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Happy October, everyone! Please keep in mind that the tie-breaking votes and the appreciated member voting for the annual forum awards will be occurring this month. The voting for the fanfiction awards will also begin once the tie-breaking votes are concluded

Additionally, for the month of October we have a new character showcase. Please give Bron a a warm welcome as his herd comes in for a visit!

Character Showcase 2021: The Year of the Supporting Character


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Good evening, everyone!

We admins were quite impressed with the Character Showcase over the previous two years.  It never fails to attract a lot of discussion and debate concerning our favorite characters.  For this reason the Character Showcase will be renewed for its third Cold Time. :yes

We have decided that 2021 will be the year of the LBT supporting character.  From the selfless love of Littlefoot's Mother, to the mysterious rainbowfaces, to the mothers of Ducky and Petrie, they will all be getting a showcase this year.

So without further commentary, here are the rules for the 2021 Character Showcase!
Beginning on January 1, 2020 we will be celebrating our favorite Land Before Time supporting characters through the return of the forum's character showcase!  :)littlefoot  Each month one of the major guest characters or parents from the LBT series will be showcased on the forum’s news header, will be featured in our active topic buttons, and will have a special showcase topic dedicated to them.

These showcase topics are not meant to be overly formal matters but rather are supposed to be open for fanworks and discussion about these characters.  That being said there are some basic rules for posting in these topics that will be enforced to keep things moving smoothly:

The characters to be showcased:
Jan - Littlefoot's Mother
Feb - Rooter
Mar - Topsy
Apr - Archie
May - Littlefoot's Grandmother
Jun - Doc
Jul - The Rainbowfaces
Aug - Mama Swimmer
Sep - Mo
Oct - Bron
Nov - Mama Flyer
Dec - Tria

1.Within each showcase topic, people can discuss the characters, post fanart of them, or post short fanfics concerning them.

2. To prevent the topic from being overburdened with long posts, any fanfic concerning the featured character should either be limited to less than 1500 words, or, if the story is longer than that, you should host it on a fanfiction hosting site and link it here with a brief description of the story. 

3. There will be no set contest for the resulting fanfics and fanart in the showcase topic (this is just for fun), but they can be cross-submitted to the respective prompt challenges if they also qualify for the active monthly prompt for that challenge. For details on those challenges, and to check what the requirements for those are, you can find the fanfic prompt challenge rules here, and the fanart prompt challenge page here. Also, regardless of qualification, the resulting showcase fanfics will be added to the fanfic prompt challenge masterlist as an addendum so that they can be recorded for posterity.

4. The showcase topic will not prevent the discussion of other characters elsewhere in the forum, but the discussion and fanworks in the showcase topic should be limited to the featured character.

5. And, of course, the usual forum rules shall apply.

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Looks great! I've enjoyed these immensely and am happy to see them return for a third Cold Time.

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For some reason ai am not seeing Topsy this month, but instead Little Foot. Hmmm...
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Yeah since I've started going back to University I haven't really had time to make any new icons for the showcases unfortunately.


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Yeah we kinda stopped doing them 'cus Flathead is in uni again & 'cus I have too much going on in my personal life to focus on making the icons. We can still swap them around from time to time to different characters since we have a bunch stocked up now, though.