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The Start of the First RPG

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*The Darkness of the Sphere was over and things went back to normal with new members to the Great Valley living their lives with the Great Valley dinosaurs. Stripetail visited time after time seeing how life was going for the three.

Other then that life was fine and things was great for the dinosaurs and because of the rock never impacted that would of wiped out the dinosaurs the Great Valley dinosaurs and outsider dinosaurs was able to have a life beyond the time that they was meant to die off*


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(Good Ending. Will we be starting another RP anytime soon?)
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(Nuts...I missed the ending.  Sorry guys, I haven't been around much.  My lack of time has been a thorn in my side for several months now, and it won't let up anytime soon.  I'll just have to use fewer chars, and use my own chars as minor chars for the time being.)