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It is that time of year again and the Gang of Five forum awards are now upon us! It is that wonderful time of year when we get to show appreciation to our fellow forum members and their contributions over the past year. Please feel invited to take a look at this year’s award rules and drafts topicif you are interested in participating.

Additionally, for the month of September we have a new character showcase. Please give Mo a warm welcome as the mud-brother visits us land-lovers this month!

Finally, please keep in mind that the fanfic prompt challenge is in its final month! If you would like to participate in the final prompt, we would love to see what you come up with. Details can be found here.

Forum Awards 2020 Voting Status


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Good evening, everyone!

It is once again time for the forum awards.  To assist you in keeping track of your voting status, this page will keep track of everyone who has voted in the awards thus far.

Just to clarify how this works I have included a checklist for you to consider.. First, you have to have met the following criteria:

1. Have joined at least two months ago.
2. Have been active within the two months prior to 8/16/2020.
3. Have posted at least 100 times.

Your name below will be highlighted in a particular color depending on the number of posts you have made or if something requires your attention. Here's a key showing what each of the colors mean:

RED means you haven't cast any votes yet.  So you will need to do that soon.

YELLOW means one of two things. Either:
1) You have not cast enough votes to receive any awards; or
2) There is something that you may or may not have done that is preventing you from receiving any awards. Notes will go alongside these issues so you know exactly what is it you need to do to grant you rightful passage to your awards.

GREEN means you're good. Your votes have been counted and all of the other conditions have been met. Any awards that you may have won will be coming your way.

GREY indicates any other conditions that lie outside of your voting status (for example, if you wish to be removed from the voting list or have a particular circumstance that has been discussed with admin exempting you from standard rulings for voting). These will also be accompanied with notes explaining the situation.

***Some extra things to be aware of***

We are all busy people and from various countries of the world. That being said, updates will be time stamped as and when they occur. So if your status still reads RED when you know you have cast all votes, be patient and you'll find your status marked GREEN in no time.

Skipping Votes
If you plan on skipping a vote for a particular category, please make sure you mention this IN YOUR POST when voting. I will NOT assume that just because you haven't nominated someone for a particular category that you are choosing to skip said category. If you are skipping a category, say that you are skipping that category. Otherwise, you may find that your status may not move off YELLOW despite you thinking that you have made all your nominations.

Also, PLEASE DO NOT EDIT OLD POSTS!!! Editing old posts confuses the process. If you make a mistake or need to make a correction, put it into a new post. Otherwise it can confuse the entire process

REMEMBER - you can only skip a maximum of ONE (1) vote and still remain eligible for an award. If you do skip two categories, you must vote in the Appreciated Member Award in order to remain eligible for your awards. You need a minimum grand total of 5 votes in order to receive awards. So that's either 5 out of 6 main category votes OR 4 main category PLUS a vote for the Appreciated Member category (when voting for the Appreciated Member opens).

Now without further ado, here are the voting statuses. If you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to contact me.

aabicus (LettuceBacon&Tomato)
DiddyKF1 (5/6; fanart award skipped)
Dr. Rex
F-14 Ace
f22 raptor ace
Flathead770 (5/6; feedback award skipped)
Goldenwind (5/6; skipped discussion vote)
Hypno (5/6; skipped the Friendly Member vote)
ImpracticalDino (5/6; no vote for LBT discussion award)
Littlefoot fan 1990
Little Bro (4/6; skipped feedback and fanart; voted in appreciated member)
Mumbling (5/6; feedback skipped)
Nick22 (5/6; skipped fanart award)
RainbowFaceProtege (5/6; no vote for friendly member)
Sleeping forces inside
Sneak (4/6; skipped Friendly member and helpful member; voted in appreciated member)
The Anonymous Person
The Chronicler (5/6; skipped helpful member)
The Dark Patriot
The Lone Dragon (4/6; skipped Feedback and discussion awards; voted in appreciated memberr
Vojeds (4/6; skipped proactive and LBT discussion awards; voted in appreciated member)
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