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The forum will have some maintenance done in the next couple of months. We have also made a decision concerning AI art in the art section.

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January 1, 2018

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The obliteration of the Photobucket icons begins
With a new year comes a fresh start and an opportunity to look at those tasks that remain incomplete in our lives and to make resolutions to fulfill them.  And the last year certainly left us with a task on the forum that needs to be completed.

After discussing the matter with the other admins it has been decided that action needs to be taken to resolve the lingering glut of Photobucket ransom icons in the Caption topics of the forum.  To assist in this effort we have given special editing rights for the Caption Me sections to Ducky123, DarkHououmon, Littlefoot505, and Fyn16.  They will be tasked with retrieving images from Photobucket wherever possible and, where that isn't possible, to move dormant caption topics to the Old Captions archive.  Though they will have some limited moderator powers over those sections they will not be moderators, and should not be asked to deal with spam or other moderator-related tasks. ~Rhombus

This Month's Featured Topic
It's time to obliterate the Photobucket ransom images
It's time to obliterate the Photobucket ransom images

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