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Found this old review of The Land Before Time saying it's too "sappy"


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Here are some highlights from this interesting little review here"
"The movie is well suited for an audience of 4- to 5-year-olds."
"What it doesn't have, however, is anything that makes it worthwhile for an adult to watch."
"The story is not just simple, but simplistic, and the emotional content is broadly but shallowly drawn."
"Another reason why The Land Before Time doesn't weather adult viewing well is that it's sappy. Extremely sappy. In fact, if it were any sappier, it would have to carry a warning label for diabetics."
So all the trauma and death shown throughout is suited only for babies, huh?


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Oh, these reviews...  :rolleye

One thing I'm pretty sure about is that original LBT was meant to be for general auditory, both children and their parents. Many of raised themes in the movie leaves a good food for grown ups, and its general atmosphere supports this.


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That site doesn't even look legit like IMDb. It looks like it had a popular phase in the 2000s but then crashed and burned yet they're in denial.

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LBT1 is basically "nightmare fuel: the movie". I have no idea what this reviewer is even talking about.
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