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Happy New Year, everyone!  Much to the relief of many, 2021 has finally come to a close and 2022 has arrived.  With a new year comes not only hopes for the future, but also new projects on the forum.

First, we now have a new phase to the forum’s character showcase.  We have decided that 2022 will be a transition year from notable characters to general discussion of the LBT films.  From the legendary original film, to the introduction of Chomper in LBT 2, to the mysterious rainbowfaces in the seventh film, they will all be getting a showcase this year.  Details can be found here .

Secondly, we are seeking feedback on the Fanfiction Prompt challenge before it starts back up in February.  If you have any feedback that you would like to give then please do in this topic.

We hope that the new year brings you all happiness and joy!  We look forward to seeing what the forum community comes up with over the coming year. :)

Spirit Clan (Casual RP. Drop in, Drop Out. OC friendly.)


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Death was the end of everything. The fact you would have to leave one day or move on to a better or worse place was a fact that all must face.

Then why are you still here?

Were you destined to spend your afterlife being ignored by the living and watching your love ones grieve your death?

You wandered and wandered listlessly, almost being droved mad over your lack of input on the world and the loneliness you felt inside. Somehow, or perhaps you were already there, you ended up in the great valley. A place where many kinds of leaf-eaters lived in harmony.

A place with many people you couldn't talk to. Great...

At this point you've given up on everything. What was the point? Though it seems just as you gave up someone noticed you.

Someone noticed you.

A blue longneck had stared in your direction for some time, you've seen her before as she seemed to be watching over the valley itself, but when you think about it you can not recall ever seeing her talk to anyone. Did...did she have the same problem as you? Her long neck craned over to you, and when she was close enough you could see in detail the magnificent flower crown upon her head. Her violet eyes stared at you curiously only to soften to a comforting gaze.

"Are you lost?"

So I don't know if anyone did this before or if anyone will join, but this seems like an interesting thing to do. Also, apologies if I'm a bit rusty, I haven't RP in a while plus I have not hosted a multiple people RP before.

So basically we are all ghosts. We can have ghost angst, try to help save the valley from disaster, try to destroy the valley or prank the valley, watch over the living to see what they are up too or just hang out with Littlefoot's Mother. Whatever your characters want to do.

OCs are welcome. Sharpteeth are welcome as well. You can play as cannon characters too just keep in mind they can't see the ghost characters. You should tell me what OCs/characters you are using in the Discussion board I will link to shortly.

Why can people drop in and out? Well, the ghosts can decide to ascend to paradise whenever they want, and if you need to leave you can do so. But you can always come back to visit the world of the living anytime you wish.

Btw this takes place post-show, so Chomper and Ruby are here.  :ChomperImAwesome

Charather List:

Spoiler: ShowHide
Littlefoot's Mother/Serene: ChocoDrake/Me

Rooter: ChocoDrake/Me

More characters will be added later.

"I would not mess with Littlefoot's Mother, man. She'll Suplex you."

Do you want a retelling of LBT from Littlefoot's mother's point of view? Then I have the story for you.

Vale Guardian