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Brainstorming a BETTER RP idea


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Well, the 6teen RP thread I did went almost nowhere. :ChomperBurned Oh well. Shows me for trying to create an RP for a show as obscure as 6teen. :sducky

But after more thinking and chatting with friends, I came up with a perhaps BETTER idea: a massive crossover (in the style of Insane Cafe) that essentially brings together...almost every Canadian cartoon ever in a clash for the ages. Everyone is here! Essentially, it's a mega-crossover war fic, but as an RP.

The main cartoon in this, AKA the one focus will initially be on before introducing the other Canadian cartoons will be the famous My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Other major cartoons will include FreshTV's works, Detentionaire and probably Ed, Edd n' Eddy too. In fact there will be a LOT of major cartoons - I just need help deciding which ones will be more major than others.

The plot is this...

Taking place after "The Last Problem", a ruthless sociopath Pegasus named Shadowmoth is tired of the way Equestria is, and wants to turn things around to the way she wants things to be...AKA, committing crimes, manipulating others to work under her, and eventually amassing a huge army of Equestrian creatures to take over Equestria...and beyond. After finding an old artifact that can reverse petrification, she uses it to free Cozy Glow from her stone prison. Shadowmoth takes her in as her protege, and by working together, the two Pegasi become the most feared criminals in Equestria.

The Dragon Lands, however, sense something is afoot...or ahoof, as it might be. Dragon Lord Ember calls Spike in for aid, and the dragons all work together to find some way to deal with Shadowmoth's growing power. However as waves of crime continue to engulf Equestria, Shadowmoth seeks a way to break the mysterious "Blackened Barrier" - a mysterious wall that shields the edges of the Equestrian countries from other kingdoms far away. And if Shadowmoth finds a way to break through the Barrier, total war will descend...

Is there anyone out in the universe that can stop Shadowmoth?

That is what Ember sets out to find out...

LEGIONS OF SHADOWMOTH - An RP by HotelValleyfornia

I'm currently trying to figure out what some of the main cartoons would be...
MLP is obvious
FreshTV's works and Detentionaire would obviously be heavily involved, knowing me :p Been thinking of having Caitlin (6teen) and Tina (Detentionaire) play big roles
Ed, Edd n' Eddy is a must (bring on Sarah and the howitzers!)
Totally Spies and Grossology would fit into a war story perfectly
Paw Patrol would also fit in well if the pups add some military bells and whistles to their equipment. Skye for MVP! :lol
Clone High should probably be added in as well

Here's a full list of Canadian cartoons. I wanna use as many of these as I can
Here's a full list of Canadian cartoons. I wanna use as many of these as I can

I'll need help deciding what'd be the best plan of attack for writing this RP. Who would be fighting Shadowmoth, and who would aid her army in the hopes of her sparing them? Who from each side will turn traitor and go to the other side? What kinds of military weaponry will each side use? (have fun, Serris :p ) Questions like this. Your input is valued!

Here's some extra bits:
- My OCs will almost definitely get involved. So aside from Shadowmoth, expect to see Elsie, Paige, Caleb, Sabrina, and probably numerous other OCs too.
- This website will probably help a lot with some of the planning. Have fun with it!
- I might create a music playlist for it too.
- I might include the Windigos as someone for Shadowmoth to work alongside, since all the sheer hate she exudes would draw them in like a magnet. Of course, she'd probably betray them knowing her :p

Anyway, that's all I'm thinking of for now. Your advice and suggestions wanted! This'll take a LOT of planning, but I'd be fascinated to see it play out ;)Cera
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Double post lol :bestsharptooth

But I've made a little more process in planning. :ozzysmug

There are four main factions to look out for throughout the RP:

The Canadian Liberation Force (CLF) - The protagonists - an enormous army led by the Canadian people using various weapons and armors to fend off the Legions, and strike back at their main strongholds they have accumulated inside and outside of the Blackened Barrier.
Led by: Dragon Lord Ember
Song: The Resistance - Skillet

The Legions of Shadowmoth (LoS) - The antagonists - Shadowmoth's enormous legion of ponies, changelings, griffons, hippogriffs, yaks and every sentient race in Equestria EXCEPT the dragons. Shadowmoth forced a majority of them to join her, while others are nasty themselves and joined of their own volition.
Led by: Shadowmoth and Cozy Glow
Song: Welcome to the Family - Avenged Sevenfold

The Equestrian Remnants (ER) - Although Equestria was left a dead, rotting husk by Shadowmoth's army, there exist a small faction of Equestrians who survived the slaughter, and now seek any way possible to weaken Shadowmoth's kingdom from the inside out while staying away from the main battles.
Led by: Twilight Sparkle
Song: Crawl - Breaking Benjamin

The PAW Patrol Rescue Regiment (PAWPRR) - Before the war, the PAW Patrol was a small group of rescue forces that generally stuck to Adventure Bay and its adjacent cities. When the war started, and they heard of the destruction of the Blackened Barrier, the dogs built a communication device to reach dogs around the world, and soon, dogs everywhere joined the PAW Patrol's membership. Several PAW Patrol forces now exist worldwide, fighting off the LoS.
Led by: Ryder and Chase
Song: It Has Begun - STARSET


The bulk of the story will focus on the CLF squad known as the Falcon Regiment, a group of 14 Canadian cartoon characters who I thought would make a fun squad together. The members (seen below in an attachment) are as follows:
1. Corporal: Older!Spike (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
2. Caitlin (6teen)
3. Jen (6teen)
4. Devin (Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race)
5. Stephanie (Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race)
6. Tina (Detentionaire)
7. Sarah (Ed, Edd n' Eddy)
8. Nazz (Ed, Edd n' Eddy)
9. Kevin (Ed, Edd n' Eddy)
10. John F. Kennedy (Clone High)
11. Alex (Totally Spies)
12. Abby (Grossology)
13. Corey (Grojband)
14. Trina (Grojband)

If y'all have good story ideas, lemme know. I have my ideas, but I'll probably go over those later down the line.

And these obviously won't be the only characters we follow. The other characters (well, a good amount of them anyway heh) from their shows will obviously have a chance to shine too. And I wanna have the main cast of PAW Patrol heavily involved too. No war too big, no pup too small!

Anyway, lemme know how you feel about this main cast, and any good story ideas you have for them! :chomper
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