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Tear of Acceptance

The Friendly Sharptooth

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Tear of Acceptance


“Fun fun fun!
Mo love to play!
Mo will join game,
At any time or day.
Mo hope that not annoy Cera…

Laugh laugh laugh!
Mo love a good joke.
Mo tell them sometimes,
And listen when they spoke.
Mo hope that not get on Cera’s nerves…

Swim swim swim!
Mo love to move.
Mo do jumps and stands;
Mo really in the groove.
Mo hope that Cera not get disturbed…

Help help help!
Mo love to be of use.
Mo save the day,
When bad swimmer on loose.
Mo hope that Cera appreciates it…

Blow blow blow!
Mo love making bubble face.
Mo’s will be biggest!
Yeah, it’s a race!
Mo hope Cera doesn’t mind…

Squeak squeak squeak!
Mo love to talk.
Mo talk to anything!
Well, maybe not a rock.
Mo hope Cera doesn’t get irritated…”

Cera (having heard):

“Mo! I see you love fun,
And enjoy to play.
That you exchange jokes,
During any old day.

It’s clear you like to swim;
You really get going.
You offer your help,
Without ever slowing.

Creating lots of bubbles,
Is something you do.
You never cease to talk,
All the day through.

Well let me tell you!
(Mo cowers in fear.)
If I had to name,
A friend who was dear,
That I love and admire,
I’d name one who’s here.
Can’t guess who it is?
Then let me be clear.
It’s you, Mo, I adore.
So don’t worry or fear.”
With that, they did hug,
Both grinning from ear to ear.
As Mo’s heart leapt with joy,
Down his cheek, flowed a tear.


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What a great peom.  You haven't done any other works have you? :angel



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What a lovely and heartwarming poem. :Mo :wub :smile :spikeblush :CeraHAPPY
I'm saving this. :D

@StardustSoldier: It's almost as if this poem was made for the two of us...🌟💜🧡

Discord! I'm howling at the moon! And sleeping in the middle of a summer afternoon...


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Friendly Sharptooth did write this with us in mind. Even though it was written back in 2011, they were able to see into the future and knew not only that we'd be joining, but also which characters we'd identify with.
 :ChomperImAwesome :^^spike

...oh wait, wrong characters, but you get what I mean. :D