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Sequels Personal Ranking


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Hmm... I will try to make my own list.
Exact places may be not correct, I just know I like some movies more and others like less. I grouped movies in "()": I - very like, II - like, III - less like, IV - minimum like.
There was no movie I absilutely hated, even XI, XII, and especially XIII, yeah, from the very start I defined them as the lowest movies, but the most distant for me after first watching was sixth one, I believe.
Due to losing huge potentioal, as I told in my review, LBT 14 is still balancing between group II and group III.
I also have a very strange relationship with Big Freeze, so it is balancing between minimum liking and less liking. XD

1. Mysterious island (I)
2. Journey through the mists (I)
3. The great longneck migration (II)
4. Journey to Big Water (II)
5. Great Valley adventure (II)
6. Journey of the brave (II-III)
7. The stone of cold fire (III)
8. The time of the Great Giving (III)
9. The big freeze (III-IV)
10. Invasion of the tinysauruses (IV)
11. The wisdom of friends (IV)
12. The great day of the flyers (IV)
13. The secret of Saurus Rock (IV)


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I forgot to post on this topic before? Well, let's do it now. :p

1. Stone of Cold Fire (easily best plot and characters, imo)
2. The Mysterious Island ( I love the first half and best overall songs)
3. The Great Migration
4. Secret of Saurus Rock (I think it's severely underrated)
5. Journey of the Brave
6 Journey Through the Mists
7. Journey to Big Water (These are the films I actually consider good while the rest are mostly forgettable or silly)
8. The Great Valley Adventure
9. Big Freeze (I'd want to like this but damn, Tippy drops the rating)
10. Time of the Great Giving
11. Invasion of Tinysauruses (could rank higher without Tria and Big Daddy)
12. Great Day of the Flyers
13. Wisdom of Friends (very original, I know)


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Well, I only recently gave them my own ratings with someone on, so I might as well put them here...

I'll do them in reverse order from worst to best:

13. The Wisdom of Friends
Don't even get me started. Need I say more?

12. Invasion of the Tinysauruses
The overall story was just ridiculous, and the characters seem completely out of it. (Honestly, since when would Ducky and Petrie want to kill some tiny dinosaurs? I mean, seriously!?) No. This whole movie was just a joke.

11. The Secret of Saurus Rock
Doc simply left me feeling unimpressed, and the twins were pretty annoying. Even the story might have had room for improvement.

10. The Great Valley Adventure
The story was a bit confusing, and the Egg Stealers seemed to have no ambition. I think this one convinced the producers to really step it up in the later sequels.

9. The Great Longneck Migration
I'd say it was okay. Room for some improvements here and there, but otherwise decent. Also, Kiefer Sutherland's voice was spot-on.

8. The Time of the Great Giving
Here, we simply have one of many examples where the adults don't try to do something until it's too late (or almost too late). The idea of bullies in the Great Valley I thought was a good piece of morale.

7. The Great Day of the Flyers
Even though Petrie is my favorite character, right next to Ducky, this story was good for the most part, but Guido was simply an annoying piece of filler material.

6. The Mysterious Island
Very good story, and the characters developed very well. The adults' actions again seem questionable, but other than that, we at least got to see more of Chomper's developing story.

5. Journey of the Brave
This was a definitely an improvement over its absolutely terrible predecessor, but not quite top-notch. Where's Shorty? And what about more of Chomper and Ruby's story? Oh, and Wild Arms was just as bad as Guido, but not quite compared to those ... no. I refuse to speak of them.

4. Journey to Big Water
I thought the songs in this one were pretty good, and it was all capped off by a very nice story. The only problem I had was a lack of swimming sharpteeteh. We only saw like a few of them; not enough for that intensity we got in the first movie.

3. Journey Through the Mists
Simply a heart-touching story of trying to save a grandfather's life by taking a treacherous journey while trying to avoid being eaten by some not-so-cunning villains. Ichy and Dil definitely lacked in character, but other than that, it's what got us into that Littlefoot x Ali idea.

2. The Big Freeze
Ducky seemed pretty harsh in this movie, but I loved the way her character developed throughout the movie. She really grew up a little. Surprisingly, even Aria Curzon herself disliked Ducky's attitude in this movie!

1. The Stone of Cold Fire
Ah, where do I begin? You've got four great friends, but your uncle has arrived and has a plan that just might destroy your relationship with all your friends and some of their families, and you may potentially never be looked at the same way again. Petrie had to go through so much in this movie while his uncle Pterano wreaked havoc over a supposed magical stone. What a great story! Much like Ducky in LBT 8, Petrie goes through major character development here, as his own family problems damage his morale. Pterano was an excellent character, and I keep wondering if he'll ever reappear. The only things missing are the story of Cera's family, and why didn't we get a proper reunion scene between Ducky and her mother?
Suddenly, I've written so many fanfics that I can't possibly list them all! :P

Ducky x Petrie forever! :)petrie :duckyhappy


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#1: The Big Freeze (VIII). One of the ones that's hard not to cry during. The plot's really good, with the only really inconsistent thing being Mr. Thicknose claiming he'd never been outside the valley when he had to have left during Mysterious Island. Mr. Thicknose was an engaging and interesting supporting character, and of course Ducky and Spike's arcs were nothing short of amazing.

#2: Journey of the Brave (XIV). In terms of objective aspects like animation quality, soundtrack (including songs), and writing, I think this is actually the best of the sequels, even if I personally prefer Big Freeze. The primary conflict was engaging and actually focused on the main characters, the supporting characters were will done in terms of being interesting without taking focus away from the main ones, and everyone actually acted in-character. I also really liked that it has a nuanced moral: "Don't just recklessly charge into danger to help others, but sometimes, it's worth it to take risks for those you care about."

#3: The Great Longneck Migration (X). I overall like the plot and think they handled bringing Littlefoot's father in late in the series in the most... respectful way possible, other than the explanation of why he went missing not completely working. The reason for the great migration and gathering seems a bit silly though, and why would Littlefoot's family know about the crater and the fertile lands between it and the Great Valley when they migrated from far away? Oh, and I wish they could've brought Ali back at least briefly.

#4: Journey Through the Mists (IV). Plot has really serious stakes, characters have good reasons for leaving the valley and making the decisions they did (mostly), and good performances by the VAs. But there's a lot of small nitpicks that lower its score for me, like the villains being non-threatening, and weird cartoon physics stuff like that one branch hitting Dil repeatedly which distracted from the overall darker tone.

#5: The Time of the Great Giving (III). Again, an overall good movie brought down by little things. My point about ineffectual annoying villains still applies. Also, I'm probably in the minority here, but I actually think the later sequels had overall high-quality animation than the II-V era, in terms of things like expressions and avoiding animation errors like drawing body parts the wrong color.

#6: The Stone of Cold Fire (VII). Like others have mentioned, Pterano's one of the most interesting villains in the series, and while in the end it was kind of a shaggy dog plot I mostly enjoyed it. Not great songs though, and I wish the Rainbowfaces had been more... subtle. I'd have loved to see years of arguments over whether they were aliens or not!

#7: The Mysterious Island (V). The first half of this was looking like a really good movie, with everything mostly fitting together logically, characters being, well, in-character, one of the best songs in the entire series... but the second half, pretty much from when Chomper starts taking them to the hiding place, just falls apart and is a mess of action sequences that don't really change anything. Also, while 'Always There' is one of my favorite songs from the franchise, 'Big Water' and 'Friends For Dinner' are two of my most-hated.

#8: The Great Valley Adventure (II). Well, I like the basic plot, but Ozzy and Strut are kind of obnoxious, dialogue is actually not as well-written as some of the later movies, and the songs? This is one of a small number of movies in the series where I genuinely don't like any of the songs. Most of them have at least one good one.

#9: The Great Day of the Flyers (XII). Both the main plot (Petrie's important rite of passage test) and the subplot with Cera and Tricia are interesting and compelling, but I strongly dislike the way the test ended up being resolved, and the "be yourself" message was applied really poorly since flying in formation is an actual life skill flyers would need to know. Guido, however, was just plain obnoxious, and added a ton of pointless padding. The movie would be greatly improved without him.

#10: The Secret of Saurus Rock (VI). Err... the main plot was just not that interesting, Littlefoot was IMO out-of-character for much of the movie, and trying to shoehorn a Western theme into this franchise worked out poorly. Honestly the Cera/Dana/Dinah subplot was a lot more compelling and I wanted to see more of that explained. Oh, and another one in the "I disliked all three songs" category.

#11: Invasion of the Tinysauruses (XI). Hoo, boy... Almost the entire valley was totally OOC, starting basically the equivalent of a lynch mob and attempting to murder other creatures over... flowers? The Tinysauruses themselves were just... who thought this was a good idea? The only good thing about this was the Tria subplot and the death of Cera's mom finally being acknowledged (basically).

#12: Journey to Big Water (IX). Mo is a flat-out TERRIBLE supporting character, and every aspect of the plot revolved around him, so he completely took away the spotlight from the main characters. He clearly didn't need any help, and it was bad enough that most of the cast had to be forced into going with him by an earthquake. If he'd actually had a believable reaction for a child separated from his pod and lost all alone in an unfamiliar place, and the gang had helped him (and he genuinely needed their help) because they know what that's like, that would have made for a much better movie. Oh, and I strongly suspect a Walking With Dinosaurs cash-in, given that the two aquatic characters are literally the same species as the focuses in Cruel Sea.

#13: The Wisdom of Friends (XIII). I... good lord. Literally the only thing that even remotely approached being good about this movie was Cera complaining about everything else. It starts out mediocre, then becomes terrible the instant the Yellowbellies show up. Despite apparently being targeted at pre-schoolers it even managed to have a bad moral for the kids: don't worry about following safety rules or thinking your actions through, just trust your feelings and do whatever like these guys who are too stupid to remember their own names!


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As of a few days ago, I have watched all fourteen Land Before Time films, many of them for the first time ever. In honour of this, and in honour of my 800th post on the Gang of Five forum, I too shall rank them in order from best to worst.

The original film is still by far and away my favourite, but I did enjoy most of the sequels. And even the weaker ones still had redeeming qualities. I've talked about the original film in my introduction thread, a more detailed overview in the Tell Your LBT Story thread, a script/deleted scenes overview, and a few posts here where I talk about some of the film's emotional moments.

But anyway...

The Great Longneck Migration:
Despite my general preference towards the earlier sequels, and despite this being the first film to not use any James Horner music, this one was a real treat. The storyline catches the right balance of being epic and adventurous and magical, while having good character development. It was also interesting to see how the rest of the Gang fared on their journey during Littlefoot's absence. I likewise enjoyed how, upon finally reuniting with his father, Littlefoot is actually confused and upset and doesn't warm up to him right away... although conversely it leads to my one nitpick with the film in that I wish Littlefoot had stayed angrier at Bron longer. He seemed to get over it just a little too quickly. But overall, I was thoroughly pleased with this one.

Littlefoot505 mentioned in my intro thread that he thinks this should have been the last LBT film, and I might have to agree with him there. Unfortunately, things kinda went downhill for me after this...

- (See my original review here.)

Journey Through the Mists:
I had a hard time picking The Great Longneck Migration over this, but they might be interchangeable. Either way, the story and the cast are highly enjoyable. As Dalekdino mentioned, this one has a bit of an edge to it. Grandpa Longneck falling sick was a truly emotional moment, and it makes you all the more determined to see Littlefoot succeed in retrieving the night flowers. Ichy & Dil made for fun, entertaining, unique villains. Their dynamic was great.

And of course, Ali. I'm still sore that she never showed up in another film. She fit in so nicely with the rest of the Gang! Although it does make her appearance here all the more precious.

- (See my original review here.)

The Mysterious Island:
I love the journey in this one, especially how it's divided into two distinct halves. While normally it seems a bit unbelievable how the kids always run off on adventures without the adults, here their solution to prevent the dinosaur herd from splitting apart is actually really clever. It shows the great camaraderie these kids have developed, how they've almost become more of a family to each other than to their actual families. Although, unsurprisingly, their running off still leads them into trouble. :rolleyes

Regardless, this was one of the most consistently fun and exciting of the series (even if I wish it had lasted a bit longer). Next to the very original Sharptooth, this film has the best villain. The Plated Sharptooth was genuinely threatening.

- (See my original review here.)

The Time of the Great Giving:
Seems to be among the most polarizing of the bunch; people either really like this one or they really don't. I'm in the former camp. I enjoyed the poignant story and the themes of bullying, parenting, and empathy, and the film delivers a good lesson in that sometimes other people aren't as different from you as you think. While I had a difficult time warming up to Topsy's character throughout the series, he has some lovely character development here, and his speech to Hyp's father is profound. I also like how the film ended up redeeming the bullies and Hyp's father instead of excessively vilifying them. And the Gang themselves are, of course, still loveable and endearing. Especially Littlefoot and Cera; it's touching to see how far their friendship has come since the first movie.

- (See my original review here.)

The Big Freeze:
The Sharptooth was underwhelming, and like with Mysterious Island I wanted this one to be longer and more fleshed-out in places, but overall it was pretty solid. Ducky and Spike take center stage and both of them are developed very nicely. For the first time, we get an exploration of what it means for Spike to be an adopted member of Ducky's family. The winter landscapes were atmospheric and gave us yet another memorable setting. The snowball fight is a great standout scene. Ducky's mother and Tippy's mother are both loveable characters as well; too bad we didn't see more of them in the series. It was also great that Mr. Thicknose got to be part of the adventure. The adults coming along on the kids' journeys is something I think should've happened more often.

- (See my original review here.)

The Great Valley Adventure:
The first sequel was a strange experience. I think part of my problem is that I found the musical numbers and the comic relief villains incredibly jarring compared to the first film, whereas I started to get used to it after a few more sequels. Thus, the first half of Great Valley Adventure was kind of a slog, although it did pick up in the second half. Despite the singing and the goofy villains, it's also closer in tone to the original than most others, which is a plus. More than any of the other films, there was a strong, contrasting mixture of some things I really liked and other things I didn't. I think I'd need to see this one again sometime to form a more concrete opinion, whereas most of the other sequels I'm confident in how I feel about them. Still, when you mesh all the good and bad things together, this probably comes out as one of the more middle-of-the-road entries.

- (See my original review here.)

The Secret of Saurus Rock:
Another hotly-contested one. While it isn't one of my absolute favourites, there are still things I enjoy about it. I liked the western vibe and the whole idea of a heroic, legendary dinosaur who turns out to be real. The "bad luck" added a nice touch, especially since there's an element of ambiguity to the whole thing. Those parts were all well done, and it gave the film a nice mythical and magical touch that some of the other sequels are lacking. Related to that, Grandpa Longneck telling the kids campfire stories was genuinely endearing. However, other aspects of the story felt too low-key, and not nearly as exciting as it could have been. Doc is an interesting character, but he was a bit underutilized despite being the main guest star.

I dunno, it just felt like the ideas for the storyline were solid, but the execution was underwhelming.

- (See my original review here.)

The Stone of Cold Fire:
Compared to Secret of Saurus Rock, this one has a distinctly more adventurous feel, which I liked. However, the execution felt a little sloppy. Hard to explain why. It was sort of the opposite of Saurus Rock, which has a lower-stakes plot but was executed more consistently. Still, having aliens in Land Before Time is so bizarre it's awesome, and the titular Stone of Cold Fire is a neat concept. This is another sequel that has more of an edge to it than most of the others, as Pterano's backstory is surprisingly morbid and tragic, although the character himself I didn't know what to make of. Along with his two goons, their motives were kinda confusing.

Again, there were a lot of good ideas here. I just wish they'd been better realized. But I may have to see this one again sometime to form a more definite opinion.

- (See my original review here.)

The Great Day of the Flyers:
Unlike Saurus Rock, this one works better as a low-key story. Our favourite flyer Petrie gets some nice development, and Guido is a fun supporting character. As Dalekdino mentioned earlier, it was satisfying to have Topsy fall in the mud and get laughed at by everyone, even Cera, and then later with Tria bossing him around. Finally someone who can put him in his place. :p

That said, I still had a few issues with it. Tricia was cute, but she seemed to be little more than just Dinah and Dana Part II (speaking of which, whatever became of them?). The "be yourself" moral was groan-inducing, and I agree with IHC that the resolution to the flying test was likewise unsatisfying. And the film's final act dragged on too long. The aspect of Guido's sleepwalking was also strange, and I wanted to know more about his backstory but was left feeling short-changed.

- (Didn't do a proper review of this one, though I talked about it a bit in the Guido Showcase.)

Journey of the Brave:
I find that the last installment of a series tends to go one of two ways; it's either the most amazing of them all or it's a let-down. This, unfortunately, was the latter. After Wisdom of Friends, I was hoping for a good palette cleanser and a good final film to cap off my LBT marathon. And gratefully, it is better than that film, yet I still came out feeling let down. Not the worst installment, but for sure the most disappointing. Compared to the memorable settings and themes of the other films, the adventure in this one felt generic.

One thing I did enjoy was, as with The Great Longneck Migration, we get to see how the remaining four members of the Gang manage without Littlefoot. I also liked the idea of Bron returning, but it didn't amount to much considering he only really appeared at the very end. And where the heck is Shorty? Even with the Yellowbellies gone, the film was still overly silly in places, and tonally the series seems to have become so far removed from the original by now. Then again, perhaps I was just burnt out on LBT by this point, especially since I watched films #11-14 in very short succession.

Quote from MF217: "Considering Bron went missing, I was expecting one thing and one thing only that would've skyrocketed this film to Number 1 had it occurred; for Bron to be killed off. The audacity to make that decision would've easily made this film to be my favorite of the sequels; because it just goes to show how easily any of the characters could die by doing what they do in their lives, just like how the original movie proved this."

^I had a similar thought while watching. I knew it probably wasn't going to happen, but I agree that Bron dying would have improved the film.

Journey to Big Water:
Mo was obnoxious, and the storyline just wasn't that interesting. I don't entirely blame the creators, as it's understandable that maybe they were getting worn down with the series by this point and/or were having trouble coming up with good ideas. It happens. Although even there, the series seemed to keep getting more and more light-hearted as it went along. Not an inherently bad thing, but it did stray further and further from what I loved so much about the original film. If they couldn't keep a similar tone to the original, I wish they'd at least kept the tone of the early sequels. I did like the part with "Mrs. Mama", but that was the only real standout scene for me.

Overall though, this one was just dull more than anything, unlike the below entries which fall into campy territory.

- (See my original review here.)

Invasion of the Tinysauruses:
This has the worst plot of any of them. The whole thing is a mess, albeit an entertaining mess. Thankfully I wasn't bored while watching. Still, the set-up with the tree-sweets and Cera teasing Littlefoot was strange, Littlefoot being so upset about said teasing seemed out-of-character, the dinosaurs acting so threatened by the Tinysauruses was nonsensical, and the Tinysauruses themselves were lame. Even the film's title is lame. :p I also wish they could come up with some more interesting antagonists; at this point Sharpteeth were becoming the go-to villains for the franchise. The only real bright spot was Tria. Yet another guest character whom I wish had been a more regular fixture of the series.

- (See my original review here.)

The Wisdom of Friends:
Despite everything, I actually think there's a good story buried in here somewhere, with the Gang guiding another lost group of dinosaurs towards their own valley sanctuary. The broad premise is intriguing. Too bad the whole thing plays out like a bad comedy. There were some mildly entertaining parts; among them being the Gang's exasperation at the buffoonery they have to put up with. I likewise enjoyed the Sharptooth quartet. But yeah, overall, I have to agree that this is the least good of them all. The Yellowbellies were annoying, and just... yeah... :/

I did notice some interesting parallels to the first film, which were fun to spot:
Spoiler: ShowHide
In the first film, the gang comes across a rock that looks like a Longneck that leads in the direction of the Great Valley. In Wisdom of Friends, they find a rock that looks like a Yellowbelly that leads in the direction of Berry Valley. The search for Belly Valley itself was reminiscent of the kids trying to find the Great Valley in the original. Another similarity during the final Sharptooth/Sharpteeth confrontation; in the original, Cera yells out "I'm coming!" before ramming the boulder, whereas here she yells, "I'm coming, Doofah!" The way the Sharpteeth get knocked off the cliff via boulder and fall a long way down also reminded me of Sharptooth's defeat in the original. And then, immediately after the Sharptooth/Sharpteeth are vanquished, the kids find the Great/Berry Valley. Even the shot of them standing on a plateau looking down into Berry Valley is much like the Great Valley reveal shot.

However, it doesn't really speak well of the film that my favourite moments were the ones that reminded me of the original, does it? Even Loofah agrees with me.
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Condensed ranking:
- 10/10: The Land Before Time (#1)
- 7.5/10: The Great Longneck Migration (#10)
- 7.5/10: Journey Through the Mists (#4) (Original rating: 7.25/10)
- 7.5/10: The Mysterious Island (#5) (Original rating: 7/10)
- 7/10: The Time of the Great Giving (#3)
- 7/10: The Big Freeze (#8) (Original rating: 6.75/10)
- 6.5/10: The Great Valley Adventure (#2) (Original rating: 6/10)
- 6.5/10: The Secret of Saurus Rock (#6)
- 6.5/10: The Stone of Cold Fire (#7) (Re-review rating: 7/10)
- 6/10: The Great Day of the Flyers (#12)
- 5/10: Journey of the Brave (#14)
- 4/10: Journey to Big Water (#9)
- 4/10: Invasion of the Tinysauruses (#11)
- 4/10: The Wisdom of Friends (#13)

- TBD/10: The TV series

(Update: Added ratings)
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Very good 800th post!
Nice text, Stardust.


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I have yet to see JOTB, so it'll be excluded from the list.

1. The Great Longneck Migration
2. The Great Valley Adventure
3. The Big Freeze
4. Journey Through the Mists
5. The Great Day of the Flyers
6. Journey to Big Water
7. The Secret of Saurus Rock
8. The Mysterious Island
9. The Stone of Cold Fire
10. Invasion of the Tinysauruses
11. The Time of the Great Giving
12. The Wisdom of Friends
Now that I've seen LBT 14 and taken some time to think about it, I'll have to place it between...9 and 10. Which means I find it better than LBT 11 but not as good as LBT 7.


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It's been a while - about a year and a half - since I've watched all fourteen of the movies in a marathon, so some of these might be different if I were to rewatch any of these right here on the spot. Nevertheless, ranking time, best to worst:

- #1) The Land Before Time IV: Journey through the Mists (1996) - I think that, of the sequels, this is the strongest, and the only one I really think stands out as truly good, even if it isn't very good. The only severe problems I really have with the movie are with the main antagonists; given the timing of me writing this review coinciding with a month dedicated to these characters, I'll elaborate on why I don't really like them elsewhere. Regardless, 7/10.

- #2) The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire (2000) - There's a lot to like here, from the decent plot and enjoyable songs and especially the pterosaur antagonists, who are as interesting as they are entertaining. If not for the dumb ending twist, I think this would be on par with IV, but I still think that the movie is worthy of an alright 6.5/10.

- #3) The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island (1997) - Again, there's a lot here worth liking, like the okay story and some good moments ('Always There' is a highlight), what I think are The Mysterious Island's strongest points are the action setpieces: the tsunami on the land bridge, the shark and the log and everything with the ugly-looking green sharptooth (Giganotosaurus? Carnotaurus? another Allosaurus morph like the featherheads are?), especially its inexplicably bloody fight with Chomper's parents. However, I have gripes with it; I think that some of the characterization is rough in places, namely with how stupid Spike is, and I've never been fond of Chomper randomly being able to talk without any explanation. Still, 6.25/10 isn't a bad score.

- #4) The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving (1995) - Another alright one, with a good plot with a good tone, some entertaining villains(?) and a fun climax with some Spielberg-style velociraptors. I think the movie suffers in its pacing though; scenes like Littlefoot being dismissed as a bad influence and the kids trying to wake up Spike go on for much longer than they should, and the movie in general feels slow. But, for all of its pros and cons, I think that the picture levels out to a 6/10.

- #5) The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze (2001) - Past the top 5 and beyond the realm of decency lies a tale of a Pachyrhinosaurus voiced by Rafiki running around in the snow with a bunch of little kids and Spike being whisked away by Koda from Brother Bear; don't worry, the story isn't as dumb as I'm making it out to be, and I would argue that it is actually quite sweet, even if it is far from the strongest out there. Beyond the alright story and the fantastic song 'Family', not a lot here is all that remarkable; both the new and returning characters are 'eh', the rest of the songs range from mediocre ('The Lesson') to bad ('The Mad Song') and it doesn't exactly end on the most breathtaking note (Ducky slept well that night... how thought-provoking). But if you want a simple, heartwarming story, there is much worse out there than The Big Freeze. 5.75/10. On a side note, some odd inconsistencies with the other sequels - especially the fact that, apparently, there have never been any other spiketails in the valley besides Spike before this movie - suggests something to me about the Land Before Time universe that I'm not confident has been suggested before... or should I say, universes?

- #6) The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave (2016) - The latest and not exactly greatest entry in the franchise, barring a 30th anniversary playset and some TV series compilations on YouTube. JoTB is a very mixed bag; some elements are strong (Etta, the story, the sharptooth designs and the scene where the main posse arrive at the volcano) while others detract from the experience ('Hot and Stinky' is a real stinker, the diggers were pointless, there's an abundance of cartoon sounds for some reason and the ending was rushed), and some elements still are middling, like the new voice actors - I think they generally do a good job at capturing the spirits of their respective characters, with the glaring exception of Barry Bostwick as Littlefoot's grandfather. All in all, eh - 5.5/10.

- #7) The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration (2003) - Perhaps the most ambitious of the Land Before Time sequels, the movie shines in several ways - the traditional animation and artwork (especially the beautiful backgrounds) are the best among the sequels, 'Bestest Friends' and its credits rendition are wonderful, the pacing is pretty fast and the new characters are, as a whole, likeable. Unfortunately, this is only one side of the story; the rest of TGLM is either mediocrity or pretty heavily botched, between the terrible computer animation, the mediocrity of the other songs, the middling story and Bron and his backstory mauling the world and story of the first movie. What I think is the movie's worst aspects are the Tyrannosaurus trio that the characters fight near the end, which are utterly pathetic wastes of cartoon flesh, and the climax, which (largely thanks to the awful tyrannosaurs) is all-around terrible and ridiculous. There were plenty of ingredients here for something strong, but the final product is just another drop in the bucket of platitudinous-ness. 5.25/10.

- #8) The Land Before Time XII: The Great Day of the Flyers (2007) - Whereas The Great Longneck Migration sits in this region of the list for trying to fly high and constantly crashing into things along the way before landing with a broken wing and a scratched-up beak, this little movie lands in this spot because it doesn't really do anything of note. The plot is uninteresting fluff, the CGI is very poor, the message is generic (and perhaps not executed in the greatest way; "forget abiding by the rules of this rite of passage, be yourself!"), and there really isn't anything exciting here; the only thing that really stands out is a phoned-in Spinosaurus attack before the climax, and even that is a pretty lame scene. However, nothing here is terrible, and there are a few merits - the songs are actually pretty strong as a whole, the characters of Guido and Tricia are welcome additions to the series, most of the humor is surprisingly on-point and Cera shines as a character. I think the very middle rating fits here - 5/10.

- #9) The Land Before Time XI: Invasion of the Tinysauruses (2005) - Unfortunately, there's nowhere else to go here but down, down into the tunnels that the tiny longnecks call home. Right off the bat, I don't like the story; the entire feature being based off of a bunch of miniature sauropods being framed for eating flowers off of a tree because Littlefoot is a coward doesn't sit well with me, and the too-long runtime and prosperous stupid characters (especially the adults) don't help matters. Not everything is bad - I liked Tria and her subplot with Topps and Cera, and there is a very small moment where Littlefoot alludes to Cera's mother - but there isn't enough here to say this from a 4/10.

- #10) The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock (1998) - Alright, good stuff out of the way first: Doc is really cool, there are some fun shots that play with lighting and 'On Your Own' is alright, but that's about all that VI has going for it. I'm not against the idea of a western with dinosaurs - scenes that toyed with the concept were some of the better parts of the generally-middling The Good Dinosaur in my book - but, aside from Doc and Littlefoot's goofy fantasies about him, the western angle is more just an overlay to a story about Cera being the aunt of two supremely annoying baby threehorns and the Great Valley being threatened by bad luck of all things. Besides Doc, I don't really like any of the characters here; Littlefoot, Dana and Dinah are egregious examples, Littlefoot for his annoying obsession with the Lone Dinosaur and Dana and Dinah for every last thing they do. But what kills the movie for me is its blood-boilingly bad climax, which has to be seen to be believed. 3/10.

- #11) The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure (1994) - I know that a lot of people here like this one, but I'm sorry, I thought that this was a really hard sit, maybe because I don't have much nostalgic attachment to any of the sequels. The biggest and most destuctive problem here is how unabashedly boring it is: there isn't a shred of tension or excitement and the plot moves at the speed of a brick. This is compounded by horrible animation and the worst triad of songs the series has ever put out. There are a few tiny consolations; the villains are reasonably entertaining, Chomper and his parents are okay and the art itself is pretty alright; but nothing can shake the feeling of this being nothing more than a cheap cash-grab. 2.5/10.

- #12) The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water (2002) - There are a few things here that shine, like the Liopleurodon being one of the greatest sequel sharpteeth, the animation and art being high-quality and 'No One Has To Be Alone' being a strong number, but, without using the B-word, I'll say that there is a song in the movie that sums up the picture very well. Besides that, Mo is annoying, the tone is generally very light, and the song 'Imaginary Friend' stands out to me as the single worst song in the movie series. Even the climax, which is generally pretty strong, is ruined by Mo randomly showing up, inexplicably having survived what could have been an emotional gut-punch and a potential savior for what was otherwise a slugfest, and explaining that he escaped the sharptooth swimmer off-screen. As a whole, I don't think that this movie deserves anything more than a 2.5/10. Just watch the episode of Walking with Dinosaurs that this episode feverishly ripped off took inspiration from, 'Cruel Sea'.

- #13) The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends (2007) - Plenty have said their pieces here, so I'll be brief; the story plagiarizes the first movie's, the yellowbellies  (especially Doofah) and their special brand of "humor" are atrocious, the protagonists are so unlikeable that they make the horrifically-treated sharpteeth look like the real heroes by comparison, 'Say So' is lyrical garbage, and not a single exciting thing happens in the movie's runtime. I liked two things - the opening scene with Grandma and Littlefoot and a small joke with Littlefoot and Cera - and I thought the other two songs were so-so, but nothing can save this thing from a 1/10.

So, that's it from me; if there's a thread like this for TV series episodes, maybe I'll share my thoughts on the 12 episodes I could stomach to watch, who knows.


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Here's my personal ranking of the 14 movies, including the original:

And I think my movie ranking would go somewhat like this
14. LBT VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock (snore)
13. LBT V: The Mysterious Island (First half was good. Second half is literally everyone except Littlefoot and Chomper being unlikable little snots)
12. LBT XIII: The Wisdom of Friends (Infamous one. This one just kinda bored me, though the Yellowbellies had their funny moments)
11. LBT XIV: Journey of the Brave (*Scott the Woz voice* It was fine)
10. LBT XI: Invasion of the Tinysauruses (*Scott the Woz voice* It was fine)
9. LBT II: The Great Valley Adventure (*Scott the Woz voice* It was fine)
8. LBT IX: Journey to Big Water (*Scott the Woz voice* It was fine)
7. LBT IV: Journey Through the Mists (Nice stakes, funny villains and cool new characters, but not as memorable)
6. LBT X: The Great Longneck Migration (Pretty surprising plot twists and a fun climax)
5. LBT III: The Time of the Great Giving (Great character focus and nice songs)
4. LBT XII: The Great Day of the Flyers (Awesome songs, nice Petrie and Cera focus and introduces my favorite character)
3. LBT I: The Land Before Time (Don Bluth :p )
2. LBT VII: The Stone of Cold Fire (A fascinating plot that differs from the LBT norm and great new characters)
1. LBT VIII: The Big Freeze (FINALLY gives Ducky a chance to shine, great songs, fun new characters, an emotional plot and just overall a great ride :duckyhappy )
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1. The Wisdom of Friends (I had only recently decided that this is my favorite LBT sequel)
2. The Great Longneck Migration
3. The Great Day of the Flyers
4. The Stone of Cold Fire
5. Journey Through the Mists
6. The Time of the Great Giving
7. The Big Freeze
8. Journey to Big Water
9. The Great Valley Adventure
10. The Mysterious Island
11. Journey of the Brave
12. The Secret of Saurus Rock
13. Invasion of the Tinysauruses
Keep in mind that this is based on memory because I haven't seen the sequels in a while besides XIII. I think I may have a problem.
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I love the Yellow Bellies.