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New Land Before Time emotes for Discord/the forum

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It's something that's been going on on the Discord channel, with Rhett being the almighty lord and saviour (every time the Rhett bot announces that someone levels up, some of us respond with M'lord)

Lol, now that's funny! Quite the polar opposites in terms of how the forum memes Rhett, and how the Discord channel memes him. :lol

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There's really only 3 of us who do it on Discord. For me it started out as joking about how great Rhett is since everyone seems to hate him. Vojeds is the one who took it the step further to deify him.


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^If you move your cursor to the emotes, it will reveal who made them. :M'Rhett

Well...the first day that these emotes were released for usage on the forum, it didn't say who made them. And to be quite honest, at first I thought the Rhett emote was made by Ducky123 simply because the M'Rhett resembles the signature that he had.
Aye indeed, you can always hover over emotes to see who made them (if that information is available to me). I have to add that info when creating the emote, so it should be available immediately :)

These two were made by Vojeds. I do not have any interest in reviving this project since it got less and less submissions and I don't feel like chasing people for it ;)


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Well then, I will draw them individually then.

Just, since cancellation, a lot of new awesome emotes appeared, from different people. I thought it would be interesting to make competition again.  :chompysmile


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