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The 2020 (2021) Summer Paralympic Games


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As promised, less than a day before it starts, here is the thread for the 2020 Paralympic Games.

I must say, I am both happy and annoyed with some of the things going on as of late with this.  From record breaking LGBT+ people attending, to The Taliban making it impossible for Afghanistan compete this year, there seems to be no shortage of both good and bad reports surrounding the games this year.  It has made it one of the more interesting and engaging Paralympic Games ever.  In a strange way, it's kind of the boost this version of the games needed.

Anyways, here is the website to keep up to date with the Paralympic Games.

Of course, just like the Olympics, I do very much like the mascot for the Paralympic Games this year.  Heck, I like her more than I do the Olympics one.

I plan to purchase a plushie of the both of them soon.

Hope you all enjoy the games, and I'll see ya later! :wave