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Title: The Land Before Time 3 Showcase - May 2022
Post by: rhombus on May 03, 2022, 08:58:54 AM
Now that Chomper have gone their own ways (until July when we cover the fifth film  :OhYou), it is time to welcome the third film of the franchise!



In this topic please feel free to discuss your thoughts on the third film.  I will go ahead and present a few questions to get things started:

1) This film showcased a distinct difference in perspective between Topps and some of the other valley residents.  Do you think Topps had a point, considering the water scarcity that was facing the valley?

2) Which scenes really stood out to you when you first watched the third film?  Upon later viewings did any other scenes rise in prominence?
Title: Re: The Land Before Time 3 Showcase - May 2022
Post by: The jewelstone queen on May 04, 2022, 05:16:45 PM
Haven't seen this movie in a while but boy was there a lot to cover.

So it seems Mr Threehorn is coming back with his racest-like ways about the water situation.  But honestly, he went to far when he said Littlefoot had to wait to drink with the other longnecks.

Ah yes, we also have the three bullies. To put it short I didn't really like Mutt and Nod.  Yes, they were just there to agree with whatever Hyp said, but their personalities were a little cliche to me.

However, I do enjoy that scene where Topps mentions to Hyp's father something alone the lines of "If you show your son anger and disapline, that's all he will know, and that's all he will be able to comunicate to others. " Or something like that. I really liked how Topps himself understood that he has been a bit harsh, even to his daughter.

I can't remeber what else happened in this movie so I'll rap it up there. It was a good film, not one of my favorites in the franchise considering the plot, but it was enjoyable to see some familar dinos on screen!
Title: Re: The Land Before Time 3 Showcase - May 2022
Post by: HotelValleyfornia on May 04, 2022, 05:46:59 PM
Haha, I love this one! Imma share my takes:

1) It's hard to say. I haven't really been in any of these situations myself, but I'd wager it resembles some similar cases in human history pretty well. So it all depends on perspective - Topsy meant the best, but just didn't go about it in the best way.

2) Just like Jewelstone mentioned, I really liked when Topsy spoke to Hyp's father about the best way to handle his kid, and about anger and discipline having a bad effect on Hyp. It honestly says a lot about Cera in the first movie, and it's good to see Topsy evolve as a character. And all the songs are bops! "Kids Like Us" has a very good moral that is important to keep in mind.
Title: Re: The Land Before Time 3 Showcase - May 2022
Post by: chomper94 on May 10, 2022, 07:18:38 PM
Title: Re: The Land Before Time 3 Showcase - May 2022
Post by: somerandomfangirl on May 25, 2022, 12:43:58 PM
This film was one of the few I didn't see until I was a teenager, same as 11-14. But while I didn't find the later sequels as entertaining, I really enjoyed this one on the first watch. I like that there was a lot of time with Littlefoot and his family. I didn't really take to the bullies (then I suppose I wasn't supposed to :p ) and I don't think there was as much going on as some of the earlier sequels, but I still found it a good watch.

1. Personally yes, I think Topps did have a point. Nobody knew when they would get more water so being tough was what was needed at that time. Even Grandpa said at the start that everyone must only drink what was required to survive, but it seems he softens up a bit when it comes to the children. Topps didn't want to bend any rules so that the water lasted as long as possible and I do kinda agree with that standpoint.

2. It's the fire scene for me.