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For the month of April we have a new character showcase.  Please come say hello to Archie!  He came out of his cave, just for this!  The character showcase topic for this month can be found here.

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Pterano Showcase - June 2020

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I always liked Pterano. He is more complex character, than many other characters, I like, when he often shows, that he is caring, wants to do good things, even to such lenghts, that he kidnaps Ducky, or talks Petrie into get intel from Littlefoot about stone of Cold Fire, and even when he kidnaps Ducky, or does some not very good things, he still is not corrupt, would not intentionally hurt anyone, and helps, when necessary. But unfortunately, his magnanimous efforts to make the world a better place fail, and he causes just harm, and gets banished, it was a little sad.
He reminds me a little of religious zealots,  I avoid these people in real life.

I would certainly like to see him more, than just one time, but alas, he still is only featured in movie VII.