The Gang of Five
It is quite fitting that the sweltering hot days of July arrive right when the gang confront the barrens of the Mysterious Beyond in the fifth film showcase.  It is almost like us admins planned it that way or something.  :bestsharptooth

This month in the Monthly Showcase we are featuring the Land Before Time V.  Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in that topic.  Additionally, there is a new fanfiction prompt challenge for the months of June July, please check out this topic for more information.

Fanfiction Guidelines


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I believe that only applies if you wish to participate in the fanfic prompts! Tagging @rhombus since he'll know :)


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I found the post that mentioned that rule, and it was indeed for the prompt event. I think I'll go ahead and upload the fic when it's ready and if I'm wrong then Rhombus can correct me.
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