lt. Martin, both fighter planes comfortably soared past 60,000 feet. They had no problem conversing in the rarified air thanks to the fact they did not need oxygen to live - only to move at high speeds.

"So you wanna race to see who can break Galena AFB's record for highest zoom climb?" Rainbow asked.

Lt. Martin sighed. "You hold that record! 100,000 feet!"

"Well, I'm going to break it!"

With that said, Rainbow lit her afterburners and accelerated to Mach 2.5. Even though her breed of aircraft could only reach Mach 2.15, her engines had been replaced with much more powerful ones. She then pulled into a climb that so steep, that an organic pilot would have blacked out.

"..." Lt. Martin followed suit. Even though her engines were normal for an aircraft of her breed, she wanted to try. She had only done a zoom climb once before, on a solo performance with the Silverbolts. She lit her afterburners, accelerated somewhere beyond Mach 2 and pulled into a steep climb.

Anyone watching would have seen an amazing sight - two sleek fighter jets flying nearly vertical on full afterburners and the cloudy blue plains of the Earth below and the ink-black space above them.


When Major Lockie reached his normal flight ceiling of 30,000 feet, he radioed Stripetail. "Stripetail, this is Major Lockie, Captain Fairchild and I are having some trouble keeping up with the shuttles. Even while zoom climbing, we couldn't break 50,000 feet. I'm not sure what Rainbow and Lt. Martin can do but they aren't spacecraft so I doubt they'll be able to follow the shuttle.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Kor on November 21, 2011, 07:32:22 PM
Jason and Guilmon, and his other friends who were still outside, went into his tardis.  

"Looks like the planes are having some trouble getting into space." Brooklyn said looking at one of the auxiliary view screens.

"if need be we could use our tractor beam." Jason said.  "The tardis certainly has no troubles flying in the air or space so could tractor beam them into orbit if needed." He said.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on November 21, 2011, 07:40:08 PM
Jason has a tractor beam in his tardis. radio him and ask him to beam you up and steer you into the hatch, the hatch has enough air inside of it for you tpo move and land on your own. this ship is huge probably 750-1000 sq miles in theres plenty of room for you t move around in..
 the shuttles docked and openned allowing the passengers to climb off. kopa looked aroundin amazement ' i think we are the first lions in space' he said to kiara and vitani, who were gazing around at the surroundings..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: MrDrake on November 21, 2011, 07:44:48 PM
Aimee entered their spaceship and woke Riley up "Wake up, we're heading off"

"Ugh, I just got to sleep, but fine, where to?" Rley asked as she stretch andgot up, heading to the front of the small ship.

"We're following the others back into space" Aimee replied back as Darwin and Jackson got on.

Riley nodded back as she started up the engine and took off.  It wasn't even all that long before they saw the ship "Huh, that's one hell of a spaceship" Riley spoke as she navigated closer to the Spirit of Winter as well.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Nick22 on November 21, 2011, 07:49:03 PM
Stripetail climbed out his shuttle, followed by Dulcy, Samia tarrax sara and bart. Scooby and Dixie were nextt folowed by the rest of the Omniderate.
Its cold up here : lilo said. ' have you been in space before/ bart asked " A couple times, but that was to go after Stitch. ' Stitch and Angel were used to space as were Ratchet Clank and Angela. the rest of the team, however were not, so those five would help lead meeting thatwould happen once they got to thier rooms..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on November 21, 2011, 11:35:42 PM
Rainbow had broken her previous record but it was still not enough to reach the spacecraft.

When she reached 124,673 feet, all of her speed from the zoom climb had bled off.

She then radioed Brooklyn. "Brooklyn, this is Rainbow, I have reached my absolute altitude. I will gather the others and then I request assistance to the starship. Over."

She then shut off her engines and proceeded to enter freefall.


Lt. Martin's climb of 94,562 feet was impressive as well but as wither her friend, she was eventully forced to fly back down


Captain Carson waited until all the cargo was unloaded from the shuttles.

She then cleared her throat. "Welcome aboard the long range colony ship RIMCS Spire of Winter. I am Sharon Carson, captain of this fine ship," she said.

Several laborers loaded the luggage onto repulsorsleds.

"Your quarters are located in the town of Winterville. The route will be clearly marked."

Deimos held up a hand. "This place has a f---ing town!?"

Captain Carson seemed nonplussed. "Yep, we found that having a town with cafes, trees, grass, artificial weather and even some vegetable plots substantially improves morale. You'll meet the other 9,000 or so inhabitants there."

With thatbsaid, Captain Carson walked out a hallway and headed to the bridge.
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well we might as well head out to winterville' Stripetail said. a placard read winterville 2 miles to the right.. " so its two miles that way.. " lets head out everyone.. we can take the sleds i would think. those who want to fly, can do so, as the ceiling looks high enough to allow flight by planes.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on November 22, 2011, 12:05:59 AM
"You're free to borrow one of the electric carts or repulsorsleds if you don't feel like walking," a Wolverine mechanic said as he passed by them on a sled carrying scrap metal to be recycled.
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Soon enough, Aimee and her team had landed on the giant ship as well, with the small group getting out, Riley in particular though, was not all that pleased right now "There had better be at least, somewhere where I can get some real sleep" she groaned.

"Well, this ship is rather big as it is, so I'm certain there is a place to rest, where the hell is the captain of this ship?" Aimee asked as she glanced around before she started to head off in one direction with her team following her.
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Brooklyn relayed the message to Jason.  

"I can use the Anti-gravity spiral beam to reduce the pull of gravity on the living planes then a tractor beam to pull them up to where they can dock with the ship themselves." He said, his tardis dematerializing so it can materialize much higher up in the air so it could be ready to do this.  Hovering in place till everyone was ready.
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The four living planes landed and refueled at the airport.

Rainbow then radioed Jason. "Jason, this is Rainbow, set the antigrav beam to a narrow tunnel or something. If we reduce gravity enough, we should be able to reach escape velocity. Over."


Ms. Swimmer and Dr. Zanasiu decided to walk. Zachary, Strut, Deimos, Mr. Bigmouth and Rime decided to hop onto some repulsorsleds.

Luckily, they were pretty easy to drive.
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most of stripetail's group decided to walk, everyone taking in the new surroundings. the floor clankede withh the sounds of paws and claws and feet walking on it  ' so i'm giessing everyone will have thier own rooms ' dul;cy said. ' yes, everyone will need to sign in onvce we reach our lodgoingds.. we will be spending a loing time here.. stripetail saiud. as they passed a sign which send Winterville, One mile"
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Jason did as requested and sent the coordinates.  "I also have a tractor beam as well within that, so those 2 combined should help all of you to get into space."  He said.  "It looks like the others have boarded so the space area around should be all clear."
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The group made good time in reaching Winterville, which was quite a sight to see. the Pridelanders had never seen such a large town befoire, as there were no cities near the Pridelands. ' this is really cool' Lilo said " a town inside a spaceship. " i could go shopping.. go out for dinner with Lilo Stitch and Angel' nani said..
_ I hope theres a movie theather here " shaggy said " whats a town without a place to go see movies?
Where will we be staying? Bart asked as they began walking down the seet and began passing residents of the town. " well From what the captain told me.. we are on the north end of town " stripretail said.
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Zachary looked up. The town actually had simulated weather systems; right now it was lightly drizzling. "Damn, this must have cost a pretty penny."

Several of the inhabitants waved at the group.

Mr. Bigmouth whistled as he looked at the town. "The four planes would have no problem being able to fly around. Sure, they only fly maybe a thousand or so feet high but still."


Thanks to the combination of the tractor beam and antigrav beam, the four living planes easily reached orbit. Unfortunately, because their control surfaces were useless in a vacuum, they had to be passively guided into the landing bay.


A few minutes later, all four of the planes landed inside the sleek hangar.

"Well that was interesting," Major Lockie said.

Rainbow smirked. "Well, I can finally shut Blackie up!"

Blackie was a living SR-71 Blackbird and the fastest plane they knew. His top speed was somewhere around mach 3.5 - or even higher.

"Yeah good for you,"  Captain Fairchild said.

Luckily, they had radioed Captain Carson and she was there to greet them along with several mechanics.

"As you already know, I am Captain Sharon Carson," Captain Carson said.

"Pleased to meet you, I am Captain Aaron Fairchild," Captain Fairchild said.

"Major Martin Lockie."

"2nd Lt. Gen Martin."

"Major Allison Douglas. But I'd prefer it if you used my call sign - Rainbow."

Major Lockie rolled his eyes. Rainbow was brave and friendly but she had a rather large ego and was a touch on the vain side.

"So where do we stay?" Lt. Martin asked.

"You'll have to stay in the vehicle bay; we don't have an airport in the town," Captain Carson said. "Also, are there any unusual things we need to know?"

"We can self heal to a limited extent and we need to eat scrap metal to heal. Other than that, we're pretty much the same as ordinary non-living planes," Major Lockie said.

"Also, is there a place where we can test our weapons?" Captain Fairchild asked.

"Captain, save the munitions for when we meet Chong!"

"No need. We have onboard factories that manufacture nearly everything we need. As for a test range, there's the Winterville Proving Grounds in the south part of the town. You're free to practice with your weapons," Captain Carson said. "Now I'll just leave you to get comfortable."
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"There, they are safely docked and such." Jason said.

"So we can go there ourselves?" Gnash asked.

"Sure, wouldn't you like to get a chance to walk around?" Jason asked looking at Gnash.

"I would.  They may have nice food there."Guilmon said, rubbing his stomach briefly.

"Everyone else is there.  We may as well go ourselves." Brooklyn said.
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STripetail guided his groioup to the Winterville Hotel where a clerk was waiting for the them My name is Fagin and you must be the wizard and his group. We hsave reseved the first and second floors for you " please pick up your welcome pacakages on the table near the front desk.
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Captain Fairchild decided to radio Stripetail. "Stripetail, this is Captain Fairchild, Rainbow, Lt. Martin, Major Lockie and I have arrived safely. Captain Fairchild out."
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Riley looked at signpost and just scoffed as she read it Winterville "There's a whole town on this spaceship? Heh, never would've guessed that and..." she stopped as she felt it drizzling "Either their sprinkler system is faulty or..."

"Drizzling? Yeah, looks like it" Jackson added in, glancing upwards "Makes me wonder what else they have on here as well, a town, a weather system, next there'll be a beach with surf and all" he laughed as the group headed towards the town.

"I wouldn't put it past them" Riley just grumbled back "As long as they have a hotel we can check in, I'll be just fine"

"Well, only one way to find out really" Aimee added in as they just kept on walking still "I just hope that Stripetail and the others did head into the town as well, otherwise, we'll just end up getting lost and all"

"It seems to be the logical thing to do, I mean, if we're all going to fight Chong, then resting up would be the most logical thing to do" Darwin then added in.
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"So where are we materializing?" Brooklyn asked.

"I've undecided.  Maybe a park.  Would be nice to walk in a park for a bit. And who'd notice an extra tree.  or maybe a parking lot next to the park." Jason said.  

"Or another parking lot in case the park is closed.  Assuming the place has a park." Brooklyn said.  

"I'll have the tardis scan the whole place, then show us some likely places and we can decide together.  How about that?" Jason said smiling as he looked at the others.

"Sounds good to me." Gnash said.

"Yea, near a place with food." Guilmon said.

"I'll wait till I can see what alternatives there are." Velma said.
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Chong and Hailey were closing in on the Phoenix, the ships computer indicates they were less than 3 hours away from the Phoenix's current location..
 Scooby and dixie took rooms on the second floor. each room could hold four occupants, but for now Scooby and Dixie would be by themselves..
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Dr. Kerzach had finished cleaning up the ship and repairing the damage.

Several of the soldiers were eating at the cafe.


(Spire of Winter

Mr. Bigmouth got his own room. He packed nothing except for some electronics and magical projects that Stripetail wanted him to work on. All of his weapons were stored in the armory of the ship. Weapons (with the exception of pistols, knives and similar sized items) were permitted only in the shooting range near Winterville Proving Grounds.


Rime and Deimos got into their rooms and unpacked their personal belongings. Both of them wore a simple vest with pockets for ammunition and other such items. Both of them had their pistols holstered. Of course, Deimos decided to hide his .50 caliber rifle.

"This hotel's really nice," Rime said as he slid his cased rifle under the bed.

Deimos said nothing as he got to work stripping and cleaning his pistol.


Ms. Swimmer knocked on Cynder's door. "Cynder! Spyro! You got any extra room?"

She had her magic staff along with her dual sticks and club in a bag at her feet. Inside that bag was some very nice jewelry that she had previously scavenged during the war.


The four living planes had their weaponry removed and set aside as was protocol for the vehicles in the bay. They had also been refueled and fitted with transponders that allowed them to open the blast doors that led to either the runway into space or the runway to Winterville.

While Rainbow, Lt. Martin and Major Lockie were chatting with the ground crew. Captain Fairchild was getting loaded for his practice run. He carried a set of 30 mm training rounds. While these rounds flew like his regular API rounds, they lacked incendiary compounds, explosives or depleted uranium. He also wore two rocket pods on his wings. These were standard high explosive rockets.

He slowly rolled onto the runway and waited for the all clear. Once that was done, he lit his engines and sped down the runway leading to the proving grounds.

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Spyro opened the door. Sure ms Swimmer , please come in. we're right next to Scooby and Dixie. we were given rooms according to our rank, and we are all next to each other..'
 Cynder had settled on the bed and was trying to settle into sleep.
_ tiger and Tigeress were settled into thier room " This isn't bad Genki said too bad theres no TV.. ' genki we're going though space, you don't need to play any video games Tigeress said.."Once everyone has settled in thier room
 we will be meeting in the lobby' Stripetail radioed from his room.. This looks like a nice place, Better get used to these rooms we're gong to be staying here for awhile..
_ Kopa and kiara were deciding what bed which pair of royals woulkd get.. " So I guess we're all in this room right? Kovu asked gazed at the large bed in front of them.. " well yeah " vitani shrugged. " i'm not picky about who gets what..
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"Found a place." Jason said.  Soon the tardis materialized.  "Best take some umbrellas, never know if it may rain." He said checking the readings of the exterior before he unlocked the door.  

"Looks like a pleasant park, like anywhere on earth." Velma said. "Or certain other places." She said.

"Very pretty." Guilmon said, looking at the holographic view screen.

"Very good idea to have a park in space for a variety of reasons.  Provides better smelling air then machines, psychological, and other reasons." Jason said.

"The same reasons there's a garden in the tardis?" Brooklyn asked.

"yes.  I think only a machine race would not want a garden.  And some of them, like the autobots, maximals and certain others enjoy them as well." Jason said.

"Especially Beachcomber." Gnash said.  

"though instead of a technological umbrella I'd rather use a magic ring that does the same.  Less to carry." Velma said.

"Good idea.  Pick out your umbrella rings then lets go out for a stroll outside." Jason said, opening the small storage area in the wall near the exit door with numerous rings and picking out one before he walked outside.

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Ms. Swimmer placed her clubs, twin sticks and a small case containing various enchanted jewelry in a corner of the room. She had her staff with her.


Mr. Bigmouth was the first to arrive in the lobby.

"So, Stripetail, I understand that you wanted to see us?"


Captain Fairchild was at the proving grounds. He let fly with a volley of high explosive rockets at a target they had carved on the grass. A thunderous series of explosions rippled through the air as the rockets struck their mark.

He heard Stripetail's voice. "This is Captain Fairchild."


Major Lockie, Lt. Martin and Rainbow were huddled around a telescreen in the hangar.

Lt. Martin activated the screen with her manipulator claws. Soon, Stripetail's image appeared on it.

"Stripetail, you called?" she asked.
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Yes Mr Big mouth have a seat I'll wait for everyone to arrive before beginning our meeting " stripetail said.. trying to catch cvhong will not be easy, as space is enormous and we have no idea where he is.. or who is helping him.. our group this time will be much smaller than when we fought the war against Chong and Dragonstorm..all included we've got about 50 in my group, at the most..
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Mr. Bigmouth returned with a glass of orange juice. "If I recall, the Spire of Winter has a few thousand troops. If we can get Captain Carson to authorize use of them, then we should be fine."

"If I may, Commander," Rainbow's voice cut in from the telescreen on the meeting table. "There are several armored vehicles inside the hangar."

Dr. Zanasiu, Rime, Strut, Zachary, Deimos and Ms. Swimmer arrived at the table with their breakfast.

"So what are we planning right now?" Deimos asked.


Captain Fairchild was flying alongside a member of the Spire of Winter's air force.

He flashed his wingtip lights in an aviation version of a thumbs up.

The pilot saluted and broke off to continue his own exercises.
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yes well lets not assume we have to go on a war footing Stripetail replied as most of his group joined the meeting and took seats around the table which ewas very large. " good to see all of you make it' stripetail geatured and images aopppeared in front of everyone " Now we are planning our strategy rfor dealing with Chong. Also I would like to inbtroduce the new members of the Omnbiderate. Ratchet, Angela Kiara Kopa Kovu and Vitani. I believe I have all those naes correct? Stripetail saiud.
Yeah you got them right Kopa said " my father mentioned he would be sending a rundown of Zazu's report.. " Yes if your father sends you a report feel free to adress that first. royal responsibilities are after all very important If any of you have other business that may come up. you may attebd to it, and I'll fill in what you missed earlier..
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The ship that Chong and Hailey were piloting was detected by the Phoenix's powerful sensor suite.

The ship's mining laser automatically warmed up and trained itself on the approaching as the Captain demanded that the ship identify itself.


(Spire of Winter)

Ms. Swimmer took a sip of her tea. "Pleased to meet you."

The living planes on the viewscreen all dipped their front ends as a gesture of respect.

Captain Fairchild suddenly appeared on the viewscreen. "Sorry, I was late but I had some training to do."

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Thats fine " stripetail said ,waving it off with a gesture..
 Its Nice to meet all of you " Kiara said " i'm - well all of us-we're still getting used not being on the ground, but i guess we'll get used to it." Not used to sitting on these chair things " kovu agreed.
 so tyou still haven't made clear what my job is " angela said " i hope this team of your is not a dating service . I can get that on the Holonet.. " " every month Angela you and your partner will be paid, in your case inn bolts, the others in whatever currency their world uses, such as gems or cash. For the Pridelanders I guess I'll pay you in meat.. since the pridelands doesn't use any kind of money..
_ Nice to meet all of you" agumon said to the new members " I'm Agumonm, and this is Agumina.. " Stitch and Angel were bouncing around in thier chairs. they were pretty excirted to be on another Adventure..
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"The rings should also provide temporary protection in case of a vacuum exposure.  Just try to get back to the tardis as fast as you can." Jason said.  He said before walking outside.

"nice." Guilmon said looking around at the sights he could see.

"Indeed, the tardis picked a very picturesque place to materialized." Jason said.

"At least it's not a haunted hotel." Velma said.  

"Haunted HOtel, that sounds cool.  Where is that?" Gnash said, liking the idea.

"A place we visited previously, and then got into a war.  Big and very messy." Brooklyn said.  

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The captain of the Phoenix sent a radio message to Chong and Hailey's ship.

"Identify yourself or you will be fired on!"


Dr. Kerzach looked at his PDA and rolled his eyes. "Great, sensors picked up an unknown ship and it's not responding to the captain's demand to identify itself.


(Spire of Winter)

"Well first off," Deimos said, as he took a sip of tea. "We don't know where the hell Chong is."

Mr. Bigmouth rolled his eyes. "Knowing him, he'll probably come to us."
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Lets just hope it isn't Chong.." Nick said.. " but sinvce hes escaped its a given hed come looking for mew..that guy is obsessed with gfetting even with me..
_ Opemn Fire Hailey! Chong dsaid then avoid their return fire until we can find aq hatch to emnter the ship..
 He will probably try to go after Nick again wherever Nick is, Chong will try to find him and get even wiuth him.." stripetail said. ' we will try and locate the Phoenix and head to ots location..
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So this Chong guy is bad news huh? Arlene asked. ' yes he is " Cynder said " we've dealt with hi before, heck he led a full scale war against us which lasted six months..
 He does not sound like anyone I'd want within 100 miles of Green River " Miss Kitty said from her seat.. "I just hope Tiger and I aren't drawn into fighting . "
_ No Kitty you will be logistics, that is helping supply us with food and guidance from onboard the ship.. unless we land on a planet..
_ tiger looked relieved..Sure we can help you guys that way..
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Mr. Bigmouth returned with a laptop and was currently browsing through the police reports of the spaceways.

His eyes widened as he spotted a recent dispatch regarding a pirate attack on a ship known as the Phoenix.

Dr. Zanasiu looked over. "Hey, isn't that Nick's ship?"

Deimos looked over the details. "It's his ship all right."

Mr. Bigmouth cleared his throat. "Stripetail, I have located Nick's ship. Shall I set a destination for Captain Carson?"

Rime leaned back in his chair and put his feet on the table.

"If I may, Commander," Captain Fairchild said. "I suggest that we head to where the Phoenix is located. There, we have the best chance of catching Chong and placing him into custody."

A crash followed by Lt. Martin unleashing some remarkable profanity sounded through the viewscreen.
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Yes Contact the Captain, and have set a course.. " strIpetail agreed. as Dixie spoke up " er Stripetail youy mentioned something at the reception about someone raising someone from the dead.. chong isn't our only concern here..
Yeah, I didn't know you could bring someone back from the dead Tigress said.
_ You can, but it requires such extreme power that only a few beings in existence can do it. it is banned by the Wizard governing council for several reasons, among those, are the extreme power  it requires, the dangers involves in bring someone back-failing in the attempt can kill you-, the fact that revivals rarely are done with good intentions, and finally the morality of it. All mortals have a time to live and a time to die. It does not matter whether thier lives are short or long, when they die they die" Stripetail said." and the dead shhould be left alone.
Didn't we deal with a whole group of ghosts back at the Inglorious Hotel/ Nani pointed out. " ghosts are different, they are embodiments of a dead person or creature, and are governed under different rules." stripetail explained.
_ so fort example, could you say, bring my brother Nukas ghost here? Vitani chimed in. " well I could summon his ghost, certainly, but why would I disturb him unless it was necessary? Nuka wasn't exactly a good sort eoither as i recall your highness" stripetail said.
So you could bring my grandfather Mufasa" Kopa started before stripetail cut himoff. " I am NOT going to be bringing any ghosts here, understand? I don't like bothering the spirits unless it cannot be avoided, and even when it is necessary i usually avoid the real evil ones..
So I have a question Kiara said "so in this team of yours Stripetail am I going to be the weaker part of my pairing? " No your m,ajesty, eachmember of a  pair is equal,while there is a hierachy, based on when I gave the rings to each pair,  i do not condone looking down on others lower than you in rank. Besides, all of you ultimately answer to me, if there is any disagreement i will step in and handle it..You and your brother Kiara are, obviously, well-trained in giving orders, so you know what that entains. Leadership is sometimes complicated and messy,and often involves compromising to a certain degree.
_ and there are rules and customs, and posture and" Kovu added " Stripetail waved his paws in a dismissive gesture " yes Yes, Your highness, spare us the finer poinmts please..xwe are already get off subject..
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Mr. Bigmouth nodded and radioed the bridge. "This is Mr. Bigmouth, I would like to speak to Captain Carson."

"So you finally decided on a course?" Captain Carson said.


"Can you pinpoint the location of the starship Phoenix? Stripetail has suggested that as our next destination." Mr. Bigmouth then sent a copy of the police blotter to the bridge, taking advantage of the ship's wireless communication system.

"Can do."


Captain Carson looked at the screen next to her as the police blotter showed up. She then input the coordinates of the Phoenix into the jumpdrive navigation computer.

She then broadcast throughout the entire ship. "Attention, the Spire of Winter will be entering hyperspace in approximately three minutes."

The captain then pressed a button to warm up the jump drive and leaned back in her chair.
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I have a few questions? Clank said from his chair as an image of Simba and zazu appeared in front of Kopa and Kovu " Hi everyone sendingthis  trying to see if thisthing works " Simba said " seems to be going ok.. Zazu has just arrived with his usual report.. " Hi Dad Kiara smiled " yes we can see you.. you would not believe the things we have already seen " You mother and I'll be waiting to hear all about it when you guys get back..
- will we be stopping on any planets? Clank said " probably, especially if Chong lands there, and we get a chance to trachk him
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There was an earsplitting crack as the ship entered hyperspace.

"Well, all we can do is wait," Mr. Bigmouth said.

"So who's up for a walk around town?" Ms. Swimmer said as he returned her dishes.
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I could definitely go for one" dixie said ' see what Winterville has to offer.. and No I'm not going shopping.. "
_ Flying around town sounds like a plan Dulcy said. and stutch stood up.. wesa going for walk too" he smiled..
Very well , Meeting adjourned" stripetail said, gettinghg up.. the only ones who were still seated where the four royals who were getting the report from Simbas.. " This is rather strange Vitani sauid ' to hear his voice, but hes not here hes well back in the Pridelands..
Well at least hes keeping us in the loop.. Kovu said " nothing too important has happened..yet..
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"All right, see you around town," Lt. Martin said as the viewscreen shut off.

Ms. Swimmer was the first to exit and look around. They were on a street that looked remarkably like that of Surf Point. Electric cars and repulsorsleds hummed along the road.

She took a deep breath of the air. "Wow, the air's real clean."

Mr. Bigmouth looked around. "Wow, they really did simulate a small town."

Dr. Zanasiu looked at a sign. "Well, there's a vegetable and fish farm in the outskirts of town. Let's go have a look."

"Hey, our food's gotta come from somewhere!"


"So care for a quick flight?" Lt. Martin asked.

"Well, we could use some flight training." Rainbow nodded.

"Pardon us," a man in a blue flight suit said. He was accompanied by some other pilots. "But do you mind if we join you?"

"Not at all!" Lt. Martin said. She then slowly rolled over to the runway and waited for clearance to take off.
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Dulcy and Samia flew over the town. both young dragonesses were amazed at the sights below them. " this looks like a .. what do you call it? a beach town/ Samia said looking over at her friend.
 Stripetail waked along the sreets pausing to gaze at the other residents. here since there were other squirrells here, none of the residents seemed surprised to see another squirrell there.
 thgis looks like a something off of Plaqnet Novaru" clank said as he Ratchet and Angela followede the others down the street, they were beghind Agumon and Agumina. You meet that vacation planet? eh novaru's was g;litzier, at least from those broghures they sent you. costs a pretty big stack of bolts to go there" Angela shrugged " still this place is far better than that hole the Kerchu stuffed me in.. " why did the Kerchu lock you away?Ratchet asked. " because.. well i'll tell you another time..
_ kopa, kiara and kovu continued watching the image as Simba nala and and zazu explained the days report.. ' border patrol's were going off as scheduled- although they were reporting to the king directly now, normally they would report to Kovu, who would tell kopa and the two of them would decide what changes -if-any- to make. ..nala was managing the hunts " starting to show my age a little" she admitted ruefully.
- vitani was looking at the pictures on the wall- mostly motivational posters - you can do it! don't give up!and the like, and few promos for winterville..
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The two living fighter jets along with their training partners flew over the Winterville Proving Grounds.

Ms. Swimmer was eating a fruit ice bar she had gotten from a vendor. "So who wants to see the farm with Mr. Bigmouth and I?"

Zachary shrugged and tossed the empty bag of chips into a nearby trash can.
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 Nick started to make his way across the resteraunt floor when sirens rang oput1 We are under attack! a recorded voice shrieked. 'This is not a drill
 outsaide the ship
 the transport ship containing Chong and Hailey was dodging the phoenixs  laser blast..
 spyro and cynder flew over a tree lined street' this looks like nice place to stay..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"Nice flowers." Velma said stopping near an area with some flowers growing in them.  

"Very much so." jason said as he and the others stopped, during their walking in the park.  

Guilmon went over to sniff one of the flowers, "Smells nice." He said.  

"This looks like a good place to sit and rest." Brooklyn said pointing to some benches not to far off.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Dr. Kerzach facepalmed.

"Not this s--- again!" he muttered.

Luckily, there were still a few troops aboard the ship, so they got ready for combat.

"Nick!" Dr. Kerzach yelled. "Should we take our money and hide like last time?"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Chong waited as the ship landed in the hangar' Nice flyingHailey, I'm impressed he said he climbed out.."Now for the search.."
 No, this time we fight! Nick said " if its Chong, by any chance, we will need to fight so he doesnm't simply kill us.
 Chong started flinging magic, which caused explosions which rocked the ship.. " hailey you take out the cap[tain and cxontrols..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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The captain of the starship sealed the bridge's blast door as he reached into a safe underneath his seat and grabbed his shotgun. He started sliding shells into his weapon.

As he slung the weapon over his shoulder, he racked the gun's slide. "I don't know what it is but I will not surrender."


Dr. Kerzach remotely activated the Phoenix's many hidden defenses. He then pulled out his switchblade and got into a fighting stance.

Several of the troops who were eating in the cafe got ready for combat.

The employees of the cafe had various rifles and shotguns in their hands.


The Phoenix's guards met Chong and Hailey in the ship's hangar.

Most of the guards were armed only with 9 mm submachine guns and 12-gauge shotguns but they still engaged the two.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Gubns? Really? chong smirked as he began blasting at the guards with magic. While Chong was still not the magician he had once been, he was still more than a match for the guards, who were soon under an onslaught on powerful magic, agauinst wghich thier small guns were useless.. chong pinned one guard against a wall , knocked spome mothers into a nearby plane, and knocked out a couple more with a resounding crunch.. " Hailey head to the captain's quarters.." Chong demanded.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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The hidden defenses of the Phoenix also included powerful pulsed lasers cannons mounted behind hidden panels. Thanks to the fact that these powerful lasers emitted in the infrared range, there was no visible beam that would show if the hangar was filled with smoke.

They deployed, aimed at Chong and Hailey and immediately fired powerful but invisible blasts that traveled at the speed of light, making them impossible to dodge - perfect for destroying pirate ships that tried fleeing or entering.

This was the only places that laser cannons were placed - .30 caliber machine guns loaded with frangible rounds, gas dispensers, electrified floors, electrified walls and net launchers were scattered throughout the ship.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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the lasers blasted Chong back agauinst a nearby wall and burned welted nonto his skin
 Drat! its figures they would have other means of self defense..Chong said as the lasers continued blasting away
 suicxh was the speed that chong was limited in his movements, he didn't have time to cxast a barrier around him..
 In the Cafe Nick had an idea
 Kerzach see if you can locate the security cameras in the back room
 rthey show whats happening outside
 we use them normally to see if some bloke skipped out on paying for a meal..'
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Dr. Kerzach nodded and went over to a small terminal that was normally used for cafe business (keeping track of who was sitting where, food stocks, etc) in the front of the door and bought up the visual feed from cameras throughout the ship. His jaw dropped as he saw who was in the ship's hangar.

"It's Chong!" he shouted.  But it looks like those laser cannons you installed are keeping him busy. Well, they were supposed to be for destroying pirate ships trying to enter through the hangar, so hopefully those lasers will kill him."


Even though the lasers did land a few lucky hits at Chong, their targeting systems were not designed to target anything smaller than an average sized repulsorsled, which was quite a bit larger than Chong.

Unfortunately for Chong, the laser cannons had advanced cooling systems that allowed for a high rate of fire.
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Nick's face fell. go find my emergency contact phone and try and get in touch with Stripetail! He needs to know how bad things are! Nick shouted
 Kopa Kovu and the others finished thier meeting with Simba and zazu who bid them goodbye and vanished from view " Lets go out and explore this place, shall we? Kiara said " Get used to being around these creatuures, since we're going to be here awhile" Kopa Shrugged " lead the way,m little sis.. He smirked " he loved Kiara dearly, as a brother should. So far things were going well for them. kopa could not help but reflect on his mrentor the mystic nuteri, who was probably enjoying his retirement in the Pridelands " the old coot is probably have a great time basking in the sun " kopa thiought to himself..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Dr. Kerzach nodded and ran to the back room. He found said emergency phone in a clearly marked box on the wall. He grabbed it, ran back to Nick and handed him the phone.


Captain Fairchild fired his 30 mm cannon at several targets about half a kilometer away. The targets in question were holograms projected by drones flying overhead.

Suddenly his radio buzzed. "Nice shootin', Avenger," one of the pilots said as she flew by the living A-10.

"Thanks-" Captain Fairchild had looked at the side of the plane "Eyrie".

"Eyrie" then peeled off.

He spotted Major Lockie strafing a target and Rainbow, Lt. Martin and the two other pilots engaged in a mock dogfight. The captain smiled; the two living planes could do things that would cause the pilots to black out.
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Tiger Tigeress and Genki were strolling through the shopping area of Winterville " you think this place has any candy stores? Genki asked " honestly Genki if its not video games with yu, its junk food " tigeress sighed.. shaking her purple fur as get some loose fur out.. We're just looking Genki, we're not headed in anywhere" tiger said. "I hope Flash is doing ok" He said. " i'm sure shes fine Tiger Genki grinned toothily
 Agumon and Agumina were a little further down from the others, Tai was seated at a table with Sora and biyomon, Tai had found a local paper and was readsing it..
 Tarrax Spyro and Cynder were watching the planes shoot at the targets ' Nice shot.. Let us give it a try next" cynder called out..
 Nick Grabbed the phone, which was the ring phone Stripetail had given him after his first experience with Chong.. Now wheres that ring he gave me to activate it " Nick fractically searched his pockets..
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"Yes, they are very good.  Very skilled & experienced." Sara said, watching the planes.  


"How long are we going to sit here?" Gnash asked, a little hungry.  

"Not to long.  I guess we can look around for a cafe or something." Brooklyn said.  

"Yea, cafe." Guilmon said, rubbing his stomach at the mention of they may be going to get some food.
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(Spire of Winter)

"Sure!" Captain Fairchild said as quickly engaged and "destroyed" three targets in a span of under ten seconds. "You've got holograms of armored vehicles, buildings, ordinary vehicles and infantry. I'd suggest getting practice on all of them."

He spotted Rainbow pulling into a near vertical climb. "Rainbow!" he shouted. "Don't climb too high!"

Sure enough, Rainbow ran into an energy shield about 3,000 feet off the ground. Even though the shield was designed to slowly sap airspeed to warn pilots not to proceed, she had intentionally ignored the warning trying to climb higher. Unfortunately, this had the effect of causing her airspeed to drop to zero. Thanks to the sudden stop, she stalled and plummeted into a deadly spin.

Unfortunately, she was right over Winterville.


"Hey you hear that?" Strut asked.

Dr. Zanasiu cocked his ears. He heard the sound of a jet engine coming closer. He then peered skyward and saw Rainbow desperately trying to recover from a spin. And she appeared to be seconds from crashing into Winterville's town square. Several of the inhabitants were running away from the impending crash site "S---!"  


"F---! F---!" Rainbow muttered as she tried to pull out of the spin. Even though as a living machine, the g forces she experienced did nothing to her, it was still hard to orient herself. She soon saw the ground approaching.

She then recalled her training on how to recover from spins. Everyone present cheered as she pulled out of the spin and returned to level flight just fifty feet above the buildings in Winterville. She then quickly pulled into a climb.



Dr. Kerzach thought quickly and ran to the box in the wall. He grabbed a ring that was sitting in the box and handed it to Nick.

"Let's hope the defenses are keeping Chong busy," he said.
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They won;t be able to hold him off forever' Nick sauid grinmmly as he turned the ring in the slot three times, then listened to the phone ring, it rang a few times then Stripetail abnnswered much to Nick's relief. " hi Stripetail this is nick.. ' Hello Nick I hope everything is going well with the resteraunt.. Stripetail began. " Chong is on board the phoenix' Nick cut in, for a few seconds there was silence on the other end.."We've got laser defenses activated and they are holding him off for now, but tat won't last Nick said. Stripetail's voice came on the line again, and it carried a tone of abject anger. 'We won;t be able to get there in timne to drive him off. we are headed in your direction, but it will be awhile before we get there. if he takes over the ship, as seems inevitable, then it would not be wise to resist him. He most likely knows I have heard about his escape, and will be pursuing him.. This knowledge will likely keep you and Kerzach safe, at least for now. Rest assured Nick, when I get ahold of him, I will not be content this time to simply strip away his powers, no, this time i will put an end to him as a force for evil, for good." meanwhile the sound of laser fire was becoming more and more quiet, the defenses were starting to fail.. hes breaking though nick said ' just tell the others about us, and try and chase down the phoenix as quickly as possible.. Nick out" Nick broke off contact as the sound of laser fire died away entirely..
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Mr. Bigmouth overheard Stripetail and patched his PDA into the ship's systems.

He then turned to Stripetail. "Hopefully, the Phoenix can hold him off for at least three hours."

"This could have been avoided if we just fut a couple dozen bullets into his head when we captured him," Deimos said bitterly as he sipped a bottle of soda.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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3 hours? Unlikely. Nick said the lasers were starting to fail, which means we're looking at an hour at the latest before Chong is in complete control of that ship. get everyone back here ' Stripetail said firmly ' He tapped his wrist which glowed white " alright everyone he said " Get to winterville park within 10 minutes. things have changed on the phoenix, and not for the better
  So much for testing our skills" Cynder sighed as She and spyro turned and headed towards Winterville Park which was a large green space in the middle of town..
 the three new pairs wre not familiar with Stripetail's methods of summoning them. ' May I remind you Stripetail than Kopa and I are rulers, we are not used to be told to do things' Kovu replied "Kovu I am not in mood for complaints right now. I understand , given your royal positions, that you are used to receiving advice and deference. Well my young lion friend, we are not in the pridelands now, so what you are used to getting, you will not get..'  we'll be there as quickly as we can kiara said.. its just that we're not familiar with any of the different locations here yet..
_ Your majesty Wintervile Park is the large meadow in the middle of the town..Stripetail said. every member of my team needs to be there..

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"Sorry but we have to cut this training exercise short," Rainbow said.

The two other pilots acknowledged this and returned to the vehicle bay as did Major Lockie, Rainbow and Lt. Martin.

Captain Fairchild on the other hand, actually landed in Winterville Park, much to the consternation of the other people there.


Dr. Zanasiu, Rime, Strut and Ms. Swimmer returned from their tour on the farm. They had gotten some free fruit.

Rime then pulled out his radio and heard Stripetail's voice coming through. "Well it looks like s--- has hit the fan." He then flagged down a passing electric taxi and (except for Ms. Swimmer) got in.

Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Jason and his friends, except for Sara who was with Tarrax, were already in the park, the same one they Jason's tardis had materialized near and where they were sitting at a bench near a small lake there.  

Jason reached into a pocket and took out some wrapped sandwiches.  "not much bit it may hold you till we get to a restaurant or cafe." He said, handing one each to Gnash and Guilmon.  He then took out an ice cream cone from another pocket and started to eat that.  

"I have some fresh scooby snacks.  They are a type of cookie." Velma said.   "They can be for desert if you are still hungry." She said.  

"I'm not to hungry, just a bit thirsty." Brooklyn said.  

"I have some tea here." Jason said, taking out a cup of tea from a pocket and handed it to Brooklyn.  "I forgot what type it is, it's the same type that Sherlock holmes likes I think." Jason said.  

"I still can't get how your pockets can be so large inside and can hold stuff like ice cream cones & cups of tea and not spill or melt." Gnash said.

"Yes, amazing isn't it." Jason said smiling go Gnash but not explaining.  

"Looks like more are coming." Guilmon said after swallowing his sandwich whole and pointed in the direction of some arrivals.

"Wonder if it's a party or something." Jason said.
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The electric taxi arrived in Winterville Park where everyone else was meeting.

A few minutes later, Ms. Swimmer arrived by repulsorsled. She thanked the pilot who drove off.

"So is everyone here?" Zachary asked.

"We're just waiting for Rainbow, Lt. Martin and Major Lockie," Deimos said.

Captain Fairchild coughed. "You know that I'm the only plane who doesn't really need an actual prepared runway to land and take off on?"

Deimos sighed. "Stripetail, could you get a viewscreen or something that will allow them to attend? Or shall we hold the meeting in the vehicle bay?"

Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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I'll see what i can do.. but for now lets begin the meeting." Stripetail said  Alright everyone.. bad news...Chong has reached the Phoenix ahead of us and has boarded, He is the proocess of taking the ship over and bending its passengers to his will. " He said to the others..
 You mean Chong has nick? Dixie started. "Yes he does" stripetail said.
_ this not surpsingly was greeted with silence by those members of his team who had fought Chong in the recent war. " So, we send a small group in in. gran Nick and high tail it out of there' Ratchet said. A few shots from a Ryno 7 would probably be enough to do the job.. ' Ratchet, don't tell me you've been collecting RYNOs" angela said " you know Gadgetron doesn't like you having those..they are not on the market for a reason..
So we are going to have to hase Chong down now.. Kiara said..So now we know where he is right? Kovu said   It should be pretty straight forward. catch up to the ship, take back from this chong fellow stick him back in prison, and boom, we're back in the Pridelanfds in a few days..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Deimos and Captain Fairchild frowned as Kiara said "stick him back in prison".

"How about we fill him full of 30 mm shells instead?" Captain Fairchild said, as his 30 mm gatling autocannon began to spool up.

Even though everyone had heard that noise before, the bass growl of the large cannon revving up made everyone flinch.
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We've imprisoned him twice before Kovu, hes escaped both times, no we are not going to do that again. No, this time we settle this for good. I'm putting a bounty on Chongs head, 30 billion dollars to whoever puts Chong out of our misery! Stripetail growled.
 30 BILLION!?! Genki started.  it was then the area around them suddenly turned dark and Stripetail felt a very familar presebnce, one whpoo radiated pure evil "Getting fustrated, old boy? I can understand, you're slipping in your old age. Back when we last faced each other, you wouldn't have wasted 5 minutes on a wizard of Chong's abioilities, you would have dealt with him and taken all his powers away., instead of wasting six months fighting him with a small group of friends.' Stripetail turned and standing next to a nearby true, stood a large green squirrell. Mertavius " stripetail growled. " Mertavius grinned and made a m,ocking bow " my LORD" he said with clear disdain in his voice. " so this is the group you gathering together this time? he laughed as a large number of weapons were aimed as him  " i wouldn't do that, mortals. You could all fire every one of  your weapons into me, every bullet, every bomb, everything you have, and I wouldn't notice.and then i would retaliate in kind. so unless you all have a death wish, I suggest putting those away" mertavius voice made everyone who heard have thier hair or fur stand on end.
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Captain Fairchild let loose an rather disturbing growl as his 30 mm cannon wound down. "What the f--- do you want?" he spat. "And how the hell did you get here!?"

Rime, Deimos, Mr. Bigmouth, Dr. Zanasiu, Zachary and Strut holstered their pistols and glared at Mertavius.

Ms. Swimmer's fire staff was tapped against the ground as she dispelled the shimmering aura of heat around her.



Dr. Kerzach gulped as he heard what Stripetail said.

"Should we evacuate and let him have the ship?" a Vulpine chef said.

Dr. Kerzach shook his head. "He's in the hangar bay so if go there and he catches us; we're done for."

He then slapped a button which triggered heavy steel shutters to close off the cafÈ. "All we can do is wait for rescue," he added.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Such an imprudent tongue,I;'ve killed for less cheek, "captain" Mertavius said. "As for how I got in, its simple: I teleported in. Its simple for a magician of my caliber.I am here to give my old friend Stripetail there a little challenge, to see if he still has what it takes, or whether hes lost his edge over the ages.I mean, it took the combined lot of you six whole months to deal with Chong and his little army? Pathetic, simply pathetic. It wouldn't have taken me more than three days. Mertavius sniiffed dismissively. "You helped Chong escape didn't you" stripetail said coldly. 'Of course, I sent him a little.. help..the vixens proven quite useful.. "so it was you who revived someone from the dead. You know that goes against every tenant of magic!" Mertavius' eyes flashed. " Stripetail, I have been around since the time magic began, so don't presume to lecture me! You have been a worthy adversary, but I believe you are slipping! All this time around mortals, wasting your admittedly great abilities, in helping them and protecting them! Survival of the fittest, isn't that natures way?
Prove me wrong seer! Mertavius turned and glared at Stripetail. "You once stopped me from ruling the cosmos! ah, the battle between me and my dragon steed Samanor and you and Tarrax! the heavens raged with our efforts, neither giving an inch! Back then, you didn't let anything stand in your way..
You haven't changed one bit demon " tarrax growled. 'You still believe might makes right.." of course it does Lord Tarrax, the weak exist to serve the strong" mertavius replied.  " but I think the time has come to make my offer. Play my little game Stripetail, if you win, then I will accept that you are still my one worthy rival. If however, you fail, then i will dismiss you as a has been, one whose abilities are a shadow of what they were. You have youir pieces here I see, your friends will be your pawns . I will soon reveal my pieces..'
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"Sounds like another boring bad guy." Jason said, while making dismissive motions with his hands, "So many bad guys say the same things, and always want to rule, destroy, the world, or universe.   Very few are original.  The most original was Neckbeard the land pirate and his crew."

"I remember him.  He and his crew just wanted to steal stuff so they didn't have to work & for the excitement." Brooklyn said.

"Similar to the earth 1 catwoman, and the earth 2 catwoman, at least till she and batman got married." Jason said.

"Not like Nerf wizard." Guilmon said.  

"Wasn't he the guy who could create anything instantly with magic, as long as the Nerf company had come out with it first?" Gnash asked.

"Yep, that's the guy." Brooklyn said.
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"And if we don't?" Deimos spat.

"Well, it's off to another exciting adventure, ain't it?" Rime said as he munched on a catfish sandwich he got from a street vendor.
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You don't have a choice" Mertavius replied turning to him. "A challenge like the one I have given him is sacred under magical law, there is no refusing. but it is not as if I expect you trigger happy, technology-dependent humans to understand the beauty and intrigue of the most powerful and ancient of magics. Catching chong will just be the first move in our little chess game, lets see if you can keep up. The game is now begun " Mertasvius said disappearing in a flash, and the lights returned.
That guy gives me the creeps " Genki said his usual cheer missing. " we have to fight against that guy? Kopa said turning to Stripetail. "Everyone, please settle down. Stripetail said foirmly . I'm sure you all have a lot of questions. i will take them one at a time..
Chong had cleared the Phoenix hangar bay of its guards, and turned towards the steel doors covering the cafe. ' His hands glowed with magic and he began throwing it against the steel doors. the magic began to heat up the steel, acting like a torch. It would take some time for him to cut through, an hour at the latest He called out ."Nick! If you can hear me in there, and I know you are in there, listen and listen well!  by rights I should just kill you Aves and anyone else inside there with you, heaven knows you've caused me enough pain and suffering to warrant it. But.. i cannot run a resteraunt without staff, so heres the deal. You are now my prisoners and now must work for me, as many hours as i see fit. if you refuse even the simplest order, i will kill you on the spot. Your wizard friend cannot help you, you are on your own.  you have one hour to think it over, as that is roughly the time it will take me to cut though these metal doors with my magic, after that, an ordinary locked door won't keep me out.. If you wishg to live you will do as I say!

Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"I see he's one of those brute force types.  No real skill." Jason said.

"not like Xanatos, when he was evil.  Now there was an evil guy who knew how to be very subtle, when the plan required it.  Even having a plan within a plan within a third plan." Brooklyn said.  

"Yea, I'm glad he's on our side now." Gnash said.
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Dr. Kerzach put his switchblade away as he watched the red line on the steel door.

"Should we run?" a chef asked, nervously fingering the trigger on her shotgun.

"If he's here, maybe we can make it to the hangar bay and get out," Dr. Kerzach said. He then turned to Nick. "Your call."


(Spire of Winter)

Mr. Bigmouth raised his hand with a sigh. "Is he truly that powerful that none of our weapons can harm him?" he asked.

Captain Fairchild snorted. "I can slice a tank in half from a mile away with my main gun."
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Unfortunately Mr Bigmouth, the answer is yes.The only thing that can harm Mertavius is extremely powerful magic" stripetail sighed. What about the magic in our Suits Spyro asked. ' They could protrect us if we faced him right?" Only for a short time, remember the suits have limits, and fighting Mertavius alone would be extremely foolish, even if you were wearing the suit. Stripetail sighed. 'What if we combined our powers? Agumon said " throw everything we have at him? 'Look what it did to that demon in the inglorius Hotel.. it worked then..
Agumon, what you and the others here must understand is, Mertavius is immortal. Literally so. He is not like those vain and egotistical fools who have claimed to be eternal, only to be defeated and destroyed.Mertavius can be defeated, but only by someone whose powers are a match for his, by a fellow immortal.and those can counted on both paws with plenty of digits to spare.he cannot, however, be destroyed. Stripetail said " as he said, he has existed since the time magic was created, which was ages and ages ago. "
_ he said that you beat him though" kiara said. " You did it once before right? you could do it again. " kiara I was much younger then, the ages have since weighed on me." stripetail said.What will happen, my friends is this, we will chase chong and face whatever enemies mertavius has gathered to throw at us.this is, at its most basic, a contest of strength between him and I, one which will have but one ending, he and i must face each other again, and i am not sure at this moment, if i still have the power needed to match his. Stripetail's face was narrowed in thought.
we can still beat him ' stitch said confidently.we believe in you boss. i mean you helped us beat chong, right, you can take this guy..'  ' why don't we focus on chong? Clank suggested, it would not be practical to go after someone who has been around since the beginning of time, and aganst which even our most cutting edge weapons will have no effect. we must fight the enemies we know we can beat.
 we have to do as he says "Nick said heavily. he will kill anyone who tries to flee, i'm sure of it. we have to hang on until the others get to us, and only way to do that is to do whast he says..i've worked for him before. hes a hardnosed, sadistic tyrant, who paid me below-minimum salary, in defiance of all sorts of labor laws. if you are expecting him to pay us for the hours we will work under him, well, if we get paid at all, it will be a few bucks. not a few bucks an hour, a few bucks, period. nick said. '
 chong had broken through near the bottom where the steel was thinnest.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Dr. Kerzach shuddered. He heard horror stories about what Chong did to the prisoners during the war at Surf Point.

He flicked out his switchblade and held it to his throat. "I'd rather die than be turned into some kind of freakish abomination!"

With one motion, the Cassowary cut his own throat. All the chefs looked on in horror as he bled out onto the tile floor of the cafÈ.

(OOC - Dr. Kerzach will succeed in cutting his throat but Chong saves his life.)


(Spire of Winter)

"Well, let's focus on Chong before we waste our ammo on someone we can't even hurt," Deimos said with a sigh.

Mr. Bigmouth picked up his radio. He then turned to everyone. "We are getting close to the location of the Phoenix. We will be arriving in approximately thirty minutes," he said.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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nick rushed  over to kerzach who had opene a gash in his throat, nick could see the muscles in kerzachs neck, it would be a matter of minutes before the blood loss would be fatal. so nick knew he had only one choice. ' he headed oover the security control and pulled the level, raising the metal doors over the cafe. within seconds chong blew in the door with a burst of magic and strode in. "You win, Chong, we're your prisoners. Now will you please heal Kerzach. He slit his throat.." nick said as he approached Chong strode over to Nick and gazed at him with eyes full of triumph.  then pinned him against the wall with magic ' and, why exactlky, should i do anything for you, my former employee? Do you think I have forgotten what you and your damn friends have done to me on two occassions? do you know what sort of deals i have had to make to regain my freedom? Of course not, why should you care?"
_ kerzach is our best cook " nick grunted gazing doiown at Chong.. "Hes excellent at preparings food quickly and  professionally, and also makes an excellent wine. You're the only one who can save him now, hes bleeding oiut..'Chong turned and gazed at the pool of blood spreading from Kerzachs sprawled form. Chong made a face then sighed. " Very well, but you will be cleaning up the blood. he went over to kerzachs head and gestured lifting it up. ' esto manda umpris restor immonak immedici' chong intoned, his hand glowed and the wound in kerzachs throat vanished ' ettios' chong commanded letting kerzachs head drop and soon there was movement. from the cassowary "I have spared your life , against my better judgement . Chongs voice was low and pointed. "I have spared you because I need a good cook to serve food for me and anyone else who may enter my cafe.  you have spilled blood on my floors, which you will be helping clean up. do not try to kill yourself again, or next time i will let you die.' he moved away ' take this cook to the back of the resteraunt to rest for a few minutes so he can regain his bearings he said to the others cooks. 'do as i say or i will kill you. now get going..' he then gestured and let nick down ' get to work in the kitchen ' chong ordered. ' andf before you even ask, no, pay is not going to be discussed..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on January 14, 2012, 11:45:35 PM

Dr. Kerzach glared at Nick as the other chefs escorted him to the back. "You should have let me die," he spat. "Do you think I want to be Chong's slave!?"


(Spire of Winter)

"Twenty minutes," Mr. Bigmouth called as he read the display off his PDA.

"Hope we're not too late," Zachary said, wiping his brow.

Deimos sighed as he kicked a pebble on the ground. "If we're not too late by now, we'll be definitely too late by the time we get there. For all we know, the ship may have vanished already."
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i wpuldn't have been able to live with myself if i had done that ' nick replied as he followed kerzach into the kitchen.
 everyone get ready to bosard the phoenix' Stripetail said ' 20 minutes to reaching the phoenix's location
- hailey meanwhile had taken control of the ship and had tied up the phoenixs captaion

Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Dr. Kerzach rubbed his neck where the wound used to be. He pocketed his bloodied switchblade as he sat down on a chair and had a sip of water.


(Spire of Winter)

"Commander, is it okay if myself, Rainbow, Lt. Martin and Major Lockie stay here?" Captain Fairchild asked. "We are not suited for operation in deep space."

Dr. Zanasiu nodded. "All right, you heard him, everyone to the armory!"

Rime, Strut and Zachary all saluted him as they flagged down an electric taxi.

Mr. Bigmouth, Ms. Swimmer and Deimos hopped aboard a heavy cargo repulsorsled they had appropriated as as personal transport vehicle thanks to their great size and weight.
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Kopa kiara kovu and vitani followed the others back to the hotel..Stripetail had magically activated his teams armor and had told them to be ready to board when they reached the area where the Phoenix was..Tarrax Samia and Dulcy flew over the town, the yoiung dragonesses taking pointers from thier elder companion.." We can help you if you think you need it"Samia said. "We've faced danger before.. " All help will be appreciated my young friends..Tarrax replied
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"Guess there'll be quite a few dragons on this team." Sara said to Tarrax.


"Guess we have to get down to business." Gnash said.  

"Yes.  There'll be time to relax later." Brooklyn said nodding his head to Gnash.  

"Let's get back to the tardis and look to see if we can get some information on the destination, some blue prints or maps or something." jason said.  Guilmon nodded to what Jason said, not saying anything himself.

"And some clues & information on what's going on over there." Velma said.  

The 5 of them headed to where the tardis was.
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Dr. Zanasiu and the rest of the Pelvanida group was in the armory.

Deimos, Rime and Zachary took assault rifles and several magazines full of ammunition while Dr. Zanasiu and Strut took shotguns along with several pouches of shells.

Mr. Bigmouth chose his bow and a quiver full of explosively charged arrows. He took a pistol and a spare magazine for backup.

"All right, let's kick some ass," Deimos said as a repulsorsled drove by to carry everyone to the vehicle bay in preparation for the assault on the Phoenix.  


Ms. Swimmer was in the vehicle bay practicing her stick fighting techniques. Thanks to the enchanted bracelets she wore, her blows were electrically charged. As evidenced by the hissing and crackling of ionized air that accompanied her every swing.

The living planes watched her in amazement.
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(ooc: Yeah, sorry for forgetting this one, my mistake)

Hailey walked about the ship herself as she just let Chong take care of things himself before she would arrive at his side.  She stepped up beside him "So then, I guess this cafe is ours?" she asked him glancing around.

"Though a Starbucks would've been cooler...." Hailey added in under her breath before she looked at Chong, wondering what the next move was suppose to be.


Jackson, Darwin and Riley started to head towards the armoury, yet, Aimee just stood there "A vixen helping out Chong" a sound of concern in her voice as she approached Stripetail "That vixen on his side, did you get a name....or a picture on who it is helping him out by any chance?"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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The Pelvanida group was now in the vehicle bay along with some soldiers from the Spire of Winter. They were standing around waiting for Stripetail and the others to get ready for deployment.

Ms. Swimmer had put her dual sticks away and was chatting with Mr. Bigmouth.

Mr. Bigmouth looked at his PDA. "We're less than five minutes away from the Phoenix's last known location!" he called.

The ground crew were preparing the shuttlecraft for launch.
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Take control of the ship and set a course for the nearest planet.. we cannot afford to be caught by the squirrell and his friends' Chong said.."Do it now..
_ (spire of winter)
Stripetail turned to Aimee " No, no name was given. Mertavius brought someone back from the dead to help Chong. Did you lose a friend recently that was a vixen? he asked. "If so, that may be the one he was refering too..
_ Abover Winterville

 Yes this time there will be more dragons than last time.."Tarrax agreed..
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Hailey nodded back at Chong as she took off for the control room of the ship, but upon arriving there, she looked over it "This is gonna take longer than expected" she spoke as she had no idea as to how to fly the ship, let alone, take control of it.

She searched the area until she found something rather useful, a owners manuel, flicking through the pages of it and using that to in turn, set the course for the nearest planet.


Aimee listened to what Stripetail had said and it dawned upon her as to who it could possibly be.  Yet, she just shook her head in regards to that "It can't be her....I watched her die that day myself....but why she would end up helping someone like Chong....I don't know, I was sure she had learnt her lesson when she was with Dragonstorm"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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What was her name? stripetaiul asked quietly as he headed towards the hangar bay.. " Just curious you understad, I don't intend to pry.."
 the phoenix was starting to move again.. and just as the spire was becooming visible ..
_ chong strode into the kitchen and watched the staff coooking
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"Hailey" Aimee replied back "We had fought side by side in a final battle ordeal, took on the Horseman War himself, we did beat him, killed him, but then Death himself showed up and killed her" she explained as she followed Stripetail towards the hanger.


Hailey just sat in the chair as th ship moved, flicking through the pages of the manuel, as if to try and understand how to fly it better.  But to her, at least it was moving and that was a start no less.
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I see. Well mertavius brought her back for his own reasons.' stripewtail said darkly ' so once we catch up to the phoenix, i'll leave hailey to you..
scooby had brought along a bag of candyu toi munch on before joining the attack. ' Honestly Scooby" dixie turned to him ' save those for when we are no t in mortal dannger..
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"Let's see how things are." Jason said, using the controls to use the medium and long range & scanners to get an image of the 2 ships.  He also did the controls so the others could see the readout as a hologram easily visible to all in the control room.

"Looks like the other one is moving." Gnash said.

"Could mean dire things indeed inside." Jason said.  

"That would fit the facts since they appear to be moving away instead of towards us or remaining in place." Velma said.

"Do a scan and access the gallifrayan records & other sources available to us of any planets in the area they could head to based on their course." Jason said to the tardis.


"So what do we do till we head out or whatever?" Sara asked.  She looked around.  "I guess Jason & the others slipped away to go to his tardis, to use the sensors the tardis has."
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(The Spire of Winter)

Mr. bigmouth relayed the data from Jason to Captain Carson.

Less than a minute later, an announcement came over the speaker system in the hangar.

"Attention! All shuttles prepare for deployment! The target has been spotted and is fleeing!

At this, the Pelvanida group boarded the nearest shuttles. Several of the soldiers joined them as well.

The first shuttle containing some soldiers was the first to take off.



Dr. Kerzach was busy frying some catfish he had obtained from the onsite farm.

"This is ridiculous," he muttered as he placed freshly battered fillets into the fryer.
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the chase was now on, as the phoenix started pulling away from the Spire of Winter. the gap between the two ships soon grew as stripetail told the others to not board the shuttle. ' These shuttles are not designed to cover lsarge stretches of space. we ar simply going to have to chase chong and the phoenix doiwn.
( the Phoenix.)
  Hailey! That ship is getting too close " Fire on anything that tries to come on board " chong radioed from the cafe..
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The first shuttle to approach was instantly destroyed by the Phoenix's point defense lasers.

The rest of the shuttles tried to make it through but the advanced targeting systems of the starship meant that they would not make it through.

Some of the shuttles retaliated with their 30 mm autocannons but the point defense lasers were hidden in armored pods.


(Spire of Winter)

Captain Carson watched as shuttle after shuttle was shot down. She immediately ordered the shuttles to cease launching and increased the ship's speed.


The blast doors in the hangar slid shut as the shuttles powered down.

The Pelvanida group disembarked from the shuttles.

"So now what?" Deimos asked.
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we are going to  chase down that ship ' stripetail replied..' but that appeares as if it will take siome time, as chong has clearly taken over the ship and will try and outrun us, to what end i don't know..
so much for catching him and frying him in grease' Tiger huffed in his armor. ' i'll be heading back to my there any chance you could bring flash aboard , wizard? I miss my kid..' Now Now Tiger, Flash is fiine with my folks, hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa is a fun game for her.." tigress said.
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"So what do we do?" Brooklyn asked watching the readout.  

"Best to watch I think, instead of rushing in ourselves." Jason said.  "There'll be time to act later."

"Better then us splitting up and some of us being chased around." Velma said.

"Hmm," Jason said looking at the readout of information.  "Some of those possible destination worlds are or will be interesting.  That brown bluish one in the corner to the right of the blue star, as I recall in a few centuries time will, for about 20 years, will have a cafe that will make the best hot dogs and ice cream in the sector."
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"Fire?" Hailey asked herself as she flicked through the ship's manuel some more in trying to find out how the weapons were to activated and soon, had found out just that as she in turn, activated them and started to fire in the direction of where the other ships were coming from, trying to keep the other ship away at the very least.
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those shuttles that were not destroyed were now back onboard the Spire of winter, as the occupants paused to get the survivors back onboard, the phoenix sped away until it was no longer visible..
nick was busy cooking food in the kitchen. inside he was fuming. here he was working for Chong again! only this time, he was likely not going to be paid at all.. it was like something out a concentratiuon camp..
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Hailey looked out and saw the shuttles were retreating instead of trying to chase them down as shespoke up over the intercom "Looks like they've retreated and...." Hailey looked at the control pannel before speaking some more "The closest planet shouldn't be all that far away, if I'm reading it all correctly"
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lets head there, we need to gsather supplies.. chong said in reply.. ' we should also look for. er. volunteers' he smirked.. 'guests we could invite far until we reach the planet..?"
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Hailey looked at the control pannel again "Uhh...." she started, scratching the back of her head a little bit "Not....long?" she asked back as a blinking light showed up with a small buzzing noise "What the? Excuse me for a moment, something's blinking on the control pannel and...."

Her gaze looked up outside and saw a planet ahead of them, starting to get bigger and bigger with each passing second.  She looked at the speed that they were going at "Uh oh...."
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alarms began to dsound on the phoenix ' begin crash prepartions1 a voice screeched over the loudspeakers..
Spire of Winter
ratchet Clank and Angela took advantage of the return to Winterville to spend some time walking around the park. ' so where do you and Clank live when you guys aren't on Veldin? angela asked " Metropolis and planet Igliak " Clank said. ' its actually got great views.. ' well i hope i won't be intruding.. angela shrugged ' Nah, you'll be fine.. i mean the only two Lombaxes living together, what could go wroing?' Ratchet smirked..
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Hailey spoke over the intercom to Chong again "Um yeah, about that blinking light, I think it was a warning that we're about to crash land" she spoke with a nervous sounding chuckle as she prepared for the crash landing.  The ship did indeed, start crashing through trees until it finally crashed onto the ground, near a castle of sorts.

She rubbed her forehead as she stepped away from the cockpit of the ship and headed over to where Chong was "Well, at least we....landed....heh heh..."
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(The Spire of Winter)

Captain Carson saw the Phoenix, spiraling towards the unnamed planet. She checked her star charts and swore; they were in an uncharted area. The The Spire of Winter powerful laser cannon had managed to destroy the Phoenix's main engines.

"Attention! We have spotted the Phoenix, prepare for orbital insertion!" she said into the intercom.

She then strapped herself in and carefully maneuvered the ship so it could enter the atmosphere at a controlled pace. As the ship was the size of a small town, the last thing she wanted was an uncontrolled freefall which would kill everyone aboard and severely damage the planet's ecosystem.


Mr. Bigmouth looked at the PDA and noticed that the gunners had destroyed the Phoenix's engine. "Oh, Nick's not going to like that."

"No s---!" Deimos replied.

"All right, let's find a place where we can strap in for landing," Zachary said.

The ground crew got to work securing the four living planes.
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"Looks like both ships are going in for a landing.  Or at least this one we are in is.  The other does appear to be crashing maybe. " Jason said.

"Or making a very hasty landing." Brooklyn said.

"Maybe they are in a hurry or something." Gnash said.

'Will the tardis be ok while they land?" Velma asked.

"No rough landing?" Guilmon asked.

"Nah, we'll just dematerialize and nip forward a few seconds or minutes to once they've landed.  From the sensors it looks like this ship here is doing a controlled landing.  You know I don't think I've gotten the name.  I should one of these days, but no hurry."  Jason said as the console column started to rise briefly.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Captain Carson carefully maneuvered the ship and set it down in a large plain next to a forest. The ship landed so gently that only a slight jolt could be felt.

She congratulated herself; she had landed a ship the size of a small town without damaging it or the planet.

She unfastened her safety restraints and alerted everyone.

Attention! We have landed. We need volunteers to scan the planet. she said into the intercom.
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Aimee approached Captain Carson "I'll be going, that ship that was shot down, if who I think it is, is on it, then I need to find her and have a little chat with her" she told her before turning to her teammates "You guys stay here, just incase they need some help around here"

Jackson nodded back to Aimee "Don't worry, we'll be sure to be on standby, just incase as you said"

Aimee nodded back to them again before she turned and headed off towards the hanger, ready to step out onto the planet.
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Jason & his tardis, with his friends inside, materialized.  

"There, they should have landed by now.  Let's do a scan to add to the information the  time lord data base has, and send out a scout." Jason said.  The tardis started to scan the area, adding to the information it had as Jason went to a wall, opening a concealed compartment.  He reached in and brought out what looked like a tiny insect.  This was a robot scout type with various scanners and such.  He went to door, the tardis unlocking the door automatically.  He put a hand to the door & the robot scout flew off.  

"There, we'll soon have more information.  " Jason said.  "just be sure to upload some information to the ship the others are on." Jason said.

"The background radiation, gravity, and air seem very similar to earth."  Brooklyn said, looking at a small screen on the console, having been taught how to read some of the readouts and such.  

"Good.  Let's get a basic visual view of some scenes." Jason said.  1 of the walls seemed to vanish and part of the floor near the wall and bits of the 2 nearby walls so it could display some views of the area around where the tardis was.  

"Looks like a pretty nice area, so far." Velma said.
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(Pony Planet)

On the planet, as the small scout was flying around, one of the creatures on the planet, a yellow pegasus with a light pink mane and tail heard it buzzing by and squeeled lightly.  Her head whipped around and she saw it flying around nearby, unsure if she should approach the insect like creature.

But even that didn't last long as a pink pony came bouncing on by and stopped beside the pegasus "Hi Fluttershy!" she called out "What are you looking at?"

"Oh hi Pinkie, I was just looking at that" Fluttershy answered back, hoof pointing at the mechanical bug, to which Pinkie Pie bounced over to it, eyes following it.

"Oooh" was all Pinkie Pie had said before she leaned forward and swallowed the bug whole.

"Um Pinkie, I don't think that was for eating" Fluttershy explained as she stepped towards her pink friend, yet, still trying to shake off the feeling that the ship had landed near Ponyville.

Pinkie Pie replied back but only with a full mouth before she crunched down on the mecanical bug in her mouth before swallowing it and just smiling away.
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"Looks like that one got eaten." Gnash said watching the video of the readout on a section of another wall.  

"It won't hurt her will it?" Velma asked.

"Nah, it's bio degradable incase of accidents.  Be sure to upload the information to the ship.  Though short it'll give them some visuals of the planet and a shot of 2 natives." Jason said to his tardis.  Then he rubbed his chin, "though it does appear the natives, at least some of them are quadraped equines of some sort."

"So are we going out to meet them?" Brooklyn said.

"I think it may be a surprise to them, if they are not use to seeing bipedals, especially of different species.  It seems to be of an early or pre industrial, based on the air samples.  So they may not be use to seeing other species.  I think getting Magnum may be good.  He'll look more like them, in his quadraped form." Jason said.  

"It'll be boring staying in this tardis while he goes out, and what if he gets into trouble?" Guilmon asked.

"Who's Magnum?" Velma asked.  

"An equistroid, they are, or were, living on a planet in another universe.   He travels with me sometimes.  He lives in a time thousands of years before humans go to that planet and call it New Texas.  My idea is for us to use pym particles and shrink down so we are not seen, maybe using invisible belts also and we can ride on him unseen.  I'll just set the coordinates and we'll be back in less then a second local time.  " jason said and set the coordinates.    Once they had arrived he looked at the others, "i'll be right back." He said.  

He went out with Guilmon and walking around a bit found where his friend was.  

"You want somethin?" Magnum asked.  

"Just found a world that seems to have native quadraped equines & since they seem to be not space faring I thought your quadraped form may be less of a shock then if they saw me and my other friends walking around." Jason said.

"mpphh  I was getting a big bored.  No real excitement here.  I was thinkin of giving you a call.  Though I hope you don't expect me to go wonderin around alone in a strange place." Magnum said.

"I was thinking of the rest of us using some pym particles to shrink down and ride on you hidden.  using invisible belts or short term invisible potions.  A similar tacit that Shrinking violet, of the espionage does, shrinking down and riding on a team mate hidden." Jason said.  

"Lets go, no use in hagin around here jawing off." Magnum said, heading towards the tardis.  Once inside Jason had the tardis return to where it had been on the pony planet, while en route he explained his plan to the others.
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Ratchet Angela, and Clank Volunteered to search the planet.. We've searched Alein planets before, this should be no real proble3ms " ratchet said..
_ everyone should evacuate to at least stretch their legs and get bearuings on wghere we are" stripetail radioed the captain.. " i'll be heading out myself..
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(Pony Planet - Canterlot)

Hailey glanced outside, then to Chong again "I'll go outside and have a look around, see if I can find anything that'll help fix this ship that I did'nt crash" she told him before she stepped outside and looked towards the castle in question, then to the surrounding area.

"Pretty sure that'll have a few things around to fix the ship....however that's going to work out" Hailey grumbled to herself as she started towards the rather large town and castle.

Though, as she entered the small city of Camelot, her gaze shifted around and saw what were around "Ponies....brilliant...." she grumbled "We had to land on a planet that's inhabited by ponies...somehow I doubt they'll have anything to help fix the ship with" she sighed a bit as her ears flicked at the sound of a particular pony.

"Come one, come all and let Trixie entertain your with her spectacular feats of magic!" the cyan and white maned unicorn called out, only to be ignored by the other ponies present as she then groaned "Trixie will be able to outshine anypony that gives her a challenge!" but again, she was ignored, well, save for a few of the other ponies walking by, snickering to themselves.

Hailey's eyebrow did arch at that as she thought for a moment "Chong needs more help and if this unicorn says that she can preform great feats, perhaps she can be useful for him" she shrugged to herself "It's worth a shot at least" she added in to herself as she stepped forward towards the unicorn.

The unicorn known as Trixie, looked at Hailey for a moment before she spoke up "A challenger I see, very well then, what is it that you can do? Whatever it is, Trixie will be able to do better"

"Uh no, I'm not after that and-" Hailey was cut off by Trixie already.

"Are you saying that whatever it is that you can do, Trixie would be able to do better?" Trixie grinned a bit.

(ooc: Yeah, I'll also be Trixie as well)
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The plan explained everyone but magnum swallowed a capsule with my particles, similar to what Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne used, before they had enough exposure to pym particles to make size changing a innate power.  Once shrunk down to small to see they flew, or carried those who could not fly, up to Magnum's back.

"ok, we're ready you can head out.  We're on your back." Jason said telepathically to Magnum.  

"Seems a lot of to do about nothing, shrinking down and all that." Magnum said before he headed out of the tardis still in his quadruped form.  The tardis disguised as a tree, which locked it's door as usual once they were outside.

"don't want to scare the natives if they are not use to seeing non equine types." Jason said telepathically to Magnum.  

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The Pelvanida group stepped out of the ship into the plain. They had their weapons and armor at the ready but in a non-threatening position. The air was crisp and clear.

Ms. Swimmer took a deep breath. "It smells like the Great Valley."

A whirring from behind her indicated that the Spire of Winter crew had deployed two Zenyatta-class hover tanks along with two repulsorsleds and two Thunderbolt-class armed dune buggies.

One of the repulsorsleds carried two members of the Spire of Winter's "Spear of Odin" squadron. These soldiers were clad in the extremely powerful and expensive "Gungnir" armor. This armor was powered by a miniaturized palladium-hydrogen fusion reactor, weighed 3/4 of a ton, was immune to anything short of an anti-tank weapon and gave the wearer superhuman strength.


Captain Carson strapped a ballistic vest and a holster with a pistol on it over her uniform as she headed for the exit.
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Aimee just stood at the exit to the ship before she stepped outside with a quick stretch "Alright Hailey, if you really are alive again....I just gotta find you...." she spoke to herself as she stepped off to meet up with those that were also going to search the planet as well.


(Pony Planet - Canterlot)

Hailey just sighed "Fine, I suppose that I can outdo you....but when I do, you at least have to then help me out with getting supplies together" she told Trixie.

"Fine, Trixie accepts your conditions" Trixie replied back with a light grin upon her face "Now, show Trixie what it is you can do"

Hailey closed her paws into fists as they ignited into flames before it spread over her body, all the while looking at Trixie as she started to trun the heat up.

Trixie in turn gulped a bit 'Perhaps Trixie had underestimated her....' she thought to herself and hessitated in summoning water to put the fire on Hailey out.  Though she did summon a rain cloud, it was small and only let off a sprinkle of water before it vanished "Okay, okay, Trixie gives up" she begged as she did start to sweat by Hailey's heat she was giving off and panted a bit.

Hailey returned herself to normal and smiled a little to Trixie "Alright, all we need is a few things to help repair our ship, though what we need, I don't really know, I mean, I'm not really all that good with spaceships in general and Chong just got me to get supplies, he didn't say what though"
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Ms. Swimmer, Mr. Bigmouth and Deimos climbed aboard the empty repulsorsled.

Three Itania class armored personnel carriers were deployed for the rest of the crew.

Captain Carson strapped herself into one of the dune buggies and started the electric motors. Two ordinary soldiers climbed in. One manned the .50 caliber machine gun at the back and the other sat in the passenger seat.

The rest of the Pelvanida group climbed aboard one of the Itania APCs.

"All right, let's move out!" Captain Carson said.

The lead vehicle - one of the Zenyatta hover tanks took point. For a ninety ton vehicle, the hover tanks were quite fast; in only thirty seconds, they had hit sixty miles per hour.

The small convoy sped along the empty plains for a several minutes.

"There! I see a town!" Captain Carson said into the radio.

The group began to slow down as they approached town. Unfortunately, they were not stealthy as the hover tanks tended to produce a rather loud hum.


The four living planes were patrolling the airspace above the starship.
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"Eltee, you come with me to escort the rest of the group!" Rainbow ordered.

The two living fighter jets broke off from the group patrolling the Spire of Winter and headed to where the town was supposedly located.


As the group arrived in town, several of the ponies began staring at them.

"Lower weapons," Captain Carson ordered via radio. She then stepped out of the dune buggy and spoke.

"We come in peace." Her hands were open to show that she had no weapons ready to access.

"Cliche," Deimos muttered.

No one moved.
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Magnum walked away from the tardis.  He looked around as he walked along.  As he walked along, carrying the others far to tiny to be seen on his back, he thought the area looked nice enough.  A place he may like to visit, but he'd not want to live in a place as quiet as this place seemed to be.   He wondered what the natives were like.
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As the group was busy being distracted, three fillies approached one of the dune buggys, ignoring the new visitors for now as they looked over it "You think you can drive it?" Apple Bloom asked Scootaloo.

"Well, sort of I think, I mean, it can't be all that different from riding a scooter" Scootaloo replied back as she looked over it still.

"Yeah, but are you sure that we should be doing this without them knowing about it?" Sweetie Belle asked, motioning to the visitors.

Scootaloo just ignore Sweetie Belle's small complaint as she climbed aboard it "Hurry up" she told the other two crusaders before both Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle also climbed on as well "Alright, I'll take the wheel, Apple Bloom, you take the gas and Sweetie Belle, you work the brake and when we figure how to drive this thing...." she then smirked.

"CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS DUNE BUGGY DRIVERS! YAY!" the three crusaders called out as Scootaloo turned the key in the ignition as she got Apple Bloom to push down onto the gas, to which she did....a bit too hard and shot forward with the dune buggy.
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the inhabitants seems to be.. ponies ' stripetail mused. ' and magic is used here as well ' he sniffed.. '" all the same we should be careful until we know the residents intentions..
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Captain Carson leapt as the Cutie Mark Crusaders made off with her dune buggy. "Hey! That's important!" she shouted. "Come back here!"

Unfortunately, thanks to their powerful quad in-wheel electric motors, the Thunderbolt dune buggies had acceleration comparable to a sports car and a top speed of 120 miles per hour.

"Well, f---!" Deimos said.

Captain Carson turned to Stripetail. "Stripetail, could you please open negotiations with the inhabitants while I retrieve my vehicle?"

She then leapt into the other dune buggy and started the four electric motors. She then saw the two living fighter jets rapidly approaching. "Rainbow! Lt. Martin! Some aliens stole a dune buggy! Chase them down but do not shoot unless they shoot first!"

Captain Carson then peeled off with one of the soldiers manning the .50 caliber machine gun turret.


"Finally, a little action!" Rainbow said.

She and Lt. Martin were cruising at six hundred miles per hour. This took them over Ponyville. Everypony in town was treated to sight of the two powerful jets sharply banking and heading away from town.


The noise of the two planes distracted Twilight Sparkle from her studies. She poked her head out the window and saw two mysterious flying machines moving at a high rate of speed away from town. Curiosity got the better of her as she packed quills, ink and paper into her saddlebag, exited the house and galloped after the two. Or tried to, considering how fast they were going.
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As the dune buggy was now speeding off ahead, faster than what Scootaloo had anticipated as she justgrabbed onto the wheel "Apple Bloom! You're going too fast!" she called out to her friend "Sweetie Belle! Push the brake!"

Sweetie Belle did just that, pushing the brake as it broke suddenly, throwing Scootaloo off the dune buggy and onto the ground "Oww...." was all she could complain as Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle jumped off as well, rushing over to their friend "Okay, a dune buggy riding cutie mark didn't work either" Scootaloo groaned as she sat up as Captain Carson started to approach them.


Pinkie Pie, for now, had left Fluttershy alone and was now busy seen boucing beside Twilight at a casual pace "Hi Twilight!" she started as she looked up at the flying machines herself.
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excuse me' Stripetail said going up to some of the ponieswho had stoopped to look at the new arrivals " what is this place/ I am Lord Stripetail and these are the residents of the ship Spire of Winter. we are looking for an escaped prisoner named Chong, who has crashjed onto this planet. Could you help us?'
this place is really weird " vitani said as they gazed at the ponies. ' i've never seen anything like trhem. " " can we eat them? Kovyu asked.. "we don't know if they are friendly or not. trying to eat them would not go over well..
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Captain Carson stepped out of her dune buggy. She examined the stolen vehicle; luckily it was undamaged. A scowl was on her face. "You have a lot of explaining to do," she growled. "You will come back to town and explain this to my superiors and your leaders!"

She hopped into her down vehicle and strapped herself in. "Get in or I'll drag you in!"

The soldier manning the turret got into the stolen dune buggy and drove it back to Ponyville.


Rainbow and Lt. Martin saw the scene below them and decided to head back to Ponyville.

Luckily, there was a strip of flat terrain just outside the town they could land on.

When they did, everypony's head turned their way. In fact, they were astonished at how large they were.

Twilight Sparkle was the first to arrive. A quill levitated over a scroll as she looked over the two. "So exactly what are you?"

"We should be-" Lt. Martin began before two red flashes of Rainbow's wingtip lights cut her off.

"We are 'living machines'. Lt. Gen Martin is an F-16 Fighting Falcon and I am a F-22 Raptor," Rainbow said proudly.

"Erm, pleased to meet you, I am Twilight Sparkle. Mind if I do some tests?"  

Rainbow smirked; she wanted to show off her aerial prowess. "Not at all."

Twilight's horn glowed as she briefly scanned them. "Interesting, Unicorn magic does not seem to affect you."

"Kinda obvious isn't it?" Lt. Martin said.

Twilight's ears twitched. "Not really, all living things can be affected by magic."

"Yeah, we have no organic components."

Twilight's jaw dropped. "What, then how-"

"Our 'brains' are silicon based," Lt. Martin said.

Twilight decided to drop the subject. "Judging from your shape and from what I saw, you are capable of flight. So what do you do?"

"We defend our country from invaders and in peacetime, we perform airshows," Rainbow replied.

"Just like the Wonderbolts."


"Equestria's premiere aerobatics team."

Rainbow smiled. "Well, both of us are aerobatics performers. I am Major Allison Douglas but I prefer to be known by my callsign, 'Rainbow'."

Twilight Sparkle suppressed a chuckle. Rainbow's baby blue paint scheme was the same coat color as that of her friend, Rainbow Dash and the roundel painted on her twin tails was an exact copy of the rainbow thunderbolt cutie mark on Rainbow Dash's flanks. Not to mention, she had that same cocky attitude.

"Well thank you for your time-"

"Wait, you have to see this!" Rainbow cut in. "Clear!"

Twilight Sparkle leapt back at Rainbow lit her engines and thundered down the makeshift runway. Even at a distance, Twilight could feel the intense blast of heat from Rainbow's twin jet engines. Not to mention the noise.


Rainbow soared through the skies over Ponyville at high subsonic speeds. mostly doing some lazy aileron rolls, banks and upside down flying; again, this attracted a lot of attention.

When she was ready, she decided to top it off with Pugachev's Cobra - a demanding and very cool aerobatics trick.

What she did was at seemingly full speed, she suddenly angled her snout upwards at ninety-degree angle, almost as if she were rearing up in the air. Even more amazing was that she continued moving forward. After a moment, she returned to level flight, transitioned into an aileron roll and then landed.

Twilight was at a loss for words. Her quill and paper clattered to the ground.


"Is this a good idea?" Zachary asked as he watched Rainbow's impromptu airshow.

"Why not?" Dr. Zanasiu replied.

"Well, we don't want to alert Chong we're here or offend the locals."
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If you are looking for the leader of PonyWorld, yoiu should go see Princess Celestria, one of the ponies replied ' shes the one who runs things, here.. as for any strange folk passing by, we haven't seen anyone, whether other than your lot..
_ stripetail frowned " This is caslled "Pony World?' Yes, Canterlot, is the capital, its on the othere side of the planet.. we're magical creatures, use magic for all sorts of things.."
_ excellent, i anm a mage myself " stripetail saiud "Really, huh, well then do some magic? Yeah, show us what you ggot..
 i'm.. not sure thats a good idea Tiger cut in..
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The three Cutie Mark Crusaders frowned as they too got into the vehicle "Maybe trying thatout wasn't such a good idea" Sweetie Belle mused to her friend "Rarity's not going to be happy"

"Neither is Applejack" Apple Bloom added in.

"And Rainbow Dash" Scootaloo sighed as they waited for the vehicle to head back to Ponyville.


Pinkie Pie stopped beside Twilight as she too watched what was going on with the planes "Oooh! Oooh! Do one of those barrel roll things! You know! Like this!" she piped up as she jumped into the air and did an actual barrel roll before landing on the ground with ease.
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Nick was forced to keep cooking in the kitchen despite the damage to the ship, which was  pretty bad as Chong strode outside to look.. " great just great. this could take weeks to repair
 he fumed, and that darn squirrell and his friends weren't far behind us.." He kicked at the debris. " everyone out of the ship! Now1 He screeched..
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Soon enough Hailey had returned with Trixie as she approached Chong "I found a unicorn who calls herself Trixie.  She said she would be able to help us out with getting the ship fixed"

Trixie looked at the crashed ship and shook her head "Trixie does not know how to fix this, she is not a mechanic, nor is her magic good enough to fix that without know how to fix it"
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well i need help chong retorted to hercan you at least repair broken glass, get it repaired. ' i'm willing to take whatever aid you can give me, once we're fully repaired we'll be ogff of your world soon enough..
 very well, i'll casse some magic.. stripetail smirked..
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Trixie rolled her eyes at what she was told to do 'Trixie can not believe that she been roped into doing something like this' she mussed to herself in her mind as her horn started to glow as glass started to repair itself.

Hailey folded her arms "That place where I found Trixie, I'm just wondering something, would anything there be useful? As I didn't exactly bring anything back as I wasn't so sure what was needed to repair the ship" she told Chong as she watched Trixie working "I mean, they're all just....ponies there"
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Myrdinn & Spike were walking out of a shop that sold scrolls that Spike went to.  Myrdinn's saddlebags had a few books on one side and the other side was almost overstuffed with blank scrolls, quills and some containers of ink.  

"Thanks for offering to carry some of this.  I can do all these in town chores in one trip instead of 2." Spike said.  

"I'm glad to help.  Looks like you have enough to last a year or so.  Stocking up?" Myrdinn said.

"Pfff, this may look like a lot.  But with the way Twilight Sparkle goes through scrolls, and ink it'll be lucky if it lasts...." Spike said, his conversation being interrupted by the planes flying overhead.  

"I wonder what those were." Myrdinn said.  

"I' don't know, let's go & look." Spike said.  

"What about your chores?" Myrdinn asked.  

Spike quickly took out a quill and wrote at the top of his list.  "it's the next thing on my list of things to do, see.  Investigate strange looking flying machines." Spike said, having just written that down on his list of things to do.  

They both went off to where it looked like the planes landed.  


Magnum continued walking, pausing when he saw some buildings not to far off.  "Looks like we're getting close to a town of some sort." He said quietly to the others and continued walking, curious what the town here would look like and the inhabitants.  

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bring anyone you can " Chong shruhgged as Nick and the other prisoners staggered out of the shiup. " Now, you will be helping Trixie here fix the ship" chong barked..
Stripetail; gestured and two huge columns of magic shotinto the sky turning the sky various hues , like a aurora gone wild
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"Wait, you want me to head back and gather more ponies?" Hailey asked, but then realized that she shouldn't question Chong as she did groan a bit "Alright, alright, I'll see who I can get together to help out....hopefully I shouldn't be all that long, it just depends on how well they're willing to co-operate is all" she shrugged a bit as she turned and headed off back to Canterlot again.

Trixie in turn, just seemed to ignore what Hailey had said as a few of the shattered windows had already been fixed by her.  yet, the unicorn was already starting to get annoyed with whatshe was doing, but at least then, when the ship was fixed, the strange beings would be gone.


Aimee listened in to what was being said as her ears perked at the sound of Princess Celestia "So, they have a princess here, but not a king or queen?"

"But Princess Celestia, she raises the sun for us every day, while Princess Luna raises the moon for us every night" Fluttershy spoke up, but a bit quietly for thatmatter at what Aimee had said while she sat down next to her.
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Captain Carson disembarked and shut off her vehicle. She glared at the CMC.

Suddenly, a white Unicorn pushed through the crowd and stopped by the dune buggy. "Sweetie Belle? Thank goodness you're okay! What were you thinking, running off like that?!"

Captain Carson scowled and ordered some soldiers to sit in in the dune buggy so it was not stolen, again.


Lt. Martin stared at Pinkie Pie and wondered how she was able to do a perfect barrel roll with no control surfaces.

Twilight Sparkle looked up as soon as she heard Stripetail's display of magic. "So you do have magical powers."

"Only some of us do. Lt. Martin and myself do not. In fact, most of us are non-magical."

"So how do you fly?"

"Action and reaction produced by burning liquid fuel in our engines."

Twilight thought it strange for organisms to move by combustion but she reminded herself that these were aliens and her rules may not apply to them. "So where are the others?"

"We'll show you to them," Lt. Martin said. She and Rainbow slowly trundled down the runway until they net with the others.

Twilight waited a moment for Spike to catch up. "Spike! We're going to meet the visitors!"
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"Cool.  Shall I add it to the list?" He asked walking along as fast as he could.  Myrdinn walked along a bit behind Spike.  

"I hope they are friendly." Spike said.  "And don't have any zombies."  Spike said a bit uneasy at the thought of zombies maybe being around.  

"Zombies? I've never heard or read of any irrefutable proof of the existence of Zombies." Myrdinn said.  "Why not ask Princess Celestia about Zombies."

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Sweetie Belle looked over at her sister and gulped slightly "I'm sorry Rarity, we were just trying to get our cutie marks again, this time in driving a dune buggy" she motioned towards said dune buggy.

"Yeah, but we kinda didn't expect it to go that fast" Scootaloo added in "I mean okay, going fast is cool and all-"

"Yeah, cause you go fast on your scooter all the time" Apple Bloom cut off her friend.

Scootaloo glared at Apple Bloom slightly, who in turn, rolled her eyes back a little.

"But we did...kinda fail at that...." Sweetie Belle finally decided to finish off for her friend to Rarity with a bit of a pout.
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Captain Carson turned to Rarity. "I take it these are your children?"

"Well, Sweetie Belle is mine but the other two are my friends' children," Rarity said.

"Well, just make sure they stay away from my vehicles."

"I will... Excuse me, I never did you get your name."

"The name's Sharon Carson. Captain Sharon Carson," Captain Carson said.

"Well, yes, I am pleased to make your acquaintance. I am Rarity, owner of Carousel Boutique, Ponyville's premier dress shop."

"Well, nice to know." Captain Carson cared little for fashion. She then returned to the rest of the group.

"Wait, Rarity," called. "You must come to my shop for a makeover. Your outfit is simply scandalous."

The hair on Captain Carson's neck curled as she heard the word "makeover".


Twilight Sparkle turned to Spike as they continued walking along. "Yeah, add that to the list."

She then stopped in front of Stripetail. "Hello, I was told that you were the leader. Welcome to Ponyville."

"She must be their leader," Zachary said.


One of the "ODIN" troopers along with two ordinary soldiers had wandered into the Everfree Forest. The "ODIN" trooper wielded a powerful gauss cannon, designed for mounting on vehicles. It thanks only to the immense strength that his "Gungnir" armor provided that he could lift the weapon, let alone fire and handle its recoil

"This place is creepy," one of the soldiers muttered as she wiped her brow with her free hand. Both she and her companion wielded ordinary rifles.

At this point, the bushes rustled. Suddenly, before they knew what had happened, a large net flew out of the shrubs captured all three of the soldiers.

Five ponies then emerged from the bushes. Three Earth Ponies, a Unicorn and a Pegasus.

"Well, look what we got!" the Unicorn said.

The Pegasus smiled. "This'll fetch us some bits back at Bridlehem."

"Let us go!" the first soldier shouted. He tried to reach his knife but the net was too tight for him to reach his weapon. He them tried to rip the net apart - to no avail.

"Don't bother, it's strong enough to hold a manticore."

The ODIN trooper casually ripped the net apart as he helped his fellow soldiers free.

They then readied their weapons. "I give you until the count of three to get lost!" the female soldier said. "One! Tw-"

A burst of magic knocked her unconscious.

The ODIN trooper readied his gauss gun, aimed at the Unicorn and pulled the trigger. The massive slug reduced the Unicorn to a red mist. Before the gun could charge, a kick from one of the Earth Ponies rendered it non-functional. Another kick from behind surprised the armored man.

"Deal with the flying one!" he shouted. He took a kick from one of the ponies and then delivered a vicious left hook from his armored fist that sent the pony flying backwards several feet. The pony shook himself off and continued charging at him. To say he was astonished was an understatement - the armor allowed him to punch through a concrete wall with no effort or hoist nearly three tons over his head.

Another blow from the side caught his attention. He grabbed the pony's leg just as he made another attempt to kick him. The trooper then hurled the pony at his comrade, sending them both sprawling. They got back up, this time with what appeared to be knives in their mouths.

"You're kidding me?" he said. As one of the ponies tried to stab him, he grabbed the knife and casually crumpled it up like a piece of paper. He then quite literally punted the offending into a bush almost ten feet away. And this time, the pony stayed down.

The second pony kicked him in the chest. When he looked down, he saw two dents in the armor. He staggered back from another blow, leaving more dents in his armor.

The armored trooper swore as he leapt to the side narrowly dodging another kick. As he did, the pony faced him and spoke. "You are one strong creature. And you'll-"

The ODIN trooper, not caring for the boastful pony, punched him so hard that he flew into a nearby boulder, cracking it.

The other soldier, who had already killed the Pegasus with a well aimed burst of rifle fire turned to the armored soldier.

"Let's go," the ODIN trooper said. He picked up the unconscious soldier with one hand and slung her over his shoulder. Even though the unconscious soldier was wearing a suit of powered armor that weighed almost sixty pounds, the ODIN trooper didn't seem to notice the weight.

"We better tell the others to stay the hell out of this forest."

The two then headed down the trail back to where they came from.


Dr. Kerzach swore as he was pressed into welding holes that had been blown in the ship's superstructure.
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Ponyville huh? Well its a pleasure to meet you" stripetail nodded.  'I confess we are in need of asistence, and since you ponies seem to have experience with magic, you might be able to help us.. Stitch! angel, Don't mess with them!" stripetail slapped his head with his paw as stitch had picked up a pony and had lifted it up in the air, while angel had 'saiung ' another pony to sleep.. " don't mind, them " He said they are curious..nothing more..
_ Nick tried to repair some of the blown out windows as best he could, this was going to be awhile..
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Pinkie Pie, meanwhile, was busy chatting away with the living planes, even if they weren't chatting back to what she was telling them "Oooh! What other tricks can you do other than a barrel roll? What about a loop-de-loop?" she asked as she jumped into the air and did just that without any hessitation or care at all.



Hailey arrived back in Canterlot as her gaze shifted at all the different ponies as she approached a group of them "Excuse me, our ship has crashed on your planet and we are in need of getting it repaired and in turn, we need help in doing just that, especially the engines"

But she just went ignored by the ponies as she sighed afterwards "This is going to take longer than I had anticipated, but then I guess they don't know how to fix a ship"
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Twilight Sparkle nodded. "In any case, my name is Twilight Sparkle. May I have your name?"

Even though most of the aliens surrounding their leader were armed, she assumed that they were solely for the leader's protection. She didn't feel any hostile intent coming from them.

She then turned to Pinkie Pie. "Pinkie!" she admonished. "Stop pestering our guests!"

"Name a stunt and I can probably do it," Rainbow said with a smile.

Lt. Martin had tuned out Pinkie's rambling.

"Hey, where's Captain Carson?" Zachary asked.

All the soldiers looked at him.

"You don't..." Deimos began.

"Never mind, I see here, she's inside a building and it looks like she's getting measured for clothes," Lt. Martin said. "And from what I see, the clothes in that shop look really frilly and feminine."

All of the soldiers from the Spire of Winter burst out laughing.


Captain Carson stood on a podium as Rarity circled her. A tape measure was floating in the air as she took measurements.

"May I leave now?" the weary captain asked.

"Darling, we simply must get you out of those hideous clothes. I mean, look at your hat. It's simply far too coarse to go with your fine features."

Captain Carson scowled. Her hat had been awarded by the shipbuilder himself when she was appointed captain. She took her hat off, revealing short cropped black hair. The hat itself was a classic naval captain's hat - dark blue to with gold colored ropes around the circumference of the hat along with a stylized moon orbiting a planet in a starfield embroidered on the front.

Rarity levitated a variety of rather feminine hats in the air causing Captain Carson to grimace. She gasped as she looked at the captain's hair. "Oh my, that mane of yours. How can somepony wear their mane that short?"

"It's a requirement of my job," she replied. "My job is not as a model."

"Well, there's no requirement that form and function be mutually exclusive." She grimaced as a ladies' straw hat with flowers was levitated on her head and then replaced by diamond tiara.
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Lord stripetail at your servuice twilight" Stripetail nodded " Its a pleasure to meet you.. " are you the the leader of the POnyville, or do the princesses your friend mentioned run things?
Dixie and Arlene were peaking in at a window of pony dresses " these loook like they were all made for female ponies " arlene said " i wonder if they have anything for cats.. " If you find anything, Arlene bgy all means by it.. but remember we're not here to shop " scooby said heading over to them, a number of ponies grinned at scooby then flew off..
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"Right... done." Spike said, adding that to the list of things to do, then running to keep up.  He mainly remained silent and watched to get a better idea of what was going on and who all the new people were.  

"Looks like a lot of new sorts of folks." Myrdinn said, also deciding to be quiet for the moment till he learned more.


Magnum walked along in the town.  It looked like most of the attention was on some going on in a certain part of town or just outside of town so he headed in that direction.
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Pinkie Pie, ignoring Twilight at the moment, thought for a moment before she got an idea "A Sonic Rainboom! Rainbow Dash can pull one off!" she finally pipped up as she just smiled away rather happily as she waited for an answer from Rainbow.


The CMC just sat there as Rarity had headed off, all three of them looking rather guilty "Now what are we gonna do to get out cutie marks?" Sweetie Belle asked her friends, only for the other two to justshake their head at that.

Scootaloo's eyes did gaze towards the dune buggy again "We, we can't ride in a dune buggy anymore, well, at least drive it anyway" she thought for a moment until Apple Bloom cut her off.

"What about ask the aliens about if we can do something to help them out?" Apple Bloom suggested as she smiled away before started to bound off, only for Scootaloo to grab her by the tail to stop her.

"Yeah, I don't think that's such a good idea" Scootaloo told Apple Bloom "I mean look at them, I doubt they're friendly if they were anything like that Captain Carson was"

"Then what are we going to do anyway?" Sweetie Belle asked as well as she just sat there still.
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Rainbow smirked. "Smash the sound barrier? Easy! Eltee! You join me!"

The living F-22 lit her dual engines. A low whine gradually increased to a full on shriek as she gathered speed and took off.

A few minutes later, Lt. Martin followed and disappeared from view.

A few minutes later, Rainbow thundered overhead at Mach 2 on full afterburners. Behind her trailed a long, brilliant flame with visible shock diamonds from her twin engines as she gathered speed. She did this to show off even though she was capable of supercruise - sustained supersonic flight without afterburners.

Soon, the sonic boom arrived, shaking everything present and even breaking a few windows.

Not a minute later, Lt. Martin screamed overhead at Mach 1.5. As she was not capable of supercruise, she had to use afterburners. She also combined it with her airshow trick - "torching". By dumping her fuel just after the afterburners, she could produce a trail of fire. Another sonic boom followed, rattling everything present and breaking some more windows.

The two planes landed with a smirk on their snouts.

"Speaking of which, I'd love to race this 'Rainbow Dash," Rainbow said as her engines spooled down.


"I am a personal student of Princess Celestia. I may be able to get you an audience in a few days," Twilight said. "In any case, what is it that you require our help for?"


Captain Carson had finally been let go by Rarity with a new outfit as a gift. her jaw dropped as she spotted broken glass on the roads. She immediately knew who to blame for the twin sonic booms and the broken glass!

"Lt. Martin! Rainbow!" she shouted. "You're in deep s---!"
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Pinkie Pie shook her head at Rainbow and the sonic boom, already disapointed that she didn't pull it off correctly "That wasn't the Sonic Rainboom!" Pinkie flaunted her front hoofs around in the air "That was just a sonic boom, which isn't as good!" she then huffed a little bit.  Perhaps these planes weren't as good as they said they were, well, that's how Pinkie saw it anyway.
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"I don't know what a Sonic Rainboom is!" Rainbow replied. "And besides, let me repeat, we don't have magic. But we have sheer speed and battle capabilities. Also, can you do better?" A cocky smile appeared on the living F-22's face.

"Rainbow, forget it; unless we can get Stripetail to enchant us or something, we really can't do any aerial effects that don't involve smoke generators or our afterburners," Lt. Martin replied.
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"What a mess." Magnum said looking around at the glass in front of him.   He slowed his approach so as not to step on any glass.  Jason switched to his imperial dragon form and used some simple magic to subtly move the pieces of glass out of his way so he'd have a path clear in front of him as he walked along.

"Wow, that was loud." Spike said looking up to see what had caused it.
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Pinkie Pie just narrowed her eyes at Rainbow, leaning forward in the process "Okie, dokie, lokie" she ended up smiling and bounded off away from the planes, heading towards Sugercube Corner at the moment.


Apple Bloom got an idea as she looked at the aliens again and smirked, only for Scootaloo to roll her eyes at that "What are you planning Apple Bloom?"

"Well, I was just thinking thatwe could find out what it is they are all doing here and perhaps, we can ask them if we can help out, I mean, I'm sure that they wouldn't mind" she spoke and started to head off, only for Scootaloo to pull her back by the tail again.

"Yeah, I still doubt that that's the best idea right now, I mean, after what had happened with the dune buggy, they probabally don't need our help" Scootaloo retaliated back.

But when the two looked around, Sweetie Belle was gone "And we just lost Sweetie Belle now" Scootaloo added in to what she had said earlier on.


Sweetie Belle had decided to go with Apple Bloom's idea herself and was sitting beside the dune buggy that they had stolen earlier on and look at the soldier that was sitting inside it, giving him a smile, as if she was going to ask him something.
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The soldier looked at Apple Bloom. He was smiling but the armored visor made it hard to discern his facial expression. "What do you want?" he asked.


Captain Carson had just finished chewing out the two living planes. She placed her gifts on one of the repulsorsleds. "Well, who should I speak to with regards to what we should do with-"

"We need medical attention!" a voice shouted.

Captain Carson and everyone present turned to see one of the ODIN troopers carrying an unconscious soldier and another soldier. Only the conscious soldier had his weapon.

"What happened?" Deimos said.

The ODIN trooper took off his helmet, revealing that "he" was actually a woman. "We were exploring the forest when-"

"The Everfree Forest!? What were you thinking!? That place is incredibly dangerous!" Twilight Sparkle shouted.

"Well we needed to explore the planet so we headed into the forest. But there, we met a group of ponies who captured us and tried to sell us but we managed to escape." She decided not to tell them that they had probably killed their kidnappers.

Twilight levitated the unconscious soldier. "I'll need to take this creature to Fluttershy."

"Who's that?" Dr. Zanasiu asked.

"She is an animal caretaker. Since your physiology appears to be markedly different from that of a pony, she's a better choice than the local doctor's clinic."

This explanation satisfied the group who let Twilight take the unconscious soldier away.


Ms. Swimmer clenched her hands, causing the bracelets she was wearing to activate and arcs of electricity to crackle across her fists. "I think we should be on our guard around that area."

The other ODIN trooper nodded.


"Fluttershy!" Twilight called. "One of the aliens was hurt by somepony in the Everfree Forest."

She then gently deposited the soldier, who was wearing a full suit of powered armor that concealed his face and all parts of his body, on the ground.
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(ooc: It's Sweetie Belle.  Apple Bloom's back with Scootaloo at the moment)

Sweetie Belle still smiled at the soldier as she spoke up to him "Well, me and my friends were just wondering if, other than riding in your dune buggy, if you have anything else that we could do to help out"


Fluttershy gasped as she looked to Aimee "I'll be right back" she smiled to her before she headed off to go and see what it was that Twilight did want.

She looked at Twilight when she mentioned the aliens again "But Twilight, I'm only used to taking care of sick and injured animals, not aliens" she tried to explain to her friend as she looked at the injured soldier, then to Twilight again.


Apple Bloom and Scootaloo however, had decided to try a different approach in getting their cutie marks as they approached the shuttles with the two fillies poking their heads inside.

"So, how do you suppose these work?" Apple Bloom asked her friend.

Scootaloo thought for a second as she jumped inside before looking to Apple Bloom "Well, I'm not sure, but I suppose we can always have a look around, you know, just wing it"

Apple Bloom sighed "Like that time you kissed me?" she grinned a little, only for Scootaloo to roll her eyes at that.

"No, not like that time, and that was an accident!" Scootaloo groaned as Apple Bloom entered the shuttle as well.

"Sure it was" Apple Bloom grinned again as she sat down.
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We are looking for a ship that may have crashed on this planet. Onboard were a few of our friends Nick and Kerzach " stripetail said " they were breing held captive by a small man named Chong. did you see anythging strange in the shy around here Recently" he said to twilight.. "
 can I roide one of these ponies Genki smirkled. " You'd need permission I'm sure" Nani replied, as Stiotch and Angel
_ guys I don't think we shouldf bother the natives" Kovu said gazing around. Above them Samia And dulcy in front of them gazing at the ponies and thier sm,all village..
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Myrdinn watched as Twilight Sparkle ran off with the wounded person.  "Shouldn't she have asked if they have their own doctor before she ran off?"

Spike shrugged, "I do hope the person will ok.  Fluttershy has great bedside manner.  Though she is very shy too."


"I wonder where she's running off to." Magnum said watching Twilight run off in the distance as he walked into the area.
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(OOC - No shuttles, just two hover tanks, two dune buggies, two armored personnel carriers and two repulsorsleds <hovering platform used to transport large amounts of cargo or troops>)

Ms. Swimmer saw the two fillies inside one of the APCs. She walked up to them. "Excuse me, but this is no place for curious children," she said as she gently shooed the away from the vehicle.


"You'll need to speak to Stripetail or Captain Carson about that," the soldier said, putting his feet on the dashboard.


Twilight sighed. "Fluttershy, I don't know if they have anypony with medical training with them. All of them appear to be soldiers. All we can try is either the vet or you because their physiology is so different from us."

The unconscious soldier stirred and sat up with a groan. "What happened?" he asked. The whirring of the suit's motors could be heard as he pulled himself into a sitting position.

She then galloped off to Stripetail. "Sorry, Stripetail but one of your soldiers was found unconscious by another one. Fluttershy will be treating the soldier. As for anything strange, no. I haven't seen anything strange in the sky except for your ship."
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Sara looked around from where she was.  "All I can see is what looks like a sea serpent." She says, seeing the one from the season 1 pilot.  

"Is she a licensed multi species doctor? " Magnum asked.

"or use a simple healing spell, like in my copy of a book of spells an ancestor of mine named Helyes wrote long ago. " Myrdinn said.  

(ooc: Got the name from the king arthur myths.  had to look up how to exactly spell his name.  He was a clerk who had a book that only he could cast spells from, and he did so at least once in the myths.)
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(ooc: Ah right, sorry, got a bit mixed up was all, they'll be in the APC then)

"I wasn't kissing Scootaloo!" Apple Bloom blurted out as Scootaloo rolled her eyes "Er, I mean...we were just...."

"We were just having a look around is all, we weren't going to touch anything" Scootaloo finished off for Apple Bloom as she glared at her friend slightly as well.


"But...." Fluttershy started as Twilight ran off.  She in turn, looked at the soldier with what just seemed to be a pale expression upon her face in the end.


Sweetie Belle shook her head at the soldier "Well, we did kinda get told off by I think it was Captain Carson, and Stripetail....I don't think he'd want us to help...." she trailed off a little as she jumped into the dune buggy next to the soldier, still looking at him "Please?"
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"Captain Carson was mad because you got into her dune buggy without permission. Not to mention you nearly destroyed a very expensive vehicle," the soldier said. "And if you want to help, you need to speak to those two as they are in command."


"Can you help me?" the soldier asked Fluttershy. He tried to pull himself to a standing position. Luckily, the suit's servomotors helped him out but he was still weak from the aftereffects of the spell.  


Ms. Swimmer shook her head. "I know but this isn't a place for children to play around in.


Twilight Sparkle looked around. "Well, how about you enjoy yourselves in the town?" she said to Stripetail.
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well thank you. I suppose we'll just have to wait a few days until we can meet with Celestia" stripetail shrugged " just show us arund the area and point us to any of the your worlds interesting places, that we might stop to visit..
_ agumon and Agumina walked alongside Stripetail, both were still wearing thier armor.\, they were more interested in the ponies than anything..
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"Both of the Princesses live in their castle in Canterlot.  Should I send a message summarizing what happened here and asking Princess Celestia to come here." Spike asked Twilight SParkle as he looked at her.  

"And to bring Princess Luna if she wants to come along." Myrdinn said.
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"Please do so," Twilight said to Spike. She then turned to Stripetail. "Well there's Cloudsdale which is a city made of clouds. Unfortunately, only Pegasi can land there but since you are a mage, you should be able to cast a cloudwalking spell. Of course, any flyers can reach that area as well. There's Minnineighpolis, the high-tech center of Equestria."

She then took a breath. "As for attractions in town. We've got Sweet Apple Acres - home of the best apples in Equestria; Sugarcube Corner - a small but legendary bakery and Carosual Boutique - a clothing store. But feel free to explore!"

Captain Carson sighed as Rarity's store was mentioned.

Zachary's stomach growled so he decided to head to the nearest resturaunt. It was then he realized he had no money. "S---! I forgot! We don't have any money!"
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"I already did....please, please, please can you give me something to do?" Sweetie Belle begged the soldier as she just sat there, looking at him still.


Fluttershy looked at the injured soldier still "But I don't know how to...." she started as she looked the soldier over before she got an idea and took off without a word, heading to her cottage to go and retrieve a few things without telling anyone else.


"But we're not playing" Scootaloo feigned a smile to Mrs. Swimmer "Just....exploring"

"Isn't that the same thing?" Apple Bloom quietly asked her friend.

"Shh" Scootaloo quickly hushed Apple Bloom back as she still looked to Mrs. Swimmer "We wont touch anything, we promise"
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"ok." Spike said.  He quickly took out a quill, and took a scroll from the saddlebag Myrdinn had and started to write a summary of events that happened recently, the living plans, and strange looking visitors and what some of them said, especially Stripetail, mentioning that she, and maybe her sister Princess Luna, may want to meet with Stripetail since he seemed to be the leader, or one of them.  Once he was done he put his quill away, and scanned the scroll to be sure he had the important details.  Then he rolled up the scroll and used a puff of his dragonfire to send it to Princess Celestia.  


Magnum listened to a telepathic message from Jason.  "I have a pound of gold and some diamonds, if those are worth anything here, so I can pay for any food or snacks folks want." Myrdinn said, speaking for Jason, who had some of that in his pockets.  Find it handy to carry all sorts of stuff in his pockets, including gold and diamonds, emeralds, ect.
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With no ponies listening to Hailey, she was starting to get desperate as she ignited herself in flames.  She looked to the side for a moment before she fired a fireball at one of the buildings in order to get their attention.  Though it only sent the ponies into a state of panic, she fired a few more fireballs to in turn, stop the ponies from escaping her.

"Listen, I don't have time to play games right now, Chongs needs help in getting the ship all fixed so we can get off this planets and you lot are going to help us achieve that!" Hailey finally yelled out in the end as the ponies froze in place, her eyes narrowing at them before pointing in the direction of the ship "Now march" she ordered.

The ponies gulped and decided that it was best to listen and turned, marching off towards where Chong's ship had crash landed.  Hailey just sighed a bit "Intimidation....didn't want to have to resort to that, but I guess I had no choice in the end"

But as the ponies started to march, the Wonderbolts themselves had shown up to stop her from terrorizing Canterlot.  Her gaze shifted to them as her eyes followed them "And now ponies in spandex....brilliant...." she groaned before she fired a fireball in their general direction, trying to hit them followed by more fireballs, doing what she could to keep the Wonderbolts away.
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Spike put his hands in front of his mouth as his cheeks puffed out suddenly.

"Feel sick or ...?" Myrdinn started to say, not having seen Spike do this before, unlike some other ponies who had.  

Spike then let out a loudish belch and a burst of green fire, then a scroll was visible on the ground in front of him.  He bent over to grasp the scroll and opened it.  

"That was fast.  Let's see what Princess Celestia has to say." Spike said as he opened the scroll.  

"My faithful student Twilight.  I wonder if you and your friends can look into a problem that is going in on Canterlot.  There appears to be someone named Hailey who has been reported to be throwing fire around, and is forcing ponies to do her will, making them all go away from Canterlot somewhere.  I have dispatched the Wonderbolts to look into the problem. "  Spike said.   "Sounds like some unicorn gone mad."

(ooc: Not sure if I Got the letter done well.  If the person who is doing Twilight sparke would rather get and read the scroll I'm happy to edit my post so she gets it instead of Spike. )
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Aimee's ears flickered at that name as her eyes widened.  She rushed over to Spike and snatched the letter from him to read it over again "How do they even know it's her? Unless she's been introducing herself to some of the ponies....but then, why would she....?" she trailed off as she looked to Spike "Where is Canterlot from here? I gotta go and look into this"
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"It's over that way, about ...." Spike pointed and then gave some directions.  "But you can't go there alone." He said.
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Aimee looked in the direction that Spike had pointed in before she nodded to Spike "Thanks, I'll handle it from here" she turned and rushed over to one of the dune buggys, looking at the soldier occupying it "Out, now, I need this"

"Sorry ma'am, but I-" the soldier started, only for Aimee to grab him and pull him out herself.

"Sorry, don't have time to argue" Aimee told the soldier as she jumped in and started the dune buggy up and headed off without another word to boot, heading in the direction of Canterlot.



The Wonderbolts were down for the count in the end as Hailey just stood there, eyes narrowed at them slightly "Yeah, I didn't want to have to do that, but you did kinda leave me no choice in the matter"

"But you're causing problems here" Spitfire spoke up, feeling too injured to move.

"That's only cause these ponies weren't listning in the first place, it was the only way I could get their attention" Hailey retorted back as her ears flicked at the sound of an approaching vehicle.  Her gaze shifted towards it and saw the dune buggy stop nearby and out she stepped "Aimee?"

Aimee had indeed, finally made it to Canterlot, though a bit late by the looks of it as her eyes glanced around then to Hailey "So....they were right after all, you were bought back to life and you decide to help out Chong"

"What? No! don't understand..." Hailey replied as her flaming body dispersed, reverting her to normal as she approached her friend "I...I..." she stamered.

Aimee folded her arms as she just looked at Hailey still "I thought we were past that, that you were over doing, well, evil, being a villain....guess I was wrong in the end, but question is, why would you resort to being evil again?"

"No! It's not like that! I just....I don't have a choice in the matter! He revived me, made me an offer, told me to help out Chong and in turn, I can well....stay alive and he even promised me...something else as well" Hailey tried to explain to Aimee.

Aimee shooked her head a little "So you're doing it for selfish reasons instead?"

"What? No..." Hailey trailed off "I at least thought you'd be happy to see me again"

"See you again? I saw you die in front of my own two eyes, I thought that you were dead! You were suppose to be dead! But no, you're alive and well and helping out Chong, all because you don't want to die again" Aimee told Hailey rather sternly.

Hailey stepped back a little bit, staying silent as she just looked at Aimee all the while.

"Hailey, everyone has a choice in the end, and if you still want to help out Chong for whatever selfish reasons they maybe, fine....but that only means that I will have to hunt you down and stop you" Aimee told Hailey now, rather plainly as she flexed her fists, glancing at the downed Wonderbolts, then at the destruction that Hailey had caused.

"Aimee....please...." Hailey did try to beg as she stepped back again "I don't want to have to fight you, have to understand....they even promised me that I could....have you as well...."
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"Hey, isn't Hailey the name of the person who let Chong out?" Dr. Zanasiu asked.

Deimos scratched his chin. "F---! If she's here then Chong's here!"

Captain Carson frowned as she grabbed a radio from her vest. "I want additional forces headed to Canterlot!"

She then gave the directions from where Spike said it was located.


Twilight nodded. "Spike take a letter!" she barked. She then cleared her throat. "Dear Princess Celestia, the one of the alien leaders, 'Captain Carson' has volunteered her forces to assist. I do not know when they will arrive but be on the lookout for them."

She then turned to Captain Carson and Stripetail. "I hate to cut our introduction short but there has been a situation in Canterlot and I must gather my friends to investigate."


Captain Fairchild and Major Lockie received the instructions. They had their weapons loaded and their fuel tanks topped off as they prepared for battle.

Again, more vehicles were deployed. Six armed dune buggies (three with dual .50 caliber machine gun turrets and two with automatic 40 mm grenade launchers and one with an anti-tank rocket launcher); two Zenyatta hover tanks; two Itania APCs filled with infantry (a total of 24 troops) and a repulsorsled with two ODIN troopers came out of the Spire of Winter's vehicle bay.

"We are en route," Major Lockie said as he lit his engines and gained speed down the runway.


Zachary had arrived at the gem fields with Rarity along with the unarmed ODIN trooper. Zachary decided to bring a repulsorsled to carry the tools and gem haul. He had decided to ask her about finding some money because he needed to earn some cash to have a meal.

He had tuned out Rarity's chattering about his choice of clothing - namely his ballistic vest, helmet and BDUs. Not to mention, he didn't want to hear her prattle on about how he should take care of his hooves. A pistol was holstered at his side.

"Rarity, no offense, but I'm here to earn some money by helping you dig up gems," he said.

"Sorry," Rarity said as he horn glowed as she walked back and forth. Suddenly, a blue patch appeared. "There!"

Zachary grabbed a shovel, ran over and started digging. Soon, he had unearthed a rather large rock. The ODIN trooper hoisted the rock out on the surface. The rock was rather bland - not to mention dusty.

"Strange, my gem detecting spell's never failed." She suddenly remembered how she got her cutie mark. "Break open the rock!"

The ODIN trooper (with her helmet back on) punched the rock as hard as possible, leaving a sizable crack and a fist shaped indentation. Her metal fists and the suit's immense strength meant that she was unharmed. A few more punches and the rock split in half, revealing several loose gems inside.

Zachary's jaw dropped as he laid eyes on the gem.

The ODIN trooper shook the dust off her armor. "Well, I say that is remarkable."

Rarity telekinetically lifted the loose gems into a crate on the repulsorsled. She then turned to the ODIN trooper. "Well, I guess that outfit is good for something - even if it does clash with your blonde mane."
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Tarrax, take the other dragons and head to Canterlot.. Most likely CFhong has sent hailey to get help. if we can capture Hailey, Chong shouldn't be too far away" stripetail said. " hurry time is off the essence
_ kopa Kovu and thier mates had headed over towards Sweet Aple acres- none of the four lions had ever had apples before - although Kopa had plenty of experience with fruits growing up in the southern jungles Kiara caught a whiff of apple pies " something sure smells good' she said to the others ' Wonder what it could be..
Ratchet walked along down the street behind Tiger and Tigress " This is a pretty weird place, huh ?' he said trying to make conversation " i'd like to see what ponies taste like, if you're curious Tiger replied " Sure Tiger, try and eat one and get a horde of angry magical ponies lined up against us " tigeress said " thats the last thing we need right now.
 Spyro and Cynder headed towards Canterlot along with Samia and Dulcy.
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Aimee shook her head at what Hailey had said "You wanted me to yourself? Rather selfish still, if you ask me, and the answer is still no" she told her friend, flexing her wrists "The dragon back in the village has probabally already told the others that you're here"

"They know as well? How?" Hailey asked, eyes glancing at Aimee's fists flexing.

"How else? The princess knows, sent word to him, how else do you think I knew to find you here? You hadn't exactly been staying low profile" Aimee retorted back "But they'll be here soon, so unless you want to be captured or killed, I suggest you get going now"

"You''re giving me a head start?" Hailey asked back as the distance between them had grown enough.

"Not exactly, I'm sparing you, if you want to help out Chong and whatever sadistic ways he's got fine, but just know that if you do, whatever happens to you, I wont always be there to save you again" Aimee told her rather plainly.

"What happened to you Aimee? really have changed" Hailey retorted back.

"The whole world doesn't stop because you had died Hailey, I kept on living my life" Aimee spoke "Now either you get going now...."

"Or we have a little fight right now, is that it?" Hailey finished off for Aimee, eyes glancing around still, glad that the others hadn't reached them yet as her fists engulfed themselves in flames "Fine, but I'm not going to die a second time" and with that, without really thinking on her actions and instead, just doing, she charged at Aimee.

"You really are selfish Hailey" Aimee retorted as she bought up her arms to defend herself, blocking each of Hailey's swings as to not burn herself by Hailey's fire "I just wish you could see that for yourself....this isn't you, not the same friend I had back on Earth"

"As you said Aimee, people change" Hailey continued to try to hit Aimee, only to keep on striking her arms instead "Maybe I didn't have a choice in the end, but I did want at least another chance at life....I just don't know what to do is all....unless...."

"Unless what?" Aimee asked curiously as she grabbed onto Hailey's flaming paws, her metalic arms and paws able to hold the heat off "You have a plan?"

"Perhaps, but I'm not sure if it'll work is all, if Chong will catch on or not" Hailey replied as she kneed Aimee in the stomach followed by a swift, flaming punch to Aimee's face "It's simple...ish"

"Let me guess, you're going to just wing it? Make it all up as you go along? You sure that's wise?" Aimee asked back, grabbing onto Hailey's free arm, turning Hailey around and holding her arm behind her back.

"Well, not really" Hailey slammed her head backwards into Aimee's face in order to free herself from Aimee's grip "But it's a plan regardless....and that's to just play along really till I get a real plan..." she then fired a fireball in Aimee's direction "...into motion"

"So, it's a plan...." Aimee crouched down as the fireball flew over her head " lead up towards another plan? I guess that...." she then rushed forward and struck Hailey in the stomach "....could work"

Hailey stumbled back a bit as she grabbed her stomach in pain "It has to work, I mean, I don't really want to do this, but I don't really have a choice in the matter right now, but if I play along, then perhaps after it's all done, I might still get to live....I hope anyway"
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Nick meanwhile was fusing the broken glass back together and sealing it into place' Chong scowled as he watched the captive work, but the sound of pony noises reached his ears. the ponies Hailey had ordered to go to him had arrived " well well that girl is pretty resourceful after all.. hmm ' Nick! have the ponies start fixing the engine.." chong ordered " Right away.. sir" Nick said remotely
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"Right." Spike said, writing down exactly what Twilight Sparkle said.  He added in some brief descriptions what Captain Carson, and a few others, looked like so Princess Celestria would have at least an idea what they looked like.  Once he was done writing, like usual, he rolled the scroll up and used a puff of his dragon fire to send it to Princess Celestia.  


Sara went with Tarrax & the other dragons.


Magnum slipped away as quietly as he could, going being a building with a clear area behind it and no one around.  Jason and the others flew, or carried tse who could not fly, off of him and to a spot to one side of him.  Then lightning seemed to come from the ground and play across Magnum and he changed to his bipedal form.  

Jason reached into a pocket and took out a few magic rings that he handed around to those who had no legion flying ring, or like Gnash already had a magic flying ring.  "Remember to remain together in the formation." He said.   They got into the formation and took off at once heading towards where Spike had said Canterlot said.


"That's the problem with ponies nowadays.  They are not happy with the way they are and have to go and change themselves." Granny smith said to herself, having seen Magnum and his changing, but not the rest of what happened due to a part of a building blocking her view.  She continued walking on her way at her usual slow speed.
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Aimee stood her ground as she looked at Hailey still "So then, how do you plan on getting your plan underway?" she asked her as she watched as Hailey shook off the pain in her stomach and rushed at Aimee again.  Aimee in turn, put her arms up again in order to once again block Hailey's attacks.

"Well, I just figured that it's already sort of happening, this fight....yeah, I need it to be convincing and all, which is why it has to be...." Hailey then went to strike Aimee in the stomach fist a fist, only to punch her arm instead, and rather hard for that matter "....real....oww..." she shook her fist a bit in pain.

Aimee grabbed Hailey by the throat "Heh, clever girl" she smiled to her slightly before letting go of her and instead, punching her in the leg "Makes sense though, and don't worry, I'll let you escape before the others arrive"

Hailey grabbed her leg in pain as she looked to Aimee "Thanks" was all she had said and stepped towards Aimee, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah, no problem" Aimee told Hailey ignoring the kiss before placing her paws on Hailey's shoulders "Now, you should get going....and hopefully your plan works out in the end and that Chong doesn't catch you with what you're up to"

Hailey nodded to Aimee and turned, limping off slightly from the pain in her leg, but stopped "Also, good fight, that" she smiled and limped off through the fire and out of view.

"Yeah, it was're a good fighter" Aimee muttered to herself as she watched Hailey leave, turning around as she waited for the backup to arrive.

(ooc: And yes, Hailey has escaped, anyone can now show up)
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tarrax flew on ahgead of the others ' this is a really interesting place" spyro said through his helmet " Theres lots of magic, and it has a very clean air.."
We're just trying to stop Chong from causing anymore trouble and to get Nick back " cynder said as she climbed into a higher altitude. Spyro and Cynder were smaller than either Samia or Dulcy, and Obviously much much smaller than Tarrax.
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Twilight galloped to Fluttershy's house. "Fluttershy!" she panted. "Something is going wrong in Canterlot! The princess needs us there! Meet in the town square!"

A flash and she teleported to Sugarcube Corner. "Pinkie Pie! Meet in the town square! We need to get to Canterlot!"

Another flash and she was in the gem fields.

"Twilight, what ever is going on?" Rarity asked.

"Emergency at Canterlot! Meet in the town square!"

She then teleported away to fetch Applejack and Rainbow Dash.

Rarity nodded as Zachary wiped some sweat from his brow. He hopped on the repulsorsled and followed Rarity back to town.

Then ODIN trooper followed them.


Captain Fairchild was the first to arrive at Canterlot. He immediately spotted the downed starship amid scattered rubble and fires.

"Nick's gonna pissed for this," he muttered, spooling up his 30 mm cannon. He then let loose a volley of API shells at the engines. The large slugs sliced through the ship's heavy armor, inflicting even more damage on the engines and even starting a few fires. His intent was to render the stolen ship unable to take off. Then, they could apprehend Chong.

He ignored the curious Pegasi that swarmed around him, marveling at this strange metallic flyer.
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"Oh um, okay...." Fluttershy spoke up as she was about to head off after Twilight when Pinkie Pie piped up.

"Ooooh, sounds important" Pinkie Pie added in, popping out of a nearby bush, showing that she was not at Sugercube Corner and was instead, for no explained reason, inside a bush near Fluttershy "Cupcake?" she offered Fluttershy, poking out her tounge a cupcake, fully baked, sitting upon her tounge.

Fluttershy just stared for a moment "Um, no thank you Pinkie, I just ate...." she trailed off, being a bit put off by what Pinkie Pie had done with her tounge.

"Okie doki then" Pinkie Pie giggled as she pulled her tounge and the cupcake into her mouth, swallowing it and jumping out of said bush beside Fluttershy before bounding off.

Fluttershy in turn, trotted off after Pinkie Pie, heading to the town square.
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Nick dove to the ground as the engines blew. " stop firimg at the ship!" he yelled
" knock him out of the sky! Chong said sending beams of magic at the living plane..
Rapar Nur Afico" Chong screeched and the spaceship behan to glow as a shields formed around. it
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"Yes, it must be before the steam age or just beginning." Sara said, who was with the rest of the dragons.    "I wonder if they'll develop a magic based technology, a non magic one using lots of fossil fuels or  a mix of the 2." She said, thinking.  

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Captain Fairchild's wings were struck by the magic bolts but they did not slow him down as he sped away. He armed a specialized kinetic energy missile that replied on sheer speed and mass to penetrate armor.

He then launched the missile and sped away as it accelerated to nearly 6,000 miles per hour.


A chariot pulled by Celestia's royal guards landed in the town square.

Twilight boarded as did Applejack and Rainbow Dash."

Zachary held a bag of bits as Rarity headed to the chariot.


The heavy gates of Canterlot were no match for the ninety ton Zenyatta hover tanks, which just simply rammed their way through them.

Major Lockie flew overhead. He used his wingtip lights to signal the troops to follow him.

Several of the ponies got out of the way and hid as the armored convoy rolled down the streets of Canterlot.
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Apple Bloom and Scootaloo popped their heads out of the APC at what was going on "So, what do you think's happening over there?" Apple Bloom asked Scootaloo.

Scootaloo just shrugged a little "Not sure...buuut...." her eyes gazed back inside the APC again as she grinned, grabbing Apple Bloom by the tail and pulling her deeper inside it "Whatever it is, we could always just keep guard for the aliens until they're ready to leave"

"But, what about Sweetie Belle?" Apple Bloom had to at least question about, glancing back to the outside again, seeing that their friend still hadn't shown up just yet.


Sweetie Belle just sat there as the soldier she was talking to had instead, taken off, leaving her all alone as she just pouted "Well, that plan failed" she groaned as she got up and instead, trotted off in order to find Apple Bloom and Scootaloo.


Pinkie Pie bounded into the carriage as well, looking back as Fluttershy was taking a bit longer than usual, but she soon, finally entered as well.


Hailey soon enough, approached Chong as she looked up at who was attacking them "How long until we're ready to leave this planet?" she asked, igniting herself in flames and started firing fireballs at their attacker. until she watched him speed away.

Her eyes followed until she saw what was fired "Uh Chong..." she spoke as she pointed at the missile.

"Trixie did not sign up for this" Trixie sneered a little as she started to back away while no one was looking before she turned and just fled, heading back to Canterlot instead.
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"Don't forget me." Spike said, running so he could get into the carriage and not get left behind.  

"How many could one of those things hold?" Myrdinn asked.  

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As soon as Spike boarded, the chariot soared into the air and headed to Canterlot.  

"Might as well follow," Rainbow said as she lit her engines and flew after the chariot. Despite the several minutes she had to spend refueling and rearming (by two repulsorsleds carrying a fuel tank and four small bombs, respectively). She also carried a drop tank filled with a liquid known as "zip fuel". This mixture of boron hydrides and JP-8 was more energetic than her normal JP-8 fuel (made by converting the oil extracted from algae grown aboard the Spire of Winter into something resembling crude oil and then distilling and refining it. The algae was grown in large vats specifically for that purpose). Even though the zip fuel increased her range and speed by a rather substantial margin, it could only be used in her afterburners as the boron oxides produced would severely damage the blades in her turbine engines. Not to mention it left a enormous white contrail behind her. Finally, the fuel was incredibly toxic and burst into flame when it contacted oxygen. Luckily, she was unaffected by the toxicity of the compound and if the drop tank was punctured, she could instantly drop it.

Lt. Martin was also being refueled. As she already carried a set of rocket pods carrying HE rockets and four bombs, she decided to not add additional weapons. Even though she too could use the zip fuel, she decided not to.

Several minutes later, she too flew into the air.


"Hey, why don't you show us around town?" a soldier said to Sweetie Belle

Deimos and Rime nodded.


Zachary, Ms. Swimmer, Dr. Zanasiu and Mr. Bigmouth were eating at an outdoor cafe. As all of them were capable of eating vegetable foods, they were enjoying their meals.

Dr. Zanasiu eagerly dug into his plate of grilled vegetables. "This is one of the best meals I've ever had."

Zachary munched on some hay fries. "You know, maybe we should try and

Ms. Swimmer nodded as she ate a large salad.


(En Route to Canterlot)

Despite the head start that the chariot had, the two living planes easily caught up to them.

"Wow, yer really fast," Applejack said.

Rainbow Dash chuckled. "Not as fast as me!"

Rainbow scowled. "Try me."

"You're on!"

"Rainbow Dash and, erm, Rainbow, we're supposed to be investigating an incident at Canterlot. Save the boasting for when we're done," Twilight scolded.



The armored convoy eventually pulled up to the downed starship. Several Royal Guards were trying to keep everypony else back while several Unicorns were trying counterspells to force their way past the barrier.

The guards, having been alerted to the convoy, let them through.

"Let's try raw firepower!" Major Lockie shouted.

At his orders, the Zenyatta hover tanks rapidly fired invisible pulses of infrared radiation in the ten megawatt range. At the same time, the very air shook as the living AC-130 fired a 105 mm shell at the shield.

Several of the guards, not being used to this kind of sheer power, flinched.
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(ooc: Since Apple Bloom is with Scootaloo right now, I'll asume that the soldier was suppose to be speaking with Sweetie Belle)

Sweetie Belle looked at the soldier and thought for a second "Well, I was suppose to go and find Scootaloo and Apple Bloom...but I guess I can show you around first" she smiled "But then, where do you want to go first?" she asked the small group, still smiling to them.


"So, what do you want to do now?" Scootaloo asked Apple Bloom a bit curiously.

Apple Bloom thought for a moment "Well we could..." she started, shuffling closer to her friend.

Scootaloo just looked at Apple Bloom "Wait, are you still on about that kiss from last time? I already told was. an. accident!" she groaned a bit as well "It was dark as it was" she grumbled as well.

Apple Bloom rolled her eyes slightly at Scootaloo before she rested her head upon her shoulder lightly, giving her a smile only to be pushed away by Scootaloo.

"Yeah...." Scootaloo shuffled back a bit away from Apple Bloom "I am not kissing you"



Trixie had soon made it to Canterlot, having run off from what had been going on at the downed ship, unaware that Twilight and the others were suppose to be landing here, as she was not willing to see Twilight again right now.


(Heading towards Canterlot)

Pinkie Pie in particular was instead of being seen inside the chariot, was standing on top of Rainbow, the plane, not the pegasus "But a race, that would be fun!" she smiled as she looked down, her own face right in front of Rainbow's face.
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"We can race after we deal with Chong!" Rainbow said. "And Pinkie, get off my airframe!"

"We can race now, if you'd like," Rainbow Dash said. "Or are you afraid you'll lose?"

Lt. Martin said nothing as she continued flying. She was surprised that the chariot could keep up with her cruising speed of 577 mph.

"Everypony, we're approaching Canterlot," Twilight said.

Lt. Martin blanched. Canterlot was a large city with no places for her or Rainbow to land.
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"Okie doki!" Pinkie Pie replied as she bounded off Rainbow and into midair, just floating there for just a moment before she was grabbed by Fluttershy and pulled into the chariot before gravity was able to take hold of her.

"You should've been more careful Pinkie...." Fluttershy told her pink pony friend as she looked towards Canterlot herself.  She did catch sight of Aimee standing in the middle of Canterlot trying to at least calm down those ponies that were still acting rather frantic and scared at what was happening.

But then she noticed Trixie approach as well and spoke to Twilight "Oh um excuse me Twilight, but isn't that the unicorn from last time? Wasn't her name Trixie?" she had to ask as she looked out once again.
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"Yea, the boaster who claimed she did stuff she never did.  Twilight sure showed her who is the better Unicorn at magic." Spike said, happy & proud of what Twilight had done.  "You did some creative and interesting applications of several lessons." He said to Twilight.  

(Arriving in Canterlot)

Jason and his friends drew near Canterlot.  Not able to fly as fast as Planes can, though having started early.  

"Doesn't' look to good." Brooklyn said.  

"We may not be able to do all that needs doing." Gnash said.  

"Then we'll upgrade." Jason said.   He led them to a good spot to land.  A part of his right wrist glowed briefly as he summoned his omni morpher.  Seeing this the others got into position, with Gnash drawing his sword and the others with wrist worn morphers summoning them mentally from the subspace area they were when not in use.  

With magic being around, & him assuming there being enemy mages Jason changed instead to a mix of red mystic force with the green ranger shield (the gold part that goes over the shoulders and a bit of the front and back) and the dragon dagger.  Instead of his usual Red Zeo with green ranger shield & dragon dagger.  

Brooklyn changed to the red season 1 mighty morphin red ranger, Velma to an orange ranger variant (deonychus), Gnash held up his sword and changed to a blue galaxy ranger, blue lighting coming down from the sky to strike his sword as part of his morph sequence.  Magnum didn't morph, just changed to his bipedal form.  Guilmon pressed a button on his morpher, not morphing since that he used to warp digivolve.  Instead it put a hologram around him making him look much the same, just hiding his data hazard symbols.  

"Me red dragon ranger." Guilmon said.  a term he had made up himself.  He used this so he didn't want to feel left out when others morphed.
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Fluttershy looked to Spike as he spoke up about Trixie "Was she really that bad?" she asked him as she looked outside again, then to Spike again "And did Twilight really show her up as well?"

"But then if she was suppose to be shown up with magic by Twilight, then why would she be in Canterlot for?" Pinkie Pie then gasped "She must be up to something!" she accused straight away "But the question is what" Pinkie added in, now starting to think on it, as if she had already forgotten why they were heading to Canterlot in the first place.


(Ponyville- Inisde the APC)

Apple Bloom sighed as she looked to Scootaloo, who in turn, just groaned back.

Again, Scootaloo groaned a bit louder "Fine, if you're not going to let it go...." she rolled her eyes just a little bit "One kiss, and that's all"

Apple Bloom trotted over to Scootaloo "Are yer sure about that?" she asked her friend "I mean, if you don't want to" she mused as well.

"Don't do that" Scootaloo narrowed her eyes a little bit at Apple Bloom.

"Do what?"

"That! The whole wanting to kiss me thing, and then saying that's annoying!" Scootaloo flailed her front hooves around "You say one thing, and then you say another thing and-" she was cut off by Apple Bloom doing just that, kissing her friend on the lips, as if to shut her up.

Scootaloo just stood there after said kiss was finished a bit dumbfounded by what had happened before she just stuck out her tounge in disgust "Yuck...." was all she had to say in regards to that.

Apple Bloom just smiled back a bit at Scootaloo before she justrested her head on her friend's shoulder, with Scootaloo groaning again, just annoyed right now, but for now, just giving up.
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"Just see what's around town," the soldier said with a shrug as he stood up, his suit's motors whirring.


(Canterlot Border)

"Thanks," Twilight said with a blush.

"If she's causing trouble, we'll see how she handles a few 70 mm rockets," Lt. Martin said.

"Easy, we'll handle her," Applejack said. "But if she's causing ya any trouble, then ah won't be upset if ya choose to fight back."

"Prepare for landing," the Pegasus guard said. The chariot circled around and landed in designated landing zone, which looked a lot like a helipad.

"Come on!" Twilight said, jumping off the chariot. Rarity daintily stepped off and then Applejack leapt from the vehicle.

"Let's put a stop to this!" Rainbow Dash shouted, taking to the air.

"Hold it, we need ta find out where this chaos is goin' on," Applejack said.

"Try where you see explosions," Rainbow deadpanned.

Sure enough, Twilight could see a large shimmering energy dome that was being bombarded with ordnance of all sorts. She could also see two planes attacking it with missiles, cannon fire and bombs.

Rainbow Dash swooped down and intercepted Trixie. "Trixie! What the hay did you do to Canterlot!?" she demanded.

The two living planes circled over Trixie, blocking out the sun.


Captain Fairchild's kinetic missile sliced through the barrier but it veered off course, digging into the ground.

Just before the barrier closed up, a burst of 30 mm API shells struck the already damaged engines.
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Trixie just stood there as Rainbow Dash accused her of damaging Canterlot as her eyes shifted to Twilight before she just sneered at Rainbow Dash "Trixie did not do any of this" she stated plainly as she stood there still, eyes narrowed at her "Trixie was sure that one of your friends did it instead, attacking the downed ship" she added in, glancing towards the living planes as if to motion that it was their fault.

"Trixie had to escape before it would do any real damage to anything else" Trixie then added in, only for Aimee to step up and interject.

"Actually, that was....Hailey, she was the one that did this, but she escacped before I could actually capture her" Aimee told the group.

Trixie shook her head a little as her eyes still narrowed at Rainbow Dash, but soon shifted to Twilight again, eyes staying upon her for a few moment, still holding the grudge about what had happened last time with her.
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reparum" Chong shreiked and magic began streaming over the ship lifting it up off the ground woith the shield still operational. inside the shireld chongs magic began to slowly repair the ship.. 'once it is repaired Hailey we're leaving it should take no more than 10-=15 minutes. once its ready, get everyone aboard and we'll get out of here, tht includes these ponies' CFhong said..
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"Yeah, but I also have to find my friends, they're not where they were last time" Sweetie Belle answered as she looked to where Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were last seen, unaware that the two were hanging out in the APC right now.


(Inside the APC)

Scootaloo soon pushed Apple Bloom away "Yeah, you had" she spoke with a roll of her eyes to boot "Buut we do need to find out where Sweetie Belle's gone....and not to mention that I've gotta go and get my scooter as well" she then looked at her friend "So, I'll be back" and with that, the filly pegasus took off.

Apple Bloom just sighed heavily as she sat down where she was "Well, that failed as well" she muttered to herself, watching Scootaloo taking off to get her scooter, leaving Apple Bloom all alone.


Outside, Sweetie Belle saw Scootaloo rush past and looked to where she had come from, seeing Apple Bloom inside the APC all alone.  She then looked to where Scootaloo was heading off to, then to who she was suppose to be showing around Ponyville.

It seemed that they were busy looking around, which Sweetie Belle took the chance to slip away and head to where Apple Bloom was, climbing inside the vehicle and taking a seat next to her friend "So....what happened?"

Apple Bloom shook her head "It's nothing" she grumbled a little "I just wanted to have fun was all, but she doesn't like having any real fun" she rolled her eyes.

"Fun?" Sweetie Belle asked as she looked around, then to her friend again "What kind of fun?"

Apple Bloom grumbled again "I kissed her, but she didn't like it"

"Why would you want to kiss....her? Cause you know how Scootaloo is with the whole love thing" Sweetie Belle told Apple Bloom looking ather with a bit of a stern look upon her face "Besides, how did you kiss her?"

"I just wanted to...." Apple Bloom trailed off "But I did kiss her....on the lips and all that, but I probabally did it wrong"

Sweetie Belle just shook her head, looking outside, then to Apple Bloom as she got an idea and smiled to her friend "Well, you could always....try it on me"
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"Yea, I still think you have a hand in all this.  Maybe due to more of your boasting at least some of this happened." Spike said.


"So where shall we strike first?" Sara asked.  "Or is this more of a scouting misson?"
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Lt. Martin glared at Trixie. "Hey f---wad, has it occurred to you that maybe we're here to stop them!"

"Eltee, forget her! Deal with the ship!" Rainbow shouted. She was thankful that Chong hadn't figured out how to use the point defense lasers on the ship.

Lt. Martin complied, letting loose a volley of high explosive rockets, trying to destroy or at least weaken the shield. Several Pegasi had joined the living planes in bombarding the shield. Granted, the ordnance that the Pegasi used were blast-geodes, fist sized rocks that packed the same explosive force as a hand grenade.

Unicorns of Celestia's guard were hurling bolts of concentrated magic at the ship.

The two ODIN troopers pounded away at the shield with their weapons - a 30 mm railgun and the so-called "magma cannon" - a cannon that used powerful electromagnets to hurl bolts of molten metal at hypersonic velocities - respectively.

The trooper with the magma cannon waited for his cannon to fully charge. It took three seconds to fully charge the capacitors and took ten more seconds to melt the metal slug. Enough time having passed, the soldier pulled the trigger, sending molten metal hurtling towards the floating ship like an incandescent spear forged from the depths of the Earth.

The Pegasi bombarding the ship stopped to watch a white hot bolt of liquid metal scream through the air.


"Trixie," Twilight said. "I just got word from the alien representative that the aliens aboard that ship are hostile. And those aliens want those hostile ones taken into custody."

"If you want us to trust you, you'll help us take 'em down!" Rainbow Dash added.


The ship rose high enough that the grenades could no longer reach it. Of course, the lasers, machine guns and anti-tank missiles still could.

Nevertheless, the commander on the ground ordered the troops to stop firing, except for the Zenyatta hover tanks.
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Trixie narrowed her eyes at Twilight in paticular before it occured to her.  The same ship that she was helping earlier on.  That they were the bad guys all along, and Trixie had helped them like a moron.  Her eye twitched a little bit "They were the hostile ones?" she asked, eye still twitching before she was slapped across the face by Pinkie Pie.

That had snapped her out of her little gaze "Very well, Trixie will help you guys out, even if she really doesn't want to" she added in without so much as a thank you to Pinkie Pie for helping out.

Her gaze then shifted to the ship in the distance as she went back to her boastful ways "Stand back everypony...." and with that, her horn started to glow as she summoned fireworks, quite a few of them as she grinned away and in turn, she fired them off, one by one, hoping to at least, strike the ship in the distance.

"Fireworks? Really?" Pinkie Pie deadpaned.


(Ponyville - APC)

Apple Bloom just looked at Sweetie Belle, hessitating for a moment before she sighed and did that, kissing her just quickly upon the lips "There, happy now?"

"Well....that wasn't really all that romantic, no wonder Scootaloo didn't like it" Sweetie Belle told Apple Bloom with a slight grin.

"And I suppose you can do any better" Apple Bloom insinuated.

"Yup" Sweetie Belle smiled back as she kissed her friend upon the lips, but this time, said kiss was held for a bit longer and with more passion.
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"Yea, unless you are really on their side." Spike said.  He then took a deep breath and did his best to breath his dragon fire at the ship.    Though his fire didn't go very far.  A foot or so at most.  


Sara was using magic to send some lightning at the ship.  Then changed to sent her fire breath as a bolt of fire at the ship, so the range of her dragon breath would be increased since she could shoot it at the target not unlike a crossbow bolt or arrow.  


"Our weapons are not doing much damage to the ship.  Likely due to it's armor.  The are more personnel types of weapons." Brooklyn said.

"Yea, no good." Gnash said.  

"it's fun though." Guilmon said, sending another pyrosphere at the ship.

"Sam & Betty haven't seen much action & are glad of the fun they are having." Magnum said, meaning his 2 huge pistols, that he had named.  

"Time for us, rangers to combine our weapons." Jason said, and started the process where the other rangers tossed up their weapons.   Once combined they put their a hand on each other's shoulders with 2 hands being on Jason's shoulders.  Then he used the combined weapon to send a blast at the ship.
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Soon, Sweetie Belle pulled away from Apple Bloom with a smile "So, what did you think of that? Was it....good? Nice?"

"Well yeah, it was..." Apple Bloom trailed off "No wonder Scootaloo didn't like the kiss last time, but thanks Sweetie Belle, at least I now know the best way to kiss her, so....thanks for the tip" she smiled to her friend.

Sweetie Belle did feel a bit heartbroken at hearing that "Oh, well um....that's...okay...." she spoke as she tried to keep a smile upon her face all the while "Glad....glad you liked the tip..." she sighed a bit.

Apple Bloom just smiled away as she hummed a bit to herself as she waited for Scootaloo to return, oblivious to what was wrong with Sweetie Belle right now.


Scootaloo had arrived at the clubhouse where she had left her scooter last, taking her helmet off it and placing it upon her head before getting onto her scooter and at first, slowly started to take off, picking up speed with each passing second.

Soon, the young pegasus was starting to go rather fast on her scooter, her wings flapping along to help her keep the speed up as she started to speed back towards the APC.  If they were going to stow away on the APC, she was at least going to take her scooter with her.



There was a problem with Trixie's firework rockets as they sped right past their target and exploded, setting off just normal fireworks as Trixie's jaw just dropped open "Trixie....missed?" she asked herself before her eyes just narrowed.

Again her horn started to glow and instead of smaller rockets, she summoned a bigger rocket which did seem to be a rather dangerous one.  An illegal one for that matter as on the side of it, it read "The Atmospheric Disturber 3000"
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Chong had magicked everyone onbioard the ship. the shield was holding despite everything being thrown at it, but Chong was aware that it wouldn't hold up against his most powerful magical foes. " hailey! drive this thing out of here! he commanded " we need to get away before the squirrekll or his pet dragon arrive!
 Stripetail his group had largely stayed behind, while getting a grasp of the area..
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Major Lockie immediately radioed Stripetail. "Stripetail! We need you and Tarrax here immediately! Chong's getting away and we can't seem to break the shield he put around Nick's ship! Even destroying the engines didn't help!"

Rainbow and Lt. Martin were careful to avoid Trixie's fireworks. Even though they were not technically weapons, they could be as destructive as any true anti-air missile.


Seeing as none of their weapons could penetrate the shield, the soldiers - both the ones from the Spire of Winter and the Royal Guard - called off their attack.


Twilight looked at her friends. "Maybe if we use the Elements of Harmony, we can destroy the shield and the aliens can take the ship down. Trixie, you help the aliens bring the ship down."

"Worth a shot!" Rainbow Dash said.

She retrieved a case from her saddlebag that contained the focusing crystals. She quickly tossed the necklaces to her friends and donned the tiara.


Major Lockie nodded as he heard Twilight's plan. "All right, once the shield goes down, hit the ship with everything you've got! No wimping out!"



Mr. Bigmouth, Ms. Swimmer and Zachary were walking around town. They were chatting with the ponies to try and break the ice.

Dr. Zanasiu, Deimos and Captain Carson were sitting inside an APC that was pressed into service as a command post. The APC in question was the one where the CMC had stowed away in.

"F---!" Deimos shouted as he heard what Major Lockie reported.

Captain Carson sighed. "Let's hope Princess Celestia responds quickly."

"Can't we just leave and head after Chong?"

Captain Carson shook her head. "We need her help."
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Hailey nodded her head and rushed towards the front of the ship, recalling what to do since last time as she started it up before she started to steer it away from the planet, heading towards the atmosphere of it.


Trixie narrowed her eyes at Twilight "What do you think Trixie has been trying to do? She is not shooting rockets at the ship for fun" she gritted her teeth as she in turn, summoned a few more rockets to her aid before firing the smaller ones, followed by the Atmosheric Disturber 3000.

The rockets all seemed to miss and exploded, followed by a blinding flash of light from the most dangerous one, yet, when the light cleared, the ship was still moving.

"Aww, tough luck Trixie" Pinkie giggled as she put on her necklace, only to be shoved aside by Trixie as her horn started to glow again as again, she summoned more rockets above her "Hey! that wasn't very nice!" Pinkie Pie bounded back up.

Fluttershy put her necklace on as she in turn, spoke up quietly to Trixie as well "Um excuse me Trixie, but the rockets don't seem to be doing anything, just setting off fireworks, perhaps we should um, trying with the Elements of Harmony instead?"

"No!" Trixie snapped back "I am not going to let Twilight outshine Trixie a second time! Trixie will show Twilight she she is better than her!"

"Oooh! Somepony's jealous!" Pinkie again, giggled.
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"Trixie! Now's not the time to let your ego get in the way!" Rainbow Dash shouted.
Twilight's eyes flashed a brilliant white as streams of magic flowed from her friends' necklaces and onto her tiara. Once enough charge had been accumulated, a massive rainbow colored beam shot from the gem on the tiara aimed right at the fleeing starship.

Major Lockie watched the beam. "Everyone! Once that shield goes down, hit it with all you've got!"

Captain Fairchild circled the area. He hoped that the shield went down before the starship exceeded his flight ceiling.
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"Yea," Spike said, seeing what Twilight & the others were doing.   "do it, you can do it." He said, his hands clenched into fists as he cheered them on.


"I wonder if we can get through their field or screen." Brooklyn said.

"In my experience if you do enough damage usually that will bring down most screens or force fields, the key is doing enough damage." Jason said.

"I can do this all day." Magnum said, continuing to shoot both off his huge pistols at the ship.
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We're on our way " tarrax replied as he headed back to fetch his master..  We should be there in a few minutes I'm going to fetch my master"
_ Stripetail heard the radio  report " and tenseds " Try and keep him therre as long as you can. Tarrax and I will get there as soon as we can!' Stripetail said. " Everyone I am headed off to Canterlot, we have located Chong but hes trying to esvcape.. Those of you who want to come with me, may do so, those who want to stay are free to do so.
 Agumon and Agumina warpdigivolved to WarGreymon and warGreywomon and took fight "Pity you can't do that Tiger " genki said as he watched the Digimon fly away atowards the capital..
 We'll stay here' came the Reply from Scooby and Dixie " I'm busy  trying to map these area so I can send it to cronk and Zephyr " ratchet replied "Wesa trying to ride ponies ' camer Stitch and Angel;s replies " I don't think the onies like that " stripetail said.
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Trixie narrowed her eyes at Rainbow Dash and fired a rocket in her general direction before firing the rest of the at the ship alongside the rainbow.


Hailey's eyes looked back at what was approaching "A rainbow? Really?" she shook her head and flicked a few switches before the engines lit up and the ship in question started to speed away from the planet in order to outrun said rainbow.


Back on the planet, Trixie just stood there as she watched the ship fly away with a simple "Hmph" to boot as she turned and started to walk off.  At least the hosite aliens were gone in her eyes, even if she didn't destroy the ship itself.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Pinkie asked Trixie as she bounded over to her.

"Trixie is leaving, she has done her part to help you ponies out" Trixie replied back as she still attempted to leave, yet, Pinkie refused to allow her to leave "Move it, Trixie has said it before, and she'll say it again in case you weren't listning, Trixie is leaving now, and you will not be following her"
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Repellum' Ching commanded and  the shield changed color as the rainbow streewam hit it. the shield reflected the beam off into the distance where the beam dissipated harmlessly.. ; the ship cointinued ruising higher and higher as the air became thinner and thinner
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Twilight sighed as the beam missed. She took off her tiara and placed back into the case.

By now, the starship was at 35,000 feet and climbing.

Major Lockie uttered a remarkable stream of profanity. He the radioed Stripetail and Tarrax. "Stripetail and Tarrax, the ship's already taken off but Captain Fairchild has severely damaged the engines so we may be able to catch it easier. Major Lockie out."

"Trixie! You get yer rump back here before buck you across Equestria!" Applejack shouted.

"Well, I guess there's nothing left to do but go back to Ponyville," Rainbow Dash said. She then turned to Rainbow, the living F-22. "Speaking of which, that race is still on."

The troops and vehicles from the Spire of Winter were packing up and slowly heading out.

Twilight waited for a royal guard chariot to pick them up.



Captain Carson swore as she heard what Major Lockie said. She got up and ran into the CMC. She then sighed. "All right, since it seems like you're going to be following me around a lot, could I at least learn your names?"

Meanwhile, Dr. Zanasiu and Deimos were arguing whether to wait for Princess Celestia's message or simply take off and chase down Chong.
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Trixie stopped as her eyes gazed back towards Applejack before speaking "Trixie has already done what she was asked to do, so she does not need to stay around anymore" she seemed to insist.

"But Trixie we could always-" Fluttershy started, only for Pinkie Pie to cut her off.

"We could always use your help, because I'm sure that the aliens will want our help in tracking down the aliens that had escaped and I'm sure that you'll also be of help and that you can always prove to Twilight that you're better than her" Pinkie Pie told Trixie without so much as a breath as she bounded around.

"Prove that she is better than Twilight? Trixie does like that idea" Trixie looked towards Twilight before turning and walking towards the other unicorn "Very well, Trixie will help out for now and she will show that she is better than Twilight is" she sneered lightly, her face now just inches away from Twilight's face "You just got lucky last time is all"


"I'm Apple Bloom, that there's Sweetie Belle and this here is Scootaloo" Apple Bloom introduced herself and her friends to Captain Carson, but yet, quietly added in something to Captain Carson so that her friends couldn't hear her "Um, do you have any tips on dating either? or love? Sweetie Belle sorta helped out, but I don't know is all...."
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Stripetasil replied " we are going to be talking with the rulers of this planet and getting some recruits to join our cause. head to Canterlot. i will be heading there shortly..
( Phoenoix)
 Nick grumbled as he was forced to fpick up debris in the cafe by hand. the blasts had punctured holes in the roof of the cafe, and several tables were smashed. ' great just great.. now how aere we supposed to make any money, when we are flyoiing from planet tio planet
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Spike shaded his eyes as he watched the ship flying away, "Gosh, I guess you ponies scared them off." He said.


"I wonder what planet they'll go to next." Sara said looking at the ship in the distance.


"What do we do now?" Gnash asked.  

"quietly slip away since we're not needed here." Jason said, using his telepathic ability  so the ponies would not notice till after they were gone that the brightly colored strange looking group of 6 were not there anymore & they had not noticed them leaving or where they went, or when.  

"Let's head somewhere alone where we can regroup and think what to do next." Brooklyn said.  

"Good idea." Jason said.
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"Well, I'm Captain Sharon Carson," Captain Carson said. "As for dating, sorry, no tips."


Ms. Swimmer, Zachary and Mr. Bigmouth sat on a bench in the public park. They had earned a couple hundred bits between them doing all sorts of odd jobs for the ponies - everything from helping harvest apples at Sweet Apple Acres to cleaning up Sugarcube Corner to helping demolish an old building.

They noticed that a certain green Unicorn was staring at them, particularly their hands.

"Wow, hands!" Lyra muttered as she twitched with glee.

Ms. Swimmer coughed and jabbed the two with her elbows. All of them stared back at Lyra and moved away.



Rainbow Dash looked at Spike. "For sure we did!" she crowed.

Twilight said nothing in response to Trixie.

A chariot arrived and she along with Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity boarded.

Rainbow sighed. "Well, see ya back at Ponyville!" She then wheeled around and headed for the small town with the other three living planes following.
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Trixie in turn, followed Twilight and the others as she too got into into the chariot, yet, she said nothing else on the matter at hand as she looked outside as Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy got on as well.

"Oh, don't be so down on yourself, this is gonna be fun!" Pinkie called out to Trixie and placed a hoof around her, only to be ignored by Trixie "Well, you're not very fun" she added in with a small scoff and just bounded over to where Fluttershy was in the small room that was available.

"Do you think that Trixie's okay?" Fluttershy asked a bit quietly to Pinkie Pie, glancing at Trixie whom was still silent at the moment.

"I don't think it matters right now, she probabally just hates us, especially Twilight" Pinkie replied back as she in turn, snuggled right up to Fluttershy.



"Oh...." Apple Bloom started, sighing a little, yet smiled in the end "And uh yeah, sorry about taking the dune buggy, Scootaloo said that she could drive it and that she wanted to at least try to...."

"I never said I could drive it, stop exaggerating everything I tell you!" Scootaloo yelled back a bit to her friend.
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Spike got into the chariot.  "yea, it was cool to see." Spike said.  Then he looked at Twilight, "So where are we off to now?" He asked.


Jason and his group found a place alone.  Those morphed unmorphed, Guilmon turned off the hologram so he looked normal again.

"I assume we'll be following them?" Brooklyn asked.

"Yes, though we should regroup with the others." Jason said.  "Better then us going on alone.  And we have to think if they have many prisoners.  We're not sure of the number of their troops so us going in alone is not a good idea."


"At least he's on the run instead of having a strong base." Sara said.
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"Back to Ponyville," Twilight said.

At the chariot's cruising speed of nearly 600 miles per hour, they arrived in a few minutes and landed in the town square. The four living planes touched down in nearby empty fields.

"Chong escaped," Major Lockie said.

"We know; we got the transmission," Zachary said.

Rainbow Dash looked at Rainbow. "Now about that race..."

Rainbow smirked. "You're on!" She then summoned over some of the ground crew to remove all of her weapons - except for some ammunition for her cannon.

"It will be at Ghastly Gorge! Be there!" Rainbow Dash then flew off.

Rainbow lit her engines and flew off, following the Pegasus.

"Ooh, this ah gotta to see!" Applejack said. "Hey everypony who wants to see Rainbow Dash race against an alien follow me!"

She then galloped after the two. Ms. Swimmer, Zachary and Mr. Bigmouth followed.


One of the ODIN troopers was digging up gems to try and make some cash. Luckily, her superhuman strength aided her greatly.
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Fluttershy poked Pinkie Pie on the cheek, who in turn, had her hoofs wrapped around Fluttershy rather tightly "Um Pinkie...." yet, Pinkie refused to move right now.

Trixie glanced at the two ponies and rolled her eyes and left the chariot as well.  She did glance at the group who were wanting to go and watch a race, but she shook her head "Trixie will be staying here, she doesn't care to watch a race where Rainbow Dash will probabally loose, it just doesn't seem as fun to Trixie"

Though her eyes gazed to Twilight again and approached her "Twilight....Trixie will need to....borrow a spell book from you, so....go and fetch her one" she practically ordered the other unicorn.
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"Trixie, where are your manners!" Rarity scolded.

Twilight said nothing as she followed the other ponies to Ghastly Gorge.


Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash was stretching as Rainbow overlooked the twisting canyon. She moved her control surfaces to make sure they functioned properly. The other living planes slowly circled overhead.

"So we ready to race?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Not yet, sugarcube, we gotta wait for everypony else. Ah thing the alien representatives want to see this as well," Applejack replied.
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"Fine, Trixie will get one herself" Trixie scoffed back as she turned and headed in the direction of the library, not even caring about the race that was going on right now as she entered said library and looked around.

One by one, she used her magic to pull books off the shelves, trying to find a rather useful spell book, but with each book that she rejected, she just left them on the ground instead "How is Trixie suppose to find a spell book amongst all these books?" she groaned as books started to now litter the ground in the library.


The Cutie Mark Crusaders in turn, were still, well, arguing amongst themselves as usual.  Well, mainly Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were while Sweetie Belle stood on the side and just shook her head.

She didn't know how to use magic still, so she wasn't able to seperate them via magic.


Fluttershy on the other hand, had finally gotten free of Pinkie's grip and was outside the chariot wondering where the others had gone too, but before she could ask Pinkie, her friend bounded out of the chariot and past Fluttershy.

"Wait Pinkie!" Fluttershy called out as she trotted off after her pink friend "Um, do you know where everypony else has gone too? I missed out on the information since you wouldn't let me go"

"Yup, Ghastly Gorge, a race between Rainbow Dash and that plane!" Pinkie continued to bound along beside Fluttershy "I only know these things because the plot requires it"

"The plot?" Fluttershy asked a bit confused.

"Of the RP....duh" Pinkie Pie answered back as she continued to bound along, not bothering to eleborate on it at all.

That had just confused Fluttershy even more, but decided against asking anymore questions from Pinkie Pie as the two headed towards Ghastly Gorge.
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Captain Carson went up to the CMC. "I just got word that there's a race between Rainbow Dash and Rainbow, the living plane. It's at Ghastly Gorge so do you mind showing me the way?"

"Stripetail," the woman called. "There's a race at Ghastly Gorge, wanna watch?"


"Hey! Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Applejack are here!" Twilight said."Come on, girls, this is guraunteed to be an amazing race."

"Can we just start already!?" an exasperated Rainbow Dash shouted.
"Five more minutes, then we start the race!" Rainbow shouted. "I don't give a s--- if Stripetail or Captain Carson are late."
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"Yeah, we can show you" Scootaloo piped up "Besides, I gotta see Rainbow Dash race and beat Rainbow in a race" she added in rather excitedly as she put her helmet back on and got onto her scooter "This way" she spoke before she took off.

"Wait!" Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle both called out and raced off after Scootaloo.


Pinkie Pie bounded right up to Twilight and stood beside her as Fluttershy joined as well "Oooh, this is gonna be a good race" Pinkie Pie giggled.

"Same here-" Fluttershy started, only to again to be cut off by Pinkie Pie still talking away.

"I mean, it has to be fair if the player of them two stays fair" Pinkie Pie in turn, narrowed her eyes off in the distance, as if to actually look at Serris himself.

"Um Pinkie....who are you looking at?" Fluttershy asked, trying to figure it out herself.

Pinkie Pie snapped out of her little trance that she was in and just smiled to Fluttershy, yet, said nothing on the matter and instead, just shuffled right up to her instead.

Fluttershy sighed back "I guess she was just being herself" she told the others, ignoring what Pinkie was doing right now as she felt Pinkie's head relaxing on her shoulder.


Back at Ponyville, the library was now just a complete mess as Trixie has finally found a spell book and was reading through it, not even bothering to clean up her mess as her horn was seen glowing with the spell book floating in front of her.  She was reading a spell and studying it before she settled the book down and started to concentrate.

In front of Trixie, a hay sandwhich and shake appeared to which she smirked to herself and promptly took a bite out of the sandwhich....only for a rather big explosion to happen.

The inside of the library was now ruined completely as Trixie just stood there, her mane and hide all covered in black powder as she coughed up some black smoke "Trixie did not expect the sandwhich to explode for no reason...."
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Captain Carson's eyes widened as she he heard the explosion. She radioed Sara. "Sara, there's been an explosion at Ponyville Library. Get Spike or Twilight there too!"

She then turned to the CMC. "We'll take the dune buggy."

She hopped into the vehicle next to the APC, strapped herself in and started the four electric motors. "Well, come on! And Scootaloo, I drive."

The captain waited for the CMC to get in.


The explosion was audible at Ghastly Gorge.

Twilight immediately galloped back to town.


Deimos, Rime and two soldiers were rushing to the library when they heard the explosion. All of them had their guns ready in case of an attack.
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Trixie again, coughed out some black smoke again as she used her magic to pick up the book again....only to throw it outside in frustration "All Trixie wanted was something to eat and not an exploding sandwhich" she then paused "Trixie still doesn't understand why it exploded"

She then stepped out of the library, leaving it in the state it was and started to leave the scene of the incident, stepping on the spell book she had thrown outside in the process without a care anymore.


Scootaloo stopped where she was when she was told she couldn't drive and got off her scooter, leaving it where it was and instead, got into the dune buggy in the passenger's seat with Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom entering as well.
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Unfortunately, Twilight had teleported right in front of Trixie. "Trixie, what the hay happened to my library?" She demanded.

Deimos, Rime and the two soldiers arrived at the explosion site. "Trixie, Twilight, is everything okay?" Rime asked.

"I'll take it from here."

Deimos and his group nodded and walked away.


Captain Carson stepped on the accelerator and sped out of town.

In about a minute, the vehicle was moving at nearly 105 miles an hour as it screamed over the flat grassy plains outside Ponyville.
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Trixie stopped as Twilight appeared in front of her "Well, because you refused to go and get me a spell book, Trixie decided to go and get one herself from your library.  She found a spell book after searching through many pointless books and decided that a sandwhich was the first thing to summon.  She got herself a sandwhich and went to bite it....and it exploded for no reason at all"

She then used her magic to pick up the now ruined spell book off the ground and float it over to Twilight "So Trixie believes that if you had gone and gotten her a spell book in the first place, that wouldn't have happened at all" her eyes narrowed at Twilight all the while.

"All Trixie wanted first, was something to eat before she would try and learn a real spell" Trixie added in but with a small sigh to boot as she looked to the side a little "Trixie is....sorry...." she muttered in the end.
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Wargreymon and Wargreywomon reached canterlot and landed " I'm guessing we missed the action Wargreywomon said to her partner. " well we might as well check this place out " wargreymon replied . Normally a Digimon would not last long in a Mega state, because of the energy required. but thanks to the rings, Agumon and Agumina could stay in thier Mega foorms for much longer than normal, their power was also greatly increased.
One by one the team members who had looked around Ponyville had decided to return to the ship and the Winterville hotel. Kovu especially wanted a nice long nap..
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Sara landed holding Spike.  "I'd have been here sooner but it took me a while to find Spike.  I never did find Twilight.  Luckly some Red stallion with a green apple tatoo on his flank had seen where Spike went and was able to give me a description of what he looked like so I was able to find and bring him here." Sara said.  She set Spike down who was to shocked for a moment to speak.  "Did a missile explode here or something?" She asked.

"Do you know how long it'll take me to clean up this mess?  " Spike said upset.  "HOw much did the enemy pay you to do this?" Spike asked looking at Trixie.
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Trixie's head snapped towards Spike.  And just when she had said sorry to Twilight, even if Twilight hadn't heard her, now Spike was trying to accuse her of doing it on purpose "Trixie didn't do it on purpose! It was an accident!" she snapped at Spike before stopping herself.

She glanced at Twilight, then to Spike again "Trixe had told Twilight the truth, that Trixie was trying a spell out as she was hungry, she wanted a sandwhich and she got one, but the sandwhich exploded for no reason at all, at least Trixie can't think of a reason as to why it would explode on her" she then sighed a bit as well, for now, her anger and hatred gone.

Her gaze shifted to Twilight again "Trixie still would like something to eat....would Twilight get something for her? Please?"
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"Much better," Twilight said with a gentle grin. "Now what would you like me to bring you?"


Captain Carson shut off the vehicle as they arrived at Ghastly Gorge. She stepped out onto the grass and whistled as she beheld the sight. "Now this is gonna be an interesting race."

She then turned to the CMC. "So how'd you three like the ride?"

Mr. Bigmouth cleared his throat. "All right, I need every to back away from the competitors - especially Rainbow."

"She's just fast movin' metal. Ah reckon, she can't be more dangerous than a pony," Applejack said.

"If you get too close behind her, you can be seriously hurt or even killed."

Applejack, deciding that the aliens knew themselves better, obeyed.

Soon, Ms. Swimmer, Captain Carson, Mr Bigmouth and Rarity were positioned to the right of Rainbow Dash. To her left was the living F-22.

Captain Carson looked at the two and cleared her throat. "In a few short moments, the race between Rainbow Dash and Rainbow is set to begin!"

Rainbow Dash extended her wings and gave a few experimental flaps. Rainbow moved all her control surfaces.

"May the best speedster win," Rainbow said.

"Contestants, ready, go!" Captain Carson fired a round from her pistol into the canyon.

Rainbow Dash sprinted down the runway, rapidly gaining speed.

Rainbow lit her dual turbofans, opened the throttle to maximum and engaged afterburners at full power, producing two shimmering pillars of barely visible flame. The low growl of her engines became an earsplitting scream as they spooled up and she began moving down the runway, quickly gaining speed.

"Such dreadful noise!" Rarity exclaimed.
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"Trixie would like a sandwhich please, one that will not explode when she tries to eat it" Trixie replied back, though a bit confused in regards to how nice Twilight was sounding now.

But then, she also got another idea, but wasn't so sure if she should ask Twilight about it as she hessitated in asking her "Trixie was also wondering if....Twilight would also help her with leanring spells...." she asked, though muttering the last part a little as well, as she didn't really want to ask Twilight about it.

"And Trixie....she is sorry still....about....hating you and all that...." Trixie added in, looking aside a little with an annoyed look upon her face "She just thinks she is better than Twilight, and she was sure she was as well....but then Twilight managed to deal with an Ursa Minor and Trixie did start to doubt her own skills....perhaps she just wanted Twilight that she is still just as good as she is...."


"Well, at least it's better than Scootaloo trying to drive it" Apple Bloom teased her friend before jumping out of the dune buggy.

"What? Hey!" Scootaloo complained a bit as she followed Apple Bloom out.

Sweetie Belle in turn, just jumped out without a word as well.

Pinkie Pie on the other hand, left Fluttershy alone for a moment as she bounded off after Rainbow Dash, bouncing beside her ignoring the whole rules ordeal "Hey Rainbow Dash, I know you'll win, you're like the super fastest, most awesomest pegasus around! I mean, Rainbow is fast and all, but he can't preform a Sonic Rainboom like you can, and-" she was cut off with being left in the dust.
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"I'm a female!" Rainbow shouted back as she gained speed. Much to her displeasure, Rainbow Dash was already flying ahead.

The living F-22 swore as she realized that the runway was too short for her to gain altitude. So she just shut her afterburners, throttled back her engines, flew off the cliff and glided, hoping to gain enough speed.

She mentally swore as the ground got closer and closer, when she was just a little over a hundred feet off the ground, she opened her throttle and rapidly began to climb. Rainbow smirked as she lit her afterburners. Many seconds later, a distant sonic boom reached the spectators' ears.


"So who's gonna win?" Ms. Swimmer asked.

"Rainbow, her top speed is over Mach two," Mr. Bigmouth replied.

"Dash might have the advantage as she's smaller," Captain Carson countered. "The course has a lot narrow paths."


Rainbow Dash cruised along at Mach 1.2. "Piece of cake," she said.
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"Well, you all look the same!" Pinkie Pie called out after her before she turned and bounded back over to her friends once again.

"That didn't sound very nice" Fluttershy told Pinkie as she looked out at the race that was going on while Pinkie came to a halt next to her.

Scootaloo however, sat down elsewhere as she was just silently hoping that Rainbow Dash would win with ease, ignoring her crusader friends for the time ebing as her eyes just watched the race as well.


'Perhaps Trixie should take that as a no then, it figures that Twilight would not want to help out Trixie, even if she was being nice...." trixie thought to herself as she shook her head 'Trixie doesn't understand why though'

"Trixie understands why you don't wish to help her out, she understands that you're still hateful towards her, that you don't trust her....even when Trixie was actually trying to be nice and that she had even said sorry to you!" Trixie snapped a bit at Twilight by that point, only to stop herself as she blinked a few tears out of her eyes "And Trixie is not crying, she just has something in her eye...."
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Twilight nuzzled Trixie in an attempt to console her. "I'll get some sandwiches and then we'll we watch the race between Rainbow and Rainbow Dash."

She then trotted off to the sandwich shop.


Rainbow had flipped on her side to weave through some rather narrow canyons. Thanks to her superhuman reflexes and the fact that she was supermaneuverabile, she was able to accomplish this at speeds nearing 600 mph; granted she did scratch some paint on her wings. When she hit a long straightaway, she lit her afterburners and accelerated to Mach speeds.

The windy tunnel she passed through barely slowed her down at all thanks to her great size and the fact that her afterburners were running at full throttle.

A thorn patch was rapidly approaching. She throttled back her engines and proceeded to supercruise. The rules said that she was not allowed to fly over them but it didn't say anything about shooting them.

She readied her 20 mm automatic cannon, sending a hail of explosive shells at the obstruction, and blasting a path.

"Not gonna let some arrogant alien bet me!" she muttered as she continued flying.


Rainbow Dash was now ahead of Rainbow by a substantial margin. She had to slow down to avoid the quarry eels.

"This is gonna be a piece of cake!" she said as she weaved around the angry eels.

"She'll never catch me! This is going to be in the bag!"

She then sped towards the finish line visible in the distance.
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"There is the cafe place where some ponies go to, but they seem to never have any gems on their menu for some reason.  Unless you want some cake or muffins.  The Cakes run a shop for that." SPike said, wondering again why the cafe place never seemed to have any gems.  Who wouldn't want to order some gems to eat.  

"Perhaps when you're older you can have a gem cafe shop." Sara said to Spike.  

"Yea, I can have the tasteyest gems in ponyville, even all of equistria." Spike said, liking the idea.  "mounds & Mounds of tastey gems." The mental image was starting to get him hungry, an obvious expression of hunger starting to appear on his face.  

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Trixie just sniffled a bit as Twilight nuzzled her, having not expected that at all and in turn, returned the nuzzle back to her "Trixie isn't sure about that, the others may still hate her, like the rainbow one and the cowgirl one...." she spoke in regards to Rainbow Dash and Applejack before she trotted off after Twilight to catch up to her.

Though she did stay silent at first, walking beside Twilight before she spoke up to her "Trixie thinks she knows why she has hated Twilight all the time....and it wasn't because Twilight had shown her up, well, it was but it was more....jealousy than anything else, at least she thinks so anyway" though her eyes were still a bit watery as she spoke.  She looked at Twilight again and took a deep breath "But Trixie would still like to be your....friend...." she finally told her "If Twilight will let her anyway"

"But if Twilight does not wish to be Trixie's friend, Trixie will understand...." Trixie sighed a little, still looking at Twilight before giving her a rather small kiss on the cheek, as if she was trying to at least beg to be Twilight's friend.
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Twilight nodded. "Everypony makes mistakes, Rainbow Dash and Applejack will probably forgive you if you apologize."

Her horn glowed as she levitated their order of sandwiches and paid for them.

The dark brown mare who was running the shop bade the two farewell.

"Trixie, I think if you talk with the others, things'll work out," Twilight said as she walked down the streets of Ponyville.


Rainbow had scared away the quarry eels with short bursts of 20 mm shells, unfortunately she had to slow down a lot to avoid running into them or getting eaten.

Once she was through, she saw the finish line - and her competitor.

"All right, s--- gets real," she muttered as she opened her throttles to full and set the afterburners on max power. A sonic boom ripped through the air as she went to Mach 2.5.

But that still wasn't enough to cover the distance. She then fed her "zip fuel" into her afterburners. As a result, she felt a sudden burst of speed. As she continue accelerating, her speed topped out at Mach 3.4.


"It's Rainbow Dash!" Applejack shouted as the blue Pegasus came into view.

"Where's Rainbow?" Ms. Swimmer asked.

"I believe your companion has lost this race," Rarity replied. "Still, she should be proud that she could compete with the vaunted Rainbow Dash."

Captain Carson spotted Rainbow in the distance with a set of binoculars. Behind the living F-22, trailed a cloud of white smoke and she noticed that the living F-22's afterburner flame had changed to a deep green. "She's catching up!"
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Trixie just went silent as Twilight told her to talk to the others.  Though, she did look at Twilight as she used her magic to levitate a sandwhich in front of herself and took a bite out of it before offering some to Twilight as well "Trixie would like to share her sandwhich with Twilight" she smiled a bit to Twilight.

Though, as she offered the sandwhich to Twilight, Trixie also allowed for her tail to wrap around Twilight's tail a bit as well "And Twilight, Trixie wants to ask you another question too....what does somepony do if they are feeling hatred as well as another feeling towards anotoher pony? Because Trixie, she hates Twilight....but she also her as well.....but Trixie doesn't know what to do about it...."
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Agumon and Agumina  had retrned to normal size andhad gone over to examine the debris field where the Phoenix had landed " there were impact craters from the battle had taken place, and shards of debris that Chong had not bothered to fix.. "Hmm, theres a lot of stuff around here' Agumina said "Pity we didn't get here in time, we could have helped.. " we'll have to have Stripetail look at it. Tarrax Reached Stripetail and sighed " the wretch got away master. " We'll catch him in due time Tarrax.. the next planet we loanhd on we will all go as a group, instead of seperating.. Stripopetail said..
_ Clank was making some calculations on his holonet computer 'Gadgetron might be coming out with a new RYNo, which they might want you to test Ratchet. "Another ne? Geez how many RYNOs have thery made? angela asked " this will be #7 clank replied. " and let me guess it will have 10000 ammo, shoots rockets full of blaarg toxin, and instantly vaporize anything within a city block' Angela sighed "Actually, yes thats exactly what it will do.. " Can you say .. complete overkill? angela said " can you say , sign me up? Ratchet smirked. " i;m really going to regret moving in with you guys , aren't I? Angela said, shooting him a glance..
_ spyro and Cynder had joined the others watching the finale of the race.
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Twilight used her telekinetic powers to cut the sandwich in half. "Thanks Trixie."

She then chewed on her half the sandwich. "As for you loving and hating me, well, I can understand that but I don't know what to say.


(Ghastly Gorge)

Rainbow Dash kept up her speed of Mach 1.5. She could see the finish line in sight along with her friends cheering her on.

She looked behind her and saw the form of Rainbow rapidly approaching.

The blue Pegasus gulped and pushed her wings even faster. Soon, she was at her absolute speed - Mach 2.


"What's with that green flame?" Captain Carson asked.

"Zip fuel - a highly toxic and reactive fuel made with with a mix of boron hydrides and JP-8 jet fuel. It provides the plane with a substantial boost to range and speed at the cost of stealth and increased engine repairs," Mr. Bigmouth said.


A few seconds later, Rainbow Dash and Rainbow crossed the finish line at exactly the same time.

Rainbow Dash circled around and landed while Rainbow had to continue flying to burn off her excess speed. Her afterburner flame was no longer deep green but a nearly invisible blue.
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Heck of a race! Cynder cheered. " Nice work both of you.."
 A tie is better than losing at least " spyro said, as the spectators gathered around Rainbow Dash. ' nice work Dulcy smiled at her. "You're really fast. Perhaps I should introduce you to my friend Sonic? Hes real fast too..
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Trixie stopped for a second before she rushed ahead a bit and stopped in front of Twilight to stop her "But Trixie does love Twilight....and...." she then paused as she got an idea " Would Twilight then like to go on a date with Trixie? Would that help Twilight decide?" she asked hopefully "Because Trixie can show Twilight a good time on a date" she then leaned in and nuzzled Twilight a bit "Please? Trixie would at least like a chance to prove to Twilight that she is good enough to be her....girlfriend..."


Scootaloo had watched the entire race, but her mouth had hung open when she saw that it was a tie "That's not fair! Rainbow Dash should've won that race!" she called out with a bit of a groan to boot as well.
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miss Kitty And Tiger had joined the group heading back to Winterville " well that was a very nice little village, i really liked that store with the cute pony dresses.. " kitty I don't think there are too many guy ponies here, all the clothes seem to be for girls..and that pony asked me if she could comb my fur.. no thank you.. I like it limp and a bit greasy..' Tiger said.
Stripetail meanwhile was sitting on a bench in front of the local bakery, he gestured and it showed an image of the area with multiple colored dots, each dor had a name on it, from this Stripetail could see where each member of his team was. agumon and agumina where near canterlot, while Spyro and Cynder were near a canyon to the north. scooby tiger stitch, ratchet kopa Kovu and thier partners were all onboard the Spire of Winter
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Aimee had decided to head back to the ship by that point, finding no need to stay on the planet for now anyway "Hailey....I just hope you know what you're doing with whatever plan it is you're putting together, heck, I just hope that you're fine...." she muttered to herself.

***Cut to***

Hailey dodged the swing of the blade asthe chain swung above her head, just out of reach "This is suicide" she grumbled a bit to herself as she stepped backwards and rolled out of the way of another swing of Kratos' blades.

The vixen was facing off against Kratos on another planet by that point.  But why she was fighting him was a different story altogether and already, she was regretting having ever mentioned that Kratos join their side of the war to take place, as now Hailey was just trying to survive against him.

"Alright, alright! I'm sorry!" Hailey called out as she again, dodged his blades "It was just an offer, you didn't need to go and attack me because of it!"

Kratos just narrowed his eyes "I have already served the Gods of Olympus, but no more, I will serve no one else.  Your Chong, if he believes that he will control me, then he is already dead to me"

"Yeah, thing is....well, he'll probabally either want to control you, or just outright kill you" Hailey retorted back.

Kratos held his blades in his hands "He can try and kill me if he wishes, I have already died five times and the Underworld has not been able to hold me" and again, Kratos swung his blades at Hailey before using the Boots of Hermes to rush at her, grabbing her by the throat.

Yet, Hailey used this chance to ignite herself in flames, causing Kratos to let go as she stumbled back a little.  But that was just it, Kratos instead pulled out the Head of Helios and temporarily blinded her before again, grabbing onto her and kicking her into a nearby rock formation, injuring her.
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"I guess you want to be cone of Twilight's assistants?" Spike asked Trixie, "Or are you up to something?" He asked, still not sure of Trixie.  

Sara starting to get hungry reached into one of her belt pouches and pulled out a muffin that she started to eat.
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Trixie looked to Spike at that point "No, Trixie's not up to anything, Trixie just wants a date with Twilight....Trixie doesn't want to be her assistant though, she wants to be Twilight's....girlfriend.  But Trixie is not up to anything" she told the baby dragon.

Though, she then realized something with Spike " do not trust Trixie? Even though Trixie has been trying her best to be nice? Is that still not good enough? Because what else can Trixie do to make everypony trust her? Trixie just feels so....alone in this world.....Trixie knows what she did last time was wrong and she has been trying to make things right now...."

She then glanced at Twilight, then to Spike again "But Trixie isn't up to anything as she said....Trixie....she Twilight...." by that point, Trixie just seemed to be in tears as well, well not fully, just upset light with a few tears in her eyes.
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Chong meanwhile was wartching the battle from a nearby tree ' This Kratos is extremely impressive he muttered to himself " I hope Hailey doesn't get hurt TOO badly by him.. " If it seems like he ius beating her too badly I'll step in..
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"Time will tell.  Like it says in a book I read the first page of." Spike said.  Then he looked at Sara, "Do you have another muffin?" He asked.

"Let me see." Sara said reaching into the pouch, which was bigger on the inside then it appeared to be.  "I have a few, and some other things." She said, bringing out a chocolate muffin she gave Spike to eat.

"Thanks." SPike said, taking the muffin and starting to eat it.
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Rainbow had bled off most of her speed as she circled around, landed in an empty field nearby and shut her engines off.

"Yeah, that was an awesome race!" she said. "By the way, Rainbow Dash, great race!"

"I'm surprised there's somepony as fast as I am!" Rainbow Dash replied. "Of course, I'm still the fastest in Equestria!" She then noticed the rainbow thunderbolt roundel on Rainbow's flanks and twin tails. "Hey, your cutie marks look like mine!"

"What's a cutie mark?"

"A cutie mark shows a pony's special talent," Rainbow Dash replied.

Rainbow gave a quizzical look at Rainbow Dash. "It's just the emblem of the Silverbolts aerobatics team."

"I must say, your flight was second only to Rainbow Dash's flight. Though I have to admit, the trail of fire you leave is quite remarkable," Rarity said. "Though your coat could use a good grooming."

Rainbow looked at herself. Thankfully, she had nearly 360 degree vision. Rarity was right, her wings, tails and parts of her fuselage were missing paint, exposing the grey undercoat. Not to mention, the area around her rear jet exhausts had the white encrustation of boron oxides clinging to it.  

Major Lockie, Captain Fairchild and Lt. Martin landed next to the Silverbolts flight leader.

"That was quite a race," Captain Fairchild said.

"So is there a hotel we can stay at?" Captain Carson asked the gathered ponies.


Twilight nodded. "Okay." Truth be told, she was starting to feel some attraction to


Ms. Swimmer and Mr. Bigmouth were exploring Everfree Forest. Two ordinary soldiers guarded them. The setting sun tinted the landscape a beautiful orange color.

Ms. Swimmer wore her twin bracelets and had her dual sticks with her. Mr. Bigmouth had a notepad along with the tricorder that had been loaned to him. His rifle dangled from a sling. A messenger bag dangled from his other shoulder.

"So exactly what are we doing?" the first soldier asked.

"We're doing some scientific surveys," Mr. Bigmouth replied as he examined a strange plant and took some notes. He used a set of forceps to take a sample and put in a small container, which was placed in his messenger bag.

"Be careful though, I've heard they got poachers here," Ms. Swimmer said.

"Like that's a problem," the other soldier scoffed.

Mr. Bigmouth rolled his eyes as he jotted down some notes on a metallic flower. "It is; to the inhabitants of this planet, we're basically exotic wildlife."

The group remained silent as they continued along a relatively disused footpath.
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Trixie looked to Twilight when she said okay.  That had indeed, made Trixie feel happier inside herself "Trixie will make sure that Twilight has the best time on our date and...." she then realized something "But first, Trixie needs to go and do something else for Twilight" she gazed back at the library, then to Twilight again "She needs to go and fix something...."

Though she first approached Twilight and stood just a few inches away from her before she gave her a quick kiss upon the lips before she headed off for the library.  As she arrived at the library, her horn started to glow and slowly, rather slowly, she started to fix things, uncertain as to how long it would take to make things all better again, starting with picking up a book, cleaning all the soot off it and stacking it, followed by a second and then a third, slowly but surely, starting to clean each book one by one.


"Hotel?" Pinkie Pie pipped up as she was seen standing next to Captain Carson with no explained reason "What about at the library? I'm sure there's room there!Oooh, oooh, oooh! Or there's Applejacks farm! No wait! Rarity's place! Actually! Fluttershy's would be best!"

"Actualy Pinkie....I'd rather not...." Fluttershy added in, a bit unsure about Pinkie's last idea herself.


(Kratos' world)

Hailey groaned as she fell to the ground before standing up again "Wow, that's smarts...." she muttered as she looked up as she was grabbed by Kratos again and thrown across the area yet again "So, you can't die? I'm sure that....Chong could use that on his side...."

Kratos again, approached Hailey "Not anymore, Hades is dead, so the Underworld is now useless"

"But Hades is a God and Gods, well....they can't die! They're suppose to be immortal!" Hailey yelled as she got back up again.

"Their immortality still didn't save them, and neither will whatever will be helping out Chong" Kratos narrowed his eyes at Hailey "He will die, and so will you, I serve no one"

Hailey just gulped "Um yeah....about that...." she hessitated before Kratos grabbed her and this time, stabbed her in the stomach with one of his blade before throwing her over his shoulder and onto the ground nearby.
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Chong decided to step in. ' most impressive Kratos ' he grinned as he jumped down from the tree an stood across from him. 'You fight like a man posessed by some unquenchable hatred. I could really use someone like that..' chong headed over to hailey and gazed at her. blood was pooling beneath her. he turned her over. chong could tell Chong was a master at stabbing. the wound hwas clean deep and excellented lplaced, if you wanted to kill somkeone. Chone muttered a spell under his breath and the wound slowly closed.  " i would love to see you fight Stripetail. I daresay that old furtail has never faced a foe with your skill with the blade..
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"As I have already told Hailey, I serve no one, not even you Chong" Kratos answered back, pointing a blade at Chong as he did so "My fight is not with this Stripetail" he added in, eyes narrowed at Chong ever so slightly as he gripped his blades tighter.



As Trixie was starting to clean up the library, she started to hum away as well until she opened up her mouth for a tune away "Book by book, ash is removed, books are being cleaned.  Trixie will fix what she had destroyed.  Cleanliness is everything, Trixie will fix everything, all for Twilight" she had started to sing as the books had been finished being fixed up and were all clean.

Her gaze had then shifted to the shelves "Shelves being cleaned, books being put away, all will be fixed.  Trixie knows what she did was wrong, but Trixie will make things right, she is cleaning Twilight's library" she had then sung for the second verse as she finished putting away the books, and in their proper place too.

But then her gaze shifted to everthing else that was still dirty as she started to use her magic in order to clean the rest of the library "[/i]Twilight's library will be cleaned, Twilight's library will be returned to what it used to be, all spic and span, not a dirty spot to be found, Trixie is cleaning Twilight's library[/i]"

And before long, Trixie had finished cleaning up the library as she smiled to herself "Trixie did not realize that singing made the job go by quicker" but then, her gaze shifted again as she started to use her magic again for one final thing she needed to do.


Moments later, Trixie had left the library in order to find Twilight yet again "Trixie hopes that Twilight will love what she has done for her" she again, smiled to herself softly as she trotted off, seeing Twilight in the distance and trotted over to her.

(ooc: Yeah, song wasn't great, but ah well XD)
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"Pinkie Pie! You scared me!" Captain Carson said.

Applejack pawed the ground nervously. "Well, ah guess ah could let some of you stay in the barn. But y'all gotta help me with the apple harvest in exchange."

"Deal. I just gotta chat with the others."

"We'll just be parked inside the Spire of Winter," Rainbow said.


Twilight cantered up to Trixie. "So...thanks for cleaning up my library," she said with a blush. "So what do you want to do now?"


(Everfree Forest)

As Mr. Bigmouth finished taking notes, he tried to step forward - only to find that he couldn't. He swore as he checked to see if he had stepped in quicksand or a mud pit. He noticed that the metal flower was glowing. He put two and two together. "Shoot the flower!" he ordered.

The soldiers complied, directing a stream of bullets at the "flower", reducing it to scrap metal.

"We better get out of here!" Mr. Bigmouth said.

"Too late," a voice said.

Ms. Swimmer turned around and saw that they were surrounded by a group of ponies - mostly Unicorns but there were a few Earth ponies as well.

"What do you want?" Mr. Bigmouth asked.

"Money," a silver Unicorn said. The emblem of a net was visible on her flank.

"We don't have any. We're just researchers."

The Unicorn laughed. "No, I mean you'll get us the money!"

Mr. Bigmouth gulped; he immediately understood the implications of that phrase! He raised his rifle and aimed it at the Unicorn. "Back off!"

The Unicorn looked at the weapon and laughed. "What's that do?"

The Saurolophus's response was to fire two three round bursts from his rifle, instantly killing her.

Ms. Swimmer drew her dual sticks, which crackled with electricity. The two soldiers readied their weapons.

"We don't wish to kill but if we are forced to, we will," Ms. Swimmer said.
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Jason and a few of his friends were standing near some apple trees.  Magnum had gone to the tardis to take a nap.  

"Apples, nice.  I'm getting a bit hungry." Gnash said looking at one of the apple trees.

"Someone likely owns these, see how they are growing in a pattern, that is different then what would happen if they were growing wild, besides there would be a mix of different species of trees." Jason said.

"I agree, it is to ordered and singular of species to be a natural light forest." Velma said.

"maybe he's the owner." Brooklyn said, a hand shielding his eyes as he looked in the distance.  

"You folks wait here and hide, I'll go and see if I can go and try to reach an agreement."  Jason said, switching to his imperial dragon body, then taking a Pym particle capsule and shrinking down to about 6 feet.  

That done he walked off towards Big Macintosh.  Who was kicking some trees to get the apples into some baskets that were setting around the tree.  Who stopped when he saw Jason approaching.  

"Greetings.  I wonder if you are the, or one of, the owners of this area and these fine apple trees." Jason asked, waving one of his hands.  

"Eeyup." Big Macintosh said.  

Jason reached into a pocket and pulled out a small gold bar, about 4 inches long and 2 inches thick and wide.  "I wonder if I can buy the apples from one of the trees not to far from here.  I have some friends who are a little hungry but a bit shy." Jason said, giving a reason why only he came and not them too.  He had no idea what gold was worth locally, except that in most places it was worth enough to more then cover small to medium purchases.  

"Eeyup." Big Macintosh said.  Jason handed over the gold bar to Big Macintosh who took it into his mouth, biting it to be sure it was real gold.  Then he went off to put the gold bar into the area they kept the money from sales, currently in the barn where they lived since they had no stand set up at the moment.  

Jason walked back to the area where the others were, still hiding behind trees and such.  

"It's ok.  I paid for the apples in one tree.  Now which one?" Jason asked looking around.  

"That one." Gnash said.  

"Sure, looks like a good one." Jason said, then looking at Guilmon. "If you would be so kind to shake the apples from at tree I'll get the other stuff ready." Jason said, taking out some mugs, and pouring a bit of essential water into each, no more then an inch or so, enough mugs for each of them, and some tiny baskets that popped to full size once set down.  Guilmon digivolved into Growlmon and shook the tree to shake the apples loose.

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"Trixie actually has a suprise for Twilight which she does hope that Twilight will love" Trixie told Twilight "It's back in the library" she then started to concentrate, as if she was attempting a teleportation spell herself, but failed as she instead, just got tired as nothing happened.

Again, Trixie attempted the same spell, but again, she just failed as she sighed with rejection as she looked at Twilight "Trixie did try to telport us to the library, but Trixie isn't good with that spell...." she then paused before adding in "Perhaps we can walk there instead? If Twilight wants to that is" she herself did blush a little bit before realizing one other thing.

"And....did Twilight like the kiss that Trixie had given her earlier on?" Trixie had to also asked hopefully.


Pinkie Pie just smiled to Captain Carson before bounding off again, over to Fluttershy and the others, stopping beside them as she giggled.
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If you serve no one Kratos, then what guides you? what gives your purpose? Or do you simply wander the worlde, lashing out in anger at all your foes, real and imagined? Chong replied " Believe me, I can sympathize.. with the long list of enemies part that is..
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"You know nothing of what I have been through" Kratos seemed to spit back as he glanced at Hailey whom was starting to stir from her wound that was healing up "The Gods are dead for they had betrayed me, but now thatZeus is dead, my vengence is complete"

Hailey glanced up at Chong as she shook her head slightly "I'm not so sure about this Chong, he just seems to be a ticking time bomb, not even all that trust worthy...." she told him quietly, hoping that Kratos wouldn't hear her.
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Captain Carson radioed the other members of her team. "I've found a place to stay. A local farmer named Applejack has offered to let us use her barn," she said into her radio.

She then got into her dune buggy and waited for the CMC to get in.


Twilight blushed. Before she could stop herself, she planted her snout on Trixie's face.


(Everfree Forest)

Before Mr. Bigmouth could fire his gun again, a magical net snared him. Despite it restricting his arms and legs, he could still pull the trigger on his rifle. A pony who got too close to him, paid for it with a bullet through the eye.

The soldiers returned fire as they ducked behind cover. The magical bolts that the Unicorns fired had the same effect on their armor as small arms fire.

Ms. Swimmer batted aside a magically infused net as she closed in on an Earth pony. She took at least two direct kicks to the stomach but she rocked her opponent with a blistering set of electrified blows from her dual sticks. When she was done, all that was left was a smoldering carcass.
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Trixie was at first, suprised, but only for a moment before she just smiled away happily and again, kissed Twilight on the lips "Trixie is happy that Twilight did like the kiss...." she murmered a bit to her before she glanced to the library again and motioned for Twilight to follow her "Trixie still wants to show Twilight the suprise in the library"

As she herself, entered the library, it was rather dim, with the curtains all closed to maximize the dark feel of the library.  All that was lit up was a few candles in the middle of the library with a blanket set out and a basket on the side.

"Trixie wanted to give Twilight a romantic dinner for a date...." Trixie blushed a bit herself as she looked at Twilight.


The Cutie Mark Crusaders soon all got into the dune buggy as Apple Bloom smirked a little "Well, at least we still get a free ride around"

"Yeah, free ride" Scootaloo groaned, still a bit annyoed by the fact that she couldn't try and drive the dune buggy again.
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Jason put an apple or 2 into each mug, then took out what looked like a 50's style sci-fi raygun.  

"What's that for?" Gnash asked.  

"Just making a drink.  This is a ray gun, set on a special setting I made, works like a type of blender, then I"ll use a freeze ray gun on the lowest power setting." Jason said. He held the gun above each mug in turn and pulled the trigger.  The ray that came out turned the apples in each mug into what, when mixed with that essential water, resembled a type of apple cider (not hard cider).  Then he put that gun away and took out another one that was colored white.  "now to add a bit of chill to properly chill each drink." He said and set the freeze ray gun on minimum setting and shot each mug, cooling the drink within and adding a slight layer of frost also.  He put the pistol away.  "Though we may want a drink before we eat some apples, and put the rest away for later." Jason said.  

Guilmon was the first to take a mug and drink a bit.  "Tasty." He said and was soon joined by the others.  

"Got the idea from a space ranger I came across once." Jason said after drinking a bit.
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Twilight's jaw dropped. "Oh, Trixie would I!" She wrapped her forelegs around Trixie as she headed to the center of the library.


"Hey, Scootaloo, maybe I could teach you to drive a dune buggy or a speeder bike or maybe a hover skiff," Captain Carson said as she drove off.


(Everfree Forest)

Mr. Bigmouth tried to shoot the next ponies but they used small energy shields to fend off his gunfire. He managed to destroy one of the shields and kill the Unicorn behind it but the net made it impossible for him to reload his rifle.

The two soldiers were netted and captured by the ponies.

Ms. Swimmer kicked one of the ponies she was fighting with and ran for it.
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"Guess I'll go bowling." Spike said, looking at the library door.  "All my chores are done for today."

"You like bowling?" Sara asked.

Spike shrugged, "It's ok.  I really like looking for gems, or zip lining, but I'm not really in the mood for either of those right now." Spike said.   He stood up and started to head in the direction of where the Bowling Allley was.  

"Could you show me around a bit along the way to the bowling alley?" Sara asked Spike.

"Sure." Spike said.  

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Trixie blushed again as Twilight wrapped her forelegs around her as she sat down on the blanket with Twilight.  Trixie nuzzled Twilight a bit rather happily herself "Trixie is glad that Twilight is happy.  Trixie just wanted to do....something for Twilight.  She did clean up the library that she destroyed by accident, but then Trixie also wanted to do this for Twilight"

Her horn then started to glow as she bought out a hay sandwhich from the basket and bit down onto one side of it and motioned for Twilight to take a bite from the same sandwhich as well as she just used her magic to keep said sandwhich levitating "Trixie knows that this isn't the best romantic dinner that she could come up with, but she didn't have anything else to bring on the date"

Again, Trixie smiled to Twilight as she blushed again "But Trixie is just as happy that Twilight....loves her" she murmered to herself as sh shifted around a little bit before she was sitting beside Twilight, head resting upon her shoulder rather lovingly for that matter, yet, still levitating the sandwhich incase Twilight still wanted to have a bite of it.


Scootaloo's face lit up at the suggestions "Yeah, I'd like to know how to drive one of those, perhaps get my cutie mark that way" she spoke rather hopefully.
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You are going to help me, one way or another Kratos.. even if I have to orce ou to do it chong said, his hands glowing with magic ' Your gods were weak and at the end of thier run when you killed them. me.. I've still got a ways to go..' He smirked and threw a bolt of magic at Kratos.. the battle was joined.
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Aimee was seen sitting in a room at a hotel on the Spire of Winter, looking through some cards of hers when she hears a voice speak up from behind her "Oooh! I've played that game before! Gummy is a master at the game" she turned to see Pinkie Pie leaning over her shoulder with Gummy gumming at Pinkie's head.

"Wait, what? How did you? Where did you? And? Aligator, head, bitting...." Aimee shook her head with a slight groan, having no clue as to how Pinkkie even got into her room in the first place.

"Uh, he's not bitting my head, he's gumming, he's got no teeth after all" Pinkie Pie smiled back, ignoring the sole fact as to how she even got there "That card game, it's Magic: The Gathering, isn't it?"

"Well yeah, I do play a bit here and there, why's that?" Aimee asked Pinkie.

"Want a game? Me, you and Gummy against each other"

"Wait, wait, wait....the aligator will play?" Aimee questioned, looking at Gummy before shaking her head "Fine, let's play, I guess it'll be at least....interesting" and with that, the game was set up and they had begun.

After both Pinkie and Aimee made their first movie, it was now Gummy's turn whom just stood there, blinking one eye after the other "Oooh, he's concentrating"

Aimee groaned "This is gonna be a long duel...."


Aimee was indeed right, the duel had ended with her mouth left agape "I an aligator....the aligator won....the duel...."

"I know! Didn't I tell you that Gummy was a master duelist?" Pinkie Pie giggled as she bounded around the room while Gummy just blinked as she just stood there.



Flying overhead of Ghastly Gorge was a griffon, a familiar one that landed upon a nearby cloud and peered down atthe ponies gathered.  Her eyes gazed upon Rainbow Dash in particular and grinned before she poked at the cloud to tamper wih it before letting said cloud pour down rain....on Rainbow Dash alone, leaving the other ponies dry as anything.

After all, Gilda did wish to speak with Rainbow Dash first before anything else.


(Kratos' World)

Kratos gripped his blades tightly again "I told you, I serve no one and you will not force me!" he called out as he used the golden fleece to reflect the magic bolt back at Chong.
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(En route to Ponyville)

"What's a cutie mark?" Captain Carson asked as she continued to Ponyville. Luckily, the dune buggy was equipped with headlights.

Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash galloped alongside them. Luckily, Captain Carson kept the dune buggy at a slow speed so they could keep up.

Rainbow Dash suddenly stopped as it rained on her. She looked up and spotted Gilda. "Gilda! What do you want now!"

She turned back and realized that the group continued on without her.


Twilight let Trixie feed her the sandwich. She telekinetically opened a small bottle of fine wine and poured it into nearby goblets.


Dr. Zanasiu and Zachary were trying to convince Big Macintosh to let them stay in his barn.

"Nope. Not until Applejack gives the go ahead," he said, shutting the door behind him.

Zachary sighed and kicked a rock with his steel-shod hoof. "Well, let's just wait."


The ODIN trooper and the sole surviving "normal" had found residence with a certain Earth pony and Unicorn couple.

The ODIN trooper was nervous about entering their house due to the great weight of her armor; her CO told her "if you can't drive a car on it, don't step on it."

Luckily, the Unicorn assured them it was okay. When she entered, she was surprised that the floor could hold her weight.

She decided to remove her armor - which necessitated the help of the "normal" soldier.

A few minutes later, her armor lay in a corner and she was clad in a formfitting black jumpsuit. She ran a hand over her short black hair.

The "normal" trooper took off his helmet, shut off his powered armor and carefully stepped out of it.

Lyra - the green Unicorn - was busy taking notes with them.

"Erm, Lyra, if you don't mind, where is our bedroom?"

"You can stay right down here!"

The ODIN trooper shrugged and flopped down on a couch as the trooper lay down on another couch. They were soon asleep.

Lyra smiled and continued taking notes, occasionally using her magic to move their body parts slightly.

"Lyra! Leave those aliens alone!" her partner's voice called.

"Coming Bon-Bon!" she called as she galloped up the stairs.

On the coffee table was a sketchbook filled with notes and sketches about Humans.


(Spire of Winter)

The four living planes landed inside the vehicle bay where their weapons were unloaded and cleaned.

Rainbow was busy being repainted and the boron residue from her jet exhausts was being scrubbed off.

"You know, these 'ponies' are really quite friendly," Lt. Martin said.

Captain Fairchild frowned as an ordnanceman removed a rocket pod. "We should still be careful; we've only met a small proportion of the inhabitants."


Rime and Deimos had checked into the hotel they were previously staying at in Winterville. They were inside Deimos's room, which was - not surprisingly - filled with gear.

"Well f---!" Deimos said as he stripped off his armored vest and laid it in his case.

Rime washed his face in the nearby sink. "What happened?"

"F---ing inhabitants won't even look at me! I try to be friendly but they run."

Rime looked at himself in the mirror and opened his mouth. The sharp teeth of a predator greeted him. "You know, there was no meat anywhere."

Deimos finally realized something. Both he and Rime looked like terrifying predators; Stripetail and the others were used to this but not the inhabitants of this planet.

He sighed and entered the bathroom as Rime exited to go to his room.
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"Trixie would also like to know something else, as she doesn't have a place as it was destroyed by that...Ursa Minor....would Trixie be allowed to stay at Twilights place instead? If that is alright with Twilight.  If she doesn't want Trixie here, Trixie will understand" Trixie spoke up to Twilight, her head still resting upon Twilight's shoulder still, giving her a small nuzzle again.


Scootaloo looked at Captain Carson for a secon and was about to speak up when Sweetie Belle instead, answered the question.

"A cutie mark is what a pony has on their flank when they find out what their special talent is in life" Sweetie Belle told her.

"Hey! I was going to say that" Scootaloo snapped back at her friend.


"Wait you guys!" Fluttershy called out as she rushed off after her friends, coming up to Rarity and Applejack "Um you guys....I think we lost Pinkie Pie" she noted, not realizing that Rainbow Dash had also fallen behind.


"What? Can't I see my old friend again?" Gilda asked as she flew down to see Rainbow Dash up close "Sure, I did snap last time and all....but hey, I at least still consider you a friend Rainbow Dash....even if you do hang out with those other....lame ponies"
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Chong deflected the bolt aside and sent three more.. he quickly realized he was going to need strong magic to beat Kratos.. and chong knew he had to step it up..
 Nick was stuck in the phoenix , as chong had looked him and kerzach in the cafe
 anyway for us to get out of here? Nick asked trying to work the timelocks
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As the bolts were sent at Kratos, he rolled forwards to avoid them and in turn, close in the gap between himself and Chong.  As he stood up, he sent his blades forward in order to try and impale Chong at least.

But as he did that, he was struck by a fireball as Hailey stood there, healed up thanks to Chong.  His blades had veered off course, only for him to retract them and instead, throw lightning bolts in Hailey's dierction "Lightning bolts? A severed head? A defelector thingy....what doesn't he have available on him that can kill us?" she asked as she had jumped aside and watched as Kratos pulled out the Blade of Olympus "Yup, I just had to ask...."
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Well I figure he has a weapon mde of different goods body parts chong said as he used magic to psaarry kratos' blows
Stripetail summoned the remaining members of his team to the ship as it was getting dark. " We found some ebris where the Phoenix crashed Agumon said as they headed in.. " I'll have to head in there tomorrow and hae a look t it myself.. " For now its getting close to dinner time.. Lets hope the hotel has fish..
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Spike and Sara (who used a pym particle capsule to shrink down to about 6 feet) were in the bowling alley.  Spike was having some trouble picking out a ball since they were all so large.  

"Why is there none my size?" Spike asked.  

"here." Sara said, picking up one and using a bit of magic to shrink it down to Spike size.  "Once it's rolling down the lane it'll go back it's former size, shrinking once it's hit the pins." She said, handing him the bowling ball.  

"THanks." Spike said.  Sara picked out a ball and they went to an unused lane.  


"Should we shrink down again?" Gnash asked as they neared the edge of Ponyville.

"The natives have seen the others and I do not see a reason why we need to." Velma said.  

"I agree." Brooklyn said.  

"I agree." Jason said.   A stallion with an hour glass hour mark walked up to Jason and Jason bent down as he whispered to him.  The others walked along.

"Where shall we go?" Gnash asked.

"Pizza or bread place?" Guilmon suggested.

"I don't think the people here have any pizzas." Velma said.

A few minutes later Jason caught up with them.  "A most interesting pony.  most interesting." Jason said.  

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(En route to Ponyville)

"Okay, so it just appears?" Captain Carson said. As if seemingly anticipating their next question, she added, "No, Humans don't get them."

"Captain, we need to turn around and get the others," Applejack called.

The woman immediately swung the dune buggy around and headed back to Ghastly Gorge.


"They are not lame," Rainbow Dash said. "Besides, I... well, I'm still mad about how you made Fluttershy cry but I guess we can patch things up."

She saw the headlights of the dune buggy in the distance. "Erm, my friends are here."



Ms. Swimmer staggered into town. She knocked on Twilight's door and then passed out. Her body was covered in burns from the spells that the Unicorn poachers had thrown at her. Both her electrical bracelets activated, wreathing her unconscious form in arcs of crackling blue lightning. This had been installed as a safeguard.


Twilight nodded and was about to levitate her goblet of wine when someone knocked on the door.

She put the goblet down and telekinetically opened the door. She gasped as she found an unconscious alien wreathed in crackling electricity and it appeared to be seriously injured.

"Oh no, it's one of the aliens from before," she muttered.



Dr. Kerzach looked around. "We could break the windows or see if we can sneak into the deeper parts of the ship," he said.
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Gilda looked to Rainbow Dash "You...really want to make things up with me?" she asked her, ignoring the fact that her friends were arriving on the scene "I mean, I'm cool with that" she spoke, still trying to act rather cool with Rainbow Dash before placing an arm around her.


"Trixie is....thankful" Trixie told Twilight as she gave her another kiss on the lips and whispered into her ear "And Trixie does want to do something else for Twilight too, if Twilight will let her....something....different...." she moved around to in front of Twilight, playfully pushing her down onto her back and straight away, started to kiss her around her neck before kissing down her body, heading down towards her crotch area.

But then, she was interupted by the knocking at the door as Twilight opened said door " would still want to do that for Twilight....but maybe later tonight?" she asked hopefully, seeing if Twilight would get the message as well.

But then, her head snapped towards the fallen soldier "Is the alien alright?" she asked as well.


Kratos narrowed his eyes at chong as he gripped the Blade of Olympus tightly before he rushed at them, swinging the blade at hailey first, then towards Chong in an attempt to at least strike the two of them.
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(En route to Ponyville)

Captain Carson leapt out of her dune buggy with her pistol drawn. She immediately holstered it as soon as she saw Rainbow Dash conversing with the creature.

"Rainbow Dash, you should know better than to leave your friends behind!" Rarity chided.

"Hey, sorry I just met Gilda," Rainbow Dash said with a smile.

Captain Carson looked at Gilda. She figured that if Rainbow Dash was willing to trust her, so should she. She approached the Griffin. "Greetings," she said in a calm done. "I am Captain Sharon Carson."



Twilight carefully shut off the electrical field around Ms. Swimmer. Not knowing anything about the magical properties of the alien, she decided not to try any spells.

Ms. Swimmer groaned and sat up. She kept the electrical field around her self. ""

"What happened?" Twilight asked.

"Poachers. Everfree Forest. Captured three members of the scientific team. I think they want to sell them."

Twilight frowned. This was something that could cause a serious diplomatic incident. She shut the door behind herself as she ran to the basement.

"Trixie, can you try to keep our guest company while I mix some healing potion," she called as she headed down the basement.
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Gilda removed her arm from Rainbow Dash and looked at Captain Carson "Yeah, it's nice to meet you too I suppose" she shrugged as she looked at the other ponies and shook her head before she looked at Rainbow Dash "And you just had to make friends with some aliens too...."

She then extended her wings, glancing at Rainbow Dash again before she just took off without another word to spare.  Where she was going to head to, that was uncertain of right now.


Trixie looked at Twilight as she sighed to her and rushed over to her "But....Trixie doesn't know how to entertain guests all that well....except Twilight of course" she then glanced to Mrs. Swimmer again "But Trixie could try....for Twilight anyway" she smilled to her and trotted over to Mrs. Swimmer.
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Chong set a flurry of spells against Kratos. While Chong was not the magician he had been before(He silently cursed Stripetail for taking away much of his powers) he was still a formidable foe. Chong had seen Kratos in action and knew that the best defense in this case was a good offense..
 Winterville Hotel
- Stripetail and his team gathered an hour later in the dining room for dinner. Alright everyone help yourselves" He smiled  But remember to leave enough food for the other guests, we don't want to be rude " Isn't there any freshly killed meat here? Kopa asked. ' No, hotels don't have meat like that.. well normally..Stripetail replied. " just eat what you can..
_ Nick nodded to Kerzach. See if you can break any of the windows..
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Kratos stepped back as he was struck by the spells and in turn, put the Blade of Olympus away and pulled out the Bow of Apollo and started to fire a few shots at Chong, trying to light him on fire this time as Hailey just watched on before she rushed at Kratos, fists in flames before striking him across the face a few times.

She stepped backwards a little and in turn, used her flamerthrower ability instead, setting Kratos on fire.  Hailey had then waited for the fire to disperse on Kratos, only to see him still standing "How the hell is he still alive? Can...can he even die?"

Kratos just narrowed his eyes at Hailey, then to Chong, as Hailey gulped at that, while she stepped backwards a little as Kratos started to step forward again.

"Uh yeah....I don't really want to die again....unless you have a plan Chong....I'm uh, I'm gonna go back to the ship and uh....stay alive" Hailey told Chong nervously before she turned and took off.
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Jason and his friends walked around town and came across the cafe.  

"You folks getting a bit hungry?" Jason asked. "We can stop here.  It would offer more variety then just apples."

Most of his friends nodded or said yes.  They spread themselves at 2 tables that were near to each other and sat down.  

Spike's stomach started to rumble and he stopped his bowling. "I know of a cafe near here." He said.

"Good, I was starting to get hungry." Sara said.

"You're not the only one." Spike said, walking towards the door and then to the cafe.

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Pinkie Pie looked at Aimee for a moment "I gotta go now okay? But that was a real fun duel" she smiled to her as she grabbed Gummy, placing him on top of her head "'s going to take far too long to leave the normal"

And with that, Pinkie Pie grabbed the next scene herself and pulled it across and was seen seconds later, back in Ponyville without needing to move a muscle as she just then bounded off in order to go and find her friends again.

But as she bounded along, she came across Spike, Sara and Jason and stopped right in front of them, a smile upon her face "You know what you guys should have? Cupcakes! And not the kind I read about online in that really weird fanfic where I murdered Rainbow Dash and turned her into a cupcake!" she exaggerated the explanation a little before gasping "Rainbow flavoured cupcakes! That's what we need! Normal cupcakes with rainbow colouring!"
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"Rainbow Flavored?  & where would one get a normal cupcake with rainbow flavoring? Gnash asked.

"Food coloring?" Guilmon said.

"Or some other method?" Jason asked curious.

"Did you teleport here?" Sara asked.  

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"No silly, bake em!" Pinkie Pie answered back, ignoring the teleporting question "You guys have to come to Sugercube Corner!" she added in and turned, bounding off to Sugercube Corner, hoping that the three of them would at least follow her.
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Jason and his friends along with Sara & Spike got up to follow Pinkie.  Jason reached into a pocket and put down a few pieces of 8 on his table.  

"You carry the oddest things in your pocket." Gnash said seeing what Jason put down.  

Jason shrugged, "I acquired quite a few of those on a previous mission for the Celestial intervention agency.   As a part of that I had to become a pirate captain for a while." Jason said.  

Sara looked at Pinkie then leaned down to talk to Spike in a whisper. "Is she totally sane, or a bit???" She asked.  

"The Jury is still out on that one." Spike said, using a thumb to indicate a group of 12 ponies clustered together talking in very low voices.

They continued to follow Pinkie till they arrived at Sugercube Corner.
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Pinkie entered Sugercube Corner and bounded off into the kitchen straight away and already, she started to bake a few trays worth of cupcakes.  All the while Gummy just stood in the open area on the ground as he blinked before lunging at Spike and started to gum away at his head.

Soon, Pinkie had returned with rainbow coloured cupcakes as she just smiled away at the group that was gathered around.  She smiled to them as she set the tray of muffins down onto the ground before bounding off, returning again with more cupcakes.
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(Twilight's House)

Ms. Swimmer sat on the couch, only for the electrical field to scorch part of it.

She quickly sat back on the floor. "So, I never got your name."



The dune buggy pulled up to the borders of Ponyville. Captain Carson
shut off the motors and pocketed the keys. She and Applejack headed to Sweet Apple Acres.

Rarity and Rainbow Dash returned to their respective homes.


The ODIN trooper and the normal soldier were gathered outside Sugarcube Corner. Both of them were in their armor.

"Why didn't Twilight tell us that Lyra was an enormous creep!" the ODIN trooper shouted.

"Hey, all things considered, waking up to go to the bathroom to find Lyra staring at you isn't that bad," the normal soldier said.

"No, but finding her staring at my body while I'm taking a shower is a bit unsettling."



Dr. Kerzach kicked one of the windows as hard as possible - to no effect. Even though as a Cassowary, he was strong enough to shatter a Human arm with one blow. He then leapt at the window and kicked it even harder than before.

The window remained intact.

Dr. Kerzach swore. "Get something like a fire ax and a saw," he said. The heavy reinforced windows that Nick had splurged for to keep people from smashing them were now working against them.
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(Twilight's House)

"Trixie" Trixie answered back "Trixie is Twilight's friend now.  Well at first Trixie wasn't, she was jealous and a bit hateful of Twilight...but that was only because Twilight was better than Trixie in regards to magic.  But then we met again and Trixie knows something now, that Twilight does mean the world to her, that Trixie does love Twilight" she told Mrs. Swimmer rather happily herself.


(Rainbow Dash's House)

Outside Rainbow Dash's house was where Gilda was waiting since she had taken off and saw her friend approaching "What took you so long? Sorry for not hanging around before....just can't stand the aliens...." she shook her head a little bit.

"Listen, Dash...." Gilda again, started as she sighed a little "I'm sorry about what happened last time alright? But I just couldn't help it and I just snapped was all, probabally not the best way to go in the end and all that....but you know how it is, don't you?"
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"These look interesting." Jason said as he picked up one, the rest of his friends, including Sara, picked up one.  Jason took a bite of the muffin.  

Spike took one.  "These are good.  You make any of those other ones you made that one time.  They were good too.  & you never made a second batch." Spike said, meaning the baked bad muffins that made every pony that ate them sick, but that Spike had liked the taste of.
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Outside, near Sugercube Corner, one of the Wonderbolts landed.  It was Spitfire as she pushed her goggles up onto her forehead and stepped inside "Hey Pinkie, hey Spike" she spoke up, glancing to the others as well.

"It's Spitfire!" Pinkie Pie pipped up as she bounded over to the Wonderbolt "So, what brings you here?"

"Was just on my way to Cloudsdale at Princess Luna's request, as Princess Celestia's not back yet, something about sorting out the security tat was raised there when those other aliens attacked.  I just dropped by to get a bite to eat was all" Spitfire explained in general.

Pinkie Pie handed Spitfire a cupcake "Here!" she smiled to the Wonderbolt.
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"Hey Spitfire, how goes?" Spike said, waving, having finished his cupcake.   "Rainbow dash'll be sorry she wasn't here to see you. "

"I wonder if all they did was cause Damage or if they did something worst perhaps." Jason said half out loud and half to himself.  

"Like what?" Gnash asked.

"Maybe taking some supplies, food, captives to use for multiple purposes." Jason said.

"Despicable bunch." Sara said.

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"Well, that's what I'm doing, going to see if Cloudsdale's fine.  All we know is that a few ponies were taken from Canterlot, but other than that, unsure about it" Spitefire answered as she looked to Spike when he mention Rainbow Dash's name "Was wondering where she was too, but if she's busy doing something else, it's fine" she told him rather humbly.

Pinkie Pie gasped "You know, that does remindmeofthetimerainbowdashwaspreparingfortheyoungestflyercompetitionwhenshefreakedoutandstarteddoubtingherselfthatshecouldntpulloffthesonicrainboombutshedidandendedup saving your life!" she ended up smiling.

All Spitfire caught was the end of what Pinkie had just told her and chuckled lightly "Yeah, I never did get to thank her properly for that, was a bit too busy and preoccupied at the Gala to do so"
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"i'm sure you'll think of something." Jason said to Spitfire.

"Maybe she's taking a nap or something.  is it hard for a peguses to join the Wonderbolts?" Spike asked.  

"Some ponies were taken?  That sounds bad." Brooklyn said.

"I was wondering if some were.  We'll have to get them back." Jason said.  "And it's not just us going after them.   I think I saw some power rangers in the battle battling alongside some unicorns in shiny armor." Jason said, not having any idea what the armored unicorns were or what they were called.  

"Oh yea, think I saw a couple myself." Gnash said, meaning both the armored unicorns and the power rangers.
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"Well, in a way it is hard, but believe it or not....that's something else I did want to talk to Rainbow Dash about....just don't tell her alright?" Spitfire asked the group with a humble smile of hers "Don't want to ruin any sort of suprises for her"

Pinkie Pie giggled "Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye" she recited the Pinkie Promise, sticking her hoof in her eye with ease.

"I guess I'll take that as a yes from Pinkie" Spitfire smiled again to Pinkie.
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"Cool, she loves surprises.  I won't tell her anything." Spike said.  

"Surprises can be very pleasant." Jason said smiling.  "I won't say anything, even if I knew who this Rainbowdash was." Jason said.  

"They certainly can be." Sara said.  

"I'm sure none us will say anything to whoever this rainbowdash is." Jason said looking at his friends who all nodded in agreement.
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"Heh, thanks" Spitfire answered back with another soft smile again as she looked to the cupcakes before floated off towards the door of Sugercube Corner as Vinyl Scratch stepped inside, taking a bite out of the cupcake.

"Delicious as usual" Vinyl spoke up as she looked atthe group.  She hadn't been out of her house for the whole day, so she had indeed, missed what had been going on on the planet, being too wrapped up in her music to even notice.  Heck, she wasn't even realizing that there were a few of the aliens present right now as her gaze was already set upon Spike.

She approached the baby dragon with a smile upon her face "Hey,'re Twilight's dragon friend right? The one that helps her out in the library? Sparky was it? Anyway, name's not important....I need your help with something, since you're so good with helping out's kinda important" Vinyl told Spike, looking at him through her sunglassess "Just follow me, I'll tell you along the way" she added in, finishing off the cupcake, turning and trotting off, hoping that Spike alone would indeed, follow her.
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"Sure, that's me.  I'm Twilight Sparkle's number one assistant.  " Spike said before he started to run off to catch up with Vinyl Scratch.  "What do you need help with.

"Good luck." Jason said after Spike.
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Vinyl looked to Spike as they walked "Just help with taking notes and all that sort of stuff.  It's getting a bit much for myself was all....and quite frankly, I'm starting to get worried I wont even get to finish this piece of music anytime soon.  After all, trying to make it an epic one" she told him as they walked up to her house and entered.

It was dark in a sense, except what did seem to be a computer of sorts on and her turntable beside it.  On the floor though, it was a real mess as she stepped over bits and bobs that were laying about "I've been at it for....a while at least" she spoke again, actually unsure as to how long she was at it for "And I haven't even gotten all that far with it"

And that's when it dawned on her as she could not help but grin as she looked at Spike "New plan now Sparky" she continued to grin a rather unsettling grin for that matter.
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"I can take notes.  Twilight has me do that, and do lots of to do lists."  Spike said looking around at everything around.  "Neat place & stuff." He said then looked back at Vinyl Scratch, "I can play the piano also." He said.
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"Yes, yes, yes, that's fine and all....buuut...." Vinyl continued to grin away stillto Spike as her horn glew, picking Spike up and pulling him close to herself "Since this project of mine will take some time to finish and all, we are going to get some other music samples from another pony, and when I mean we,I mean you, and when I mean get, I mean steal, and when I mean steal, I mean, just borrow it for a while"

Again, Vinyl grinned still "I'm sure Octavia wont mind if we....borrow a few of her classical music tracks to whicj I can remix into my own as part of my project" she then shrugged "I'm sure she wont mind....and besides, if something goes wrong, you can take the fall for me.  The plan is just, let's go" she spoke, as if to not even let Spike talk or back out if he wanted to.
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Spike's eyes opened wider then usual.  "Steal, stealing is wrong."  Spike said,  "Why don't you just ask her to work with you or to borrow her song?" He asked.   "I'm sure she'd be willing to work with you if you just ask her." Spike said trying to talk her out of her crazy plan.
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Vinyl sighed "I didn't want to have to do this, but you've left me no choice...." her horn started to glow as she levitated another pair of sunglasses over to Spike, placing them over his eyes for him "Those are for you if you'll help me out....besides, I'm not going to ask her for help....her and her pompus attitude, after all, I've tried once and she just seems to hate my music, so instead of asking her again, we'll...."borrow" her music instead"

Vinyl again, grinned away "And besides, if you help me out, other than those sunglassess, I'll give you....whatever else you want"
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"Cool glasses." Spike said distracted for a moment as he admired his glasses, "if she doesn't like your music forget her.  Maybe ask Rarity for help.  She has great taste." Spike said.
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Vinyl groaned at Spike "No!" she snapped at him "Rarity is a fashion unicorn, I need somepony that has tastes in music and so far, Octavia fits the bill perfecty.  And that's why we're going to go and steal it instead, since she hates my music....I'll show her" she then laughed a bit creepily as well "'re going to help me"

It was a rather evident that this project of Vinyl's was indeed, messing with her head quite a bit as it was.  Unhinging her sanity in the process too.
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"Why not ask Princess Celestia or Princess Luna.  I'm sure they know about music." Spike said.  


"Does anyone know where this Rainbowdash usually hangs out.  Maybe she can be found and told someone here wants to talk to her." Gnash said.
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Vinyl groaned even more "No! You're not getting at what I need!" she snapped again pressing her face to his, as if to try and knock him down onto his back "You're suppose to be real good at assisting and all that sort of jazz! And now, I need you to assist me in getting what I need! And what I need is Octavia's music! It's classical music, not the best kind...but not until I remix it that is!" she continued to snap at Spike still.

"Look, I gave you sunglassess! What more do you want from me to get you to help me get what I'm after!?" Vinyl added in, still with a raised tone to Spike before she was heard just breathing heavily, as if she wasn't even all that calm right now.
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The ODIN trooper crawled on his stomach into Sugarcube Corner in an attempt to distribute her weight so he didn't fall through the floor. "Excuse me, will this floor hold my weight?"

The other soldier entered behind the armored soldier. He was wearing his light powered armor. "So what's going on here?" he asked.


(Twilight's House)

"Well, you can just call me Ms. Swimmer," the Sauropholus said. Feeling more at ease, she disabled the electrical field surrounding her.

Twilight came up the stairs with a flask of pale blue liquid hovering in front of her. "The healing potion."

"Thank you," Ms. Swimmer said as she picked up the potion from mid air and gulped it down. Almost immediately, she felt her burns healing.

"So tell us more about this incident," Twilight said.

Ms. Swimmer sighed and told the two Unicorns everything, starting with the science expedition in the Everfree Forest, to the ambush of the poachers, to how the group fought back and her escape."

When she was done, Twilight had a look of horror on her face. "We must alert Princess Celestia and your ambassadors of this incident first thing in the morning."

Ms. Swimmer got up and headed for the door.

"Ms. Swimmer, if Trixie doesn't mind, you can stay here."


(Rainbow Dash's House)

"Not sure why you can't stand the aliens. They're generally nice and the coolest part is how fast some of them are!"

Her stomach growled as she stood on the cloud. "Well, I'm heading to Sugarcube Corner for a snack. Wanna join me?"

She spread her wings and prepared to leap off her cloud and fly.
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"ok, ok." Spike said, scared of Vinyl Scratch and wanting to just get away from her, as he cringed.  

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(Twilight's House)

Trixie shook her head "Trixie does not mind, after all, it is Twilight's house" she answered back with as she looked to Twilight smiling to her before giving her a nuzzle and whispered into her ear "Can Trixie stay with Twilight in her bed? Trixie feels....happy when she's with Twilight"


(Rainbow Dash's House)

Gilda just rolled her eyes at Rainbow Dash's statement before answering her question "Nah, honestly, I don't feel like any sort of pony food, besides, I already ate not that long ago, so I guess go...have fun or whatever" she shrugged.


(Sugercube Corner)

Pinkie Pie gasped as she bounded over to the shoulder, ignoring his question in general and instead....shoved a few cupcakes into his mouth "Here, cause you look hungry!"

Spitfire on the other hand, just chuckled lightly at that "Listen, I'd love to stay and chat, but I've gotta getgoing, perhaps on my way back I'll stop by again" she told the group and headed out the door and extended her wings, taking off.  Though she didn't get that far when she did run into Rainbow Dash "Oh, hey Dash....glad I could catch you before I headed off, wanted to ask you something.  Listen, I'm heading to Cloudsdale to get something done and was wondering if you did want to hang out? It'll at least make up for what had happened at the Gala"


(Vinyl's Place)

" are. going. to. HELP. ME!" Vinyl finally seemed to snap "I will not let this music project of mine be a failure because of YOU!" she sneered a bit.  It was defeintly getting to her by that point too as her horn started to glow "So, we're going to go to Octavia's, take her music, bring it back here, and we are going to make my greatest remix so far and you will help me!"
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(Twilight's house)

Twilight smiled and walked up to her room.

"Twilight do you have anything I can eat?" she asked.

"Look in the fridge!" Twilight called.

Ms. Swimmer headed to the kitchen and opened the fridge. She ignored the gems and helped herself to a prepackaged vegetarian sandwich. She sat on the chair - surprised it would hold her weight - and slowly ate the sandwich.


(Sugarcube Corner)

Rainbow Dash practically swooned as Spitfire spoke to her. "Would I? Yes!" she cried.


The "normal" soldier coughed as Pinkie forced the cupcakes into his mouth. "Water," he rasped out.

The female ODIN trooper walked in.

"No wait-"

The armored soldier didn't hear her comrade's call as she stepped into the bakery. The floor creaked underneath her 3/4 ton of armor. Before she could do move, she fell through the floor.

"Joan, is everything okay?" the normal soldier asked. He shone a flashlight through the hole in the floor. The armored soldier was ten feet below them and standing inside a small crater in the concrete floor amid debris of wrecked crates. Not surprisingly, the soldier appeared to be unhurt.

"Yeah, I'd like to be able to get back out without destroying the floor!" Joan shouted back.
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(Twilight's House)

"Trixie will take that as a yes then" Trixie spoke up happily and trotted off after Twilight.  She glanced around Twilight's room before she practically jumped into Twilight's bed, pulling the covers over herself, yet, leaving enough room for Twilight as well.


(Sugercube Corner)

"Thought you might like to" Spitfire told Rainbow Dash "So, come on then....and let's make it a bit interesting too, a race.  I know you're fast, after all, being able to preform the Sonic Rainboom that did save my life back in Cloudsdale" she smiled to her and pulled her goggles down over her eyes before she simply took off first, heading for Cloudsdale.


Pinkie Pie just watched, her mouth agape a little as the soldier fell through the floor "Uh oh....Mr. and Mrs. Cake's not going to like that...." was all the hyperactive pink pony could say.
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Jason walked over to the edge of the hole and looked down.  "I think a simple levitation spell, or antigravity ray will help." Jason said.

"Maybe also with a temporary weight reduction spell to reduce the overall weight for a certain amount of time." Sara said.  

"Or I can nip over to the earth where Danny Dunn lives and get some of his Antigravity paint if you'd rather have that used." Jason said.  "My motherbox can also change the gravitational constant of an area, temporarily at least." Jason said.  "Lots of solutions to this problem."


"Yes, Yes, anything." Spike said, still cringing from Vinyl Scratch in fear.
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Vinyl just grinned away again with her unsettling grin "Good boy" she then turned around "Now follow me and we shall get the plan underway, it's going to be a flawless plan" she again, laughed that unerving laugh of hers as she trotted out of her house.
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Spike got up to follow her, still scared of her and thinking how Vinyl Scratch was more crazy then twilight Sparkle had ever been.   He still had the look of fear on his face as he followed her.
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It wasn't all that long until Vinyl approached the house and looked to Spike "And here we are, now, what you're going to do is jump in through that open window right there" she motioned towards the only open window right now that incidently, led to Octavia's room "Sneak past the sleeping Octavia and unlock the front door for me, and then we can go about grabbing a few CDs, records or whatever it is she records her music onto"

"Now go" Vinyl added in, nudging at Spike to push him along before he could reject.
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Rainbow and Lt. Martin decided to go for a late night flight. Luckily, the ship's engineers had seen it fit to modify the fueling lines and doors so they could be operated with the living planes' manipulator claws.

"Nothing beats a night flight for relaxation;" Rainbow said. Both of them were cruising at 20,000 feet. Above them lay the moons and stars.

Lt. Martin simply sighed and let the air swirl around her body.


Rainbow Dash took off after Spitfire, leaving a luminiscent rainbow trail behind her.


The flash of light got the attention of the two planes. Thinking it was something they should look into and since they were over open country, they decided to light their afterburners and pursue the light. Unfortunately, two fighter jets running on full afterburners is nowhere near quiet. It would be a miracle if Spitfire and Rainbow Dash didn't hear them.


(Sugarcube Corner)

"How about reducing the weight of my armor!" the ODIN trooper called.

"Sara, I would like that same spell used on my armor as well," the male ODIN trooper said as he exited the building and stood up.

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Spitfire slowed down a bit as she allowed for Rainbow Dash to pass her for now, watching the other pegasus for a few moments before she again, took off once again in order to be able to at least fly beside her "Hey, when we get to Cloudsdale, I will need you to just wait around at first, just while I do what I need to do there.  But after that, we can hang out for sure, perhaps you could even show me any moves of yours that you think could impress me"

Her eyes gazed back at the noise at the engines roaring as she smiled a bit as well "And it seems like we have some company as well....wait her" she then veered off course and towards the noise.  She approached Rainbow and Lt. Martin.

"Listen, Rainbow Dash and myself are heading to Cloudsdale.  You're welcome to join us, but until I sort things out first, I'll need you two to be on the downlow.....I suppose you could say"


Trixie just lay in the bed, eyes still wide open as she shuffled around to be able to face Twilight, speaking up to her "Is Twilight going to be going to bed as well? Cause Trixie....well, she has something she does want to do for Twilight....she wanted to do it before, but was...interupted by the alien...and Trixie was wondering if Twilight would still want Trixie to do what she wanted to do to Twilight...." she trailled off a little, looking at Twilight and waited for an answer from her.


(Sugercube Corner)

Pinkie Pie just watched on, a bit worried now about the destruction of the floor "Yeah, and I don't want the floor to be destroyed....or anything else! Cause Mr. and Mrs. Cake trusts me with the shop and I'll get in trouble if it keeps on getting destroyed!" she flailed her front hoofs around as well.
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Spike went to the window and did his best to climb through.   Once on the other side he slightly relaxed, glad to be away from the crazy Vinyl Scratch.  He took a moment to wipe some presperation from his face before he started on trying to sneak past Olivia and towards the bedroom door.  


"Sure, I can enchant both if you both want.  It's not a hard spell to do." Sara said.  

Jason took out what looked like a 50's sci-fi ray gun and put it on another setting.  He aimed it at the Odin trooper at the bottom of the whole.  The person started to go upward at the pace of a fast walk.  Meanwhile Sara went over to get ready to enchant to lighten the armor of the first ODIn trooper then she'd go to enchant the armor of the second one.
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Octavia was indeed, fast asleep, seemingly unaware that Spike had entered her bedroom.  But then she heard the floorboards creak as her eyes lazily opened up as her eyes fell upon Spike as she sighed and sat up "And just what are you doing in my bedroom?" she asked, tone just calm all the while.
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Spike started to panic, more afraid of what Vinyl Scratch would do to him and Twilight and Princess Celestia after her.  

"She.. wanted me to take ... some of your music.... she kept at me... I even suggested she speak to you...She seems to have lost it.  She is scary, like nightmare moon scary...." Spike said, starting to just tell the reason he was here & how Vinyl Scratch was acting as he started to cry, tears starting to flow...
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Octavia just sighed again at Spike's explanation as she got off the bed and walked over to Spike, looking at him for a few seconds before motioning him to follow her to the front door as she unlocked it.

On the other side, Vinyl stood there "Finally Sparky, took you long enough..." she started before realizing it was Octavia standing there.

"Stealing my music again Vinyl? Don't you remember what happened last time you tried it?" Octavia asked calmly.

"Hey, what happened then wasn't me fault!" Vinyl snapped at her.

"You poured honey into my violin...."

"I gave you another intrument thingy!" Vinyl again, snapped, yet, Octavia just looked ather rather calmly all the while.
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The group inside the Winterville Hotel sat down to dinner, with chaits set out for those who could sit, while for the lions , plates of food were set downm on the ground. the dinner was a buffet there was chicken, pork, pot pies dumplings, fish, and all of it smelled deliciuous..
 Chong was slowly gaining the upper hand on Kratos although it was not easy, Chong was learning the hard way that Kratos was no pushopver, it was taking chong casting very powerful spells to keep him off balance and gain the upper hand..
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(Sugarcube Corner)

The ODIN troopers now weighed as much as much as the ponies did (~500 pounds) but they still kept all the advantages of their armor, not the least of which was their titanic strength.

Joan entered climbed out of the stairway and exited the house.

"Sorry about that," the normal soldier said as he drank from a glass of water. "ODIN troopers can weigh nearly 2,000 with their armor and they tend to forget that."


(Twilight's House)

Twilight climbed into bed and wrapped her forelegs around Trixie's body. "Trixie, I..." she trailed off as she slid underneath the blankets.


(En route to Cloudsdale)

The two planes throttled back their engines. Granted, it was still much louder than the flapping of Pegasi wings but it wasn't the earsplitting roar of jet engines on afterburners.

Rainbow Dash looked to see the two living planes flanking her and Spitfire. "Couldn't get enough of me, could ya?" she teased.
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Kratos narrowed his eyes at Chong as he had to stay on the defensive for now, blocking what attacks he could with his shield (to which I forget what it was called now).  Though he had soon enough, found a small opening to retaliate and instead of using his blades or any weapon as such, he decided to pull out Medusa's Head, aiming it Chong.

His aim was to turn him to stong and simply shatter him when he would accomplish such a task.  But there was still the matter in actually turning Chong to stone sucsessfully.


(Sugercube Corner)

Pinkie approached the hole and poked her head inside and shook her head a little bit.  For once, the pink pony was looking a little worried as she turned to the aliens again "I guess it's okay...." she trailed off, eyes glancing at the hole still "At least Mr. and Mrs. Cake isn't here to see that"


(Twilight's House)

Trixie looked at Twilight for a moment, but before she could say anything back, Twilight had slid underneath the covers.  At first, Trixie was unsure as to what Twilight was doing until she felt the unicorn's tounge run across her crotch.  That had caused Trixie to gasp a little bit herself.

But for Trixie, that was only the start of it as she just felt Twilight's tounge still running across her crotch for a few seconds more until she felt the tounge prod a little inside her.  Again, Trixie gasped a bit more "Twilight...." she murmered happily "But Trixie wanted to do that for Twilight...."

Twilight glanced upwards at Trixie "I know Trixie, you still can soon, just trust me alright?" she reassured Trixie before again, proding her tounge inside Trixie, said tounge going in deeper.

Trixie in turn, squirmed a little as she murmered again "Twilight...." was all the other unicorn could say, already feeling herself getting wet still.

And that's when Twilight stopped and moved upwards towards Trixie's face, giving her a kiss upon the lips before she turned around, her mouth at Trixie's crotch, while her own crotch was facing Trixie.  And straight away, Twilight went back to work on Trixie.

Trixie just looked at Twilight's own crotch for a second before she started to lick at it, her own tounge already, starting to explore the inside of Twilight.

The two unicorns were already, starting to feel wet from what the other was doing to them.  And it didn't even take all that long for Trixie to reach her climax first as she sprayed her juices upon Twilight's face.

Twilight in turn, did take a bit longer to do so, but she soon enough had reached her climax as well and in turn, sprayed her own juices upon Trixie's face before she let off a gasp.  She turned around to be able to face Trixie again, giving the other unicorn another smooch upon the lips.

(ooc: Serris had told me I was able to borrow Twilight for thatg post, but now she's back in his hands again)


(Heading to Cloudsdale)

Spitfire headed off ahead in order to at least catch up with Rainbow Dash "So tell me, how's it feel to hang out with a Wonderbolt without anything else really bothering us?" she asked the rainbow maned pegasus "After all, I still want to see what sweet moves you can pull off as well"
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Chong threw up magical images to keep him from looking at medusa, he had read enough about the Gorgon to know that looking her in the face was lethal
_ Nick tried to help Kerzach break a window, but with no luck Suddenly Nick had in idea " Didn't Stripetail give you some magic to be used in emergencies Kerzach/ Nick asked " He gave me that phone ring, to call him in case of emergencuies.. ut that won't be much help as we dont know where we are..
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Kratos held the head up still, but saw that it wasn't affecting Chong at the least.  So instead, the Spartan rushed at an image, grabbing it and stabbing it in the stomach a few times, throwing it in Chong's directon.  He latched onto another image with his blades, swinging them around his head in order to throw that image at Chong.  Kratos was indeed, determined to kill Chong right now....


Hailey opened up the ship and entered it, closing the doors behind her as she finally breathed a sigh of relief "That guy is a monster....he makes Chong seem....normal...." was all she had to say about Kratos, glancing at a few of the pony slaves that were looking at her "What are you all looking at? Get back to work" she grumbled as they all obeyed and did just that.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Chong ducked the stone chunks thrown at him as he kept creating more and more images to protect himself.. interspaced with bolts of magic. chong was trying to knock the head out of kratos' hand..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: MrDrake on February 11, 2012, 08:23:42 PM
Kratos felt the head fly out of his hand, but as it did, he launched his blades forward to latch upon Chong himself, launching himself forward and in turning, pulling out his Nemean Cestus, pulling back his right hand as he closed in on Chong, ready to slam it into his face, hopefully with enough force to knock him across the battlefield a few feet as well.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"We can fix the hole, or use a toon rug and put that over the hole to cover it up.  Only evil folks stepping on the rug will make it fall through, innocent and good people can walk on the rug over the hole just as if it were solid ground.  Part of toon physics." Jason said taking out a rug, that looked animated in the 30-50's theatrical short/tex avery/looney toons style of hand drawn animation.  At first it was very tiny, but he held a corner in his left and one in his right hand and flicked it, making it grow to full size.  "It's made a friend of mine that I know who makes these things.  Avery, doubt you've heard of of him.  Unlike Acme, all his stuff works."

"Bet you could sweep dust under the rug." Gnash said.  

"yes, that hole can hold a lot of dust." Jason said.


"SO this has happened before?" Spike asked, surprised by what was going on.
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Octavia nodded to Spike "Yes, Vinyl here has attempted this before, and all times she has failed in doing so.  Being a unicorn does not help her in obtaining my music" she then glanced at Vinyl, then to Spike again "She just refuses to ask me about borrowing my music"

"That's only cause I know that you'll say no! Face it! You're just despise all my modern music and would rather rely on your own classical music!" Vinyl scoffed back.

"While that is true....wouldn't it be better to at least try to ask me than go around attempting and failing to steal my music?" Octavia replied back.

"I knew it! You hate my music!" Vinyl scoffed again "At least my music is better than your music"

" that is a laugh" Octavia spoke, yet, not laughing at all "All your music is nothing but a laugh.  Everypony doesn't exactly....enjoy your music"

Vinyl just looked at Octavia, mouth slightly agape "Take. that. back"


Pinkie Pie thought on what they had just said and was about to answer them when Mr. and Mrs Cake approached.  The two looked at the hole in the ground then to Pinkie Pie "Pinkie dear, would you mind telling us what had happened here?" Mrs. Cake asked her.

"It wasn't my fault! Honestly! The alien came in and fell through the floor!" Pinkie Pie quickly replied back "You can even ask Gummy! He'll tell you too!"

The Cakes just looked at Gummy, who in turn, just blinked back, then they looked to the others as well, seeing what they had to say about the hole in the floor.
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Dr. Kerzach nodded as he pulled out and opened his switchblade. "This has a enchantment that lets me throw the knife and it will instantly return to my hand. It also has an enchantment that keeps the blade permanently sharp and lets it slice through any type of magical barrier."

He looked out the window and saw some ponies pulling carts of debris and other material.

"So Chong's enslaving aliens too," the Cassowary said as he sat on a chair.


(Sugarcube Corner)

Joan looked at Mrs. Cake.

"It was my fault ma'am," the soldier said. "I was not aware that the floors could not support nearly 2,000 pounds."


(En route to Cloudsdale)

Rainbow Dash was at a loss for words. "I...I... I can't describe it but it's awesome!" she cried.

"Dash," Rainbow said, "we'll be taking a flight around Cloudsdale."

"No wait, you said you were the flight leader of an aerobatics team on your world. How would you like to meet the flight leader of the Wonderbolts?" Dash exclaimed. It seemed that she wanted the two living planes to share her enthusiasm about the Wonderbolts.

"Sure," the living F-22 said as her wingtip lights flashed red then green - the aviation equivalent of a shrug.
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Spitfire just chuckled lightly "Sure, but first, I've just got to go and sort out what I need to do here.  I'll be back soon" she told Rainbow Dash in particular, but also nodded to the living planes before she headed inside.

After at least 15 minutes worth, Spitfire had returned to the group "Alright, all is fine here" she then glanced at Rainbow Dash "So, how about those moves? Anything in particular you want to show off to me?"


(Sugercube Corner)

Mrs. Cake just smiled "Oh, don't you worry about it so much, it's understandable" she smiled to Pinkie Pie softly as well "But I'm afraid that we may have to, for the night, close of Sugercube Corner"

Pinkie Pie just seemed to gulp lightly at that, as if she still felt a little guilty about what had just happened.  But she just grabbed Gummy and headed off outside.


(Twilight's House)

Trixie just lay there, her head rested on Twilight's chest "Did Twilight enjoy that?" she asked Twilight first "Because Trixie does hope that Twilight did...."
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Spike looked at Ocavia and Vinyl Scratch.  "Maybe you 2 can work on some music you both like.  There has to be some sort of music you both like, or sorta like.  Wouldn't that be better then fighting?" Spike asked, thinking of just that idea and saying it.  

"Twilight and her friends don't like the same things but they can work together." Spike said.


"It's easy enough to fix with magic." Sara said.  

"Especially if 2 work together, luckily I"m in this body which is good at magic, unlike my original which is very bad at it." Jason said.  

Guilmon looked at the hole.  "Reminds me of a party, a funny party."

Jason nodded, "I remember that one, if the one you're thinking of."

"Man that was one wild party."  Brooklyn said.  

"If this is a sample of that, I am glad I missed that party." Velma said.
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Octavia just chuckled away lightly herself "Sorry, but I don't work with DJ ponies" she told Spike while looking at Vinyl all the while until she pushed Spike outside "And to save yourself the trouble Vinyl, please don't try and steal my music again" and in turn, she closed the door on the two of them.

Vinyl just stood there as her sunglassess slid off her face and onto the ground.  Yet, she just stood there still, making no attempt to grab her sunglassess again "My" was all she could say as she turned around and started to walk off, paying no attention to Spike right now "Everypony hates my music...." she said to herself as she walked along slowly, her sunglassess still where they had fallen.


Mrs. Cake looked at the aliens "You can do magic? Well now, that is a different story.  Did you hear that....Pinkie?" she asked, turning to see that Pinkie Pie was gone.
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"no, that's not true.  Haven't you had some folks who told you they enjoyed your music?" Spike called out as he ran after Vinyl Scratch to try to help her feel better.  


"Yea, but don't you have folks who can do magic here?  It feels like a magic type of world." Sara said.

Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Vinyl just walked on slowly, her eyes just watching the ground as she spoke to Spike "Not....really...." was all she could say as she was heading in the direction of her place "I just always assumed that they enjoyed it, even if they didn't really say anything about it...." she sighed as she finally looked to Spike, her eyes just looking empty at the moment.


"Why yes, we do, but if you lot are saying that you have magic, then it would be best that you fix this up for us, if you don't mind that is" Mrs. Cake answered back, looking to the hole again as Derpy poked her head out of it.

"This is a really cool hole" Derpy spoke up from inside the hole before she climbed out and sat down beside it.
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(Twilight's House)

Twilight nodded and snuggled closer to Trixie. "I do," she said as she planted a kiss on Trixie's cheek.


Ms. Swimmer practiced her stick fighting techniques in the downstairs area. She was careful not to knock or break anything over. The air hummed and crackled with the electrical discharges of her weapon.


(En route to Cloudsdale)
"Well, there is the Buccaneer Blaze," the blue Pegasus said. "And the Fantastic Filly Flash."

The two living planes slowly circled around.

"These I gotta see," Rainbow said.

"Never did get her name," Lt. Martin added.

"That's Spitfire, flight leader of the Wonderbolts!" Rainbow Dash said.


(Sugarcube Corner)

"Actually, few of us can do magic," Joan said. "But the suit we wear makes us super strong and super tough."

John - the other ODIN trooper - looked at Derpy. "So who are you?"


(Spire of Winter)

Deimos was eating a meal of fish with the other members of the crew.

He frowned; Mr. Bigmouth's crew should have been back by now.

He radioed Mr. Bigmouth - all he got was static. "Stripetail, something's happened to Mr. Bigmouth," he said.



Inside an abandoned warehouse in the dirty industrial heart of Equestria, Mr. Bigmouth and the two soldiers were placed inside metal cages.

All of them had their weapons - and in the case of the two soldiers, their powered armor confiscated.

"All right, just what the f--- do you think you are planning to do with us!?" Mr. Bigmouth demanded.

"Simple, exotic beasts from another world equals cash."

"Yeah, congratulations, you just kidnapped an alien ambassador and his two guards. Enjoy your diplomatic incident."

The poachers laughed in disbelief as they examined the aliens' equipment. Mr. Bigmouth silently hoped that one of the poachers would accidentally shoot themselves as they tried to figure out their technology.
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(Twilight's House)

Trixie smiled back as she was kissed "Trixie is pleased that twilight did enjoy that.  But Trixie also has another question for Twilight....Trixie is wondering how Twilight got so good at using magic.  Trixie has tried her hardest, but Trixie has been never been as good as Twilight" she sighed a little as she snuggled right up to Twilight "Tomorrow, can Twilight teach Trixie a few magic spells?"



"Alright then, show me, after all, I have been wondering what other tricks you can do other than the Sonic Rainboom" Spitfire smiled to Rainbow Dash before she also smiled to the living planes "And yeah, that's me, Spitfire, leader of the Wonderbolts"


(Sugercube Corner)

"I'm Derpy Hooves, or others call me Ditzy Doo as well" Derpy explained to the aliens at least.
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"Are you a connoisseur of holes?" Jason asked Derpy.  

Sara walked to place herself on the opposite side of the hole where Jason was.  

"Though I guess we should fix the hole." Jason said.  "Ready?" He asked Sara.

She nodded, "Yes."

Jason relaxed a bit and concentrated, first on linking with Sara mentally.  "Contact." HE said. She said the same.  Then they started to use their magic joinly to fix the hole, pulling together the broken pieces back to the place where they were before the hole was broken.  They continued working till the hole looked visually fixed then they worked on making sure the hole was fully fixed, even down to smaller then could normally be seen.  

Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Derpy shook her head back "Nuh uh, I like muffins the best.  They're just so super tasty and delicious" she answered with, having no idea on what they meant by being a connoisseur "Holes are so awesome and all, but muffins are the best"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"Yea, especially chocolate muffins." Gnash said.  "Or even just chocolate by itself."


"I'm sure there are some folks who like your music.  Did they seem to be enjoying themselves at the parties that you DJ'd at?" Spike asked, "As for Olivia look where she plays, at a place where only snooty stuck up ponies live." Spike said.
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"I...guess that's true...." Vinyl sighed back at Spike as she soon, entered her house before just sitting down.  Her horn started to glow as she put on one of her older mixes that she had recorded a while ago for spike to hear.

"Just tell me the music sucks, doesn't it?" Vinyl asked Spike with her head hung low as the music just played in the background, as if Vinyl was already doubting herself.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Spike listened to the music.  "I like it.  I think it sounds nice.  " Spike said giving a thumbs up.  "Nice music." Spike said.
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"Octavia doesn't think it's all that great, not that I care what she thinks....that snotty, stuck up classical, know it all mare, what, with her instruments and her calm composture and...." Vinyl stopped herself, resalzing that she was just talking about Octavia a bit too much herself.

She shook her head a little bit "But what do I care what she thinks anyway?" she sighed a bit as she looked to Spike, giving him a little smile as well "But I guess....thanks anyway...."
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"Right, just think of how you feel about your music and what others here in ponyville who have been to where you are have dj'd." Spike said.  


"There, the hole is all fixed." Jason said.  

"Maybe even better then before." Sara said.  

"I kinda liked the rug idea." Gnash said.  "it sounded cool."
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"Yeah, I mean, my music is my life and hearing her say...that about my music just made me feel...well..." Vinyl sighed again.


Derpy trotted over where the hole used to be and jumped up and down on it, as if to test it if it was fixed properly "Wow, that's a good job that you did with it" was all she said, still jumping up and down on it until she landed, and as she did, she fell through the floor, through a smaller hole that she had ended up creating.

"Whoa! That was awesome!" Derpy called out from inside the hole.
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Stripetrail paused and tried his radio, he muttered is all he heard was static.. ' great just great.. he muttered " who was the last to see them? did they say where they were going?"
Try to cut your way through the window" Nick suggested to kerzach. that should be able to cut through it right?
_ Chong ducked out of the way, and blasted the weapon out of Kratos' hand..
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(Spire of Winter)

Deimos swallowed his mouthful of fish. "Ms. Swimmer was with them on their scientific survey. She said she was heading to a location known as the 'Everfree Forest'."

He then sighed. "Unfortunately, she does not have a radio or any other means of contact."



Dr. Kerzach pushed his knife into the window. Not surprisingly, it didn't penetrate it.

"No good, the window's not enchanted. If it were, then I'd be able to cut through it."


(Twilight's House)

"Well, some ponies are born with more magical talent than others and as far as I know, there is no known way to increase it but anypony can become quite proficient if they practice," Twilight said as she closed her eyes and sighed.


Joan sighed and went down the stairs to fetch Derpy. She carried the Pegasus up the stairs with one hand.

"Derpy, please, I already put a hole in the floor by mistake. I don't want Mrs. Cake thinking I destroyed her bakery."

The two ordinary soldiers nodded and exited the cafe, their exoskeletons whirring as they did so.

They knew that Applejack let the people from the Spire of Winter stay at her farm in exchange for some labor.
"So what shall we do now?" Joan asked


(En route to Cloudsdale)

Rainbow Dash started with her "Fantastic Filly Flash". She rapidly climbed in a manner similar to the zoom climb used by the living planes and dove down. As the glowing mach cone forming around her, she seemed to hang in midair and a brilliant flash of rainbow colored light issued forth as she decelerated and hovered in midair.

Both the planes flew in slow lazy loops to avoid stalling as they could not hover.

"Damn! I only wish I could do that!" Lt. Martin said.

"Well, keep practicing!" Rainbow Dash crowed.

"So Spitfire, I never introduced myself, I am Major Allison Douglas, also known by my callsign 'Rainbow'," Rainbow said to Spitfire. "Dunno if Dash told you this, but I'm the flight leader of an aerobatics team on my world."
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"ignore her.  Not everyone can like the same things." Spike said patting Vinyl softly with one hand.


"Guess we have another hole to fix. " Jason said.

"If I have time maybe I can enchant the floor to fix itself when it brakes again." Sara said.

"Looks like that may be necessary." Brooklyn said.  

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(Twilight's House)

Trixie looked at Twilight as she too sighed "Trixie will still try her best to be just as good as Twilight is, she wants to show Twilight that she can still be useful and not just all...for show...." she sighed again as she snuggled up to Twilight again "Cause at times, that's what Trixie believes that she's good at doing, just....showing off when she was in Ponyville last...."



Spitfire smiled to the living planes again while she also watched Rainbow Dash pull of her moves "She is good" she spoke before turning to the living planes as she sat down on a nearby cloud "The leader huh? Well, I have to say that I've never seen a being such as yourself before, but I will take your word for it" she nodded.

Her gaze then shifted over to Rainbow Dash again, thinking for a moment before leaping off the cloud and flew over to the other pegasus, stopping right in front of her "Thought that you did have a lot of talent after all.  I've actually got something to show you as well, it's here in Cloudsdale too, this way" she told Rainbow Dash, glancing to the two living planes "Mind if you two wait here too? We'll be back soon enough" and with that, Spitfire headed off, hoping that Rainbow Dash would follow her.


(Sugercube Corner)

Derpy looked to Joan, then to the hole that she created by mistake "But that was an accident, really! I didn't think it would break like that!" she spoke, her voice raised slightly without realizing it.


(Kratos' World)

Kratos narrowed his eyes as he fell to the ground, one of his weapons knocked out of his hands.  He swung his other fist at Chong instead, still wanting to at least strike him hard across the face.


(Vinyl's Place)

"Yeah, I guess so" Vinyl smiled to Spike lightly "But....thanks anyway, you know, for keeping me company and trying to make me feel better"
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"Spitfire, we'll just be flying around Cloudsdale," Rainbow said. She then winked. "Maybe we'll show you some of our stunts tomorrow. Of course, we don't have magic but we can use technology as a replacement.

Rainbow Dash looked at Spitfire and followed her into Cloudsdale.


(Sugarcube Corner)

Joan nodded. "Believe me Derpy, I accidentally put an even bigger hole in the floor."

She then sighed. "I guess that's a hazard when your armor makes you weigh like 1,500 pounds."
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It didn't take all that long until they arrived at Spitfire's other little getaway from Canterlot and showed Rainbow Dash inside "Now, what I wanted to show you....well, it's more as to give you, but for that, I'd rather you just close your eyes first....makes the suprise that much....better I suppose you could say"

Spitfire smiled to Rainbow Dash before she turned to go and get what she was going to give her new rainbow maned friend.  She returned with a Wonderbolt costume in her mouth and nuzzle Rainbow Dash slighly, just to get her to open her eyes.

"For you" Spitfire smile to her rather softly.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Rainbow Dash opened her eyes and picked up the Wonderbolt outfit. "Oh my gosh. Oh, my gosh!" she said as she danced in place with excitement. "Wow! I... I don't know what to say!"

She continued squeeing and fangirling for several minutes. She then turned to Spitfire. "Erm, can I have some help putting this on?"


Lt. Martin, seeing that Rainbow Dash was able to land on the clouds, found a long strip of cloud to use as a runway. She prepared for landing - only to fall through the clouds. She screamed a remarkable array of profanities as she quickly recovered from the impromptu dive and rapidly climbed back to where Rainbow was slowly flying lazy loops around a minaret.

Rainbow could only smirk at her friend's misfortune as she turned on her side and flew through a narrow gap in the buildings.
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"Yeah, it's your very own Wonderbolt costume" Spitfire still smiled to Rainbow Dash, watching her dance around on the spot "It was just a spare and I thought, why not just give it to the one pegasus that deserves it the most? But sure, I can help you get it on"

"That, and that's not all either, there is one other thing too...." Spitfire stepped closer to Rainbow Dash "There is a place available on the Wonderbolts as well....and I was just wondering if you would like to be an actual Wonderbolt? After all, I gave you the costume for a reason" she again, mused to Rainbow Dash as she started to help her into her Wonderbolt costume.
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Rainbow Dash's eyes widened in shock. "Would I ever!" she cried.


Rainbow did several aileron rolls as she flew around a minaret of Cloudsdale. She was tempted to go supersonic but she'd rather not cause havoc with the roar of her twin afterburners. Even then, it was a miracle that nopony complained about the two living planes' powerful engines.
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Spitfire just chuckled lightly as she finished helping Rainbow Dash into her Wonderbolt costume as she stood back a little to look at Rainbow Dash more clearly, looking her over as she circled the other pegasus "Yes, you look fantastic in that costume.  I just had a feeling that you'd fit that costume....after all, you look rather, well...pretty, I suppose is a word to use in that" she chuckled again "Fellow Wonderbolt"

Spitfire in turn, did nuzzle Rainbow Dash slightly at that "Well, you get the point anyway"
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Rainbow Dash was blushing furiously. She returned the nuzzle. She looked at herself. "Heh, well I do suppose I look rather handsome!"


Lt. Martin happened to fly over the area where Rainbow Dash and Spitfire were. She whooped as she did a barrel roll and wheeled around to fly off in a new direction.


(Twilight's House)

Twilight put a hoof on Trixie's snout. "Forget about last time. Everypony makes mistakes; it is useless to dwell on them. Learn your lesson and move on."
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Spitfire nodded to Rainbow Dash again as she was nuzzled back, not expecting a nuzzle in general, but shrugged it off as she looked to her "Yeah, makes you feel rather important doesn't it?" she teased to her as well.  She glanced to the side slightly then quickly kissed Rainbow Dash on the lips.


(Twilight's House)

Trixie sighed as she looked to Twilight "Yeah....that is true too, but it still annoys Trixie that she made that mistake" she grumbled lightly "Trixie didn't really expect anypony to like her after that, but she is glad that Twilight does like her?" she asked, just to make sure with Twilight.
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Rainbow Dash was surprised by the kiss but she returned it, pressing deeper with her tongue.


Rainbow and Lt. Martin were performing aerial stunts. Interestingly, quite a bit of Pegasai were watching the two metal flyers turn and wheel through the night sky.

Rainbow performed her signature move - Pugachev's Cobra. As she reared up and continued flying a watching Pegasus said, "Wow, that alien would make Soarin' and Spitfire proud."
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Spitfire was certain that the kiss was only suppose to be quick, but Rainbow Dash did seem to really want to kiss her, so the Wonderbolt just continued to hold the kiss, using her own tounge to wrestle against Dash's.

Soon, she broke from the kiss and just looked Rainbow Dash in the eyes "So, how does it feel to kiss a Wonderbolt?"
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alright we're going to go look for them" stripetail said firmly. " who wants to come with?'  Scooby volunteered, as did Cynder Agumon, Tigeress,stitch, Kopa and Kiara.  ' a good group. the rest of you can head up to rest in your rooms.' Stripetail said
_ next time I'm getting magical glass Nick scowled
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Chong dodged the attack then finally delivered a knockout blow with a magical bolt directly to kratos' face.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Well, Kratos hadn't been knocked out, but instead, he was severly weakened by the rather powerful bolt as he fell to his knees, feeling too weak to even swing his weapons at Chong right now.  Kratos had lost against Chong as he looked at the sorcerer, as if he was waiting for Chong to kill him.
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"You'll see.  I'm sure you have some ponies here in ponyville who like your music." Spike said to Vinyl, patting her side again.


"I'll fix the floor again.  If it brakes again then I think I will make it self fixing." Sara said and got started on using magic to repair the new hole in the floor.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"Yeah, I guess so..." Vinyl sat down, looking to Spike.  Again, she gave the baby dragon a little smile before she wrapped one hoof around him and pulled him for a simple hug.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Spike did is best to hug Vinyl Scratch back.  


Once done Sara looked at the floor.  "Well that's fixed." She said.

"for good I hope." Brooklyn said.
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Soon enough, Vinyl had let go of Spike as she looked at him "I guess you want to head back to Twilight's now? I mean, that is if you want to....if you want to stay here the night, it fine with me" she shrugged lightly, trying to at least look happy.


Derpy landed on the ground again, but this time, nothing had gone wrong "It's another good job you guys did at the floor" she poked it, but still, nothing happened.

Well, almost nothing as instead, the front door just fell off its hinges "I didn't do that!" she called out straight away.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Spike yawned.  "It may be better if I could sleep here overnight, if it's ok with you.  I feel to tired to walk all the way back to the library." Spike said.  


"I wonder what'll break or happen next." Guilmon said.
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Vinyl nodded to Spike "Alright, you can stay the night if you want..." she trailed off before her horn started to glow, picking Spike up and just carrying him off to her bed "You can stay in my bed....I'll probabally be up for a while longer"


Derpy shook her head "Nuh uh, I told you it wasn't my fault" she retaliated back, trotting over to the fallen door, starting to push it up towards the hinges, only for said door to just snap in half instead.

She in turn, just dropped the rest of the door where it was and gave off a nervous little laugh as well and instead, just sat down where she was, trying her best not to touch anything else in case something were to go wrong with it.
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"Thanks." Spike said.  He curled up on the bed & was asleep in a second or less.


"I guess you don't have any spare doors around here?" Gnash asked looking around the room they were in.
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Chong let forth a final flurry of magic which bound kratios hand and foot in magical chains... ' hailey! chong yelled ' get out here and dragh this human down below!" with a geature chhong gathered up all the kratos weapons which lay scattered about. chong created a satchel and stuffed the weapons inside with magic..
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Hailey left the ship and approached Chong, looking at the captured Kratos as she spoke to Chong in particular "Are you sure you want to bring him with us? What if he escapes? He'll probabally end up killing us all, just for doing this to him....and I'd rather keep my head intact...." her eyes gazed at Kratos again, but also glanced to the weapons that were being stored into a pouch.
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yes bring him along., i want to see how the wizard fares agaiunst him in battl;e chong grinned.. hsaang on to these weapons hailey, e may have a use for them..
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"Alright, alright" Hailey spoke, grabbing the sachet and attached it to her trouser "Still don't think it's such a good idea...." she muttered to herself as she grabbed Kratos and walked him off towards the ship.
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When I want your opinion I'll ask for it. You worry about steering the ship.. I'll have some of the ah ' staff keep[ an eye on kratos here" chong saiid magically dragging the Spartan along behind him..
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"I'd guess they likely don't. " Jason said.  He picked up part of the door to try to put it together as best as he could to make Sara's fixing it easier.  "There, I can hold it here." He said.  

Sara cast the repair spell again, focused on the door.  "Does this sort of thing happen around here often?" SHe asked.
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Rainbow Dash smiled. "It... It feels great!" she exclaimed.

Rainbow flew over the two pegasi. "Spitfire, Rainbow Dash, we'll be waiting for you at the edge of Cloudsdale for the tour."

She then wheeled around and headed for the border of Cloudsdale.


(Twilight's House)

"Let's go to sleep," Twilight said as she telekinetically pulled the blankets over herself and Trixie.


(Sugarcube Corner)

Joan reached for the door, gently pulled it open and exited. "See you all tomorrow," she said as she headed for Sweet Apple Acres.
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Chong bosarded the ship and stowed kratos in the basement..we have a new guest coming with us he said upon returning to the cafe ' i'm going to need a couple persons to guard our guests.. and don't try and think of freeing him, if for no other reason that he will then kill you..i seem to have ticked him off
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(Twilight's House)

Trixie nodded lazily as she snuggled right up to Twilight as the blanket was pulled over them "Good night Twilight" she spoke, turning to Twilight and giving her a light kiss upon the lips as she murmered away "Trixie loves you...."



Spitfire just smiled to Rainbow Dash at her reaction then turned to Rainbow, nodding to them "We'll probabally catch up with you two soon enough" her eyes then gazed towards Rainbow Dash again "So, what else would you want out from this experience from becoming a Wonderbolt and kissing a Wonderbolt? Anything you want" she leaned into Rainbow Dash's ear "I can probabally give it to you" she whispered, her breath breathing against her ear.
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Rainbow Dash was at a loss for words. All she could do was blush furiously.

Rainbow and Lt. Martin's wingtip lights flashed green in an aviation version of a nod as they sped into the night sky.  


(Spire of Winter)

Deimos nodded. "I am going. But we need to know where to look. I suggest we speak to Twilight Sparkle about this incident tomorrow."
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" have nothing at all on your mind?" Spitfire asked Rainbow Dash, looking at her in the eyes, her own snout just about touching Rainbow Dash's snout "As I said, anything you can't think of....and I'm sure there's at least something else on your mind" she told her, not moving as she smiled to her as well.
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"N...Nothing at all!" Rainbow Dash said. "I wanna perform with the Wonderbolts at their next airshow!" she suddenly blurted out.

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"Well, of course you can, you are a Wonderbolt after all" Spitfire smiled to Rainbow Dash and again, she kissed the other Wonderbolt upon the lips lightly.
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Dash wrapped her forelegs around Spitfire and stuck her tongue into the Wonderbolt captain's mouth.

She then happened to look skyward and saw a trail of fire streaking into the night sky. "That had better not be Rainbow and Lt. Martin," she growled.


It was indeed Lt. Martin; she was practicing a stunt from her airshow routine that consisted of a rapid climb on full afterburners while simultaneously dumping fuel, producing a column of fire. At the top, she would intentionally enter a spin while dumping fuel, producing a helix of flame (granted she usually used specialized pyrotechnics to produce a persistent flame).
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Spitfire did the same back, her own forlegs wrapping around Rainbow Dash as she started to kiss Rainbow Dash more passionalty, but only stopped as Rainbow Dash asked another question.  Spitfire glanced upwards as well and sighed a little before she looked to Rainbow Dash again "Would you want to go somewhere....quieter? That is....if you'd still want to have me to yourself" she told Rainbow Dash, nuzzling her lightly as well.
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yes it is getting late. we'll begin our searcxh in the morning then" stripetail said looking at dEimos. First thing in the morning then, lets say 5 am..
% am.. isn't that a bit early?' Scooby saiud ' I mean, normally. fighting the war against Chong.. thats differemnt..
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Rainbow Dash smiled. "If they're so keen to show off, why not let them join as guest stars with us during a Wonderbolts performance? After all, they're aerobatics performers like we are."
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"That's....actually not a bad idea.  I have been watching them out of the corner of my eye, but thing is....I'm not sure when our next show will be, if they'll stick around till then before they have to leave our planet and all that.  But in general, the idea is a good one" Spitfire replied back to Rainbow Dash with a smile as well, giving the pegasus another kiss again.
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"So what'll you do?  I was thinking maybe dad and I could fly around.  There may be some owls here." Gnash said.

"ANd some Pegusi who stay up late at night." Jason said.

"What'll you do?" Brooklyn asked.  

"I think I"ll just go to sleep and sleep a nice long night.  We've all had a very long day." Velma said.  

"I've not decided yet.  I may try laying on a cloud.  I saw some creatures seem to be able to sit on clouds." Jason said.
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Rainbow flew next to Spitfire. "So, you want us to join as guest stars for your next performance?" she said with a smile.

"You got a few days?" Rainbow Dash said.

The living F-22 flipped upside down and flew a few hundred feet before she righted herself. "Well, we gotta wait for Princess Celestia to respond to our letter, so..."

Lt. Martin flew in from the left. She had overheard the conversation. "An aerobatics performance, eh? Sounds great!"

Well, we need to wait for Princess Celestia to respond to our letters"
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Spitfire nodded back at what Rainbow Dash had said "Yeah, afraid that's what's going on right now, not much I can do until then" she then thought for a moment as she looked to the night sky, then to the others as she spread her wings "But it's at least best we wait till tomorrow, it's getting late and I do need to head back and get some rest" her gazed turned to Rainbow Dash in particular "Hey, not sure when I'll see you" she started, just looking at the other pegasus still.
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Rainbow Dash yawned. "Later! Gotta go back to sleep!" she said as she sped off to her cloud home.

Rainbow, the living F-22, not the Pony, flashed her wing lights in farewell. She then turned to Spitfire. "Well, Spitfire, hope to see you at the airshow! Lt. Martin and I gotta refuel."

The two living planes banked and headed towards their starship.
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Spitfire nodded as she watched as Rainbow Dash took off then turned her attention to the two living planes "Right, I'll see if I can drop by Ponyville tomorrow, if I have the time that is" she smiled softly before she in turn, took off, heading back to Canterlot herself.
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"Sounds like us 4 will be going for a night flight." Jason said.  

"& Sitting on clouds." Guilmon said.  

"I'll be going to sleep.  See you guys in the morning." Velma said & walked off to head to her room.  

The other 4 walked outside to go for a flight around the area at night and to rest by sitting on some handy clouds.  

"Neat.  We can't do this back home." Gnash said as they paused to sit on a cloud to look at the scenery below them.

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(OOC - I'm going move to morning to keep this thing going.)

(Spire of Winter)

Deimos awoke at five on the dot. He got out of bed and proceeded to wash up. When he was done, he donned his ballistic vest, checked and loaded his weapons.


(Sweet Apple Acres)

"Rise and shine everypony! It's time for breakfast and then the farm work," Applejack shouted into the barn where her guests were staying.

"Morning Applejack," Captain Carson said as she splashed some cold water on her face from a nearby hose.

Joan crawled out of her sleeping bag and rubbed her eyes. Her suit was in the corner next to the ordinary trooper's powered armor. After the debacle with Sugarcube Corner, she decided just to show up for breakfast in her black undersuit.

Several minutes later, everyone was awake and sitting at an outdoor table with the Apple family. Piles of assorted apple related food were stacked on the table.

"Well, whatcha y'all waitin' fer? Dig in!" Applejack said.

Captain Carson helped herself to some stewed apples.
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Stripetil summonewd his t5eam and bade them join him for a quick breakfast before heading out. ' kopa among the group looked the least tired, he was used to getting up in the morning, nuteri had raised himj to be an early riser so getting up ast 5 was no big deal for him. mormning everyone ' he said with a smile as scooby cynder and agumon took thier seats followed by tigress and stitch. hey guys' rastchet said entering the room followed by clank and angela. ' you're up early kiara said as kopa went off to fetch her some food. ' well, we decided to join you guys on this search thing' ratchet said ' yeah, theres only so much to do in the hotel' angela agreed.
- fine fine' scooby said ' have a seat. hew said kindly as swtripetail createed a small breakfast for them ' we're going with a light reakfast, because we nbeed to get on the move. the sooner we get moving, the sooner we can track down our missing friends/.
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Guilmon lay sleeping on a cloud.  Jason was laying in it watching the stars.  Guilmon had also used some of the cloud for a pillow and a blanket.  Guilmon soon awoke yawning and stretching before he woke up.  

"Ready to head down to the tardis and breakfast?" Jason asked.

"A big one?" Guilmon asked?

"Sure.  Let's go." Jason said as he and Guilmon flew, guilmon using his legion flight ring, down to the tardis to go inside.  

"Neat sleeping on clouds." Guilmon said as they went inside.

A green pegusas stallion wearing shorts paused in his flying around to shape some of the clouds, noting it unusual to see dragons near ponyville, especially younger ones (meaning Guilmon and Jason who was till in his imperial dragon form, still shrunk to human size), but they didn't look dangerous so he shrugged and went back to what he was doing.
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(Twilight's House)

Trixie lay in the bed, still snuggled up to Twilight as the sun shone into the room.  She just had to groan at that as she opened up an eye rather lazily, eyeing  the sun for a second before using her magic to pull the covers of the sheet over her face "Trixie does not want to get up right now...." she grumbled to herself, yet, was now just wide awake as she rested her head on Twilight's shoulder lightly, overs still covering her face.


(Fluttershy's House)

Fluttershy had woken up with a yawn....folled by a rather short scream, only to realize who was laying in her bed with her.  Pinkie Pie.  But that had confused the pegasus already on a few facts, including how Pinkie Pie got inside in the first place.  But she decided to just shake it out of her head for now and just left Pinkie Pie to snooze away as she in turn, headed downstairs, heading outside in order to feed her chickens.
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(Spire of Winter)

Deimos arrived in the dining room with a case containing his .50 caliber sniper rifle and an assault rifle along with ammunition for both weapons. His pistol was tucked into its holster.

He grabbed some catfish sausage and started eating.

Suddenly, the view screen on the table came to life. The living F-22 was seen onon the screen. "Stripetail, I know about the kidnapping. However, relations with the locals are quite good at the moment so I advise against any excessive shows of force. I recommend that we speak to Twilight Sparkle and let her know of this."


(Twilight's House)

Twilight kissed Trixie at the base of her horn. "That's okay; I'll get breakfast." She hopped out of bed and trotted downstairs.

Ms. Swimmer was still asleep on the couch. Her dual sticks and her bracelets were resting on the end table. Twilight made a note to ask her about those items as she headed to the kitchen.
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(Twilight's House)

Trixie peeked her head out from underneath the blankets as she watched Twilight walk off before she just groaned at the sun again.  She again, pulled the blankets over her head, but then left her bottom half exposes.  After a few seconds, there was a loud thud as Trixie had fallen out of the bed "Oww..."

Again, after a few more seconds, she threw the blankets off herself and left them on the ground, leaving the bed rather messy as was as she in turn, trotted over to Twilight's mirror and looked at herself in it, seeing her messy mane as she groaned again "Trixie hates mornings...." she muttered to herself as she levitated Twilight's brush towards herself and just started brushing her mane with in.


(Vinyl's House)

Vinyl in turn, had seemed to have had no sleep all night, her mind was still thinking on what Octavia had told her last night, and in turn, her own room was rather messy as was.  Her gaze shifted over to where Spike was still sleeping and just left the baby dragon to sleep.


(CMC Clubhouse)

The Cutie Mark Crusaders had decided to stay the night in their clubhouse.  All three were fast asleep still, and in turn, all snuggled up to each other.  Well, that was until Scootaloo had woken up, and in a bit of disgust as well as she backed up away from the other two sleeping Crusaders "Yuck..." was all she could say.

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle on the other hand, were still sleeping away, with Sweetie Belle in particular, snuggled up to Apple Bloom without even realizing it herself.
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thanks Rainbow, let her know as she knows this world fgar better than we do. Go speak with her and see if she has any idea where they might be.." stripetail repl;ied. " i was planing on a surgical strike using my small group to go in and retrieve them from thier captors..
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Spike Yawned and stretched.  He blearily opened one eye then the other to look around a bit.  Seeing Vinyl Scratch he started to get up.  "How are you doing?" He asked.
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Vinl glanced at Spike, showing that it was evident that she hadn't gotten any sleep last night by the looks of her eyes, since she had failed to put on a new pair of sunglassess.  She just looked at him and gave off a quick yawn "Doing....uh....fine....and....uh...." again, she just yawned again, trailing off with what she had started to tell him.
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"Woh, looks like you didn't sleep last night.  How about you go to sleep and I stay up?" He suggested.  "Maybe a shower or a trip to the Spa will help.  Rarity likes going to the spa."
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"I don't need to get any sleep" Vinyl snapped back a little to Spike before her eyes twitched slightly along with a bit of a yawn as well "I'm fine.  All I have to do is get together the perfect piece of music that will show that stuck up snob Octavia that my music is better than hers" she sneered lightly.



Spitfire had returned to Ponyville, able to actually get the time off still, as there was nothing else that was needed to do in Canterlot right now as the Wonderbolt landed on the ground with a quick stretch as well.

Her eyes gazed around as if she was trying to find either the living planes, or Rainbow Dash right now, but so far, there was no sign of either of them as she just smiled to herself humbly and instead, had a quick trot through town instead.
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The sound of jet engines shattered the early morning skies as Captain Fairchild, Rainbow, Major Lockie and Lt. Martin flew over Ponyville landed in an empty field on the outskirts of the town.

Rainbow carefully rolled up to Twilight's library and stuck her snout into the nearest window, which happened to be next to Twilight's dresser.

"Trixie, where is Twilight? An important issue has come up and she must know about it," the living F-22 said.


(Spire of Winter)

Deimos was in the vehicle bay of the starship. He hopped on one of the repulsorsleds and waited for the others to join him.


(Sweet Apple Acres)

Dr. Zanasiu, Zachary, Captain and the ordinary trooper were carrying bushels of apple from the trees to the barn.

Applejack and Joan were harvesting the apples. While Applejack bucked the trees, Joan resorted to simply punching or kicking them.

As Joan slugged one of the trees and the apples fell into waiting baskets, Applejack turned to her.

"Ya know, Joan," Applejack said as she bucked a tree. "Ah, never did quite see somepony as strong as you."

Joan sat down and leaned against a tree, the motors of the Gungnir armor whirring as she did so. "I'm not naturally this strong."

"So ya got one of yer mages to enchant you?"

Joan shook her helmeted head. "No. The suit I'm wearing gives me great strength. If I wanted to, I probably can rip out a small tree."
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Trixie looked over at the living plane as she finished brushing her mane "Twilight is gettign breakfast together for us, but Trixie shall tell Twilight the news" she told Rainbow and trotted downstairs towards the kitchen.

Upon entering the kitchen, she trotted over to Twilight and gave her a nuzzle "Twilight, the metal aliens have some news they wish to tell you, they said that it was important...." she told her, still nuzzling her a little.
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The rEst of the group finished eating and headed out Stripetail Scooby Kopa and ratchet and Clank took one sled. Agumon, stitch Tigress Kiara and Angela took the other. ' So you're kiara right? Angela said as the sleds were moving along. ' yeah i am' Kiara nodded "Quieen of the pridelands at your service. My broither Kopa over there is the king, we share thye ruling duties.. its an arrangement my brother prefered ..' Oh, I'm Angela. and well I'm not royalty, or anything like be fun, giving orders..
- its a duty, more than asnything Kiara replied..
 Once we get out of ther ship we'll go se Twlight before starting the search" stripetail said to Deimos..
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"Maybe there is a type of music both of you like." Spike said to Vinyl Scratch.  "I still think you need a nap and maybe a trip to the spa, or take a nap at the spa." Spike said.  


Guilmon was eating a large breakfast in the tardis with Gnash.  Brooklyn was eating a fairly light meal.  

"I wonder what today will bring." Brooklyn said.

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"Oh, don't you worry your little dragon scales about that, my new plan is just flawless" Vinyl grinned away as her horn started to glow again.  She started tossing records away, to the side, some almost hitting Spike as the were thrown against the wall closer to him, shattering the in the process.  She was destroying them by the looks of it, already ignoring Spike's other suggestion.


(Fluttershy's House)

As Fluttershy had finished feeding her chickens, she turned around to see Pinkie Pie just standing there, a grin across the pink pony's face.  At first Fluttershy jumped slightly before realizing it was Pinkie "Oh um....hello again Pinkie" she started before realizing there was something she wanted to ask her friend "Um Pinkie, I was just wondering, what were you doing in my bed? I woke up this morning and found you asleep beside did you get in?"

Pinkie Pie just giggled to Fluttershy "Oh, that's easy....duh" she spoke, yet, not even shedding any light on it, just remaining vague about the whole ordeal " was nice"

"You could've at least asked me...." Fluttershy trailed off a little as she did seem to blush away lightly "I was...nice that you my bed...." she trailed off before she found Pinkie's nose touching her own and in turn, Fluttershy just blushed even deeper by that point "Pinkie...?"

Pinkie in turn, just stayed silent for once, her nose still touching Fluttershy's nose and in turn, there was just silent between the two of them as the pink pony just gave Fluttershy a small, soft kiss upon the lips next.
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"ok, don't do anything drastic." Spike said dodging one of the records and not sure about what Vinyl was doing.  He went outside and headed over to the Cake's place, getting an idea.  Once there he went inside.  

"Hello, Mrs.  Cake, is Pinkie around?" Spike asked.

"No, she mentioned something about Fluttershy and didn't come in last night." Mrs. Cake said.

"ok, thanks." Spike said, he looked at some muffins as he licked his lips.  "As long as I"m here, I'll get one of those." He said and paid for it and ate it along the way to Fluttershy's place.
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Fluttershy just stood there as Pinkie's nose was still touching her own as the shy peghasus just blushed away away still until she stepped backwards away from her friend "I think I hear Angel calling me" she spoke up and turned, heading into her cottage rather quickly, wanting to at least get some distance from herself and Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie just stood there as she watched Fluttershy leave and sighed heavily herself at that "Maybe I did come onto her a bit too strong" she wondered to herself out loud as she took a seat, as if to think on the matter some more, unaware that Spike was looking for herself right now.
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Spike continued on his way, finishing his muffin before he got to Fluttershy's place.  Seeing Pinkie he started over in her direction instead of going to Fluttershy's house.
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Pinkie Pie gasped as she saw Spike "Spike!" she started as she bounded over to him before stopping.  Though she did again, glance to Fluttershy's place, then back to Spike, as if her mind was a tad distracted by what had happened before.  But for now, she just ignored it as she looked to Spike again.
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"Hello Pinkie." Spike said.  "Do you know of Vinyl Scratch?  She is upset since some Canterlot pony doesn't like her music.  I think she may need a party or something to cheer her up and show her that there are some ponies do like her music and some pony who lives far away's opinion shouldn't matter."  Spike said to Pinkie.
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"Viny Scratch? Of course I know who she is!" Pinkie flailed her arms around a little bit "But she's feeling sad? Hmm, you're right Spike! A party would be needed to cheer her up! And I know just how to do that too!" she then started to bound off by that point, not exactly elaborating on the matter at hand herself.
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Spike started to run a bit after Pinkie, "Do you think you'd need any help?" He asked her.
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(Twilight's House)

Twilight trotted up to the window where Rainbow was. "Yes Rainbow," she said.

"There has been a serious problem. Mr. Bigmouth, Ms. Swimmer and two soldiers were engaged in a scientific expedition in the Everfree Forest. Their whereabouts are unknown but we have reason to believe they were kidnapped," Rainbow said.

Twilight frowned as she levitated a quill and scroll and started writing a letter to send to Princess Celestia. She then turned to Rainbow. "I'll get my friends and we'll meet in the town square to discuss this with your ambassador."

She then trotted out the library to get her friends. In the process, she ran into Spike and Pinkie Pie.

"Spike! Pinkie! The alien ambassador's here and we have a serious situation to resolve!"

Rainbow carefully rolled over to the town square, being careful not to crush anypony.


The three repulsorsleds cruised over the plains at 100 miles per hour.

"Great, we get to blow s--- up," Deimos said. "Erm, are we adequately armed for this?"


(Sweet Apple Acres)

The apple harvest had been finished and everyone had worked up a good sweat.

Captain Carson and Dr. Zanasiu were wiping their faces with washcloths that the Apples had helpfully provided.
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(Twilight's House)

Trixie watched as Twilight headed off as she turned to the kitchen again.  She had seen that twilight hadn't finished cooking breakfast yet as Trixie sighed to herself, her horn glowing as she started to finish off breakfast for at least herself, but leaving some for Twilight if she were to return in time.  of course though, trixie still made sure to make some for Mrs. Swimmer too.

Problem was, what Trixie was trying to finish off cooking, started to burn.  Though she was unaware of that as she sniffed "Something smells like it's burning...." she muttered to herself as she looked back at the food and saw black smoke.  The look upon her face showed that she was a bit freaked out by it.

Yet, before Trixie had time to retaliate, the pan caught fire as she gulped a bit "Uh oh...." was all she had said as the fire slowly started to spread.  Water, she needeed to summon some water as her horn started to glow again as she summoned a pack of ice and threw it at the fire....which didn't do anything to stop it.

She started to step backwards "Twilight is going to hate Trixie for burning down her kitchen...." she gulped, hessitating rather badly already, having no idea on what else to do to stop the fire from spreading.


(Fluttershy's House)

Pinkie stopped where she was as Spike posed the question to her.  She had to think on it for a moment, but before she could answer, Twilight arrived as her attention turned to her unicorn friend "I'll go get Fluttershy then!" she called out and bounded towards Fluttershy's house, yet, still hoping that Fluttershy still wasn't feeling upset about before.
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Ms. Swimmer was awakened by the smell of smoke.

She dashed into the kitchen, seized the burning pan and hurled it out the open window.

She then grabbed another pot, filled it with water and threw it on whatever was still burning.

She then sighed. "Trixie, maybe I should try cooking for now."
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Trixie sighed a little "Trixie is sorry that she burned down the kitchen....well....almost anyway...." she then looked at Mrs. Swimmer and nodded to her "Maybe it is better if Mrs. Swimmer cooks instead of Trixie.....Trixie is not good at cooking, she at least wanted to try, do something else nice for Twilight....but Trixie is sure that Twilight will hate her for trying to burn down her kitchen...." she again sighed and turned around, heading out of the kitchen, feeling a bit down, just because of that.
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'Gosh, that sounds bad." Spike said.   He started to run behind Twilight, to see what he could do about the situation to help.


Brooklyn had finished eating.  He and Jason decided to head out to walk around the town.  

"Seems like a nice quiet morning." Brooklyn said.

"For how long I wonder." Jason said.  

"This looks like a quiet town in general." Brooklyn said, looking around as they walked around.
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we should be fine. i've got my magic, as does agumon and tigress. ratchet has his blaster and the others have thier rings.. Stripetail replied " i trust you brught your guns and ammo?
 he said as the sleds raced out towards the town..
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Deimos nodded. "Got James's shotgun, Zachary's rifle, my own .50 caliber rifle and another crate of rifles and shotguns for whoever wants to join. And I have my pistol. And of course, lots of ammo."


(Sweet Apple Acres)

Applejack looked over the group. "Well, thank ya kindly for yer help," she said.

Dr. Zanasiu worked out a kink in his back. "No problem."

Captain Carson drank some water from the hose.

Joan was sitting against a tree.

Suddenly Twilight ran up to the group. "Everypony! Meet in the town square! The alien ambassadors have a serious situation to resolve!"

She then teleported to Rarity's boutique.

Zachary let loose a stream of profanity as he ran towards the town square.

Joan's powered armor let her run but the powerful artificial muscles gave her a strange loping gait.
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"Sounds like something is up.  Let's go and see." Brooklyn said.  He and Jason flew into the air and followed the other ponies, especially the Pegasus ponies they saw heading in the same direction, figuring they knew where the town square was.  

Spike took off running to the town square, hoping he'd be in time to know what was going on.  

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Pinkie Pie knocked on Fluttershy's door "Fluttershy!"

"Go away, I'm not here" Fluttershy answered back, sounding rather annoyed by the sounds of it.

"But...!" Pinkie began, only for Fluttershy to interupt her.

"I don't want to talk to you Pinkie...." Fluttershy replied back.

Pinkie Pie just groaned as she opened up the door regardless "But Twilight needs our help! The aliens are in trouble!" she flaied her front hooves around.

Fluttershy sighed a little "Well, if Twilight wants help, then I guess I can help her our" she answered, still just annoyed by what Pinkie Pie had done earlier on.  Well, that, and she was just unsure as to how to handle it herself, and for now, didn't really want to talk to Pinkie about it as she trotted off towards the town square, leaving Pinkie all alone.


(Town Square)

Pinkie Pie however, still appeared next to Twilight with a big grin upon her face "She loves me, she just doesn't know how to say it is all" she told Twilight, still going off from what was happening at Fluttershy's place.

Fluttershy arrived at the town square, looking at Pinkie for a moment, just wondering how she arrived here before she did.  But for now, she just shrugged it off as another Pinkie thing.
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Jason & Brooklyn arrived at the town square with some ponies.  "Let's remain in the air, it'll give us plenty of room to see." Jason said.  He then used his wrist computer to get ready to send a transmission into his tardis where some of his other friends were so they could see what the announcement would be & tie it into what the holographic video camera he took out of a pocket would receive.  This was a small device the size of a large marble and he had it float beside where he was.  One wall would be used as a display to holographicly display what it was receiving.  He also got it ready to relay a signal to Sara's cellphone also, which had a holographic display it could do.

(ooc: if some want to say the ship that some others rode to this planet in, forgot it's name, want to get the transmission they can.  Not like Jason has it coded or intends it only for his tardis to receive.  )
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Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Captain Carson, Zachary and Joan were the first to arrive.

Everypony in town was staring at them as they quickly occupied all the available benches.

Captain Carson deployed a microphone/speaker combination so the living planes could hear and add to the conversation.

"Really Twilight, you should give some advance warning before calling such a larger gathering," Rarity said.

"No time!" Rainbow Dash replied.

"Is everypony here?" Twilight asked.

Captain Carson looked around. "We have to wait for Stripetail, he's arriving with some others. She grabbed the binoculars hanging around her neck and looked in the distance to see the repulsorsleds speeding towards town. "Ah, he should be arriving soon!"


(Twilight's House)

"Trixie! Food's ready!" Ms. Swimmer called. She carried out two plates of a delicious looking fruit and pancake platter. The sweet-spicy scent permeated the treehouse.
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Pinkie Pie waved at Fluttershy, only to be ignored by the pegasus as she sighed herself before looking at Twilight.  Sure, Pinkie Pie was starting to let her feelings get in the way of what was suppose to be happening, but it was also, in a way, just annoying her somewhat too, that Fluttershy didn't seem to care back either.

"CUTE MARK CRUSADERS SQUAD RESCUERS! YAY!" those three voices called out from the Cutie Mark Crusaders who were also gathered at the town square.  The three fillies were indeed, ready to help out with the resquae operation at hand.


(Twilight's House)

Trixie nodded to Ms. Swimmer and walked over, using her horn to levitate food to her mouth as she started to eat.  Yet, Trixie just remained silent for the time being, a bit annoyed that she just couldn't get food cooking correct.
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Stripetail and his group arrived a few minutes later. kopa was the first on his sled to get off, followed by kiara angela, and tigress. agumon  and stiotch followed stripetaiul as they approached the others ' ah, a gtood group i see ' Stripetail said  'i was planning on just taking my groupo and going after the captives. but i suppose getting a briefing first is necessary. does any have any idea where they might have been taken?
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Jason started the holographic camera.  First it sent the signal to the tardis which began to display the hologram on a wall of the room where the folks were eating breakfast before they left.  

"Some sort of show?" Gnash said , pausing in his eating and watching a cartoon.

"Some sort of announcement." Velma said.

"Not a good one like free waffles." Guilmon said, almost finished with his meal.


Then it sent a signal to Sara's cellphone.  She took it out and answered it, having the tardis tell her to prepare for an incoming holographic announcement.  She set the holographic display on and set the size of the holographic display and volume level so anyone with her could easily see and hear the display.

"I wonder what is up." Sara said.

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Captain Carson already had her pistol and ballistic vest on. She went up to the sled, grabbed a rifle and a combat helmet.

She then loaded and cocked the rifle. As she slung the rifle from her shoulder, she turned to the CMC.

"Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Applebloom, this isn't a game. This is a very dangerous mission and we can't risk your lives," she said.

Captain Fairchild's voice cut through the din. "Excuse me, but if we locate where they are being held. Rainbow, Lt. Martin and I can fly over the place and demand that they release the captives or I will reduce the building to a smoking crater."

"I am afraid that is a poor choice," Dr. Zanasiu said. "Such an act could be seen as a declaration of war; we do not want to jepardize the cordial relationship that we have with the inhabitants."

Twilight cleared her throat. "Bridlehem is an industrial city near Trottingham. As Bridlehem has a rather large smuggling operation, I would assume that your crew may have been captured by poachers looking to sell them for a profit."

Joan put her helmet back on. "Let's kick some ass!"

"So what vehicles will we take?" Zachary asked as he grabbed his rifle.

"We can take the dune buggies and repulsorsleds," Captain Carson said.

"Yer dune buggies are at mah farm," Applejack said.


(Twilight's House)

Ms. Swimmer looked out the window as she was washing her dishes. There, she saw her fellow crewmembers in the town square.

"Trixie! There's something important in the town square!" she said.

She then grabbed her fighting sticks and ran out.
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"But....Trixie's still eating breakfast...." Trixie muttered as Ms. Swimmer ran out to the town square.  She sighed to herself as she finished off her food and headed out after her, heading for the town square.

She rushed up to the group and took a stand beside Twilight, asking her a single question "Twilight, what is going on?"

The CMC though, all sighed as they were told off "But!" Apple Bloom called out first before groaning along with Scootaloo.  Sweetie Belle on the other hand, didn't seem to really complain as much as she instead, walked past Apple Bloom, grabbing her friend by the tail and pulling her off to the side as Scootaloo followed suit.

The three young fillies in general, seemed to be just whispering amongst each other, as if they were seeming to formulate their own plan instead.

"So, how are we gonna do this?" Scootaloo asked Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie Belle thought for a moment "Well, Twilight did just say Bridlehem, so we could head there first.  Scootaloo, you'll need to go and get your scooter and the trolley too" she explained.

Scootaloo nodded as she turned and rushed off while Apple Bloom turned to Sweetie belle.

"So....what do we do?" Apple Bloom asked.

"We wait" Sweetie Belle answered as she grinned at Apple Bloom lightly as well "But until Scootaloo returns....we could do something else to pass away the time"

"Why're you grinnin' at me like that?" Apple Bloom asked Sweetie Belle, only to be given a quick kiss upon the lips.  That in turn, left Apple Bloom's mouth hung a bit open, rather suprised by the kiss.

(ooc: If you lot don't midn too, the plan that the CMC are getting together....that they're keeping it to themselves, as in, no one else knows what they're up to)
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"Some of the alien ambassadors were kidnapped. We're going to help find them," Twilight said as she looked around.

Captain Carson sat down on the fountain. "All right we need to plan."

"Well first off, we need to take stock of weapons and other assorted gear," Dr. Zanasiu said as he grabbed his shotgun and started sliding in shells.

Joan looked at the crate of weapons and ammo on the repulsorsled. "Well, normally, I'd use a heavy railgun or the 'magma cannon' but since it's a city we want to avoid collateral damage." She grabbed a shotgun and started loading it. "And of course, I've got my suit's strength to back me up."

Ms. Swimmer drew her fighting sticks, which crackled with electricity. "I've got my dual sticks."

Deimos turned to Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Spike, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle and Applejack. "So what weapons/skills you got?"

"Ah've got my lasso," Applejack said.

"I'm one of the most powerful mages in Equestria," Twilight added.

"I'm the fastest flyer in Equestria and can do a sonic rainboom!" Rainbow Dash crowed as she puffed out her chest.

"I am skilled at finding gems and fashion," Rarity added. As if anticipating Deimos's response. "I will not use my skills in such a vulgar manner!"

Deimos sighed. He did not want to end up guarding an overly prissy unicorn.
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"I'm fire proof and can breath fire and my scales are really hard." Spike said, puffing his chest up as he inhaled and let out a small short bit of green fire, the most he could do at his very young age.


"Aren't we going to list ours?" Brooklyn asked Jason in a whisper.

"We were not asked, and i'm not sure if my spare morphers count as weapons, though I do have some like a repeating bowcaster with a blaster built into it and a few other sorts of guns and a few wands and some potions, healing mainly." jason said.


"it does sound bad." Sara said as she watched and listened to the holographic output of her cellphone.
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"Trixie does have her magic to help out...not as strong as Twilight's magic, but she is still good at using magic" Trixie added in, glancing to Twilight again.

"My party cannon, duh" Pinkie Pie added in herself as she pulled said party cannon out of nowhere.

"But doesn't that just fire...parties?" Fluttershy asked Pinkie Pie, but in a more colder tone towards the pink pony.

Pinkie Pie shook her head as she pushed it around, aiming it for a tree before she fired, and an actual cannon ball was fired from it instead "Usually it does fire parties, but I also can get it to fire other things other than parties if need be" she explained back.

Fluttershy on the other hand, was still a bit worried about said party cannon, but paid no heed for it as she remained on standby for their next move, having not answered the question herself as to what she could do to help out.


Scootaloo returned to her two friends with her scooter, towing the wagon behind it.  Her gaze glanced at Apple Bloom, seeing her friend's mouth still hung open a little bit "Uh, what's wrong with her?

"Nothing" Sweetie Belle replied back a bit innocently as she jumped into the wagon.

"It wasn't nothing...." Apple Bloom added in, a bit annoyed as she too jumped into the wagon.

"Now, we just gotta stop by Twilight's place, to get a map and a compass, she's gotta have those things around in her library....somewhere" Sweetie Belle told Scootaloo in particular.

"Right" and with what, Scootaloo took off, heading for Twilight's place first.
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Captain Carson and Zachary returned with the two dune buggies. They got out of the vehicles and shut them off just in time to see Pinkie's party cannon demolish a tree with a cannonball.

"Joan, could you help Pinkie mount the party cannon on one of the repulsorsleds?" Captain Carson asked.

Joan went over to Pinkie and picked up the heavy cannon with ease thanks to her armor's artificial muscles. "You got it!"

"Okay, so who wants to ride what vehicle?" Deimos asked.

"I'm riding one of those dune buggies! Speed is where it's at!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed, hopping in the backseat of the machine gun armed dune buggy.

Dr. Zanasiu took the gunner's seat and manned the dual .50 caliber machine guns on the first dune buggy. Zachary took the gunner's seat on the second dune buggy, this one mounted dual rocket pods.

Deimos and Ms. Swimmer climbed aboard one of the repulsorsleds.


(Spire of Winter)

Strut was busy repairing some battle damage on the hull from Chong's attack on the colony ship. All around him, several other mechanics were busy doing repairs as well.
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"You think you may want extra help?" Jason asked.  

"Yea, I can think of a few friends who would want to help." Brooklyn said, meaning themselves in their ranger forms.  

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i have my magic Stripetail said and my team has thier protectiver armor
_ which we are still getting used to" Kopa pointed on. I have my claws and strength and mystic training " he vounteered
_ I've got my claws teeth, and hunting talents. ok i'm not as good as aVitani is at hunting.. but hey I outrank her.. so meh' kiara said.
I've got my wrench and assortment of weapons Ratchet said " Ratchet we are not going in there guns blazing Angela said lets think logically here..
_ i've got my poison fear wind and shodw breaths Cynder said
- Angel can sing " angel said twistiung her tenacles together..
- any help will be appreciated Stripetail said " if you can contact your friends, please do so.
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"oh, I think they will be easy to contact, and they have their own vehicles also." Jason said glancing at Brooklyn for a moment.
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(Out of Ponyville)

The CMC had left Ponyville, after having obtained a compass and a map and were already on their way to Bridlehem "So uh, how long is it until we get there?" Scrootaloo asked as she continued to drive her scooter.

Sweeite Belle looked up ahead and saw a sign, saying that it was at least 2 miles left "Not long by the looks of it" she spoke up.


(Town square)

Fluttershy looked at what everyone else was doing as she just remained silent for now, glancing in Pinkie's direction, but still not talking to her friend right now, the thought of what had happened earlier on, still lingering in the back of her mind.
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Captain Carson hopped in the driver's seat of the machine gun armed dune buggy and started the engine.

The ODIN trooper got on the repulsorsled with the cannon on it.

"All right, let's go ready to rock and roll!" Captain Carson shouted.

Twilight and Rarity squeezed themselves into back seat of the rocket pod armed dune buggy. An ordinary soldier was driving the vehicle.

Applejack hopped in the repulsorsled that carried Ms. Swimmer. "It's like one of the wagons at mah farm! Only you don't need to pull it."

Deimos got in the driver's seat and started the engine.

"Pinkie! Trixie! Fluttershy, we don't got all day!" Rainbow Dash shouted from the back seat of Captain Carson's dune buggy.
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Pinkie Pie bounded over to the dune buggy and jumped in as Fluttershy followed suit.  Trixie on the other hand though, just seemed to give off a light sigh as she just looked at everyone for a moment before she too finally squeezed into where Twilight and Rarity were.

"This is not going to go well...." Trixie mumbled to herself, glancing to Twilight before resting her head on Twilight's shoulder "Trixie should not be so negative....but Trixie just feels like it wont end all that well..."


(Outside Bridlehem)

The CMC soon stopped outside Bridlehem "So, is there a plan for what we're suppose to be doing?" Apple Bloom asked her friends.

Scootaloo thought for a moment before she was interupted by Sweetie Belle whom pulled out a saddlebag and in turn, tipped out what she had packed inside it.

"I borrowed these from my sister, I'm sure she wont mind if we use 'em, I just figured that if we're going to go and save the day, then we need to look, soldiers, you know, with the um....war paint stuff on our faces, to make us look all serious and scary" Sweetie Belle grinned as she applied war paint to her own face.

Soon, the three Crusaders had finished appling the war paint, and in turn, did look....somewhat terrifying.

" what's the plan again?" Apple Bloom asked Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie Belle looked ahead as she thought on it some "We, since we got the war paint on, I guess we can now head into the city and try and find these troopes...."

Scootaloo arched an eyebrow "Let me guess, you haven't even thought this through....haven't you?"

"Well, not exactly...." Sweetie Belle replied back rather sheepishly.
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Twilight nuzzled Trixie. "I'm sure everything will turn out just fine. We've got the aliens helping us."

Captain Carson took point with her dune buggy. The rest of the convoy began moving out towards the location that Twilight had helpfully provided. The sound of jets overhead alerted them to the fact that the living planes had decided to follow.

"Thought y'all might need some back up," Captain Fairchild said as he cruised over the convoy.



The outskirts of Bridlehem were rather dirty and drab. Puddles of filthy water lay on the street with garbage and other detritus of city life. Warehouses and factories with windows shuttered lined the streets. The skies overhead were a dull grey, threatening rain; the pollution was too much for the Pegasus ponies to deal with so they just let the weather run on its own.

Homeless ponies wandered the streets or begged for food or bits. Some of the ponies in the narrow alleyways hawked drugs or sexual services.

A dingy 24 hour conveinence store appeared to be the only open building in the area.
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Trixie did at least, smile back at Twilight as she returned the nuzzle to her "Trixie does know that....but Trixie still just can't help shake the feeling is all....Trixie knows that her Twilight is good with magic....but she also knows that Trixie isn't as good with magic....even Rarity is better than Trixie with magic....Trixie only knows how to use her magic to show off with...." she spoke, head still resting on Twilight's shoulder.

It was as if Trixie was just getting herself to believe that she would be the cause of their failure in the mission at hand.



Scootaloo seemed to had stormed off ahead, a bit annoyed that Sweetie Belle hadn't even formulated a real plan in the end.  Sweetie Belle looked at Apple Bloom, whom didn't seem to say anything back, as the filly unicorn sighed.

Her eyes did gaze at the convinience store that was open and in turn, she trotted inside and up to the store owner, a smile upon her face "Um hi....can you help us by any chance? We're trying to find some aliens that were apprantly bought here....but we don't exactly know where they are, and we were wondering if you knew-"

Sweetie Belle was cut off as Apple Bloom pulled her away.  Her gazed turned to her friend, whom was sitting down just inches away from her face "What was that for? I was going to ask for help"

"Yeah....but if this is suppose to be a secret rescue mission, then we shouldn't be going around asking everypony about it....kinda ruins the secret part of things, dontcha think?" Apple Bloom asked back with a slight grin upon her face.

"Well....yeah...." Sweetie Belle trailed off "I just figured that it would be good to at least get an idea on where the aliens are being held is all" she added in with a bit of a smile.
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Jason looked around.  "looks like everyone is heading out, we should also.  If we are not in the combat we'll be monitoring things long distance." Jason said, giving an explanation in case they showed up and remained in ranger form.  

"Yea, we'll have things to do." Brooklin said before the 2 of them went to where the tardis was and went into it.  

The others had gathered in the kitchen and had put away their stuff once they had finished eating their breakfast, while watching the goings on.  


"I guess we should go too." Sara said as she put away her cellphone.
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"Hey, where did Scootaloo go anyway?" Sweetie Belle asked Apple Bloom.

"She went off ahead, I told her I'd meet up with her once I would go and get you back.  I guess she's annoyed that you hadn't thought of a proper plan" Apple Bloom replied back.

"I said I was sorry!" Sweetie Belle snapped back a bit.

"No you didn't" Apple Bloom corrected her.

"Well....I was going to say sorry...." Sweetie Belle replied with a small sigh, mumbling a little.

"No you weren' didn't even say sorry for when you kissed me!" Apple Bloom retaliated back.

Sweetie Belle looked to the side "That's only because I didn't have any regrets in kissing you....I wanted to do that"

"Oh" Apple Bloom replied as the two went silent again.

After a small pause with neither of them talking, Apple Bloom just sighed "Okay....I guess you can kiss me again....if you want to...."

Sweetie Belle didn't even seem to hessitate with what her friend had said and in turn, she gave her a kiss, right upon the lips.
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STripetail guided the repulsor sled his staf ensconed in a sheath slung across his back. " Once we get there, my friends, activate your armor. we are going to use force.."
So to the point hen Direct.. but efective' Kiara said. Cynder flew on above them lkooking ashead for anthing to report back to them
_Winterville Hotel
 The remaining omniderate who whad not gone with stripetail on the rescue mission, were fast asleep. Scooby was dreaming about a nice cruise in the carribean complete with an all you could eat buffet..
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Sara took to the air and remained near Tarrax.   She looked around to see if there were any enemies around.  


Jason and Brooklyn went to the kitchen.  

"Looks like we'll be going into action sooner then some of us expected." Brooklyn said.

"Cool." Gnash said.  

"And in our ranger forms.  That should give us an advantage then if we were to fight in our normal forms." Jason said.

"Will we get to ride those cool sky cycles." Gnash said.

"Sure, that would be a good idea.  We'll be able to go faster since the windscreens will protect our eyes from the high velocity air." Jason said.  

"And the sensors may prove useful also." Velma said.

"Shall we?" Jason said, The others went into the position and Jason summoned his omni morpher, which appeared on his left forearm as he said the usual "It's morphin time." The others summoned their morphers and morphed.  Once they were morphed they headed out to the room where the sky cycles were kept.  

"Cool, I always like riding these." Gnash said looking at the skycycles, each one a different color the same as the ranger that normally rode on them.

"It is pretty cool." Brooklyn said.

"It's better then walking.' Velma said.  

They were motorcycles, but had no wheels since they were capable of flight.  They also had windscreens and the normal position was for the driver to be bent low over it, & giving the overall shape more aerodynamic.  

They folks got on their sky cycles.  The tardis had switched its location a bit during this & it's shape, so the rangers would not be seen since it made sure no one was around, and it had changed it's shape so the sky cycles could easily exit the new size of the door in their usual formation, as well as the exit leading to the exit of the tardis instead of them having to go to the current active control room first.
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The cashier gave a strange look to the three fillies.

"Kids," he muttered. "If they're not trying to rob the place, they're always loitering or shoplifting."

A laborer from one of the nearby factories entered and purchased a bag of potato chips and a fruit smoothie.

The cashier rung up the order.


Scootaloo had wandered deeper into the industrial heart of Bridlehem. Around her were run down buildings and factories. A large seemingly deserted lot overgrown with grass and weeds and surrounded by derelict buildings was the highlight of this area.


"So any hope of Stripetail and his crew getting here?" the ordinary soldier asked as he sat down in his cage.

"Just keep waiting," Mr. Bigmouth said.

"Yeah, we got them. That'll be 350,000 bits for the ape and 500,000 bits for the lizard," one of the poachers said.

"I'll come back in a few hours with my ponies and a carriage to pick them up," an unseen pony said.

The sound of a heavy door closing could be heard.


(En route to Bridlehem)

Ms. Swimmer sat on the sled as it sped towards the city of Bridlehem. Her sled carried additional tools, weapons and ammunition.

"We're approaching!" Rainbow Dash said.

"I hope this won't turn into a messy affair," Rarity said.

"Rarity, if it's a rescue mission, we're gonna get dirty!" Applejack said with a laugh.

"Weapons and equipment prepared?" Deimos shouted from his sled. His rifle has slung across his back. Pinkie Pie served as the gunner for the party cannon strapped to the back of the sled.
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(ooc: The folowing may have a bit of a Squick factor to it, depending if you want to interpret it that way or not)

Apple Bloom soon snapped out of her small trance as she was being kissed and pushed Sweetie Belle away lightly, blushing slighty as she did so "Come on, maybe we should go find Scootaloo" she quickly spoke up as she turned, trotting off.

Sweetie Belle followed her friend back outside, walking beside her as she did stay silent for a moment until she grabbed Apple Bloom by the tail and dragged her off to the side, into an alleyway "Sorry, but um, if we're going to find Scootaloo again....shouldn't we now get a plan together?"

"Like what?" Apple Bloom asked back as she sat down, a bit annoyed that she was pulled away like that.

Though Sweetie Belle had to think on that a little bit more.  But instead of answering Apple Bloom's question about a plan, she instead, asked her friend her very own question " you like that kiss?" she asked her rather hopefully.

"It was....nice...." Apple Bloom blushed again rather lightly.

Sweetie Belle again, thought on it a little more "You know, I could do....something else for you, something I kinda....learnt about.  All you have to do is lay down on your back" she smiled to her.

"Well....okay...." Apple Bloom replied as she did just that, laying upon her back "So um.....what now?" she asked, only to gasp a little, feeling Sweetie Belle's tounge run along her crotch, to which she quickly crossed her legs "Sweetie Belle!" she called to her friend, rather suprised by what she had done to her.

Sweetie Belle just smiled back still, yet, did groan a little bit "You have to relax, otherwise you'll ruin it!"

"Yeah, did you know what to do?" Apple Bloom asked back, her legs still crossed for a moment before she did end up relaxing, uncrossing her legs as she looked at her friend, waiting for an answer.

" know...." Sweetie Belle shook her head a little bit "But you have to relax....please?"

Apple Bloom sighed back "Fine..." she did just that, relaxing somewhat, deciding to at least trust her friend to know what to do.

Sweetie Belle smiled back a little again as she ran her tounge across Apple Bloom's crotch, listning to her friend as she did gasp a little, seeming to smile to herself a little "I just hope I can do this right...." she muttered to herself as she continued to run her tounge along Apple Bloom's crotch.

Apple Bloom squirmed a little as she was starting to enjoy the feeling what Sweetie Belle was doing to her, starting to murmer away.  But then, she gasped again as she felt Sweetie Belle's tounge slide inside her.

Sweetie Belle grinned a little by that point as she continued to probe around inside Apple Bloom, starting to feel her friend getting wet, which just caused Sweetie Belle to grin away still.

Apple Bloom in turn, started to moan away with what Sweetie Belle was doing to her, feeling herself getting wetter still "So...this is why the grown-ups do's a nice feeling...." she murmered to Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie Belle continued to probe within Apple Bloom still, starting to taste her friends juices "Mmm...." she murmered herself.

Apple Bloom could feel her own juices starting to leak out, now not wanting her friend to stop, she did indeed, want Sweetie Belle to keep on doing what she was doing.  But soon, in a few moments flat, her orgasm had been reached and in turn, her juices being squirted out upon Sweetie Belle's face as she in turn, just panted away, her tounge hanging out to the side a little.

Sweetie Belle smiled back as she removed her tounge from Apple Bloom as she licked her lips somewhat "Wow, I managed to pull it off right"

"What....what do you mean by....'right'?" Apple Bloom asked her friend back, arching an eyebrow somewhat.

"Um, don't worry about it" Sweetie Belle still smiled back....until they were interupted by an "ahem".  her head turned to see Scootaloo standing there, mouth agape a little.

Scootaloo had seen most of what had been going on between the two of them "Yeah....I came to find you guys again, but were doing what the grown-ups do and....yeah....I don't know if I'll be able to unsee that, or if that's a good thing or not"

"Oh, you saw it..." Apple Bloom blushed a little.

"With the noise you were making, wasn't that hard to figure it all out in the end" Scootaloo rolled her eyes at that point as she glanced to Sweetie Belle "And you've got a little something on your face there"

Sweetie Belle gasped a little as she started to wipe away at her face, frantic to get Apple Bloom's juices off her face before afterwards, just smiling away "Well, we were going to go and look for you Scootaloo...but we kinda got....distracted"

"Really, I had no idea" Scootaloo rolled her eyes again as she sat down "But I've got an idea on where the aliens could be, I was just having a wander ahead and I did come across....I think it was an industrial district of this place....well, it sure looked like it"
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the group slowly headed towards the forest and soon came upon the dead body of a unicorn a gaping hole in its chest indicated it had been shot, a spent casing nearby showed that it came from a rifle ' probably Mr Bigmouths doing' stripetail said as he stooped to look at the body, silver blood pooled near the glowed a bit under the influence of Stripetail's magic
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Unfortunately, the perimeter alert had been triggered and a guard approached the three fillies.

"Hey," he said, "this is a restricted area! Get out before I call the Bridlehem PD!"

Little did they know, the industrial lot they were in was the entrance of Bridlehem's largest black market where everything from illegal weapons to banned magical reagents were sold. The "guard" was actually one of black marketeers. Advanced cloaking and jamming spells hid the entrance to the market and the market itself was protected by high powered spell scramblers and stealth generators. A flash teleportation system was capable of warping the entire market away, leaving an empty lot and a few dingy buildings.


(En route to Bridlehem)

"One question," Dr. Zanasiu said. "How do we find out where Mr. Bigmouth is being held?"

Captain Carson continued driving. "Well, I would assume he'd be located in an unsavory part of town. So we might need to get acquainted with the underworld."

Deimos looked at the trees surrounding the area they were in. Most of them were scorched or marked with bullet holes. "You're right, I think we're heading the right way."

"We are," Twilight interjected. "This road leads straight to Bridlehem."
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winterville hootel.
dulcy tossed a turned in her sleep buping periodically into samia , who awoke after being bumped into a dozen times. 'Can't you keep still? she asked pushing Dulcy away and waking her up.. "What was that for? " I'm trying to sleep Dulcy,and you're buping into me.." Samia sighed.. I'm going to get up and get some breakfast.. Can't get any sleep with you around..
(en route to Bridehelm)
 I'm used to getting into rather messy areas "angela said from her sled
 Better be ready for anything Ratchet said gripping and his wrench and gazing into the distance as the sleds sped by.. " so these guys sells creatures for profit? Kiara said " Yes unfortunately slavery has not been extinguished in the cosmos, its a very lucerative underworld business Stripetail said.,
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"So....what do we do now?" Apple Bloom asked as the three of them started to back up.

"RUN!" Scootaloo shouted as she turned and rushed off, while Sweetie Belle rushed off in another direction while Apple Bloom rushed ahead, ducking between the legs of the guard and running off.  The three fillies had split up in order to escape, each of them having no clue as to where they were going.


(En Route to Bridlehem)

Trixie looked to Twilight "Trixie has to know....does Twilight have a plan as to what to do? Or....are we all just going to run in, the aliens firing their....things and it all is made up as we go along?" Trixie questioned as she shook her head "Because that wouldn't be the best idea....."


Pinkie Pie had climbed out of the moving vehicle and on top of said vehicle in order to hold onto her party cannon.  Her front hoof pulled to her face as she tried to figure out where they were going "Hmm...." she thought as she started to fiddle with the settings on her party cannon.

Fluttershy just sat there, inside the vehicle as she looked to Rainbow Dash and Applejack "Pinkie Pie left....she headed to her cannon I think....somepony should see if she needs help....." she paused for a moment "But not me....I'm....not talking to her...."
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Scootaloo happened to run into one of the cloaking devices, temporarily disabling it.

All of a sudden, an entrance opened up in one of the derelict buildings, revealing a large square filled with black marketeers.

"Get the three fillies!" the "guard" shouted. He then ran after Scootaloo.

"Maybe we'll get some cash if we sell her to a factory or something," a silver Unicorn said as her horn glowed.
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The Cutie Mark Crusaders were soon surrounded again and back together again, backs up against each other "I'm starting to think that this wasn't the best idea in the end...." Sweetie Belle muttered a little bit.

"You think?" Scootaloo asked rather sarcastically as she rolled her eyes lightly.


(En Route to Bridlehem)

Pinkie Pie had finished what she was doing on her party cannon as she ducked from a branch that they had aalmost hit before poking her head into the vehicle to Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Fluttershy "It's done" was all she said before poking her head up again and in turn....was knocked off the vehicle by another incoming branch she had failed to notice.

She fell to the ground, rolling over a few times before getting up as she watched the vehicles driving off, as if they had no clue that she had been knocked off "Hey! Wait up!" she called out to them as she started to bound off after them.


Fluttershy sighed, taking a deep breath as she moved to the window and glanced outside "Pinkie, should get in before...." she stopped as she realized that Pinkie was no longer on the roof of the vehicle and pulled her head inside, glancing to the other two "Pinkie's gone, she's not with her party cannon anymore"


Trixie looked to Twilight again, then to the side once more "By the way Twilight.....Trixie is also worried that she wont be able to be much help either.  Trixie does keep on telling Twilight that her magic isn't as powerful as Twilight's is....last time Trixie tried to help out, she didn't do anything....useful...."
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Two pegasi dropped a magically charged net at the CMC. The net temporarily disabled the magical powers of a Unicorn.

"All right, let's pack them up and sell them before we get discovered," the "guard" said.

An Earth Pony hoisted the three fillies on her back and trotted to the entrance. The rest of the black marketeers followed. The stealth generator repaired, the entrance vanished.


"Go on!" Captain Carson ordered. She then turned the dune buggy around.

"What the hay are you doing!?" Rainbow Dash demanded.

"Pinkie Pie fell off the repulsorsled."

She then spotted Pinkie Pie bouncing towards them. "Pinkie!" she shouted. "Over here!"

Dr. Zanasiu waved with one hand as he kept a grip with his other, being careful not to accidentally fire the machine guns.


The rocket pod armed dune buggy was now leading the convoy into an industrial area.

"Here we are, the industrial section of Bridlehem," Twilight said. She then turned to Trixie. "Just try your best; we're all here to help if you need it."

Rarity looked around at the decaying buildings and gloomy streets. "What an atrocious place."

Deimos slowed the repulsorsled to a halt. "Well, I guess we can start looking."

Joan jumped off the sled, her heavy armor cracking the pavement below her. She turned to Stripetail, the helmet's eye-holes glowed a piercing white. "I'm going to start looking around." Her shotgun was strapped to her back.

She entered an alley and looked for clues. As she turned around, she saw a rather disheveled Unicorn. Something about this whole situation felt off. Her worries were confirmed when the Unicorn charged her. She let the Unicorn charge, grabbed the offender by the forelegs and proceeded to punt the Unicorn over repulsorsled that Trixie and Twilight were riding.  

As Deimos watched the Unicorn fly through the air, his jaw dropped. "Did Joan just punt a Unicorn?"

"Eeyup," Applejack said, imitating her big brother. "That suit of her's is a real marvel. Why when she was applebuckin' she kicked one of mah trees in two!"
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Scootaloo narrowed her eyes at Sweetie Belle lightly "This is all your fault...." she grumbled a bit.


Pinkie Pie stopped beside the vehicle for a moment before she bounded inside it and took a seat.  Yet, she did decide to speak up to Captain Carson "You know, you should really be careful where you're drivving the vehicle, somepony, like myself, could get knocked off the top of it, and might not have been able to catch up again if you hadn't turned around to come back for me"


Trixie smiled to Twilight, nuzzling her a little "Trixie will try her best" she smiled, giving Twilight a small kiss before she trotted off.  Though, she herself, was unsure as to what they were suppose to be looking for at the moment.

Yet, Trixie did glance at a nearby shop and entered it, her eyes falling upon the shop owner straight away as she cleared her throat "Trixie would like to know if you have seen anything....strange that has been going on around here, Trixie and her friends are trying to find some other friends, and they were last seen in this town.  They are not ponies however, they are different"
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"I'm not used to having passengers ride on top of it," Captain Carson replied as she sped down the road.


"All I saw were three fillies. Earth Pony, Unicorn and Pegasus," the shop owner said. She then cleared her throat. "Now do you want something to eat or drink?"


The Earth Pony tossed the CMC into a cage next to Mr. Bigmouth. His radio was on a table nearby his cage.

"Hey," he whispered. "Toss me that stick in your cage." Luckily, the area was so noisy that he was not heard.
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Trixie shook her head.  The three fillies weren't who she was after, then again, she herself, didn't know who the three fillies were "Aliens, that's what Trixie is trying to find here" she added in, ignoring the question about wanting something to eat or to drink at the moment "Have you seen any aliens around here or no?"


Apple Bloom looked over and grinned a little "Well, I guess we did find the aliens....sort of...." she spoke, grabbing the stick in question and tossing it as close to Mr. Swimmer as she could.

"Yeah, but we're still stuck in a cage, it was suppose to be a rescue mission wasn't it?" Scootaloo asked her friends, but Sweetie Belle in particular.

Sweetie Belle just blushed back a little "It's um....all part of....the plan?" she replied back in more of a question format than a statement.
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Stripetail stoppied his repulsorsled  next to the others and his team got off. he drew his staff and beganm gazing around at the surroundings ' search the entire area.. and be on the lkookout..
- this place gives me the creeps Kiara said as she strode up to him ' thisa is what cities are like? " No, not all of them ' this place has clearl;y seen better days" stripetail said " it is a place ripe for the lowest levels of society, murderers, thieves, slavers, the borttopm of the social order
Running a holoscan now Clank said his eyes turnbing yellow
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"I've heard bad things about this place.  I've heard many ponies just avoid this place totally." Spike said, having slipped aboard when no one was looking and being tire with all his running around had taken a short nap.

Then he turned to Twilight, "Can't you do some sort of a seek spell or something to find what and who we're looking for?"
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(Bridlehem Black Market)

Mr. Bigmouth caught the stick as it flew through the air. He then used it to grab his radio's strap. Silently cheering, he bought his radio to him and pushed the transmit button.

"Hey, Mr. Bigmouth here, I'm inside a warehouse. There's tons of criminal scum here so be prepared for violence when you rescue me and the CMC," he whispered.

He then hid the radio underneath the pile of straw that served as bedding. Luckily, the air was so thick with the sound of buyers and sellers of illegal goods haggling over prices, nopony heard him.

Two Earth Ponies dragged a chained up Unicorn mare past him.


(Bridlehem Industrial Sector)

"Good news!" Deimos exclaimed. "I got a transmission from Mr. Bigmouth!"

"So where is he?" Zachary demanded. A ragged looking pony trotted away with a few bits in her mouth in exchange for him asking her some questions.  

"Don't know but I can get a lock on the signal," he said, pulling out his PDA. A few beeps and then a red dot appeared on the screen. "He's just north of here!"

"Well what the hay are we waiting for!? Let's go and kick some bad guy flank!" Rainbow Dash shouted.

"Deimos, if we may," Captain Fairchild cut in. "Major Lockie and I will scan over the area."

Deimos nodded. "All right, I uploaded the information to your computer systems."

As the two planes flew towards the north, Captain Carson's dune buggy came down the street.


Captain Fairchild's visual field was overlaid with the grid markings of Deimos's PDA. His vision was so sharp that he could see homeless ponies trotting about the streets a mile below him. In fact, he could even read the signs. In the distance of his vision, the red dot blinked.

"Hey Major, you see anything?" the living A-10 asked.

"Negative," Major Lockie replied. "All I see is that red dot in the distance. Confirm?"

"Affirmative. I see it too."

"Well, we'll do a flyover and then report back to Stripetail, Deimos and Captain Carson - when she arrives."  


"Nope, no aliens," the cashier said. "Though I did see some ponies hauling a covered carriage north several hours ago."

The bell rung and a mare wearing a blue mechanic's jumpsuit trotted in. She stank of grease and sweat.
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Trixie thought for a moment before nodding to the cashier "Trixie thanks you" was all she had said as she turned and headed out of the shop.  She approached where Twilight was and spoke to her next "Trixie has found out something, some ponies were taking a covered carriage to the north, but Trixie is unsure as what would be inside it"


Fluttershy approached the others as she wasn't so sure on what to do herself, believing that asking around could wait on her behalf.


Pinkie Pie on the other hand, had wandered away from the group, heading into a different part of Bridlehem, where most of the Black Market could most likely be found.  Her eyes did gaze towards other ponies that were around, but she generally ignored them as she just bounded along.  What she was looking for was a shop, one that would sell gifts in particular, but so far, found nothing at all.


Sweetie Belle sighed a little as she looked to her friends then to the cage as she thought for a moment, taking a few steps backwards before she charged forward, slamming into the bars of the cage "Oww...." was all she had said, shaking her head as she stepped backwards and again, charged at the bars, but yet, nothing happened still.

"Uh, what are you doing?" Scootaloo asked Sweetie Belle.

"Trying to escape" Sweetie Belle replied back as she charged a third time, only to still have nothing happen to the bars of the cage.

"By just running into the bars? Are ya sure that's such a good idea? You're just gonna hurt yourself" Apple Bloom told Sweetie Belle as she watched as her friend was about to charge at the cage again, but instead she tackled Sweetie Belle to the ground.

Sweetie Belle just went silent as Apple Bloom held her down.

"Sorry, but I had to stop you.....we don't need you hurting yourself over wanting to try and eescape.  I mean okay, sure it was your idea to try and rescue the aliens, sure it was your idea to come here and not tell the others what we're all doing....but if we're going to escape, we're going to do this together" Apple Bloom explained to Sweetie Belle, giving her a smile "And that's why we went along with your idea, because well, we're your friends"

"Yeah, what uh, Apple Bloom said" Scootaloo added in, giving off a smile of sorts herself before she turned to look at the cage herself, then looked over to Mr. Swimmer.

"Thanks...." Sweetie Belle told Apple Bloom as she had finally spoken up, giving her a smile back before she leaned up and nuzzled her friend a little bit, only to cause Apple Bloom to blush back.

(ooc: Where Pinkie Pie is, doesn't generally mean where the Black Market is, but where other sort of dealings could take place, as in, not a real nice area of Bridlehem)
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A Unicorn wearing a skanky frilled saddle and halter trotted up to Pinkie Pie. On her flank were two female symbols. "Hey sugar, you looking for a good time in Bridlehem? Just show me the bits and we can have some fun together." The pony's breath stank of cheap alcohol and she looked slightly intoxicated.


Twilight's horn glowed. She then shook her head. "There's an area to the north that my magic can't reach."

She then turned to Trixie. "I wonder if there's a connection between the covered carriage/and the magic block," she replied.
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There is definitely a barrier there Stripetail said  , as he lifted up his paws and muttered a incantation under his breath.. " i can break it, but I don't what to alert the traders to our presence if I can help it. We not here to start a bloody battle, we're here on a rescue mission.  Get in, get the prisoners, and  get out, as quickly as possible..
 Dixie sighed as she looked around the area. it was filthy, and filled with vagrants and had the smell of the lower and criminal class..
- there are a number of lifeforms two  blocks north of here.. clank said his eyes returning to their normal green . ' then what are we waiting for? Ratchet said pulling out a constructo blaster.. it was pink.. for some reason ' Clank! didn't I tell you I wanted a red blaster? he said as he looked at the weapon " sorry Ratchet that was the only color left available..all the others were sold out.. "lets just be careful Ratchet. I know from the time on Bogon, you have a knack for shooting first and second and third, and maybe asking a question or two later, but now is not the time for gung ho heroics." Angela said.
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Jason & the others arrived soon afterwards.  

"Any idea where the captives are?" Jason asked in his red Zeo/dragon shield & dagger ranger form.  

"Any scouts or servalience devices that can give information on the area or base?" Brooklyn asked in his red mmpr ranger form.
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Trixie thought for a moment before she looked to Twilight "Trixie does have an idea, perhaps if Twilight's magic is unable to reach it on her own, then perhaps she and Trixie can try together....and Twilight's other unicorn friend, Rarity, can help out as well" she suggested as she let her horn glow, giving Twilight a bit of a smile.

Sure, she was still certain her own magic wasn't as good as Twilight's nor Rarirty's, but she wanted to at least try it herself, try out her idea, and hopefully, it would work.


Pinkie Pie looked at the mare and shook her head "Well....I already have somepony for myself, but she's not talking to me right now, because I kissed her for the first time, and she just ran off, but that's why I'm out here, because I want to try and get her something and then....hopefully, she'll talk to me" she smiled away happily, ignoring the drunkness of the mare.
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(Over Bridlehem Black Market)

Captain Fairchild arrived at the area where the red dot indicating Mr. Bigmouth's radio was transmitting. All he saw was an empty field. "Hey Major, I think Mr. Bigmouth hit some interference. All I see is a s---ty industrial lot."  

"Something tells that this isn't what it seems. Switch on your infrared illuminator and go to infrared view," Major Lockie replied.

Captain Fairchild did as he was told; to his surprise, several buildings appeared out of thin air. He could see ponies and other creatures selling and trading assorted goods. As he zoomed in with his advanced optics, he could tell that the goods included slaves. He also saw several towers that ringed the area. "They must be using a stealth generator to block magic and visible light."

He then radioed Stripetail and the others.



Stripetail's radio buzzed. "Stripetail, this is Captain Fairchild. Major Lockie and I have located the black market. It is protected by stealth generators and magic nullifiers. I am currently carrying a set of guided missiles. I can destroy the nullifiers and stealth generators from a distance and then you rush in and free the captives while Major Lockie and I provide covering fire. Over."

Deimos turned to Ratchet. "I'm all for shock and awe tactics; we've got the firepower."


Twilight's horn glowed. Suddenly, something threw her against one of the sleds. "No good, the magic field causes feedback. If you, Rarity, Stripetail and myself join our magic we may be able to overload it.

Rarity was still on one of the sleds. She refused to get her hooves dirty in the disgusting streets of Bridlehem.



The mare edged closer to Pinkie Pie. "Are you sure? If she's gone, I can provide you with some 'comfort'." She wiggled her flank at Pinkie Pie.

Captain Carson pulled up to Pinkie Pie. "Pinkie, everyone's looking for you!" she said. She then turned to the drunken mare. "Get lost!"
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"But that's what Trixie meant" Trixie told Twilight "That the magic users combine magic to destroy the barrier"


Pinkie Pie shook her head to Captain Carson "I can't yet, I still have a few things I have to do, like get a gift for Fluttershy, and then, I've got to get stuff for the party cannon" she then smiled to him before she in turn, started to bound off again.


Scootaloo looked to Mr. Swimmer "So, any ideas on how to get out of here? Because I'm pretty sure those birds..." she motioned to Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle with a slight scoff in her voice, in regards to the whole love aspect "I'm pretty sure that they're out of ideas on how to break out of here"
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Deimos turned to Trixie and Twilight. "Actually, once Stripetail gives the word, the living planes will destroy the barrier; they're over the suspected area right now."

Captain Fairchild's voice came over the radio again. "Stripetail, this is Captain Fairchild, awaiting your order to launch missiles, over."


Mr. Bigmouth noticed his messenger bag and rifle on a table a good ways away from his cage. "If you can get my messenger bag and rifle and open my cage, I may be able to provide enough covering fire for you to run for it."


"What do you need for the party cannon?" Captain Carson asked.

Dr. Zanasiu sighed from his position on the turret. "Let's go; she'll meet up with us later."

Captain Carson nodded and the dune buggy headed back to where Stripetail and the others were.

(OOC - Captain Carson's female.)
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Trixie sighed and just muttered away to herself "It was just an idea...." was all she had said, as the glow on her horn had vanished before she just stood next to Twilight "Is Twilight certain that the alien's firepower can destroy the barrier? Because when Twilight tried to use her magic on the barrier, she was knocked back, and if Twilight's magic can't break through...." she then just rested her head upon Twilight's shoulder as she just waited for the missiles to be fired.

"But Trixie....she guesses that it is still worth a shot to let the aliens try...." Trixie added in before she paused, removing her head from Twilight's shoulder with a slight gasp "But....what if....what if there is something....dangerous past the barrier? What if the aliens firing these missles, cause a loud explosion that brings danger to our location?"

She then stepped back a little with a small nervous laugh "Trixie is just going to try and get distance...." trying to cover up the fact that she was just being fearful, but not really being good at it.  But again she stopped as she looked at Twilight before stepping towards her again, whispering to her "Trixie is....she is....afraid...but that's only because her magic is not all that strong and if she gets into a fight...." she then look to the side for a moment "Trixie just has conflicted thoughts right now...."


Scootaloo thought for a moment, looking towards Mr. Swimmer's bag.  She reached out a hoof towards it, but it was too far for herself.  She tried to squeeze through the bars to try and grab it, but still, had no luck in doing so.

She groaned as she looked to Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom "If you two are done making out, I would like some help over here"

Sweetie Belle smiled, giving Apple Bloom one last kiss on the lips before she got back up and trotted over to Scootaloo, followed by Apple Bloom.


"Just stuff" Pinkie Pie told Captain Carson as she bounded away, still being rather cryptic of what she needed for the party cannon.


(Spire of Winter)

Aimee, followed by Darwin, headed for the bridge of the huge ship, to which Aimee approached one guys on deck "Excuse me, communications....where would that be located?" she asked.

"Over there" the soldier replied, pointing towards a nearby console.

"Thanks" Aimee replied walking over towards it and picking up speaker part (which I forget the real name of it off the top of my head).

"And just what do you plan on doing?" Darwin asked a bit curiously.

"To see if I can reach Hailey, need to see how her....plan is going on" Aimee replied back before she paused for a moment  "Although, I've no clue as to how I'm to reach her....I don't even know what radio frequency the ship she's on uses"
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Open fire Captain, once you've knocked down the barriers  we storm in and take the prisoners " Stripetail replied " once we are doing that you can use any means top protect yourselves, but DONT go gungho.. we don't need a high body count if we can avoid it..Revelum! Stripetail commanded and a bolt of light shot from his staff hitting the barriers and revealing the large hidden city to the group. this was not an offensive spell, it was a spell that revealed things that were hidden.
 Once those shields are down. its time to take out the guards" Kopa said "Be careful Kiara, dad would skin me if anything happened to you on my watch.. ' i'll be fine Kopa, You just watch your back.. Kiara said..
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"Acknowledged. Captain Fairchild out," the living A-10 said. He then used laser designator to lock onto six of the the tall towers. "All right! I got a lock!"

With a series of whooshes, six laser guided missiles dropped from his wings and ignited. A few minutes later, the missiles had closed the three miles to the complex and detonated.

"Targets destroyed," Captain Fairchild radioed to Stripetail.


(Black Market)

The explosions caused the warehouse to shake. The screech of tearing metal was heard as a piece of the transmitter fell through.

The black marketeers were running for their lives as the dust began to settle.

"What the f--- was that?" Mr. Bigmouth said as he picked himself up from the ground.

Several other black marketeers were getting ready to fight.


"Don't worry. I'll protect you," Twilight said as she kissed Trixie on the cheek.

"Yeah! Woo ho! Let's go get those ruffians!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she pumped her hooves in the air.

"All right, is everypony read to whoop some flank?" Applejack asked as she got her lasso out.

Captain Carson pulled up to the group. "Pinkie Pie ran off!" she exclaimed. "She's gonna get some stuff for the party cannon."

"Just when we're getting close to opening a can of whoopass, she f---ing dumps us now!?" Deimos shouted.

"We'll have to find her then," Zachary said.

Twilight cleared her throat as she cut in. "Everypony, we can't wait. Even though the aliens destroyed the barrier, it can be reestablished. We must hurry!" she shouted from atop her repulsorsled.

"Okay then, charge!" Captain Carson. The wheels on her dune buggy kicked up dirty water as they churned and sent the vehicle down the street to the newly revealed black market. The repulsorsleds and the rocket pod armed dune buggy followed.
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Sccootaloo shuffled backwards as the explosion shook the warehouse "I didn't do it" she chuckled a little.


Trixie smiled softly as Twilight kissed her on the cheek before she rushed off after Twilight in particular, giving her a little nuzzle as well "Trixie knows....and Trixie will try and protect Twilight too....after all, Trixie still loves Twilight"

Fluttershy as well, followed suit, although staying at the back of the group as she did so.  Her eyes gazed towards Trixie and Twilight and the way they were feeling about each other before her own mind wandered to what Pinkie was showing towards herself.  She was starting to believing that she was being a bit.....hard on Pinkie, but now she was gone at the moment.


It wasn't long either, until Pinkie had returned with a rather large sack she was dragging along, dragging it towards her party cannon until she started to pour the contents of the sack into the cannon.

All it was were various objects, including cake, a Christmas tree, watermellons, hay, nets, tennis balls and the likes like that.  But of course, Pinkie still would not say as to why she was pouring that stuff into her part cannon, nor of how her part cannon works either.
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"I wonder if a spell could be used to bypass the barrier, with a teleport spell or making a worm hole sort of thing." Sara said.  


"If the barrier has a certain frequency it may be possible to bypass it or create a hole others could walk through." Jason, as the red zero ranger, with dragon shield and dagger, said.  

"Or maybe using the sword of power." Gnash, as the blue ranger, said.
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Stripetail rushed ahead into the chaos followed by his team. Ratchet Angela and Clank broke off to take on the inhabitants of one building, while Dixie Cynder and Agumon took on another. Stripetail let forth a flurry of magic that made short work of   the surviving cloakers revealing the full scope of the city. " spread out and find the captives " Stripetail ordered.
Cynder let forth a blast of wind which scooped up the slavers and lifted them high into the air. Kopa and Kiara  used claws and teeth to devastating effect.Tigress let forth bolts of lightning from her horns...
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Dr. Zanasiu unleashed a blistering hail of heavy machine gun fire as Captain Carson sped towards the square. The bullets shredded the stands as everypony ran for cover. Several of the criminals were cut down by the hail of lead. Spent shell casings rained down on the passengers of the dune buggy.

The soldier riding in the passenger seat leaned out to fire his shotgun at any criminals that Dr. Zanasiu missed.

A crossbow bolt pinged off the corundum windshield. And then another and another. "They're shooting back!" Captain Carson shouted into her radio.


Applejack kicked in a door to a nearby building. She had surprised an illegal potions dealer who was wrapping up a deal. In a flash, she swung her lasso and swiftly tied up the dealer and his customer.

She looked around; all she saw were crates of assorted potions - some of which were quite lethal.


Joan ripped the metal door clean off its hinges as she barged into an illegal drugs sale. Several of the unicorns hurled bolts of magic at her. The bolts had the same lethal power as small arms fire. She used the door as a shield and crushed one of the unicorns between the door and a crate. Several direct hits scorched her armor but as it was immune to small arms fire, she just simply readied her shotgun and killed the remaining unicorns. Unfortunately as her shotgun clicked empty, an earth pony with a potion flask as a cutie mark bucked her into a nearby crate.

She picked up her shotgun and frantically tried to reload but another kick sent her into a wall and sent the shells rolling along the dirty ground. She herself back up and beckoned to the attacker. The pony lowered her head, pawed the ground and charged. The ODIN trooper leapt over the charging pony and landed with the crack of breaking concrete.

She then grabbed the pony's legs and swung her into a crate with so much force the crate shattered. Joan then reared back and literally kicked the pony through a window.

She sat down and took several deep breaths and then inspected her armor to make sure it was still intact. Even though the suit granted her titanic strength, fighting was still an activity that took a lot out of her.


The sound of the battle reached Mr. Bigmouth's ears. "All right, it looks like rescue's here!"
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Trixie in turn, rushed off ahead as her horn started to glow, as if she was ready to get into the fray....only to be stopped as a dragon landed in front of her "A dragon? Why do you they a dragon with them?" she asked, but before she could react, the dragon swung its claw at Trixie, knocking her aside with ease....right throught at least three walls worth of buidlings before she fell to the ground, injured and already, coughing up blood.

She attempted to get to her feet, but fell to her knees.  Again she tried, only to fall to her knees yet again.  The third time she attempted, she had fallen down andpretty much, slipped into unconciousness.


Pinkie Pie stood at her party cannon, taking aim beforre flipping a dial on said party cannon to a new setting "Figgy pudding!" she called out as she fired it.  It did indeed, fire figgy pudding which slammed into a nearby pony.

But that's when she heard a scream coming from Fluttershy.  Her turned the cannon around and gasped, seeing her friend cornered.  Again, Pinkie changed the dial "Fluttershy! Duck!" she called out and fired again, this time, firing a whole Christmas tree at the ground of ponies, as it extended out of the party cannon sideways.

The ponies looked in confusion, as if they were wondering as to how Pinkie Pie had done just that, let alone, fit the tree inside the cannon before the were crushed by said tree.

Pinkie Pie smiled away "That's my special dial....I call it the "Save Fluttershy" dial"

"Do you have dials for everything?" Fluttershy asked her friend.

"Yup" Pinkie Pie replied back simply.
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Zachary's gunner let loose a volley of rockets at the dragon just as Zachary pulled his dune buggy next to Trixie.

In a flash, Twilight was at Trixie's side. She focused as she tried to heal Trixie.

"Twi, will you be okay?" Zachary asked.

"I'll be fine!" Twilight replied as her horn glowed. Several other ponies were rushing towards them.

Zachary got his rifle as the two soldiers with him lay down a hail of shotgun fire.

Captain Fairchild and Major Lockie were busy engaging some dragons that had decided to join in the fray.


Joan stomped out of a burning building. Her armor was blackened but she was unhurt. Several crossbow bolts pinged off her armor as pegasi shot at her. In a fit of rage, she hurled a burning hunk of debris at the attackers.

Ms. Swimmer had taken a crossbow bolt to the leg. She switched to her fire staff and hurled a large fireball that killed the offending shooter.


"That party cannon of yer's is a mighty fine piece o' equipment," Applejack said as she lassoed a pegasus trying to draw a bead on Stripetail. A jerk of her neck and the pegasus was slammed to the ground.

Rarity was using her powers to pull gems from underneath Bridlehem's streets to rip apart the stalls and buildings.

Deimos picked off the ponies that Pinkie Pie had missed. He was using a destroyed repulsorsled as a sniper stand and cover.

One of the soldiers nearby swore as a potion vial broke near him and covered him in flaming liquid that burned with an unusual purple flame. He frantically ran around trying to put it out.

"S---! Incoming!" Deimos shouted as more of the vials rained down, igniting patches of purple flames.
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Trixie groaned, her eyes moving slightly before she opened them up again and saw Twilight standing next to her, helping her out "Trixie....Trixie could've....delt with that dragon....Trixie had it...under....control...." she told Twilight as she once again, tried to push herself to her feet, but only fell to her knees.


Pinkie Pie again, changed the dial on her cannon and fired it, an army helmet falling out of it as she smiled, placing it upon her head "Army helmet setting" she explained before again, changing the dial and lining up another shot.


As a griffon seemed to approach Rainbow Dash's position, another griffon arrived in order to stop said griffon from attacking Rainbow Dash "Not on my watch" the voice spoke up, as it turned out to be Gilda, who in turn, locked talons with the other griffon before slamming her head against the other griffon.

"Hey....Dash...." Gilda muttered a little, unlocking her talons from the other griffon "Heard about what you and that Wonderbolt got up to last night...." she in turn, swipped the griffon across the face "Is it true? Made you a member of the Wonderbolts....just like that? Ended up being....her special...pony friend?" she asked, a hint of bitterness in her tone as well as she attacked the griffon again.
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Stripetail had pushed further on. and the level of power he was displaying outstripped anything the ponies had ever seen, and that was saying something. the slavers and black marketeers still put up a fight, but their crossbows and potions were answered with bolts of magic and fire
 Cynder was blasting away at the enemy dragons who were larger than her by a good margin..
 What in blazes are those things? Kopa yelled as he  ducked out a ruined building, chased by one of the dragons..
 Agumon and Agumina had warpdigivolved to their mega forms and were battling with the dragons as well.
Dixie used her rings to pound the enemy with fireballs and ice magic..
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Sara used her flame breath and spells to provide some areal cover and support for those on the ground, doing her best to combine with them instead of doing her own thing so more could be accomplished.


Jason and his group worked mainly on helping to fight the enemy ponies and helping the others so that with a combined effort they could move forward & closer to where the captives were, and be more sure they would all have at least 1 way free when the time came to leave the area.  

They worked with Jason, using his dragon dagger to play a certain tune often to provide a shield around himself that they would have a place to retreat to to rest or heal and then attack when they could and saw an opening.  Often using acrobatics to attack the enemy ponies.  Jason joining in as well, using various blows to render them unconscious.
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"Yeah!" Rainbow Dash crowed as she effortlessly dodged a crossbow bolt.


"Shh. Trixie, don't exert yourself," Twilight said as she lethally teleported a piece of debris into an unicorn.


Dr. Zanasiu and Captain Carson were mowing down black marketeers with the dune buggy's twin machine guns.

Suddenly, the twin guns clicked empty.

The dune buggy sped towards the sled carrying their ammunition, which was thankfully away from the melee.

Several explosions nearby indicated that Major Lockie and Captain Fairchild were using their weapons.


Lt. Martin was being chased by a horde of pegasi and griffins. No matter how many aerobatic stunts she pulled, she couldn't shake them. Suddenly, several explosions ripped through the air.

"Thought I could lend a wing," Rainbow said via radio. The living F-22 was directly behind Lt. Martin.


Applejack, Joan and Ms. Swimmer had smashed down the door to another building. There, they could see some ponies loading several cages covered with black cloth onto a covered carriage.

"Hold it right there!" Applejack shouted as she swung her lasso and snagged one of the ponies hauling the cages.

Joan loped up to the cage and yanked the cloth off. To her shock, she was staring right at the faces of Scootaloo, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle.

"Scootaloo?" she asked. Her voice was slightly distorted by the helmet she wore and her eyes were invisible behind a mirrored visor.

"Go! Go! Go!" the unicorn shouted to the pegasi pulling the carriage. The carriage slowly began to move.

Ms. Swimmer tried to launch a fireball from her staff only to find that it fizzled out.

Thinking quickly, she tossed the staff aside, grabbed a vial containing a fire potion and hurled it at the carriage. The vial burst, covering the carriage in deep purple fire.

The unicorn tried to douse the magical flames but he was quickly lassoed and tied up by Applejack. The carriage started to take off, despite the fact it was on fire.
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"Trixie....Trixie is fine...." Trixie lied to Twilight as she summoned a single rocket and fired it past Twilight in an attempt to strike a pony with it, only for another unicorn to use its magic to catch the rocket with a smirk.  However, Trixie summoned a second rocket and fired it at the unicorn, this time, striking it as said rocket threw the unicorn backwards before the rocket exploded, taking out the unicorn.

"See? Trixie an take care of herself..." Trixie muttered a little, but then winced from the pain she had recieved earlier on as she looked to Twilight "That hurt..." she grumbled a little, even though Twilight had yet to even touch her.


"So....what was it all about hmm? You and the Wonderbolt?" Gilda asked, her tone still bitter about the whole ordeal "I thought that you...and I...." she trailed off before shaking her head.


"" Scootaloo replied back to Applejack with a small nervous laugh.

"See? Waiting did work in the end, a rescue party" Sweetie Belle added in, leaning against Apple Bloom.

"Yeah....but's on fire" Apple Bloom added in shoving Sweetie Belle away lightly.
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Ratchet fired a stream of fire of his blaster, knocking down a number of marketeers. unlike his normal enemies these did NOt bring forth bolts when they died..  Cynder finished off the rest of her foes and flew over to Provide cover for Kopa And Kiara..
Stripetail finished off a building of slavers and turned to watch the flaming caravan rumbling down the road..
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"Someone catch that carriage!" Deimos shouted. He was busy reloading his rifle.

"On it!" Rainbow shouted. She lit her afterburners and sped after the carriage. Once she was alongside, she slowed down to conserve fuel. "Land immediately!" she ordered.

"You wish!" the unicorn shouted. The pegasi moved even faster but it was no challenge for her to speed up and catch the carriage.

She then aimed her cannon and fired a few shots but missed. Even worse, her cannon jammed. Thinking quickly, she dropped in altitude and slipped the leading edge of her right wing under the carriage. A gentle roll to the side caused the carriage flip over and spin wildly out of control, causing the unicorn driver to fall to his death. The linkage between the carriage and the pegasi snapped, having been stressed to its breaking point by the fire and Rainbow's maneuver.

The carriage then began an uncontrolled freefall!

"Someone catch that!" Rainbow shouted. She would have attempted to do so, but her wings were too fragile.


Rainbow Dash looked at Gilda. "Well... I... love her as a girlfriend. But I still want you as a friend too," she said, averting her eyes.

Suddenly, Rainbow's cry echoed over the noise of battle. She saw the flaming carriage plummeting to the ground.

"Erm, Gilda, wanna talk about this later?" she asked as she sped after the carriage.


Dr. Zanasiu quickly loaded the dual machine guns and sped back into the fray. A fireball struck the corundum windshield but he quickly shredded the unicorn with a quick burst of machine gun fire.

Captain Carson pulled her dune buggy to where the CMC were.


Several slavers were approaching Ms. Swimmer, Applejack, Joan and the CMC. Bolts of ice, fire and lightning flew from the horns of the approaching unicorns.

Joan was currently trying to rip apart a magically reinforced net that some pegasi dropped on her.

Applejack had already lassoed one of the pegasi and slammed her to the ground.

The air crackled with the sound of electrical discharges as Ms. Swimmer fought with an earth pony.

Suddenly, the air was torn apart by the sound of machine gun fire and the attacking slavers fled.

Captain Carson got out of the dune buggy and glared at the CMC. "Scootaloo! Applebloom! Sweetie Belle! Why the f--- are you here!?" she demanded. "I told you to not come with us!"

Applejack glared at the CMC. "Applebloom, tell me why didn't you listen to that nice mare's orders to stay in Ponyville?"

Captain Carson internally winced. Nevertheless, she assumed that "mare" was equivalent to "woman" for these equinoid aliens.
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There was another roar as another dragon showed up, flying around in the skies above the fighting.  But before it had a chance to land, the Wonderbolts in turn, intercepted the dragon in order to keep it busy.  Yet, the dragon still managed to swipe at one of the Wonderbolts, knocking her down to the ground.  The Wonderbolt in question being Spitfire herself, being knocked down, right where Rainbow Dash happened to be.

She stood back up as she shook off the pain she recieved from hitting the ground so hard "Sorry for taking so long, had to head back to Canterlot again, round up the rest of the Wonderbolts" she spoke, glancing to Rainbow Dash as she did so, then to the dragon again "We'll deal with this dragon, you stay down here" she told her, giving Rainbow Dash a kiss on the cheek before she took off towards the dragon again.

Gilda's eye just seemed to twitch as she watched Spitfire give Rainbow Dash the kiss as Fluttershy spoke up to her.

"Are you okay Gilda?" Fluttershy asked her.

Gilda, without even looking, backhanded a pony approaching her from behind as she growled slightly "I'm...fine..." she gritted in her teeth.


"But it wasn't my fault! Sweetie Belle was the one that came up with the idea, she planned it all, said it would be a good way to get our cutie marks....and I agreed because it sounded like a good idea at the time....until Scootaloo and myself found out that Sweetie Belle hadn't really planned out the whole thing...." Apple Bloom replied back, glancing to Sweetie Belle, who in turn, just smiled away.


Both Jackson and Riley arrived on the scene, Riley holding her rifle, while Jackson held his shotgun in his own hands.

"Sorry for being late ourselves, had other business to attend to" Jackson spoke up as he and Riley approached Applejack and the others, though for now, ignoring the presence of Applejack and the CMC, his focus still on the attacking ponies.

"So....which one are the enemies....and which ones are on our side?" Riley asked, looking at all the ponies present, trying to determine which were the enmies and which weren't.
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Arresti Momentus insteratum! Stripetail intoned sending off sparks of light fro his staff. the sparks hit the the carriage and slowly doused the flames then slowed the carriage descent. tit took a few seconds for the flames to be put out, and a few more to stop the descent, and still a few more to guide the burned carriage to the ground. ' tend to those inside Stripetail said, in a brusque manner.
  kopa and kiara headed to the carriage and gazed at it. the smell of fumes made both lions wince.. ' better check inside for burns kiara said.
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Joan smashed the carriage's armored door and hauled out two cages. One had a shackled unicorn mare and the other had Mr. Bigmouth and his two soldiers.

Mr. Bigmouth coughed. "Hey, nice to see a friendly face," he said as he saw Stripetail.

Joan ripped the locks off the cages and the prisoners stepped out. She then tore the shackles off the mare.

Dr. Zanasiu tossed Mr. Bigmouth a rifle along with a bandolier of ammunition. "Get behind me," he told the mare. The frightened mare did so.He took cover behind the burned out carriage and traded fire with the oncoming slavers. The two soldiers picked up crossbows from two dead ponies. While the crossbows were designed to be mounted on specialized saddles, the soldiers made do by resting them on a piece of wood from the wrecked carriage.

Applejack glared at Sweetie Belle. "Wait until Rarity hears about this! Captain Carson, could deal with them?" She then turned to CMC. "Now you do what that mare tells you to or ya'll will get a spanking!"

Captain Carson nodded as she got in her dune buggy. "Get in and hold on tight!" she ordered.  


"Try shooting at the ones slinging magic, crossbow bolts and potions at us!" Deimos growled as he slapped another magazine into his rifle and killed a griffin. A crossbow bolt grazed his unarmored hand.


Rainbow and Lt. Martin decided to join the Wonderbolts in distracting the dragon.

Lt. Martin sped by the dragon as she dumped fuel, producing a trail of fire in front of its eyes.

Rainbow on the other hand, started firing off flares in the dragon's direction.
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Jackson shrugged back "Makes sense" was all he said as he stepped forward into the fray himself and already, unloaded a blast into a nearby unicorn that was about to attack him.


Apple Bloom just pouted a little before nodding a little to Applejack.  Her eyes did gaze towards Sweetie Belle, giving her a 'This is all your fault' sort of glare.


Spitfire moved back somewhat, stopping beside the two living planes as the other Wonderbolts continued to distract the dragon still "We may have to take this dragon out....any of your weapons any good at taking down a full grown dragon?" she asked the two of them.
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Good to see you alive and well Mr Bigmouth. we'll have a debriefing once we're done with the slavers here." Stripetail said and he deflected shots from the slavers..  tigress shot bolts of lightning and blasts of ice at nerby grunts. the screams of pain were loud, mixed with unprintable curses..
angela used her blaster to kill a guard, finishing off the building she and ratchet had entered. 'shootings a bit rusty.. she mused.. ' eh.. just give it time Ratchet said " you do this sort of thing for a living huh? Yep..doesn't pay all the great though, what with expenses figured in..
 meanwhile Chong had stopped the Phoenix for refueling on a strange planet filled with weird aliens. he sent out Nick to gather supplies for the kitchen, and had forced him to wear a magical shock bracelet.
- well at least we're getting some fresh air Nick said To kerzach, as they entered the city..
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"I didn't know they had a dragon on their side." Sara said, seeing the dragon from where she was.  


Jason and his fellow rangers focused on battling the ponies on the enemy side to try to keep as many off of the others as possible.  So the others would have more time, if they needed it, to regroup or talk.  

"Looks like we're making some headway." Brooklyn, as the red ranger said.

"I hope so." Velma, as an orange ranger said.  "Not sure how long we can keep this up." She said.

"If it's getting to be to much we can always summon the sword of power." Jason, as the red zeo/green dragon zord ranger said.

"Who would wield it though?" Gnash, the blue ranger, asked.

"You're more into sword then most of us are.' Jason, the red zeo/dragon zord ranger said.
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As Trixie was still being healed by Twilight, five unicorn ponies appeared in a blast of smoke, all five of them seemed to be wearing ninja-like uniforms.  The five of the horns started to glow, knocking Trixie aside and in turn, chains started to wrap around Twilight, and rather quickly for that matter.

"Restrain her" one ninja unicorn spoke as chains continued to wrap around Twilight still "And get that anti-magic restraint onto her horn too...." he added in with his next order, only to be knocked aside with a metal beam.

Trixie stood there, her horn glowing as her eyes glew lightly as well, showing that she did posses some more magical power than what she originally was showing off with "Leave Twilight alone!" she yelled, the beam then striking another one of the ninja unicorns, right across the face, instantly killing him.

"Deal with this one....stop her before she ruins everything" another ninja unicorn spoke up as the other two ran at her, their horns glowing as they bought up nearby debries to use as shielding against the metal beam Trixie was using.

Trixie snorted as she yanked off some of the chains from Twilight, first to free Twilight, but to also use them to wrap around the throats of the ninja unicorns and in turn, slammed them against each other multiple times, as if she were crushing their skulls.  Though she used the ending of the chains to ram them down the mouths of the unicorns, choking them that way before dropping them to the ground.

The final ninja unicorn just stood there, mouth agape at what had just happened "But're suppose to be that Trixie unicorn....the one that just does fancy shows....your....your magic powers are suppose to be....weak...."

"Trixe does not just do fancy shows!" Trixie yelled at him as her horn continued to glow as she lifted up the ninja unicorn by the tail and started to slam him against the walls of the building before bringing the weakened ninja unicorn face to face with herself "Trixie does not care if you had do not hurt Twilight that understood?" she snorted.

"I do not have to promise anything to you" the ninja unicorn sneered back, only to then be thrown rather hard against a metal rebar sticking out of a nearby wall, impaling the unicorn's head against it.

Trixie just stood there for a few moments before she just shook her head, snapping out of her power boost, realizing what she had just done as she stepped back a little "Trixie.....Trixie is sorry....Trixie just....overreacted...." she told Twilight.
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"Yep," Rainbow replied. Two hatches on her flanks opened up and two missiles streaked towards the dragon. All in less than a second.

Lt. Martin had just downed another dragon with a short burst of her cannon and after an intense dogfight.


Captain Carson sped down the path to Bridlehem's exit with the CMC in tow. Luckily, everypony was too busy battling to notice them.


"Stripetail! I suggest we just get the f--- out of here!" Deimos shouted as a crossbow bolt plinked off his helmet. He then killed the offending pony.

"Fine by me!" Mr. Bigmouth replied as he changed magazines on his rifle and returned fire.


"Wow," was all Twilight could say. "Trixie... I... I don't think I have ever seen such raw power before."
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Gnash caught the lighting one unicorn pony had sent using the Sword of Power he wielded and flung it back at the unicorn which was caught by surprise and got hit with the lighting.

Jason ducked behind Guilmon monetarily as he shot a pyropshere at some ponies.  Jason used the momentary cover to use a bit of magic, easy since he was in his imperial dragon form (though human sized) when he had morphed, and used the magic to reach to where his normal clothes were when he used his omni morpher.  He grasp what he was looking for and stepped out and flung it out.  The birdrang extended it's wings, very sharp since the alloy he made them with were a molecule wide, and the tips sliced into some ponies as it flew around then retracted it's wings before he grasp it in his hand.

Velma used the distraction to shoot off a smoke grenade to distract some ponies while Brooklyn took a more melee approach to fighting using his above human level strength.
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Trixie shook her head back at what Twilight had said "But Trixie....she knows that Twilight has much more power than Trixie could ever have...." she told Twilight, glancing around before she felt something strike her in the side, knocking her aside and away from Twilight, right into the nearest wall, injuring her in the process.

There stood, a sixth ninja unicorn, but one that seemed to be wearing armour instead of cloth.  His eyes gazed towards the beaten down Trixie, then to Twilight again "Now that she is out of the about we take off from where left last before they were all beaten and killed senselessly by your....unicorn friend over there...." he spoke calmly to Twilight.


"Um Pinkie....I think we're in trouble...." Fluttershy spoke to Pinkie as she jumped up besides her, her eyes gazing at the ponies that were starting to surround them all.

Pinkie Pie heard Fluttershy, but had yet to answer her as she did her best to still, try and hold the ponies back...well, that was until Riley jumped up onto the vehicle and started taking down a few of the ponies herself.

"Need a hand?" Riley asked simply as she continued to gun down the approaching ponies.


Spitfire nodded to the living planes as she motioned for the Wonderbolts to pull back, just as the missiles struck the dragon "How many more of the attackers do you think there are left? After all, I'm sure they would be running out of backup sooner or later"
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Stripetail let forth a flury of magic and turned  toDeimos " Grab the others and head out. Now.  " he said " get on sled and head back. we're almost done here, theres only a few of them left.."
 Kopa and kiara headed back towards the others, blood dripping from their armor.. I'll be glad to take this stuff off " kiara said in a tired voice "Yeah, once we've got the prisoners saved, we'll go back to the hotel and crash..Kopa agreed
_ ( Spire of Winter)
 Kovu and Vitani were  taking a stroll through town, watching the inhabitants going about their business. artificial sunlight shone down from above, and the various noises and chatter spread around the town.
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Twilight's horn glowed and a large piece of debris came speeding towards the armored pony.


Joan was battling with another ninja pony. Her armor was dented and scorched but still functional.

A kick from her sent the unarmored pony through a nearby window. She followed up by hurling a chunk of concrete the size of pony through said window.


"I don't know!" Rainbow shouted back as she chased after a dragon.

Captain Fairchild was busy blowing up several buildings with volleys of high explosive rockets.

Major Lockie was busy demolishing buildings as well. His cannon roared as it sent 105 mm shells into various warehouses.


Zachary fired a volley of rockets from the dune buggy's turret at the ponies surrounding Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.

"Let's get out of here!" Deimos shouted.

Applejack lassoed a pony and kicked him in the head, instantly killing him.

Rainbow Dash used her signature Sonic Rainboom to pulverize another building. "No way! Not until we're done kicking flank!"

Mr. Bigmouth slapped another magazine into his rifle and gunned down several ponies rushing him. "Not until we've cleaned up this place."



"I can't believe you actually thought going after a group of poachers was a good idea!" Captain Carson exclaimed as the dune buggy pulled up to Sweet Apple Acres.

She stopped the vehicle, got out and knocked on the farmhouse door.

"Applebloom!" She ordered. "I want you to go into the house and tell Granny Smith and Big Macintosh what you did!"
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Sara sent some lighting then an acid ball at some of the enemy ground troops, to give a bit more cover for the ground troops on their side.  Then she did another spell to cause a part of the air to solidify as well.  


Spike jumped out of the way of a pony charging at him, breathing his green fire as it ran past him.  "ha, you missed." He said in a condescending tone.  


"Maybe a slight change of tactics." Jason said half to himself.  he was glad he was in his imperial dragon form, though smaller then normal he thought he could do what he had in mind, though he seldom did what he had in mind.  

He went for some cover and once he was there he relaxed mentally, reaching out to connect himself to the local elements.  A thing he seldom did for various reasons.  On some worlds it wasn't possible to do.

Once done he had the local wind pick up, & had dark clouds roll in, lighting starting to strike in the sky.

"Doom to those who follow evil's path." Jason said, his voice gaining an echoing effect.


"huh, what's going on?" Spike asked looking up a bit.

Guilmon shot another Pyropshere at the same armored pony that Gnash sent a bolt of lightning from at from the sword of power.  "This thing is neat." Gnash said.

Velma used her short bow she got from her ranger form to shoot an arrow at another pony that exploded on impact.
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The armored unicorn just stood there as his own horn started to glow again, the ground ripping apart in front of him as a piece of underground pipe flung upwards, striking the piece of debris in what seemed to be an exact position, allowing for it to fly right over his head, missing his own head by millimeters.

The pipe in turn aimed itself at Twilight while he just stood there, having not moved from his own position before flinging it at her, like a javilin "Your magic is quite exceptional Twilight Sparkle, too bad it wont save you....nor your little....girlfriend over there" he spoke, motioning towards the downed Trixie.

However, the pipe stopped short of Twilight, millimeters from her eye as he pulled the pipe backwards, back to his own position and instead, aimed the pipe towards Trixie and in turn, flung it at her instead, just like a javilin "Your move Twilight Sparkle"


Jackson continued to unload shells onto attacking ponies "This is not going to end well if all these ponies and dragons and what have you, don't give up sooner or later" he spoke up, striking a pony across the head with the butt of his shotgun.


"So, what's the plan now Captain?" Fleetfoot asked Spitfire.

Spitfire just shook her head back "To be honest? I'm actually already, running low on ideas as it is...."



"But, but, but, but!" Apple Bloom started, only to groan as she walked up to the farmhouse as well, starting to fall silent by that point.
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"Spitfire, we only have a limited amount of ammunition and fuel," Lt. Martin said. "I'm already running low on ammo as it is."

Rainbow blasted another dragon out of the sky with two missiles. "I think we best retreat."


With seemingly little effort, Twilight telekinetically knocked the pipe aside where it pierced a nearby building. Her eyes began to take on a piercing white glow. "I suggest you leave her alone."



The door to Sweet Apple Acre's farmhouse opened and an elderly green pony stepped out.

"What's all the racket about?" she demanded.

"Hello, Ms. Smith," Captain Carson said. "I just wanted to bring Applebloom back to you."

"She wasn't a handful was she?"

A frown crossed Captain Carson's face. "You have no idea. Can I entrust Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle in your care while I return to Bridlehem?"

Granny Smith's jaw dropped. "What's a respectable young mare like yourself doing in that disreputable city?"

"Ms. Smith, I'd rather not say. Goodbye." The captain then hopped in the dune buggy.
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slowly, but surely, Dixie, Tigress Agumon, and Agumina cleared away the enemies that confronted them. Cynder provided aerial support, ducking and weaving around the larger dragon while peppering it with various attacks, fueled first by her own magic, then with the magic of her armor
_ stripetail cleared away any of the slavers that had the unfortunate fate of being within the range oif his magical attacks.. "We've got what we need everyone.. pull back..we're not here to end  the practice of slavery, unjust, immoral and deplorable as it is, that is for the residents of this planet to address.. we need to get back to the others.. and meet with Princess Celestia. the battle had gone on for almost four hours, it was nearly 11.
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Sara breathed fire into her right hand, her firey breath compressing into a small ball.  This she then threw at the ground.  

A pony jumped to one side, "Ha, you miss.." She started to say as the ball of fire hit the ground and exploded, engulfing about a half block in dragon fire for a moment.  

"I wasn't aiming at you." Sara said as the fireball exploded.  "More range then my fire breath & can cover more area."


Gnash decided to do a short spell, though with his species he had to speak his spells due to that was how magic worked in the universe he was from.  He had learned some simple stuff from Sara and a few others.  

"Oh Zephyr winds that blow on high, lift him now so he can fly." He said and pointed at an earth pony.  Winds started to lift him and he rose into the air.  Having no idea how to fly and getting afraid he nearly instantly lost control after he had shot a story or a few into the air and then slammed into a building a few blocks away as he cried out in fear & flailed wildly.

"ha, I thought that would happen." Gnash said.

"Great tactic, but best not try that again here." Brooklyn said.  

"Yea, you can't surprise the enemy twice, in the same way in most circumstances." Gnash said.


Jason began to glow and floated into the air.  Lightning started to flash from the clouds.

"Is this supposed to scare us?" a pony said defiantly.

The lightning started to strike some enemy ponies and the wind picked up to blow a few off their feet.  

"No, if I wanted to scare you..." Jason, as the red ranger started to say, in the same echoing voice.  He started use some of his telepathic ability to make that pony panic and run off screaming.
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The armored unicorn's eyes glanced slightly towards what Twilight had done to save Trixie's life "Amusing, you would waste such power in saving....her life....I know who she is, she is Trixie....supposedly all great and powerful, but all she has shown to have is nothing more than an ego....that is the one thing....great about her" his horn started to glow again as he remained standing where he was, still having not moved as wires rushed at Trixie, along with chains as they started to wrap themselves around her rather quickly.

"You say that I should leave her let me pose a problem to you, you have two choices right now, save the mare, but in turn expose yourself for a full on assault, or stop me and let her die....your choice Twilight Sparkle" he spoke to her calmly as the chains and wires did start to slowly strangle away at Trixie.

Trixie in turn, was feeling far too weak by that point to even be able to defend herself "Twilight...." she spoke, a bit weakly for that matter.


Jackson moved towards where Stripetail is "You sure that's such a good idea? If we leave now, what's stopping any of these ponies in following us back to the town and letting the attack continue on there?"

(ooc: I want to point out too that while Aimee is not around, Jackson is in charge, he's got rank underneath Aimee....just hadn't mentioned that before....and yes, Jackson is his last name too)


Spitfire nodded back "Understood, you get back then, we'll handle the dragons for now, we'll at least try and keep them at bay for now"
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if you want to mop them up.. thats fine
 we have the prisoners we came for.. " stripetail replied.  "our goal has always been to rescue them..We hasve more pressing needs than dealing with some hoodlums..
We wipe them out then head back to the hotel ' dixie said.. I hope we'll be in time for lunch..
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"Hey Spitfire, the airshow's still on, right?" Rainbow asked. She then winked at the Wonderbolts captain as she sped off.

Lt. Martin followed suit.

Major Lockie and Captain Fairchild flew alongside Spitfire.

"We both specialize in ground attack," Captain Fairchild said. "But I can turn my gun on air targets. So what are your orders?" His 30 mm gatling gun spooled up, producing a deep bass growl that was audible to everyone nearby.


Deimos locked onto the unicorn menacing Trixie and Twilight and fired off two shots from his rifle.


Twilight began to rise into the air, surrounding by writhing streaks of white hot magical energy. "Do not underestimate the Element of Magic!" she boomed. Her voice took an an eerie echoing quality. Two of the streaks flew towards the unicorn while two others flew at Trixie, intending to sever the wires holding her.


Ms. Swimmer and Joan ran towards Trixie and Twilight as fast as they could.

Ms. Swimmer had her dual sticks out while Joan had a huge piece of rebar she was intending to use as a quarterstaff.


"Pinkie Pie! Fluttershy! Are you all right?" Zachary shouted over the din of battle. The passenger leaned out of his seat and shot a pegasus out of the sky.

Zachary swiveled his rocket turret towards an approaching dragon and let loose a volley of rockets.


Rainbow Dash bucked another pony as Mr. Bigmouth shot another unicorn.

"Heh, I always pegged you as an egghead like Twilight," Rainbow Dash said.

Mr. Bigmouth slammed the butt of his rifle into an approaching Earth pony. "I maybe an egghead but I am also a pretty good fighter."



Captain Carson turned to Applebloom. "Go on, tell Mrs. Smith exactly what you and your friends did," she said.

Granny Smith turned to the CMC. "So what did you do? Did'ja get yer cutie marks?"

"Oh well, I have to get going." Captain Carson then sped down the road and back to Bridlehem.
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"I see that you decided to go with option three instead....might I instead...." the armored unicorn started as his horn glew again, riping up chunks of concrete from the ground in order to use as shielding from Twilight's attack "Suggest a fourth option....the option where you both die instead?" he spoke calmly as the shots from the rifle hit his armour.

A chunk of concrete was flung at Deimos in order to at least get him out of the picture, either by trying to kill him, or by at least getting him to move away.  His gaze in turn, shifted back towards Twilight rather lazily for that matter and waited for her next attack on him.


"I understand where you are coming from Stripetail, but all I'm saying is that if we try and move, what is stopping these attackers from simply following us? We need to at least stop them somehow then make an escape, stopping them from following us" he himself, suggested to Stripetail.


"Oh um yes, we're....fine....eep!" Fluttershy called out in her usual tone before jumping behind Pinkie Pie for protection.

Pinkie Pie in turn, continued to use her cannon, firing various objects from it while Riley stood her ground, picking off both pegasus and unicorns, along with the occasional earth pony.


Spitfire just nodded back as the two planes took off before turning her attention to the other two.  Her gaze shifted towards the sky for a moment "All I can suggest right now is try and help us keep the sky clear....that is, if you are still able to fire at the sky from ground level"


Gilda on the other hand, was in the midst of the battle, taking out pegasus', unicorns, earth ponies and griffons, all the while just grumbling away to herself.  The occasional words leaving her mouth being the names of both Rainbow Dash and Spitfire.  It was as if Gilda was still just jealous of the two of them being together, instead of herself and Rainbow Dash.



"We tried...." Apple Bloom sighed.

"Yeah, but we kinda failed to do so...." Scootaloo added in before she elbowed Sweetie Belle to get her to say something as well.

"Um....I kissed....Apple Bloom?" Sweetie Belle added in, not exactly paying attention to what the group was essentially talking about.

Apple Bloom just blushed away at that, while Scootaloo just did a faceplant with her hoof.
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Jason used the wind to send some debris at some ponies.  Then he landed, slamming into the ground with his feet, the ground flowing for a moment as if it were water, with large waves radiating from where he landed out in all directions.  

"Begone!" Jason said, having a lighting strike strike down a short distance from where he was.  


Brooklyn picked up a pony with both hands and threw it at another pony.

 Velma shot at another area where enemy ponies were with her exploding arrows while Sara sent an ice spell at an area where some enemies were, mixed in with a bit of smoke also, being combined in.
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Granny Smith looked at the trail of dust kicked up by the dune buggy and then back to the CMC. "That mare don't seem to happy," she said. She then frowned. "Did you do something to her while trying to earn yer cutie marks?"



Deimos ducked under the chunk of concrete. He swapped his rifle for an anti-tank rocket launcher. He then locked onto the armored unicorn and fired his rocket.


Twilight's eyes glowed a brilliant white as she began to hover in the air. Almost immediately, a concussive shockwave of energy surged from her, throwing aside debris and oncoming ponies.


"Yes, I can," Captain Fairchild said. He then locked onto an approaching dragon and let loose with a volley of 30 mm shells that quite literally tore the dragon in half.


Rarity was deflecting various projectiles that went her way.

"For someone so prissy, you ain't that bad of a fighter," Applejack said with a chuckle as she lassoed, then bucked a Unicorn.

Rarity deflected a crossbow bolt. "How dare you! Just because I'm a lady, doesn't mean I can't handle myself!"
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"My....all this raw power simply because I threatend Trixie...." the armoured unicorn replied back with a light chuckle as his horn started to glow again in order to catch the incoming rocket in midflight, holding it back as his magic slowly started to just dismantle it, piece by piece "Makes one wonder what would happen if I were to just simply kill her, right here and right now...."

It was as if his own power was matched with that of Twilight's power, without the need to use any raw power himself.



"Nah, we didn't do anything....couldn't even get our cutie marks" Scootaloo replied back first.

"But we did try going on a rescue mission" Sweetie Belle smilled back, ignoring the fact that Scootaloo was simply trying to lie as Apple Bloom elbowed her to get her to shut up.
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Granny Smith's jaw dropped. He face hardened. "Tell me the truth, did you follow that mare into Bridlehem?" she demanded.



Twin sonic booms ripped through the air as Rainbow and Lt. Martin flew overhead with their guns blazing, ripping through a horde of griffins and pegasi that had emerged from one of the buildings.

"Yeehaw!" Rainbow shouted as she did a aileron roll, quickly rotating about her longitudinal axis. The living F-22 flew right by Spitfire.

Lt. Martin was trying to shake a pegasus wielding a light crossbow pursuing her. Even though she had redundant control lines, she had no armor and even a crossbow bolt could seriously harm her.


Twilight let loose a yell and a blinding white maelstrom of energy surged from her. Tendrils of white lightning danced across the ground, carving gouges in the pavement and setting fire to anything around her.


"Oh no, Twilight's gonna destabilize," Applejack said.

Mr. Bigmouth lobbed a grenade that Deimos had handed him behind a wrecked carriage. An explosion sounded as the grenade detonated, killing some unicorns behind the carriage. "Pardon?"

"If Twi gets really mad, she'll lose control of her magic and if she does, there's no telling what'll happen. She could simply turn everything around her into a potted plant or she could cause everything around her to burst into flames."

Mr. Bigmouth's eyes widened. "Oh ----."
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"I think we need bigger guns, or something." Gnash said looking around him.   "or combine our weapons."

Brooklyn shoot his head.  "Combining weapons is only effective when we have 1 target and it only lasts for 1 shot anyway." Brooklyn said.

"I believe I have something along those lines." Jason said, starting to cast.   He preferred the non casting method of spell use, when he did wield magic in his imperial dragon form, but this particular one one had to do the more regular style of casting.

"What might you mean?" Velma asked.

"Darkness beyond twilight, Crimson beyond blood that flows, Buried in the stream of time is where my power grows..." Jason said as he continued casting, having altered the spell incantation slightly due to his special relationship with time.

Guilmon pulled out some sunglasses, custom designed that he could wear, from somewhere and put them on.  Though his holobelt currently made him look like a ranger, it didn't protect his eyes from bright light.   The other rangers continued battling, any other enemies near enough to them.

"I pledge myself to conquer all the foes who stand, before the mighty gift bestowed in my unworthy hand. Let the fools who stand before me be destroyed, by the power you and I possess.  DRAGON SLAYER! "Jason said, finishing the spell incantation with it's original name, before it got corrupted to its more famous name.  Once done he released the spell off.  

"Perhaps what the others are doing will work well together." Brooklyn said as the spell was sent off by Jason and detonated.
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Our rings can absorb magic Cynder said " remember Dixie when we fought that Bahaumut a couple years ago?'
 I was trying to forget that thing " Dixie admitted " Mr Bigmouth if you think shes going nuts, we'll use our rings to absorb the magic and provide some control over it.. at least until shes back to normal.."
Stripetail finished off the foes in front of him, the battles between twilight and the unicorns were the last show in town so to speak..
 Arlene went for a walk around town, feeling a breeze blow around her as she walked.. ' At least its nice in here " she said to herself..
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Spike got a bit afraid as he saw what Twilight was going through.  "Everypony run." He said in fear.


Sara continued with focusing on providing support for the ground and other air fighters, thinking if the need arose she'd not have tired herself out with directly fighting unless neded.
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The armoured unicorn's eyes shifted slight, a look of concern appearing across his face.  Though he glanced to Trixie again as his horn started to glow "Then how about this Twilight Sparkle, we get rid of her....and we have a proper battle, hmm?" he asked, rather rhetorically as he used his magic to grab onto Trixie and throw her out of the building, rather hard, through the nearest wall and out onto the ground.

Trixie slammed into the ground rather hard, rolling across the ground a few times before coming to a halt.  She didn't seem to move as blood started to trickle out from her mouth and from the back of her head.  She was indeed, in a serious condition right now, and was far too weak to do anything about it herself as she slipped into unconciousness moments later.

The armoured unicorn glanced to Twilight again "Now....where were we?" he asked, giving off a rather light chuckle.


Pinkie Pie watched on with what Twilight was doing "Welp, I guess that goes to show ya, you don't mess with Twilight's love life"



"Nah, we didn't follow her" Scootaloo replied back.

"Nope, we headed off before they could arrive in bridlehem" Sweetie Belle added in.

"Sweetie Belle!" Apple Bloom groaned at her friend in frustration, annoyed that Sweetie Belle didn't seem to catch on that the other two were trying to lie more than anything else to try and get off the hook of being in trouble.
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"I'll get Trixie!" Joan said as she put down her rebar staff. She gently cradled Trixie in her metal clad arms. Despite the armor giving her enough strength  to hoist three tons over her head, she was able to pick up and hold something as delicate as an injured unicorn.

She then gently placed the battered unicorn on a repulsorsled. "Trixie, I don't know if you can hear me but you'll be okay."

Joan then grabbed a first aid kit from the sled and opened it as she started tending to Trixie's wounds.


Zachary leapt out of the dune buggy and shot two more pegasi out of the sky when he saw Twilight aflame with a magical blue fire. The blast of heat caused him to flinch. "S---balls! I think we had better run!"

Deimos, who was taking cover behind a destroyed repulsorsled shook his head. "No. We stay with her until she calms down."


Mr. Bigmouth pulled a tricorder from his recovered messenger bag. The energy level from Twilight caused the needle to spike. "Guys, you must sap some of the power from her, if you don't she could actually explode and kill all of us!" His voice carried an obvious note of fear.


The concrete around Twilight was actually starting to melt from the heat radiated off her body. Tendrils of blue fire writhed on the ground like snakes, igniting whatever they touched.

Suddenly, she emitted a massive blue fireball from her horn that rivaled even the deadly magma cannon mounted on some of the Spire of Winter's vehicles.



Granny Smith's expression instantly changed as Sweetie Belle spoke. "You three get inside the house this instant!" she ordered. "I don't want y'all outside until Rarity and Applejack find out about this!"
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"My....what power you have...." the armored unicorn replied as his horn started to glow again, and on the tip of it, he started to gather energy himself "But I am still curious as to which of us two is the more powerful unicorn in all of Equestria...." the energy continued to gather on the tip of his horn "After all, once I am able to defeat you Twilight Sparkle, then the answer shall be clear.....besides, knocking Trixie from her spot, putting her in her place was easy, but you on the other hand...."

And that's when he fired a beam of energy, aimed right for Twilight's head.


Trixie did seem to move somewhat, a faint voice from her "Twilight....." was all she had said, not even opening up her eyes.



"Way to go Sweetie belle" Scootaloo told the unicorn filly sarcastically as she entered the house.

Apple Bloom just looked at Sweetie Belle and shook her head and followed Scootaloo inside.

Sweetie belle just sighed and hung her head somewhat and entered the farm house too.
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Dixie and Cynder pointed their rings at Twilight and slowly began to absorb some of the energy she was giving off. Cynder was impressed by the power Twilight was displaying..
Stripetail was keeping an eye on the unicorn. " Your allies are beaten , unicorn and only you remain. stop fighting, or else!
 Want me to blast him? Ratchet said getting an itchy trigger finger ' I don't think blasters will have much effect on him, with the magical energy he is displaying Clank said.
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Spike ran over to where Trixie was, "Will she be ok?  Can I do anything to help?" He asked.  From the same place he could pull a quill & paper from where he stored them somewhere behind him, he pulled out some bandages.  "Will these help any?" He asked.  


Gnash saw a pegasus pony and with a shout of "Shouryuken" jumped and punched it holding the power sword with just one of his hands, knocked it out and sent it flying into the ground some distance away.  

"And you said I was playing to much of that video game.  How else would I have learned that move but by watching the characters do it in the game." Gnash said to Brooklyn in a humorous tone of voice.  

Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: MrDrake on April 29, 2012, 11:05:37 PM
Soon enough, Trixie had managed to open up her eyes rather weakly, seeing that she was being held by one of the aliens.  Her eyes shifted towards Spike, seeing that he wanted to help out as well.  Granted, Trixie was feeling a bit oblivious to what was going on and in turn, quickly sat up "Twilight!" was all she had to say before wincing quite badly, the pain in her mouth and back of her head registating and quickly, she fells backwards.

"Trixie....Trixie is....she is fine...." Trixie muttered to herself, as if she was still trying to make it seem as though she wasn't as injured as she should be as she attempted to concentrate.  Her horn started to glow for a brief moment, only to be stopped as a sharp pain entered her head and in turn, she grasped her forehead with her hooves.

Her eyes shifted over slightly and saw Twilight in the distance, and the power she was giving off.  Her eyes widened slightly "Twilight...." she muttered a little and attempted to get free of Joan's grasp.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Serris on April 29, 2012, 11:46:26 PM

"Trixie, please, you'll only hurt yourself," Joan said softly as she stroked her mane. She gently but firmly held her down. "You need to rest." She then turned to Spike. "Thanks, Spike. You can start bandaging her wounds."


Captain Carson's dune buggy came screaming onto the scene with its dual machine guns ablaze, mowing down the last slavers that came from the building.

"Yeehaw!" Dr. Zanasiu shouted as he continued firing.


Mr. Bigmouth was watching the tricorder's read out. Soon it stabilized. "Okay, she's in the clear but be ready!"


The enormous blue fireball sliced through the beam of energy that the enemy unicorn fired. Already, Twilight was preparing a second even more lethal beam attack.


(Unknown Planet)

Dr. Kerzach was carrying a box of supplies that Chong had sent him and Nick to fetch.

"What is in these boxes? Maybe we can use them to escape or send distress signal," he said.
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"But Twilight....she needs to know that Trixie is fine...." Trixie mumbled a little, still looking over in Twilight's direction before giving off a sigh.  She did however, start to think for a moment, despite in a bit of pain still, and the need to rest up.  She started to concentrate again, yet, the pain in her head stopped her horn from glowing.

Trixie then, attempted it again, already exhausting a fair bit of her strength in trying to use her magic again and managed to summon a single rocket and sent it flying off in the direction of the unicorn that was still alive.

After sending off said rocket, she clasped her forehead again in extreme pain, seeming to have ignored Joan's request in staying still.


The unicorn remained concentrating upon the attack that was connecting with his....well, that was until he was struck by that single rocket.  That one split second in which he was struck by said rocket, and in turn his concentration shifted to where it had come from, just long enough for Twilight's attack to push through his own.

He was blasted by the attack and fell down onto one front knee, having been weakened somewhat by Twilight's first attack "I thought I took care of that featherbrain Trixie....." she seemed to growl lightly, yet, loud enough for Twilight to hear, unaware that Twilight was indeed, readying a second attack for him.
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"Ok." Spike said.   Then he started to apply the bandages he had to Trixie's wounds, winding them around, as gently as he could,  the wounded areas.  He started at her head and worked his way down.  "You need to rest.  You'll get better faster that way." Spike said.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"But....Twilight is in danger...." Trixie replied back, still clasping her head to the best of her ability with her front hooves.  The pain in her forehead still hadn't subsided from the strain she had put it through in summoning that rocket from before "Twilight would not be going through that if Trixie was a good fighter....but no...Trixie isn't a good fighter....her power is just still too weak compared to Twilight's power"

Her eyes gazed towards Spike for a moment as she rubbed her own forehead, still wincing from the pain it was giving off "Trixie just can't help but feel that it was her own fault....Trixie shouldn't have let her own guard down, then maybe...just maybe....Trixie would be fighting side by side with Twilight....but then...Trixie would probabally just get in the way...." she sighed a little as she looked to Spike still.
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"You just rest and get better." Spike said patting Trixie as he paused in his bandaging her wounds.  "You may be more hurt then you think." Spike said, going back to bandaging her wounds.  "As for not being a good fighter maybe Applejack can teach you some stuff.  She may be a good fighter.  Or I can ask Princess Celestia if one of her guards can teach you, I"m sure they are trained in how to fight and she has some unicorn guards as well as Pegasus." Spike said. "or maybe one of Princess Luna's Guards."
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Trixie just fell silent as she let Spike suggest a few things to her, already unaware that her small pounding headache was caused by a wound she had suffered on her forehead.  But as soon as he had finished speaking, she in turn, spoke up "Applejack?" she shook her head slightly "Trixie probabaly wont be good like that, Trixie knows magic best....even if her magic is weak magic...but Spike....he has given Trixie an idea....maybe Princess Luna can teach Trixie a few new spells...." and by that point, her face lit up somewhat "Or, Trixie could head back to the library, she is certain that Twilight would have books that can teach Trixie some proper magic....without destroying the library in the process...."

She then paused for a moment "And that was still an accident, Trixie just did something wrong is all...." she muttered, still ignoring the pounding headache she had in her head, all the while just seeming to chat away as if nothing was actually wrong with her.
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Spike nodded, "That is a good idea.  I'm sure Princess Luna would be willing to teach you.  Maybe Princess Celestia also.  Books are a good idea also.  The library at Ponyville or Canterlot may have some stuff you can study also.  But not like an actual teacher." Spike said.  "You just relax.  I'm sure we can give you something for you pain soon as the combat is over." Spike said as soothing as he could as he patted an uninjured part of Trixie's body.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"Yes, because Trixie will be able to teach herself new spells....hopefully....Trixie doesn't want a repeat of what happened last time she tried to learn a new spell" Trixie gulped lightly and in turn, gave off a light, nervous sounding chuckle as she did so only to shake her head, the headache and sore head, finally starting to register on her.

She rubbed her forehead a bit as she winced, before giving off a small yell in pain "Trixie has a bad headache...." she muttered a little, removing her hoof and looked at it.  There was blood on her hoof from where she touched her forehead "Is Trixie's head....bleeding?"
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
Post by: Kor on May 01, 2012, 10:44:00 PM
"Only a little.  Let me re bandage that." Spike said, looking over the area to make sure he had bandaged it and to make sure it was properly bandaged.  "Just rest and if we can't get you something for your pain and headache, maybe Twilight can do something or maybe Zecora can mix something together.  She's good at that." Spike said, then after a brief pause, "You're not scared of Zebras or anything are you, since Zecora is a zebra.  Twilight said they are from far away."
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"Trixie could've done it herself....if she didn't have a headache, then she would be able to concentrate properly....and use her magic to tend to her own wounds...." Trixie started as she looked to Spike "But....thank you Spike" she then paused as Spike asked about the whole zebra ordeal, only for Trixie to shake her head.

"Trixie isn't afraid of zebras....even if she hasn't seen one before" Trixie replied back, wincing again from the pain in her forehead.
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I don't know.. might as well open one and see what it is inside' Nick said.. " You got your switchblade on you? lets open it. we;'ll say they didn't have enough stuff for us.. Chong won't know the difference.."
Dixie held her ring steady as she absorbed some of Twilight's energy, the energy coming from her was growing, not at the level of a bahumut or that demon they had fought at the Inglorious Hotel, but still a magic of considerable potency and intensity..
- Keep it Steady Cynder said, as Tigress started absorbing energy as well to lend the others a hand..
Once you've weakened him Twilight, I'll restrain him, and put an end to this.. Stripetail said.
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"Glad I could help.  Now you just relax and rest." Spike said, patting her again on an uninjured part of her body.  "You'll be well soon." he said to try and cheer her up.


Sara continued to throw a spell and the occasional firebreath at the enemies on the ground and the occasional flying enemy.  


Brooklyn and Gnash, as the, red and blue rangers, worked fighting side by side fighting some earth ponies, knocking one out and knocking another one away. "Looks like they are thinning out quite a bit." Gnash said.

Jason, still as a red zeo/green ranger, used a bit of wind to blow away the earth pony farther.
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(Unknown Planet)

Dr. Kerzach reached inside his pocket and opened his switchblade. The sharp blade easily sliced through the tape. He opened the box and found what looked like a radio. "Well, this is a lucky discovery," he said with a smile.


(Pony Planet - Bridlehem)

Twilight unleashed her full power beam attack, finally dispersing her remaining magical power. The massive beam engulfed the unicorn and tore a hole in the building behind him.


Rainbow and Lt. Martin had finished cleaning up the skies. They then flew up to Spitfire.

"So how about that airshow?" Rainbow said with a saucy wink. "I've got some pretty cool tricks I want to show off!"


Zachary, Dr. Zanasiu, Captain Carson, Ms. Swimmer, Mr. Bigmouth, Joan and the two rescued soldiers were busy cleaning up.


Stripetail's radio buzzed. "Hey, Commander, should we level this part of the city?" Captain Fairchild asked via radio.
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The unicorn felt the blast strike him.  He had not expected for a second attack in general to strike him, but one did anyway.  It struck him with full force as he fell down to his front knees again, signifigantly weaker than he was from the first attack that had struck him.

He just stayed there, kneeling all the while, yet, he let off a light sounding chuckle "Impressive Twilight's a wonder that Princess Celestia had chosen you as her own apprentince" his eyes gazed at the other unicorn "It's a shame you have to be held back all the time by your friends....and your loved one....otherwise, that power of could be farm more unlimited than what you have shown so far"

He pushed himself back to his feet again again.  Though he was much weaker than he was to begin with, he was still willing to fight still as he allowed for his horn to glow again.


"But Trixie can't rest and relax...." Trixie spoke as she started to move again, but winced as she did so "Trixie has to learn more spells now....she has to get that Twilight doesn't always have to rescue her all the time....Trixie can't rest...." she again, winced from her injuries, not wanting to take the advice in resting up.


Spitfire glanced to Rainbow "I would imagine we'll be able to get one on soon enough, now that this has been taken care of" she answered her, yet, she herself, glanced down to where Rainbow Dash wass, then back to Rainbow again "I'll be sure to tell you"

The Wonderbolt then flew off down to ground level, landing next to Rainbow Dash and giving her a smile "'s my girl doing?"


Pinkie Pie was now poking her head inside her party cannon, since the battle had finished, as if she was seeing how much ammo there was left in it.

Fluttershy on the other hand, was looking at the dials on the party cannon, in particular, the "Save Fluttershy" dial "Do you have a setting for every scenario on your party cannon Pinkie?" she decided to ask her friend.

"Yup" Pinkie Pie called back, head still in the cannon "Gotta be prepared for anything and everything and not just parties"
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"You can't learn new spells or how to fight till you've gotten all better & have rested." Spike said.


Velma, & Brooklyn each put a hand on Gnash's shoulder and he let out with a lighting blast from the power sword while Jason called down some lightning from the sky and Guilmon sent out a Pyrosphere so one group of enemies got hit several times.


Sara cast a spell.   Then she did a fly over of an area and breathed fire at it.  The spell's effect was that behind her was a very cold wind that came right after she had passed, exposing the enemy ground troops to first her firely breath then a very cold icy wind after she had past, so both extremes of temperature.    
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"Says the baby dragon that hasn't even been injured" Trixie muttered back a bit underneath her breath, feeling a bit annoyed as it was by what Spike was telling her "But....Spike does seem to have a point....Trixie....she will rest and try and get better before she does anything else" she added in, hoping that Spike would buy her little lie.

'Because the first thing Trixie is going to do when she gets to the library is find a spell book and learn a new spell' Trixie added on in her thoughts.
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"Level it " Stripetail  said iinto the radio, then turned it off,stepped forward and drew out his staff, 'Its time we end this" He said giving the unicorn a stare. " Get Twilight out of here' He said to the others. ' I'll deal with this one..
_ We'll head out then Kiara said relieved to be allowed to go back to join Kovu back at the ship, and to get the armor off..
_ Hopefully we can send out a distress call, Stripetail has a walkie talkie you, think you could try and tune the frequency so we get on that frequency? Nick said.
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The unicorn just seemed to just smirk slightly at Stripetail's words "I is indeed, time to end this right now....only one of us will survive...." he started, his horn starting to glow again, despite himself being signifigantly weaker than what he was at the start of the battle.

(ooc: But I take it that he's going to be caputured still, and not killed right? Also....there's nothing else to fight either, this unicorn is the last of the attackers)
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"What do we do now?  Looks like the fight's over." The blue said.

"We leave.  We came here since we were needed here.  Once we are no longer needed Power rangers leave." The Red Zeo/green mmp ranger said.  They summoned their flying motorcycles.

"To bad." The Blue said.  "I'd like to stay here a bit longer."

"That's how things are." The mmpr red ranger said.

"Maybe for the best." The orange ranger said.  

Once their flying motorcycles came, flying in at a fast speed, Jason and the others jumped up and landed on their flying cycles and took off at full speed, since they were no longer needed.  They zoomed off, returning to the tardis where it was secretly hidden.

"I need to finish putting in that transmat, though I do like using these, transmating around would be much faster." The Red Zeo/green mmp ranger said.

They got off of their cycles, then unmorphed.

"I would miss the cycles." Gnash said.

"You're not the only one." Brooklyn said.
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(yes he will be captured..)
 Stripetail shook his head " Young unicorn, you are no match for me, not even close..I have dealt with creatures who so far outstrip you in power as to render you insignificant..and I have bested them" stripetail's eyes narrowed and his left paw began to glow..
 The rest of Stripetail's team headed back.. towards the Spire of Winter.. relieved greatly to  have rescued the captives and dealt a blow to the slave trade on this planet..
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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"We shall see...." the unicorn replied back, still as calm as ever as his eyes gazed at Stripetail's glowing hand, while his horn continued to glow still.  Yet, as he did just that, he started to breathe a bit more heavilly, his weakened state starting to now take its toll on himself.


Trixie just sat down where she was, still doing her best to ignore the pounding headache she had....well, that was until she heard a roar in the distance.  Well, at least she thought she did as she let off a scream and quickly jumped behind Spike for protection.

Her head popped out from behind Spike as she gulped lightly "Trixie....she is hearing things, she thought she heard a roar Ursa Minor..." and again, she thought she heard a roar and ducked behind Spike again.

"Trixie must have hit her head harder than she thought...." Trixie added in as she gulped again "That....and Ursa Minors....they scare Trixie....especially after when that one Ursa Minor attacked Ponyville and destroyed Trixie's home....but then Twilight took care of it...." she sighed in content "Trixie just doesn't want to have to face another one.....since she is took weak to even vanquish one...."
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since I'm a stickler for rules, you may start us off.. I'm formal that way, and considering that you are weaker than you were before, and that even at full strength you wouldn't be a match for me I'll let you take the first shot. I suggest you make it count, because I will not let you have another..' Stripetail said.
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Spike looked around.  "I don't see anything.  Maybe its a strong wind high up, or some explosions far off.  There's lots of explosions, including that cool huge one that red whoever it was did.  And all the cool dragon fire." Spike said.  "But I don't see anything that looks like an Ursa Minor or Major."  He looked around again.  "Maybe its one of those, planes I think they call themselves.  They are pretty loud when they fly, not like a Pegasus or dragon flying.  They make a roaring sort of sound.  No idea why they are so loud when they fly."
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Pinkie Pie soon pulled her head out of the party cannon before seeming to just grab onto it and put it "away".

"Uh, where did you put that?" Riley asked the pink pony.

"My hammerspace arsenal, duh" Pinkie Pie replied back as she started to bound off, only for Fluttershy to take off after her.

"Wait Pinkie!" Fluttershy called out to her friend, stopping in front of her.

"Yes Fluttershy?" Pinkie Pie asked back with a smile upon her face, that normal, big grin of hers.

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry for ignoring you for most of the day, it's just that when you kissed me, I didn't know what to do! I panicked, and I just didn't want to talk to you, because I was only trying to figure out what to do for myself" Fluttershy replied back to Pinkie Pie as she sighed lightly.

"Sooo...." Pinkie added in, urging for Fluttershy to keep on going with what she was saying.

"Don't rush me Pinkie...." Fluttershy replied back with an annoyed sort of tone, sighing in annoyance again before she quickly gave Pinkie a small, light kiss upon the lips.

Pinkie in turn, just giggle at that before she smiled to Fluttershy "See? Wasn't so hard was it?"


Trixie nodded to Spike a little, glancing towards the sky at the living planes before she winced again from her pain in her head "Spike is probabally right, Trixie....she must be going insane...." she joked a little.


The unicorn narrowed his eyes at Stripetail slightly "You still seem to underestimate my own powers, I was able to hold my ground against a powered Twilight, without needing to use my full power myself....I am not to be taken lightly, even in my weakened state....once I take care of you, Trixie shall be next...after all, I can't allow for her to get away for helping out Twilight Sparkle in weakening me as such....but very well then, if you insist that I make a move...."

And in turn, his horn continued to glow, the aura of it turning black, the area around the two of them turning to darkness, shadows of ponies starting to rise up from the ground along with a shadow of what seemed to be a dragon "Take this creatue down...." he ordered, and in turn, the shadows lunged at Stripetail.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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Spike shook his head.  "not going insane.  Have you met the planes, or seen them flying?  If not then you may not know the noise they make while flying around.  It may have to do with how they fly, like trains make a lot of noise." Spike said.  "I wonder if any body has anything you can take for your pain." Spike said looking around to see if any doctor or nurse looking types that he could see.


Sara looked around from where she was in the sky.  "It looks like everything is clear, except for the wizard's duel, if that is what it is." She said, meaning Stripetail and the unicorn, in the dark area.
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stripetrail shook his head as a shield of white light appeared around him. ' you have never faced a magician of my caliber, Twilights powers are nothing compared to mine. you have made your movem and now i will respond. ' rewpellum   he commanded as the lunging shadows were deflected back  gretius magnum' stripetail roared and the area was filled with a bright, blinding light.. when the light faded the shadows had gone leaving only hi and thew unicorn left.. "did you really think defeating me would be THAt easy? Stripetail said stepping towards him..
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Rainbow, Lt. Martin and Captain Fairchild all flew over the complex, dropping their load of bombs. Explosions pocked the area as several tons of high explosives dealt a major blow to the black market of this planet.

"See ya at the airshow, Spitfire!" Rainbow called. She and the three other planes sped off back to the Spire of Winter.

"All right, let's blow this joint!" Captain Carson said. She hopped in her dune buggy and sped off. Rainbow Dash and Applejack jumped in just as it began moving.

"Yeah! We kicked some flank today!" Rainbow Dash crowed.

"We sure did, ah don't think those miscreants'll dare mess with us again," Applejack replied.


"Spike! Trixie! Fluttershy! Pinkie Pie! We're leaving!" Twilight called from one of the repulsorsleds. Mr. Bigmouth helped carry the injured soldier aboard. Zachary had started the sled's engine.

Ms. Swimmer went up to Trixie. "Trixie, I can carry you if you need it.
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Trixie shook her head "No, Trixie is fine...she'll manage...." she replied back as she turned and headed onto the repulsorsled that Twilight was on.  She took a seat next to her and looked to Twilight "Trixie is still sorry...." she muttered a little "If Trixie wasn't so weak....she would've been able to help out Twilight...."


Pinkie Pie just smiled to Fluttershy "See? That wasn't so hard, now was it?" she asked and bounded off.

Fluttershy just gave a bit of a hefty sigh at what Pinkie Pie had just said as she turned and followed her onto another repulsorsled.


"Riley, let's get going, if they're going to level this place, best we not stay in the vicinity either....and that is an order too" Jackson told Riley.

Riley just nodded back as she jumped onto one herself.

Jackson on the other hand, glanced to where Stripetail was and just stood there for a moment before he too joined the team and jumped onto a repulsorsled too.


"Hey, Dash" Spitfire started "Just a quick update, we will be preforming an airshow with the flying aliens there at some point, and of course.....I would like it if you join us as well....sort of, I suppose you could call it, preforming side by side with a co-captain I guess would be the title I was after" she spoke to Rainbow Dash and headed for a repulsorsled as well.

The other Wonderbolts on the other hand, had already left the area.


The unicorn just stood his ground "Very well, if that is what you wish to brag on about....then I do invite you to show me" he spoke, seeming to not be scared in the least bit himself.
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"Looks like everyone else is pulling out or getting ready to." Sara said, watching what the others were doing.  


"Are you sure it's safe for Trixie to move around or be moved?" Spike asked.  "Don't think of yourself as weak, but not use to doing a lot of fighting.  I'm sure Twilight can teach you, and books, as well a some of Princess Celestia and Luna's unicorn guards." Spike said.
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I don't brag , young unicorn, that is a show of arrogance, which i try to avoid whenever possible. i'm not going to kill you,but you are going to tell us what you have been doing, and how the authorities on this planet can shut your trade down..' stripetail said and gestured v' rewstarum morus! magical tendrils appeared and wrapped them around the unicorn binding him hoof and all. if you struggle against these bionds they will drain your magic away..
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"Shame too, and here I was hoping that you would show me what you are really capable of doing.  If you say that you could easily kill me, then I do wonder why you do not just go ahead and finish the job.  But, might I enquire as to why you would be lead to believe that I would just simply tell you as to what it is I have been doing? I do understand that my own life would be on the line regardless, but what I do wish to enquire in regards to that as to why I would just simply tell you.  It seems to be, as others would say, a rather long stetch....a rather dull threat, if you ask me" the unicorn replied back, not even bothering to struggle at all.

"So please, do enlighten me as to why I should tell you" he added in, still remaining calm, still not fighting back as his eyes gazed at Stripetail all the while.
Title: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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because killing you would not serve my purposes ' Stripetail replied. ; i only kill when i have no alternative, as for why you will tell me, well it is a matter of compelling you to do so. not by force, necessarily, but by reason. of course, every creature is different, and thusly i must adjust my strategy as needed. you have obviously been involved in the slave trade, given that you are here among the slavers, how long you have been doing it, i cannot say for certain, but i would imagine you are not new to the trade. your comment about twilight indicates that you see her as a rival, or at least a benchmark for your abilities. you want to prove your power, not only to others, but also to yourself.' stripetail gestured. 'i believe that, given enough incentive, you could actually turn out to be a useful ally. everyone has a price, whether it is power, money, respect, or authority. the question we will have to answer is, what is your price?" he added to the unicorn.'for now, you are coming with me' he gestured again and lifted the unicorn off the ground.
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"We shall see about that.  But I suppose I can offer you something in return, based upon what you have just told me.  If you are able to, as you put it, give me an incentive, then I will indeed, help you out in whatever it is that you require" the unicorn spoke back, still acting rather calm all the while.  But whether or not he could be trusted was another story altogether.

"By the way, we should be getting formalities out of the way, if we are to be speaking to one another for a while" he added in "I can't very well have you going around calling me unicorn, now can I? So if you must know, my Blackheart.  It is based upon my own special talent after all....working with black magic"

His eyes gazed around for a moment, then back towards Stripetail again "And to enlighten you upon said special talent, all ponies here have one....and I shall use Twilight Sparkle as an example.  Her special talent is magic, hence what her cutie mark looks like.  My special talent is a specific form of magic, black magic.  Hence why my own cutie mark is similar to that of Twilight Sparkle's, however, my one is still somewhat different, as it does reflect my knowledge on black magic"

And that's when he had an idea as he glanced to Stripetail still "Now, back to the subject of incentives, I do believe I have one for you to give to me, and in return, I will become an ally.  If you are able to help myself advance my study of black magic greatly....then I will indeed, be willing to help out in whatever quest you and your group are on.  Enough power to far outrank Twilight Sparkle....for starters anyway"
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Rainbow Dash smiled. "Yeah! I would love it! You oughta see what Rainbow can do! She's actually as fast as I am!"

"Okay you two, let's wait until we get back to Ponyville," Captain Carson said.

When Stripetail and his captive boarded the last repulsorsled, Mr. Bigmouth accelerated.

Soon, a long convoy of repulsorsleds and dune buggies were on the road out of Bridlehem and back to Ponyville
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Ah, we shall see about that. Blackheart is it? wellk since you have told me your name I shall tell you mine  Lord stripetail, at your service ' he said as he magically carried blackheart onboard the sled. " back to the ship! he said to the others.. "We will discuss any potential dealmaking there. but don't assume you can try and, as the humans say it, 'pull a fast one'. trust in these matters must be earned,and i am not particulasrly fond of the black arts although differenmt worlds define what is black magic differently, so we will have to see what you have in mind..
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Trixie's eyes gazed at Blackheart as her eyes narrowed at him "You almost killed Trixie!" she ended up yelling at him.

Blackheart just simply seemed to smile back at Trixie smugly "Which was a real shame, considering that I was after going through with killing you...." his eyes gazed towards Twilight, then back towards Trixie again.

Trixie just snorted back at him and looked to Twilight "Why is he even here with us? Trixie will not be working with him....she refuses to, after he almost killed Trixie...." she told Twilight, though gritting her teeth lightly as she did so.


Spitfire nodded back to Rainbow Dash "I know, which is why they'll be joining us in the airshow as well....I do have a small idea on what we would be doing in the airshow.  Most of the Wonderbolts will be flying side by side with Rainbow and her friends, while you on the other hoof-" she spoke, placing a hoof to Rainbow Dash's chest "I would love it if you could finish off with your Sonic Rainboom" she added in, lightly letting her nose touch Rainbow Dash's nose.


Jackson remained on top of the repulsorsled as he looked back at the town they were leaving before he turned around to look ahead.
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"You just rest Trixie.  I'm sure he's not a danger to any of us currently, especially with so many others around." Spike said, patting Trixie gently.  "We'll be back soon." He said.


Seeing they were getting ready to head out Sara decided to cast a spell so she would be invisible to visible light as well as sonar, radar and other things.  Then she could fly an Arial escort and no one would know, which could be an advantage if the group were attacked.
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Rainbow Dash blushed in response to Spitfire's touch.


Several minutes later, the convoy arrived at Ponyville. Applejack and Rarity got off one of the sleds and headed to Sweet Apple Acres. Captain Carson accompanied the two.

"Oh, hello Miss Carson," Granny Smith said pleasantly. She nudged a table with some apple turnovers towards the trio. "Snacks?"

"It's 'Captain Carson'," Captain Carson replied. She took one of the turnovers. "Thank you, Ms. Smith."

"My mistake. Such a polite young mare." She then turned to Applejack and Rarity. "You must be here to pick up the Cutie Mark Crusaders."

"That would be correct," Rarity said.

"Sweetie Belle! Scootaloo! Applebloom! Get over here now!" Granny Smith ordered.

Captain Carson sighed. She had more or less been forced into the role of Scootaloo's big sister.


"So is everypony heading back to your ship?" Twilight asked.

"Yep," Zachary replied from his position in the dune buggy's rocket turret.

"How wonderful! I would love to see your craft and learn all about it!"

Mr. Bigmouth frowned. "I advise you to not get excessively curious but we'll be happy to show you around as long as it's within reason."

"Understood!" Twilight could barely keep the excitement out of her voice. "Spike! Isn't this such an amazin opportunity? We're going to be exploring an alien ship!"
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As they arrived back in Ponyville, Trixie jumped off the vehicle, though wincing from the pain in her forehead still.  She glanced to Twilight for a moment "Trixie will be back" she spoke, giving Twilight a kiss on the cheek before she turned and trotted off towards Twilight's library, though again, wincing every so often.

As she arrived in the library, she concentrated as her horn started to glow...but her concentration didn't go so well as there was a loud crash and books had fallen off their shelves.  Trixie just groaned from that as she started to dig through the books, as if she was trying to find specific books "If Trixie's head was not hurting, this would be over so much more quicker...." she muttered to herself.


Spitfire smiled to Rainbow Dash and gave her a small kiss upon the lips "So, how does that idea sound?"


Jackson got off his vehicle and approached Stripetail.  His gaze did shift towards Blackheart for a moment, then to Striptail again "You sure it's such a good idea to bring him along with us?"


As their names were called, there was no answer for a few moments until Scootaloo was heard yelling out first "You just don't get it! If you were able to play along, then we still wouldn't be in trouble" she groaned in annoyance at Sweetie Belle as the three of them headed downstairs.
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"Yea, sounds cool." Spike said, smiling, his right thumb held up.  He was diffidently looking forward to that.  He looked at Trixie as she went off.  "Shouldn't someone be sure she goes to the hospital or a doctor to be looked after?" Spike asked Twilight.  


Seeing them safe back in POnyville Sara dropped her spell and went to Where she saw Jason and some of the others were at.  "have you seen Tarrax?" SHe asked.

"Last I saw he was flying towards the ship." Jason said.  "If you are going there you can take these.  They are some star charts with information of where the ship was going that Chong was on when it left here.  They can add it to the information and ata they currently have.  I tracked it the best I could using long range sensors, that's we weren't there for the battle I heard about." Jason said, pulling out and handing some paper with drawings and astrogation equations and stuff on them.  Though the tardis did the scanning & printing out he used that as an excuse to explain why they were not around, when they were in their ranger forms instead.  In case anyone over heard them since Sara knew at least Jason had some morphers and the others likely could.  Others may not know though.

"Thanks, I'll be sure to pass these along." Sara said, flying up to head towards the ship after she put the paper away.

((I left off the other ship's name with the bad guys since I can never remember it's name.)
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Captain Carson was the first to speak. "Scootaloo, I don't know what made you think following us into a dangerous area was a good idea!" she scolded. "I don't ever want to see you with us on any of our rescue missions unless you get permission from myself or Stripetail! As a punishment, you can forget about that hoverskiff piloting lesson I told you about a few days ago!"

Applejack looked at the CMC. "What the hay we're y'all thinking!? Bridlehem's not a place for fillies to be runnin' around it! Now ah want you to apologize to Captain Carson and the rest of the aliens for making their job harder!" she demanded.

Rarity glared at Sweetie Belle. "Sweetie Belle, what you did was not only extraordinarily unsafe; it was also extraordinarily selfish. Your adventures posed a hazard to Captain Carson. You have no right to jepardize that mare's mission in an attempt to gain your cutie marks. Now I want you to apologize to her!"


"Sounds awesome!" Rainbow Dash said. "Hey, why don't we meet with them and have them show off some stunts and then we could figure out how to work them into the show."

Aa if on cue, the four living planes touched down on a nearby grassy field.
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Riley walked up to Spike and Twilight, glancing to Spike as she did so "You seem to know what to do with Trixie, so why not you go and make sure she's alright? Unless Twilight here would rather check on her?" she suggested with a light shrug to boot.


Spitfire smiled to Rainbow Dash before she trotted over to the living planes "Rainbow Dash had an idea, which I do agree on.  Since we're going to be putting on an airshow, you mind showing off some of your stunts now?"


"We're sorry..." the three Crusaders muttered underneath their breath, but enough for the others to hear them.
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Spike looked over at Twilight, "What do you think Twilight.  Would you rather go yourself, I go, or both of us go, or wait till Trixie gets back?" He asked.


Sara soon arrived at the ship.


"Good food here." Guilmon said eating some of the food at the Cafe they were at.

"Indeed.  I wonder if the next place will have as nice of inhabitants as here." Jason said.

"Except for that one city." Brooklyn said.

"True, but the ones here are nice, and I expect that city is the exception rather then the usual." Jason said.
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he is our prisoner Stripetail replied to her ' and we will see what help he can give us,,his name is richly deserved, by the way..' he added 'lets take him to the ship and see what we can do with him..
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(ooc: It's him, not her....after all, Jackson is a dude XD)

Jackson nodded back to Stripetail "Understood" his eyes gazed towards Blackheart, then to Stripetail again "You have any plans on how you can keep him in cheek, to make sure he doesn't do anything to hurt or harm anyone else?" he asked.


Another loud thud was heard coming from the library as more books fell onto the floor.  Trixie rubbed her forehead as she gave off a groan "Sure, all Trixie wasnts is a few library books, but just has to make everything so difficult for her...." she spoke as she walked over to a nearby wall and placed her forehead against it before she just started to bang her head against said wall in annoyance, despite the pain already on her forehead.
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"Sounds like she is hurting herself more.  We should go there.  Maybe put her in the hospital like happened to Rainbow Dash." Spike said looking over to where Twilight Sparkle was.  Spike got ready to head off to where he heard all the crashing and such coming from.

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Riley looked to Spike, then over towards the library where the loud crashes were heard "Does she usually do any of this? I mean, hurt herself? Cause things to crash? That sort of stuff?" her eyes remained upon the library "Cause it already sounds like she's making a mess in the library....I'd hate to think what she's actually trying to do in there"

Her eyes then gazed towards Spike again "Unless you want to head there now, and perhaps Twilight can catch up to us as soon as she's ready?" Riley asked "I mean, seems to be the best idea right now, best stop whatever it is Trixie's doing in there before she hurts herself even more" she added in and already, started to head towards the library, but glancing back to make sure that Spike was following her.
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"No, usually it's Derpy who crashes into things and makes things fall and accidentally does damage, at times." Spike said as he started to run towards the Library.  "We may have to force her into the hospital.  I bet it'll take me hours to clean up." Spike said.
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"Well, sounds like a handful regardless" Riley answered back as she opened up the door to the library.  As she poked her head inside and saw the mess that had been made.  Her eyes glanced over towards Trixie whom was still lightly banging her head away upon a nearby wall, muttering to herself.

"So Trixie....what is it that you were trying to do in here exactly?" Riley then asked Trixie.

"Get some books together, but as soon as Trixie tried to use backfired....her head is still hurting...." Trixie muttered back a little.

"And yet, Trixie banging her head against a wall is helping matters" Riley asked back, yet, getting no answer from Trixie as she looked to Spike with a light shrug.
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"Trixie stop.  You'll hurt yourself more." Spike said as he ran over to where Trixie was to try to stop her.  "You should be resting, maybe in a hospital." Spike said as he ran over.  He did his best to try to stop her.
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"But Trixie does not need to go to a hospital....Trixie does not want to...." Trixie muttered back to Spike as she stopped, her head just resting against the wall by that point "Trixie hates hospitals...."

Riley glanced at all the books that were on the ground "Might I ask as to what you were trying to do? As in, what sort of books you were after? Cause it looks like you failed to find what you were after"

"Spell books..." Trixie glanced at Spike again "Because Trixie still needs to learn better spells than just summoning rockets...."
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"There is Modern Spellcasting, Twilight put that in the classics section." Spike said going over to the shelf where it was.  And Fundamentals of Magic and Magic for Beginners, are over on these shelves." Spike said going to those shelves. "Why they are not in the magic section who knows." Spike said sarcastically half to himself.  Louder he said. "Twilight has her own system to put the books on the shelves.  But you do need to rest.  maybe Zecora can whip you up a potion or something." Spike said.  "She never took my advice, to use the whole floor as one big shelf."

(ooc: I got the info on the modern spellcasting and where twilight would have shelved it from an actual episode. ;) )
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"Well, I ain't much of a stunt plane," Captain Fairchild said sheepishly. "So I'll stay grounded for this one."

"Neither am I, but I have a stunt known as the 'Seraph's Wing'," Major Lockie said.

"Spitfire, Rainbow Dash, those who are participating will showcase our signature single stunts and then if there's time, we'll some of our combined stunts," Rainbow said. "Major, you go first!" she barked. "Clear!"

Everyone backed away to leave space for the planes to take off and land.

Major Lockie's engines coughed and then started up with a dull roar as he taxiied down the makeshift runway. A few minutes later, he continued his flight but he deployed flares. Burning golden orbs streamed from his flanks from underneath his wings and belly. As the orbs arced through the air, they left burning streamers through the air. As they burnt out, the smoke took the rough form of an angel.

The living AC-130 then landed to applause from the gathered crowd.

Rainbow Dash gaped. "That's amazing! It's as cool as my Buccaneer Blaze!" She then quickly added, "Almost as cool."

"Eltee, your turn!" Rainbow barked.

Lt. Martin glanced around her, lit her engines and soared into the sky. She then proceeded to do a rapid climb on full afterburners, leaving a faint blue trail of fire with visible shock diamonds behind her. At the apex of her climb, she intentionally entered a spin and dumped fuel. As a result, she trailed a helix of fire behind her as she spiraled down to the ground. After the end of the stunt, she pulled out of the spin and finished off the routine with an aileron roll. She then landed to more applause.

Rainbow then dipped her head and moved all her control surfaces to ensure they were functional. "All right, I'm going to show off my two signature stunts - Pugachev's Cobra and the Fire Kulbit."

She then lit her engines and soared into the sky. After a few aileron rolls and some stints of upside down flying to get ready, she resumed her level flight path. She then pulled her nose up as if ready to climb, but she held that position and thanks to her initial speed and powerful engines, she continued forward in her "reared up" stance for a substantial distance. She then dropped back to level flight and got ready for her Fire Kulbit. She reared up as for her Pugachev's Cobra stunt but instead of dropping down to level flight, she leaned back in the air even more. As a result, the living F-22 essentially did a backflip in the air. To top it off, she deployed flares from her belly as she did so, essentially drawing a circle with brilliant gold fire. The circle was substantially larger that if she did a normal Kulbit but it was necessary to avoid being hit with her own flares.

She then landed in the airfield next to Rainbow Dash and Spirfire.

"So do we make it?" Rainbow asked expectantly.

Rainbow Dash held a foreleg to her chin. "I will say that your stunts are really, really good but Spitfire's the one who makes the final decision."


Mr. Bigmouth and the rest of the Pelvanida group were watching the impromptu airshow.

"The Angel Flares are amazing, no matter how many times you see it," Dr. Zanasiu said as he sipped a cola he bought from a nearby stand.


Twilight Sparkle had arrived inside her library. "Trixie!" she scolded. "You shouldn't be using magic in your condition!"

She then turned to Spike. "Spike, the aliens were willing to lend us two of their medics. Do you want to see their ship? Captain Carson seems to be rather eager to show it off."

At her words, Mr. Bigmouth and a Spire of Winter medic entered through the door. Mr. Bigmouth had his messenger bag filled with first aid supplies (both from the ship and herbal mixes of his own concoction <an herb garden was provided for his use>)

Mr. Bigmouth went up to Trixie. "Trixie, I need to scan you with this tricorder," he said, showing her the instrument. "Then I can treat your injuries."
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Trixie looked at Twiligth for a moment "But Trixie is fine!" she insisted, even though it was obvious that she wasn't at all fine "Trixie just wants to get some reading materials together is all"

Riley folded her arms "You really should listen to Twilight and the others, it's for your own wellbeing" she told her, glancing at Mr. Bigmouth, then to Trixie again.

Trixie just fell silent at that point, eyes still upon Twilight before she just let off a hefty sigh "Fine....even though Trixie said she was fine...."


Spitfire just watched as each of the stunts were preformed, then looked to Rainbow Dash, then back to the living planes once again and stepped forward "Of course they are, I mean I did already promise that you were allowed in the airshow, I just had to see what you could do so that I could figure out a good way to have the show play out"

"Gonna need a bit of time to get something together" she paused for a moment as she looked to Rainbow Dash again "Got a place where I can work on the gameplay for the airshow? If you want to as well, you can help me out" she told her, giving her a light nuzzle too.
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"Yea, you should just relax and rest.  You can read books while you are resting and getting better." Spike said, trying to be helpful.  He looked around at the mess.  "Guess I better get started cleaning up." Spike said as he got started picking up the books to put them away there they belonged.  


"Sounds like the noises from there are stopped." Said one background pony glancing towards the library to another as they walked.  "I wonder what was causing it."

"Maybe one of Pinkie's wild parties." Another background pony said as they both walked along.
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Rainbow Dash led Spitfire to Sugarcube Corner.

"Hello dearies, what can I get for you?" Mrs. Cake said pleasantly.

"Just two chocolate cupcakes," Rainbow Dash said.

Dash then occupied a table in the corner of the bakery.


Twilight lay down next to Trixie. "Trixie, I know its hard but you need to rest and let your body heal itself."

Mr. Bigmouth examined the readout from his tricorder. "It appears several of your ribs are broken and you have internal injuries along with multiple cuts and bruises. I suggest you avoid physical exertion."

He then opened his messenger bag and started rooting for the necessary supplies.
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Trixie just sighed back a little, glancing at Twilight "Trixie knows that....but Trixie doesn't want to rest....she wants to get better with magic...." she muttered to herself, eyes turning to Mr. Bigmouth as he explained her injuries.

She just looked to the side at that point with a light gulp.  Though her eyes did glance back to Mr. Bigmouth rumaging through his bag, which just caused Trixie to shuffle backwards a bit "Trixie is....she is....fine....really...." she tried to argue back, unsure of what Mr. Bigmouth would be pulling out of his bag " must be reading that thing wrong....try it again" she spoke, doing her best to let off a little smile "'s....broken....yeah, that must be's broken...."

Riley eyed Trixie and what she was doing and looked to Mr. Bigmouth again, whispering to him lowly so that Trixie couldn't hear her "What's up with her? She just seems to be acting, well....weird"


Spitfire followed Rainbow Dash inside and glanced around, but before she could take another step forward, Derpy poked her head upwards from the bottom "It's you! That Wonderbolt! You're like, awesome!" she practically called out as she took a few steps backwards "I've seen you preform a few times myself, and I've even tried to be like you too....but I keep on messing things up...."

Spitfire's eyebrow arched as she looked at Derpy, then over to Rainbow Dash "A friend of yours Dashie?" she asked rather curiously.
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"You can read while you are resting and healing." Spike said.  "or do we need to have Twilight Sparkle cast a sleeping spell on you.  Or maybe I should ask Applejack or Big Macintosh to tie you down in bed to ensure you get rest." Spike said.

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(Twilight's Library)

Mr. Bigmouth shook his head. "It's correct. My eyes and ears tell the same story; you need to rest and avoid physical exertion."

He then pulled out a single dose vial of an emerald green liquid from his bag  and handed it to Trixie. "Drink this; it'll help with the pain."

He then turned to Riley. "I've seen this before; people who pretty much ignore doctor's orders or refuse to believe they're seriously injured," he whispered. "She'll realize how serious her injuries are and that she should take medical advice seriously."

The Spirarian medic turned to Spike and Twilight. "If you two want to tour the ship with Captain Carson, you'd better hurry. Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejackare outside with her."

Seeing the look on Twilight's eyes. Mr. Bigmouth spoke. "Don't worry, we'll make sure she gets her needed rest.


(Sugarcube Corner)

Rainbow Dash nodded. "Derpy, I'd like you to meet Captain Spitfire."

She then turned to Spitfire. "Major Lockie's much slower than either us, Rainbow or Lt. Martin. Coupled with his trick of flares, it would be much safer if he were at the end. Lt. Martin, could be paired up with the other Wonderbolt. As for Rainbow, her Fire Kulbit and my Sonic Rainboom can b the main act.
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Stripetail led his group back onto the ship. " Go find your partners everyone" Stripetail said to his team "  take the rest of the day off you deserve it after helping deal with the slavers."
_ Kopa deactivated his armor, his mane was matted with sweat.. " thanks Stripetail. I'm going to go find Vitani and Kovu and hang out with them for awhile..
We'll tell them what we've been up to' Kiara added " it will certainly be an interesting tale, although I'm not sure if we should tell mom or dad.."
One by one the rest of the team headed their own ways..
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"Yea, we should hurry if we don't want to be late." Spike said to Twilight Sparkle as he looked at her.  "You do want to go don't you, I know I do." He said with excitement in his voice.  


Sara looked over at Terrax, "How are you doing?" She asked.  She had found someone to give the star chart paper that Jason had printed out with the info on the enemy ship's path based on what information he could get from the long range sensors in his tardis.  


"I wonder what the others are doing." Gnash said to the others he was with.  

"Resting & recovering." Brooklyn said.
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Trixie looked at what she was given and sighed, using her horn to levitate the vial in front of her as she sniffed it.  Her facial expression changed to disgust, but she took a deep breath before she took a sip of it.  And her expression just changed again, indicating that she was indeed, even more disgusted by the taste of it as she started to spit out what she had taken so far and started to just gag.

Sure, she was overreacting a bit in regards to the drink, but she still didn't like it at all, which Riley only let off a small little laugh at that....only to have the rest of the vial thrown at her by Trixie in annoyance.

Though luckily, Riley managed to catch the vial and just held it in her hand "Lucky, wouldn't want this to spill" she spoke looking over to Trixie.

Trixie just looked at Riley for a moment, then looked to the side before she turned and headed off towards Twilight's bed, grumbling to herself as she did so.  All that was heard from Trixie were the words "books", "magic", "learning" and "fine"

"So, who's going to watch her? Make sure that she gets the rest that she needs?" Riley asked, looking to Mr. Bigmouth and Twilight in particular.


Derpy just looked at Spitfire for a moment then over to Rainbow Dash "Are you two on a date?" she asked straight away.

"You could say that" Spitfire told Derpy, only for the other pegasus to let off a quick little laugh.

"Sorry, was that out loud?" Derpy asked, doing her best to sound innocent in regards to the laugh she had let off.


Jackson looked to Stripetail "What about him?" he asked, motioning to Blackheart "I take it you'll be taking him to the ship?"
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of coiurse I am.. and we will be questioning him at length to see if we can make a deal.. whether w will, naturally, remains to be seen. do you have any fresh news on the search for the phoenix?' Stripetail asked/
 Phoenix" nick carried the box of supplied on the ship.. they were a bit lighter as he had snuck a couple out of the box and put then into his pocket.. ' You two are late" chong sneered..  as they ebntered. " we are heading to another planet for supplies and refuelinmg.. get back to work..
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Jackson nodded back before answering Stripetail's other question "No word as of yet, both Aimee and Darwin are working on it still, but as I've said, I've heard no word back from them on the progress of it just yet.  But I assume that Darwin will be the one that's doing most of the work, while Aimee is just over-seeing everything" he replied back.
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(Spire of Winter)

The radio officer gasped as he received a transmission from Nick. Granted it was very faint but audible. He quickly recorded the transmission and set the ship's AI to find out where it came from.

He then activated the ship's intercom. "Darwin and Aimee report to the radio room immediately!" he barked.


(Sugarcube Corner)

Rainbow Dash nodded as Derpy spoke. "Yeah, we're dating."

She the turned to Spitfire. "So Captain, here's my plan for the airshow. You, myself and Rainbow will fly over the crowd first and then we will climb and then split off into three separate flights. Then Lt. Martin and the rest of the Wonderbolts will enter in their diamond formation. Then on cue, the formation will split apart.  Major Lockie will then enter with his Angel Flares. Finally we will finish off with Rainbow's Fire Kulbit; at the same time I will try to do a Sonic Rainboom through the middle of that circle of fire. Sound good?"


(Twilight's Library)

Twilight Sparkle bounded out of the library. "Come on Spike! We're gonna be late for the tour!"

She hopped into the waiting dune buggy with Captain Carson and Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.  

"Hey, what took ya?" Captain Carson asked as she started up the dune buggy. "Ready to go?"

"Yes," Twilight said.

Captain Carson stepped on the accelerator and the vehicle sped off towards the starship.
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Scooby and Dixie had reunited and were stopping at a Winterville shop to get a midafternoon snack. there were sandwiches pies and sweet rolls. clank was sitting at a nearby table checking up on the holonet.. vitani was sipping from swome water while Kovu and Kiara were in line looking over their options.. both lions were figurinbg out what to do wit  the coins Stripetal had given them..
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"Right." Spike said as he ran along a bit behind Twilight Sparkle.  He jumped up once he was at the dune buggy and climbed into it beside, or close to, Twilight Sparkle.  "Wow, I wonder what we'll see." Spike said all excited.

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(Spire of Winter)

"Seems like they've got something" Darwin spoke up "Shame too, that I couldn't actually get a proper signal to lock onto, but we might as well go then, see what all the fuss is about"

Aimee nodded to Darwin "Good call" was all she said and the two were off, heading for the radio room.

Upon entering said radio room, Aimee spoke up first "Have you got something for us?"


(Twilight's Library)

Riley remained in the library herself, taking a seat on the ground, back up against the wall.  After all, she was just after some rest herself, even if it was just to sit down for the time being.  Well that, and to keep an eye on Trixie herself.

Trixie on the other hand, had entered Twilight's room....only to head to the back balcony area, sitting down, chin resting on the railing as she did so "Trixie doesn't need rest...." she muttered to herself, eyes gazing to Twilight who had gotten onto the vehicle and watched as it just sped off.

But as it left, Trixie moved, climbing up onto the railing and jumping towards the nearest branch, then to another one and before long....she had made it to the ground and walked off, just grumbling to herself as she did so, not wanting to even try and rest up and instead, headed to a nearby cafe, sitting at one of the tables available and ordering herself a hay shake.


(Sugarcube Corner)

Spitfire listened to Rainbow Dash's suggestion and nodded to her "That actually sounds good, I can picture it right now all coming together" she smiled and in turn, nuzzled Rainbow Dash, before her gaze fell upon Derpy again.

Derpy put a hoof around Rainbow Dash, bringing her in for a hug herself "Rainbow Dash is in love, Rainbow Dash is in love, l-o-v-e, loooove" she sang a bit off key.


(Dune Buggy)

"Oh! I bet we'll see some more aliens" Pinkie Pie spoke up in a spooky sounding voice, well, as spooky as she could make it anyway.

"You really think so Pinkie?" Scootaloo spoke up....revealing that her, along with the other two CMC had seemed to have snuck out of the farm house and onto the dune buggy as well.

"Yeah, at least they'll recognize you as being one of them" Apple Bloom added in to tease Scootaloo.

Scootaloo just groaned back and in turn, just shoved Apple Bloom away somewhat "Haha, very funny Apple Bloom" she deadpanned sarcastically to her friend.
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Agumon and Agumina were on the other side of the city just walking around, Above them Spyro , Cynder, Dulcy and Samia where Flying together, cynder and Samia were chatting about wing repair, while Dulcy and Spyro kept to themselves. the two girls were a bit older than Spyro and Cynder, about a years difference, although for dragons a year was not much of a gap..
- Tigress and Tiger had stopped in front of the town meat market, gazing at the various cuts of meat.. " all this place is missing as a sports stadium Tigress said.. " And a video arcade' Genki smirked.
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"Yes, I wonder how long we'll get to remain here." Brooklyn said, sitting in the cafe with the others.  

"I expect not to much longer, since we'll have to chase after whatever his name is." Jason said.

"Can't remember his name?" Velma asked.  

"It's not that.  His name isn't really very memorial, and he's a pretty petty bad guy overall." Jason said.

"Aren't they all?" Gnash asked.

"No, some are pretty complicated.  & there are others who you have to wonder if they are really bad guys or not." Jason said.  

"Like that Sith that fights evil, using sith stuff." Guilmon said.  

"Yes, the blood squad member." Jason said, not saying anything further.
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(Spire of Winter)

The radio officer nodded. "I got a transmission from Nick. It's real faint so I'm having the computer try to find out where it's from. Unfortunately, even with tachyonic communication, it still takes several minutes to reach us. But it's better than nothing."


(En route to starship)

Captain Carson's hair curled as she heard the CMC talking.

"Who-" she began before Applejack cut her off

"Easy Captain, ah'll watch them to make sure they stay out of yer mane," Applejack said.

Captain Carson bit her tongue to avoid swearing as she continued driving.

"So Captain, what'll we see on the tour?"

"Whatever you want but there are some areas I will not show you due to security concerns."

Several minutes later, the group arrived at the vehicle bay. Captain Carson, Applejack, Twilight and Rarity disembarked. All around them where vehicles of all sorts - ranging from hoverskiffs, dune buggies and hovertanks. And in their own dedicated section of the vehicle bay were the living planes who were busy chatting.

"All right, so what do you want to see first?" Captain Carson asked
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Nick meanwhile was back at his job.. slaving away at the stove for Chong who was currently looking over a map of the nearest constellation.. the only inhabited planewt is Monstertopia 17 parsecs away' he muttered still its better than nothing.. we need more recruits and some will need to check up on Kratis in the dingeon.. I nominate-- Kerzach for that job Chong smirked.._
 Spire of Winter
Stitch and gel were walking along claw in claw as they strode on the artifical beach- Winterville afterall had nearly every type of scenery packed in a small area- except for desert quicxksand filled jungle and frozen mountain peaks..
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The three fillies seemed to just grin amongst themselves as they hopped off the vehicle "Don't worry Captain Carson, we'll behave" Scootaloo spoke up first as the three of them just stood there, smiling brightly as three halos appeared above their heads, to show that they were nothing more than three little angels.

"Yeah....what is on this big ship anyway?" Apple Bloom asked next "Anything, I to do?"


(Radio Room)

Darwin approached the radio officer and looked over what he was dealing with before turning to Aimee "I'll be right back, trust me" he spoke and turned, heading out of the radio room.

Aimee nodded as Darwin left before turning to the radio officer "What's the message about anyway? Some sort of distress signal? And might I ask if there's any word of a girl called Hailey as well?"



Trixie just sat at the table, hay shake on the table now, not using her magic, just in case she would hurt herself in doing so.  After all, she knew that her head and horn were as sore as anything, but that wasn't stoppping her right now as she just lazily started to sip at her hay shake.
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"I guess those are places where you keep gems." Spike said, getting out of the vehicle to go over and stand next to Twilight Sparkle.  "Though I think gems should be in the pantry or kitchen, so they would be handier."  Spike said.


"So what do you want to do next?" Velma asked sipping her chilled apple juice drink.

"I'm not sure yet, how about the rest of you?" Jason asked looking at the rest.

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(Radio Control Room)

"Oooh! Oooh! Is she your very best friend in the whole wide world of Equestria!?" Pinkie Pie's voice rang out as she was seen just standing there, next to Aimee.

Aimee looked to the hyperactive pink pony, blinking a few times in suprise "Where did-? I mean, how did you-?"

"Something important to do with the plot, duh" Pinkie Pie rolled her eyes back "Fluttershy's here too!" she added in, motioning to Fluttershy who was indeed, also in the room.

"I uh....I actually don't know how I got here..." Fluttershy added in herself, a little more quietly herself, but not by too much.
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Miss Kitty and Tiger were tanning on the Winterville beach, with artifical sunlight coming down on the from somewhere high above them..' this is actually not a bad place' kitty said as she wore a purple bathing suit.. 'hopfully once this mess is over you ad i can go to that island with scooby and dixie. you and scooby can play golf while dixie and i work on our tans.. i stink at gollf though.. the buffet bar, now thats the ticket ' dixie showed me the pamphlet kitty smiled ' thees 5 buffet courses a day all you can eat..
 tigers mouth began to water.. stop kitty you're making me hungry! Kitty chuckled
 spyro and Cynder stopped for ice cream at Winterville maalt shop. the manager a phino was surprised to see the dragons there..
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[Spire of Winter]

(Radio Room)

The radio officer yelped and reached for his pistol as Pinkie Pie suddenly appeared from a cabinet that should