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Potential RP Discussion


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Would any of you be interested in joining an RP playing with the age-old idea of Pterano returning to the Great Valley? I've explored the idea in the past, but I was ten years younger then and my ideas were different. But there's a lot about this character that I didn't think of back then, such as:
  • His PTSD (when someone pointed that out about him, it made my head explode. :lol  Because before Pterano, I've never seen a character actually show symptoms of PTSD. Keep in mind that this was ten years ago, I was 16 and living in a "sheltered" environment)
  • His snarkiness (something I never picked up on until recently, probably due to his melodramatic tendancies that made it hard for me to tell when he was being genuine and joking, and my autism)
  • Technically a cult survivor (I know cults aren't really a thing in TLBT, but the belief that a magical stone would give him the power to take charge of the Great Valley feels cultish to me)
  • His inability to relate to others (we see this with how he talked about the other adults when he first appeared)
  • His social awkwardness when he begins his redemption journey (Nobody's gonna go from being hubristic and insensitive to being a likeable person in a night's worth)
  • His dynamic with my oc, Devon, who is Sierra's biological son, who was emotionally, physically and psychologically abused by Sierra, who has a lot of anger issues, cusses like a sailor and is extremely anxious as a result
  • His dynamic with the Gang of Five, and what his dynamic with Ruby and Chomper would be
  • The list goes on, but these are the main ones that I can think of right now
It doesn't have to be Pterano centric, but I do want his return to be one of the key points in the RP.  Any ideas? Anyone interested? What are your thoughts?

Edit: I thought I was in the RP Discussion part of the forum, but apparently not. Can someone move this there? Or tell me how to move this thread there?
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