The Gang of Five
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Redclaw, Screech, and Thud Showcase - October 2020

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1. As head of Sharptooth Clan I do advocate sharpteeth are honorable. I do have evidence to support my claim: we see that when Elsie and Littlefoot help save Chomper from the Big Water in LBTV, Momma Rex and Daddy Rex are both grateful and do not attack the Gang. Momma even smiles at Cera fist bump.  :MommaSmile

Sharpteeth observe life debts, in that if you save them or their kin, or pack, they then cease being a threat and even can be friendly. Weither this life debt can be discharged or if extreme hunger would make a sharptooth break their congenial disposition remains to be seen.

2. I’d say 50/50, fifty percent incompetence and fifty percent the Gang is tricky.

It would be neat if we learned Redclae, Screech and Thud really are just testing the Gang, helping them develop survival instincts and quick on your feet critical thinking skills.

🔆“Happy are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” (Jesus, Matthew 5:7)🔆

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