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Is Equestrian a Sport?

Nahla · 8 · 2025


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What do you guys think about this?

I am an Equestrian and I do believe its a sport. However if you just ride a dead broke horse on a guided trail ride on a set path. Yeah not a sport then.

I compete in Eventing which is Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping spread across one to three days.

Both me and horses have to be in top condition to compete. I have to have the strength to guide a 1100 pound animal around a course and jump fences or perform a movement on cue. When done right it does look easy that's the goal to make it look effortless.

During competition season both me and horses are on a strict fitness program. I don't just climb on a horse and go jump a course no. That is not how it works.

But I guess if we can't consider Equestrian a sport we shouldn't consider motor racing one either. I mean all you do is drive a car.

Reason I'm bringing this up is as I read they were thinking of dropping Equestrian events from the Olympics since many think it's not a sport.

I wanna put all the people who think riding is easy and horses are just dumb animals on my 5 year old Arabian and see how long they stay on it.

Anyway what you think. Sport or no?

I believe it to be the most dangerous sport in the world.
I know someone who died when her horse stumbled and landed on her.

Also the fact my horses could kill me easily.
One kick to the head and that would all it'll take.


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I think it's a sport. Olympic game = sport.
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yes it is a sport. horse racing, in whatever form it takes, is a sport. and no, it should not be dropped, just to add 3 on 3 basketball.
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It's as much a sport as 3-gun competition. Both require the competitors to be athletic, agile and strong.

I mean look at this 3-gunner's testimonial:

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Horseback riding is a sport; it requires physical strength, skill, balance, and endurance. ... Some horse owners enjoy riding a calm horse around their farm, but most are involved in equine sporting events. Competitive horseback riding events are sports, and it takes more than just physical talent to succeed.