The Gang of Five
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Well, until I get a potential fanfic going with these guys, I think I'll stick them in an RP, see how they fare:

The Blackweed Brothers and Sister. A gang of juvenile dinosaurs, so named because of their habit of draping blackened swamp-grass on themselves, as a sort of gang colours. Just like any young dinosaurs, they just like to play, but to say that their games are a bit rough would be an understatement. Recently they discovered the Great Valley itself. Unfortunately, they have a clever plan to get in and wreak their traditional havoc.

Name: Redback
Species: Spinosaurus
Approx. Age: A bit older than Hyp, so about 16, 17 in human years
Faction: Sharptooth

Bio: One of the cruelest sharpteeth of the Mysterious Beyond, he runs the Blackweed Brothers. He is the brains and leadership of the group, and just loves making new friends...Unfortunately, unlike the Gang of Five, his idea of "fun" isn't adventuring and singing.

Name: Rhedo
Species: Rhedosaurus
Approx Age: About 10 in human years

Bio: The muscle of the Blackweed Brothers, he makes up for his dim-wittedness by his bizarre speed and ferocity. He serves as the brute force in the gang's "games", as well as Redback's preferred mode of transport.

Name: Celya
Species: Coelophysis
Approx Age: 12 in human years

Bio: The only girl in the Brothers (or Brothers-and-sister, as they had to call it when she joined), Celya makes up for her disadvantage by being just as vicious as any sharptooth boy. Don't let her big eyes and tiny stature fool you, she's fast, and those claws are bigger than they look.

Name: Tero
Species: Pteranodon
Approx Age: 15 in human years

Bio: The only leaf-eater in the Brothers, he got separated from his flock while flying near the Smokey Mountains, and was found by the Brothers. He managed to fend them off for several weeks by hiding in a cave. This left such an impression, they swore to never attack him and thus he became the newest member of the Brothers. He was also the one who taught leaf-eater speech to Redback and his gang, but lost his voice soon after in a chance encounter with a fast-biter. The fight left him mute, with a twisted leg, and a cold-emotionless stare. Who knows what goes on in that brain of his..?

Anyways, that's them. Expect to see them in  an OC RP anytime soon.