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Favorite and least favorite episode


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Favorite: Umm a tie between The Legend of The Story Speak cause Grandpa has a major role and The Big Longneck Test cause it focuses on Littlefoot and his dad.

Least: The Canyon of Shiny Stones *shudders remembering Oops-Eeps*


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Hm...I'd say my favourite would either be Escape from the Mysterious Beyond or The Hidden Canyon. Although it seems a little far-fetched the resident authoritarian sharpteeth of the Mysterious Beyond would get defeated by a few fruits, the plots on both of these were fairly intense, especially in comparison to other episodes.

My least favourite? Not overly sure, though I'm not too big a fan of most of the episodes after The Lonely Journey. They just seemed to be running out of ideas after that, and there was a lot less reference to true danger that made some of the previously good plots, although Return to Hanging Rock was pretty good.


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Neither where my favorite. But if I had to pick one I'd say Through The Eyes Of A Spike Tail.


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The Star Day Celebration, Days of Rising Waters, The Hidden Canyon, The Hermit of Black Rock, Return to Hanging Rock, March of the Sand Creepers and Search for the Sky Color Stones stand out (in a positive way) among the outer episodes.

If I had to choose a favourite it would be Return to Hanging Rock.

As least favorite The Bright Circle Celebration and The Amazing Threehorn Gril are a tie.


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I've now come up with my least favorite episode:

The Amazing Threehorn Girl: I hated the plot for this episode. This has been so overdone in kids films that it makes me sick. It's one of the most cliche plots in all of writing and can generally be a sign of just laziness. Now granted, the tv series had a few episodes with bad plots, but this one takes the cake for me. On top of that, Cera didn't even want to the credit. She tried to tell them the truth, but Petrie and Chomper kept interrupting her. She only goes with it because she gives up trying.

Oh, and do we need to bring up the subject of bad adult singing again?


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Well, I did not like many of the episodes to tell you the truth.  Even though the episodes were made for a younger audience, I feel that the writing was often simplistic even by those standards.  That being said, I did enjoy two episodes in particular.

My favorite episode would probably be the Big Longneck Test.  I enjoy this episode because we get to see Shorty's leadership style in contrast with Littlefoot's.  Even though both have obviously passed unofficial leadership tests (Littlefoot and the events of the first film; Shorty and leading the group of much younger longnecks prior to meeting up with Bron) the episode shows that Shorty has established a more authoritative leadership style, whereas Littlefoot had a more participatory style.  Shorty's authoritatian style is what one would expect from one who, by necessity, had few equals (few friends, in this context) and had to lead subordinates (the very young longnecks) to safety, whereas Littlefoot's more participatory style is what one would expect from one who has had experience taking the contrasting and sometimes clashing personalities of a diverse group of individuals (the gang of five).  

The differences between the two styles of leadership highlight some of the development that Littlefoot has had since the first film.  In the first film Littlefoot had no leadership experience, which was apparent in his inability to resolve disputes and difficulty in motivating his companions.  However, after the experience in the first film and the sequels, Littlefoot's leadership abilities, although inconsistent, were noticeably more robust in my opinion.  This episode presents several questions for me: "Like Littlefoot, will Shorty begin to establish a more participatory style after dealing with others in a more evenhanded fashion, and thereafter have the maturity to perhaps pass the test one day?" and "Is Shorty's authoritarian leadership style actually best suited to his particular species?"  It is important to note that we know rather little about the leadership structures of the various herds.  Perhaps Bron's leadership test would not be suitable to test leadership qualities in other longneck species?

Wow, that was a lot of exposition!  I had better move on to the rest of my reply.

My second favorite episode would have to be the Star Day Celebration.  Since Ruby is my favorite character, I enjoyed the fact that it focuses on her and establishes how she got into the valley.

My least favorite would have to be The Bright Circle Celebration.  I find the apparent moral of the episode to be absolutely abhorrent.  Its message seems to be that those who dare to dissent in their beliefs are in the wrong and that one should simply adopt the established views of the community.  I find that the story does a disservice to those with dissenting views.

Go ahead and check out my fanfictions, The Seven Hunters, Songs of the Hunters, and Menders Tale.

Alex Popp

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My favorite episodes:

The Star Day Celebration-I like this episode because it's here that Ruby is officially invited into the gang.

The Brave Longneck Scheme-After eleven years (at least to us in the audience), the promise made at the end of “The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists” is finally fulfilled in this episode. Ali finally returns to the Great Valley. It’s about time for her to get more screen time. Yeah, we wanted another movie, but better than nothing.

The Missing Fast Water Adventure-This is one of many episodes in which Chomper makes some self-discovery. Here, he learns the advantages to having such miniscule arms as he does, which is actually pretty clever considering how it is believed that the tyrannosaurus had no use for those puny little things.  And Mo, the fun character from movie #9, makes a reappearance in this episode.

The Spooky Nighttime Adventure-Mr. Thicknose takes the kids on a hunt for the mysterious spooky creature known as the Hidden Runner.  And it's not just like "Oh, it's not real.  The whole trip was for nothing."  What they find out to be the truth about the creature is kind of creative.  And there were a few pretty funny lines such as,

Mr. Thicknose: "Seeing Hidden Runner is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Petrie: "But what if he eat us."

Mr. Thicknose: "Then it'll definitely be a once in a lifetime opportunity."

The Lone Dinosaur Returns-This is probably my favorite episode in the series. Living up to its title, Doc returns to the Great Valley. Having no family of his own, he wants to introduce Littlefoot to his travelling partner Dara. What makes this my favorite is when Doc learns about Chomper and tells Littlefoot that there’s no use in being friends with a sharptooth; he’ll just have to fight him someday. Chomper then gets defensive and boldly proclaims that he will never be that kind of sharptooth. Everyone else backs him up on this, which I find interesting. The more time they spend with him, the more they know he will always stay the way he is. I can say this because we know from “The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island” that they used to have their doubts.    

My least favorite episodes include "The Amazing Threehorn Girl" and "The Days of Rising Waters" because they stray from doing anything for the characters and just settle for really generic kids TV fare.

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My favorite tv episodes:

1. The Hidden Canyon

The plot was pretty good.

2. The Big Longneck Test

After a few years since The Great Longneck Migration, Bron and Shorty get more screen time. I liked Shorty's interaction with the gang. It was also nice for Littlefoot to spend time with his dad and nice that he passed the test.

My Least favorite tv episodes:

1. The Legend of the Story Speaker

The plot was okay; but, I've seen better, in my opinion, of course.

2. The Brave Longneck Scheme

It's nice to see Ali reappearing for the tv series; but, she seemed out of character than she was in The Land Before Time 4.

I don't hate any of the episodes; but, there are some ones I don't like as much.

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