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Land Before Time Captions / Re: Ducky the Spy, Part II
« Last post by chomper94 on Today at 06:08:20 PM »
Ducky: Ha!  Using my eyes as a PNG image on the ice water, no one will suspect it’s me, oh yes yes yes!
Silver Screen / Re: What are you watching?
« Last post by chomper94 on Today at 06:06:47 PM »
Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers (not the movie, I already saw the movie, this is the original series from 1989 I’m currently watching from a Blu-ray).
General Land Before Time / Re: Funniest Moments or Scenes
« Last post by chomper94 on Today at 02:54:15 PM »
The scene where Chomper is looking through the water, finding some geodes (sky color stones), but finds rocks that don’t like geodes, and every time he asks Petrie if he found the rock, Petrie gets more and more annoyed.

Then Chomper ends up fishing out a dirt clod that looks nothing like a rock, nor geode.  Petrie responds with: “That not even rock!”
The Party Room / Re: Memes Beyond the Mysterious Beyond
« Last post by chomper94 on Today at 02:48:46 PM »
Don’t you hate it when cartoons get killed off after 65 episodes, despite the cartoon being good?
Random Role Play / Re: Adventures In ToonWorld
« Last post by Nick22 on Today at 12:06:57 PM »
Dana and Max were shopping together for clothes when they saw a girl buying a very expensive set of earrings " Hey, Max? That's the new girl, right? The one that started school here this week?" Yeah, looks like her. I think her name is Melanie. Hey Dana!" Max called out as Dana approached the other girl." Hi, Melanie, right?" Dana asked and the girl turned to look at her." Oh, sorry! Didn't see you coming. Yeah. I'm Melanie, Melanie Walker. " Nice to meet you. I'm Dana and this is Max." Dana introduced herself and Max." We didn't mean to pry, but that is a absolutely killer set of earrings. They're gorgeous!" Must cost a pretty penny too ." Well, my family has lots of money, so I can buy whatever I want. Problem is, we travel constantly, I can't remember the last time I spent 6 months in one place. So I wouldn't get much hope up for us becoming friends for very long. If the past is any indication, I'll be out of here in a couple weeks, a month at best." Melanie said " Then, why don't we make the most of it?" Max suggested " Come with us, we're having a study session for school. We can help you catch up, you missed the first couple months." Well, I'm not sure. I may have to do stuff for my parents tonight." Melanie said " Just have your phone on, and we'll get through what we can." Dana said " My boyfriend Terry might be there. Emphasis on Might, he's got a night job. Just don't get any ideas on him if he does show up." Dana said before Melanie laughed" No worries, I'm traveling around far too much to spend time chasing a boy, especially when he's already got a girl. Even if he's cute." Melanie paid for the jewelry and the trio of girls walked together deeper into the mall. " So what does your father do for a living?" Max asked." Well my family has been rich for as long as any of us can remember, ancestors were of the nobility, lords ladies castles, all of that bit. My dad certainly behaves as if he is a lord, he gives orders and expects us to do them." Melanie said." Maybe sometime you can show us your place " Dana suggested." I bet your room is full of all sorts of stuff. We'd ask your parents if it's ok to visit of course. " I don't get many visitors." Melanie said." We tend to be.. rather private." " The rich often are, especially in this town with all the weirdos running around. Your security bill must be huge." Dana said." Possibly, my dad handles all that. I just spend the money. I don't know, it just gets boring, all this money and stuff and it's not fulfilling." That's where friends come in. " Max said " I really don't have friends." Melanie sighed" Well, you do now. Two of them. " Dana said." Come on, let's go get some pizza and some drinks and head to my place. If you have to jet because of your folks, let us know. We understand. Works important."
Melanie's phone buzzed and she answered " Hi dad. I.. am just hanging out with a couple girls from school. They invited me to a study session and I was wondering if I could go for a bit? I know that you have.. work at the museum tonight.. oh and the girls asked if they could come over to visit, if that's ok. They want to see your artwork collection. Their names are Dana and Max, they've been shopping with me. Ok.. I'll tell them.. and I will be at the museum at 8. Thanks dad."
Melanie hung up and turned to the girls." Ok, so I can only be at the session for a hour or so. My dad is working at the museum tonight and he needs my help. As for a visit, he wants to meet you in person first before any home visits. He takes security seriously, and he doesn't want anyone causing me trouble, even if they are girls. " Melanie said and Dana and Max nodded " That's dads for you, right? My dad is the same way. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if he put a tracker on me, he certainly keeps a close enough eye on me." Dana said." Like I said, my dad expects obedience. You do not want to get on his bad side, he can be very brutal." Melanie said as they reached the parking lot. Dana and Max climbed into Dana's car, while Melanie walked over to hers and soon pulled up in a very lavish car Dana and Max's mouths fell open at the sight of the very expensive car " Man that is one Schway ride Melanie! " Max whistled." I have 10 of them " Melanie said, a smile creeping over her dark red lips as she started the car." Last one to your house Dana has to clean the others car?" Oh no. We'd be foolish to race you in that thing." Dana said." You'd leave us in the dust." Ok then, how about a challenge on the next test? If either of you girls get a better score than me, I'll splurge on a movie for you." Melanie said. " You're on. But you better be ready to pay up. Max here hasn't gotten anything but straight As at any point in high school. She's way up at the top of the class. Top 3 at the very least." Dana said
The Fridge / Re: Lists of Our Fandoms
« Last post by HotelValleyfornia on Today at 12:28:43 AM »
The Land Before Time (natch)
Miraculous Ladybug
Total Drama
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Sonic the Hedgehog
PAW Patrol
Spore, if that counts...

These are my central fandoms at the moment
General Land Before Time / Re: Animation Errors
« Last post by LittleDas75 on May 26, 2022, 11:11:20 PM »
I actually have a theory now as to why a lot of these errors are missed by the animators. It is possible that the errors occurred while the films were being rendered. When you render a video on a editing software it is possible for errors, that weren't there when you were editing or animating, to appear after it's been rendered. This has happened to me a few times and with a direct to video budget it is possible that more errors could show up during the rendering process. I'm not sure if that makes sense but hopefully you understand what I mean.
Silver Screen / Re: Movie sequels that should not have been made.
« Last post by LittleDas75 on May 26, 2022, 10:34:49 PM »
Although I enjoy the LBT sequels I will admit they were not necessary.
Silver Screen / Re: The My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic Thread
« Last post by The Chronicler on May 26, 2022, 10:30:20 PM »
I'll start off this post with my comments on the Make Your Mark special. I was considering including a summary for those who are unable to watch it (like I used to do with every new episode of G4), but it just seems like too much effort for me, so I'll try to limit myself to my thoughts and observations of anything I considered significant.

Spoiler: ShowHide
So it seems much of the character focus in this special is on Zipp, not just on her trying to figure out why magic has become rather faulty recently, but also dealing with pressure from her mother to return to Zephyr Heights for royal duties. Even so, the other main ponies have their own moments of interest, such as Hitch secretly caring for a large egg he found on the beach, Sunny struggling to understand her new alicorn magic that she's currently unable to control when and where it activates, and Pipp and Izzy prepare a surprise gift for Sunny by repairing the lantern her dad had made for her (proving that at least some objects from Sunny's old home really were damaged when that place was destroyed). In addition, everyone is preparing for the upcoming Maretime Bay Day festival (so I guess that's where the video game tie-in comes from, though whatever the content of that game will be is obviously not going to be canon to the main series).

Additionally, there's still lingering tensions between the three tribes, especially by the earth ponies who express displeasure over apparently being the only ones still without magic (even Hitch admits to feeling jealous over not having magic, but at least he's respectful enough to not let it cloud his judgement, unlike most of the other earth ponies), the most vocal of whom is unquestionably Poesy Bloom (whose character design is based on the G1 pony who inspired G4's Fluttershy, which admittedly makes her rather nasty attitude in this special quite jarring).

I wasn't exactly pleased to see Zipp be so evasive around her friends and thinking she could solve the mystery of faulty magic on her own. To me, it just seemed like a pointless waste of time for much of the first half of the special. (I guess this means one reason I like the Tell Your Tale series is because the short runtime practically forces it to not beat around the bush too much and just get straight to the point.) Though I did like the little detail that Zipp's phone is one of those foldable smartphones. (I'd also like to note that in one moment of glitching magic, Windy points out that she's usually a pretty good flyer, indicating that this special takes place after at least the first few episodes of Tell Your Tale.)

Thankfully, all of the Main Five are able to figure out prior to the festival that hatred and distrust among the ponies has been what's causing magic to glitch out, and they make a good effort to use the festival to promote unity among all ponies, but jealousy and hatred among the earth ponies proves so great that it unleashes a powerful storm and opens a bottomless void in the ground. This time, the complete loss of magic not only prevents pegasi from flying and unicorns from casting spells, but also causes the hooves of earth ponies to get stuck to the ground.

The disaster is averted when everyone realizes that working together to help each other is able to undo those consequences (Sunny even used her repaired lantern and alicorn magic to rescue Poesy from the void), and with true unity fully restored, magic returns even stronger than before, enough to give even the earth ponies magic such as making plants grow rapidly (and allowing Hitch to communicate directly with animals). For those of you who have always wondered about whether earth ponies even have any magic at all, it seems now you have a very definitive answer.

After all of that happened, the egg Hitch found on the beach hatches into a dragon, which Sunny notes have not been seen by any ponies for "generations", so at least that provides a somewhat minimal amount of time that has passed since the events of G4. It also leaves us wondering how much the dragons might have changed throughout that period of time. Also, Queen Haven visited the festival, and after a conversation with Zipp, she eventually allows Zipp to stay in Maretime Bay with her friends. Zipp even ends up earning the title of "Detective" for her efforts.

In addition, near the end of the special, we also got a brief foreshadowing of potentially the first real villain of the series, who claims that now that the ponies have regained full control over their magic, she can finally "take back what is rightfully mine", so we may yet learn more about why all magic was lost in the first place, such as  where those magical Unity Crystals came from and why they were separated. (From what little we could see of her in the shadows, I would best describe her as a unicorn that sort of resembles Nightmare Moon.)

As for the animation, while the quality is certainly not as great as the movie, I will say that, for what will after all be a multi-episode series, it's actually rather standard at worst, so I'll consider it as "good enough" (it could be better, but it could also be much worse, and there's always the possibility for improvement as the series goes on).

Overall, this seemed like a rather decent way to start off the series, almost like those two-part episodes that started almost every season of FiM, and I'll be looking forward to the full-length episodes when they come out in September, four months from now.

In addition, we also have this week's new episode of Tell Your Tale (which apparently takes place right after the events of Make Your Mark, so be sure to watch that before you watch this video):

Spoiler: ShowHide
We all know Izzy is always excited to try new things, and being from the relatively primitive town of Bridlewood means she's not exactly familiar with modern technology, and those two combined resulted somewhat inevitably in her accidentally deleting all of the videos Pipp had recorded from the Maretime Bay Day celebration. I don't like losing information, so I completely understand why Pipp would feel so devastated. The others ultimately cheered her up by recreating the festival in their backyard, and while that might seem pretty over the top, I do appreciate that they kept the recreation between just the five of them and they didn't try to force the rest of town into mimicking everything that had happened the previous day (that would've completely ruined the episode for me, so what we got instead is okay by me). Also, at least they still have several photographs from the actual festival, so it's not like there's nothing left to remember it by.

I would also like to note that with the release of this episode, it now makes sense why the Tell Your Tale series was started weeks before the release of Make Your Mark, because apparently the first ten episodes take place before Make Your Mark. By my calculations, we can expect to be through a total of 28 episodes of Tell Your Tale by the time Season 1 of Make Your Mark comes out in late September (so that'll be 18 episodes of TYT between the special and Season 1 of MYM).
It's Party Time! / Re: Word Connection
« Last post by The Chronicler on May 26, 2022, 06:48:40 PM »