The Gang of Five
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LittlefootAndAliTogether's OC's and others


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This involves both OC's as well as LBT actual characters that might be given names not given in LBT (for instance, giving Mama Longneck or the Old One names) or even LBT actual characters that will have stuff about them that hasn't happened yet in the films or the TV Series  

  Name:  Agatha
  Gender:   Female
   Species: Pterodactylus  (the sharptooth flyer kind)
    Age:  Like she'd tell you.    :lol
    Personality: Appears good, but she actually has a Mother Gothel personality, being overprotective and ultimately, evil.  She is a narcissist and is very self-centered.  Will even harm her own family if they really cross her or are in her way, let alone others!  
   Bio:  She married a Pteranodon and they seemed to get along well.  However, her narcissism caused them to drift apart.  Also, she saw that her son Arnold was spending more time with him than her.  Fearing he'd leave her and take her son with him, Agatha lured her mate away from the nest when Arnold was still quite young and murdered her mate and ate him in the night.  

To cover up her dark deed, she lied and told Arnold that leaf eaters had murdered his father.  Over time, she got him to hate Leaf Eaters whom she also comes to despise.  She eventually starts telling her son that he's a Sharptooth and that his dad was too and that he was killed by leaf eaters simply for being a Sharptooth.  

She has been known to tell Arnold that the only good place for a leaf eater to be is their stomachs.  As time goes by, Arnold becomes more Sharptooth-like, though, as he got them from his dad, he still eats Tree Stars, though Agatha won't let him get these, causing him to have to sneak them.  She tells him that eating them is conduct unbecoming a Sharptooth.

Fearing that if he ever leaves her, he may someday find that he's half Leaf-eater and her lies will be exposed and he may realize what she did to his father, she keeps him at home, always warning him of the dangers of the outside world.

Finally, after Arnold finally tires of her and being trapped in the nest his whole life,  he takes off.  She goes looking for him and eventually finds him in the Great Valley, where he had been hiding.

At some point, she has a nasty confrontation with the Gang of Five and she eventually reveals the truth to Arnold, a big fight ensues, and, after failing to kill her son, who turns on her, she falls to her death in a tar pit.

Minions:  Agatha has Pterodactylus and also the same type as Ichy Sharpttooth flyer minions.  

Name:  Arnold
Gender:  Male
Species:  Pteranodon/ Pterodactylus hybrid
Age:  14
Personality: Kind enough, and, though a hunter for quite a while, doesn't enjoy killing but only does it for food, as he even tells his prey in a hunt.  He has a strong hatred for leaf eaters, and says, if he ever finds the leaf eaters that killed his father (or so he mistakenly believes), he is going to give them a slow and painful death for revenge.   However, his heart is in the right place and he is ultimately good.  

Bio:  He at first is hostile to leaf eaters, calling them evil creatures.  Upon spotting the Gang of Five, he decides he is going to eat Ducky as his first leaf eater kill, showing no remorse for what he plans to do and actually acting like he's going to enjoy knocking her off.

However, Ducky moves and he eventually flies into a rock.  After being found by the Gang of Five, who don't know that he had just tried to kill Ducky, are kind to him.  He is terrified of them, fearing that he will be killed mercilessly like he thinks leaf eaters did to his father.  

However, they are nice to him and he starts to like them better.  He especially takes to Petrie and Mama Flyer and Pterano (who is now back, meaning that 5 years at least have gone by since Stone of Cold Fire,  and who is acting as Petrie's father figure now)  and the love they show for each other and him.  He starts to doubt what his mother tells him.