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Good places to share fanfiction?


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Well, the title basically sums up my question. :OhYou This forum is by far the best place on the internet to share LBT fanfics, but I'm afraid I'm at a bit of a loss when it comes to finding places to share other things I've written. Maybe it's my fault for writing stuff for movies and shows no one cares about, but it seems that very few people (aside from the ones who know me from the forum) ever read anything I post on Considering that (at least as far as I know) that place is supposed to be the foremost fanfiction website out there, this is really discouraging to me.

Even more frustrating is it seems like, no matter what site I look into, way too many of the "fans" there writing content about my favorite shows aren't trying to write legit stories so much as they just think it's funny to deface completely innocent cartoons with crude, inappropriate garbage. (For the sake of anyone around here who is young and/or has a sense of decency, I'm not gonna get any more specific than that, and I'd rather no one else does either, but I think you get the idea.) And the shows I'm talking about here are not adult-themed in the least, I'm talking about Disney cartoons! :anger I see this inappropriate stuff and I think, Wait a minute, are most of the people on this website just here for this? Because if that's true, there's no way I want their messed-up minds reading anything of mine. I'm depressed by how hard it is to find people who are serious about writing fanfictions that do the source content justice. Isn't there anyone else out there like me, who truly just enjoys Disney shows and wants to recapture a little of the spirit in them? :(

So...does anybody know of a place where it would be possible for me to post Disney fanfics and maybe get them seen by a community that is actually concerned with writing good stories and not just doing vulgar things to children's cartoons? Or is it wishful thinking of me to hope such a place exists? Even if you guys don't know of any large fanfiction communities that would work for me, I think I could even be happy posting my fanfiction in a relatively small community if it's one that doesn't allow inappropriate content. (You this forum, but for other shows.) If you know of any such place, please let me know.


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Sorry, I don't know such places besides popular fanfiction sites, like
I am sure there's some sites somewhere, where people post Disney fanfics in general, or smaller groups related to individual cartoon or series, like our Gang of Five about Land Before Time.

Sad to see there's a lot of junk fics on popular fanfiction sites. :(

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DeviantArt and FurAffinity could be good places for fanfiction, seeing as posting literature is an option on both of those sites.