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Hello, everyone!  The month of July is finally here and look who teleported in – the rainbowfaces! Let’s all give them a welcoming wave. :rainbowwave This month we have a new character showcase for the rainbowfaces, which can be found here.  Please feel welcome to give your own theories about two of LBT’s most mysterious figures.

For our resident fanfiction writers, there are also active fanfiction prompts for the months of June and July, in additional to several optional prompts that can be completed if you want to work on something different.  Details can be found here. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!  :RubyCurious

Art by Shaiger


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Finally I had the time to gather some of my fan art and put it here ^^.
I work mostly on Photoshop CC 2017 + Wacom Intuos Pro M, but sometimes I use Paint Tool Sai, Clip Studio Paint and Wacom Cintiq.
For a better resolution, open the drawing in a new tab.

This one is a remake of one of my old drawings from 2016. In the original, I wanted to capture the genuine familial love and affection Petrie and Pterano share - and also an excuse to get better at backgrounds haha.
With this remake, I just wanted to see how much I've developed as an artist, and instead of drawing if from the very beginning, sketch and all, I just painted this over.
Click HERE for the old version.

Another remake! There was a drawing contest on deviantArt a few years (2016?) ago and one of the prompts was to draw your favorite character.
Since Pterano is my favorite, I decided to draw a simple full-body drawing of him.
Click HERE for the old version.

From late 2018. Sketches of Pterano and teenage Petrie. I imagine that Petrie has grown up a lot when Pterano comes back to the Great Valley after the five cold cycles he had to 'serve'.
I don't think Petrie idolizes his uncle quite as much as before, but I still think he's the only one who welcomes him back with open arms (wings?) and is genuinely happy about his return.

Drawing of Petrie and his siblings as I imagine them. This one's from early 2019. Anyway, from the left upper corner to the right lower corner they are: Petrie (brown), Ana (light blue), Tyra (beige), Rodney "Rod" (bright blue), Ronnie (orange), Don (grey), Perry (dark brown), Terri (taupe), Petra (dark blue). I've been thinking of making little character profiles for each but we'll see if and when I get it done.

Meet Pjotr - more familiarly known as Petja! He's my first LBT OC and is based on one of my ptero plushies. Haven't developed him almost at all, except that he's a kid who lives outside of the Great Valley.
This drawing is from 2019 if I remember right.

Years of progress by drawing the same thing over and over! I'm yet to do another remake this year, but here you can see the previous three I've made.
I keep doing these as a reminder to myself that I actually do get better with art, even if it sometimes feels like my skills are getting rusty or that I don't learn anything new. Development may not be fast but it is certain.


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Oh, I've seen the first one on DA in the LBT fanclub! Good to see a DA member join the GoF!

These are all great! Seems like you like Pterano  :PLoofah


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Ah, I've seen some of your pieces on DA! These are all really great, and it's awesome to see another Pterano fan  :PteranoPlotting
I love the rainbow faces from the bottom of my heart! :rainbowwave

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Such a good sweet drawings! ^^ Great job!

I am sure I have seen couple of them on DeviantArt somewhen in the past.

You made a good progress over time, judging by Chomper's redraws over years.


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I was going to say, I know this guy when I saw that you registered here. I'm not really active on DA (TheEvilHadrosaur) nor here anymore but it's nice to see you're still drawing amazing artworks! Looks really nice, especially the way you're using light to portrait this wonderful scene.
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Incredible!  :wow

You've got some great talent there, friend! I especially love the fourth one. Those are some warm colors you used for shading, and I like the way you texture the fur, very gorgeous!
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Excellent pieces  :spikeblush
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Mind.  Blown.

This is incredible work!!  Aside from expert execution, you've employed a well-developed, unique style that has so much character!

1st Piece: I love the blending, cool lighting and nuanced tones!  The expressions are wonderful as well!  Such an emotive scene.  You can see how precious Petrie is to Pterano.

2nd Piece: Great redesign on Pterano!

3rd Piece: Awesome sketches!  Seeing Petrie and Pterano reunite is a rare treat.  Understandable that Petrie wouldn't look up to him as much, but the family love would still be there.

4th Piece: Impressive how much facial and personality variation you managed to convey!  These characters who could easily be colour-coded replicas if you're not careful.  Ana is just adorable, while the moody Don is easily my favourite.

5th Piece: Nice OC design for Pjotr / Petja!  Reminds me of a puffin.

6th Piece: You're definitely are getting better!  Lots of nuances show a heightening level of finesse: there are subtle character-giving line choices, whether instinctive, intentional or probably both; better cloud structure; more cohesive colour choices; increased depth due to grass in the foreground; rock structure development; use of subdued tones and more imprecise colours to convey the mountains' distance instead of a filter, and even the little addition of a pupil accurately sunk behind the lens!  At the same time, you're getting better at creating more impactful impressions in simpler, more consistent ways - getting from A to Z more efficiently.  Keep up the awesome work!


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Ohhh I've seen your stuff on DA too! Love it :D