The Gang of Five
It is quite fitting that the sweltering hot days of July arrive right when the gang confront the barrens of the Mysterious Beyond in the fifth film showcase.  It is almost like us admins planned it that way or something.  :bestsharptooth

This month in the Monthly Showcase we are featuring the Land Before Time V.  Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in that topic.  Additionally, there is a new fanfiction prompt challenge for the months of June July, please check out this topic for more information.

Personal Character Profiles


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Ok, this is a good and easy idea for explaining one's characters just in one place that you can point back to for reference in the different role plays.

Anyway, an official set up for my character who inspired my log in name ;)

Name: Kit
Age: Um...7ish? or however old the gang of five are
Species: flyer
Relationships: only hatchling of her dad's brood and Petrie's cousin
Personality: Tends to be naive and a bit over trusting, yet not always and if Littlefoot thinks somethings up she will take notes on that and re-think her own thoughts on it.
Other: Description wise she's a dark brown in color with blue eyes and a lighter brown on the underside

Alright, here's here dad too

Name: Tylr
Age: youngest of Petrie's mom's brood, so...go off that I guess
Species: flyer
Relationships: I already said it. Youngest of Petrie's mom and Pterano's siblings.
Personality: Perhaps through being the youngest, a bit shy but will speak up when young one's, including his only hatchling, Kit, are in trouble or criticism. Similar thing with his boldness against sharpteeth and such, not the first to a fight unless others he knows and loves are in danger. Tylr also has a quiet sense of humor and won't state that he finds some if not alot of Mr.Threehorn's tantrums amusing in their repetitiveness. Respects Grandpa and Grandma Longneck and even Mr. Threehorn as the ultimate authority in the Council discussions since they are the elders (the longnecks a bit more so though). The only authority he would put above this is his own sister's opinion if it contracts, which it rarely does.
Other: a teal blue/green color with a lighter actual blue underneath and bright blue eyes.


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Oh, and for sharptooth purposes...even if she isn't a sharptooth. I should say for Mysterious Beyond purposes.

Name: Misty
Age: about ten
Species: egg snatcher
Personality: Nice all in all, but a bit suspicious and gets offended easily if anyone calls her "just a kid". She's on her own and this could account for her independent attitude.
Other: most of her body is a light blue with the stripe down her back a yellow color. Unlike other egg eaters like Ozzy and Strutt she doesn't have any of the spots along the skin below her main stripe but does have one band stripe on either wrist of the same yellow color. Brown eyes.


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Hmm, I guess I should be posting my two as well. :D It's just a shame I haven't been able to use Kyro out of the Smash Bros. RP. Oh well. Gotta wait for an opportunity, right?

Name: Kyro

Species: Dorsum Lapis, or Rockback

Age: Slightly older than Cera.

Gender: Male

Character: Kyro is a very curious character. He tries to avoid conflicts, but what he can't avoid is getting hurled into them. He's very friendly as well.

Appearance: Threehorn-ish head, with a back resembling a rather rocky field. He's mostly brown on the underside with grayish rocks on the back.

I'll post Olan, the spiketail's profile soon.


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I suppose Cory deserves an official bio as well :DD So for any who go looking him up

Name: Cory
Age: 7ish as well
Species: swimmer (crested "whistling" type; Corythosauraus)
Personality: Very attentive to adventure tales and any kind of story really, Cory has the tendency to get carried away and just have to explore or check out this or that. Even if he doesn't believe a certain story, he still has to check it out. This works out well when tagging after the Gang since they have enough adventures for any young one. He's also a bit stubborn about admitting he needs help though and that can lead to trouble.
Other: After Kit had mainly her cousins to hang around, and after being sad when Petrie was lost during the earthshake, Cory was the first real non related playmate and friend Kit bumped into and her attachment to him shows this. Kit will still semi tell him if he does wrong, but not much since Cory's brood of sisters he avoids as much as he can criticize him enough!
Appearance: Yellow in color with a more tan underbelly and as a kid his crest is small but there's a bit of green on it to indicated that when he grows the stripes on his crest will be a green color.


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Species: T-Rex
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Personality: Hungry, Mean, Vicious, Confused
History: Not much is known about Max, not even where he came from. He often means no harm unless he is hungry, and if he is he will eat anything, even his friends..

Appearence: Looks like your average Sharptooth, Gray-ish Skin with Blue Markings from his nose to his tail.


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In pondering the other side of Kit's family, I've come up with another Mysterious Beyond-er.

Name: Twiz

Age: around the other kids age

Species: flyer

History: When Twiz's father, Trip, a flatoothed flyer, fell for the good points of a prideful yet deep down sweet sharptoothed flyer, her herd knew there was gonna be trouble. They made peace with a half-blood little princling of a hatchling destined to take them over some day, but tolerance of Trip grew thin real quickly and even their matricarch could not stop the inevitable banishment of the weak flattoothed flyer from their herd and any sort of leadership position in such. Twiz vaguely remembers his dad, but what he does remember he clings to with every fiber of being he's got.

Personality: A true-blue "daddy's boy", Twiz strangely doesn't hate his herd for kicking his father out, but he longs to meet back up with him very very badly. He's curious and easily makes friends. green in color and looking pretty much like a flattoothed flyer except for the two (and only two) little sharp teeth on either side of his beak that make it look like he has baby teeth more than anything. Twiz himself doesn't know what he is, but he tends towards tree sweets and green food, though his herd just says he forced this on himself in trying to be as much his daddy's boy as he could since he misses him so much; that points unsure.

Other: Twiz did discover one link to his dad's side of the family in that it's linked to Kit's mom's side. His dad, Trip, was Kit's mom, Violet's brother. Kit doesn't have any where-abouts on Trip, losing touch with her mom's side of the family after her mom's death before her hatch date, but the two flyer hatchlings are very pleased to atleast know each other to fill in their own gaps in what they do and don't know about their family.


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Name: Ty

Species: Swimmer (Opthalmosaurus)

Age: Slightly older than Mo

Gender: Male

Personality: He is a lot like his younger brother (Playful, friendly, loyal, brave, quick to making new friends), but has been known to be a bit serious at times, and is also very wise despite being at a young age. He is bilingual like Mo, meaning he is is capable of speaking the herbivore language, as well as his own.

Appearance: Looks a little bit like Mo (He has the same eyes: black with a touch of dark blue in the back), but has a slightly different coloration. (dark purple and light yellow promarily, but also has some orange)

History: A Swimmer who comes from the same pod or "water-kin" as Mo, but was seperated from his younger brother when the Great Valley was flooded (Journey To Big Water). Eventually, soon after Littlefoot and his friends helped get Mo home, he was reunited with his older brother and the rest of his water-kin. Since then, the two of them are often seen playing together, and get along really well with each other.


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The only character I have that wouldn't be totally out-of-place here X] I'll add more as I go ^^


Name: Sukki
Title: Miss
Age: Varies from story-to-story...typically anywhere between 13 and 17
Gender: Female
Species: Anthropomorphic Cat

Occupation: Unemployed
Personality Traits: Naive, Cat-like, Curious, Playful, Difficult.

Appearance: A humanoid cat sporting short white fur. Her hair is a big, scruffy mess, much like the rest of her fur. She always appears slightly dirtied up and rough around the edges; no doubt a side-effect of her 'wild child' lifestyle.

Facial Features: Gold eyes. A vertical black stripe cutting across her left eye; gives the appearance of a scar, though is actually just an abnormality in her fur colour.
Body Shape: Thin, lithe figure. Height varies from 4 ft to 5 ft 5 in, depending on age. Sukki has plantigrade legs.

Clothing Style: A red floral-patterned cheongsam; the garment is largely ruined, the colours faded and material torn in several places. She never wears any kind of footwear.

Background in brief: A cat who has spent most of her life living in the wild forests. Recently she has met some friends, and has been making attempts to enter society while learning to read and other key skills.

Notes: Sukki has an odd 'verbal tic' - she has a tendency to add the word 'meow' during and after some sentences. Some find this trait endearing, while others find it just plain annoying! But it's a habit she just can't seem to shake off...


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Quote from: StarfallRaptor,Oct 8 2007 on  02:02 AM
Name: Dante S. Starfall
Oh my gosh.. you have a Dante, too? :bang

well, here are some of my OC's, the LBT ones, anyways (these are posted in the Charry profile section as well ;))

Name: Taylen

Age: fourteen seasons (nearly two years) human equivalent would be, meh about five or six

Species: Egg-Stealer

Coloration: Taylen has a dappled light brown hide with a slightly darker back
he has pale yellow eyes. He's slightly shorter than Littlefoot and not as long.

Physical Appearance: He's quite scrawny - not in the malnutritioned way - with long, bony legs, twiggy arms, and a long graceful neck.

Bio: Taylen is Strut and Ozzy's younger brother. The two left their herd when Taylen was just a hatchling (a wee, little bugger) after the Great Earthshake to search for a new home, because of major damage issues to their previous location  When neither of his brothers returned after a month or so, Taylen's herd set up a search party, but to no avail. Taylen then decided to look for his brothers himself.

Personality: Taylen is rather precocious, feisty and stubborn. He will talk back, but he isn't aggressive. Curious, peppy and extremely verbose, Taylen has a quick tongue and is not afraid to use it to ask countless questions or make remarks. He is also cheerful and kind. He likes to make new friends and can be quite sympathetic and understanding. He can also be a little naive and tends to see the best in everybody.

Speech Pattern: Accent matching his brothers'; high, fast way of speaking. Like to laugh and point out the obvious.

Attributes: Speed; Taylen is quick, and his legs are what get him out of jams.
Name: Dante

Age: 31 in human years

Species: Dromiceiomimus (Egg-eater, Claw-Hand, Dromi...)

Coloration: Ultramarine uppersides, with teal-blue borders and blue-gray undersides; light green eyes; crown of black, decorative quills; quills on flanks as well. About six or so feet tall and twice as long; shorter than Strut and Ozzy.

Physical Appearance: Long, swan-like neck; wiry, lean build; more slender than Struthios, but shorter. Large expressive eyes; beaked snout; longer, slimmer legs. Numerous slash-marks and scars

Bio: Dante ran away from his clan after he lost track of his little sister, Tonya, while they two were out looking for food. Not sure if she survived or not, Dante zealously began his search for his sister - not bothering to return and tell his clan about his mistake. His search brought him out to Saurus Rock, where Tonya's trail ended. Dante was ambushed by a pack of Terror-claws, an escape from which could only be described as a miracle. After dragging himself to the Great Valley, he felt it would be a good place to start over.

Personality: High-strung, rather jittery and nervous. Slow-to-warm-up, borderline xenophobic, except around children. He feels that adults will judge him. Tendency to be tongue-tied and flustered when he feels under pressure. He's also a crackin' good storyteller.

Speech Pattern: Non-accented, slow, soft speech. Quickens and rises when he's panicked or frustrated/tense. Has a sort of funny, trilling laugh.

Attributes: Dante has a good head on his shoulders, and he's also quite inventive. His right leg had been fractured in the terror-claw attack and had mended in a funny way, so speed is no longer and option. Dante has to rely on his brains.
Name: Hadley

Age: 5 years (dino years... gonna say about 25 in human years)

Species: Different-Claw (Stenonychosaurus)

Coloration: Black above, broken up by lime-green stripes; dull purple undersides. Striking, cat-like blue eyes. He's taller than Littlefoot by at least a head, and has at least two feet more in length on him.

Physical Appearance: Small stature; long, slender snout and head. Short, S-shaped neck. Compact little body, coupled with a long tail; long, lean legs with slashing claws and sharp, grasping claws on his forearms. He has black proto-feathers sprouting from his arms, down the back of his head, and some on the end of his tail.

Bio: Hadley's a bit of a misfit in the Valley. Since he looks a lot like a fast-biter, he is often mistaken for one and is usually the subject of angry Leaf-Eater mobs. He can survive on both green food and meat, earning him a dubious nickname: Halftooth. He gets along well with the fast runners or Runners of the Valley, is disliked by threehorns and club-tails, ignored by the spiketails and is tolerated by the Hadrosaurs and Longnecks. The flyers seem to really like him for some reason...

Personality: Suave, know-it-all, a bit of a gossiper; his motor-mouth is part of the reason a lot of the Valley inhabitants don't choose to associate with him. He likes to be the center of attention and tends to be gloomy and distant if the spotlight isn't on him 24/7. Infuriatingly indifferent, Hadley doesn't seem to care if he starts a false alarm due to his fast-biter resemblance. Despite his bad qualities, he's also quite intelligent and surprisingly reasonable.

Speech Pattern: Loud, slightly scratchy voice; annoying, chittering laugh. Says "I knew it!" A lot, even if he didn't.

Attributes: Small, sickle claws on his feet, sharp teeth, keen eyesight, quick and nimble wits and even quicker speed. Hadley is by classification a predator so he can be pretty sneaky.
Name: Keirra

Age: Same as Hadley

Species: Tapejara

Coloration: stony-blue wings, back and legs; lighter undersides. Yellow eyes; bright orange beak and crest.

Physical Appearance: Somewhat scrawny in the 'I-often-forget-to-eat' way; powerful and muscular in the wings and shoulders, but not in the 'jock' way. She likes to keep herself trim. She is shorter than Pterano by a meter; her wingspan is also smaller.

Bio: Parentless since she can remember, Keirra has made do with living on her own, but that has in no way broken her open and bouncy spirit. She met up with Hadley out in the Mysterious Beyond before flying into the Great Valley. The two of them quickly became close friends and confidantes and it is often Keirra who's standing up for him against angry residents.

Personality: Keirra is a scatterbrained, oblivious flyer in the 'I'd-forget-my-own-head-if-it-wasn't-attached-to-my-body' way. Chatty, silly and spontaneous, she will drop everything at the first sign or mention of the word 'Adventure'. She is also well-spoken and patient, despite her sudden and spontaneous nature. Not in any way malicious or violent, Keirra is gentle, kind, and protective of her friends

Speech Pattern: Jovial, precocious alto which will rise to a soprano when she gets excited. Talks really fast, and often ends her sentences with a question mark, like she's not really sure of what she's saying. Giggles and laughs as a secondary form of communication.

Attributes: Keirra is an adaptable flyer; living most of her life on her own has prepared her in such a way. She is also quite smart, even if she doesn't always show it, and the fact that she remains patient is also a handy virtue when she and Hadley get into jams. She's also a daring, but capable, flyer.
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Name: Shard The Hedgehog
Species: Robot Hedgehog
Eye Color: Emerald and Red
Hair/Spine Color: Black and Brass
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 150 lbs est.
Special Powers:
Spin Dash
Chaos Blast
Hot Headedness 
Bio or Backstory:
Shard was the original Metal Sonic, a machine clone of Sonic designed to accomplish one thing, exterminate Sonic. Metal was recreated thrice by Dr. Robotnik, and on his third lifecycle Metal had via his more robust programming, developed a self awarness and conscious. In the end the archenemy of Sonic sacrificed himself to save Sonic and Tails, causing Metal to be submerged in lava. Sonic realized Metal was no longer a threat and with the help Charles The Hedgehog, Metal Sonic’s cortex and memory was retrieved from the lava, and his new form Shard The Hedgehog was brought online. Shard remembers his former days as Metal Sonic and the harm he caused the Freedom Fighters. Shard seeks to atone for his past crimes by becoming a Freedom Fighter. Shard is proof redemption exists, and that not all robots are the enemy.     
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