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I'm back! With an old Laptop!


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So, I'm back!  Now at near full capacity.

I had some keyboard problems with my laptop.  Basically, I had to press down hard on nearly half the keys for them to register, sometimes resulting in the letters in question registering more than once.  Frustrated, I chose to do a deep cleaning of the keyboard.  Let's just say it didn't go well and some of the keys don't work anymore.  Needless to say, those keys are useless now.

After wasting money on a new computer that didn't even boot properly, (So much bloatware!  Thing will NEED a reformat.) and finding that I can't upgrade the ram in it, (soldered onto the motherboard.) I decided to give an old Toshiba Laptop I had a shot.

Well, the start was promising.  It was able to boot, but it was slow.  I figured all it needed was a ram upgrade.  Had some trouble finding some, but found some on Newegg that wasn't guaranteed to be compatible, but seemed promising.  So I gave it a shot.  IT!  FREAKING!  WORKED!

So, after that, I am now near full capacity.  Thing still needs a battery replacement, (Doesn't hold much charge, so it needs to remain plugged in.) but other than that, it's doing well.  Very well, in fact.  I should be fine from here on out.

During this time, I wasn't on much for various reasons.  However, now things should be good.

I'll be job hunting soon. (Want to go back to daytime for various reasons.) So wish me luck on that end.

So yeah, that's why I was gone for the last couple of months.  Sorry I wasn't around during that time.  I'm back now, though.

Here's hoping I stay this time.