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Blanking the Slate

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zula finished putting the food away then moved to the coach to relax' ' is there a place i can sleep ' bianca yawned. ' i mean, i nodded off on the coach here, but thats not something i want to get in the habit of. i just want a room, that i can store some clothes and have some privacy. ' well, this a rather small apartment' Zula said ' theres only 1 shower. so if you want one and i;'m already  taking one then well just have to share a shower.' " i'd be ok with that' Bianca said.' alright, then.i usually take a morning shower around 10, and an evening shower when i get home from work. since it is so late tonight, i'll think I'll hold off until tom morning. unless you want one, i suppose." I'm really tired, so why dont we hold off on the shower until tomorrow? right now, if you could just show me to my room. 'I'll just crash onto it most likely ' Bianca yawned ;' Follow me then" Zula motioned with her claw.
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