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It is quite fitting that the sweltering hot days of July arrive right when the gang confront the barrens of the Mysterious Beyond in the fifth film showcase.  It is almost like us admins planned it that way or something.  :bestsharptooth

This month in the Monthly Showcase we are featuring the Land Before Time V.  Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in that topic.  Additionally, there is a new fanfiction prompt challenge for the months of June July, please check out this topic for more information.



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I've been wondering,awhile ago I saw the episode "legend of the story speakers" for the 2nd time and when it ended there were a couple questions I had,mainly about a guest character who appears in that episode,  a longneck named Saro.

The first thing I noticed was that if Saro knows Grandpa Longneck then he must know him pretty darn well because they both act like highschool buddies(at least when Saro first appears) and  they never explain how Grandpa and Saro met ethier so that leaves a bit to be explained.

The next thing I noticed was that Saro must be a HUGE fan of Grandpa's stories, I mean when he first appears Grandpa Longneck is in the middle of the telling the tale of Starwatcher and Saro interrupts him and says he isn't telling it right so Saro must have heard that story alot to remember it.

Finally, when Saro asks Grandpa to be a story speaker again is...strange,I mean its obvious Saro could see that Grandpa Longneck has gotten old and therefore wouldn't accept the offer anyway,and I guess he's never considered being Grandpa's apprentice so that also needs some explaining.



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It could be he heard Grandpa Longneck's stories and when he was a late teen or so decided to go with him.  Maybe Grandpa Longneck went around alone or maybe he was part of a herd that did some far walking to visit other herds.  

Part if being a story speaker may be traveling around.  So though Grandpa Longneck can tell stories the longnecks would have to come to where he is.  He has been seen to tell stories to more then just Littlefoot's friends at least once I think.  Maybe he does tell stories to the valley inhabitants and any far walkers visiting.  

I think when Saro asked Grandpa Longneck he didn't think or realize he was as old as he was since they may have been great friends before, though with an age difference, & Saro didn't realize at first and may have looked up to Grandpa Longneck like his hero.


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It would seem that Grandpa Longneck has had many adventures in his life, if you consider that he has wandered across the mysterious beyond on several occasions before the events of the first film (I assume he lived in the GV long ago, since he knew the Lone Dinosaur story, then left for some reason. Actually, maybe he travelled to different places, telling stories and picking up stories, and the Lone Dinosaur was one of them). Anyway what I mean by all this is I think that Grandpa Longneck has lived in so many places that Saro must be a friend from one of these places, possibly even the land of his birth.


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lets also remember that Grandpa (and the other dinos in the universe of LBT) can be alot older then we tend to think. hes probley lived a good 99 to well over a hundred years for all we know. he's probley been to the GV before (or possibly born/hatched there for all we know) migrated with farwalkers, found his current mate (Grandma LN) and by the begining of the first film, desided to return to the GV when food was scarce.

with all that time he had plenty of time to meet Saro, learn some storys and using his experiance created some storys, (Shame they don't have computers in the LBT universe or would have lots of cool storys from Grandpa lol)

I am thinkin Grandpa is like an Uncle or Brother like roll model for Saro? and he felt he could probley take over for a bit? Idk.


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Maybe Grandpa met Saro years back (well that's obvious) and Saro wanted to be just like him. Maybe Grandpa's a roll model for Saro or something... <_<


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I like Saro, but I don't like him in the episode he appears in... I'm aware that statement makes no sense.

As I do with obscure characters, especially any of those associated with Littlefoot's family, I made many a headcanon for Saro. I guess the way I write Saro in fanfics made him completely different to how he was in canon and that's the version I liked.  :oops But I'll talk about his canon appearance before I ramble on about my fan speculation.

Saro's a manbaby. :p There's something I said about the episode "The Legend of the Story Speakers" years ago which I still stand by today: Saro's reaction to Grandpa saying 'no' to coming back to story speaking was extreme, and if he always sulked like that when something didn't go his way, I can't see his and Grandpa's friendship being as strong as it appeared at the start of the episode. I can understand the disappointment, but to just sulk off back into the Mysterious Beyond with a 'I have nothing left to say to you' after supposedly searching for his friend for years... kinda petty.

Short speculation time: :D

I imagine Grandpa and Saro met as young adults and travelled together as Grandpa told the stories and Saro listened. Saro may have looked up to Grandpa as a big brother of sorts, being taught and guided by him as he learnt the stories. I wonder if Saro is maybe a bit insecure, not feeling confident that he'll be able to do the job as well as Grandpa (who he says was one of the finest ever), and that's why he wanted Grandpa to be the story speaker again instead of him.

Saro had a lot of potential and I liked that we got a glimpse into Grandpa's past through him, but he wasn't written that well I think. I'd like to see more of him, although I guess that's unlikely.

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