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It is hard to believe that November is already here!  Just as a reminder the fanfiction awards are still going on this month, so please feel invited to participate in the fanfiction award voting if you are interested. The voting topic and links to all of the participating stories can be found here.

Additionally, for the month of November we have a new character showcase. Please give Mama Flyer a a warm welcome as she flies in for a visit!

Fanfiction Voting 2021


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Good afternoon, everyone!

Voting has now begun for the fanfiction awards.  Voting will last from now to November 30, 2021 at midnight.

If you wish to vote in private, please send me a PM with your votes. Otherwise, please post your votes in this topic.

This is the voting section for the fanfiction awards only. All fanfictions that have been submitted by your fellow members for voting are listed below. Please only post on this topic to submit your vote, do not ask questions or have discussions here. For questions, please click here and comment on the rules.

You may vote on as many fanfictions as you'd like, but you must have read them first. Please show us in your review that you've truly read the fanfiction.


Name of fanfiction: Treestar Memories
Short summary: A Treestar's point-of-view of the Dinosaur world
Link to fanfiction on the GoF:
Author(s): Mouse-a-saur
Any other comment: Excited to see all the entries!

Name of fanfiction: Our Past and Our Future
Short summary: Adolescence is an awkward time of self discovery as well as physical growth. Chomper seems to experience this the most because of his Sharptooth heritage. But when he and his friends meet an unlikely friend during one of their adventures, things might be turning out for the better. Series of Slice of Life Oneshots related to "Past and Future".
Link to fanfiction on the GoF:
Author(s): LBTlover247
Any other comment: Some of the chapters have been edited since their original post date. Please check out the link to read the updated versions as I haven't gotten around to updating them on here yet.

Name of fanfiction: A New Era Hatches
Short summary: Imprinting is a funny thing sometimes.  But, for three orphaned hidden runners, species means little.  Thankfully for them, Mother Mender is there in their first moments.
Link to fanfiction on the GoF:
Author(s): Rhombus
Any other comment: Is part of the Mender’s Tale story, but reading that story is not necessary to understand the premised of this story.

Name of fanfiction: The Other Side of the Rainbow
Short summary: A response to the 2020 Summer Prompt Exchange and set in the Seven Hunters continuity. Curiosity can lead to great discoveries and wondrous adventures, but this is probably an adventure that the rainbowfaces wished they could have avoided. :p
Link to fanfiction on the GoF:
Author(s): Rhombus
Any other comment: A late entry for the August 2020 prompt, which was not submitted until November 2020 (and thus meets the entry requirements for the awards)

Go ahead and check out my fanfictions, The Seven Hunters, Songs of the Hunters, and Menders Tale.